Terribly Silly Incest Ch. 02

Part 5

I woke up one morning feeling very tired. I managed to make it down to the kitchen and slumped into a chair at the table. Julie, my eighteen year old twin sister, looked very concerned about my state.
“Jason, you don’t look very well this morning,” she said. She bounced over to me and put the back of her hand on my forehead. “You feel pretty warm too. Are you sick?”
“I don’t know,” I said. “I just feel really tired.”
“Well you should go back to bed then. I’ll call Mom and have her call the college to tell them you won’t be in.”
“Okay. Thanks Julie.”
I kissed my sister and she gave my cock a quick squeeze through my pants. She didn’t seem very happy about going to college without me, but she was also clearly worried about me. Usually she wouldn’t have left me at the house without at least giving me a blowjob beforehand.
I stripped off my clothes and collapsed back into bed. I tossed and turned for a while, but eventually fell asleep.

A while later I heard someone else in the house. The noises were coming from downstairs, but soon I heard footsteps on the stairs. Whoever it was seemed to be looking for me. It was probably Julie skipping out on college.
“Hello?” I called.
I didn’t get an immediate answer, but a moment later I found out who it was. My big sister Angie appeared in the doorway of my room with a concerned look on her face.
“Hey, little bro,” Angie said. “Julie told me you were sick and asked me to come take a look.”
“Hey, Angie,” I said. “Thank you for coming over. I don’t get to see you very often.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I get so busy with work and all.”
Angie was a licensed nurse, doctor, and surgeon, as well as having experience with massage therapy and swimsuit modeling. It was hard to believe how much she’d accomplished at only twenty years old. I couldn’t blame Julie for calling her over since she would almost certainly know what was wrong with me.
I couldn’t help staring at my big sister’s breasts as she walked closer. Her tits were bigger than Julie’s, but not as big as Mom’s. She had a nice pair of 35CDD boobs that bounced pleasingly with every step. I realized that since I’d been having sex with Julie regularly, I seemed far more comfortable with checking out my other sister too. I hoped I wasn’t too obvious about it.
Angie put the back of her hand on my forehead just like Julie had earlier. She frowned slightly.
“So how exactly are you feeling, Jase?” she asked.
“Really tired,” I said. “That’s about all it is. I’m not coughing or anything.”
“Okay. Let me take a quick listen of your breathing.”
Angie put her ear against my chest and had me breathe normally for several seconds. I felt her breasts pressing against me, and the feeling was enough to start getting me hard. I tried to convince my cock to stay soft, but it had learned that feeling my sister’s boobs was a good reason to come to life. Apparently it didn’t care that Julie and Angie weren’t the same person.
Soon I had a sixteen-inch tent in my sheets. I knew Angie would notice it eventually, but I had to hope she wouldn’t realize that she’d caused it. If she figured out that she was turning me on, she might discover that I’d been having sex with Julie and Mom and then we’d all be in trouble. That sort of thing was incest, after all.
“How does it sound?” I asked once Angie lifted her head.
“Well… it’s not bad,” she said. “I think I might know what the problem is….”
She seemed hesitant to go any further. I wondered if it was because I had something bad.
“Is it serious?” I asked.
“If it’s what I think it is, then I can take care of it. The thing is, it could be a little awkward. I’m going to have to ask you a question that might be kind of embarrassing for you.”
“What is it?”
Angie took a deep breath. “Have you been masturbating or having sex more then usual lately?”
She blushed and I blushed too. She was right, that was kind of embarrassing. I didn’t want to admit that I’d been fucking our sister and mother every chance I got.
“Yes,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t need details.
“Thank you for answering honestly. There’s one more thing I need to test, and I need you to remember that I am acting as a medical professional right now and not as your sister.”
“Jason, I need to taste some of your cum. And I’m going to have to jerk you off to get it.”
I stared at Angie with my mouth open. She couldn’t have just said what I thought she said. My cock twitched at the thought of my sexy big sis swallowing my cum.
“Well, if you need to…” I said carefully. “I don’t want to stop you from figuring out what’s wrong.”
“I promise I’ll be professional about it. I won’t mention it to anyone afterward. It’s a very important test to determine the cause of your fatigue. It might be awkward, but it will also feel at least a little bit good too. You can pretend I’m someone else while I extract your semen if it helps.”
“No, Angie. You’re being so nice to help me out that I’d feel bad pretending you were someone else. I’m glad that big sister is able to take care of me, and I know you’re just doing your job. It’s not like it would be incest or anything.”
“Exactly, I’m glad you understand that. So many people don’t get that medical procedures don’t count as incest even if it’s something like a sister jerking off her brother so she can taste his cum.”
Angie pulled back my covers. I was already naked underneath, and my eighteen-inch cock was standing straight up. My sister’s eyes opened wide as she saw how big I was.
“Is something wrong?” I asked.
“No, definitely not,” Angie said. “In fact, your penis is so big that I have a hard time believing that anything could be wrong with you.”
She knelt down between my legs and reached out to gently put both of her hands on my hard shaft. She seemed totally in awe of my size. My cock twitched and pulsed under her fingers as she started stroking me.
“Oh god, Angie,” I said. “Even though you’re my sister, the way you’re jerking me feels so good.”
“I’m glad you like it, little bro. Having your big sister jerk you off would be much more unpleasant for both of us if you weren’t enjoying it.”
“Of course I’m enjoying it. I know I shouldn’t think this because you’re my sister, but you’re so sexy and your hands are so soft and amazing on my cock.”
Angie smiled at the compliment and kept stroking me. After a few minutes she paused for a moment.
“Jason, I have another suggestion that I wouldn’t bring up if you didn’t seem so open minded.”
“What is it?”
“I think I’d be able to make you cum faster if I were to use my mouth too. I know that seems wrong because I’m your sister, but just remember that I’m also a medical professional and I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t in your best interest.”
I nearly came when Angie said she would use her mouth on me. It took a lot of restraint to not show how excited I was at the idea.
“Angie, you know more about these things than I do. If you think that using your mouth would help, then you should do it. It wouldn’t be incest and it wouldn’t be wrong in any way because it would be for medical reasons.”
“That’s right. You know, you might be the easiest patient to get along with that I’ve ever had. Most of the time people don’t listen to my advice so well.”
If only she knew why I was so easy to get along with. She had no idea that I actually wanted her to jerk me off and use her mouth. Most people wouldn’t be so eager to have their big sister make them cum, but I was used to having sex with family members already. The idea of engaging in incest wasn’t as shocking to me as she probably thought it was.
Angie went back to jerking me off. She leaned down closer to my cock and licked the tip. I groaned and tried not to cum. I wanted to see how far she’d go, and if I came too early I wouldn’t get the chance.
My big sister licked and stroked my shaft, using her tongue more and more as saw that I was okay with it. She seemed concerned that I was going to change my mind, and I knew I couldn’t tell her that it was all okay because I’d done much dirtier things with Mom and Julie already.
Finally Angie opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the head of my penis inside. Her soft, full lips wrapped around my shaft, caressing it sensually. She bobbed her head up and down, taking more of my length with every movement. I soon felt my cock entering her throat, and I could see the bulge my cock made as she swallowed it. I was so impressed when she managed to take it all. Only Julie had been able to accomplish that feat so far.
“Oh, Angie,” I moaned. “I can feel your throat squeezing my cock. You’re my big sister and you have my entire eighteen-inch cock inside your mouth. You’re going to make me cum.”
Angie kept working me, bobbing her head faster and faster. Just like Julie, she didn’t seem to ever need to come up for a breath. I could only hold on for about fifteen and a half minutes of being sucked off by my sexy big sister before I came.
“I’m going to cum, big sis!” I said. “Your mouth and throat are so wet and tight, and you’re so sexy that I’m going to cum inside you!”
She pulled back so that the head of my cock was in her mouth instead of her throat. She needed to taste my cum, and that wouldn’t work if I came directly in her tummy like I usually did with Julie.
Angie swallowed shot after shot of my cum, letting it wash over her tongue before disappearing down her throat. Seeing my big sister taking my load in such a professional way made me cum even harder. I knew that it turned her on and wasn’t just business. I also knew that she couldn’t admit that because it would be the same as admitting that she enjoyed incest with her little brother.
“Well, it looks like I was right,” Angie said once I’d finally stopped cumming.
“What is it?” I asked.
“As I’m sure you know, every time you cum you’re expelling nutrients from your body. It makes your cum very healthy to eat, especially for me or Julie because we’re your sisters, but it means you need to replenish those nutrients. From the taste of your cum, I’d say you’re quite low on some of them.”
I remembered Julie saying something about how my cum was the healthiest thing she could eat. However, I’d never realized that cumming so much might affect my health.
“So I need to eat healthier?” I asked.
“That is one possible answer,” she said. “However, if we were to go with that sort of plan it would mean a very specific, unenjoyable diet for you. We could do that if you want, but I do have a faster and easier solution.”
“Yes. I’m afraid you might not like it though. Again, it would be purely for health reasons so it wouldn’t be incest, but… we would need to do some more sexual things. You’ve been very cooperative so far, but I know it must be awkward for you to have your sexy big sister stroke and suck your penis.”
My cock twitched at the thought of Angie doing even more things to me. I felt lucky just to have her give me a blowjob, let alone the promise of more yet to come. I wondered what she had in mind.
“Angie, you’re my sister and the best doctor I know. I’m willing to follow any medical advice you give me without question. Even if you told me that you and I have to have sex every day, or that you’ll have to taste my cum on a regular basis to make sure I’m healthy, I’m willing to accept that.”
“I’m glad to hear you say that, Jason. The fact that you’re willing to commit incest with your big sister for the sake of your health makes my job much easier.”
“I’ll do whatever I need to. What’s your plan?”
“Well, the easiest way for me to replenish your nutrients is to feed you my breast milk. It’s very similar to how it works with your cum. A woman’s milk is very healthy, especially for any of her children or siblings. Because we’re brother and sister, the nutrients in my breast milk should replace the ones you’ve lost from cumming so much.”
“But… you can’t produce milk, can you?” I asked. “I thought you had to have a baby for that.”
“That’s the tricky part,” she admitted. “And it’s also the part of my plan that I expect you to like the least. You’d have to get me pregnant for this to work.”
My big sister wanted me to get her pregnant! I couldn’t believe that I’d heard her right. That meant we’d have to have sex. Angie wanted to have incestuous sibling sex with me!
I got so turned on from the idea that I came without warning. Angie hadn’t been prepared for this second explosion of semen. Most of it landed on her, soaking her clothes and hair nearly instantly. By the time I finished she was absolutely covered in her brother’s cum.
“Sorry,” I said.
“That’s okay,” Angie said. “I work in a hospital so I’ve dealt with much worse than this. Just between you and me, if it wasn’t incest and therefore wrong, I’d be so turned on by being covered in my brother’s cum.”
Angie stripped out of her messy clothes and wiped off her face and head as well as she could. I almost came again at the sight of my completely naked, twenty year old big sister. Her breasts were so amazing and sexy, and her pussy was shaved perfectly smooth. I wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck the shit out of her.
“You’d really be turned on by something like that?” I asked hopefully.
“Well, yeah. I hope that doesn’t freak you out. I just think the idea of sex with my own brother is crazy hot, and now that I know how big your cock is it’s even hotter.”
“It doesn’t freak me out at all,” I said. “You are so amazing and sexy that even if you’re my sister, all I want to do is slam my massive cock into your tight little pussy and fuck you until we both cum.”
“Luckily we have that opportunity. Since it’s for medical purposes, we can fuck each other right now and not feel guilty about it.”
“You’re such a good sister to me, Angie. I can’t believe you’re going to have sex with me, even though normally it would be incest.”
“Mmm, trust me, I think we’ll both enjoy it, little bro.”
Angie had me lie back with my cock pointed straight up. She stood above me, straddling my waist, and positioned her pussy directly above my full two-foot erection. She was leaking pussy juices all the way down her legs onto the bed.
“I know I’m going to enjoy feeling my big sister’s pussy,” I said.
“And I’m definitely going to enjoy feeling my little brother’s cock inside me,” she said. “Now just let me take care of everything. I’m a doctor so I know what I’m doing.”
Angie slowly and carefully lowered herself onto my cock, taking my entire length inside her in one hard, fast movement. She moaned so loud as she was filled up all the way by her brother’s penis that a dormant volcano on the other side of the world suddenly became active. I couldn’t believe that she’d taken my whole cock inside her. Only Julie had been able to do that until now.
“Holy fuck!” she screamed. “This is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life! My little brother’s cock is stretching my tight little pussy so much that I feel like I’m going to explode! Even though his cock is so big that my pussy can’t physically contain it, it doesn’t hurt at all and just feels amazing!”
“My big sister’s pussy is so tight and wet around my cock,” I said. “It’s squeezing me so much and I can feel how much she cares for me by how tight it is.”
“I love you so much, little bro,” she said. “Now that your penis has been inside me I love you more than ever.”
“I feel exactly the same way,” I said. “Now that I’m inside you I know that we have a special bond that can never be broken.”
Angie started bouncing wildly up and down on my cock. Nearly the entire length of my shaft appeared and disappeared inside her. She was being driven crazy by the sheer pleasure of being filled up by her brother’s impossibly massive penis.
After forty minutes of intense, non-stop fucking, we came at the same instant. Angie moaned so loud as she came that the volcano she’d activated earlier went dormant again. I filled up her pussy with wave after wave of my cum.
“That’s it, Jason,” she yelled. “Fill your big sister’s vagina with all of your cum. Make sure she gets pregnant with her little brother as the father.”
“I’m cumming so hard in your pussy, Angie. You will get pregnant for sure. And it will be because of your brother when you do, because that’s who you’re having sex with right now.”
I pumped enough sperm into Angie to repopulate most of the earth. There was no way she wouldn’t get pregnant from having that much cum in her pussy.
“That was so awesome,” Angie said. “Thank you for making me feel so good.”
“I felt the same way,” I said. “Your pussy was incredible. You took my entire two-foot cock inside it.”
“Well, it makes sense that it felt so good for both of us because a sister’s body is made for her brother’s cock. It’s been scientifically proven. That’s how I was able to take you all the way into my throat and pussy. My body knows you’re my brother and that it needs to stretch to let you fill me all the way up.”
That explained why Julie had been able to take my cock so well too. I’d always known it wasn’t because she was a slut or anything, because she’d never had sex with anyone except me. Now I knew the scientific reason for it.
“So are you pregnant now?” I asked.
“Of course I am,” Angie said. She patted her tummy, drawing my attention to the soft curve that it hadn’t had before. “It’s only a guess, but with the amount of cum you put in me I’d say I’m probably about two months pregnant right now.”
She squeezed one of her nipples experimentally, and a small jet of milk shot out. I noticed that her breasts had grown too, now that she was pregnant. They looked like they were a size 44DCDE.
“Your boobs got bigger,” I said.
“Mm-hm. That can happen. I’m sure you don’t mind, do you?” she said with a wink. “Anyway, since I’m producing breast milk now, we should probably proceed with the plan.”
I nodded and lay down in my sister’s lap. She cradled my head and guided my mouth to one of her breasts. I sucked the nipple between my lips in a completely natural reaction. It was like my body could sense what it was supposed to do. Angie wasn’t my mother, but she must have been close enough to confuse my instincts.
I sucked on Angie’s breast like a baby, eagerly swallowing all the milk I could get out of her. It was sweet and delicious. It probably tasted better because of how genetically similar we were.
“That’s it, little bro,” she cooed. “Suck on your sister’s big boobies and get all the yummy milk out. Fill up your tummy with with your big sis’s breast milk.”
I felt so safe and loved being cared for by my sister. She held me and fed me like I was her baby, but it was kind of sexual too. My cock was fully hard, and she started stroking it in a soft, motherly way while I sucked on her tits.
Angie’s breast milk had an immediate effect on me. The more I drank, the more energetic I felt. It was replenishing all the nutrients I’d been carelessly wasting lately. By the time I switched to her other breast, I felt ready to run three or four marathons.
Eventually I drained the last of my sister’s milk. I was pleasantly full, and incredibly horny.
“Looks like you’re feeling better,” Angie said.
“Yes, I am,” I said as I stood up. “I’m glad I listened to your advice because I feel so good right now. I never would have known if you hadn’t been here for me.”
“That’s what sisters are for,” she said. “That and having sex with, obviously.” She looked down at my cock. “Oh wow! Jase, look at your cock! It’s gotten even bigger than before!”
I looked down and saw that she was right. Not only had her milk given me more energy, but apparently it had made my cock bigger too. At an estimate, I guessed that it was precisely thirty inches long. It also appeared to have gotten thicker.

“I can’t believe my cock actually changed size,” I said. “I must have been lower on nutrients than I thought.”
“You barely fit inside me before,” Angie said. “And now your penis is so much longer and thicker. You know we have to try it out.”
“Are you sure?” I asked. “Because you know that would be incest.”
“I don’t care. You’re my brother, but you have the best cock I’ve ever felt. Now it’s even bigger and I have to feel what it’s like inside my tight little pussy or I’m going to die. Even though it’s big enough that it’s physically impossible for me to take the whole thing, I need it inside me so badly. Please fuck the shit out of me, little brother.”
Angie pouted and gave me the most adorable puppy dog eyes. I couldn’t resist her even if I’d wanted to.
“Okay,” I said. “Even thought it’s incest and wrong, I want to fuck you so badly that I don’t care about that stuff. I love you so much and just want to have sex with you so that I can show you how much I care about you.”
“Oh, thank you so much,” she said, hugging me tightly. “You’re the best brother in the whole world because you’re willing to fuck your big sister.”
Angie got on her hands and knees on my bed and wiggled her perfect ass at me. My cock twitched and accidentally slapped her butt. Her pussy was literally a waterfall.
“I’m going to shove my big cock inside you now,” I said.
“Do it,” she said. “Pleeease slam your huge cock into your sister’s tiny cunt. She needs it so badly.”
I lined myself up and thrust my cock as hard as I could into Angie’s tight hole. She screamed loud enough to dislodge tectonic plates all over the world and had an immediate orgasm as soon as I entered her. Since my shaft was so much bigger than last time, I was only able to get about half of it in at first. On my second thrust I buried the remaining fifteen inches inside my sister.
“Holy jesus shitting fuck,” I said. “Your pussy is squeezing my penis so tightly that it feels like you’re going to crush it. It feels absolutely one-hundred percent amazing.”
“Your cock is so biiig,” she moaned. “It’s pushing my lungs out of the way right now and I can’t breathe.”
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No! You can’t stop! If you don’t fuck me as hard as possible right now I’ll literally die from disappointment.”
I couldn’t argue with that. I started pounding Angie’s minuscule fuck-hole with all my strength. I fucked her so hard that I was pulling my entire length out of her and slamming it back in on each thrust. She came every single time I buried my shaft inside her pussy. Even though I was far too big for her body to handle, she was getting nothing but pleasure from it.
“My big sister’s pussy is to small and tight around my elephant sized cock,” I moaned. “It’s going to make me cum because it feels so good.”
“Even though you’re crushing and squeezing all of my internal organs with your penis, it doesn’t hurt at all,” Angie said. “I’m experiencing absolute ecstasy, and it’s all thanks to my brother’s cock.”
I could only hold on so long before cumming. My sister’s pussy was just too tight to go on any longer, even though I wanted to fuck her for the rest of the day. My body exploded in the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.
My first shot of cum was so powerful that it launched Angie off my cock and into the wall. My semen was being launched from my cock harder and faster than I’d ever experienced before. Thanks to the extra energy I had, my orgasm was taking control of my body.
I just kept cumming, wave after wave of gooey mess shooting out and covering the walls, bed, ceiling, floor, and especially Angie. My sister was soon buried in ever more cum than the last time I’d accidentally painted her with jizz.
“Well, you’re definitely feeling better,” Angie said. “You’re making quite a mess though. Let me take care of that before you drown us.”
She pounced on my cock, taking it in her mouth. She swallowed my cum as fast as she could in order to keep it from going all over everywhere. I came for about two hours, and Angie swallowed every drop.
“You’re definitely an amazing nurse, and an even more amazing sister,” I told her.
“Aw, thanks,” she said. “And you’re a great brother. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I hope you’ll want to do it again, even though I’m your sister.”
I kissed her hard.
“Of course I want to do it again,” I said. “I love you so much and fucking you was so awesome that I couldn’t bear not getting to have sex with my big sister again.”
Angie smiled happily and kissed me back. We both went to shower off together, then went and cuddled on Angie’s old bed from when she’d lived with us since it wasn’t covered in love juices. All I had to do now was figure out how to let her know that I was having sex with Mom and Julie too. I couldn’t wait to get all three of them in bed with me.  

Part 6

I was sitting on the couch with my eighteen year old twin sister, Julie. We were cuddling naked together and freely playing with each other’s bodies. I ran my hands over her perfect little breasts and pussy, while she mostly toyed with my seventeen-inch cock.
Suddenly the front door of the house opened and someone came in. Julie and I scrambled to put our clothes back on in case it was someone who shouldn’t see us naked together. It turned out to be our twenty year old big sister, Angie.
“Angie!” Julie exclaimed excitedly.
She ran to her big sister and jumped in her arms, hugging her tightly. It had been a while since they’d seen each other. I’d seen Angie more recently when she came to help me when I wasn’t feeling well. She was a registered nurse, doctor, and surgeon, so it had been easy for her to figure out what was wrong with me. We’d ending up having sex too. Julie didn’t know about that yet. It was hard to know what the best way was to tell my sisters that I was having sex with both of them.
“Hey, Julie,” Angie said. “Hey, Jason.”
“Hey,” I said back.
“Are you staying with us?” Julie asked her sister. “How long? Are you moving back in? I miss you so much I wish you’d come back. I–“
“Whoa, little sis,” Angie said. “You know I’d love to see you guys more, but I’m so busy with running my hospital and all. I just came over to check up on your brother.”
“Oh,” Julie said, her voice full of disappointment.
“Don’t be sad,” Angie said. “My afternoon’s free, so I can stay for a while. Is that better?”
Julie nodded, but obviously wasn’t completely convinced. Angie gave her a chaste, sisterly kiss on the lips as an apology. They stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths and made out fiercely in an innocent and loving way while I watched. My fully erect cock twitched in my pants at the sight of my two sexy sisters showing such pure and unsexual love for each other.
“I guess it’s not so bad if you’re staying for a little while,” Julie conceded. “I just wish I got to see you more.”
“Me too, Julie,” Angie said before turning to me. “So, Jason. It’s about time for your treatment. Shall we go to your room?”
I glanced back and forth between my two sisters. I decided there was no reason to hide my ‘treatment’ from Julie. It might make things easier for me if I let her watch.
“No, that’s okay,” I said. “I’m fine with doing it here.”
“Are you sure?” Angie asked. “I mean, it is medical and all, but I also thought it might be kind of embarrassing for you.”
“Julie will understand,” I said. “Plus, she’ll get to spend more time with you and I’m sure she’ll like that.”
Angie shrugged and nodded while Julie just looked slightly puzzled. She’d figure out what Angie and I were talking about soon enough.
“Okay, Julie,” Angie said. “The first thing to establish is that what your brother and I are about to do might look sexual and incestuous, but I can assure you it isn’t. It’s something we have to do to make sure he stays healthy.”
I saw Julie perk up at the words ‘sexual’ and ‘incestuous.’ She might not have even heard the rest of the sentence.
“I’ll just watch,” Julie assured her sister. “I won’t interfere.”
Angie sat down on the couch and pulled her shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her lovely 36DDE breasts sat naked and perky on her chest. I lay on my back with my head on her lap, waiting until she was ready. She cradled my head and guided me to suck on one of her nipples. I happily nursed on my big sister’s tit, swallowing all the delicious milk I could get from it.
“That’s it, little bro,” Angie cooed. “Big sis has lots of healthy milk for you. Drink it all up.”
Julie stared wide-eyed at the sight before her. I knew she couldn’t have been expecting anything like what she was seeing.
“Oh, wow,” Julie said. “So this is what he needs to stay healthy?”
“That’s right,” Angie said. “Your brother’s been cumming so much that his body got depleted of nutrients. My milk helps keep him topped up.”
“That makes sense,” Julie said. “But don’t you have to be pregnant to produce milk?”
Angie blushed. “I am,” she said quietly. “I had to get Jason to get me pregnant so the treatment could work. I know you probably think we must have had sex with each other and what we did was wrong because it was incest. All I can say is that it doesn’t count as incest because it was medically necessary.”
Again, I saw Julie twitch with excitement each time Angie said ‘sex’ or ‘incest.’ She was doing a good job hiding her interest, all things considered. She had to watch her brother suck on her sister’s naked breasts, and I knew she could see the massive tent in my pants. I was a little surprised she hadn’t stripped me and jumped on my cock yet.
“Is that why your tummy is a little bit round?” Julie asked. “I didn’t even notice that until just now.”
“Yes,” Angie said. “Jason filled me with so much cum that I got about two months pregnant from it.”
“I think I’m kind of jealous,” Julie said.
I wondered if she meant jealous because Angie was pregnant, or because she’d gotten filled up with my cum. Either way, Julie wasn’t the sort too get too jealous over other girls since she knew she’d always be my favourite.
“Well I’m glad you’re not disgusted by it,” Angie said. “Some people have that reaction to anything they think is even slightly incestuous. Are you really jealous of me for having my brother’s baby inside me though?”
Julie suddenly realized that if she said anything else, she’d give away what kind of relationship her and I had. She decided to change the subject.
“Can I try your breast milk?” she asked Angie.
“Julie, you know that would mean you’d have to suck on your sister’s boobies,” Angie said. “That would be incest.”
“I just wanna try a little,” Julie whined. “It looks so good.”
“It is,” I said, pausing briefly from sucking my sister’s nipple. “I think it’d be okay if she tried some, wouldn’t it?” I asked Angie. “What if she takes her shirt off too so you won’t be the only one?”
Angie thought about it. Julie was squirming and trying not to say anything while she waited impatiently.
“Okay,” Angie finally said. “But just remember, you can’t tell anyone about this.”
“Thankyouthankyouthankyou,” Julie said, instantly pulling off her shirt to reveal her perfect little titties.
Julie knelt down and started sucking on Angie’s other breast while I kept happily working on the one in my mouth. Pretty soon the only sounds in the room were those of Angie’s nipples being sucked by her two younger siblings. She couldn’t help moaning softly at the sensation of her boobs getting such eager attention from her brother and sister.
“Mmm, my brother’s and sister’s lips and tongues feel so good on my nipples,” Angie said.
“Your milk tastes really good,” Julie said. “I wish I could drink it every day.”
“Well, it would be healthy for you,” Angie admitted. “Especially since you’re my sister. A sibling’s breast milk or cum are about the healthiest things anyone can eat or drink.”
Soon Julie and I drained the last of Angie’s milk, and her breasts shrank down to a size 35CDE. We’d taken so much milk out I was surprised they didn’t get even smaller than that. I still had a fully hard erection as I sat up since both of my sisters had their perfect, naked breasts on display.
“That was good,” Julie said, patting her tummy the same way she often did when I’d just filled it up with cum. “So what are we gonna do now?”
“I don’t know,” Angie said.
Both of the girls were blatantly sneaking peeks at the bulge in my pants. I could tell they both wanted to get at what was inside, but they weren’t sure how to do that with the other present.
“We should all get naked,” Julie announced.
“All three of us?” Angie asked. “Why would we do that?”
“Because it would help us bond as siblings,” Julie explained. “The three of us don’t all get to be together very much anymore. If we all take our clothes off it will help make up for that.”
“I don’t know,” Angie said, biting her lips sexily. “It seems like that might be kind of awkward. After all, we’re siblings and we’re not supposed to be naked around each other.”
My cock was straining in my pants at the chance to see both of my sisters naked at the same time. I knew I had to help Julie’s argument.
“I don’t think it would be awkward,” I said. “And I know I’d love to see my two beautiful, sexy sisters naked. I’m so lucky to have such amazing, perfect girls as my siblings.”
Angie and Julie both blushed at the compliment.
“Okay,” Angie said. “Let’s do it then.”
The three of us stripped off within seconds, then we all stood there for a moment checking each other out. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my sisters’ magnificent bare breasts, or their perfect, smooth little pussies. They were both focused exclusively on my twenty-five-inch cock that was pointed straight at them. I felt the time was right to reveal their mutual secrets.
“Angie, Julie,” I said. “I need to tell you both something. I’ve actually had sex with both of you, and I don’t think there’s any point in trying to hide it any longer.”
The girls were stunned by the news. They looked back and forth between each other and me.
“You had sex with Jason and didn’t tell me?” Angie asked Julie.
“Well you did too,” Julie said defensively.
I was worried they might start fighting, but instead they both broke into laughter.
“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Angie said. “His cock is pretty irresistible.”
“Yeah, and it makes it so much hotter that he’s my brother,” Julie added.
My sisters squealed and hugged each other. Their sexy, naked bodies pressed together, Angie’s larger breasts squishing against Julie’s smaller ones. I wanted to fuck both of them so badly.
Suddenly the two girls dropped to their knees in front of me and each started stroking and licking my cock. They took turns taking it into their mouths and bobbing their heads on it for a few seconds. Since they were my sisters, each of them was able to take my entire shaft down their throat. They were tag-teaming my cock like pros.
“This is so amazing,” I said. “My sisters are naked and sucking on my cock. I’m so turned on right now.”
Julie and Angie grinned up at me. They were so adorable together, and so eager to please me. Of course, they were also interested in their own needs. They were both rubbing their pussies while they licked and sucked my massive penis.
“I’m getting so turned on from sharing my brother’s cock with my little sister,” Angie moaned.
“I feel the same way,” Julie said. “Giving Jason a blowjob always gets me so horny, but it’s even better with my sister here too.”
The girls started rubbing each other’s pussy instead of their own. I couldn’t take it.
“My naked sisters are masturbating each other while they suck me off,” I said. “I’m getting so turned on by all of it that it’s going to make me cum!”
Julie currently had me in her throat, and she began bobbing her head back forth with increased vigour when she heard how close I was to cumming. Seconds later my orgasm erupted from deep within me, and my cock began violently spewing semen from it’s tip. Julie eagerly took the first few shots directly into her stomach, but then let Angie have a turn. My sisters shared equally, taking turns to clamp their mouths over my spasming shaft. They both ended up with tummies full of their brother’s cum.
“Mmm, now I’m full from my sister’s breast milk and my brother’ cum,” Julie said, patting her tummy again. “But I’m still so horny that I think I need Jason’s cock in my pussy right away.”
“Me too,” Angie said. “Let’s get him to fuck us together.”
“How do we do that?” Julie asked.
Angie smiled and guided her little sister onto her back on the floor. Angie lay on top of Julie, their naked bodies pressed together once again.
“Now our pussies are right next to each other,” Angie explained. “So it will be easy for Jason to switch back and forth between us.”
“This such a good idea,” Julie said. “It will be so amazing to have him fuck both of his sisters at the same time.”
I agreed with Julie’s assessment. I knelt down behind them and aimed my cock at her slit. Both girls were squirming with excitement, and their pussies were flowing like rivers with their juices. I shoved my full two-foot erection into Julie’s cunt as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure, nearly deafening Angie and me in the process. I quickly pulled all the way out, then thrust into Angie’s pussy. My sisters moaned in ecstasy as I alternated filling both of their little cunts.
I found that by rapidly pulling out of one girl and slamming my cock into the other, I was able to keep both of them happy. All I had to do was fuck them twice as fast I normally would so they would both feel like they were having sex with me at the same time. It was pretty much an ideal arrangement. Angie was so smart to come up with it; she’d always been the brains of the family.
Angie and Julie started making out while I fucked them. They stuck their tongues down each other’s throat and groped one another freely. Julie spent a lot of time fondling her sister’s bigger tits, while Angie seemed to prefer Julie’s toned ass.
“Oh god, Jason is fucking both of us while we make out with each other,” Angie moaned to Julie. “Since we’re all siblings, we shouldn’t be doing any of this, but it’s so hot!”
“I’m so turned on from having my pussy stuffed by my brother while I play with my sister’s tits,” Julie moaned in response.
I fucked my sisters for the better part of an hour until we all came at the same time. I kept alternating between them as I came, filling up both of their pussies with my semen. They hugged each other tightly and purred happily as their brother’s cum was unloaded inside them.
Finally we all finished orgasming and stood up. A trickle of my cum leaked down each of my sisters’ thighs. They both look so satisfied and happy.
“You two are the most amazing sisters ever,” I told them. “Not only are you both willing to share me with each other, but you’d do it at the same time.”
“Well, we love each other and we love you,” Angie said. “That makes it an easy decision.”
“That’s right,” Julie agreed. “I’ve never felt so loved and cared for as I did just now. Having my sister grab my ass and make out with me while my brother fills up my pussy is the best feeling in the world.”
“You know,” Angie said thoughtfully, “now that Jason’s had both of our mouths and pussies, we probably should let him fuck our asses too. Can you imagine how close we’d all be after sharing something like that?”
“Um… I don’t know,” Julie said, suddenly nervous.
“What do you mean?” Angie asked. “Don’t you want to have your brother’s cum in your tummy, pussy, and ass at the same time? If we both do it, the three of us will share an unbreakable bond of love and trust forever.”
“I do,” Julie said. “I really, really do. It’s just that… we haven’t tried anal yet.”
“Julie!” Angie exclaimed. “I thought you and Jase have been fucking for a while. How have you not let him fuck you in the ass yet? I’m very disappointed in you.”
“I’m sorry,” Julie said, cringing away from her sister. “But his cock is so big, and my asshole is so little, and I’ve never had anything up my butt before. I got kinda scared about trying it.”
“Aw, don’t be scared, baby sis,” Angie said as she hugged Julie. “I know it looks like it would hurt to take Jason’s massive cock in your tight little butt, but he’s your brother and he would never, ever hurt you.”
“I know,” Julie said. “But I can’t help being nervous.”
“I understand that,” Angie said. “But a sister letting her brother fuck her in all three holes is how she shows how much she loves him. I know you love Jason, so this is something you need to do.”
“You’re right,” Julie said. “And I want to do it so much, but I don’t know if I can.”
“I’ll be right here with you, okay?” Angie said. “Me and Jase will both make sure it’s not painful for you. We love you too much to let you get hurt.”
“Thank you,” Julie said. “You two are the best siblings ever.”
Julie kissed Angie lovingly, then kissed me with just as much affection. My cock was unbelievably hard at the idea of getting to fuck my sister’s virgin ass. I’d never try to push her into doing something she didn’t want to, but I was so excited to get the chance. I might even get to fuck Angie’s ass too!
“I love you so much,” I told Julie. “I promise you I would never hurt you. I could understand if you don’t want me to fuck you in the butt, but I know you’d like it if I did.”
Julie looked at me with the most innocent eyes I’d ever seen. I could tell she was still kind of nervous, but that she truly wanted to show me how much she loved me.
“Jason, please fuck my ass,” she said. “Please fill my tiny, virgin hole with your massive cock. I love you more than anything and I want to feel you inside every part of my body. I want all of my holes to belong to my brother.”
I kissed her passionately and held her naked body against mine. In that moment I loved Julie more than I ever thought I could.
“I’m so proud of you, Julie,” Angie said. “You’ll see that this will make things better than ever between the two of you.”
Angie guided her younger sister to bend over the arm of the couch with her bare ass pointed directly at me. Julie wiggled her butt invitingly at me and I stepped up behind her. I could tell she was still kind of tense from anticipation.
“Relax, Julie,” I said. “I’ll never fit inside you if you tense up so much.”
“I’ll try,” Julie said.
“Here, let me help,” Angie said.
Angie knelt underneath Julie and started licking her little sister’s pussy. My cock twitched at the sight of such a beautiful display of sapphic love between my sisters.
“Ooh, Angie, that feels nice,” Julie cooed. “Having my big sister lick my pussy will definitely help me relax.”
Angie knew exactly what she was doing. Very soon Julie had forgotten all about me and only cared about her sister’s tongue. Angie signaled to me with her hand to get ready. I pointed my cock at Julie’s butt, but made sure not to accidentally touch her and make her tense up again. I waited for Angie to indicate that Julie was ready for me.
Julie was visibly becoming more and more relaxed with every passing second. She was enjoying the attention to her wet little slit immensely. A minute later, Angie gave me a thumbs up.
I knew I had to be delicate since Julie wasn’t used to having anything in her butt. I lined myself up, then eased myself as gently and lovingly as I could all the way to the hilt in my sister’s virgin ass in one hard thrust. Julie screamed so loud in pleasure that she shattered the nearby windows and caused the whole house to shake.
“Oh my fucking god, Jason!” she yelled. “Your cock is all the way inside my ass! You’re so big that my body literally has to stretch and rearrange itself around you! It should hurt, but it doesn’t because you love me so much!”
Angie had to back away from Julie’s pussy as it suddenly became a waterfall and threatened to drown her. There was no question that Julie was enjoying having her brother’s cock filling and expanding her asshole. She was going absolutely crazy.
“Your ass feels so good,” I told her. “It’s so tight around my shaft, and it’s so hot knowing I’m the first one to ever be inside it.”
“My brother’s cock is stretching out my ass so much,” Julie moaned. “I never thought I would enjoy anal this much, but because we’re siblings and we love each other so much, it’s going to make me cum soon.”
I started pounding Julie’s ass as she moaned and thrashed on my cock. The torrent of juices from her pussy only got more intense as I fucked her formerly virgin hole.
“That is so hot!” Angie said. She was frantically rubbing her pussy as she watched us. “My little brother and sister are having anal sex for the first time and I get to see it.”

I fucked Julie mercilessly, slamming my huge shaft into her impossibly tight ass over and over. She thrust her hips back against me on each stroke, helping to bury myself as deep inside her as possible. She was so tight and eager, and I was so turned on that I couldn’t last very long. About twenty minutes later we came at the same time in a massive simultaneous orgasm.
Julie’s body arched and her pussy sprayed like a fire hose as she came. My cock was buried inside her as my cum exploded deep within her ass. I could see her getting knocked forward with every shot of cum, but she pressed back against me every time to make sure I stayed all the way inside her.
“My little butt is being filled up with so much of my brother’s cum,” Julie said. “All three of my holes are going to be full of it at this rate.”
I had already cum in Julie’s mouth and pussy, and now I was cumming in her ass too. Our sibling bond was stronger than it had ever been before.
Julie and I collapsed on the floor as we finished cumming. She looked so happy and sated. Angie still looked horny, and since I was with my two naked sisters, my cock hadn’t softened even a little. They each had the ability to keep me perpetually hard, even more so when they worked together.
“Angie, you should let Jason fuck you in the ass now,” Julie said.
“I plan on it,” Angie said. “That looked like way too much fun to pass up.”
I was lying on my back with my two-foot cock pointed straight up. Angie stood with a foot on either side of my body, her ass facing toward me. Not only had I just fucked my twin sister in the butt, but now it looked like I’d get Angie’s butt too.
“Go on, do it,” I said. “I want to feel my cock inside my big sister’s ass. I know you want to have your brother’s cock stuffing your butt.”
“Oh god, this is so hot,” Angie said. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”
Angie lined herself up, then lowered herself onto the tip of my erection. My cock forced its way into her tight asshole, making her moan and gush pussy juices. She used gravity to help shove me deeper and deeper inside her until she had my entire shaft inside her butt. I got to watch her take my entire length like it was in slow motion. Somehow every single inch fit inside her.
“Your ass is so tight,” I moaned. “My cock is being squeezed so much by my sister’s butt.”
“My brother’s cock is tearing me open,” Angie moaned back. “I can’t believe how good it feels having my body destroyed by having something so huge inside my ass.”
Angie bounced up and down on my shaft like she had springs attached to her. She was so turned on that she didn’t even stop to let her body adjust to the new, massive intrusion. All she cared about was getting us both off via incestuous anal sex.
I grabbed my big sister’s hips and helped her move, alternating between pushing her up, and slamming her back down onto my cock. Her poor ass was taking so much abuse, but we were both getting so much pleasure from it that we didn’t care.
Eventually the amazing sensations and sheer dirtiness of what we were doing got to us, and we came at the same time. Angie screamed and bounced even faster on my cock as she came. I groaned and pumped her butt full of cum, matching the load I’d already given Julie.
By the time Angie and I were done, we were both exhausted. Both of my sisters were about as full of their brother’s cum as they could possibly be, and I could tell that made them happy. I wanted them to be happy, and if having sex with them as often as possible could make that happen then I knew I was doing the right thing.
“Mmm, this has been such a fun day,” Angie purred as she curled up beside me.
“So much fun,” Julie agreed as she curled up on my other side.
Just then Mom walked in. She was fully naked, and she put her hands on her hips when she saw her three children lying together on the floor having clearly just had sex with each other.
“I can’t believe you would all start without me,” she said.
Angie and Julie both giggled, and after a moment I did too.
“Sorry, Mommy,” we chorused.
Somehow I knew there was going to be plenty more sex with my family that day.

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