Terribly Silly Incest Ch. 01

Part 1

My eighteen year old twin sister, Julie, was easily the hottest girl in college. Everyone I knew I agreed on that fact. It kind sucked for me because it meant the sexiest girl around was completely off limits to me. I couldn’t even count how many times I’d fantasized about her perfect body. I knew those thoughts were wrong, but I couldn’t help them. It wasn’t my fault she had the ability to give a guy a boner just by wearing a bikini.
Our mom and dad both had jobs that kept them away from home so much that I sometimes forgot we even had parents. That left Julie and I basically living on our own most of the time. Being left to take care of each other probably made us closer than most siblings.
The first time I ever saw my sister naked was a complete accident. I was sitting in my room minding my own business when Julie opened the door and walked in. She had a towel wrapped around her and her hair was wet. She had obviously just taken a shower.
“Whoops,” Julie said when she saw me. “Sorry, Justin. I can’t believe I accidentally went to your room instead of mine. I meant to go get changed.”
“That’s okay,” I said.
I tried to play it cool, but the truth was that seeing her dressed in just a towel was kind of exciting. She was very athletic from her time as the head cheerleader, as well being captain of the college volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, football, and track teams. Her legs were perfectly toned, and her towel left them mostly bare. I wished I could have seen her butt too, since I knew how good that look when she wore tight shorts for her sporting events.
Before Julie could turn around, her towel slipped and fell to the floor. My mouth dropped open and I nearly had a heart attack as my sister was left completely naked in front of me. Her flawless round breasts and perfectly shaven pussy were on display for me. I knew I should look away, but I couldn’t.

“Oh no!” Julie exclaimed, raising a hand to her mouth in shock. “I can’t believe my towel just fell off while I’m standing right in front of my own brother.”
She looked down at her naked body, too shocked to try and cover up. I had gotten instantly hard from looking at her, and my cock was straining in my pants to get out. I hoped she wouldn’t notice my full ten-inch erection pointing straight at her.
Julie finally tried to cover herself with her hands. She put one hand in front of her pussy, and an arm across her breasts. She seemed so embarrassed to have me staring at her. I couldn’t blame her, it must have been awful for her to have her own brother leering at her while she was so exposed. I still couldn’t seem to look away.
She eventually decided to try and put her towel back on. She had to turn around and bend over to pick it up, but when she did I was given an unobstructed view of her perfect butt. When she bent over at the waist I could see both her little asshole and pussy both peeking out at me, I nearly died right there.
I was unable to resist any longer. I whipped out my twelve-inch cock and began furiously masturbating. Julie saw what I was doing and stood back up without grabbing her towel. She looked even more shocked than before.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t help it. I know you’re my sister but you’re just too sexy.”
Julie didn’t seem to know what to say at first. It took me a moment to realize that her eyes had latched firmly onto my cock as I stroked it. Instead of the disgust I expected, she actually had an expression of lust taking over her face.
“You’re so big,” she said with a degree of awe. “How come I never knew that?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s not something a sister is supposed to know about her brother.”
“Well a brother isn’t supposed to jerk off to his sister either,” she pointed out.
Instead of respond to that, I simply let out a long groan as I reached orgasm. My fourteen-inch cock twitched and pulsed and shot an incredibly powerful blast of cum straight at Julie. I’d never cum so hard in my life, and even though she was several feet away from me, my semen landed directly on her tits. That was how turned on she’d made me.
Shot after shot of cum landed on my sister’s boobs, covering them entirely in a sticky white mess. Finally my balls were empty and my cock began to shrink back down. I felt guilty for what I’d just done, and I was sure Julie was going to be pissed about it. Strangely, that didn’t seem to be the case.
“Guess I must really turn you on, huh?” she said thoughtfully.
“Yeah,” I said. “You’re the hottest girl I know. I know I’m not supposed to think about you that way, but I do. I’m sorry.”
“Hm, well I s’pose it’s not the worst thing in the world. I mean, it’s kind of like a compliment, right?”
“After all, if I could make my own brother do this,” she said, gesturing to the cum that covered her chest, “that’s kind of good for my confidence.”
Julie winked at me and stuck a finger into the mess on her breasts. She moved the finger to her mouth and sucked on it experimentally. She seemed to like the taste and smiled as she pulled her finger back out, now clean. She bit her lip as she took a last look at my shrinking erection, then turned around. She picked up her towel and walked out into the hallway totally naked.
Julie spent the rest of the day teasing me. She put on her shortest skirt and her tightest top, and nothing else. She found every opportunity imaginable to bend over and show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. My sixteen-inch cock stayed hard almost constantly, which quickly became excruciating for me.
“Julie, you have to stop showing off like that,” I finally told her.
“Why, what’s wrong?” she asked. “I thought you liked seeing my pussy.”
She flipped the front of her skirt up and made the sexiest pout I’d ever seen on her face. My cock nearly burst out of my pants at the sight.
“I do,” I said. “But you’re my sister. I shouldn’t be getting turned on by you.”
“I won’t tell anyone. I kinda like knowing how horny I can make you. I know that’s wrong ’cause you’re my brother, but I can’t help it.”
“If you keep flashing me like that, I’m going to have to masturbate again. I can’t help it either.”
“Mmm, I can tell.”
Julie stared at the enormous bulge my full, eighteen-inch erection was making in my pants. She bit her lip and absently rubbed her pussy, showing how turned on she was getting too. I was about ten seconds away from blowing my load right there.
“Maybe I should go,” I said.
“No, don’t go. Let me help. I’m the one who caused your problem, right? Let me fix it.”
I couldn’t move as my sister slid her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. She stood bottomless in front of me for a second and just let me look. Her pussy juices were already starting to run down her thighs. I couldn’t believe she was that turned on by the situation.
Julie took a step toward me so she was right in front of me, then knelt down. She undid the front of my pants and freed my cock. It was completely stiff, and when she pulled my pants down it sprang out and slapped her in the face.
“I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I-“
“Don’t be sorry,” she said. “I kind of liked it.”
She took my shaft in both hands, but it was so thick she was unable to get her fingers all the way around it. She did her best to jerk me off anyway, but it was clear that wasn’t going to work.
“That feels so good,” I said. “But I don’t think it’s enough.”
Julie bit her lip. “I could give you a blowjob, but I’ve only ever done that once before, and the cock was nowhere near as big as yours.”
“You don’t have to. Maybe-“
“No,” she said firmly. “I want to do this. I might need your help though.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“I’m going to try and get as much of your cock in my mouth as I can. Hopefully I can get all of it. If I can’t, I want you to help me.”
A shiver went down my spine at the thought of my sexy sister taking my cock in her mouth. I was a little worried she wouldn’t be able to, but I hoped she would.
Julie opened her mouth as wide as she could and eased the tip of my cock inside. Even though she apparently had very little practice, she managed to take almost half of my twenty-inch length in her mouth without too much trouble. However, she got stuck there and didn’t seem able to get any further.
She looked up at me with pleading eyes, silently begging for me to help her take more. She looked so cute and sexy with her mouth full of my cock, and the most adorable puppy dog eyes she could manage. Her throat was already bulging and filled up, but she clearly wanted to do better.
I put my hands on the back of Julie’s head and began to press gently. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I wanted my entire shaft to be inside her just as badly as she did.
“I’m going to start pushing,” I said. “I want you to tell me if I need to stop.”
Julie obviously couldn’t answer with her mouth and throat completely filled up, but she still managed to look determined. I knew she wasn’t about to give in.
I pulled her head toward me harder and harder, slowly forcing myself further inside of her mouth. It was tough going since her throat was so tight around my cock. I knew I could cum any second, but I wanted to accomplish the goal we’d set before that happened. I knew she’d be disappointed if we didn’t.
With every inch of my cock that disappeared into my sister’s little mouth, I got closer and closer to orgasm. I wouldn’t last much longer, and I still had five inches to go. When I was just about to burst I gave one hard, desperate thrust of my hips at the same time as I pulled her head toward me with all my strength. I felt my sister’s forehead press flat against my tummy just before I came.
If anything, I was sure I shot even more cum this time than when I’d masturbated earlier. It just kept coming out, pulse after pulse of it deposited directly into my sister’s stomach. She purred happily around my cock, which only intensified the sensations I was feeling.
After about five minutes of non-stop ejaculation I was finally finished. I looked down to see Julie staring back up at me with a proud expression on her face. I knew she was just as happy as I was that she’d taken my whole cock on her first try. She was also furiously rubbing her pussy. I started to pull my softening cock out to let her breath, but she stopped me. I instantly sensed that she wanted to finish herself off while I was still inside her.
Moments later Julie came too. Her whole body shuddered and she moaned loudly. The vibrations she sent through my cock threatened to bring my erection back, and I decided I should probably withdraw it before that happened.
“Wow,” Julie said as soon as her mouth was empty again. “That was amazing! I can’t believe I could take your entire cock!”
“I know. That was the best feeling I’ve had in my entire life. I love you so much, Julie.”
She smiled even wider than before. “I love you too, Justin. I’m so glad I you accidentally saw me naked. I know you’re my brother, but I think maybe you’re something more too. I’ve never felt anything nearly as good as making myself cum while your cock was buried in my throat.”
Julie stood up, and when she did I noticed how wet the floor was. She’d been kneeling in a lake of her own pussy juices.
“You must have really been turned on,” I said.
She blushed a little as she noticed how wet the floor was.
“Mm-hm, I was. But I know you were too.” She patted her tummy. “You filled me up with so much cum I won’t have to eat for days.”
We smiled at each other for a moment, then as if there were some silent signal, we moved toward each other at the same time. I’d never kissed Julie before. I hadn’t even really thought about it. All I knew was that when our lips met, I knew she meant more to me than just a sister. It was just like she had said, there was something more between us than just our sibling bond.
We made out with each other for about half an hour. Neither of us wanted to stop. It felt so good to have that physical and emotional connection. Eventually we decided we should take a break and clean up the mess on the floor. Somehow I knew that wouldn’t be the end for us that day.
I kept thinking about Julie for the rest of the day, even when we weren’t in the same room. Only that morning she’d been just a sister to me, but by nighttime everything had changed. I wanted her in every way it was possibly to want a girl. I knew she felt the same way about me.
Instead of just going to bed that night, I decided to go to Julie’s room. I made my way completely naked down the hall to her door. Just thinking about what we would do started to get me hard as I was walking. I knocked and waited for a response.
“Come in,” Julie called immediately.
I opened the door and stepped in. It turned out my sister was also completely naked. The sight was enough to grow my erection the rest of the way to completion. All twenty-two inches of my cock were point directly at her sexy, perfect body.
“You look so beautiful every time I see you,” I said.
“Mmm, I think your cock thinks so too,” she said with a giggle.
“Julie, I know it isn’t right, but I want to have sex with you. Even though you’re my sister, I love you so much and I think we should do it.”
She bit her lip and looked indecisive. “Justin, I want to too. I want it more than anything. But you’re my brother and it would be wrong.”
“Is it wrong for two people who love each other to show it? Just because we have the same parents we shouldn’t be together? Aren’t our feelings more important than what society says?”
“You’re right. I want you so much, why should I let anyone tell me we can’t be together.”
I was so turned on at hearing Julie’s words and seeing her naked that my cock was leaking precum like crazy. Her pussy was also producing juices on overtime, just like earlier when she’d soaked the entire floor. Our bodies’ reactions were proof that we weren’t doing anything wrong or unnatural.
Julie ran to me and we hugged each other tightly. My cock was trapped between us, pressed against her toned tummy. I kissed her fiercely while my hips started grinding my erection against her all by themselves. I was so horny I needed to be inside her as soon as possible.
“I want to make love to you now,” I said.
“I want that too,” she said. “But…”
“But what?”
“Justin, I’m still a virgin. I’ve never had sex before.”
“Are you worried it’ll hurt?”
“No. I know you love me so much that you’d never hurt me. I just wanted you to know.”
I kissed her again and felt my cock twitch, smearing precum across her skin.
“I’ve never had sex either,” I said. “Our first times can be with each other.”
“That’s perfect! I love you so much.”
“Me too.”
I took Julie to her bed and tried to guide her to lie down. She hesitated, and I waited to see what her concern was.
“Do you think it’s okay if I’m on top at first?” she asked. “You’re so big, I just think it might be better that way. I know you wouldn’t hurt me, but taking you inside me is still a little scary.”
“Of course,” I said. “We can do this whichever way you want. The only that matters is that we do it.”
I lay down on my back with my erection pointed straight up at the ceiling. Julie climbed onto the bed over me and carefully positioned the tip of my cock at her entrance. Her pussy was leaking so much that it immediately started to run down my shaft.
“Julie, wait,” I said. “Maybe we should use a condom so you don’t get pregnant.”
She bit her lip and hesitated for a second. Then she smiled like she had an idea.
“I’ve got a better idea,” she said. “If I tell you I’m on the pill, then our bodies won’t think that I can get pregnant, so I won’t. It’s like the placebo effect.”
“That is a good idea. I didn’t want to use a condom for our first time anyway.”
“I know. It will be so much better with nothing between us.” She looked me right in the eyes to convince my body that her next words were serious. “Justin, I’m on the pill so I can’t get pregnant.”
“Okay, I’m ready now. Let’s do it.”
Julie closed her eyes and lowered herself gently. Her pussy was tighter than I could possibly have imagined. I didn’t think there was any way I could fit inside, but somehow she managed to slide down the first inches. Only the extreme wetness of her pussy allowed us to achieve penetration. She moaned so loud at having me inside her that I worried the neighbours would hear.
“Does it hurt?” I asked.
“No,” she said with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her. “It should because you’re so big and I can feel you stretching me out already, but it doesn’t. It just feels good.”
She lowered herself further, creeping down my shaft an inch at a time. By the time she made it a third of the way down she had her first orgasm purely from the sensation of being filled up by her own brother.
Once her orgasm had passed, Julie started working me deeper into her tight little pussy. She began bouncing gently to try and force her way further down. Her movements combined with the tightness around my shaft felt amazing and I knew they’d make me cum soon. Getting to watch her incredible naked body while she bounced just made the inevitable draw closer more swiftly.
“I can’t get any further,” she said eventually. “I need you to take over now.”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Completely. This is our first time, I need to have you all the way inside me. I can’t do it on my own.”
“Okay, I’ll do it.”
We rolled over so that Julie was on the bottom. She was panting and clearly still in the throes of lust despite her recent orgasm. There was just over a third of my length left to go. She was right, the last part would be tough. Her pussy had been tight the whole way, but the amount of resistance seemed to have increased dramatically. I knew it was probably because I was bigger than her body ever expected to deal with. I hoped I wouldn’t disappoint my sister and be unable to fulfill her desire.
I pulled most of my two-foot length out of her pussy, then slammed it back in. I managed to get a little deeper into her with the action. I repeated the movement over and over, forcing myself as deep as I could go in my sister’s tight hole. She was moaning so loud that I was sure the people in the next county would be able to hear it.
My orgasm was approaching quickly. There was no way I could last long while fucking my sister. She was simply the sexiest, tightest girl ever, and I loved her more than anything. Because I cared about her so much I wanted to get all the way inside her before I came. It was a race against time that I wasn’t sure I could win.
I slammed my cock into her harder and harder, using all my strength. She was impaled on my shaft, unable to move her body even if she wanted to. I could tell she loved the feeling. I only had a couple inches to go and I was sure by then that they would fit.
With a last mighty thrust I buried my entire length in my sister’s pussy. I was just in time, because I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer. Julie and I came at exactly the same second. The feeling of being joined so completely set us off together.
I thought my last orgasm had been intense, but it was nothing compared to what I felt this time around. I felt like my entire essence was shooting out of my cock and into my sister’s body. My bursts of cum were so powerful they started to push her off of my cock and I had to hang onto her to keep her from moving. I came for over ten minutes, by which point I was exhausted and enough of my cum had leaked back out that we were lying in a sizeable puddle on the mattress.
Neither Julie or I could speak for several minutes. We were both breathing too hard, plus my mind was a blank except for her. All I could think about was how good she made me feel and how much I loved her.

“Thank you so much,” she said eventually. “That was the perfect way to lose my virginity. I’m so glad I waited for you to do it, even though I didn’t know that’s what I wanted until today.”
“I feel the same way,” I said. “No matter what happens, I will always remember this moment and how perfect it was.”
Julie kissed me and held me to her. Somehow the feeling of her naked body pressing against mine seemed to slowly restore my energy.
“You haven’t gone soft yet, have you?” she asked. “You still feel just as big to me.”
“How could I ever get soft when I’m inside you?”
Julie grinned and bit her lip. “Want to go again?”
I nodded and kissed her passionately as I started moving my hips again. At first I was just grinding on her, hardly moving my cock in and out of her at all. My thrusts slowly became bigger and bigger until I was pounding my sister as hard as I could. She loved every minute of it.
We kept fucking for most of the night, each of us cumming at least a dozen times. By the time we were done Julie’s bed was absolutely soaked and her floor was an ocean of our combined juices. We cleaned ourselves up a little and moved to my room where we feel asleep together in my bed. It had been the best day of our lives.

Part 2

It was the morning after Julie and I had fucked for the very first time. I awoke feeling happier and more relaxed than I had in years. The memories of feeling my sister’s mouth and pussy wrapped around my cock were so fresh in my mind that I could practically still feel her.
After a moment I realized it wasn’t just my memory, I really could feel someone’s lips wrapped around my sixteen-inch erection. I looked beside me to find Julie was missing, but there was lump under the blanket the looked just the right size to be her. I pulled the covers away from my body to reveal Julie with her mouth full of my cock. She was naked, just as she had been the night before, and she managed to smile happily even with her mouth so full.
“Morning, Jack,” she said, pulling herself off of me for a moment. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t wait for you to wake up.”
“I don’t mind,” I said. “This seems like the perfect way to start my day; being woken up by a blowjob from the sexiest girl I know.”
Julie smiled even wider and went back to sucking me off. Within a matter of seconds she managed to take my entire length inside her mouth and throat, her forehead pressed against my stomach. She had gotten so much better at her blowjobs just since yesterday when I’d had to help her take my whole cock. She was a pro at it now.
I groaned as I felt my sister’s throat contract and pulse around my shaft. It was already so tight in there that I couldn’t believe I even fit, but when her muscles squeezed it somehow got even tighter. My cock was in heaven.
Julie bobbed her head up and down while always keeping my cock at least partly in her throat. She’d always loved the water and swimming, even becoming captain of the college swim team, and I assumed that must have had something to do with how good she was at holding her breath. Even the girls in the porn videos I’d seen weren’t able to deep throat for as long as my sister was. I was so lucky to be her brother.
She kept working me for another ten minutes until I felt my orgasm starting. Her sexy naked body and her tight, skilled throat made it impossible for me to hold out any longer.
“I’m gonna cum!” I said.
Julie buried my shaft as deep in her throat as she could and let my cum erupt directly into her stomach. Since I hadn’t cum yet that day, there was plenty of it. My orgasm went on for about five minutes and my sister dedicatedly took the whole load.
“Mmm,” she said when she was finally able to sit up. “I love having all your cum in my belly. Now I don’t have to worry about breakfast.” She patted her tummy for emphasis.
“That was awesome,” I said. “Your blowjobs are so good.”
“Thanks. Now how about you return the favour and help me get off too.”
I looked down to her sexy, smooth pussy. Her juices were running down her thighs, indicating just how turned on she was. We just had that kind of effect on each other. When we were naked together my cock was always hard, and her pussy never stopped lubricating itself. We were a perfect match.
“Come here,” I said.
I lay back and let my cock point straight up in the air. Julie quickly moved to straddle me and position the tip of my erection directly against the entrance to her pussy. She started lowering herself, moaning loudly even before I was inside her.
Her pussy was even tighter than her throat. It was so tight that I worried ever single time that I wasn’t going to fit, yet somehow I always did. Once the head of my cock slid inside it got easier, and the copious fluids she produced helped a lot too. Without all that natural lubrication penetration wouldn’t have been possible.
Julie moaned even louder as she took more and more of my shaft inside her. Even though her pussy had to stretch so much to accommodate me, she insisted it never hurt and only felt good. She bounced up and down a little to help force me deeper. The first time we’d had sex she hadn’t been able to take my entire sixteen-inch length without my help, but she’d gotten better since then.
Soon I was buried within her and she was sitting directly on my lap. She looked so proud of herself for her accomplishment, and also incredibly turned on. After pausing for a moment to savour the feeling of being filled up so completely she began bouncing up and down even harder than before, fucking herself on my cock.
“Oh god, Jack. Your cock makes me feel sooo good. I still can’t believe my own brother’s cock can make me feel this way.”
“I know what you mean, Julie. Your pussy is so tight and amazing. Even though you’re my sister, I love having sex with you and I love you so much.”
Julie bent down to kiss me while continuing to ride my cock. We mashed our lips together and did out best to stick our tongues down each other’s throat. She was going wild with her hips. She pulled almost all the off of me, then slammed herself back down over and over. After seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of fucking like that, we came at exactly the same instant.
“Oh fuuuck,” we said together.
Even though I’d already cum once that morning, this orgasm was even bigger somehow. It was probably because Julie’s pussy just felt that much better than her mouth. My cum shot out so hard and fast that it threatened to knock her off of me, but she clamped her body to mine and held on through the whole thing.
Her pussy was even tighter when she was cumming. Her muscles all contracted with pleasure, crushing my cock in a soft, loving embrace. Despite the perfect seal, somehow there was still room for her body to accept my cum. Wave after wave of my semen flooded into her and most of it stayed there. Only a little bit leaked out.
Suddenly the door burst open. Mom stood there with her mouth open in pure shock. Julie and I were caught naked with my cock still in her and no way to hide what we had just been doing. We both froze, unable to think of anything to say to our own mother who had just caught her children having sex.
“What are you two doing?!” Mom demanded.
“We were… I just…” I stammered.
“Mom, please don’t be mad,” Julie said.
“Don’t be mad?! What am I supposed to think when I see something like this?!”
Mom turned around and left. Julie and I were left shaken and worried about what she might do. We had never meant to upset her.
“Jack, what are we going to do?” Julie asked.
“I don’t know,” I answered. “I never thought this would happen.”
Julie chewed on her lips for a few minutes and looked thoughtful. Eventually she brightened up a little.
“There’s only one thing to do,” she declared. “We have to get Mom to have sex with you.”
“Julie, that doesn’t even make sense. If she was mad about us having sex, why would she ever want to join in?”
“Because,” she said as she climbed off of my cock, “she hasn’t seen this yet.” She pointed to my sixteen-inch shaft which had yet to soften even slightly. “Remember, I never would have thought about having sex with you either until yesterday.”
“That’s true,” I said, carefully considering her words. “If I hadn’t accidentally seen your naked body, and you hadn’t seen my cock, none of this might have happened. Do you really think it’ll work?”
“I’m sure it will. I don’t think there’s any girl out there who could resist your cock.” She paused for a second and frowned. “But listen, Jack. Are you going to be okay with having sex with Mom? Because that would be something you’d have to do as part of the plan.”
I had to think about that one. Having sex with my own mother wasn’t something I should even be contemplating, but then neither was sex with my sister and that had turned out better than I could possibly have imagined. I had to admit, Mom was actually pretty hot. That made the decision a little bit easier.
Mom was a lot older than Julie and me. She was nearly twenty-seven. She looked a lot younger than that though, even younger than Julie. The two of them actually looked very similar, and it was easy to see where my incredibly hot sister got her looks from. Sometimes when Mom and I were out together people would mistake her for my daughter. We always laughed when that happened.
One of the main differences between Mom and Julie was that Mom had much bigger breasts. Julie had a very lithe, athletic build that made her the sexiest girl in college, but Mom was a lot curvier. Mom’s breasts were probably about a 56FFF size, but unlike most women with boobs that big, hers didn’t sag even a little. At times it seemed like they must have been filled with helium because of how firm and perky they were despite their size.
I had to admit, given Mom’s breasts and her looks in general, I didn’t mind the thought of having sex with her as much as I should have. Having already broken the incest barrier with my sister probably helped.
“I think I’m okay with the idea,” I said. “But what about you? Are you okay with me having sex with someone else?”
“It’s only Mom,” Julie said. “It’s not like you’d be running around fucking random girls. Besides, now that we’re having sex it’s gonna be my job to make sure you have sex with other girls sometimes. I have a friend who’s been fucking her brother for a while, and she told me that’s the best way to make sure their relationship works. They have sex all the time and sometimes she brings in other girls and they’re both so happy and in love. That’s what I want for us too.”
“Well as long as you’re okay with it,” I said. “We can discuss the other details later. Right now I think we need to take care of the more important business.”
“Right. Let’s get dressed and go find Mom. Hopefully she hasn’t left the house. It’ll make things trickier if she has.”
Julie bounced off to her room and we both got dressed as quickly as we could. A couple minutes later we met up again and proceeded downstairs together. Fortunately Mom hadn’t taken off and was pacing back and forth anxiously in the living room. She stopped when she saw Julie and me approaching.
“How long has that being going on?” Mom asked.
“That’s not important,” Julie said. “What is important is that Jack and I want to convince you that what we’re doing is okay.”
“I’m sure you think it is,” Mom said. “But you’re forgetting that you two are brother and sister. You can’t have sex with each other no matter what you think or feel.”
“But Mom-” I started, trying to help Julie convince her.
“No!” Mom said. “No buts. This is final.”
“Fine,” Julie said. “I hoped we could talk this out, but it looks like we’re going to have to do something a little more drastic after all.”
Julie instantly stripped out of her clothes, then tore mine off as well before Mom or I could act. My cock sprang to attention thanks to my sister’s naked body, revealing its full sixteen inches to our surprised mother. Her eyes became glued to the sight of my massive erection.
“Jack… Julie… what…” Mom said.
Her anger vanished and was replaced with confusion and lust. It was so strange for me to see my own mother staring at me with a look of such hunger and desire. My cock twitched in excitement at being the focus of both Mom’s and Julie’s attention. I was barely able to restrain myself from grabbing it and jerking off right there.
Julie moved away from me, seeming to regret the necessity of leaving my cock behind, however temporarily. She started undressing Mom who was frozen in place and unresisting. When Mom’s huge, round, smooth, perky breasts came into view I thought I was going to cum without anyone even touching me. Precum leaked freely from the tip of my erection.
“See, Mom?” Julie said softly. “You can’t look away, can you? How was I supposed to resist when I saw Jack’s amazing cock.”
“I… I had no idea it was so big,” Mom said.
Julie soon got the rest of Mom’s clothes off. I was happy to see that Mom’s pussy was perfectly smooth and bare just like Julie’s was. In fact, if not for Mom’s much larger breasts, the two of them could have passed for twins. Both of their pussies were leaking juices all the way down their legs. It was so incredible that I could have that kind of effect on my own mother and sister.
Mom walked toward me like she was in a trance. She couldn’t seem to help herself. She reached out to touch my cock, only managing to stop herself mere inches away.
“You want to touch it, don’t you?” Julie said, moving to stand behind her.
“Yes,” Mom said. “But I can’t. He’s my son.”
“And he’s my brother, but that didn’t stop me. You can do it if you want to. We won’t stop you.”
Mom’s hand moved closer, and suddenly I could feel her fingertips against the head of my erection. I nearly came right there, and my cock twitched at the sudden contact. Mom gasped and moved both of her hands to grip my shaft. Even with her two hands she wasn’t able to fully encircle it. She ran her hands up and down my length experimentally and her pussy gushed even more juices as she did.
I remembered the flood Julie and I had caused in her room the night before. It looked like that might happen again the way we were going. We were going to need to figure out a good way to clean up those kinds of messes or we’d soon run out of places in the house where the floor wasn’t slippery.
Mom knelt down on the floor, her eyes widening as she got an even closer view of my sixteen-inch cock. Her hands moved faster and faster until she was basically jerking me off. Despite her protests, her body knew what it wanted.
“I can’t be doing this,” Mom said. “But I can’t help myself. I want it too much, even though it’s my son.”
“I know,” Julie said. “It’s okay. Just do what feels right.”
“But… but it’s wrong.”
“No it isn’t. How could showing your love for your family be wrong? And besides, a cock like that isn’t something any girl should be expected to pass up just because it’s ‘wrong.'”
Mom nodded and tightened her grip on my shaft. The increased stimulation made my hips jerk forward all on their own. The tip of my cock went right between Mom’s breasts and we both gasped.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to.”
“It’s okay, baby,” Mom said. “Do you like what I’m doing to you? Even though I’m your mother?”
“I do. It feels so good and you are so sexy even though you’re my mother and I’m your son.”
“And do you like how my boobs feel on your cock?”
“Yes, Mommy.”
“Then how about you stick your cock between them and I’ll make it feel even better.”
Julie squealed happily as she realized our mother was giving in. She knelt down and gave Mom a big, naked hug from behind. Mom’s expression no longer showed any anger or confusion, now it was filled solely with love and lust for her children. I was so happy that Julie and I would be free to continue having sex with each other, but I was also excited for what was happening right now.
With Mom guiding me and Julie watching in fascination, I slowly slipped my erection between Mom’s boobs. Her breasts were so soft and pillowy, and I was leaking so much precum that they became instantly lubricated as I shoved my cock further and further into her cleavage. Before long my entire sixteen-inch length had disappeared between her massive breasts.
“Wow,” Julie said. “How does it feel, Jack?”
“It feels so good,” I said. “So soft. It’s so different from being inside a mouth or pussy.”
“That’s right,” Mom said. “That’s what a mommy’s boobs are for, to make her son’s cock feel good.”
I groaned as she squeezed her breasts together around my shaft and moved them up and down my length. She was essentially jerking me off with her boobs and it felt absolutely amazing. It felt entirely unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The fact that it was my own mother doing it to me just made it that much hotter.
My hips started moving on their own and I started tit-fucking Mom as she held her boobs pressed together around me. My cock was in a slippery, pillowy heaven. Seeing Mom and Julie rub their pussies as they watched only made it better.
After another three minutes and fifty seconds of fucking Mom’s boobs I couldn’t hold on any longer. I was so turned on from seeing my mom and sister naked, and from amazing sexual massage my cock was getting that I couldn’t hold my orgasm back any longer. Julie’s eyes lit up as she realized what was happening just before I exploded.
“Mommy, I’m going to cum,” I said. “Your big boobs are going to make me cum!”
“That’s it, baby,” Mom said. “Cum for Mommy. Cum all over Mommy’s giant breasts.”
My cum erupted from inside Mom’s cleavage and sprayed everywhere. Mom’s face and chest were quickly covered in my semen, and Julie was caught in the blast radius too. I felt nothing but pleasure as wave after wave of cum shot out of my cock.
“Oh my goodness!” Mom exclaimed.
She didn’t have the same experience with my incest-induced orgasms as Julie did. My sister did a much better job of thinking quickly. While Mom remained frozen in indecision, Julie sprang into action.
“Mom, do you want Jack to fuck you?” Julie asked.
“Yes!” Mom said immediately. “I want it so much. I don’t care that he’s my son, I just want to feel his cock in me.”
“Then turn around,” Julie instructed.
Mom did as she was told and got on her hands and knees facing away from me. I started cumming even harder as her beautiful bare ass and pussy were pointed straight at me. Julie tried to guide my cock toward Mom, but I held back.
“Wait,” I said. “I don’t want to get Mom pregnant.”
Mom looked back over her shoulder. “Don’t worry baby, you won’t. I gave birth to you and I’ve known you your whole life. We have such a special connection that there’s no way you can impregnate me unless I want it. It’s perfectly safe.”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Yes, baby. Mommy wants your cock inside her. She wants her baby boy to fill her all the way up and make her cum.”
That was all the reassurance I needed. I positioned my cock at Mom’s pussy and Julie helped guide me in. It was difficult to get lined up properly when I was still cumming and Mom’s ass and pussy were getting covered in my semen. Once I found her entrance I managed to push my way inside.
“Oh god, Mommy,” I said. “Your pussy feels so good. I can’t believe I’m actually inside you.”
“Ooh, you’re stretching me so much, baby,” she said. “And I can feel all your cum filling me up. Mommy’s pussy is getting filled by her son’s cum!”
I thrust harder and harder to try and get as deep inside her as I could, but it was difficult to make headway with all the cum I kept pumping into her. I only managed to get about half my length inside her before she started cumming too.
“Wow, she must really like your cock, Jack,” Julie said. “Not that I can blame her.”
Julie was still masturbating while watching her bother fuck her mom. Her pussy was doing a good impression of a waterfall with how turned on she was.
“Your cock is so amazing, Jack baby,” Mom moaned. “You’re making Mommy cum so hard!”
Mom’s pussy squeezed and clenched around my shaft. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. I came even more intensely as all the added sensations overtook me.
“Me next!” Julie said.
She got down on her hands and knees next to Mom and stuck her bare butt up in the air, wiggling it sexily. I pulled out of Mom, still cumming hard, and shifted over to my sister. I couldn’t resist the wanton display she was putting on.
I shoved my entire cock inside Julie’s pussy in one huge thrust. She moaned loudly as she was suddenly filled up completely with her brother’s cock and cum. An orgasm ripped through her body as soon as I had buried myself inside her. All three of us were cumming at the same time, and it didn’t look like any of us would stop anytime soon.
I fucked Julie for another minute and twenty seconds, then switched back to Mom who was just starting to come down from her orgasm. As soon as I shoved my cock back in her she came again. I fucked her until I was able to get an inch more of my cock inside her than last time, then switched back to Julie.

I went back and forth between Mom and Julie for about half an hour when my orgasm finally ran itself out. I’d managed to get pretty deep inside Mom’s pussy by then, though not all the way in. Her pussy needed to stretch to accommodate my shaft and it made progress difficult. I was pretty sure Julie was happy that hers was still the only pussy that had taken my whole length.
Mom and Julie were both clearly exhausted, both physically and sexually, by the time we all finished cumming. They both collapsed to the floor, splashing into the mixed cum and pussy juice that covered it. I wanted to lie down too, but the love juices on the floor were almost six inches deep and I was worried they’d drown if I left them there.
I picked the girls up and carried them to the bathroom where I threw them in the shower for a few minutes. Their bodies had been absolutely covered in cum and it seemed like a good idea to wash it off before taking them to bed. Once they were clean enough, I dried them off and led them to Mom and Dad’s room. I made them lie down on the bed, then joined them by lying between them. They were quick to cuddle up to me on either side.
My cock was never soft when Julie was naked around me, and with Mom naked too there was no way it was going to be anything other than rock-hard. Despite having no energy left, I still had an erection pointing straight at the ceiling as I lay on the bed recovering. Mom and Julie both idly toyed with it, but not to actually try and start anything. It was just some fun, casual cuddling. I touched their boobs and pussies a little too.
We cuddled and touched each other and napped for a while, none of us having any energy or ambition to do anything else. However, I knew we were all thinking of what might happen later. There were so many possibilities now that Mom had not only given Julie and me her approval, but had actively joined in. I couldn’t wait to see where our new relationship went.

Part 3

Julie, my eighteen year old twin sister, was captain of the college volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, football, and track teams, as well as the head cheerleader. Her position meant that she knew a lot of very sexy eighteen year old girls, and that she inevitably became friends with a lot of them too.
Katie was one of Julie’s best friends. She was eighteen and only one month younger than Julie and me. She was on most of the same sports teams as my sister. In any other college she could have been the captain of all of them, but there was no girl in our college who could match Julie’s sheer athleticism. Katie didn’t seem to mind being second best, and I was sure that the two of them being such good friends helped quell any problems they might otherwise have had.
I had mixed feelings when Julie brought Katie home after basketball practice one day. I liked getting as much alone time with my sister as possible, since that usually meant we’d have sex. On the other hand, having two sexy girls around instead of one wasn’t all bad. They were both still wearing their tight shorts from practice that showed off their sexy little asses almost as well as if they’d been naked. I was going to have to be patient and wait until later to fuck Julie, but at least I’d have something to watch in the meantime.
“Hey, Jeff,” Julie greeted me.
She gave me a big hug and managed to surreptitiously grind against my cock a little without letting Katie see what she was doing.
“Hey, Julie. Hey, Katie,” I said, nodding to Julie’s friend. “How was practice today?”
“It was good,” Julie said. “I think we have a really good team this year.”
“Of course we do,” Katie said. “Julie’s on it. No one from any of the other colleges can keep up with her.”
“Aw, thanks,” Julie said. “You’re too modest though. Us working together so well is the real reason our team is so good.”
Julie slapped Katie playfully on the butt while winking at me. Katie squealed and clamped her hands down on her ass to protect it from any more sneak attacks. Her face reddened in embarrassment.
“Not in front of your brother,” Katie hissed.
“Oh, he doesn’t mind. Do you, Jeff?”
“What? Oh, no. I don’t mind,” I said.
Julie seemed to be actively trying to embarrass both Katie and me. Fortunately she had temporarily had enough with teasing us and moved things along.
“Alright, Katie and I have some homework to do,” Julie told me. “We’re gonna be in the living room. You can join us if you want.”
I watched the girls walk away in their skintight shorts. They giggled as they walked, and Julie made sure to put an extra sway in her step for my benefit. I started to get hard just from watching them. There was no way I could decline my sister’s offer to go stare at them some more. I was sure that was her intention from the beginning. Maybe she was just planning on getting me all horny and worked up for later.
Julie and Katie took over the floor of the living room in front of the tv. They were both lying down on their stomachs and giving me an excellent opportunity to check out their asses without being caught. I sat down on the couch behind them.
“Did you want to watch something different on the tv, Jeff?” Katie asked. “We’re doing our homework, so it doesn’t matter to us what we watch.”
I started to answer, but Julie beat me to it.
“You really think he’s going to be watching it either?” she asked. “He’s got the two hottest girls in college in front of him. I can guarantee that the tv is not what he’ll be paying attention to.”
Katie shoved Julie reproachfully, though it didn’t seem to have the desired effect on my sister.
“Don’t talk like that,” Katie said. She looked embarrassed again. “He’s your brother.”
“I’m only teasing,” Julie said. “I have to keep him in line, you know.”
They soon dropped the subject and got busy doing math problems. Julie, of course, didn’t stop teasing me. Once Katie was sufficiently focused on her work that she wasn’t paying attention to anything except what was in front of her, Julie slowly started pulling down her shorts. She didn’t have any panties on underneath.
My cock hardened in my pants as my twin sister’s perfect ass and pussy were revealed to me. It was even hotter than usual because her friend was right there beside her and could look over at any minute. I wasn’t sure what would happen if Katie figured out what was going on, but the added risk excited me, and I could tell Julie liked it too. Her pussy juices started leaking onto the floor almost as soon as she removed her shorts.
I couldn’t help myself. I whipped out my fully hard seventeen-inch cock and started masturbating. It actually felt kind of weird, and not just because there was another girl in the room. Ever since Julie and I had been having sex, there had been no need for me to get myself off. She was always willing and eager to do it for me.
Julie watched me stroke myself with undisguised lust. She beckoned me closer with her finger. I wasn’t sure if I should move since it might attract Katie’s attention, but I couldn’t say no to my sister. I crawled over to her as quietly as I could.
Julie smiled as her favourite toy got within reach. She reached out and stated jerking me off with one hand while doing her homework with the other. I could tell she was having some difficulty keeping up with Katie, but she had to do her best not to let her friend figure out that she was being distracted by her brother’s cock.
After a few minutes of giving me a sneaky handjob, Julie took her hand away. She looked back at me just long enough to put her finger to her lips and make sure that I wouldn’t say anything. Katie was concentrating completely on her work by now, and I could tell Julie was planning on taking advantage of that.
Julie used all the patience and grace that she’d acquired from the various sports she played to reach behind her friend without being detected. She carefully slipped her fingers into the waist of Katie’s shorts and began peeling them down her thighs. I thought I was going to cum as soon as Katie’s magnificent ass and pussy were uncovered. I couldn’t believe that neither of the girls had been wearing any panties.
Much like my sister, Katie’s butt was perfectly toned and her pussy was shaven smooth. If I’d only been looking at their bottom halves they could have easily passed for twins. I looked rapidly back and forth between the girls’ bare asses, almost cumming just at the sight of them side by side.
Somehow my sister actually got away with her little stunt. She finished removing Katie’s shorts without the other girl having noticed anything amiss. Julie made sure she had my attention, then threw both her pair of shorts and Katie’s behind the couch. The two girls were completely bottomless with no easy was for Julie to fix the problem. I had no idea how she thought she could get away with it.
She lay back down beside her friend and went back to her homework. I had two sexy, perfect asses in front of me and was unable to determine which I should be staring at. Julie solved that problem by grabbing my cock and guiding it to her pussy. She was so wet that a puddle was forming between her legs so I knew I didn’t have to worry about whether or not she was ready for me. I was concerned about Katie catching us if I started fucking my sister right next to her, but I wasn’t sure that I could resist.
Julie slid the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit. My hesitation disappeared and my instincts took over. I slammed my entire nineteen-inch shaft into my sister’s tight pussy in one thrust. She had to bite down on her arm to keep from making any noise as she was suddenly filled up. I was impressed at how quiet she was, since I knew how loudly she usually moaned.
I fucked my sister hard while her oblivious friend lay right next to us. I was no longer afraid of being caught, probably because I was too turned on to care. Some part of me still knew that it could be disastrous if Katie found out what we were up to, but the rest of me was only concerned with getting off. All I wanted to do was pound Julie’s pussy until we both came.
“What did you get for number eight?” Katie asked suddenly.
“I, uh, haven’t quite finished it yet,” Julie answered.
I was amazed that she was able to even think about her math problems. I started fucking her even harder as Katie leaned over to see what my sister had so far. They discussed the problem until they had it figured out, with Katie remaining none the wiser about what was going on behind her.
I fucked Julie for about another fifteen minutes like that and was getting pretty close to orgasm. Suddenly Julie reached over between her friend’s legs and started rubbing Katie’s pussy. I was sure Katie would have to notice something this time, but somehow she didn’t. That kind of focus on what she was doing must have been what allowed her to be such a good athlete. The noise going on during games would have been nothing to her if she could tune out the sounds of sex right beside her and the feeling of her pussy being rubbed.
After a few minutes Julie held her hand up to my mouth. Her fingers were covered in Katie’s pussy juices. I opened my lips and sucked my sister’s fingers inside. I came as soon as I tasted Katie’s pussy on my tongue. Julie came at the exact same second.
Once again I was impressed with my sister’s ability to keep quiet when necessary. She didn’t make a sound as shot after shot of my cum exploded into her pussy and filled it up. We came for about three minutes and forty seconds before we both finished. By that time Julie’s pussy was overflowing onto the floor, though luckily the puddle of love juices didn’t seem to be heading toward Katie.
Julie quickly turned around and sucked my cock clean before it softened too much. I kissed her lovingly, then went back to lie down on the couch. I must have fallen asleep.
I woke up to the sound of nervous giggling. I didn’t open my eyes right away and pretended I was still asleep. I could feel four small, soft hand on my cock. Two of them I recognized as Julie’s, and as far as I could tell the other two were Katie’s. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn’t want to interrupt.
“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Katie whispered, presumably to Julie.
“It’s okay,” Julie whispered back. “I told you that. He’s sleeping.”
“But he’s still your brother.”
“It doesn’t count as incest when he’s sleeping. We went over this.”
“Still. Doesn’t it feel weird to you?”
“Nope. Not even a little.”
I almost jumped when I felt a tongue on my cock. It must have been Julie leading the way, because soon another tongue joined hers. The two girls licked and stroked my cock with Katie gradually gaining confidence in what they were doing.
“You were right about his cock,” Katie said eventually. “It is amazing.”
“Told you,” Julie said. “It’s the perfect one for you to try.”
“I’m still not sure. I want to, but… I’m afraid it would make thing weird. Plus, what if Jeff says no?”
“He won’t. You’re so sexy, Katie, and you’re totally his type. There’s no way he’d say no. Besides, you could always just do it while he’s asleep.”
“No, I couldn’t do that. I understand that you have to play with him when he’s asleep because it’s not incest that way, but I don’t think that’s how I want to do it. I’m just worried that he’s gonna think I’m a slut or something.”
“I promise you he won’t. If he thinks you’re a slut, or if he says no, I’ll… I’ll go to our next practice completely naked. That’s how sure I am.”
“Well… if you’re that sure I guess I shouldn’t doubt you.”
“You’ll see that I’m right. I’ll wake him up.”
Julie shook my shoulder and called my name softly into my ear. I was pretty sure she knew I was already awake, but she pretended that she didn’t know very convincingly.
“What?” I asked, faking grogginess as I opened my eyes. “What is it?”
Katie and Julie were both still bottomless, and I could see their perfect little pussies. Somehow I’d been stripped naked while I slept and my fully hard nineteen-inch cock was pointing straight at the ceiling. Katie kept giving my shaft lust-filled glances when she thought I wasn’t looking. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to act confused about why we were all partly or fully naked.
“Sorry to wake you,” Julie said. “We have something important we need to ask you. It has something to do with why we took your clothes off, and some of ours off too.”
She must have guessed that I was unsure about how to act and had done a good job of filling me in.
‘Well? What is it?” I asked.
Julie looked over at Katie, but the other girl seemed too embarrassed to speak. Julie went ahead and continued to take care of things.
“Katie wants you to have sex with her,” she said. “I told her I lost my virginity to you, while you were sleeping of course, and she got jealous.”
“Not jealous,” Katie said, finally speaking up. “Just… I liked it when Julie and I had both never had sex. We were equal in that way. Now things are different.”
“Right,” Julie said before turning back to me. “Anyway, the point is I told her your cock would be the best one for her to use. It’s so big and so amazing to feel inside me and I want her to feel that way for her first time.”
“Well I’d definitely be happy to help,” I said, trying to remain calm.
The second hottest girl in college not only wanted to have sex with me, but she would consider it a favour! I couldn’t believe my luck. Or, perhaps more accurately, I couldn’t believe how good my sister was to me. Instead of jealously keeping me to herself, she was willing to hook me up with another hot girl because she knew she’d always be the most important to me. I loved her so much in that moment.
“Really?” Katie asked, appearing relieved. “I wasn’t sure if you would. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me because I haven’t had sex yet, even I know that’s silly. Julie only lost her virginity a little while ago and she’s the hottest girl in college.”
“There’s definitely nothing wrong with you,” I said. “You are so beautiful and sexy and I’m lucky to get this chance with you.”
Katie blushed which only made her look cuter.
“We should go to my bedroom,” Julie declared. “Katie’s first time should be in a bed and not just on the couch in the living room.”
Katie and I agreed and we all headed upstairs. Julie held Katie’s hand as they walked in front of me and swung her hips far more than necessary. Watching those two sexy bare asses the whole way was more than enough to keep me fully erect.
When we got to Julie’s room she took Katie straight over to the bed. She pulled her friend’s shirt off to reveal no bra underneath, then kissed her almost as an afterthought. I thought I was going to cum when I saw the two sexy girls kissing each other, not to mention Katie’s perfectly shaped breasts. I wondered if making out like that was something they did often, or if it was just to make sure I was as turned on as possible.
“Okay, she’s all yours, Jeff,” Julie said.
She stepped away from Katie, and I approached to take my sister’s place. Katie looked kind of nervous, but also excited. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my cock. The tip of my erection pressed against her tummy when I got close enough, smearing precum across her skin.
“Are you ready?” I asked.
“I… think so,” Katie said.
She bit her lip, then suddenly darted forward and kissed me. I happily pulled her to me and kissed her back. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she eagerly met it with hers. We tongue-wrestled for several minutes before breaking apart.
“Sorry,” Katie said. “I just thought we should at least kiss once before having sex.”
“Don’t be sorry,” I said. “I enjoyed it.”
Katie smiled and crawled onto Julie’s bed. I crawled up after her and guided her onto her back. She once again looked a little nervous as I positioned my cock over her pussy.
“It’s not going to hurt, is it?” she asked. “I mean, it’s so big and all. It doesn’t look like it well fit inside of me.”
“Don’t worry,” Julie said. “Jeff’s cock is big and it will stretch your pussy when he’s inside you, but he was so gentle and loving with me my first time that it didn’t hurt even a little.”
Katie gasped and Julie realized too late that she’d fucked up.
“Julie! Are you saying that he wasn’t asleep when you had sex?! That’s incest!”
Julie tried to repair the damage, but I was worried that she might not be able to. I regretted that I hadn’t had a chance to have sex with Katie yet, but more than that I worried that Katie might be so upset that she’d tell other people and Julie and I would have to stop having sex with each other.
“Katie, please don’t be mad,” Julie said. “I’m sorry I lied to you, but you have to understand that we love each other. I know that we shouldn’t have sex because we’re brother and sister, but it doesn’t feel wrong when we do it. It’s the best feeling in the whole world. Plus, how am I supposed to resist a cock like that?”
Katie considered Julie’s words. I was relieved to see that she had already calmed down a little.
“You two really love each other that much?” Katie asked.
“We do,” I said. “I love Julie more than anything.”
Julie nodded in agreement. “I would never want to have sex with any other guy because I love my brother too much for that.”
Katie thought about it some more. I held my breath, waiting for her decision.
“I think I understand,” Katie finally said. “If you two love each other so much that you’re willing to commit incest just to be together… how can that be wrong?”
“Exactly,” Julie said. “Thank you so much, Katie. I’m so happy you understand.”
Julie crawled up next to us and kissed Katie passionately. It was such a beautiful and sexy sight seeing the two friends make up after their fight. My cock twitched as I watched them.
“And you’re right about his cock too,” Katie said. “There’s no way anyone could expect you to resist it once you know it’s there in your own house.”
The girls giggled and Julie moved away, giving Katie and me some space. Katie looked directly into my eyes.
“I want you to take my virginity now,” she told me. Julie quickly whispered something to her, then she added, “and don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”
I couldn’t say no to a request like that. It wasn’t humanly possible. I guided my cock to her wet slit and pressed against her small opening. Her pussy was so small in comparison to my shaft, just like Julie’s, and it didn’t seem like I could fit. Thanks to my sister I had experience with that sort of situation and I just kept pushing gently until the head of my cock popped inside Katie’s pussy.
Katie’s expression changed immediately. I was worried I’d hurt her at first, but then I realized there was no sign of pain on her face, only pleasure.
“How does it feel?” Julie asked.
“Sooo gooood,” Katie breathed. “I can feel my pussy stretching, but it doesn’t hurt.”
I kept pushing slowly into Katie’s tight pussy. She moaned loudly as I got deeper and deeper inside of her. I was glad it wasn’t hurting her. Even though Julie had never felt any pain because of my cock, I knew that not every girl was the same. Luckily Katie seemed to enjoy the experience just as much as Julie.
After about six inches of my cock was inside Katie, I felt a barrier. I knew I must have reached her hymen. She obviously felt it too.
“This is it,” I said. “If I go any further you won’t be a virgin anymore.”
Katie nodded happily. “Thank you so much,” she said.
She kissed me hard as I thrust into her a little more and broke through her hymen. I kept going since she still showed no sign of pain. The deeper I got inside her, the more she moaned in pleasure.
“Your brother’s cock feels so big inside me,” Katie told Julie. “It feels like he’s splitting me open, but somehow it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve felt in my entire life!”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Julie said. “When my brother is inside me it feels like my pussy can’t possibly be that full, but somehow it is. Sometimes I wish I could spend the whole day with his cock filling me up, even though I know that’s impossible.”
“That’s right,” I said. “I could only stay in either of your pussies for so long before I came, and then I’d get soft. It’s your own faults for having the tightest, sexiest pussies possible.”
The girls giggled and took turns kissing me as I fucked Katie. I tried to work my entire shaft into her, but was unable to get my last few inches inside. I was beginning to suspect that my sister was the only one who could take my entire length.
After eighteen minutes of fucking Katie and making out with her and Julie, I came. Katie came at the same instant, going through the first orgasm she’d ever received as a result of a guy’s cock. She moaned so loudly as I filled her up with my cum that the neighbour’s dog started barking.
“Your cum is filling me up so much,” Katie moaned.
Her pussy couldn’t contain all of my cum, and it soon started spilling back out onto Julie’s bed. I kept cumming for several minutes, and Katie’s poor overfilled pussy never had a chance of holding it all. She seemed to like the feeling though, because she came twice by the time I finished my orgasm.
I pulled out of Katie, and Julie immediately sucked my entire twenty-inch cock into her throat, cleaning off my cum and Katie’s juices. Julie then crawled over to her friend and the two of them kissed lovingly.
“Thank you for sharing your brother with me,” Katie said.
“You’re welcome,” Julie said. “I’m so happy we were able to help you.”
Their shared moment lasted a few minutes longer before Julie inevitably turned her attention back to me. She had a hungry, lust-filled look in her eyes.
“My turn,” she announced simply.
Julie got on her hands and knees. I moved behind her and thrust my entire length inside her pussy in one thrust. She was just as tight, if not tighter, than Katie, but she had a lot more experience at taking my cock. I started fucking her hard as soon as I was inside of her, and she loved it.
Katie watched in awe as my sister got her pussy pounded by her own brother. She couldn’t seem to believe how easily Julie took it.
“I can see it bulging in your tummy,” Katie said to Julie.
“Yeah, I’m not surprised since my body has to stretch out so much to take my brother’s cock,” Julie said. “If he wasn’t my brother I don’t think my pussy would stretch enough for him.”
Katie nodded. “Mm-hm. Sisters’ pussies are made for their brother’s cock. That makes sense.”
“I love feeling my pussy filled up and stretched as much as possible,” Julie said. “I know my brother is the only one who can do that for me.”
I fucked Julie for almost half an hour while Katie watched the whole time. Julie and I came at the same time and I filled her up with my cum.
After a short break Katie got another turn since she was ready to go again. I switched back and forth between the two girls for the next several hours until we realized it was midnight. We were all tired and fell asleep together, the three of us cuddling naked together in one bed.

Part 4

I woke up one morning and went down to the kitchen for breakfast in my boxers and a t-shirt. Julie, my eighteen year old twin sister, was still sleeping and our parents were only ever home about two or three days every month on average. I fully expected to be completely alone while I ate.
Much to my surprise, as soon as I walked into the kitchen I found myself staring at my mother’s naked body from behind. She was standing by the stove and was clearly in the process of cooking something. After a few minutes of staring at her bare ass I realized she wasn’t actually naked, but all she was wearing was an apron. I quickly grew a full erection inside my boxers.
Even though Mom was a lot older than Julie and me at nearly twenty-seven, she looked young enough to pass for our triplet. She also had a very sexy body for a mother. Her butt wasn’t quite as toned as Julie’s, but it had the benefit of being filled out a little more. It was so round and firm, and I couldn’t stop watching it as she swayed slightly while cooking breakfast.
I pulled down by boxers and stepped out of them, freeing my fourteen-inch cock. I stroked my shaft slowly as I watched my almost-naked mother. I nearly came when she dropped something and bent over at the waist, revealing her beautiful shaven pussy to me. Eventually she noticed that I was standing behind her.
“Oh, good morning, Jason honey,” she said cheerfully. “Are you hungry? I’m making a nice big breakfast because your father’s home and I thought the whole family could eat together. We don’t get the chance very often.”
“Morning, Mom,” I said. “I am kind of hungry, but I can wait until everyone’s up. I’m surprised you’re dressed like this if Dad’s home, though. What if he walks in?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll go get changed before he gets up. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping you’d catch me.”
Mom looked slightly embarrassed by the admission, but she didn’t need to. I liked that our relationship had become slightly sexual ever since we’d fucked that first time. She turned around to face me, which gave me my first good view of her 78GG breasts straining against the front of her apron. They were barely contained and I was sure they’d pop out at any moment. The tops of her firm, round chest-muffins were visible above the top of the apron. I had to admit, no woman I knew could compete with Mom’s cleavage.
“It’s a good look on you,” I said honestly.
I was sure she could tell that I meant what I said. Me jerking myself off in the middle of the kitchen was a pretty big clue.
Mom smiled and did a slow twirl for me, showing off all sides of her body. I got a peek at the sides of her breasts, as well as another great view of her ass as she spun. I stroked myself faster as I got even more turned on. Mom watched me, biting her lip in undisguised lust.
“I have to keep working on breakfast,” she said regretfully.
“Go ahead,” I said. “I’ll stay and keep you company.”
She nodded and turned back to the stove. She hummed to herself and swayed gracefully back and forth in time with the melody. She had to know what her ass was doing to me.
I walked up directly behind my mother. My cock throbbed as I got closer to her magnificently naked butt. I put one hand on each cheek and squeezed. Mom purred happily as I played with her ass. I was so turned on I was about ready to explode from anticipation.
Mom moaned loudly as I pressed the tip of my erection against her wet pussy. A small flood of her juices ran down her leg at the contact. I rubbed my cock back and forth over her entrance.
“Mmm, baby that feels so good,” she cooed. “I know we’re not ready to eat yet, but Mommy’s pussy is so hungry.”
“Is that so?” I said. “What does Mommy’s pussy want?”
“How about… her son’s enormous cock filling her all the way up?”
“Is that what Mommy wants?”
“Please, honey. Don’t tease me.”
Mom wiggled her butt in frustration, imploring me to give her what she wanted. Since I wanted the same thing, it was an easy decision.
I took a firm hold of Mom’s hips and made sure my fifteen-inch cock was aimed properly. Without any further warning, I slammed my seventeen-inch shaft as hard as I could into her tight, wet pussy. She moaned so loud that the car alarms all the way down the block all went off. I only got about half of my sixteen-inch length inside her on the first thrust, but I immediately started working the remaining twelve inches inside her.
“Oooh yes, baby,” she hissed. “That’s what Mommy needed. Your big cock is filling and stretching my pussy so much.”
“Your pussy feels so good, Mommy,” I said. “It’s so tight around my cock. It feels like it never wants to let me go.”
“I wish I could keep you inside me all the time. Would you like that, baby? To always have your Mommy’s tight, wet pussy wrapped around your big cock?”
“That would be so nice, Mommy.”
I fucked her hard and managed to get almost all of my cock inside her. So far Julie was still the only one who could take every single inch.
Mom tried to keep working on breakfast, but it got harder and harder for her concentrate as I pounded her little pussy. Even though she was a mother, she was still incredibly tight and it took a lot of effort to thrust my cock in and out of her so fast. I had to stretch her on every stroke, then fight against her pussy when I pulled out since it never seemed to want to let me go.
After about two hours of hard fucking, Mom and I came at the same instant. I buried as much of my twenty-inch cock inside her as I could while my cum exploded into her already over-stuffed pussy. She moaned and writhed on my shaft. My orgasm lasted several minutes, and by the end of it I was sure I’d emptied enough semen in her to fill a bathtub.
“I can’t believe you two started without me.”
I turned around to find Julie standing there with her arms folded across her chest and her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. She was gloriously naked, and even though her arms covered her breasts, her pussy was on full display. Despite having just finished cumming, my cock twitched at the sight of my sexy sister’s perfect body.
“Sorry,” I said. “You were asleep.”
“I couldn’t help myself,” Mom added. “Once his cock was out… I just wanted it in me. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to resist my son’s cock.”
Julie’s expression changed into a wistful smile.
“I guess I shouldn’t blame you,” she said. “I know what it’s like. I can’t resist him either.” She turned to me. “Jason, just for the record, me being asleep is no excuse to leave me out of sexy times.”
“Sorry,” I said. “I’ll make it up to you.”
“Mmm, I know you will.”
I pulled out of Mom, and Julie instantly dropped to her knees and took my cock all the way into her mouth. She swallowed my entire shaft until her forehead was pressed against my stomach. She eagerly cleaned off all of my cum and Mom’s juices. Then she pulled away from me.
Without missing a beat, Julie scooted over to Mom and latched onto her pussy. My sister licked and sucked on our mother’s fuck-cavern to get as much of my cum out as she could. It was the first time I’d ever seen her use her tongue on another girl like that, let alone the first time she’d really done anything with Mom. I couldn’t believe how normal she made it look.
Mom had already been a little shaky after the orgasm I’d given her. When her daughter started attacking her pussy, she almost collapsed. She had to hold onto the counter to steady herself. The way Julie was going, it looked like Mom might cum again any moment.
“Julie dear,” Mom said. “I’m making breakfast. You should eat something other than Jason’s cum.”
“But Mommy,” Julie said as she briefly stopped licking, “it’s my favourite thing. And besides, I read that the healthiest thing a girl can eat is her brother’s cum. Especially if we’re twins. We’re so genetically similar that his cum has all the nutrients I need in it. It’s basically the same thing as breast milk for babies.”
“Well… as long as you’re eating healthily, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I certainly wouldn’t want to take away your favourite treat.”
Julie beamed. “Thanks, Mommy. You’re the best.”
Mom looked at me. “Jason honey, you’ll have to make sure you eat plenty, okay? If you’re going to be feeding your sister and all, you need to keep your strength up.”
“Yes, Mommy,” I said.
I was getting so turned on from watching my sister eat out my mother. I started stroking my cock again and tried to figure out if I could somehow get access to Julie’s pussy without interrupting her.
Suddenly there were footsteps from down the hall. Mom, Julie, and I all turned around at the same instant. It had to be Dad coming, he was the only other one home. We all had to scramble to make sure we weren’t caught in a compromising position. I kicked my boxers under the table and sat down so the tablecloth would hopefully hide the fact that I was naked from the waist down. Julie dived under the table after my boxers. Mom simply turned so that Dad would see her apron and not the fact that she had nothing on underneath.
“Morning, dear,” Dad said as he entered the room. “Morning, Jason.”
“Good morning,” Mom and I said.
“Excellent timing,” Mom said. “I just finished breakfast. Sit down and I’ll put it on the table.”
“That sounds wonderful,” Dad said.
He sat down and Mom got busy putting things on the table without turning her back. Luckily Dad was soon too preoccupied with filling up his plate to bother looking around too much. There was lots to keep him busy. Mom had made pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, cereal, orange juice, coffee, sausage, fruit salad, muffins, and bagels. She didn’t say anything, but I got the feeling she wanted to make sure I was eating enough. I knew she was just being a mother and looking after her kids, but I was old enough to know that I needed to eat more than usual when so much of my cum was going straight into my sister’s tummy.
Mom sat down with us when she had everything set out. She seemed relieved that Dad hadn’t noticed how revealing her attire actually was.
“Where’s Julie at?” Dad asked. “Should we call her?”
“Um… she’s still sleeping,” I said. “She was up pretty late with… studying.”
Mom choked on a mouthful of juice she’d just taken. She obviously had a pretty good guess what Julie had been doing to be up so late. A moment later she choked on another mouthful. When I heard the sound of someone licking, I realized why. Sure enough, a peek under the table revealed my sister kneeling in front of Mom and lapping at her pussy like a puppy.
“Oh,” Dad said. “Well I suppose she’s old enough to know when breakfast is.” He turned to Mom. “And how come you haven’t taken your apron off? You’re done with the cooking, aren’t you?”
“Well… um… it’s just that…” Mom stammered, unable to think up a good excuse. Her daughter’s tireless, cum-seeking tongue probably wasn’t helping her think.
“There’s a small tear in her shirt,” I interrupted. “She ripped it while she was making breakfast and she’s embarrassed about it. She wouldn’t even let me see it.”
Dad smiled indulgently at Mom. “You know you don’t have to worry about things like that around your family, dear. Your clothes don’t have to be immaculate when you’re at home.”
“I know,” Mom said, giving me a grateful smile. “It’s just… I feel so silly about it. It was so clumsy of me.”
“Well that’s okay,” Dad said. “If you want to cover it up, that’s up to you.”
The three of us went back to our food. I found I was even hungrier than I thought, which was a feeling I was getting to be quite familiar with. I’d been producing far more cum lately than I was used to, and I needed to make sure I ate enough to make up for that.
A couple minutes later, I suddenly felt a tongue on my cock. It was obviously Julie since she was the only one under the table. She must have gotten all of my cum that she could out of Mom’s pussy. I’d actually softened temporarily, but at her touch I quickly got back to my full nineteen-inch hardness.
It took all my willpower not to moan out loud as I felt my sister’s full, soft lips engulf my cock. Her silky smooth tongue and throat embraced my shaft lovingly and with practiced ease. I had to focus on continuing to put food in my mouth and chew it while she gave me a blowjob under the table. We were in so much danger of being caught by Dad, but somehow that just turned me on even more. When I looked down I saw that there was a slowly expanding puddle of pussy juice coming from where Julie was kneeling, confirming that she was just as horny as I was.
I was pretty sure that Mom realized my cock was currently holstered in my sister’s throat. She had a knowing smile on her lips as she ate and sipped at her coffee. Dad, fortunately, remained oblivious.
Julie bobbed her head enthusiastically on my cock. She made sure to always keep at least a third of my twenty-two-inch shaft in her throat at all times, and the rest of my length rapidly appeared and disappeared between her lips. She sucked me like that for about twenty minutes and thirty seconds without any further incident.
All of a sudden, Mom accidentally spilled some syrup on herself while trying to get it on her pancakes. It landed on one of her 78GG breasts, of course. They stuck out so much that they shielded the rest of her body from any such incident. Without giving it any thought, Mom licked the top of her boob clean. Unfortunately for her, she’d forgotten that she was still holding the syrup bottle and accidentally spilled some on her other breast while she was cleaning the first one.
Mom’s tits were so big that she had no difficulty getting them to her mouth and licking just about any part of them clean. I was pretty sure the ease of cleaning prevented her from thinking too much about the situation, since she kept switching the syrup bottle between her hands and got one breast dirty just as the other was cleaned up. She went back and forth for several minutes, her tongue busily at work on whichever of her lust-balloons currently needed it.
Dad wasn’t paying any attention, but I was hypnotized by the display. Mom was openly licking and sucking on her own boobs, as well as accidentally lifting them more and more out of the top of her apron. Soon enough her nipples began to appear, peeking out at me from the top of her sole article of clothing.
It was only when Mom got some syrup on one of her nipples and popped the whole breast out of her apron to suck it off that she realized what she was doing to me. She winked at me and made more of a show of sucking at her own milk-nozzle than she had before. She then did the same to her other breast despite it not needing the attention. At least she put down the syrup bottle before she used it all.
Mom finally covered herself back up just before Dad looked over at her. She had been very close to being caught, but she didn’t seem to let it affect her. As soon as Dad looked away again, she took one of her breakfast sausages and began to suck on it suggestively. My cock twitched in Julie’s mouth and nearly made my sister bang her head on the bottom of the table. She gave me a small, reproachful slap on the leg.
Eventually Mom put the sausage down, and instead got up to clear some dishes off of the table. I got good view of her ass as she walked to the sink, and she made sure to wiggle her hips far more than necessary. She turned around and, once she made sure Dad wasn’t looking, she untied her apron and let it fall to the floor. My mother stood completely naked in the kitchen with my father right there where he could turn around any second and see her. It was too much.
All thrill of the risk we were taking, as well as the view of Mom’s pussy and breasts, and especially Julie’s dedicated little mouth combined to push me over the edge. I reached under the table to pull my sister’s face hard against my lap just before I came. I knew she loved it when my cum was deposited directly into her stomach without going through her mouth or throat first.
Julie eagerly took all of my cum inside her tummy and didn’t make even a single attempt to pull away from me the whole time. I came hard, and with the load I gave her I was pretty sure she’d be full for the rest of the day. It was a good thing I’d had a big breakfast.
Mom stood there playing with herself as she watched me cum into my sister’s belly. She put her apron back on just before Dad turned around to find out what she was doing. She quickly walked back to the table to clear some more dishes.
Once I finally stopped cumming, Julie slipped my boxers back up my legs so I was finally dressed again. I was kind of relieved, although I knew that my sister was still fully naked under the table. Mom picked up on the problem and pretended to accidentally drop a plate into the sink hard enough to make a loud noise, but not to break it. As soon as Dad turned to investigate, I shoved Julie out from under the table with my foot and she quickly scampered off and out of sight.
A few minutes later Julie reappeared, this time fully dressed. She pretended like she’d just woken up.
“Morning, everyone,” she said.
“Sorry, Jules,” Dad said. “You just missed breakfast. You should learn to get up earlier.”
Julie winked at me. “That’s okay, Daddy,” she said, patting her tummy. “I already ate.”

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