tenant Pooja

my tenant Pooja(name Changed). She is around 40 years of age, whitish, smart , little short and chubby. Size 38-30-38.I used to stay in second floor alone and my owner used to live in 1st floor with her hubby who is a business man goes out of town regularly and her kid who studies 4th standard.Coming to the story, Pooja is a very beautiful women always in saree. From first day when i came to this house I had an eye on her. She used to wash her cloth on the terrus and all time I follow her like I am talking to my friend in mobile. I enjoyed the vision of her hip, legs, low cut shoulder and cleavage hiding behind her transparent saree. Normally we won’t chat she goes out with a smile.I used to smell her cloth which kept for dry and even took her bra once and hid under my pillow all day. Days passed by watching her washing cloths. Since I work on shift in IT company I used to come late night, early morning etc, One day when I entered home late night around 11 I saw her Pooja standing out with tears, I went and asked She told that her son is not fine he is having heavy fever and I called up for a doctor but he didn’t show up.I told her that to be ready I will pick him up to near by hospital. I check in google for near by hospital and called for child specialist and found one but it is little far. Pooja came in saree not properly dressed since she was in hurry, we took her two wheeler and went to hospital. Nothing happened while going. After check up while coming out of hospital I was holding her kid(ajith) who was in sleep , she told that I will drive so that he wont wake up now. Pooja told it very cold so please hold the baby is center and cover him around between us. I did the same and keep my hand around pooja waist and one my hand was on her bare stomach touching her belly button.She suddenly lost balance and I asked what happened. She smiled and said nothing and we came back home. First time I entered her bed room and kept ajith on bed and said dont worry he will be ok. She thanked me with tears and said its nothing to worry about. She forced me to have a cup of milk and we first time we chatted about our life, work and family. She told that her hubby is busy in work and not caring about his family and felt a lot. I convinced her that he is working for you people only so dont worry and left the place. She came back and hugged me and said Thanks for your help.After that day her way of behaviour changed a lot. While she washing cloths she ask me to sit near by. She used to raise her saree till her thighs, Showing her massive cleavage and once her blose was full wet and she didnt wear a bra and I can able to see clearly the mark of her nipple over her blouse. She ask me to help in twisting cloths to filter the water. Many times our hand touches and she bends to lot where I can see her cleavage very close. This went for a while however I didnt take any further step but I am sure that she will be in my bed one day.One day she invited for a birthday party on her home at evening 7 pm. I went buying a gift “a remote car”. When I went no one was there other then pooja and Ajith. Pooja was looking so sexy in saree and sleaveless blouse (First time I am seeing her ) I asked why no one else came. She told I called you only. Ajith cut the cake and I gifted my present Pooja laughed and I dont know why. I asked, She reply it is her birthday and not his son’s. I dont know what to do. I said sorry and wished her a happy birthday. We shared cake and cool drinks. I applied Cake on her face and shoulder.Ajith told that he also wants to apply on her mom face. Pooja tried to run from there. I know this will be my chance and hugged her from behind to stop her for running. Mean time I am playing all over her body, pincher her waist, hugging and keeping my rod on her ass, rubbing and ass and pressing it. Finally she stopped and I was hugging from behind and my lips where very close to her ear. Ajith was applying cake cream on her mom face and licked a small amount of cream on her shoulder. We all had dinner and while dinner both of our knees where touching each other and I can able to see that she is forcely pushing it.I came to my room and around 11 pm I heard a knock and I see Pooja. I opened the door and she came in.She was still in her birthday saree.Pooja: where is my birthday gift?Me: Sorry pooja, I wil give you tomo a spl one.Pooja: No I want it now and u hv one hour time for my birthday to endme: I searched around and thought what to give.Pooja: Any gift that I can remember till my death.I went near her, hold her hand and pulled towards me, kept my right hand on her waist and softly pressed it. She closed her eyes and heard a small sound ahhhh. I kept my left hand on her ass and press it over the saree. I took my right hand from waist and kept on her chin and raised her head. I kept my right hand softly on her chicks. I can see she is breathing heavy and her lips are vibrating. Still she closed her eyes and I am enjoying her beauty of her face. Gently pushed those hair that falls on her face. I was waiting for the prefect kissing moment.When she just opened her eyes on the very next second I kept my lips over her lips. Wow what a moment. For a min we didn’t move a little and then I started chewing her lips. Pooja started responding and started to kiss open mouth and we are eating each other. I bit her lips and pulled it a little. She kept her hand around my shoulder and raised her legs for a deep french kiss and crushing her boobs over my chest.We broke that kiss after 30 minutes and said how was your birthday gift. Will full smile she hugged me tight and said I love U. I replied Love u too my sexy. I asked her to come to my bed room, she replied not today Ajith may wake and tomorrow my hubby will be back to home. So we need to wait and she kissed bit my lips and left.Next day her hubby came we are not able to meet alone. But when ever I used to come or leave home she used to smile from Kitchen window and gives a quick flying kiss. After few days her hubby went out for a business trip but bad luck exam holiday started for Ajith. I used to have night shift and came early morning around 6 am. Pooja used to wait for me. These days she used to change her dressing scene more hot and sexy.She used to stand in shiny night wear which has a tinny sleeve and it was till her upper part of her thighs just covering her panties. I went quickly in and hugged her and kissed her lips and pressed her boobs which was dancing inside the night dress. I pulled the night dress down and started to press more violently and started sucking her nipple. She start to moan all ahhhh ahhh yes yess suckk suckk hard selva , I l0ve u a lot. I was about to remove her panties and she stopped me and lets plan this tonight. Ajith is hereAfternoon she came up to the roof top to watch her cloth. I was suprised to see she was in her same night dress with no bra since i came able to see her nipple hard projecting out from her dress. She smiled and said hiiii sweet heart. She came near the washing place. kept the cloths down and she sat on the stone bench to watch. I was totally shocked that she is not wearing a panties. I see a clear pink color pussy and I cant take my eye out of that. I asked why u came like this some one from out will see. she said out building is the top one and i looks the gate below so no one will see just come and sit near me.I went and hugged her from behind pulled her down and we are rolling all over we kissed sucked press her boob and pussy. I was in shorts and she asked me to remove and sit near her. I removed my shorts and my 7 inch rod standing straight, She surprised to see a big rod and hold it on her hand. Pooja said ” this looks to be remote car controller and we laughed.I kept my hand on her pussy hole. Fingering her for a while She started to moan a lot and she pulled my face towards her chest and said I cant wait any more lets have love together. We went to my bed remove, with no time i just pulled her night dress and she was full nude. I started to hug her and kiss her all over her body. Mean time she removed my shorts and t shirt and we both started to enjoy full nude kissing and sucking. I played all over her body by press boob, fingering her, pressing her ass . Keeping my hand inside her ass crack etc.I made her to sit on the bed and wide spread her legs and kept my mouth on her pussy and licked sucked it. Her sound got increased a lot , ohhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhahhhh yeahhhhhh yeahhhhhh eat me eat me I am all urs ahhhhh ahhhh yes yes I m yours take me fully. Then we went to 69 position and sucked all her juice flowing out. She was eating my rod and giving a nice blow job. Pooja: I have no time and cant wait, I need your rod into my love hole now. I said I dont have a condom she told no worries I will take tables just come over me. I came over her pushed my rod into her love hole. In three stocks it went in since its already juicy and jelly. For around 10 minutes we fucked and finally I cum inside her. She too got her organ at the same time. We hugged and relaxed for a while.She was about to leave and I stopped her. Told that I want to give u a birthday gift. Pooja replied that you have given it a best one. I said I want to give an another one and said I need to take care of u as my baby and need to do all the stuffs.I removed her cloths again and took her to bath room. I asked her to pee. she refused first then she agreed. I went near her and washed her ass and pussy. She was keep looking me in romantic mood. Then I bathed her. Applied soap to her pussy, ass, ass crack, waist, boob and all other parts. We came to bed room and I cleaned her body in towel. She just rested on my shoulder. Applied powder on all parts. I Opened a pack which has a bra and a panties. I told the bra cup against her boob and pined it behind. Then I asked her to raise her leg to wear panties. I gently brushed over the pussy while wearing it to her. Then I gift a Saree in hand and asked to get a matching blouse and petticoat. She Thanked a lot and she smile in tears and said your wife will be more lucky to get you. I said as of now you are my only love and kissed passionately for 5 minutes.Once her hubby took ajith to some relative for 2 days so me and pooja was all alone. She told me to come at 8 pm for dinner. I went and we had dinner, She fed me like sitting on my lap. We exchange food from our mouth. After she asked to me wait in hall for a while and after few minutes she called to bed room. While I enter she was in the saree that I gave more hotly dressed. The blouse is sleeveless and the neck is very deep that I can see her 90% of her boobs. She decorated the bed with roses and candle lights. The smell of the room is so sexy and romantic. We had a wonderful night together which cant be removed from our hearts.

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