Telugu Woman

 I was working in the US and still living alone in a 1BR apartment. I was already engaged but had come to the country alone as an IT consultant. I worked for a medical insurance company and I was assigned to a team that consisted of 8 people. One of them was a Telugu lady (Harisha) who was about a year younger to me. She was married with a 5 month old son. This story is what happened between me and Harisha.


The project we were working on lasted for about 8 months and was very challenging in terms of time and scope. We were working weekends and nights and hence we all got to know each other very well. Harisha and I had to work very closely since my work was dependent on her output. 

We spent hours in meetings and discussions trying to come up with solutions. I immediately found her pragmatic, hardworking and capable. Initially our conversations were work related but gradually we began to know each other better. 

She was from Hyderabad and had gotten married 2 years out of grad college and moved to the US after that. Her husband was also working at the same company although in a separate division. I got introduced to him and the first thing that struck me was the mismatch between the two. 

He was very short, though not bad looking. His English was extremely fluent. Later on I came to know he had been in the US since quite some time and had married late. That meant there was a significant age gap between Harisha and him – about 6+ years. He was also pretty confident in his demeanor. Harisha on the other hand was reticent and not very fluent with her English. However she spoke in a confident, clear voice. I liked that about her. 

In terms of looks I could clearly see that she had let herself go pretty badly. There were always 1 or 2 acne on her face. Her hair was never styled – simply tied up loosely. She wore metal framed glasses that always slid down to the tip of her nose giving her a nerdy look. The worst part about her was that she had never lost the weight that she gained during pregnancy. Hence, she had a bulging middle section and a puffed up face with a significant double chin. 

On the flip side she was really fair and wore smart clothes. And she had the most beautiful smile. She had perfect teeth and her eyes twinkled when she laughed. Now my description doesn’t flatter her at all. But let me just say that she was pretty in every sense of that word. She had just stopped caring about her appearance a little. She was also very feminine and there was a sense of vulnerability which made me feel protective towards her. 

Friends Forever

Initially I didn’t pay much attention to her. After about 3 months when we got done with the first phase of the project we got some downtime for about a week and that was when we started our long chats. She had a quick wit and a ready laugh. Her easy-going nature made it irresistible to pass her cubicle without having a short talk. 

During the evenings our conversations would stretch to 30-45 minutes. I really felt at ease talking to her. We would talk about everything – from office politics to the qualities I look for in a wife. I never thought of her in a romantic way. But apparently she had developed some pretty strong feelings towards me. 

One day we were talking about friendship and we discussed what each of us looked in a friend. It turned out that we had very similar views. When I went back to my cubicle I received an email from her. In it she wrote that she really liked me and that she wanted to be friends with me forever. I was completely blindsided by this email. I didn’t know what to make out of it. 

My instinct told me that she was hitting on me because after all she was a shy, conservative woman. But as I thought it through I came up with various other reasons why she could have written that email. I knew that she was shy and didn’t readily make friends. Maybe this was a way to overcome that? But then again she was married with a kid. Why would she feel lonely? As these thoughts raced through my head I decided that I would simply not respond since I wasn’t sure what her intentions were. 

At the end of the day she called me and said that she wanted to stop by to discuss a problem with one of our data sources. We talked about it for a while and then she hesitantly asked me why I hadn’t responded to her email. 

She was clearly nervous although she was putting on a smile. I explained to her calmly that my concept of friends forever was very deep and being a roaming consultant I wasn’t sure if I could make that commitment. I told her that I would always be in touch no matter where I went. She was not exactly satisfied with my answer. I noticed some awkwardness the next few days. I did my best to carry on as usual and she responded well. After all we had to work closely for a long time to come. 

The end…?

This incident did affect our relations. I noticed that she became a bit cold after that. I also began to notice her in a romantic and sexual way. Harisha, as I mentioned before, didn’t have a perfect figure. Far from it, she was in fact pretty out of shape. That being said, her bottom and bust were still in proportion though significantly rounded. Her face was bit chubby but that actually managed to make her look cute. Her voice, mannerisms, movements of her hands as she spoke was all very feminine and alluring. Sometimes in a meeting as she spoke all I wanted to do was to grab her and kiss her. She would also catch me staring at her on occasions. 

But nothing eventful happened. Slowly by the end of the project we were back on track spending hours talking to each other about every damn thing under the sun. She would often bring up the topic of why I was delaying my marriage and what I wanted from a woman. I made sure that I didn’t mention anything that was contrary to her nature. In fact I made sure that I stressed on all the qualities that she herself possessed. If this was going somewhere I wasn’t about to kill my chances. 

I could clearly sense her attraction towards me. I knew she liked me a lot. She never turned down any request for help I sought from her. In fact she went out of her way to make my life easy. If a few days would pass without our long conversations I was guaranteed to receive an email from her enquiring about what I was up to. 

She called me to her desk whenever she cooked some new dish. She even changed the spice content to suit my tastes. She would keep tab on my gym schedule. She would comment on my clothes and compliment me often. In turn I made sure that I returned the favors. I genuinely liked her and began fantasizing what it would be like to be married to someone like Harisha. She was very caring and giving and that quality has always endeared to me. 

But soon enough our time together came to an end. She moved to another company and my contract was coming to an end. We parted with promises to keep in touch. But I knew that she wouldn’t because she still felt slighted from our ‘friends forever’ incident. I tried to keep in touch with her for a few months via emails but I never received any replies from her. I didn’t want to initiate phone calls because of her husband. Soon I gave up and got busy with my new contract. I kept tabs on her through a common friend but even that stopped.

…or maybe not!

It was 6 months since we last met before I received a phone call from Harisha. I was pleasantly surprised and we talked for quite a while before she asked me for a favor. She needed some help moving. I was a bit surprised but I promised to help her. 

On the appointed day I showed up at her new apartment. She had called some of her other friends to help setup the place. I was surprised to see that her husband wasn’t around. I sensed something was amiss. I waited for a while before I caught her alone and asked her how she was doing. When I asked about her husband she dropped a bombshell – she was going through a divorce! I was stunned to say the least. In fact I was too stunned to ask for any more details. After helping her unpack I simply went back home. 

After a week or so I called her up to enquire how she was doing. Sekhar (her son) was staying with her and was now more than a year and a half old. I wondered how she was managing a career with a small child. Plus she didn’t know to drive a car, which in the US is as good as a house arrest. Work was a not a problem since they had a day care at her work place. Travel was using a bus. However day to day stuff like groceries and the like was done using a cab. She had few friends of her own. 

I felt really bad for her. I volunteered to help her out once or twice a week with groceries and all. She refused but I kept insisting till she accepted. I began spending at least two evenings a week at her place. We would drive around to finish her chores and then she would make dinner for both of us. 

During this we got to know each other even more. We talked at length about her divorce. Her husband never really liked her and her weight gain really was the last straw for him. I sensed there had to be more than this but I didn’t push the topic. Because we had gotten so close to each other I dared to bring up the topic of her weight. 

To my surprise she wasn’t offended when I mentioned that we should start working out together. Giving me one of her heartwarming smiles she said that she would work out as long as I was there to give her company. This was really the first sign from her that she enjoyed my company and wanted to spend time with me. 

Spending time together

Her apartment complex had a nice gym that we began using 2-3 times a week. There were 2 treadmills and 2 elliptical machines which faced a wall to wall mirror. That way we could see each as we used the treadmill. She was so out of shape that she would get tired after just a 10 minute walk. She would get all sweaty and breathless. I had to keep an eye on her to make sure she was OK and that gave me the perfect excuse to stare at her. 

Seeing her work out was extremely turning on. She had a bunch of grey tee’s that were figure hugging. And I could clearly see sweat patches form under her pits, around her neck and between her breasts. Her breasts would bounce as she walked. It was later I found out that she worked out in a regular bra. And her hair would stick to her nape. She would catch me several times staring at her and would ask me what I was looking at. I would tell her that I had to keep an eye on her. And she would give me this mischievous grin. 

We measured her weight and took some ‘before’ photographs of her to chart her progress. She cut down on her meal portions and soon we began to see real change. Her acne cleared up due to lower intake of greasy food and regular exercise. Her face lost the puffiness and she lost the extra chin and now her face radiated true beauty. 

I also convinced her to start wearing contacts and shopped with her to buy some smarter clothes. She stopped tying her hair tightly in a plait and went for a shoulder length blunt cut with a few bangs.

Breaking the ice

A great side effect of our arrangement was that I would need a shower after a workout. So we would take turns to shower in her apartment. 

Initially I would get my own towel but one day when I forgot she kept aside a towel for me to use. That was the beginning of our intimacy. After our showers she would inevitably force me to have dinner at her place. I would tinker around in the kitchen with her – more of a hassle than a help. But she liked having me around. As the days passed we both looked forward to our days together. She would send me an email early in the morning reminding me of our ‘gym day’. On the days that we couldn’t meet we would be on the phone catching up on each other’s day. 

We also grew more comfortable with each other. Initially we would watch TV sitting on opposite ends of the couch. But slowly I mustered enough courage to sit next to her. Next came touching. We found all sorts of reasons to do that – from holding hands to check each other’s nails to rubbing against each other on the pretext of playing with Sekhar. 

My boners during such feel up sessions were getting hard to conceal (no pun intended!) and she probably noticed the bulge in my pants on more than once occasion. At this point I could have easily made the move but I wanted to be sure what Harisha was looking from me. 

Even though our conversations never veered towards her breakup she was always inquisitive about when I would tie the knot. During one such chat I confided that I was a bit nervous about arranged marriage. After some prodding I revealed I was nervous if my future wife would like me. 

“But she chose you only because she likes you, right?” Harisha asked. 

“I didn’t mean ‘like’ in that way,” I said.

“So what you mean ‘likes’ you?” Now she was inquisitive. 

I hesitated and said, “You know, whether she likes me in the bedroom.”

She let out a long ‘ooooh’ and started giggling. She was blushing a bit and avoiding eye contact. I spotted a chance. 

Finally she said, “Don’t worry everything will be all right.” Then she asked, “Not much experience in that department, huh?” 

She burst out giggling again. I felt a lot of that was just nervous laughter. 

I lied and said, “No, no experience.” 

“It’s OK she also won’t have any experience na?” she said and giggled some more. 

“That’s even worse! We will both be lost,” I replied.

Both of us burst out laughing. I feigned anger. 

I continued, “See, you are making fun of me! I was hoping to get some guidance from someone experienced like you.”

She let out another long ‘oooooh’ and rolled her eyes. But she was still grinning so that I took that as a positive sign. 

“I am sure you can learn a lot from watching movies and reading magazines,” she said.

“Did you do that?” I asked.


“See all those movies the men are so different and when I look at them I wonder if she will like me,” I said. 

“Different? As in how?” she asked.

“You know they are big! Everything is big!” 

We both burst out laughing again. 

I said, “Well you know what I mean.”

“Men always worry about that. I don’t understand why.”

“Why? Is it not that important?”

“No, it’s not unimportant. But anyways I don’t think you have a problem in that department,” She started giggling again.

“Hey!! How do you know!?” I feigned anger and covered my bulge with my hands. 

She slapped me playfully on the arm. I was very surprised and encouraged about her comment and reaction. 

I blurted, “You will never know until you see it or hold it!” 

I removed my hands from my crotch as an invitation. She didn’t accept it. I held it myself over the jeans as a demonstration. 

I said, “See, like this”. She still wasn’t sure. 

I nudged her hand towards the tent in my jeans and asked her again, “Try it”. 

Our eyes locked and we both knew we were crossing a point. She tentatively placed her hands on the bulge and immediately withdrew it. She covered her face with both her hands and mumbled something in Telugu. 

There were a few tense seconds in which I didn’t know what to do. But by now my brain was getting directions from somewhere between my legs. So I took her hand again and placed it back. This time she slowly moved her hand over my jeans for some time. Then she tried to get a grip around the shaft but she was unable to get a hold because of the thick material. By now we both were taking shallow, rapid breaths. 

I managed to gasp, “This is too thick. Let me…” 

And then I unhooked my belt, opened the button and fly and slid my jeans down. I was wearing a white cotton bikini brief which perfectly outlined my swollen cock and balls. I heard her take in a sharp breath. She resumed moving her hands – this time over my underwear, stroking my cock in a slow, almost dazed manner. 

She was wearing jewelry on her hands and the gold bangles tinkled as she hungrily grabbed at my cock trying to encircle it in her first. After a few attempts she was able to dig in her fingers, through the fabric at the around the base of the shaft. She squeezed hard causing the pent up pre-cum to escape outside. A big stain started forming and she picked at it with her other hand. 

She asked, “Did you…?”

I said, “No… This was just…”

I couldn’t complete the sentence as she squeezed my cock really hard and I let out a satisfied moan

She asked me, “What happened? Did I hurt you?”

I said, “No… this feels good…”

For the next few minutes I enjoyed her ministrations with my eyes closed. All I could feel was her hand stroking, caressing and squeezing with expert movements. I moved my hands over her back, caressing her. She was wearing a cotton t-shirt and gym pants. I could feel her bra strap. I pulled her closer to me and starting running my fingers up and down her side. 

Starting from her armpits I ran my fingers down her side till I reached the side of her breast, then her waist and finally her hip. She still wasn’t in perfect shape so her waist and hips were a bit fleshy. I greedily grabbed a chunk of it on her hips. In response, she squeezed the base of my cock releasing another spurt of pre-cum. 

By now I had slid down a bit on the sofa and she had moved a bit forward resting on my chest with her back to me. With one hand I caressed her body and with the other I starting undoing her hair which was tied up in a traditional plait. I squeezed her breast mercilessly and even though she squealed in pain several times she didn’t stop me or complain. 

After undoing her hair I lifted her t-shirt to reveal her sexy back. She had creamy, hairless skin with just a hint of down at the base of her spine. Her bra was worn a little too tightly. The straps were biting deeply into the flesh creating delicious curves around them. I removed her tee and she complied by lifting her hands – her back still facing me. 

She went back to feeling me while I was taking in the view of her almost naked torso lying across my chest. Her bra was old fashioned and faded and a quick flick released the hooks and freed up her breasts. I noticed that she had slid further down on my stomach. I understood her intentions and lifted my body a bit and got rid of my underwear. She slid down further and now I could feel her warm breath on my groin.

With one hand I found her nipple. It had already been transformed into a long, leathery nub. I flicked it and immediately she responded by arching her back. My other hand was now running through her hair. I gently nudged her head towards my cock. Although I could only see the back of her head I immediately felt her mouth encircle my cock and let out one loud contented sigh. 

For the next few minutes she used her hands, tongue & mouth like a greedy whore. When I got close to coming I decided to stop it. But Harisha wouldn’t let go easily. I had to pry my cock out of her mouth by pulling on her hair. Without wasting time I removed her tracks and made her lie on the couch. Standing over her I finally saw Harisha in all her naked glory. 

She looked like renaissance painting of a plump nude. Her hair was completely undone and going in all directions. One of her arms was over head showing the longish hair in her pits. Her breasts were large yet firm. Her areolas had completely crinkled up into dark brown dots on her creamy white mounds. The nipples were proudly pointing towards me. 

As my gaze moved below I saw a deep rounded navel on an equally rounded midriff. I noticed a layer of fat. A line of soft downy hair starting from just below her navel going all the way down to meet a bushy triangle of hair. Her legs were spread wide, causing her outer lips to part. I could see the inner lips glowing with her moisture but still stuck together. 
When I looked up, her face was upturned and she had covered it with her arm. I could only see her mouth. Maybe she was shy, maybe she was ashamed. It didn’t matter. I bent down and ran my fingers between the inner lips causing them to part. I found her clit easily and lightly brushed my finger over it causing her to arch her back and let out another sigh. 

I played with her sex for some time till my fingers were coated with her moisture. Then I pulled her towards me so that her hips were now on the edge of the couch. I placed my cock head just at her entrance and wet it with her juices generating another loud moan from her. Then I used my hands to rub my cock up and down her inner lips and clit. Her chest was heaving and constant sighs were escaping her lips. Most importantly, her legs were spread wide and so nature took over. 

I banged her for about 10 minutes. During all this time we never touched. She kept her face buried in the crook of her arm and I held onto her hips and kept thrusting. The fact that she was coy turned me on even more. My cock was completely covered with her white frothy discharge. Just before I climaxed, I pulled out and ropes of cum splattered all over her stomach. For a few seconds all I could hear was panting from both of us. 

I had come so violently my head starting feeling light. Finally she removed her face from hiding and looked down at her tummy. I was still between her legs holding onto her hips. My cock had now shriveled a bit, but was still oozing out liquid. 

I bent over and kissed her on her cheek. It was our first kiss. It was wet, needy and lustful. I moved towards her lips but she immediately jerked her head sideways denying me. I tried again with the same result. I tried once more by holding her face. This time I got a few seconds to suck on her juicy and sweet lips before she turned her head away once more. I didn’t pursue it further. I was so full of lust that any part of was good for me. After licking her neck and shoulders, I moved on to her chest. 

Without any finesse, I went straight for her nipples and starting sucking them. I worked on both her teats alternately. After a while I felt one of her hands running through my hair. Finally I was doing something right! I worked on her tits for a long time and when I lifted my face from her chest both her mounds were covered with angry red marks. My cock had once again become turgid. 

This time when I leaned forward to kiss her I received a much better response. Although she didn’t kiss me back, she didn’t deny me either. I took full advantage and violated her mouth as badly as I had violated her pussy and tits. I probed with my tongue and slobbered her with my saliva. In hindsight, it was very unromantic but a docile, desi woman like Harisha has always had such a lustful, violent effect on me. 

By the time I was done with her mouth I was hard again. This time though, we made love. Our arms were wrapped around each other as we coupled. I placed gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders while she lovingly fondled my hair and caressed my back. As I moved towards my second climax my pace quickened. I lifted my torso and starting stroking her hard and deep. Even she was lifting her hips to meet me with every stroke. 

Loud slapping sounds echoed in the room as I rammed my body into hers. With every stroke her breasts would heave and her midsection and thighs would jiggle deliciously. She was looking at me as if in a daze, with half closed eyes and her mouth slightly open. I was supporting my upper body by placing my hands under her pits and she had lifted both her hands above her head. I could see a thin film of sweat form around her neck and in her pits. I was sweating more profusely since she didn’t like air-conditioning and she always kept it off. 

Drops of my sweat trickled down my temple and neck and collected at my chin and then fell on her torso. I bent down and kissed her mouth again. She let me kiss her without any reaction. I nuzzled her nape and neck and licked her perspiration off her shoulders. As I neared my second climax I increased the intensity of my strokes. I didn’t know if Harisha was close or not but I couldn’t wait. I came with a loud grunt with my cock buried to the hilt. 

Later I came to know she was still on the pill. Even after the divorce she continued with her old habit for reasons more to do with inertia than anything else. I lay on top of her for sometime after coming. She made no effort to push me off. After a few moments I got off the couch wondering what to do next. She made no movement and continued to lie on the couch with her legs still wide open. I told her I was going to shower and hurried into the bathroom. 

As I was showering I replayed the last one hour in my head. I was surprised at her docile behavior in bed as compared to her perky, chatty nature out of it. I came out thinking I could take a few more liberties with her. My confidence built up, I went into the family room to see her fully clothed arranging my clothes. 

I had a towel wrapped around my torso and as soon as she saw me she handed me my clothes like a dutiful wife. I dropped my towel and became stark naked. I wore all my clothes right there in front of her while she scurried around me rearranging the furniture wiping all signs of our lovemaking. I caught her stealing glances at my crotch several times. After I was ready, I told her I would see her tomorrow and left. 

Something’s cooking

The next day, I arrived at her place on time. I was erect during the drive to her place and I was already leaking precum when I rang her doorbell. I had arrived out of turn. It was not our gym day, but I wanted to be aggressive. I didn’t want too many days to pass for her to change her mind. Plus noticing that she was completely docile I felt I could force myself on her. 

She welcomed me inside, but a little less enthusiastically than before. She knew it wasn’t our gym day but didn’t bring up the reason for my visit. I tried to be my normal self. We did some small talk about our work and I began to feel more comfortable. I switched the TV onto Sekhar’s favorite cartoon and started playing with him. She asked me if I was going to stay back for dinner and I promptly said yes. She served me some orange juice. 

I noticed that she was wearing a black salwar/kameez with colorful embroidery. The kameez had a mandarin collar which was her favorite. She didn’t have a dupatta on since the kameez was very modest with short sleeves showing off her rounded arms. I also noticed that her hair was damp. She probably took a shower after coming from work. Maybe the shower was for me. I began to feel even more confident – after all I was the man of the house. Soon the conversation died down and she kept herself in the kitchen. 

Sitting on the same couch where we had made love yesterday I began to run the events through my mind for the umpteenth time. I remembered the initiative she took holding my cock, pressing it and sucking it. I remembered her acquiescing squeals when I pinched her nipples. But I also remembered her lack of interest in kissing me and her inert nature during our coupling. All these made me horny and confused at the same time. 

When I came back from my thoughts I realized I was staring at her. She looked up and caught my eye and I tried to give her an innocent smile hoping she couldn’t see the lust in them. She smiled back but quickly averted her gaze. I took Sekhar and went into the kitchen. 

As I entered the kitchen, I could see Harisha bending over the sink and washing dishes. Her hips were nice and wide and the kameez was hugging her figure nicely without being too immodest. My immediate instinct was to walk up behind her and grind my crotch in that magnificent ass. 

Instead I took Sekhar, who was in my arms, and asked him to kiss his mummy, which he promptly did. She immediately smiled from her sons kisses and both mom and son had a kiss-fest. 

I took the opportunity to cheekily add, “Now mummy should also give uncle some kisses”. 

Thankfully she took this in good humor and burst into giggles effectively telling me I had high hopes. Her lilting laughter, pearly white teeth and wonderfully accented English made my cock lurch in my pants. Now that the ice was broken I let Sekhar go who mercifully went back to the living room to play with his toys. 

That gave Harisha and me some private time to catch up on news, television, weather, coworkers and the hundreds of topics that we usually chatted about. As our conversation progressed we became more touchy-feely and pretty soon we were standing only inches apart from each other. 

I finally mustered enough courage and apprehensively put my hand on her waist and said, “You look beautiful!”

My hand gave her waist a gentle squeeze and I pressed the lower half of my body into hers. She fell silent and I thought I blew it. After a few seconds she looked over my shoulder too check on Sekhar. After confirming that he was busy playing she slowly rested her head on my chest. At that moment, something, somewhere deep inside me told me she was mine – I could take her anytime, anywhere and any which way and she would comply. Later on I realized that I was spot on. 

I kept my cool and put my right arm around her shoulder. We were standing next to the range and I was at right angles to her with my back to the living room. I gathered her closer to me and now our bodies were touching from top to bottom. I leaned over and kissed her on the head. My right hand slipped down to her waist and I starting rubbing her in that area. From my vantage point (she was 5’2″, 8 inches shorter than me) I could see the slow rise and fall of her chest. 

I increased the intensity of my rubbing and I could see her take deeper breaths. I could smell the scented shampoo she used in her hair. I ran my fingers through her fragrant hair. By now I was kissing her all over her head and moving my hand up and down her side vigorously and deliciously close to her breast. I noticed she put the ladle in her hand down and turned off the flame. 

This was an indication that she was ready for something – how far she would let me go I didn’t know. Encouraged, I shifted my position and stood behind her and pressed my crotch into her lower back. She held onto the range with both hands to counterbalance my push. I put both my hands on hers, lowered myself a little and aimed for her ass and pushed deep and hard. She again looked across to the living room to see Sekhar still busy with his TV and toys. 

Her apartment was a typical American apartment with the kitchen tucked into a corner and separated from the living room with a chest high ledge. 

As such, Sekhar could barely see our faces from his position. I took one hand and moved to the front and found her bra-covered breast. She was wearing a padded bra that women seem to love. I could barely feel anything even when I squeezed hard. Down below, my cock was separated from her ass by five layers of clothing. I was getting desperate. I shifted her hair to access her neck and realized she was wearing the mandarin collar! 

I kissed her hair and the little part of the neck that was exposed while maintaining a super slow thrusting motion into her rump. Frustrated as I was I undid all the buttons of her kameez (for folks who don’t know how a kameez is built – there are infinite styles but sometimes there are buttons on the front that run from the collar to the cleavage much like a men’s polo). 

This gave me better access to bite her neck and nape. It also gave my right hand enough room to dip into her kameez and grab her left breast. I slid my hand under the cup of the bra to grab her nipples. I noticed that half her attention was still focused on her child to make sure he doesn’t see us in this compromising position. But the fact that she let me do whatever I wanted and didn’t suggest moving to the bedroom meant that she was equally turned on and in a hurry. So I went for it – in a hurry! 

The next few minutes went by in a blur. But I do remember that first I got rid of the bra. I unsnapped it at the back. Since she was wearing a short sleeved kameez I was able to remove the bra from her sleeves. Then I tackled the salwar which is tied using a knot near the navel. The salwar fell in a heap around her legs. The same I did with my jeans. 

I helped us step out of the mess of clothing on the kitchen floor and went towards the sink so that now both of us were facing the living room. Now we could both observe her son who was sitting on the couch and happily watching his cartoons while his mother was about to get fucked by his favorite uncle. 

The next pile on the kitchen floor was her panties and my boxers. I noticed a large damp spot on the crotch of her pink colored panties. Since there was no remaining doubt that she wanted me to go all the way I asked her to bend over and hold on to the sink. I slid my foot between her feet and spread them apart. Even in position the kameez was long enough to cover her rump all the way to the middle of her thighs. I lifted it up and saw her gorgeous, creamy ass for the first time. 

I dug my fingers deep into her hairless flesh and spread her cheeks apart to reveal her cute asshole. I asked her to guide me in and I almost came when she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She brought the head close to the entrance and then I took from there. But the angle of her cunt was still not right since she was almost standing. So I asked her to bend over completely. She was reluctant to go into that position since she wouldn’t be able to observe her son. So I had to reassure her that I would keep an eye on him. 

Once she bent over completely and thrust out her hips I was able to ram it home. Within the first few strokes I noticed her discharge had already created a sticky white ring around the base of my cock. Her head was resting on her right arm which was on the kitchen counter. Her other hand was free and she was using that to play with her sex! I had taken her kameez and folded it all the way to her shoulders so that her breasts could hang freely as I fucked her. 

Somehow her pussy felt tighter in this position so I had to stroke carefully. With one hand on her shoulder and one digging into her ass, I fucked her at a languid pace for the first few minutes relishing her warm and slick pussy walls tightly holding on to my shaft. She continued to play with her sex and on several occasions her fingers brushed the base on my cock. 

The intensity of her moaning had increased significantly but luckily the TV was on a high volume and drowned out all our sounds. I took her free hand and guided it towards my dangling balls. She cupped my gonads with a mixture of urgency and gentleness. 

Just when his mom was playing his uncle’s scrotum, Sekhar decided to turn around for a quick inspection. From his view, he could only see his uncle, still with his shirt on, standing next to the sink making odd movements and no sign of his mother. I waved to him and gave him a weak grin since I buried to the hilt in warm pussy. Fortunately he smiled and went back to his own world. 

After some time I had to stop Harisha’s from playing with my sac to avoid coming too soon. I increased my tempo and her moaning became even louder and I saw and felt her back spasm multiple times. 

As always, seeing a woman taking pleasure like this motivated me even more. I dug into her hips with both hands and started stroking her even harder. The noise from our bodies slapping against each other was loud. I bent over and squeezed her tits. I took her teats between my fingers and pinched them and pulled on them mercilessly till she squealed in agony. 

I was slamming into her so hard that she was finding it difficult to balance herself. She was now mumbling rapidly in Telugu. I also heard her moan and shout out to her God and her mother several times. 

She was in frenzy – I could have been fucking her in the middle of a mall and she wouldn’t have cared. She was groaning and moaning loudly oblivious to the presence of her son. I saw him turn around and look at me. I was holding on to the wall with one hand and one hand was dug into his mother’s hip. He must have seen my violent thrusting motions and the agony and pleasure on my face. But I was too close to coming to care. 

With one final thrust I buried myself into her and came. Instinctively, I cried out her name in pleasure. All this time Sekhar was watching me, a little scared and apprehensive about what was happening in the kitchen. Not being able to see his mom and his uncle crying out her name loudly finally got him moving. 

Just as I emptied my final few spurts into Harisha I saw him shuffle out of the couch. I panicked since we were naked from the waist down. 

I almost shouted, “Sekhar is coming”. 

Harisha swung into action. She pulled down her kameez and ran out of the kitchen to meet her son before he could see me naked. Thankfully, Harisha was wearing a long kameez so only calves were exposed. I quickly wore my boxers and jeans and gathered her salwar, panties and bra and stepped out of the kitchen. 

As I entered the living room I saw Harisha was on all fours with her ass thrust out in my direction. She was blowing kisses on Sekhar’s tummy who was lying on the floor and enjoying his mother’s attention. I knelt down beside her with everything that she wore underneath that kameez in my hands. She saw me holding her underwear and she gave me a quick coy glance that somehow managed to turn me on even though I had just emptied myself in her. 

I also noticed her breasts that were clearly visible since the kameez was completely unbuttoned. With both of us bending over Sekhar he could only see our faces and I used that to my advantage. I discreetly ran my fingers along her calf and up her thigh causing her to giggle involuntarily. She again glanced in my direction. This time I could see her need mixed with shyness. As I ran my fingers up her thigh I felt something sticky. With no panties on, my cum had escaped her pussy and was trickling down her thigh. 

When I looked at her, she giggled and in her musical, south-indian accent told me, “Can you guess what that is?” 

I swear, at that moment I felt like fucking her again. But I had an idea. I took her panties and went behind and cleaned up the mess I had made between her legs. I then inserted one finger and felt both our juices still floating inside her. I started finger fucking her and replaced one finger with two. 

She let out of deep sigh and buried her face in Sekhar’s tummy. He was still laughing thinking his mother was playing with him. After about a minute of that I knew Harisha was turned on enough that I could lift her kameez and take her from behind right in front of Sekhar. But I wanted this to be naughty not embarrassing so I reluctantly decided to remove my fingers and call it a day. 

I took over Sekhar while she went into the room and dressed up. We had to air out the kitchen since it had the distinctive odor of sex. We had our dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company without any further hanky-panky. 

Locked in the bathroom

The next day was our gym day. It was a Friday and by the time I came to her place it was already after 7. She was waiting dressed in a red t-shirt plus black tracks and we immediately headed for the gym. Thankfully it was empty because it was a Friday. We did our usual workout on the elliptical first and after 30 minutes we were sweating profusely. 

Her t-shirt was sticking to her body in all the right places and was turning me on. This time, I stared at her chest brazenly. Her cotton t-shirt had become uniformly damp except where her bra was. The material over the cups and straps was still the original bright red color while everywhere else it had become darker because of her sweat. I was semi-erect and had to adjust myself time and again. We couldn’t do more for a couple of reasons. The gym had a large glass door and everyone coming out of the elevator could see us. Plus Sekhar was with us. So I could only whisper my intentions to her. 

The run on the treadmill was even more excruciating. The treadmills faced a large full length mirror. So I could see Harisha’s heaving chest as she ran while she could see my bouncing bulge. By the time we were finished, we were sweating and I was horny. 

Back in her apartment she went for a shower while I tuned the TV to Sekhar’s favorite cartoon show and stocked enough toys around him to keep him busy. I ran to the bathroom just to find it locked from inside. I knocked on it violently and called out to Harisha. 

The urgency in my voice must have really scared her because she immediately opened the door and peeked out. I forced the door open and entered the bathroom and locked it behind me. 

She was in the middle of removing her clothes. Her t-shirt was already off and she was now holding it protectively across her chest. Her hair was already undone and I could see the maroon straps of her bra on her naked shoulders. Her shoulders, arms, face and neck were glistening with sweat. 

Without any prelude I removed my own sweaty t-shirt and running shorts and took her in my arms. She instinctively wrapped her arms over my shoulders causing her t-shirt to fall to the floor. I went straight for her neck and shoulders and started licking the sweat of her skin. Her bathroom was small and I had to push her against the wall to be able to maneuver. 

Now you can imagine my state. After an hour of teasing, I finally had this plump, fair and sexy south-indian woman in my arms who was willing to let me do things to her body. Pinned against the bathroom wall, she took the full brunt of my lust. 

I ripped the bra off her chest, got rid of her tracks and almost tore her panties as I tried to remove all her clothes at once. When I finally got her naked I stepped back and removed her spectacles. 

I took her arms and raised them over her head and ordered her, “Stand like this”. 

I took in the beauty of Harisha – soft, small, feminine hands, slightly plump but firm arms, armpits with long but soft hair, rounded fleshy shoulders, well-endowed chest with breasts that sagged only slightly and small dark-brown nipples on creamy, hairless mounds, waist with a hint of love handles, typical Indian hips, bushy mound, and plump thighs with beautiful dainty feet. 

I stood staring at her for some time as my cock grew rock hard in my briefs. My gaze was too much for her to stand. She quickly covered her breasts with one hand and the other one covered her mound. Her eyes fell on my crotch and I promptly got rid of my briefs so that she could see my 7 incher. 

I moved closer and my erection was just inches away from her thighs. Without any prompting, she quietly took my boner in her hand and squeezed it. A dollop of pre-cum spurted and landed on her wrist. There are many women who cringe when they come in contact with a man’s bodily fluids. In general, these are the same women, who don’t like the way a man smells, or the hair on his body or who feel a man’s cock is dirty and doesn’t need loving. 

Harisha was definitely not one of them. Harisha really enjoyed a man’s body and she definitely made the most with mine.

Coming back to that moment, she carefully scooped my pre-cum off her wrist and applied it on my cock. She did that tenderly, using just two fingers to gently coat the entire head. After that she went for my nuts which had gathered around my cock. Instead of grabbing my sac like that other day, this time she used her thumb and forefinger and just ran them over my scrotum feeling every ridge of my wrinkled sac as if trying to memorize it. 

Her other hand was performing a similar inspection of my penis. She was tracing her fingers around the area where the glans separates from the shaft. She gently pressed my glans feeling the sponginess. I don’t know when or how it happened but next thing I knew, she was on her knees with my upturned cock pulsating just over her head. From that angle she could see the underside of my cock. 

With one hand on my thigh for support she gently held my cock around the shaft and used her thumb to caress the underside. She squeezed my cock again and collected the small drop of pre-cum. She used it to lubricate her thumb as it traced the underside up and down the length of my shaft. At the same time she craned her neck upwards and into my crotch and I saw her tongue dart out of her mouth and lick my nut sac. 

I had not trimmed the fuzz in my crotch for a while. But that did not deter her from wetting my entire scrotum with her saliva. I swear to God, there is no better feeling than a woman on her knees using her mouth to please me. 

Her gentleness was extraordinary. At no point, apart from milking me for pre-cum, did she ever do anything harsh. At that moment I so much wanted to shove my cock down her throat. But watching her intently suck my balls while playing my shaft I knew I would come as soon as I put my cock in her mouth. I will never know how I got the will to lift her off the floor. She had a disappointed look on her face. 

She questioned, “Don’t like it?” 

I gasped, “I won’t last!” She understood. 

I turned her around and hugged her from behind. Her bathroom was like a sauna with no A/C running. Her neck and shoulders were once again covered with a film of perspiration which I promptly licked. I wanted this to last. 

So I put the lid down on the commode and sat down and spread my legs. She turned behind to see what I was up to and again understood what I wanted from her. She squatted, her cunt hovering above my pulsating cock. She had to bend my member a little so that it was pointing straight up and then she gently brushed my cockhead on her pussy lips to make it wet. Then she slid down on my lap, my shaft slowly disappearing out of view. And just like that I was fucking Harisha for the fourth time in three days. 

I took her hands and placed them on my thighs and I lifted her buttocks. She was a quick learner and though the first few minutes were awkward she got the hang of it pretty quickly. In this position we fucked for several minutes but she got tired easily so we had to take several breaks during which she would twist her torso to give me access to her breasts. 

She was sweating profusely since she was doing most of the work. Even her breasts were covered with sweat. The bathroom was echoing with the slapping sounds of her hips against my groin and the increasing intensity of her moans. She was close to coming and she increased her tempo and her moans were becoming shrieks. 

Suddenly there was knock on the bathroom door! It was Sekhar and he was calling out for his mom. Harisha continued stroking me and in a half-moaning voice she shouted across the door in rapid-fire Telugu. 

Just as she finished talking to him I felt a spasm run through her entire body. I felt, rather my cock felt, her pussy walls clench on my shaft with pressure. A helpless moan escaped her mouth and the situation was too much for me to take. I dug my teeth in her back and I erupted with maximum force deep inside her. My entire body stiffened and I almost felt off the toilet seat. After recovering from our simultaneous orgasms, she put her clothes back on and went out to check on her son. In the meantime I finished my shower. 

Finally, the bedroom

It was getting difficult for me and Harisha to get some alone time and we were fucking in all the uncomfortable positions and locations. I was sitting on the couch thinking about this when Harisha entered the room. She had just finished her shower and her hair was wet and open. 

She was wearing a fresh pair of salwar-kameez. But this one was different from all the ones I had seen her wear. This one was risqué. For all purposes it was a simple cotton kameez with very short sleeves. However, the neckline was square and plunging with no dupatta to cover the cleavage. And what an awesome cleavage it was! 

The kameez was tight around her chest and free flowing below it. So her tits, which were ‘C’ cups, were squeezed and pushed up and almost spilling out of her neckline. This was just our third day of intimacy but she was shedding her modesty rapidly. She turned around and the back on the kameez was similar – square, wide and deep. The back was so wide that I could see one of her straps peeking from the sides. She saw me ogling and gave me a knowing smile. 

Women! They know how easy it is to control men. I called her to my side and I slipped my hand under the kameez and slid it up her naked torso till I found the hooks that kept her bra together. I unhooked them easily. 

I told her, “I don’t want you wearing this when I am around”. 

She simply slipped the straps off her shoulders and extracted it through one of the sleeve openings and threw it on the floor and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. I was shocked at her brazenness! 

Her kameez was off-white with a light colored design. I could clearly see the outlines of her dark brown nipples through the thin white cotton material. We teased each other all through the evening. In the kitchen I took every opportunity of pressing my crotch into her ass and grind her. I managed quite a few grabs of her luscious tits whenever Sekhar wasn’t around us. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. The way she moved around, the way she bent over to load the dishwasher or stretch to grab something from the cabinets. Everything was a turn on. Even her regular breathing caused her braless breasts to heave because of the tight clothing. 

I had a boner all throughout and my boxers were literally wet at the front because of all the pre-cum that I was leaking. Finally it was dinner time but she didn’t let up the tease. She made it a point to bend over and feed Sekhar giving me ample opportunity to peek into her cleavage. Mind you, she didn’t even touch me during the whole evening. But by the time Sekhar was put to sleep I was mad with lust. My balls were aching because of the anticipation. My cock had tired itself out and had gone back to a semi-soft state. 

When she joined me on the couch after putting Sekhar to sleep I knew I wouldn’t last through too much of foreplay. I was already on the edge. But I knew I had to somehow get her juices flowing. So at first we simply watched TV, then we cuddled and then we started making out. 

I wasn’t sure where this was heading till she broke off from our kiss and offered, “I think you should stay back tonight”. Both us of were panting. 

I said, “OK!” 

Before I could think of anything more to say my eyes fell on her cleavage again. 

She followed my gaze and asked me, “Want to see them?” 

I nodded dumbly. She undid the zipper at the back, slipped the sleeves off her shoulders and revealed her magnificent tits to me one more time. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards her chest. I didn’t need further encouragement. I slid down the couch, between her spread-out legs and started suckling her. I used every possible method I knew about making love to a woman’s breasts. 

As I worked on her tits, her grip on my head became tighter and tighter. She used her free hand to squeeze the other tit. She was so turned on that unknowingly she began thrusting her hips. I found the knot of the drawstring and undid her salwar. She promptly lifted her hips to slide it down. Her panties followed suit. I probed between her legs with my finger and found her sopping wet. I took the panties and cleaned her up a bit and decided to go for it. 

Now I am not a big fan of eating pussy, but I still do it regularly. I have had to eat women who smelled or tasted really strong or both. But going down on Harisha was truly a pleasure. Her pussy was bushy but smelled fresh and juices were just salty, not sharp. With both my hands working her tits and my tongue working her pussy I made sure that Harisha got a nice licking. 

I worked her lips, I worked her clit and I tongue-fucked her and I finger-fucked her. The feedback was enormous. She thrashed her hips, she lifted them sky-high, she squeezed my head with her thighs and she smothered my face trying to shove my tongue up her tunnel. And she moaned! She was an absolute joy to please. 

When I came up for air, she was desperate to get fucked. Her hair was in disarray, her eyes were half closed and all that remained of her clothing was her kameez covering nothing but my tummy. I told her I wanted to fuck her in her bed and she was so turned on that she didn’t realize that Sekhar’s crib was in the same room. We stripped each other and ran into her bedroom stark naked and mad with lust. 

We didn’t bother turning on the lights. We simply jumped into her bed and I moved between her legs and placed my cock at her entrance. I wet the head by rubbing it up and down her lips. The resulting loud sigh from her almost made me come. 

Without further ado, I plunged my shaft inside her. That night was special. All my sensations were concentrated on just 7 inches of my body. Her pussy was warm; almost feverish. It was deliciously tight and moist. Sliding in and out of her generated the most exquisite friction as her slick walls tried their best to keep me inside. 

I remember trying to think of random things just to prevent myself from coming too soon. It worked because I fucked her good. I was between her spread out thighs for so long that she told me her groin was stiff the next morning. I cradled her in my arms so that her face was buried in my chest and I jackhammered her non-stop. 

She probably had never received such a fucking from her husband because I have rarely seen such a reaction from an Indian woman. I had to use all my weight to keep her writhing body under control. It was like she had never received such fulfillment and getting it now was too much for her mind and body to take. She grunted like an animal and bit me all over my chest as I rammed my pelvis into hers with full force stroke after stroke. 

After what seemed hours (but which was less than 20 minutes!) she finally began to go limp in my arms and I took that as my cue to finally reach my climax. I just lay on top of her completely spent and after some time her cunt duly ejected out my used cock. We were both panting and sweating. We were lucky that Sekhar slept through the entire ruckus. 

Finally I rolled off her body and she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came out I asked her to clean me up. She took a hand towel and wet it with warm water. In the dark, I could see her body outlined against the light coming from the living room. She cleaned me thoroughly and in return she got a squeeze on her naked titties. 

After completing all the chores that women need to do after lovemaking she came back to bed, still naked, and put her head on my chest and slept. I couldn’t believe this was the same woman who was completely inert in bed just a couple of days ago. Harisha continue to surprise me.

The next morning

I typically wake up at the first light of dawn and that particular Saturday was no exception. I turned around to see that Harisha was sleeping with her back towards me in a fetal position. She was still naked. I could also see Sekhar sleeping soundly in his crib. I had a raging hard-on and felt compelled to take care of it. 

So I started kissing Harisha all over her lovely naked back – starting at her neck all the way down to her ass. When I reached her ass I saw her bush peeking out from her legs. I don’t know what came over me but I suddenly wanted to eat her. So I shoved my head between her legs and started licking her crotch. Obviously, she wasn’t going to sleep through this. 

She turned onto her back and spread her legs. By now I was making slurping sounds, licking her pussy like it was ice-cream on a hot summer day. She lifted her legs and spread them even further. She ran her fingers through my hair, encouraging me to eat her. 

I am not sure if she came that morning but the reaction was once again great. She was moaning and squealing and making the most delightful sounds a man can hear. In a matter of minutes her juices started flowing. I tried the missionary for a few minutes but I was too close to coming. I had to cool down. So I got out of her and lay down next to her. She was puzzled for a few seconds. 

I told her, “You fuck me – like we did in the bathroom yesterday”. 

I didn’t know that Harisha had never gone woman-on-top in bed with her husband. I taught her the basics and soon enough she was squatting on me and working my cock. Being inexperienced she didn’t know how to gyrate her hips for maximum friction. So I lifted my torso off the bed and told her to wrap her legs around me. She instinctively wrapped her hands around my shoulders and I supported her back with my hands. Once we were in the lotus position I starting gyrating my hips. I could hear her soft sighs and she buried her face in my neck. Her breasts were squished against my chest and this position gave us the intimacy we needed after all the urgent rutting around in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Our passion fades

The first few weeks were our honeymoon phase. Even though we couldn’t meet every day, a lot of weekends were usually spent together mostly at her place. On most Saturdays she would hire a baby-sitter for Sekhar for a few hours and we would go to my apartment where we would indulge in no-holds-barred sex. The understanding was that during those few hours she would do everything I wanted her to do. I fulfilled every fantasy. 

She was an anal-virgin before she met me. She gave that up during the second Saturday we spent alone. We would cook, eat and drink in the nude. She had never tried alcohol but pretty soon she was guzzling a couple of shots of whiskey in one session. In her inebriated state, I made her do things that she probably wouldn’t have done without a lot of fuss. 

I made her model her collection of lingerie and sarees. I would then take pictures of her in various states of undress. She soon found out about my weakness for low-cut saree blouses and she stitched a couple just for me. I soon found out about her weakness for dildos and always used them on her at my place. I also loved coming in her bras and making her wear them when we went out. Knowing that her breasts were covered in my sticky seed as we did our grocery shopping or watched a movie was a huge turn-on. 

But my all-time favorite had always been her blowjobs. When we were at my house alone for those precious few hours, I rarely ever came in her pussy. It was mostly her mouth where I emptied myself. 

Looking back, I would have never guessed that someone like Harisha would be willing to get down and dirty. Despite the initial depravity, sex with Harisha soon became routine. I was kind of prepared for this phase and I didn’t mind it because I had always enjoyed my time with Harisha out of bed. What I wasn’t prepared for was an aspect of her personality that I should have guessed from our “friends forever” incident. She was possessive and spiteful. To top it all she had a short fuse. 

A few months into our relationship and she started insisting that I spend every evening at her place. I had a group of bachelor friends and we spent a lot of time together hanging out. None of them knew about my affair with Harisha or knew her on a personal basis. She also threatened to call my fiancée in India and let her know about our affair! Thankfully she had no clue about my contacts in India and facebook didn’t exist back then. I wasn’t about to give up my life just because I loved fucking her. 

My initial reaction was simply to assume that she was lonely and deprived of attention. So I would sometimes drive to her place late in the night just to placate her even though I had to work the next day. And frankly for the first few times it was kind of fun trying to make up. It reminded me of my youthful days and the fights I had with my girlfriend back in college. 
But Harisha’s tantrums were never ending. Every other day I would spend the first few hours trying to get her to talk to me and then the final few having makeup sex. The sex afterwards was awesome and the main reason that I even went through the pain. But in hindsight that was a huge mistake. She started using sex as a weapon. Now I am not someone who would ever force myself on a woman and so when that didn’t work her only option were tears. But there only so much I was willing to console her.

She tried her best to convince me to marry her and even though I truly cared about her, I wasn’t ready to break off my engagement. We both knew this was an affair as she had discussed the pressure from her parents to remarry. They were conservative and being a non-Telugu man (let alone from the same community) wasn’t going to go down well with her folks. And she truly loved and depended on her folks. On my side all hell would break loose if I walked away from my fiancée. 

I finally got relocated to another city and that was the end of that. I would have loved to stay friends with her but that was not meant to be. She did recently add me to facebook and we chatted for a bit. We are both in good relationships and so we finally made up.