I am a guy from Chennai when I was doing my 12th standard, I was weak in mathematics. I didn’t get good marks in 11th standard final exam. So my parents decided to send me to tuition for maths. They sent me to Uma aunty who is in the next apartment to ours.To say about Uma aunty, she is in her early 30’s. She is not that much slim, but good body. She is not that much fair, but quite attractive. I didn’t get attracted to her in the beginning. I went to her tuition regularly and I got good marks in the quarterly exams too. She is very friendly to me.
There are some sorrows in her life too. She doesn’t have a child since there is some problem with her husband. I came to know that her husband could not satisfy her sexually. Days passed and it all happened in one fine Sunday.
She asked me to come at 9 o clock in one Sunday. Her husband left for Mumbai for office work the day before. I went to her house and was waiting. She told to wait for 5 more minutes since she was bathing after 5 minutes she came out. That’s the moment I was attracted to her. She came out with one towel wrapped around her body, with loose hair and watery skin and droplets of water falling down from her hair. I was totally dumbfounded by that beauty. She saw me sitting in the sofa and told me to read something and she will be back in two minutes.
I said ok and I was reading and suddenly I heard a noise. She spotted a lizard in her room and shouted. I came to know that she was afraid of lizards. I ran inside and she asked me to get rid of that lizard. She was still in her towel only.
I saw that seen and got hard on in my pants then I got rid of that lizard. She thanked me and smiled by seeing my hard dick inside my pants then I was reading in the hall. She came after 5 minutes. She came and sat next to me. She wore a maroon coloured saree.
She was looking beautiful in that saree. Since she sat next to me in the sofa, I could clearly see her waist and stomach region. My hardness inside the pants increased. She noticed that and smiled. I thought I got a green signal then to my surprise she adjusted her blouse and showed me her bra stripes.
I clearly understood her intentions of seducing me. I was a bit nervous and I didn’t get into action. I was waiting for a perfect chance. When she was teaching, her pallu fell down. She didn’t take that and put it properly. She continued teaching me maths.
I was staring at her boobs behind her blouse and her flat stomach. She saw me and asked what are u looking at Sandeep? I replied your pallu fell down aunty. She told yes I know but I was teaching you, so you should listen here first. Now I got courage.
I couldn’t control myself. I kept my hand in her thighs. She didn’t oppose me. I got a green signal and started touching her beautiful waist and stomach region. She was smiling and enjoying my action. She kept my books aside and started enjoying.
I removed the saree completely and threw that away. I went very close to her and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She told me to lock the door since someone may watch us. I closed the door and carried her to the bedroom. I placed her in the bed like flower and started my action.
I came near her and started licking her stomach hole. I then locked her lips with mine and were kissing for 10 minutes. I then removed her blouse and she is in her black coloured bra. I kissed her boobs inside her bra and started sucking it. She started moaning heavily.
I then removed her petticoat and she was semi nude in front of me with just a bra and a panty. I am a person who likes women’s armpits very much and the smell of sweat drives me crazy. So i am completely excited that I am going to taste the armpit of a woman for the first time.
I didn’t waste any time and started licking her armpit. The taste of her armpit was the best taste in the world. I was licking it for more than 15 minutes. I then started removing her bra and panty and now she is completely nude in front of me.
I too removed my dress and became nude and I kissed her passionately on her lips and simultaneously squeezed her boobs. I then started sucking her boobs vigorously like an animal then I moved down and licked her pussy for some time. She was moaning don’t stop licking it’s feeling good ahhh don’t stop.
These words energized me and I didn’t stop licking in the meantime she ejaculated the love juices and I drank that completely then she asked me to fuck her and I slowly inserted my dick inside her and started to fuck her. She was moaning with pain fuck me Sandeep fuck me hardly.
Its good make me your wife make me your whore. I lost completely in sex. Tear my pussy ahhhh fill your cum inside my pussy then I fucked her hard and she came in 15 minutes and I too came in another 5 minutes and we became tired and slept on each other.

We tried different position that day and had 3 more sessions that day from that day onwards we are fucking in every evening when I go to tuition and she got pregnant in few days. She gave birth to a beautiful boy everyone thought that it was because of her husband.
Only I and Uma aunty know the truth. Her husband got transferred and they went to Bangalore last year. We had a nice session the day before they departed to Bangalore even now we are having phone sex and next month. I am going to Bangalore for a work. I am hoping to have a quick session with her.
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