I saw your boss today.” Diya, almost like a declaration, told her boy friend.

“My boss?” Jatin gave her a puzzled look.

“Ya I think his name is Manish. You introduced us at your birthday party remember?”

“Manish is not my boss. He is just a year senior. Where and when did you see him?”

“Near Adlabs, I was there will my colleagues this afternoon.”

“I hope you didn’t talk to him?”

“No I just caught a glimpse of him.”

“Thank God!”


“He can be a little aggressive with women.”

“But he seemed to be a nice guy on your birthday.”

“He knew you are my girl. Anyways tell me where should we go tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? Why what’s tomorrow?”

Jatin looked at Diya sternly, “Tomorrow is 31st December. It’s supposed to be a new year the day after.”

“Oh I am so sorry. Well…last year we celebrated the new-year in a cold fashion. So this year lets hit the dance floor. What about your favorite disco?”

“Okay. We shall dance our way to the new year!”

Jatin and Diya were sincerely in love from the last three years. They had planned to get married couple of years from the present. Jatin was 27 and working harder each day to make his mark in the service industry while Diya, who worked in a BPO, was 25. Though they trusted their better half blindly but still Diya had reserved the special moment of getting deflowered for the special night. It used to frustrate Jatin in the beginning but with time he started to respect her decision because he thought Diya had a point when she said to enjoy sex one should start at the right time to avoid boredom. And marriage, for her, was the right time. But touching each other’s privates and deriving oral pleasures on certain special occasions was appreciated by both.

On 31sr, as planned, the couple dined in a cozy restaurant before they went to Jatin’s favorite disco. Diya was looking extra sexy that night. She was wearing a hipster black jeans and a tight white top which covered her body all right but also defined her voluptuous figure quite precisely. The night was great till Jatin had a small fight in the disco as one was doting on Diya. Though it was taken care of by the bouncers but the couple chose to move out soon after the incident. On their way out they met Manish who had come to the disco with his friends (some of whom knew Jatin as well). They chatted for a while after which Jatin took his leave along with Diya.

Jatin’s bike inculcated some problem in the middle of a lonely road. He tried to rectify it but failed. For fifteen minutes they kept waiting for some vehicle to appear. When one did come by, Jatin found out it was his senior’s car.

Manish was on his way home in his car and the moment he saw the couple, he stopped. He offered lift and Jatin accepted with no second thoughts. It wasn’t safe to be on road with a girl at the dead of the night. During the journey back home they discussed many things starting from office to love to movies. After about twenty minutes of motion Manish awkwardly braked. Someone had parked his car across the road. Manish got down. So did Jatin as he followed Manish up to the parked car. As they reached the car five masked men appeared from the sideways. Three of them pinned Jatin against the parked car and two caught Manish’s arms. Diya jumped out of the car yelling Jatin’s name. She was only half out when two more men caught her from behind. One of them picked her up on his shoulder at one go and walked up to the others. Jatin, Manish and Diya were shouting their lungs out for help but all their cries were sucked into the vacuum of the dark night. They were dragged into the voluminous parked car by the muscular masked men and soon the car drove off.

The car stopped only once and that was when the three of them were dragged out of the car. There was no yelling or cries this time as the mouth of the victims were taped. They were taken to a place which resembled an old mansion from the outside.

Before their tape was cut they were asked not utter a word. But when the tape came out of Jatin’s mouth he immediately screamed for help. One of masked men punched him hard on the stomach. Diya begged them not to hit her boy friend.

“But he hit one of our men at the disco.” The most heavily built masked man of the group said. So that’s what it is about, Jatin thought. They have taken the small fight seriously.

“But he was misbehaving with my girl.”

“Whatever it is, you dared to touch our man so you got to pay for it.”

“You -” Diya in anger tried to push the big man but only managed to get thrown aside. She was crying wildly. “You have a sexy girl friend I must say.” The man said.

“You mother fucker” Jatin was about to unleash more when he got punched again on his stomach. He moaned in pain. The man looked at Manish. “Who is this asshole?” “I work with him.” Manish, who looked frightened, stammered. The big man looked at him and then he looked at Diya, intently. He looked at his men and said, “We might have an erotic new year party here.”

“We will allow the three of you to go without any injuries if the girl fucks this guy.” He pointed towards Manish.

It took a little time to register what the man had said. Diya stopped crying and was still. Manish and Jatin were speechless too. Jatin spoke up, “You son of a bitch.” But he could not move as he was held by two men.

“Come on she is his girl friend. You can’t force us to -” Manish tried to argue and in turn got a smacking punch on his face. He hollered in pain as his nose started to bleed. He wiped it and chose to remain quite. Diya had stopped crying all of a sudden. The possibility of what might happen numbed her. Somehow she had a feeling the man wasn’t joking. He meant business. The moment she realized it, Diya started crying again. This time more helplessly.

“So you both ready? Come on stop crying baby and get ready for a banging session.” Diya stared at the man. He must have been smiling but it wasn’t prominent because of his mask.

“Look.” Jatin spoke up in a servile tone. “I am sorry. I didn’t know the guy was your man. I did it without knowing. Forgive me for that.”

“I told you what I want. So let us all get ready.” The man gestured to the other men and they dragged Jatin to one room and Diya and Manish to another. The room in which Diya and Manish were left was locked from outside. The man came into the room and asked his men to beat up Jatin. They began. The man went in front of a mike and spoke,

“Till you begin we will keep beating this guy here. If you stop before the night gets over we begin beating him again.”

Both Diya and Manish heard it through a big speaker attached on the ceiling of their room. As Manish looked around he saw there was absolutely nothing in the room. Diya suddenly shouted, “Please don’t beat him. I love him. Give me few minutes. I will do as you say.”

No reply came but in the other room the men had stopped beating Jatin. As he raised his face he saw there were four mini television sets showing four different angles of the room. Then he saw Manish and Diya standing a little away from each other in the room. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He had to watch his girl friend get fucked by his office senior.

Inside the room Manish was silent. So was Diya. She was standing few feet away from him. She wasn’t crying anymore. After few minutes passed Manish decided to take the call.

“I am afraid we don’t have any option. We -“

“You start I shall react.” Diya said coldly.


Manish unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Diya looked at the topless man standing in front of him and with both her hands freed herself of the white top. Manish saw she was wearing a white bra. Her breasts looked ripe. Manish next came out of his trouser. Diya was looking at him. He was wearing a black brief. His chest had little hair and he was in a nice shape. She swallowed a lump and unhooked her bra from behind. It dropped on the ground. Manish had fucked many girls but of them all Diya easily had the juiciest looking breasts. She also came out of her jeans. Manish couldn’t believe his luck. Diya’s figure resembled that of some Greek sex goddess. What curves, what fullness, what meat! He quickly stripped his brief. Diya had never seen a nude male before in her life. She had felt Jatin’s dick few times but that was over his pant and Manish, her boy friend’s senior, was standing stark nude in front of her. Amidst the tensed situation her mind told her that he was sexy. Especially the way his cock was looking at her. Fully erect.

“May I help you?” Manish asked when there was no reaction from Diya’s side after he had stripped his brief. Diya, who was looking straight at Manish, caught the side of her white panty and tugged them down. She was finally naked and for the first time in front of a man. Her entire body was shivering thinking about the impending night. Manish kept staring at her pussy. It was trimmed. He moved towards her.

Jatin at first had thought of keeping his eyes shut but when he heard one the men exclaim “there goes her bra” he gave in to the temptation of reality. He chose to watch it all. As he saw his senior and girl friend facing each other completely naked he felt his heart stopping. Till this day he had not seen Diya naked.

Manish was standing close to Diya. He was a feet taller than her. Both were looking at each other. Manish was all lust and Diya too was getting swallowed by it every minute. She felt Manish’s hands on her naked butt cheeks. Sexual electricity ran through her body. As for Manish, he had never touched a fuller butt than that. His caressing was slow and erotic. She had her eyes closed. As Manish continued caressing Diya’s ‘full moon’ butt he kissed on her forehead first, then cheeks, nose and finally on her lips. Though Diya had experienced oral sex with Jatin before but Manish’s kiss seemed intoxicating. Suddenly Manish squeezed both her butt cheeks tightly. Diya broke the kiss as a reflex. She looked at Manish as if for an explanation. “What?” Manish asked softly. Diya looked for a moment as if in a trance and then nodded her head. She slowly placed her both hands on his shoulders and this time initiated the kiss. In a second it turned into a passionate smooch.

Jatin couldn’t bear it. His penis was semi hard seeing the scene but he knew he didn’t want it to happen. But she was doing it for him and there was nothing Diya, he or for that matter Manish could do about it. It was his fault. He should have looked before clubbing the guy at the disco. But it was too late now as the show had begun.

Their tongues were intermingling quite obscenely. They had tasted the other’s saliva. Manish’s hands were still caressing Diya’s butt and she had her hands around his neck. Rather abruptly Manish cupped her butt and lifted her. She never knew he was so strong. She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist keeping her hands where they were. Their smooch didn’t break though. It increased in ferocity. Jatin was good but Manish seemed passion multiplied. Moreover it was first time she was feeling a man’s hand on her flesh.

Manish took few steps towards one of the walls. Diya climbed down. Manish stuck his tongue out and started licking Diya’s throat before he reached her breasts. Diya was burning inside. She wanted it to happen quickly but Manish was doing it too slowly increasing her zest for the fuck act.

The men in the other room were jerking their tool seeing the two having sex. Jatin had many thoughts to confront. He didn’t understand why they were doing it so slowly. Jatin knew Manish will enjoy fucking Diya. Any man would. But was Diya enjoying Manish? She had said a day before that she thought he was sexy. Was she secretly lusting for Manish? There was no way he could crack that as on the face of it she was doing all this to save him.

Manish had one of Diya’s nipples between his lips. Then he took the other while massaging the breasts. He kept mauling her breasts as he moved down kissing all the way to her pussy. He licked it once. It was fire for Diya. She closed her legs a little in reflex. Manish turned and licked upward. Her legs, hips, back to her neck and in the end bite her ear lobe passionately.

“Oh Manish can’t we go through it a little faster?”


Both of them lied down on the floor and Manish jerked his penis a little. Diya’s breath was increasing as she was about to experience the moment she wanted to preserve till her wedding night. Manish placed his body over her and with his right hand slowly pushed his head on her pussy. It pained but Diya was silent. The penis didn’t go fully inside. Manish was quick to apply his saliva first on his penis and then on

Diya’s pussy. He tried again and he was inside Diya. The first push from Manish made Diya moan but from the next thrust onwards she got the rhythm right. Manish had his two hands on the floor while Diya was continuously caressing his back. From his butt upwards and then again back to his butt. Her legs crisscrossed with Manish’s legs. He was giving slow full thrusts and with each thrust they kissed. Manish banged Diya for thirty minutes and she was more than pleased with his sexual prowess. Suddenly the thrusts increased in speed. Diya started to moan while Manish was already groaning.

“Oh Manish don’t cum inside me please.” “You are fire baby. You are amazing.” Manish pulled out just when he was about to come. He came on the floor. Diya felt relaxed. Only she knew how she fought the temptation of cupping Manish’s butt as tightly as possible and letting him cum inside her. Inside the other room Jatin had been struck to unconsciousness by the men.

Manish suddenly got up. He turned Diya, who was lying like tired lump on the floor, and cupped her breasts. Diya didn’t realize when Manish slide his penis inside her pussy from behind. It was inside before she could react. She kept her hands on top his hands which were squeezing her breasts violently. He was doing her in the doggy style. When Manish let go off her breasts Diya sat on all four in order to support herself. Manish had brought his hands on her butt and was caressing it with every pump. In took only couple of minutes for him to reach his sexual zenith as Manish started pounding Diya. They were moaning loudly enough. Then Manish came and this time his cum was all over Diya’s butt. He collapsed to floor and so did Diya. Both were breathing heavily. Diya sniffed something. So did Manish and seconds later both were unconscious as a gas filled up the room. It was sprayed from the other room through a ventilator.

Two days later Jatin was in the office. He went directly to Manish’s cabin to offer his leave application.

“How are you doing Jatin?” Manish asked. “It was good that you called me up before you were here. I have had a talk with boss. You can take a fortnight’s holiday. How is Diya doing?”

“Thanks. She is recovering. A holiday would help. Do you happen to remember how we reached our homes that night?”

“I am afraid not. When I opened my eyes I was in my room. I remember nothing after I fucked Diya. Oh I am sorry.”

Jatin had his head down in shame. “It’s all right. We couldn’t have had it any other way. If I or you had remembered any faces then we could have lodged a complaint but forget it now. Here is my leave application.”

Jatin went away keeping his leave application with Manish who was sat on his chair in retrospection. From the time he had his eyes on Diya he wanted only one thing. He planned up, he fucked her and now he was glad it went all right for Diya was the best fuck he had experienced so far.

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