tailor got sex lesson from his customer

Hi, I am Jeeva from Madurai. I am 30 yrs old. I have a brother named Sathya he is 36 years old. During our School days we lost our father. My brother got married 2 years before to a 26 years old girl named Kumudha. He was not interested in marriage. Only because of our mother’s health condition he accepted for marriage. Three months after his marriage my mother died due to Kidney failure. Till now he doesn’t have children. He is working in a Company and always busy with his work.
I completed a designing course and having a Tailor Shop in City. Me, my brother and Kumudha (Anni) were staying in the same house. We don’t have any financial problem as we both earn a good income. Their only problem is not having a child. My only problem is already I am aged. Now I don’t have my mother to look a girl for my marriage. My brother was also not showing any interest in my marriage. I was always thinking of sex. I don’t have enough courage to go to a prostitute and fulfil my desire. All I can do is masturbate thinking of the women and girls coming to my shop for stitching their chudidhar and blouse.
I will go to our house only around 10.30 P.M. after drinking liquor. That time my brother will be sleeping. Anni will open the door and give me food. After that she will go to sleep. She knows that I am drinking but she never questioned me. May be because I am 2 years elder to her. Though I am elder I used to call her Anni. She used to call me Jeeva Atthan. Morning my brother will go to his job around 7.30 and I used to leave my house around 9.00 A.M.
One day when I was taking my breakfast my Anni’s mother and her relatives came to our house. I invited them. I asked Anni whether I need to buy anything for preparing Lunch. She told that she will manage. Then I went to my shop.

Evening I came early without drinking thinking that my Anni’s relative will stay in our house. They will talk nicely to me. Inside I have a feeling that at least they will look some girl for my marriage. But they all went back. I asked my Anni where were they. Her face was red due to a long weep. I asked her what happened. She said nothing but began to cry. She told me that she didn’t prepared Dinner and asked me to eat in hotel. I went out and had a drink with dinner.
Next morning while having breakfast she herself started the topic. She told me that her mom asked about the child and told them to go for medical check-up. But my brother didn’t accepted for that and quarrelled with them. That’s the reason they went yesterday itself. I told her that I will convince my brother and make him to undergo a medical check-up. She angrily told me that what will doctor do if your brother does nothing. Hearing this I got angry and left my house.
Evening I drank heavily and I went to my home. Kumudha opened the door. I cannot stand steadily. I began to fall, she suddenly caught my hands and I caught her hips. We both saw each other for some seconds. Then I manage to sit on the chair. She brought me food. I said I don’t want anything. She replied me “but I want everything”. I was confused. She took the food in her hands and showed it near to my mouth and asked me to eat. Tears came from my eyes thinking of my mother and I ate the food which she gave. She told me to go slowly to my room and she went inside.
I lost my sleep I was thinking what’s the meaning of telling me that “she wants everything”. Late night I got sleep and woke up lately. I sat on the dining chair. Kumudha came with some hot idli. Now her face was clear and her dressings were different with some exposures. I bent my head and began to eat. She asked whether I am going to shop as it’s already late. I told her that lot of pending blouses are there. She told me that she wants to stitch a blouse. I thought that this is going to end in a different way. I changed the topic and asked her last time your mom told that there is a girl in your relative’s house for marriage. Did she tell anything about that? She got angry and poured some chutney into my pocket and went inside. I changed my shirt and went to my shop.
I was very much confused and I cannot discuss this matter with anyone. I was thinking and thinking. All her activities for the past 2 days are different. Is she willing to have sex with me? How can I cheat my brother? Lot of mind voices. Then I took my mobile and called my brother and asked him whether he is busy. He said it’s ok, tell me the matter. I inquired him regarding the medical check-up issue. He got angry and asked me to shut my mouth and look after my job. I thought why he is behaving in such a way. At last I came to a conclusion. I have not tried to cheat my brother. What will Kumudha do if my brother is not co-operating? What ever happen let it happen.
Suddenly my regular customer Ramya came inside my shop. Three months before she gave birth to a boy baby. I am seeing her after a long time. I asked her how the baby is. She said he is fine. She gave some new blouse clothes and asked me to stitch them within a week. I asked her for the measurement blouse. She said all her old blouses became very tight and it will not give the right measurement. She asked me a take new measurement on her. I was very much excited because women rarely allow taking measurements. I closed the main door and took a tape. Then she removed her sari.
I was shocked to see her boobs in that blouse. It was a yellow blouse and she was not wearing a bra and her big black nipples were clearly visible and attractive. I could see some milk drops on that. It was sweating heavily for me and my hands were shivering. But she stood very casual. I took measurements and noted it in my measurement book. She raised her hands and I was taking her boob measurement she smiled at me and asked me when you are going to get married. I replied her I am searching for a girl. She told me naughtily you are not yet prepared for marriage. I asked her what she is telling. She told I am such a sexy women and still young boys come before me, I am standing in front of you in this way but you are still simply taking measurements. I shyly replied her I am very much afraid to approach women.
She began to unhook her blouse seeing that my cock stood up. She removed her entire blouse. Wow what a show, this was the first time I was seeing naked boobs. I suddenly crushed her boobs and milk from her boobs hit my eyes. I enjoyed it very much and sucked her both nipples heavily and drank her entire milk. She unzipped my pant and took my cock in her hand but immediately I started ejaculating my cum on her hands. She cleaned her hands with waste cloth and told me that this is why she told me that I am not yet prepared for marriage. She hooked her blouse and corrected her sari. I opened the door and we both sat and began to talk. She told me that you are very much hurry in doing things, you must be in control to enjoy sex otherwise your future wife will look for another person like me. I said this was the first time that why………. She told ok let’s have a full meals another day in a good atmosphere. She went out after half an hour.
That night I went to my home with lot of excitement. As usual Kumudha gave me dinner. She asked me smilingly did you need anything more. I said nothing but I gave her a smile. She went inside. I didn’t got sleep. I was thinking of Ramya and what happened this afternoon. I thought first I must fuck Ramya so that I can gain some knowledge and satisfy Kumudha who is already frustrated with my brother.

Next week Ramya came to my Shop to get back her stitched blouse. She was in a blue transparent Saree through which her cleavage is clearly visible but today she was wearing her bra and nipples were not visible. I told her that only hook work is pending and it will be ready in another half an hour. She said it’s ok you make them ready and bring is to my house tomorrow after 11.00 A.M. I asked her ‘are you going to give the full meals tomorrow. She smilingly said oh now sir has got enough courage to approach women! I said its only because of you. She said let me try if possible, see you tomorrow.
I went near to her looked at her boobs and said your blouse doesn’t have a first hook and its shows lots of cleavage. She said I will stitch it in my home. I said no chellam if you go like this everyone will see yours let me stitch it now. She smilingly said ok close the door. I took a needle, a hook and thread. She lowered her sari from her shoulders. I kissed her boobs along with blouse and licked the cleavage. She said this is how you stitch the hook. I kissed her lips and placed the hook on her blouse and stitched it and locked the hooks. She said you locked it so you don’t need anything today? I like a child replied her no no I just checked its fitting. She said then what you want. I asked her can you give some milk? She said ok da chellam drink as much as you can.
She unhooked her blouse; she was wearing a front open bra to feed her baby. I pressed her boobs in bra and unhooked her bra. I could smell her milk; I sucked her nipples and drank her milk. She caught my cock in pants and pressed it. She said today yours is under control. I said today morning only I masturbated thinking of you that’s why it is under control. She said baby men can fuck 5 to 6 times in a night. I said yes I know that my friends had told me. She asked what else your friends told you. I said no no we will not discuss them in deep; if a friend feels sleepy in day time other friend will tease him like asking whether you have done full night duty with your wife.
I asked her chellam please can you show your vagina I haven’t seen it before. She kissed me and asked have you not seen any porn videos. I replied I can’t see it in my house but I have seen some Malayalam movies in theatre, they will show only boobs. During this conversation she was playing with my cock and I was playing with her boobs. She said don’t worry I will show you everything tomorrow. I said ok da chellam. She asked me shall I go.
I unzipped my pant and took my cock in my hand and asked her how you can go leaving it like this. She said do what you did in the morning. I said please you do it with your hands it feels good. To my surprise she bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I was feeling like flying in the sky. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her suck. Her to and fro motion on my cock with her mouth gave me lot of pleasure. I know I am going to cum so I removed my cock and began to stroke myself. She said no problem you can cum inside my mouth. I said no I don’t want to do that just give your boobs on my mouth. She did that and by sucking her boobs I stroked my cock and last I ejaculated lot of cum on the floor.
We both cleaned and dressed up. I opened the front door. We both sat on separate chairs. She asked me why you didn’t cum on my mouth. I said I never thought women will take cock in their mouth; it is a big surprise for me; I don’t want to pour that dirty thing on your mouth. She said you are so good chellam; your lack of knowledge in sex is going to give me lot of pleasure. I said I am eagerly waiting for your lessons and surprises. Then we chat for some time and while going we exchanged our kisses.
That night I went a little earlier to my house. I thought today my brother will not be sleeping as it is just 7.30 P.M. I asked Kumudha where is my brother? She said he has gone to Coimbatore for some official works. She said I thought your brother could have told you and that’s why you came earlier. I said he didn’t tell me anything moreover I am not afraid of my brother to come in his absence; today my work was over and that’s why I came earlier. She hit her forehead and went inside.
I took bath and came to hall to watch TV. Kumudha came from kitchen and gave me coffee. She asked me what food I need for dinner. I said anything is ok for me. She went inside the kitchen to prepare dinner for us.
I know Kumudha is starving for sex but my thought is to satisfy her to the fullest. I don’t know how much sex knowledge Kumudha has. I know everyone will not practice sex before marriage. We can learn it automatically and that will be interesting. But after seeing Ramya I understood that I need to know lot of things to entertain women of this age. Till this day I didn’t had sex with anyone and I was dying for that. Now I have two women who are ready to have sex with me. How I am going to handle them. Already Ramya is treating me like a child. Kumudha should not think me in the same way. Today I have good chance to fuck Kumudha. Do I need to miss this opportunity? Lot of mind voices.
Then I remembered a thing. Once I bought a sex book from waste paper Shop. As there are no photos in that I was not interested to read that book and kept it in my Cupboard. I went to my bedroom and took that book. It has 100 pages. I read the content. It has many topics like How to Start, What is Fore Play, Organs of Men & Women, Orgasm etc., Then I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed and began to read it. I left the topics which I know and read some important topics. After 45 minutes Kumdudha knocked the door and shouted that dinner is ready. I kept the book back to its place and went to the hall.
Kumudha said to me that she is going to take bath and she has kept the dinner on the table and asked me to take dinner. I said let us both have our dinner together. She smiled at me and went inside her bedroom. Usually while taking bath she used to close her bedroom doors but now she left it open and locked only her bathroom doors.
From the sex book which I read I understood that we have to handle women like a flower. We have to go step by step. We should not do what they expect. We have to act like we are going to do a thing but at last we have to do some other thing which they don’t expect. I also read some other things and now I got cleared with my long time doubts. I thought let us practice with Kumudha and tomorrow I shall act and tease Ramya.
I heard the door opening sound from Kumudha’s bathroom and she came to her bedroom. That time I crossed the hall to sit on the sofa and turned my head towards her bedroom. I was shocked that Kumudha was just wearing her petticoat but up to her breasts. She was rolling her towel on her head. Now she came near to the door and closed it. She has a lovely figure. After some time Kumudha came out from her bedroom wearing a beautiful plain pink sari and blouse. It revealed all her shapes perfectly. She is not slim or fat. She has a medium shaped body with perfect boobs, hips and back. I saw her top to bottom with my mouth opened. She went to kitchen with a smile.
Kumudha asked me to take the dinner. She sat next to me and we both had the dinner. After dinner I again sat on the sofa to watch TV. Kumudha was sweeping the floor bending down. Her side boobs in Pink blouse were clearly visible. Her black bra could be seen through her light pink blouse. The scene was very sexy and I got aroused. She came near to my side for sweeping and asked be to lift my legs and I could clearly see her cleavage. Then she turned back and showed her back. Now I could not tolerate and very much tempted by seeing her hips. I got enough courage that I can satisfy Kumudha. More than that now I am badly in need of sex and I want to satisfy myself.
I slowly caught her hips from behind and pulled her to sit on my lap. She said nothing. I cleared her hair on her back and gave a kiss on her back above the open space of the blouse. She turned back and put her hands around my neck and gave me a kiss. I also kissed her. We both stood up and I took her in my hands and went to my bedroom and placed her on my bed. It was sweating for both of us. I switched on the AC and locked my door. I went and sat near to her. I kissed her foot and slowly moved my lips along her legs lifting her sari. I continued up to her thighs.
She was trembling. I slowly pulled the sari from her stomach and kissed her on stomach and continued my kiss up to her blouse. Then I removed her sari fully and now she was in her petticoat and blouse. Now I kissed on her forehead, eyes, nose and at last kissed on her lips for some time. Then I removed her blouse hooks one by one and freed her blouse. Then I slowly inserted my tongue at the bottom of her bra without removing it. She was enjoying all my activities and began to remove her bra. I caught her both hands and sat between her. Now I was in top of her and she was in between by legs.
I moved my tongue on her cleavage and inserted my tongue through the top of her bra and went up to her nipple and came back. I did this in both her boobs for some time. Then I moved my lips from the bottom of her bra and went up to her stomach. Then I released her petticoat knot. She closed her face with her both hands. She thought I am going to see her vagina and do something over there. But I again went near to her face and kissed on her fingers. She removed her hands and kissed me. I kissed on her ears. She slowly whispered near my ears please switch off the lights. I said nothing but locked her lips with my lips. She tightly hugged me. I gave my both hands to her back and removed her bra hooks but did not take the bra from her boobs. She thought I am going to suck her boobs. But I went near to her hips and kissed on her hips. I bit her hips gently. She jumped a little and settled back.
Then I slightly lowered her petticoat and saw her hair above the pussy. I slowly made some rotations around her pussy with my fingers without removing the petticoat. Then from the bottom I inserted my hands under her petticoat and circled around her pussy with my fingers. She stopped my hands. She pulled me to her top. Now I slowly inch by inch removed her bra with my mouth. That time I crossed her nipples which were erected. Then with my tongue slowly I made rotation all around her boobs except on her nipples. She herself lifted her boobs wanted me to suck her nipples. But I moved my legs down and slowly inch by inch removed her petticoat up to her thighs and saw her pussy for a minute like watching a treasure. This was the first time I am watching a Matured Women’s Vagina. What a seen it was? A lovely vertical mouth shaped area surrounded by lot of hairs. I gave a kiss over it. She saw me for a while and closed her eyes in shyness.
Then I removed her petticoat fully and taken it away through her legs. Now she was fully nude. All these time while doing my up and down game my cock was fully erected and it was brushing her body through my lungi. I wonder how it co-operated with me without ejaculating. This is the right time to free it. I took off my lungi and slept near her. I turned her slightly and I was facing her back. I kissed her on her back and I rubbed cock on her buttocks. Then I turned around facing the ceiling. I made her to come on my top. She saw my erected cock for a while and slept on me. I asked her to kiss through out my body. She started from my forehead, eyes, nose, lips, neck, chest, stomach, thighs, legs and foot without kissing my cock.
Till now I haven’t sucked her nipples. I made her to change our positions. Now I am on the top of her. I sucked all around her boobs. I went near to her nipples and without sucking it I gave a kiss on that. Then I went to the other boob. Like this I did for some time. Then I kissed on her stomach. Suddenly without her expectation I sucked her left nipples for some time. She pressed my head on her boobs and bit her lips. Then I sucked her right nipples for some time. She tightly hugged me for some time. I think she must have got her climax with this itself.
Then I parted her legs and saw her pussy it was very wet. I slowly kept my cock on her pussy lips and searching for the hole. It slowly wet inside. She slowly shouted ah! and asked me to take it out. I took it out and again inserted my cock. Now it slowly and freely went inside. I slowly began to stroke. I sucked her both the boobs. Then I deeply inserted the cock and slowly increased the speed. After 5 minutes I shoot all my cum inside her pussy and I could realize the vibration in her pussy which sucked my cock. I fall on her and she hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. After 2 minutes I slowly removed my cock and slept near to her putting my hands on her. She turned towards me and placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes. We both got fully satisfied and slept together.

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