Swinging to make Pregnant – Tripti

Best friends share everything, that’s what my husband Sharad and his best friend Suresh, use to think about life & according to them, their wives, me, Tripti and Rita, are not at all exception, of that category.
Starting from beginning, my husband Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya are childhood friends, they have studied together, since they were in 5th standard and at present, there friendship is more than 20 years old and as I said earlier, they are true friends, who are ready to give, even their lives to each other.
From the day one, I was married to Sharad, I could see, that Sharad has a special place in his life for Suresh Bhaiya & like me, I am sure Rita Bhabhi would have seen her husband’s affection, for Sharad and truly speaking, we both were glad with it. Like Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya, I and Rita Bhabhi also became good friends as since our marriage, we use to meet regularly, atleast on one weekend of every month.
We use to sit together for long in anyone’s house, to drink & eat, or sometimes in restaurant & sometimes use to go for late night movie & use to stay at, each other’s place in night & life was going like this casually, until that day.
Talking about couples first, I am Tripti in my mid 30s and at present my marriage with my husband is more than 6 years old & I have a five year old son. Like me, Rita Bhabhi is also married to Suresh Bhaiya from more or less same time, but they didn’t had any child. Initially, they were postponing getting into their parenthood & they were trying for a child from last couple of years but they did not succeeded.

Anyway talking about physical appearance, both males are with good looks, broad shoulders, strong built & hell of stamina, to fuck female like me & Rita Bhabhi. Talking about females, I will say that in appearance, I & Rita Bhabhi are just opposite to each other. Rita Bhabhi is good looking lady, with small & curly hairs hardly up to her shoulder. She has petite body, fair skin. Her breasts are medium sized, like big mangoes, her waist is slender, with a flat belly, having not even ounces of extra flesh.
And as I said, I am just opposite to her. Though I am also fair and good looking, but with heavy sexual assets, flabby breasts, nearly of size of small water melon, with nice fleshy thighs. Unlike Rita Bhabhi, I have bit of belly, but as compared to her, I have attractive bottom, as my ass mounds are more widely spread, as compare to Rita Bhabhi.
Now talking about sex lives, I had pretty ordinary sex life, although my husband has good sex appetite, as compare to me. But truly speaking, at my end, from last one year, sex was going monotones and I was losing interest in that and Sharad was also more or less, going through same phase.
As far as Rita Bhabhi is concerned, they were also leading same sort of life on bed, from few months. Where Rita Bhabhi was having less desire, as compared to Suresh Bhaiya and like me, she was also losing interest in sex, day by day, but for some other reason.
Through casual talks about sex, I & Rita Bhabhi knew this fact, that our husbands are very naughty. Although they use to address each other’s wife, by calling them Bhabhi, but they always stare at each other’s wife, lustfully & we both have caught each other’s husband often, while doing that and we always took this casually, as we both knew, that men will always be men. But, certainly none of us, could ever think, in our weirdest imagination, that Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya will agree to exchange their wives, and they will fuck us, on the same bed. Especially, when we both, use to address each other’s husband, by calling Bhaiya, after their name.
Anyway, Last summer, almost a year back, all of a sudden, my husband made a program of going out of town, for more then week’s time and this year Suresh Bhaiya & Rita Bhabhi were also going with us. I was bit surprised with that, because we did not had any plan to go out, we were planning something else, and I asked Sharad about that too. But, he ignored. I spoke to Rita Bhabhi about this & like me, she was also surprised with a plan, because they never use to go out casually, for holidays.
Once again I was surprised, when I came to knew about the place, we were going. It was really far and we were going by air. Although I knew that whole tour is going to cost us a lot, even then, I was really excited. It was a good plan, as we were going to the place, which was not visited by us earlier. Moreover, Rita Bhabhi and Suresh Bhaiya were also accompanying us.
Everything ran according to schedule, leaving my child at Sharad’s brother’s place, with their 2 kids for a week.
We reached to the destination, by afternoon & we all were bit tired, as we were awake from 4 O’clock in morning.
We acquired one two bedroom flat sort of house, with a ready kitchen and attached bathrooms. It was already reserved by my husband and after having bit of lunch together, we decided to take a short nap.
We, me and my husband Sharad came to our bedroom and Suresh Bhaiya and Rita Bhabhi went to the other one and now as far as I knew my husband, I was expecting that Sharad is going to ask me for a fuck, and truly speaking, I was also desiring that, because we were sexually not in contact from more then 10-15 days. But to my surprise, he did not asked for that. We both slept for nearly one hour and by the time I got up and came out of room, Rita Bhabhi was making tea, for all of us and after that, we had a plan to roam around, in the local market.
Everything ran as expected & neither I nor Rita Bhabhi, felt anything wrong in our Husband’s intentions. Although, once while roaming, Sharad told me that that I am going to get fucked badly tonight. Above that, couple of times, I caught my husband staring at Rita Bhabhi as well.
While coming back, in evening, as decide mutually & bought Vodka, with intentions of sitting together & chatting. We were expecting till 12, as they use to, but they winded up around 9, after having 3-4 pegs and very light dinner.
I and Rita Bhabhi also had 2 drinks, as we use to take it.
Both men moved out of the house, to take a short walk and we both sat together with a television and had casual womanly chit chat & later, after their arrival, we both moved to our bedrooms, with our husbands. I was expecting that Sharad is going to fuck me & I could see that he was in good romantic mood. I changed and came to bed, with night wear, wearing just panty underneath, Sharad also took of his clothes and wore shorts.
We kissed nicely and spent some quality time with caressing each other’s body. After a long tiring heat of Delhi and hectic workload of working housewife, I was enjoying this time & had a desire to get intimate with my husband, as soon as possible, but Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya was having something else in mind.
When I was thinking about switching of light, Sharad ask me for one more drink & I got up & came out to make it. I was bit surprise to see, Rita Bhabhi doing same thing, for Suresh Bhaiya. She was also out of room, to make drink for her husband. I giggled, cracking naughty joke that these men will not be able to do anything with us, if they will have one more drink, after this.
Anyway, we both reached back to our bedrooms, with a strong drink. At my end, Sharad sipped a bit and then pull me in his arm and bought that glass to my lip and told me to sip. I casually took the sip and to my surprise, Sharad told me to finish it. And then he spoke again “The more you drink, more you enjoy in sex.”
I smiled a bit on my husband’s words. I had few more sips of the drink and then tried to avoid it, but my husband insisted me gulp fast and told me that this will be my most interesting night, as far as sex is concerned and I will not forget this night throughout my life.
His words aroused me a bit and I somehow gulped bit more and could feel the effect of alcohol over my gesture. Next Sharad took glass to my lips again & told me to gulp it, in one go & I, somehow did that. Keeping empty glass aside, Sharad once again took me in his arms and we kissed properly and slowly, Sharad’s hands moved to my body and I started getting aroused. After bit of breast play, my husband inserted his hand in my panty and found me full of hairs. He was not expecting that, he always loved clean shaven & from the beginning, I was bit lazy in doing that.
Sharad spoke, when I knew, we are going on holiday, then I would have shaved. You know, I hate these hairs, not only me, every male, hate it.” I smiled bit on her words, especially his statement that every male & asked in funny gesture, who else except him, hate them & his reply was Suresh also hates it & with that, he add that Rita Bhabhi is always clean shaven. I smiled again and asked him again that how he knows that and Sharad’s reply to my question was “I know that…if you want to confirm you can go and ask her.”
With that Sharad got up and took out razor from the bag and spoke again “Today, I am going to shave your pussy.” This time I was surprised with his words and I jumped from bed and tried to get away from him but Sharad held my wrist and took me the bed again and took off my nighty too.
I was stark naked as I was not wearing bra underneath and at that time, I was trying to run away from my husband. I told him that I will do the shave myself, next day. But, Sharad didnot agreed and somehow managed to agree me and took me to the bed and started tying my wrists with my stroll to the bed, so that I cannot take my hands down, to my thighs. I tried lot to avoid all this, but Sharad was in really very strange mood & told me, this is punishment, of not keeping shaved in advance. Next, Sharad sat on my spread legs to keep them straight and started removing hairs of my cunt, after making it bit wet with water. It took Sharad, 5-10 minutes, to clean hairs and by the time, he ended, I was gone crazy.
Truly speaking, girls feeling of getting shaved by husband, is really very strange and I never knew this. Along with that, I could make out, that it was impact of alcohol, which was making me feel tempted and above that, Sharad didnot stop talking to me vulgar while removing my hairs & he was trying to arouse me.
I must mention few statements, he spoke, while shaving my cunt, and they were pure hint, that someone else is going to fuck me, because he did not spoke, I will fuck you or anything addressing himself and his few statements were “Tripti, you are going to enjoy this night….tonight your cunt will get sucked a lot and you will be fucked a lot. You don’t know exactly what you are…people are ready to do anything, to fuck you.” Like that, Sharad went on speaking and removing my hairs and I went on moaning.
Finally, Sharad end cleaning my cunt & got up & clean the mess of trimmed hairs, from bed. I asked him to release my hands now, but he denied to do that and once again spoke, such words saying “Today you will get fucked like this only.” And after saying this, he took out small bundle of rope from somewhere & started tying my legs too.
It was really very strange feeling, and finally he ended tying my legs straight and apart, so that I cannot move my legs at all and slowly came closer to me, sat down on the floor and kissed me nicely and moved his hand over my clean pussy and spoke “Now, your pussy beame so cute. Suresh will love to suck it.”
I was excited and initially did not bothered, what he spoke, but after few seconds, I realized that Sharad has said that Suresh Bhaiya will enjoy sucking my pussy and I asked “What are you saying….?”
“Yes Darling, Today whatever will happen with you, Suresh will do, & I will do with Rita Bhabhi.” This time, Sharad clearly spoke, whatever was going to happen with us, but even at that time, I thought he is kidding.
I spoke in bit of anger “Sharad, Have you gone mad?”
“Yes, we both have gone mad. Rita Bhabhi made me crazy & you have made Suresh crazy.” Sharad replied casually and got up and unbolted the door of our bedroom, from inside and dialed Suresh Bhaiya’s no and just spoke, “Yes, Bro, Tripti is Ready. Ok, come with bhabhi.” and then he disconnected the line and looked at me.
I was really confused and then I could not believe whatever Sharad spoke, Suresh is bringing, Rita Bhabhi here, after making her naked. I tried to release myself but failed as I was tied very tight.
Just then, I heard some noise from outside & could hear, Rita Bhabhi saying something but I could not understand her words except “Suresh, Please……Suresh…!” and just then, Suresh Bhaiya entered in the room, while holding Rita Bhabhi’s wrist. Though Sharad told me, but still I was really surprised to see that, like me, even Rita Bhabhi did not had even a single thread on her body. She was also stark naked and struggling with her husband, trying to set her wrists free, from his grip.
Suresh Bhaiya entered in the room, he looked at me lying nude, he smiled & spoke in low hesitant voice “Wow, Bhabhi, you are amazing ” Rita Bhabhi was still struggling and she was also shocked to see me, lying tied their, as nude as she was. My husband Sharad was just looking at her & could not move his eyes, from her naked body.
Suresh Bhaiya told Sharad, to tie Rita Bhabhi, beside me and my husband reacted immediately & held Rita Bhabhi’s legs and they lifted her to the bed, beside me and within next 5 minutes, like me Rita Bhabhi was also tied on bed, she was also revealing her pussy, clearly.
Now we both, Rita Bhabhi and me, were tied stark naked and our husbands were staring each other’s wives, like hungry dogs and at our end, we both were screaming on them, but it hardly mattered to them.
Rita Bhabhi asked for water and Suresh Bhaiya served her, Sharad made me drink and spoke, looking into my eyes, “Relax….we will not do anything wrong with you. Like past, same thing will be done …but, someone else will do.”
I was about to speak, but just before that Suresh Bhaiya spoke in soft voice, while looking at me and my body “Sharad will do with Rita, & I will do you you.”
After that, Suresh Bhaiya spoke again to my husband and told him to leave us alone, for some time and asked him, if he wants to have one drink & both agreed and went out to make drink after checking the ropes one more time.
Now I and Rita Bhabhi were alone in the room and stark naked. I asked Rita Bhabhi what all is happening.
“I don’t know….I can’t believe, Suresh can do such thing.” Rita Bhabhi replied.
We both were puffing heavy, while looking sideways to each other’s face because of surprise & bit of excitement. Certainly I was excited, as both men spoke that we are going to get fucked by each other’s man and I spoke once again asking Rita Bhabhi, “Now what Bhabhi…Suresh Bhaiya is going to fuck me…?”
“Haan, that’s what, they said & Sharad Bhaiya will do with me.” I could make out that she was also getting excited. “Bhabhi, I don’t want to do it with Suresh Bhaiya.” I spoke again with bit of frustration,
“Even I don’t want to do it with your husband. Rather now I don’t want to do it with my husband.” “Yes…I don’t want to do even with Sharad….Now what?” I asked Rita Bhabhi.
“Nothing…we can’t do anything…except getting fucked.” Rita Bhabhi spoke.
In 5 minutes, both males, enter in room again, with the glasses in their hands, bare chest, wearing just underwear.
For the first time, I was looking at Suresh Bhaiya, in that state. Sharad, my husband spoke to me, “Tripti, you are getting fat. Just try to maintain yourself…see Rita Bhabhi’s body. is so lovely.” Sharad was looking at Rita Bhabhi’s naked body, while saying that and I too looked at her & could see, that like me, she was also feeling embarrassed, while lying naked in front of some other man, that is when, her own husband is also present there. Before I would say something, Suresh Bhaiya spoke to him “What you saying, I get hard on, when I see Bhabhi (me) in full clothes. Just imagine, what I will be feeling right now, when she is lying naked in front of me.” Suresh Bhaiya was looking at me, while saying that, he caressed his penis over his underwear, as he saw that I am looking at him.
My husband Sharad instantly replied to his friend, told him to insert in me, instead of having drink, as I am lying in front of him. I was speechless, could not think of saying anything I could see, Rita Bhabhi was also in same state.
For both were embarrassed and we could make out that men were trying to arouse us with their conversation.
Suresh Bhaiya spoke & told, Not to hurry and wait for atleast half an hour, so that we can get wet in our pussy.
“Half an hour? Let’s checkout by putting in the finger, Tripti(me) should be wet, she was aroused.” and with that Sharad moved towards me to check my wetness.
But, Suresh Bhaiya stopped him and spoke “Wait…You check Rita, I will check Bhabhi (me).”
Oh…God, I could not believe, whatever happening with me, rather with both of us. Next moment, Suresh Bhaiya was standing beside me and my husband was next to him and he was waiting for his friend, to insert his finger, in his wife’s cunt. And, with just a thought of it, I started breathing heavy. I looked at Rita Bhabhi and her eyes were stuck to her husband, who was about to insert his finger, in my cunt and that is, in front of her eyes. And finally it happened, Suresh Bhaiya touched my cunt tenderly & moved his finger over my vertical crack & I moaned & tried to set myself free, one more time and completely failed this time too.
“Bhabhi, so sweet. What a lovely & smooth pussy, you got.”
“I have done it, just now…for you to suck it.”
I started moaning lightly, this was when Suresh Bhaiya’s finger was just rolling over my soft cunt and Suresh Bhaiya inserted his finger. I moaned loud in pleasure & trembled deep inside strangely. I was touched by some other man, for the first time in my life and that is directly into my pussy and feeling was beyond my ability to write.
Bhaiya was moving his finger in and out slowly and looking at my facial expression and I closed my eyes, as could not see into his eyes and just then I heard my husband Sharad asking him, “How is it….Wet.?”
“Hmm, she is wet. But, she needs to get more wet.” Suresh Bhaiya replied, while looking at me.
and then he told my husband to check wetness of his wife Rita Bhabhi.
Rita Bhabhi, till now, who was just looking at the things happening with me, moaned loud, as my husband was the one, who was going to insert his finger. My husband stood beside Rita Bhabhi & like Suresh Bhaiya, he was fisting Rita Bhabhi’s pussy, tenderly and spoke to Rita Bhabhi “Bhabhi, you are almost dry.”
Suresh Bhaiya gave my husband, tip to make his wife wet and told him to suck her breast and bite her nipples and while saying that, he went closer to Rita Bhabhi and pinched her nipple and Rita Bhabhi moaned really loud.
I was looking at my husband’s every act & as I saw him, playing with Rita Bhabhi’s breasts. I felt my breasts getting heavier & realized, I am further wet down there and I started breathing heavy again and this time my excitement was significant to both the males.
Just then I heard my husband talking to Suresh Bhaiya. And then, Sharad spoke to me, rather asked me, “Tripti, are you ready?” Sharad’s words aroused me even more and I got even more excited and my husband spoke to Suresh Bhaiya again “See her erect nipples.” Suresh Bhaiya move to me & sat beside me and took my breasts in his hands and caressed and then took both in her hands and started playing with them. I moaned, as excitement in my body was increasing. Suresh Bhaiya told my husband to suck Rita Bhabhi’s breasts and he is sucking mine & my husband Sharad accepted that and next moment, both the males start sucking each other’s wife’s boobs & both the wives, me and Rita Bhabhi, started moaning in pleasure, and soon, I started shivering too. 

Anyway, after some more breast play, both men started playing with each other’s wife’s body tenderly, while sitting beside us. Suresh Bhaiya was moving his hands over my body, squeezing flesh of my thighs, and spoke to his wife, addressing her name “Rita see, thighs should be like, Bhabhi. You are too thin. Gain some weight like her.”
Like Suresh Bhaiya, my husband Sharad was playing with Rita Bhabhi, and I saw Sharad’s finger was invading her pussy and next moment, Suresh Bhaiya inserted his finger in my cunt and moved in and out for a while, to make me moan and spoke to Sharad, “Bhabhi is ready for fuck.”
Sharad, while fisting Rita’s cunt, he told him to start fucking me and he will try to make Rita Bhabhi more wet.
In reply, Suresh Bhaiya called him here, by saying “You better come here & help me, to fuck bhabhi.” he paused and then spoke again in continuation “And, let Rita see us. Once we are done, I will help you to fuck Rita.”
My husband got up instantly, “Hmmmm……good Idea…will fuck them, one by one.”
Suresh Bhaiya moved his hand over my soft cunt and inserted his finger and like always I gasped in pleasure.
I was wet like never before, everything happening with my was out of this world and in addition, it was effect of alcohol, which was making me crazy and I was somewhat waiting to get fucked. But truly speaking, at that time, I was still uneasy with a fact that Suresh Bhaiya is going to fuck me and next moment, Sharad came beside me, lied between me and Rita Bhabhi & start kissing me & spoke to me, while looking into my eyes, “I love you, remember, its only sex….nothing else…enjoy it.”
Just then, I felt hands over my thighs & it was Suresh Bhaiya, I went restless & moaned and started breathing high.
Suresh Bhaiya was enjoying & slowly his hands were going closer to my pussy again & suddenly I felt his hot breath over my cunt & in a moment, Suresh Bhaiya licked my pussy tenderly. Gradually speed of licking increase & holding my thighs, with his hands, he went on rolling his tongue, over my cunt & tried to bury his mouth in my pussy.
My husband started kissing me again and I started responding to his kiss. Truly speaking, the feeling I was going through, no woman in this world can feel the pleasure, I was feeling, when my husband was kissing me madly, so that I can enjoy the sucking, I was going through by his friend.
I don’t know what Rita Bhabhi would have felt about me as from my moans she could make out, I am in pleasure.
Suresh Bhaiya climbed on bed and very next moment, he started eating me like a hungry dog. My husband Sharad, was sitting on my left, near my breast, holding my folded thighs apart, to give Suresh Bhaiya full access of my cunt. I turn to see Rita Bhabhi & saw her face, she was looking at me & my expressions “Bhabhi, what is this happening.” I spoke to her, moaning. Rita Bhabhi didnt reply to me rather she kept on looking at me & my pleasure expressions.
Down there, Suresh Bhaiya was getting rough and his tongue was moving inside me crack, as my husband Sharad was telling him to suck me harder & deeper. My God, I can’t forget, what they were doing to me, in my entire life.
Suresh Bhaiya started rub my Clit, with his fingers and I went crazy with that act and I started trembling. I was not opened like that, in my entire married life.
Thankfully, Suresh Bhaiya sensed my condition, stopped & got up on the bed and took off his underwear instantly and showed me his thick and long monster, while jerking to and fro and spoke, “Bhabhi, now I am going to fuck you with this.” and then he asked Sharad “Shall I do it…?” “Yes, bro. Fuck her.” Sharad replied to his friend.
My husband Sharad was thick & long but Suresh Bhaiya, like my husband, he was also mammoth in size.
“Tripti, turn around.” addressing my name, my husband spoke to me and told me to get on my fours, as his friend wants to fuck me, from behind, in doggy style, and then Sharad helped me, to get me on my fours, by turning my body around, and I, co-operated with them.
As I turn around, Sharad, my own husband parted my thighs, bit more apart, so that his friend can fuck me better, from behind and I did that and moaned intensely. Turning my face, I looked at Rita Bhabhi and I could see that she was very excited from the things happening around, from the way her husband was sucking me and playing with my body, in front of her eyes. Moreover, she knew this fact, very well that very soon, she will be at my place and like my husband, her husband will be helping Sharad, to fuck her, like they did it with me. All these things were turning her on, she was humming in excitement with significant expressions.
My husband Sharad’s hands were on my waist and next moment, Suresh Bhaiya moved her hands under me, over my wet opening and this time, he invaded two of his finger in me and soon, I felt tip of Suresh Bhaiya’s rod, over my cunt and next moment, he plunged me from behind and went deep inside me.
I moan loud in divine pleasure of getting stuffed, after so much of foreplay. Truly speaking, that time, I desperately needed a man in my cunt & as I got stuffed from behind, I was in intense pleasure. There was not much difference in the size of the Penis, of the 2 males, but knowledge of this fact, that my husband is holding my waist & pushing me back over Sharad Bhaiya & the person, who is fucking me from behind, whom I have always addressed Bhaiya, was something which was making me crazy and very soon I was feeling, as if I will reach to my climax and I started myself banging back on Suresh Bhaiya hard & he stood up on his feet & soon, he also started grunting in pleasure and I felt, he will also reach to his climax very soon. But, he stopped as he part my thighs further apart & somehow started licking my cunt, like a dog. My husband was looking at his friend that how he is licking his wife.
Soon Suresh Bhaiya stopped & turned me on my back again & came over me & he took my legs up to his shoulder and held my fleshy thighs. I never knew that he was obsessed with my fleshy body so much.
Soon he placed his rod over my cunt again and went deep inside me with a jerk and folded my body into half. He was lying over me and as my legs were over his shoulders now. Suresh Bhaiya fucked me madly, his buttocks went up & down, like a machine and we both cried in pleasure endlessly. I wrap my legs around his back as now he was still & releasing his sticky cum inside my cunt. I too climaxed at same time & I trembled feverishly, while cumming.
We both were spent and after a minute, Suresh Bhaiya got up and went down from bed and spoke, “Bhabhi, it was really great.” And after that he went inside the toilet.
I was still lying with my hands tied and in could not believe whatever happened just now. Next my husband Sharad came closer & start kissing me. I was never spent like that, ever in my married life. It was excitement, which cannot be written in any words, and it can only be felt.
After breaking the kiss, Sharad kept on caressing my forehead, while looking into my eyes. My mindset was strange and as such, I was not having any words to speak. My legs were free to move. Suresh Bhaiya suggested Sharad, to tie my legs, as he came out from the toilet and told him to proceed to Rita Bhabhi. Sharad got up and started tying my legs and I was not at all protesting. Sharad got up and went inside the toilet, saying, I will just come.
After wearing his underwear Suresh Bhaiya went to his wife and caressed her forehead.
“Suresh, Please leave me, I don’t want to do all this.” Rita Bhabhi spoke to him.
Suresh Bhaiya smiled and spoke with a giggle “What do you think, Bhabhi wanted to do it…….? The way it is done with her, it will be done with you.”
Rita Bhabhi was really very restless, and excited too and just then Sharad came back from the toilet and once again lied between we two, on the bed. This time, he was facing Rita Bhabhi and caressed her body, touching it from her thigh, till her breasts & fondled nicely. Rita Bhabhi moaned over my husband’s touch. My legs were tied together, so I got up a bit slowly and lifted my body on my elbow.
Once again Suresh Bhaiya caressed Rita Bhabhi’s forehead and spoke to her “Rita, I love you. Try to enjoy.” And like my husband, he too leaned over his wife and kissed her properly and tried to comfort her, for the fuck, she was about to get from his best friend.
Next, Suresh Bhaiya spoke to my husband Sharad and gave him tip, to arouse his wife, by saying “Suck her both the breasts and bite her nipples, she will go crazy.”
Like I mentioned earlier, Rita Bhabhi was just opposite to me. She is short in height & has a luscious body, properly curved & having nothing as extra flush. Certainly my boobs were much heavy than her, but just like Suresh Bhaiya, my husband seemed obsessed with her perfect figure and he was desperate to enjoy.
Next moment, he started sucking her breast, like a child and Rita Bhabhi started moaning in pleasure of feeding her milk, to her husband’s friend. And, as told by Suresh Bhaiya, he bit her nipples nicely, 3-4 times and she was enjoying getting bitten and getting excited with every passing moment. Suresh Bhaiya gave Sharad another tip, to arouse his wife, to kiss her properly, near her ears and Rita Bhabhi went crazy with that.
By now, I was sitting on bed, with my hands and legs tied and everything was happening next to me, my husband was playing with Rita Bhabhi nicely. Slowly his hands went down to her cunt and he invaded with his finger & Rita Bhabhi moaned differently. With that, Sharad got up and sat beside Rita Bhabhi and told Suresh Bhaiya to release her legs and then he spoke to Rita Bhabhi, somewhat tried to arouse her by saying “Bhabhi, the way Suresh sucked Tripti, I will suck you…I want…. Your cunt juices.”
By now, Suresh Bhaiya was almost done with untying her legs & like my husband, he folded his wife’s legs inwards.
Next, my husband Sharad went down to Rita Bhabhi’s pussy and he folded Rita Bhabhi’s legs inward and held them up & start sucking her madly, from the very first moment. As I said Rita Bhabhi has a petite figure, so Suresh Bhaiya was not required to hold her, Sharad was toying with her body.
As expected, slowly Rita Bhabhi was going mad in pleasure. Sharad suck her and soon he moving his tongue on her clit & spoke to Suresh Bhaiya, to hold her. Rita Bhabhi went mad, she could not do anything except screaming.
Suresh Bhaiya spoke to Sharad, “How you want to do it… you on top or in doggy style?”
“No, I will come on top. I want to fuck her deep.” Sharad replied and came between Rita Bhabhi legs and kiss her.
While being on next bed, I was watching everything, whatever my husband was doing, with other woman. I saw, initially Rita Bhabhi tried to avoid , but soon she opened her mouth and like me, slowly Rita Bhabhi start enjoying having on bed with her husband’s best friend.
At my end, I was getting excited, I could see, my husband was about to fuck some other female in my presence.
Sharad took off his underwear, folded her legs inwards, pulled one pillow & placed under Rita Bhabhi, to get better access of her pussy, for his throbbing penis. Next he located Rita Bhabhi’s opening and placed his rod and plunged her with a jerk and my husband’s monster, made his way to her tight channel.
Next moment, Sharad started fucking Rita Bhabhi, with very low pace. I knew his lovemaking, he has lot of control over his passion and I was sure, that he will enjoy Rita Bhabhi’s body for long and Rita Bhabhi also seemed enjoying my husband’s fucking pace.
By now, Suresh Bhaiya was sitting on his knees on the floor and he was caressing his wife’s forehead and kissed her couple of times on her cheek and slowly looked at me. I was excited and next moment, Suresh Bhaiya came closer to me and started untying my legs. After releasing my legs, Suresh Bhaiya took off his underwear and parted my thighs and cleaned my cunt.
Next, Suresh Bhaiya took his semi erect penis and spoke to me “Bhabhi, suck it nicely and make it ready, for you.”
I was not willing to suck and I tried to avoid it, but Suresh Bhaiya was desperate to get sucked and he spoke “Sharad, tell bhabhi to suck me.” and Sharad reacted immediately, he spoke to me “Tripti, Suck it, in same style, as you suck mine.” and then he spoke to Rita Bhabhi “Bhabhi, you don’t feel shy..& you too, suck me.”
Next moment, Sharad’s penis was close to Rita Bhabhi’s mouth. Like me, Rita Bhabhi tried to avoid sucking my husband’s penis and this time Suresh Bhaiya spoke to his wife “Rita, you suck him, than only, bhabhi will suck me.”
Altogether mood in that room was so lustful that no one was in his senses and I followed the lust and opened my mouth and took Penis of my husband’s best friend, in my mouth and heard his moan of pleasure. My husband was still struggling with Rita Bhabhi to make her suck his rod.
I heard, Suresh Bhaiya addressing his wife “Rita, start sucking Sharad. Look here, Tripti bhabhi is sucking me.”
Finally Rita Bhabhi opened her mouth. I was sucking Suresh Bhaiya’s monster, I stopped sucking him and turned to see, Rita Bhabhi was sucking my husband. Sharad was fucking Rita Bhabhi’s face properly and grunting in pleasure and while Rita Bhabhi was sucking him with affection as if she is sucking her husband and at my end, once again Suresh Bhaiya took his rod to my mouth and turned my face to him & spoke to me “Bhabhi, you really suck nicely.” We both were sucking husband’s friends & both men were fucking our faces in excitement & grunting in pleasure.
Soon Suresh Bhaiya pushed me on bed and started kissing me & I instantly opened my mouth to welcome him and very soon he folded my legs and plunged me, in typical missionary position & once again started riding on me and this time, he was quite fast in fucking me.
Very soon, Sharad also pushed Rita Bhabhi on bed, on her back and came over her and inserted his monster into her tight cunt, while keeping her one leg over his shoulder and started fucking her with slow pace.
Now we both, me & Rita Bhabhi, were lying on bed, beside each other & our husband’s were fucking each other’s wife and like me Rita Bhabhi was also seemed delighted in fucking pleasure, with my husband. She was moaning in intense pleasure. Rather all were moaning in erotically and whole room was filled with just our gasps.
Very soon, Suresh Bhaiya seemed going to his climax. I was also more or less in same state, & he start screwing me brutally, with fast and deep strokes and within next few seconds, he buried his monster in me, till the root of it and I gasp while going through a shattering orgasm & grabbed my husband’s friend in my arms, as if he is my husband.
Beside me, Sharad was also fucking Rita Bhabhi vigorously. By now, Rita Bhabhi’s both legs were over his shoulder and I could make out that very soon, Sharad will also dive deep inside Rita Bhabhi and it happened in end. Sharad fucked Rita Bhabhi madly, while reaching to his climax, and like me, Rita Bhabhi also grab my husband in her arms and wrapped her legs around his back, while cumming and they both grunted loud, while reaching to their climax, almost at the same time.
We all were spent and spent like never before. Suresh Bhaiya was still lying over me, although he was slipped out of my pussy. Sharad was also lying over Rita Bhabhi and he was the one, who broke the silence by speaking to Rita Bhabhi saying “Bhabhi, It was fantastic.”
“Bhaiya, now please get down.” Rita Bhabhi told Sharad to get away from her top and tried to push him but Sharad was not ready to get away and he tried to kiss Rita Bhabhi, around her ears to hear her moans. Finally she pushed him and Sharad moved aside. I also pushed Suresh Bhaiya and he too got away from me.
We both were free now and Rita Bhabhi got up to go out of the room. I too got up with a same gesture * entered in the bathroom & bolted the door. I used the toilet & stood under shower and tried to recall, whatever happened to me just now.
I could not believe that I was fucked by some other man and that is in my husband’s presence and my husband was helping him to fuck me. Moreover, my husband has also fucked some other female and that is in my presence and like him, her husband was also helping him to fuck her. I felt as if it is a nightmare and soon I will be conscious and come back in reality but it was happened in real life and everything seemed messed up to me in my married life.
I was thinking that we are deeply in love each other and everything like that was just a fiction.
Very soon, Sharad started banging the door of the toilet. I did not wanted to open but I was getting irritated by the banging voice. I opened the door and Sharad came in and stood under water with me and grabbed my body & we stood underwater, for few more minutes silently and he spoke “I know, you are angry with me…but as such there was no other way. We both were willing to fuck each others wife.”
“You don’t have ethics” I replied in a loud voice & then spoke “what do you think, I am your keep,…no… I am not…”
“That’s true…you are my wife…and I love you and whatever we did, was unethical but it was very satisfying…..” Sharad replied & then he spoke “I hvnt seen you this much satisfied…till date. We have to continue this relation.”
It was disgusting, I was expecting apology from his side, that he will say sorry to me but it was just opposite to that. “I hate you…you are a bastard…you and Suresh Bhaiya both.” I came out of the bathroom while saying that and tried to look for the towel to dry my body and Sharad too came out and held my arm pulled me to look at him and spoke something with calm expressions, which was really shocking for me.
It was about Suresh Bhaiya and Rita Bhabhi. “In these seven days… I hv to mak Rita Bhabhi pregnant.”
I was speechless for a while “What are you saying?” I asked
“Slowly she is getting into depression. Suresh is infertile. He cannot produce a child.” Sharad was calm while saying that and then he spoke again “That is why, sexually I never tried to come in your contact, from so many days.”
I was in utter shock, after that Sharad detailed me, their life a bit & I could make out that Rita Bhabhi was certainly deprived from last 2 months, and since that time, this fact has came in their knowledge that her husband is lacking fertility, otherwise he is normal.
I went silent for a while and could not think anything but replied to Sharad “You would have spoke to me about this…..and this is not the way and why me? Why he (Suresh Bhaiya) fucked me…it was to pregnant Rita Bhabhi?”
Sharad smiled lightly on my anger and spoke “It was me, who suggested him. When I am getting a change, he must get too. In any case, it was not possible one sided. I could see that he was not comfortable sending Rita Bhabhi to me for this….so I planned this. Now it is somewhat balanced…I fucked his wife…he fucked mine.”
I was really surprised to hear him and asked him back “you planned this…? Or Suresh Bhaiya planned this…?”
“No…I planned this…initially Suresh was not ready. It took me nearly one month to execute him….only I know how I have convinced him…. even I was not mentally prepared…but I wanted to do it…. For both the reasons…first to pregnant Rita Bhabhi and second I could make out, our sex lifewas getting boring… so to spice up, it was done. I was sure that it will not affect our love for each other.”
I smiled lightly with strange feeling on Sharad words. Somehow I managed to maintain my anger and continued wearing clothes and remained silent, while facing away from my husband. After few minute as I turned to see Sharad, wearing just underwear, he was smiling and spoke again “I don’t hv idea about Rita Bhabhi, but you have enjoyed everything. Tripti, you loved it. Rita Bhabhi was fucked by me, only once, that’s forcefully, but, you were fucked twice by Suresh and second time…. you signaled him.”  

“Shut up.” I screamed over Sharad & start hitting him with a towel and threw him out of the room with his clothes.
I don’t know, what was running in my mind, mentally & physically, I was very tired and I lied on the bed, but I could not think of sleeping. I was realizing everything happen in last few hours, was rare of rarest. Everything happened, so fast that it did not gave me any time to think about it and now, I could make out that everything was related to that particular intention.
Few things, the way Sharad fucked Rita Bhabhi, while keeping her straight with a lifted bottom, above pillow, so that his liquid can reach as deep as possible to her womb, above that, as Sharad did not tried asked me for sex since so many days. Apart from all this, I could make out, whatever Sharad spoke was also true. Certainly it was his plan as I was somewhat aware of all these activities, from tying of hands till clitoris rubbing.
Certainly, it was not at all ethical and anyhow he cannot justify, whatever he did with us, with the excuse of Suresh Bhaiya’s infertility. Though it was Suresh Bhaiya’s decision to delay, because he wanted to settle down with his new business and now this fact, that Suresh Bhaiya is infertile!
With all such things running in mind. Suddenly I thought about meeting Rita Bhabhi. Wearing full clothes, casual Salwar Kameez, I came out of room, to see Rita Bhabhi and as expected her bedroom door was bolted from inside. Sharad was sitting in living room watching tv. I knocked the door and Suresh Bhaiya opened, wearing pajama and t-shirt. Rita Bhabhi was standing at the corner of the room and from there gesture, I could make out that they were still into the conversation, certainly on the same subject. I told Suresh Bhaiya to go out of the room in blunt tone and closed the door, while saying, they, Suresh Bhaiya and my husband, have to sleep in the other bedroom & we two are sleeping here.
Very first moment, we hugged each other. Though she did not cried but more or less she was in that state. Like me, she was also wearing fresh clothes, after shower & I could make out that she was in desperate need of something hot. I asked her for a tea and she said yes to it.
I came back in the with two cups and we had it silently and Bhabhi spoke after few minutes “I am really sorry on his behalf…whatever Suresh has done was wrong.” I smiled a bit sarcastically over her words and spoke “Bhabhi, what are you saying…why are you saying sorry…Sharad also did the same with you.”
Rita Bhabhi went silent over my words and did not utter anything for a while and it was me, who broke the silence this time, by asking her “Bhabhi…now what…?”
“I don’t know…? I want to tell you something…this all happened for me. To make me pregnant.” She replied.
I was looking at her face and at my end, I wanted to pretend, as if I am not aware of the fact that her husband is infertile, but from my expressions, it was evident that I knew this and next Rita Bhabhi asked me “Sharad Bhaiya didn’t inform you about Suresh?” I moved my head in, Yes.
“But this is not the way…and why they misbehaved with you?” Rita Bhabhi spoke again.
Don’t know how it came to my mind “Misbehave? I really enjoyed..infact, I am ok with it.” I paused for a while and could see that Rita Bhabhi was still surprised with my statement and I spoke again and tried to justify my words “I mean… I am use to of getting fucked, after getting tied ….Sharad do all this to me sometimes…”
I paused for a while and then came to the main issue “and why Suresh Bhaiya fucked me… has a simple reason, Sharad gave him permission to do that….he wanted to do swapping at both ends…otherwise, it wasn’t possible.”
Rita Bhabhi was not at all expecting me getting positive on this, even I was not expecting all that from me.
At my end, I had a simple reason to behave positive, I was having lot of respect for Suresh Bhaiya and his caring attitude. Since I am married to Sharad, I could see that me and my husband, in past when financially we were in trouble, Sharad was jobless for some time and I was nearly eight month pregnant, Suresh Bhaiya was our only support, he helped us whenever Sharad asked him. He took money on interest, to help us and never told us that and paid interest from his own pocket, and we came to knew about this, after a very long time.
Above that, somewhere I was very much attached to Rita Bhabhi. I also wanted her to get pregnant somehow.
Anyway, moving back Rita Bhabhi was looking at me and she asked me with bit of smile “you’ve enjoyed that?”
I somewhat laughed on her question and suddenly my mood went pleasant “Bhabhi, don’t think otherwise. I was not desiring all this, but I will say I am ok with it and ready to forget all that….and I want you to get pregnant in these 7 days…so I am ready to share my husband with you…” my heart was pounding high, while saying that.
“What are you saying, Tripti” Rita Bhabhi did not believed what I said and she asked me back.
“Yes…this is your ovulation period and for next seven days, you are going to spend with Sharad…I am ok with it” I paused and tried to control my emotions and then spoke again “and I promise, this matter will not go out of, we four.” somehow I spoke that and just then tears started floating in my eyes and Rita Bhabhi too went wet in her eyes and we hugged each other.
We lied on the bed silently while looking at roof and once again it was Rita Bhabhi who spoke first, saying “I still can’t believe, whatever happened. I mean this is not the way to handle a female body. They were so brutal to us…”
I smiled on her words and replied “Bhabhi, I am use to of it… and believe me, I enjoy all this.”
Rita Bhabhi also smiled on my words, though whatever I said was not totally true. I was never fucked like that but certainly it was good and I have enjoyed that.
Next Rita Bhabhi asked “By the way…what will you do in these seven days …will sleep with Suresh?”
I laughed on her question and could not decide what to say and I spoke “I don’t know…I have not decided yet…”
I spoke again “Sharad was saying, because I was enjoying getting fucked by Suresh Bhaiya.”
Rita Bhabhi smiled on my words and spoke “So you are thinking about sleeping with Suresh?”
I smiled again and finally uttered “Only if, you will allow.”
Rita Bhabhi smiled to me and replied “From my side, its Yes. But, on one condition. Whatever we will do, we will do together, in the same room…I cannot stay alone.”
Soon we discussed how to speak to men over this and I suggested teasing them. We intentionally did not came out of the bedroom in the night to speak to them, just to increase their tension & in morning, after freshen up, I spoke to Sharad and Suresh Bhaiya on our behalf, that we both need a divorce, for the act they have done last night.
As expected, both men were shocked, certainly they were not expecting such extreme. Suresh Bhaiya said sorry to me several times and to his wife too and tried to convince me & Rita Bhabhi that it was Sharad’s idea & everything happened last night, was planned by him.
We told him that we know that but, he cannot justify whatever he did, just by saying that it was his idea. Sharad also behaved more or less like Suresh Bhaiya, he tried to hold me physically to adore me.
I prepared breakfast and told them get it from kitchen and took our plates to the room and bolted the door from inside. Anyway somewhere around 1 PM, we decided to pretend that we; I and Rita Bhabhi are leaving and we came out of the bedroom, ready to move with our bag packs and once again, men started pleasing us and after lot of persuasion, we agreed.
Now it was all together real fun, to see own partner fucking with someone else & this time, we females also helped our husbands, in fucking other female. I myself inserted Sharad Penis, into Rita Bhabhi and Rita Bhabhi also took Suresh Bhaiya monster to my cunt.
Anyway, we remained swapped for week time, in same room, while fucking but always slept in our own partner’s arms. My husband Sharad fucked Rita Bhabhi numerous times, and Suresh Bhaiya also fucked me, on the same bed and told Rita Bhabhi to gain some weight, so that her physical assets can also get fleshy like mine.
In the end, Sharad succeeded in leaving his seed in Rita Bhabhi’s womb, and at present Rita Bhabhi has delivered a baby boy successfully. From the time, Rita Bhabhi conceived, we never tried to come in touch with each other’s partner sexually.
In the end, I will say, we both; me and Rita Bhabhi are very positive to start swinging again.

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