I am a Keralite and had been working in the Capital City of Delhi at the start of my career. I was sharing a flat with some bachelors . During this time , I was offered the post of a personal assistant to the Marketing Manager of a private company at Faridabad , a satelite town ship situated some twenty kilometeres away from Delhi.As I had very good prospects and a sizeable hike in my emoluments , I had decided to take up the new assignment . But as the office situated in the factory itself , it was difficult for me to report for my duties , which started from 8.30 A.M on wards while staying in Delhi . As such I wanted to shift to Faridabad for the smooth performance of my duties. 

I didn’t had much friends at Faridabad . Hence I requested a colleague of my department to help me to find a suitable accomodation . He was a local resident. He invited me to share his flat which was situated just one kilometer away from the office . As I had no other options , I had to accept his offer. 

This gentleman – Ranbir Singh Rathore – who hailed from Rajasthan was living there with his wife Meera and a child of below two years. He allowed me to live there till such time I find an accomodation according to my satisfaction . He and his wife were quite cordial with me and though I was not willing to have food with them , I had to concede to their request . Hence , I became their paying guest and gradually , I slowed down my search to find another accomodation because I had established an intimate relation ship with them within no time. 

Rathore was the only son and eldest of his parrents . He had to marry off four sisters besides the responsibility of running the family. His earnings were very low compared to me . So apart from his office duties , he used to give tution to primary class students and always reached his residence very late. He used to give a particular amount every month to his wife whom I started to call Bhabi and she had to see that the monthly expenses are fully met with it. Slowly , I too had realised their problems and apart from the monthly amount I used to give , I started bringing vegetables , fruits , Non Veg . items etc on my own . Bhabi initially was reluctant to accept them and I had to compell her . Gradually , she started requesting me to bring some petty things , groceries etc . 

Meera bhabi was a well built lady with wheatish complexion and was the proud possesser of a pair of big round breasts and buttocks . She was a very beautiful lady also . From the time I started to live with them , she took very much care to look after me . She always used to ask me about the taste of food prepared by her . She used to wash all my clothes and iron them . Very soon , we became very close and I taught her how to prepare South Indian dishes . She was particularly impressed with Dosais and Sambar and very soon started to cook them on Sundays – The weekly holidays. 

As Rathore used to arrive late after the tutions , myself along with Bhabi used to chat for long. I came to know that she has passed her twelth standard and has got certificate in sewing and knitting . She too used to ask about my family setup in Kerala . Our chats extended till the arrival of Rathore around 9.00 O’ clock. 

As I got more close to Bhabi , my desires about her started to arise . She and Rathore were never a matching pair . Rathore was never strict about his dresses and always used to chew Gutka ( Tobacco )like a country man . Where as Bhabi was always keeping neat and clean with the limited quantity of cheap dresses and cosmietics she could afford . I understood this very soon and included costly beauty soaps , shampoos , nail polish , talcom powder and such other luxury items in my purchases . Rathore never intervened in house hold affairs and never questioned about the source of purchase of all these luxury items .Bhabi became more and more beautiful and sexy with the use of these cosmetics and my desire towards her increased day by day . But I couldn’t read her mind . Hence , I started to stare at her big boobs and her body while chatting. Initially she didn’t mind it at all . But slowly she started blushing . When she used to awoke me with my bed tea whilie bending towards my bed , I could see the cleavage and a good portion of her soft breasts and I used to stare at them without any shame . But she never complained or protested and used to return to her duties biting her lips. 

As my desire for her became uncontrollable , I started to achieve my goal . I started bringing porn story periodicals like – ADHIRATH – written in Hindi though I couldn’t read it because of my language problem . I left them casually in my bed when I went for my duties and found that they were kept safely by bhabi . It was evident that she had gone through them . It was an encouraging sign for me and I continued this . I felt envy towards Rathore for sleeping with her and even thought for a while to drug every one and go to bhabi’s bed in the night . But when they bolt their room from their side , I had to release big sighs thinking of the luck of Rathore . On hearing the noises of a iron folding bed from the other room I used to masturbate imaging the scene going on there with bhabi as the centrepoint. 

Any how , I didn’t have to wait more . After the succesful completion of my probationary period , my services were confirmed . As per usual practice , I gave a party to the colleagues of my department . I came to know from somebody that Rathore has the habit of drinking heavily if he gets free liquor . Hence I decided to celebrate the occation at our residence also . On a saturday , I asked Rathore to come early and bought a bottle of a foreign liquor along with two bottles of light beer and chicken . Bhabi prepared the chicken very tastily and also prepared some pakoras and channa to make the party a grand one . 

We started the party around 9 O’ clock and Rathore started to drink heavily . I kept myself to the minumum and even succeeded in getting bhabi drink two glasses of beer . Rathore became out of control very soon and he fell on to the tea poy un concious . He was to be carried to his bed and bhabi requested for my help . I knew that my time has come . Both me and bhabi put a hand each of Rathore on our shoulders and led him to their room . He lyed on the bed without any care in the world . Bhabi was arranging his clothes and make him lay properly . I couldn’t control the sight of her breasts hanging like two pappayas and struggling to get out of her kameez. 
I stood on her backside and hugged her tightly and cupped her breasts . Bhabi stood there dazed . Probably , it could be the first time some one else touching her private parts . I was thrilled to taste her soft breasts . I wanted to make her arouse to co.operate with me . I started squeezing both her breasts . Now bhahi stood erect . I kissed on the back of her neck and moved my lips all over the uncovered portion of her body . I felt she was getting horripilation.It was an encouraging sign for me . I slowly sat on the folding bed and made her sit on my lap . She obeyed ; but didn’t react . I started kissing on her cheeks and lips . My lips came down to her neck and cleavage . I opened the buttons of her kameez and inserted my hand inside. Her bra was very tight and I couldn’t get an easy entry . As such, I started to remove her kameez . But bhabi stopped me and said that we should go to our room . She switched off the light and closed the room without bolting it and followed me to my bed room. 

I was in full heaven then . My long cherished dreams were going to be fulfiled . As soon as bhahi sat on the bed adjoining me , I hugged her tightly and within no time deprived her off her kameez and bra . The big soft breasts were crushed by my hands . I started pulling the stiffened nipples . I continued kissing all over her body . I untied the knot of her salwar and pulled down her panties through her legs . 

It was the first time , I was able to touch the pussy of a grown up woman . I fondled it with the mentality of a child playing with a doll .I showered endless kisses on it and inserted my toung in it . It was wet and tasted salty . By that time bhabi also had undressed me and her lips were travelling through the thick hairs grown on my chest . Her hands went in search of my iron rod like cock and started fondling my balls . All of a sudden , she turned in a semicircle style and her head went in between my thighs . She took my balls in her mouth and started sucking it with her juicy toung . Oh ! what a pleasure ! Then she concentrated on my cock and kissed on the big head . Then she guided it to her mouth and started sucking the colourless oily liquid which already had started oozing . 

I felt as if I was flying high to the heaven using two wings . Bhabi’s soft juicy toung was spiralling my cock like a spring . As my pleasre increased no bounds , I went for her clitoris and sucked it very hard . The honey oozing out of it seemed very tasty then . As she was getting heavenly pleasures , she too matched me in fondling my cock and I cummed continuously to her mouth . She didn’t take her mouth away and licked and drunk the honey to its last drop. 

Though I had the first orgasm , my cock was still iron hard . We started kissing each other pationately and inserted the toung to each other’s mouth and sucked the juicy toung each other . 

Before long both of us arouse again . This time bhabi climbed over me and sat on my cock. My big cock was fully enveloped in her warm wet pussy . It was the first time that my cock was entering into a pussy and my pleasures went high sky bound . Bhabi started her sychronised movements while I lyed on my back . Her big breasts were banging on my chest with her movements . I started squeezing one and took the nipple of the other one and sucked it hard . As she was still brest feeding her baby , I could taste her sweet milk and I continued sucking hard and drinking . With one hand I pressed her buttersoft buttocks . I could feel bhabi’s climax several times as her hot juices flowed through my cock but I didn’t peacked still . 

After some time she became very tired and asked me to climb over her and complete the play . The beer I consumed was doing wonders on me and I couldn’t climax . Bhabi tried all her tricks while lying on her back . But still I didn’t peak. Hence she changed her position to doggie style and asked me to insert my cock into her pussy from the back . This style suited me well since now I could force into a more tight pussy . 
I squeezed her breasts from behind and thrust foreward . My balls were banging on her ass . And when the pleasure increased I accelerated like a machine and cummed into her pussy like a water fall . Both of us were tired well and we slept there for a while hugging each other . Somewhere in the midnight , I arouse again and this time she guided my cock into her ass hole . I enjoyed this style better than the other because my cock was encirlced from all sides and the tightness was more pleasurable . That time I didn’t prolong my cumming . I only remember that after that , both of us fell into my bed and nothing more. 

When I was woked up it was past 11 O’ clock . I didn’t know when bhabi had woke up. She had brought my morning tea . Her face was blushed . I extended my hand to cup her breast hanging just above my face . But she stopped me by blinking her eyes . Rathore hadn’t awaken still. 

Hence , the passage to have sex with bhabi became clear . But as Rathore stayed at home , it was difficult for our free dealings . It was dangerous for bhabi to come to my room while sleeping with Rathore . Hence I had to look for some ways to get him away . 

As I used to prepare tour programmes for the staff along with my boss , I started giving tours lasting two three days to Rathore . He was also happy to go on tour that he can make some extra money with it . He continued his tutions on holidays only . In his absence , I and bhabhi enjoyed our new life as two newly married couples. We used to sleep together on such days . I spent lavishly on her to fulfil all of her demands like food items , sweets , dresses , cosmetics and costumes . 

But there should be an end to all happiness . After the passage of about six months bhabi disclosed me that she hasn’t got her monthly period and it is already late by two weeks . She was sure that she has got conceived and the father of her child was none other than me . Though , Rathore will take up the responsibility officially , she didn’t like our child to call Rathore Papa and we should elope to some other place . I was totally shocked to hear all this. Never in my mind I had decided to live with bhabi as my wife . I will never get the consent from my parents .Also, I had a lot of ambitions in my life. But I didn’t reveal all these to her . I consoled her that I will search for a job at another place and will take her as soon as I get settled there . Fortunately ,one of my cousins working in Bombay in a similar position at that time was looking for a replacement for his post since he was contemplaing to take over a job in the Gulf countries . I grabbed the chance with both hands and told every body that I was shifting to Madras which is nearer to our home town . I repeated to bhabi that I will be back within a month and to get ready to come with me . But I never had any communication with her thereafter . 

To day I am well settled in the Gulf countries thanks to my cousin brother who had arranged for my visa . But one thing still pinches me and haunts me always . My first issue – only God knows whether it is a boy or a girl – may be living with its limited pleasures in some corner of India . Can I say it is my child ? It should be . Because only mothers can say who the real father of a child is. I am sure if the child knows about his real father one day – from the only source – from its mother – he / she will never pardon me

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