Sweet time my my friend

I am 26 yrs old and staying at Hyderabad. Its true story in my life.
When I went to my friends sister marriage for a 15 days to help him in his family a lot of girls all r teens and beautiful and sexy one of which was Rita she was around 23 years a cousin to friend she was very sexy with very big boobs with a cat eyes.
From the very first day I saw her I wanted to enjoy with her those 15 days. On that day I saw her raiding a cycle I got an idea and went near her and said why don’t u learn a TVS PEP and drive she ask me can u help me in that. I am looking for that only I thought in mind and said me ok why not do u have pep I ask she said my fathers ok we both went to her home she ask her father that ambrish will help me in drive u r pep her father call me and ask me many questions and then he gave me the keys of pep and told u can use it for till u return to u r home I said thanks to her father and took of the pep from their I drive she sit back to me I slip a little bit back and ask her to hold me tight because She hold me from my waist and this time her boobs are punching me from my back. I make some movement so that her boobs can make contact with me at different angles. After a wile I decided to let her drive I stop the pep on the road and I ask her to come front she came to drive the pep now I got the chance first I hold her hands and let her drive by this time my dick is touching to her back I am enjoying this a lot
But this time we came to my friends home and I took the keys from her and she went to help in home in marriage work I could not controlled my self and wanted to do some think extra next time on next day early in morning when I got up she came to me and ask me come for drive early in morning their will be no traffic we can go for a long drive to learn more I thought its good to do more. I drive till petrol pump and then had a break fast at 7 am and went for a long drive temple mountain in their know as narashima kondai I sat back hold her waist tight pressing my dick to words her back she never told any thing to me r try to stop me by this I slowly move my hands to her breast I first touch her border of her breast I got like shivering I slowly gather some courage and I slowly move my hands up and hold her breast its heavenly moment for me this was the first time I hold a breast in my hands but from this I wanted to do more and I told her to stop the pep near tree shadow she stop the pep and I got down went for fresh up my self she was watching me I acted like a shy and after a couple hours we return home and I got busy in work for a hole day with her to go out to buy some rashan for marriage. we both got close to each other with in few days. it was very big farmhouse we all sleep in hall around 1 am at night I got wet dream and I got up I rush to bath room holding my cock in my hands suddenly I saw rita was coming from bath room she saw me holding my cock in my hands it leaking its clearly seen from Wight cloths she Smiled went to hall after cleaing my private part I came to sleep rita is still Waking and loafing I came near to her I ask her not to make me any kind of jokes please we both had family chat with her sleep next day same we went for drive for couple of hours after few days in night I did got a sleep till late I went to terrace its very cool their a small room made with coconut leaves it was very beautiful place I sat their mean will rita came to me and told that she was in pain in hole body and could not sleep and she slowly came to me and kissed on my cheek and went down a sit near stairs I look her with a series face she told me sorry I will not do this again please forgive me. I saw her tears break out from her eyes. I smile at her and kiss her red lips holding her head smoothly I never kiss any girl before this then we both went on terrace I kiss her a lot at that night and after that we got a sleep went ever we got time we kiss each other on that night what happened I cont describe it was my first fuck we both new to it we both don’t know what to do.
She came to terrace I first started kissing her lip to lip for 10 to 15 mints after that I slowly removed her dress mean wile she also removed my kameez I slowly un hook her bra we both naked from top to my surprise there are big booooobs waiting for my suck I suck a lot and I ask her do u want to see my cock she hesitated and told no I will not I took her hand near my pant she ran away till the door stood their keeping her arms on her breast with shy in a very sexy style I unzip my pant and remove my cock by seeing my cock she ran towards me and hold my cock in her hands and she told me I never imagine that I will do such things in this age before marriage I remove her shalwar her pussy was very wet at that time I got ready to fuck her I told her to bend front like doggy I try to insert my cock in her virgin I got nervures and I failed to do it but the time will not wait for us so we have go for sleep also its was almost 5am its time to wake up so we go to bed before other get up .
And the day came on marriage day all r busy in their work all r getting ready rita is busy in boiling water for others for bath to go for marriage one by one all r going to marriage hall its too far from home its nearly 30 kmts all r going by vehicles 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers rita and my self waiting to have a sex for some time she is making late to ready her self and me too my friend told why r u so late make it fast dear lets to marriage hall quickly its almost 4 hours left but girls side means they have to be first their make all arrangements so all are running to marriage hall mean wile the came to house all r ready except we both I told we both come by pep before time u may go I told don’t wait for us first go and make arrangements and we will arrange the brides bed room and come in time if u want any thing required just ring to me before we leave we can check it I told them they all went in bus to marriage hall we both r in home we search all the home first any one left in their no one left their I lock the main door and enter in brides bed room first we both make shobanam on this new bed after that they will do we both enter in the room she went in attach bath room in that room to fresh up her self and I don’t want to waste time so I removed my all cloths and sit on edged of the bed holding my cock in my hands she came out naked from bath room and run to words to me and jump on me I was so happy at that time I cont explain its my experience now I don’t want to try doggy style so I laid her on bed first and I sat in between her legs holding her Thais in my hands I slowly enter my cock in her virgin its was so hard to enter she also cried out with pain but slowly we make it now I make some moment up and down slowly for a wile and stop because I feel like discharge so I stop for a second then started with more force and then I removed my cock and make her doggy style she now got courage so she hold my cock in her hands and kept it in her virgin we both enjoyed for a 10 to 12 mints then again I removed my cock I told her to sit on me she hold my cock enter it in her virgin she enjoyed a lot and she said I cont controlled please ambrish fuck me fast with more power like 1000wts current I fuck she told that its coming out iam going to discharge my Wight
I cont controlled she fall on my chest for a wile and I make her up and down now its my tern to discharge I fuck her fast and fast but I cont and I fall on her breast she hold me with in her arms she told I never forget this day in my life u r too hot dear will u marry me r u leave me like this I cont leave with out u please marry me soon ambrish she told I got up and saw Wight is coming from her virgin I hold her dress and put it down I clean the wight coming out from her virgin and we both had a bath together and decorated the room and we both went to marriage in time and after two days I came to hyderabad before leaving her she craied a lot not to leave me live that I will die with out u and I came to hyderabad now she got married to my friend and we have same relationship with each other till this day and she got a son from me.
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