Sweet Daddy [english]

From my childhood, I was a beautiful girl and my neighbours loved me. As soon as I entered to my teenage, I started getting remarks by the boys of my age and some seniors too. I started to keep myself neat and tidy and bit stylish too. In the college, I got a number of love letters from the boys, but I didn’t listen to any of them. I thought my beautifulness could find more handsome and wealthier boys than my colleagues at college. When I reached to 18 years, I started to have sexual feeling. But I did not give my body to anybody instead I started masturbating. I used to use my fingers most of the time and long vegetables and fruits (like carrots and banana). I had developed the habit of eating those carrots and bananas after fucking myself. They would be tastier with my own pussy juice. I was satisfying my sexual urge by masturbating daily and I didn’t care about the boys. But I used to show my body to them. I used to wear some skimpy outfits and transparent fibres. I had (and still I have) a nice figure of 32 25 37. I am 5’6’’ tall. All this would definitely made the boys mad of me. I am sure. My sexual urge even increased when I saw my parents on bed once. It was an accident actually. I was going to the kitchen to take some water at around 11 in the night. When I was passing from my parents’ room, I slipped on the floor. As a result, the door was pushed and opened. They hadn’t locked it from inside. I was stunned to see the scene inside. My parents were completely naked, and dad was licking mom’s pussy. “What happened?” Mom asked me as soon as I fell to the floor of their room.“I slipped on the passage. I am sorry,” I said. Dad had stopped licking by that time and mom was trying to cover her body with the blanket nearby. But I noticed that she had shaven her pussy nicely.“Are you okay now?” dad said but did not show his dick as he was lying on his chest. “I am okay”. I said and went out of the room shutting the door behind me.I forgot that I was thirsty and I went to my bedroom. That scene completely disturbed me. I lied down on the bed but could not sleep. I was just recapturing the scene I had just seen. Since there was not any banana or carrot, I used my fingers for masturbation and that day I masturbated very hard, for a long time. I did not know what time I slept.That incident completely changed my habit. I was 19 years by then and finished my high college. I admitted in one of the colleges and used to go to the college everyday. But the scene that I saw was there in my mind and I developed the habit of peeping in my parents’ room in the night. I was still virgin, in the sense that I hadn’t taken any dick in my pussy so far. I was very eager to see my dad’s dick as I didn’t see it while he was fucking my mom. I think I saw it 2 or 3 times but not very clearly. But I used to see my mom’s pussy almost everyday. I used to peep their act through the keyhole. My parents were too sexy in the sense that they fucked almost everyday. Even during her period, mom used tampons and allowed dad to fuck her rear end. And sometimes dad fucked her wearing condom to prevent him from infection with her blood during periods.Before this incident, I used t masturbate just for fun and pleasure, but after this I started fantasizing about the males on top of me. I used to dream many wealthier people and actors in the film industry while masturbating. I used to discharge a lot of pussy juice while masturbating fantasizing about the film actors. After this scene I started masturbating twice daily – in the night at bed and in the morning in the bathroom. And many times I had masturbated right in front of my parent’s door seeing them through keyhole.Now here comes the real story. One morning I started my usual masturbation – standing in the bathroom. Before this, I took all the clothes off and became naked and shaved my pussy cleanly. I forgot to mention that I started shaving my pussy after seeing my mom’s. Well, on that day, I forgot to lock the bathroom door; even I didn’t realize it while shitting, shaving and brushing the teeth. I had kept my eyes closed and I was fucking my pussy fiercely with my index and middle fingers. I was just about to cum; suddenly the bathroom door was opened. I was so scared that I was shivering realizing my situation. It was my dad, who came to pee, I guess. He had wrapped his lower part by a towel and nothing on the top. I lowered my eyes and covered my pussy with my both hands.“What the hell are you doing here?” He asked boldly. I kept quiet, looking for something to cover my body.“Okay, then you were masturbating. When did you catch this habit? I thought my daughter was still a child.” He said, “But now you are grown up, hunnnnn…………….”I was too afraid to say anything. I found one towel to wrap but dad came closer to me and said, “Don’t worry baby, this is the natural thing that you were doing. Every individual does it in his or her young age. There is no need to feel bad about it.”I was still dumb, lowering the eyes and shivering with fear. “Come on baby, let me examine how much are you grown.” Saying this he came very close to me and pulled the towel off from my body. I became nude again – standing in front of dad.“Let the daddy see your nice body and check whether dad can do something”. He said and grabbed one of my boobs.“Oh it is so nice, I didn’t know that you have these firm nice boobs.” He said and started sucking like a child. Oh my god! On one hand I feared with this act and on other hand I was enjoying, all my body was just under the current. Dad slowly moved his hands to my pussy.“Oh my baby has shaved it, nice” He said and inserted his one finger inside it. It was my first time to insert someone else’s finger in my pussy. A lot of juice came out of it. Dad moved his mouth to it and drank my juice, and then slowly he started eating my clit. I was in the seventh heaven now. I was feeling too pleasure and pushing dad’s head towards my pussy. He teased my pussy a lot by his tongue.“Come baby, let me taste you now” Saying this he left sucking pussy and threw the towel on the floor. I, for the first time, saw his massive dick clearly. It was too long and thick. I was wondering how mom was bearing this for so long and how I am going to bear it inside my pussy.“But dad, mom?” I asked.“Don’t worry about your mom. I had just fucked her and she is sleeping like a log. She won’t wake up for another 2 hours”. He said and hugged me. Thanks god, it was Saturday.Now his dick was touching my crotch. The feeling of fucking with own father was giving me a lot of excitement and I was little bit worried about the mom. Soon dad asked me to bend and asked me to put my hands on the commode seat. I did the same and he started pushing his dick inside my pussy from behind.“No……………………” I screamed of pain as he gave a big push.“Don’t worry baby, this pain doesn’t last for long. You will soon be enjoying dad’s dick which made you 17 years ago.” He continued fucking. Now I was enjoying and asking for more. He fucked me for more than 30 minutes and I think I came 3 or 4 times. Really it was very nice.After he came into my pussy, he asked me about my periods. I told him that that was my 7th day. Dad was assured and asked me to take care on 9th to 20th day. He hugged me and kissed me on my lips. We played with each other’s tongue for sometime and dad went out. I locked the door and recalled the things that were just happened to me. I was no more virgin now and no one but my own dad took it from me. My pussy was still sore and I was feeling to pee. The warm pee burnt the sore area. But I had to tolerate. I took shower and came out of the bathroom. Mom had just woken up and was in the kitchen. I went to the room and changed the clothes. As my pussy was paining, I was not able to walk properly. In the kitchen mom asked me about my unusual walking but I told that I had some pain in my legs. After this incident, dad was looking for every opportunity to bang my pussy. I was a kind f slave to him as he is too good in fucking. By this time, he has fucked me many times (almost everyday). We have tried in all three holes (pussy, mouth and asshole). Once when mom had gone to her parents for a week, and that was the most memorable period in our lives. My dad took leave from his office and we spent almost all time in the house. A couple of times we went for some outings otherwise, we stayed inside naked, fucking as many times as we wanted. During this period, all nights I slept on top of my dad but in the opposite direction, so that dad could lick my pussy or asshole and I could suck his dick the whole night. When mom came back, we were normal and took other opportunity to fuck. But still we fuck everyday. Mom has caught us kissing a couple of times but she thinks that this is a fatherly love of my dad to his daughter. Poor mom…………….can she tolerate that her dick had been shared to her own daughter?

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