I am Madhav 24 yrs  and must add possess athletic body because I have been involved in Tennis since age of 8 years. The incident I am going to share is my first experience with Sushmita aunty about 2 years back. I had just passed my B.E exams and even a little cleavage show used to give me kicks. It began with marriage ceremony of my first cousin Deepa and her maternal aunty, Sushmita aunty was settled in France and had come to India for her marriage. She was around 30 – 32 years but looked like in her late twenties and had attitude of a teenager.
She along with few other guests were booked in a hotel very near to airport while marriage was to be solemnized from a place, about 15 min drive from the hotel. The first day she struck a good rapport with me and became quite friendly and after sangeet ceremony she refused to go by car to hotel and said I would prefer Kameshs bike and see around rather than a boring car . I was asked by my parents to oblige her. I felt great, but apparently showed that I wanted to stay back. Just after the first turn from our residence, she sat glued with me. I felt her boobs pressing my back and she held me tight.
She whispered which was barely audible because of helmet to take a circuitous route so that she can enjoy the bike ride I nodded and then felt she was rubbing her boobs on my back and her both hands were inches away from my lund, over my crotch. A shiver went down my spine and I had tough time controlling the bike. I could faintly hear her giggling as her hands further came closer to my, by now, erect lund. She blew hot air from her mouth over my neck and I felt like stopping the bike and fucking her there only. She played around like this, tingling me here and there till we reached her hotel.
Her hands brushed over my lund giving it a gentle squeeze as she got down from the bike and said Oh Madhav and it was wonderful I hope you too enjoyed . She smiled seductively at me and then added, Its late today, you better return or your parents will start worrying. I looked at her with hunger in my eyes and removed my helmet. She giggled again and made it look accidental, as she gently touched my rock hard lund and said, sweet dreams, Madhav . I could not gather courage to say anything to her and watched her moving inside the lobby of the hotel. I shagged thinking about the feeling.
Next day from morning till late in the evening Sush aunty allowed me to brush her soft supple boobs and coyly pressed her ass against my hard on when ever oppurtunity presented. At 11 p.m she slyly arranged the things and we went off on my bike and I informed my parents that I would be going back directly to our house. I got spare keys from my father and asked him Papa kab tak aap aaoege . He said, tere tau aaj yahin rukne ke liye bole, tu jaa aur Maami ko drop karke seedhe ghar jaana . I nodded and drove away.
She slided her left hand inside my T shirt playing with my nipples whereas her right hand kept on pressing my hot lund She kept on mumbling, oh boy, you are so hot ummmm you got good girth hmmmmmmm I would like to kissss ittttt babyyyyyy ummmmmmm. I never knew boys nipples could also give so much of fun. I just groaned as she tweaked my nipples. I also felt like bursting out my love juices in side my jockeys. I somehow managed to reach the hotel. There was some party going on in the lawn of that hotel and lots of people were moving in and out.
Sush aunty while getting down said you know my room I will go to reception and take the keys and you come to my room from Lawn side. I was excited and nodded. I found my way out of the lawn and used the interconnection and approached the room. None of hotel staff could mark it out and within another 10 min I was inside the room. Sush aunty seductively smiled and asked pehli baar hai naa . I just smiled and nodded. She giggled and asked pehle kabhi dekha hai ki woh bhi nahi . I just gulped with my heart racing.
She came very near to me and whispered Sharmaa mat tu bhi jaanta hai ki tu yahan kyon aaya aur main bhi isliye bol. She stood over her toes, held my head with both hand and outlined my lips with her hot tongue. I stood still like a rock and she commented, yaar, pakad to sahi, you must have seen lots of kissing in movies . I held her waist as she probed my lips and soon instinctively I started to suck her pouty lips. As my confidence grew, my hands went over her ass, squeezing it and pulling her towards me.
She broke the liplock and said few things we learn instinctively and i kept mum and tried to kiss her and he pushed me over that huge double bed and said, jaldi kya hai, we have got time . I spoke for the first time and said, aunty please…. It seems I will die. She threw herself over me and kissed me and said, bachha, is kaam ko jaldi jaldi nahi karte, slowly slowly aag lagao, phir us heat mein slowly slowly khud ko tapao and then rip me apart . I could not stop a laugh and said, aunty, yeh sab toh kapade utaar kar bhi ho sakta hai . She commented, no darling, you just repeat what I do to you and you will learn.
She then licked my face while her hands kept on caressing my lund from over the jeans and her hot saliva felt good and my face was soaked with her saliva. She had unzipped my jeans and her hand was playing with my lund which wass trapped inside my jockey. It was too much for me and I revolted, I pinned her down and in one stroke removed her saree pallu and buried my face inside her cleavage, licking her boobs.
She made sounds which propelled me further and i sat on my knees beside her and in one stroke removed my T shirt and pounced on her. The skin to skin was very pleasant and I rubbed my top half over her. She caressed by bare back and asked me to calm down ufffff aaahhhh ummm kaamessssshhh, slowwwlyy oooohhhh but her tone incited me further. I kept on kissing and licking her neck and boobs when she trying to calm me down, in fact suggested to me, aaahhhh madhavvvv pleasse dheeereee babyyyy, joossshhh mein ummmm aaahhh blousseee pleeeaseee maatttt phaaaddd ddeeenaaaa oooouccchhh katooooo maaattttt sabkoooo dikheeeegaaa aahhh.
I raised my head and I was mad with lust and i wanted to see her and love her entire body and i squeezed her boobs and said aunty yeh blousee to gayaaa and charrrrr sound filled the room. I had pulled hard her blouse and one hook behaved like a obstinate and her blouse was torn open. Her milky white skin with a black bra looked heavenly. The cupped two huge mounds. I kissed her as she expressed her annoyance, thiiss is the problem with youngsters, they never behave . My hands went over to her shoulders and pulled down the bra straps till the swollen brown nipples invited me to suck them.
I started to suck them and Sush aunty moaned aaahhhhh this is the best thing you youngstersss ummmm nibbleeee ittttt ooohhhh myyy goddddddd yesssss kamesshh gentlyyyy hmmmmmmmmm, rollll itttttt darlinnnnggg wothhh youur tongueeee aaahhh yessssssss ummmmm uffffff madhavvv youuuu areeee gooodddddd . My tongue lapped her entire nipples and it felt good. I then gradually licked her entire stomach and then twisted her so that I could lick and feel her back. Her moans acted like a catalysis and I kissed her.
I then removed my jeans while continuing to play with her and once I was nude I stroked my lund and made her to touch it. I had managed to pull up her saree and was caressing her thighs when she again started saying go slow. Here I had a rock hard lund and she was asking me to slow down. I force fully removed her saree and peticot amidst her protests. I could not stop myself to lick her legs and thighs. She didnt have a single hair over her body and I went mad. She moaned and said, pleeeaseee madhavvv suckkk meeeee ohhhh noooooo pleeeaseee abhiiii matttt daloooo . I had enough and was pounding but could not manage to hit the right spot to enter her.
She said, aaahhh ummmmm yahaaaan nahiiin uffff pleeeaseeee waitttttttt but my lund was franatically looking for her love hole and finally I succeeded and it was so hot that I felt I would melt. Her reaction was, oooogghhhhh aaahhhhhhh, karroooo apneeeee hii mannn ki, daaallll diyyyaaaa tohhhhh ummmmm kaaarrrraaaaoooo. It felt soooo very goood as my lund went deeper and deeper inside her. I was in seventh heaven and it it was more pleasurable when instinctively I withdrew a little slowly, fearing it would come out totall and then rammed it with force. She shreiked, aaaahhhhgghhh ummmmm . She said, keepppp onnn gggoiinggg baabbbyyyy ittts gooooodddd ooohhhh goodddddd, aaauuurrr jjjjooorrrr ssseee kaaroo .
I was encouraged and I slowly pulled out a little more next time and rammed her and her boobs bounced at my thrust and she swinged her head in pleasure and moaned. With every stroke I was pulling out more and more till I kept the toppa(head of lund) inside, remaining about 6″ out and rammed her. I learnt by how much I have to raise my hips to extract full pleasure. She then asked me to put both her legs over my shoulder and pound her. I did as instructed and licked her legs and kept on pouncing on her. I could sense that peculiar itching on my lund ( from masterbation experience ) growing and my speed increased manifolds.
The erotic sight of her lovely boobs bouncing and she swinging her head wildly and moaning uffff unnnnnmmmmmm aaaahhhhh hmmmmmm oooohhhh aaahhhh and in between biting her own lips and licking her own arms made me mad with pleasure. I licked her feet and then I gave her the most powerful stroke, I grinded my pelvic against her and began erupting. She must have felt it and said, , rukoooooo mattttt pleassseeee karoooooo. I kept on pumping her and I discharged fully inside her. She was wriggling her ass upside. I was done but she wanted more. My lund was still erect but I felt tired and slumped besides her.
She came over me felt the hardness and I saw it vanishing inside her and i felt as if her choot was squeezing my lund as she pounded me. She held my shoulder and would never forget her contorted face, open mouthed with saliva dripping down over my face as she continued with her strokes and I felt hot liquid passing through my lund and dripping down to my balls. She grunted, as she sat on me fondling her own boobs with eyes closed and grinding her choot over my lund. I felt wetness all over my pubic hairs. She asked me to get up and suck her nipples. I sucked her nipples and she kept on grinding her choot slowly.
My lund had then started to shrink gradually and even when it was totally out She continued to rub her choot over my pubic hairs. We then collapsed and she asked, maazaa aaata hai naa .Later i fucked her in her ass.
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