Sunita extramarital sex with friends husband

Hello readers. My name is Sunita (an adopted name here) and I am 26 years and married. I had been reading with interest the stories on HD so thought that I too share one of my experience when I had an extramarital sex with the husband of my friend. Before I start with the story let me tell you about myself. I got married a couple of years back and live in Delhi.
I am 5-3 in height with short hairs falling up to my shoulders. My colour is quite fair and my statistics are 34-27-35. My friends always called me a fitness freak. I had always been doing swimming since my college days and then later started yoga to keep me fit when my swimming sessions were reduced.
My regular visits to my beauty parlour for body perfection always made me look young and attractive. Now I must get back to the story and not waste your time in these details. Once I had to go to the market to do some shopping for myself. My husband had dropped me to the market while going to his office I was supposed to take a cab back home after I was through.
It was a hectic shopping and I was tired by the time it was done. One thing I always hate of Delhi is the poor transport system. I was unable to get a cab back and I was just standing on the road waiting for one who was willing to go that way. Though it was not so hot but standing on the road waiting for a cab was making me really bad.
Just then a big car stopped right in front of me and the driver rolled down the window and I was surprised to see it was Rajan (an adopted name again), the very old and a good friend of my husband since his college days. To give a few lines description about him, he was a tall man almost six and very strong and athletic built. He was a regular player of squash at the club.

Anyway, he smiled and said hello and asked what I was doing there. I was not in such a happy mood and replied that what did he think I was doing on the road with shopping bags in my hands and hailing cabs. He felt a bit embarrassed and asked me to come over inside the car and he would drop me home if I was going there as he too was going that way.
As the cars were piling up behind him and I did not want to waste more time and hear people;s shouting, I just threw my bags on the rear seat and got in by his side. The cool air from the air conditioner was a great relief. He shifted the car in drive mode and the car moved ahead without any sound heard from inside.
As we drove out of the busy road, he smiling gave me a a long and deep look and asked as to what I had been buying. I replied that since a few functions were to be attended shortly so I needed some sarees and dresses for myself. He smiled and giving me a rather mysterious stare and after perhaps thinking something said,
“yes Sunita, you look terrific in a saree, your figure is perfect for it, though you look amazing in jeans and salwar suits too that you normally wear. I still remember you when we all met at a function of a common friend last month. You looked sensational in your black and silver saree and every one there was willing to be with you and pamper”
I don’t know why but this sudden compliment from a person other than my husband gave me a strange feeling of excitement. I wanted him to say more but he did not say anything further. I did not want to close the conversation here so I poked him and asked what did he wanted? He gave out a soft laughter and sighed before saying, “I too wanted to be with you and take you away from everyone.
But dont take me otherwisely, you were looking sensational that day.” The complements from Rajan was really making my day, for a while it was turning me on. After a while he suddenly asked, “Sunita tell me one thing, did you have a boyfriend in your college days? now dont say no as I dont think a girl as beautiful and smart like you had no line of boys running after her.”
I gave out a small laughter and said, “unfortunately Rajan I did not have any boyfriend before college or after. Poor of me isn’t it?” He said, “you want me to believe that?” I said, “no other option but you have to”., he just smiled after giving me another long stare and kept on driving. After a few minutes of silence, he again asked,
“Sunita was it that you never wanted a boyfriend or you just could not have one because of some fear or that?” His question had suddenly brought some old memories back to me and took me to my college days where I did have a boyfriend and we were close too. Though I had given my virginity to my husband, still my boyfriend had done everything apart from stripping our clothes and putting it inside.
But I was not going to share this secret with him. He might have guessed the delicacy of his question so he said, “ok forget it Sunita, even if you had any I dont think there is anything wrong in it, after all you are a smart and a beautiful girl, men would be willing to go with you even now.” I too gave out a soft laughter but the memory of my boyfriend caressing and pinching my boobs and nipples started making me hot.
When I used to have sex with my husband he sometimes ask me to fantasise that I was having sex with someone else known to him, to give him a kick. A few times I had fantasised doing it with Rajan and truthfully, imagining doing it with a strongly built man like him, gave me an extra orgasm and enjoyment and an extra kick to my husband also.
But this always remained in my heart and I had never thought seriously about doing it actually with anyone else. But dont know why, this time the short conversation with Rajan was making me hot and wanting him or may be if he had made advances, I would not have resisted.
One of my friends who had had some extra marital affairs had told me the enjoyment with a person other than your hubby is always greater and you get orgasm after orgasm which you do not get otherwise. It seem to me that being with Rajan alone in his car and the sudden memory recall of my college days was taking me away from my morals.
But they all were feelings and thoughts only and far from reality. What I might think about, its not there for reality. Truthfully I had no intention of doing it. Soon we arrived at our home and Rajan stopped the car just beyond our house. I asked him to come inside but he said that he would rather go now.
Since he had taken the trouble to drop me home and I knew he must have gone out of his route to drop me here, this gesture was minimum. I asked him to come inside for a while just for a cup of coffee. He agreed and having parked his car and we both entered my house. Rajan when saw no one home, asked where were all the maid and servant I always kept?
I replied that the servant had taken a leave for a couple of days and the maid had already left and would not be here till late evening. Rajan came inside and I asked him to sit in the drawing room after I switched on the air conditioner and went inside my wash room to freshen myself. I washed my face and applied a light makeup to remove any sign of sweating I had while shopping.
Before coming out I applied some perfume too to make me more fresh and presentable. Rajan was just roaming about in the drawing room observing the books and paintings etc. He turned when I entered the room and I saw a look of great admiration in his eyes somehow I felt a ray of lust too in them. He said, “you are looking damn beautiful Sunita, really provoking.”
Feeling slightly embarrassed, I did not know what to reply so I just smiled but there was a sudden dryness in my throat. I asked him what he would like to have. “You” was his one word reply which for a moment made me dumbstruck as to what he really mean. He then smiled before adding, “for a company” and I gave out a loud laughter.
I brought two glasses of chilled juice and some salties and we both sat on a sofa sipping the drink and talking. The very fact that I was alone with Rajan in my home with no one to come for hours and we both sitting so closely was giving me a suffocating feeling and a knot in my guts. I was not sure if bringing him inside the home was a right thing to do or it was my mistake.
The memories of my college days with my boyfriend cuddling and pinching my boobs, my fantasies of having sex with Rajan when I was infact with my husband was proving to be too strong for me to stop myself thinking about what I wanted at the moment. It was one thing to think about having sex with some other person and a totally different thing actually doing it.
Still I was afraid to look in his eyes fearing that he would read what was going on in my mind. I had already lowered my eyes and did nothing except replying to him.. Our glasses were empty and Rajan asked if he could get a refill. I got up and walked towards the kitchen. I knew he was staring at my naked back potion below my blouse and also at my butts.
I could almost feel his glare boring inside me. As I was pouring the juice in his glass I had to bend forward to fill his glass, the pallu of my saree to opened a little but enough to reveal my cleavage and the top of my boobs. I saw Rajan having a good view of my assets under and over my blouse.
As I tried to settle my pallu to cover my boobs, my hand lost its balance and I spilled a little juice on his shirt. He got up immediately to clean it and I feeling most embarrassed couldn’t think of anything else and uttering my apologies for the sloppiness started to clean his shirt with my pallu which was the only cloth in my hand. I forgot that by doing so I had totally removed any cover over my blouse.
While cleaning his shirt I was standing so close to him that our bodies were almost touching. My attention was still on his shirt when I felt he taking me in his arms by encircling his hands around my back. May be the touch of our bodies had been too much for him to hold on to himself any longer. As I looked at him in shock and surprise, he bent over me and placed his lips over mine giving me a long kiss.
I was almost terrified and tried to get away but his grip was too strong for me to breat. His hug was getting tighter and his kisses over my lips, cheeks, throat and above my blouse was making me too weak to hold on. Still I said “no Rajan Bhaiya what are you doing, please stop and let me go” but he too had no control left over him.
He replied, “come on Sunita, I always wanted you, you are just too irresistable, I cant control myself any longer. Come on babe lets do it for once and satisfy our lust.” I was still trying to save myself and once again said, “please Rajan Bhaiya let me go, what you are doing is not proper. I am your best friend’s wife. Please leave me and we forget that you tried it.”
But he was now beyond any convincing. In my last attempt to break free I resisted a little more but he did not loosen his grip and rather said, “comeon Sunita, now dont feel shy or hesitant. I have seen it in your eyes, you need it, you want it babe. Come on lets enjoy no one would know this ever happened.”
His long and deep kisses finally made me surrender to him completely and I too opened my mouth to explore his tongue which he was already rolling inside mine. When he found that I had given up any resistance, he loosened his grip and still holding me sat on the sofa with me by his side in his arms.
He had taken his one arm around my back and holding me very close to him while he kept on kissing, biting and licking my face, my neck, my ear lobes and the portion above my blouse which showed the swell of my boobs. I was beyond caring now and was enjoying my fantasy turning true. It was a new experience for me and was really turning me on and making me hot.
Rajan had taken his one hand over my boobs and had started pressing it gently and searching for my nipples over my blouse. Having found them, he pinched them gently making me let out a soft moaning sound in excitement. I too had started rolling my hands on his thighs and in the process I felt a great bulge in his groin and I knew it was real big in there.
Rajan had started opening the hooks of my blouse and with one swift action with his other hand unhooked my bra strap. He removed the bra cups from over my boobs and moaned at the sight of my soft skin and dark pink nipples. He said, “Sunita, your figure is more exciting than my imaginations. How soft and silky your skin is.”
With this he took his mouth over them and started licking and sucking my nipples. The moment he started rolling his tongue over them, my nipples started getting erected and when Rajan was sucking them, I was unable to stop my moanings. Slowly his hand began to slide upwards from under my saree and reached my panties.
His fingers further slipped under the panties and started caressing my already wet pussy. The moment he touched the lips of my cunt I let out a loud moaning sound in sheer excitement. Slowly his fingers opened my pussy and entered the clitoris slowly and started exploring it deep inside. I was getting hotter and hotter and unable to control my moanings which were getting louder and louder.
Aaaaahhhhhhh…. aaaahhhhhhh…… rajannnnnn….. yesssss…. do it again….. please do it again my love….. yeahhhh…. kiss me rajan…. kiss me deep…… give me your tongue rajan… give me everything today….. take me rajan….. take me and fuck me hard….. aaaaahhhhh……. I wanted to explore his penis now and opened his fly to take it out.
But since he was sitting deep on a sofa I was unable to take it out from under his underwear. He too was perhaps feeling uncomfortable so he got up and almost carried me towards my bedroom where we could do it more easily. Before we lied down on the bed, I removed my saree which was becoming an obstruction now, my blouse and bra were already open and just hanging loose so I removed them too along with my panties.
While removing my clothes, I saw Rajan had already removed his shirt and my my what a broad shoulders and chest he had with small quantity of hair on it. He was in the process of removing his trousers and his undergarment and I was almost shocked to see such a monster penis. It was now fully erect and more than seven inch long and thick like a banana.
It was of light coffee colour with small hairs around it. Looking at it not only filled me with unknown excitement of taking such a penis inside but also fear that it would possibly pain a lot. My husband’s penis was smaller in comparison to Rajan’s in length and thickness. Slowly Rajan took me in his arms and our naked bodies meeting and touching for the first time.
I felt a shiver run all over my body. He made me lay on the bed and came just besides me and taking me in his arms, once again started kissing my lips. I too responded and took his tongue inside my mouth and started sucking it and tasting each other’s saliva. He had taken his one hand from under my shoulders and brought it over my boobs and started rubbing and pinching my boobs one by one.
With his other hand, he had taken it down towards my pussy and had once again put two fingers inside and started rubbing it slowly taking his fingers moving all over inside and vibrating my every sexually sensitive organ. He was making me give out loud moaning sounds and I wanted him to do it more and more.
Rajan by this time had slid down and he was now sucking my one boob, pinching other and rubbing my clit with his other hand. The whole room was echoing with my and Rajan’s moaning sounds. aaaaaahhhhh…… rajannnn…… love you rajan…. yess…. deeper…. take it deeper rajan…. yeahh yeahhhhhh….. aaaaaahhhhhhh…… aaaahhhhh….. please rajan take me….. take me now….. please I cant stand it…. take me now.
Rajan too was now giving out his loud moaning sounds. yes… sunita…. my love… I always wanted you…. I always wanted to fuck you sunita…. I will take you sunita…. I love you…. I love your pussy sunita….. I would eat it complete. With Rajan playing inside my pussy so vigorously I was crying out loud and I was unable to control myself now.
I badly needed his cock in me and I was now begging him to put it inside me. But he was still rubbing my clit with his fingers making me discharge my love juice repeatedly. please rajan…. take me now… put your cock inside me now….. I cant hold it now… I need it…. I need you inside me rajan… please do it now…. take me…. fuck me now rajan…. fuck your friend’s wife….
fuck your best friend’s wife rajan…. she is asking you to fuck her… please come inside me rajan… please come… I am begging you to fuck me now…. I cant stand it any more… I am coming….. I am coming rajan…. ohhhhh raaaaaajjjjjjjjjj please do it. Rajan now got up and made me spread my legs and took his mouth inside my clit.
With his tongue, he was now exploring my vagina and taking his tongue to the farthest depth. He was rolling his tongue so well and giving me so excitement that I was almost crying in pleasure. I had never felt such ecstasy in my life till now. My love juice was flowing from my pussy like a never ending stream and Rajan was sucking every drop of it.
He was rolling his tongue inside so expertly and in the process was rubbing my clitoris so softly that the moment it was touched it sent me into a new sexual frenzy. Finally he drained me not only of my energy but also of the love juice having drank every drop of it. He came around me and stood before me with his huge monster penis right in front of my face.
It was so big that I felt sorry that my husband’s penis seem to be so small. It looked like a huge banana over seven inches in length and nearly two inches thick. The very sight of it was giving me shivers as to how I would take it inside me but I knew this was the only chance I would have to experience such a monster.
The penis was rock hard and pointed towards my boobs and the moment I touched and stroked it with my fingers, it got harder and got a little more erection that it pointed towards my face. Rajan held it further taking it near to my mouth and said. “now its your turn bhabhi, suck it and give me pleasure as I did to you, take it and lick it babe.”
Slowly I touched his penis softly with my fingers and rolled my tips over it. The cool touch of my fingers made his penis get its maximum erection and now even the fine veins over it were visible easily in the dim light of the room. Slowly I bend forward and started kissing it softly and later started rolling my tongue all over it.
The touch of my tongue on the tip of his penis really made him give out a long and loud moaning sound. I gently removed the skin on the tip of his penis and slowly took it inside my mouth and started sucking the top of it. I knew the size would never go fully inside me and I had to open my mouth wide to take it. I was afraid that the more it would go inside it would gag me.
I was still rolling my fingers and Raj had closed his eyes in excitement and was moaning loudly. aaaaahhhhhh….. yeaahhhhh…… sunita bhabhi…… ooooouuuuuuuuu……. roll your finger again sunita… once more do it slowly….. kiss it baby….. roll your tongue on the tip….. yeahhhhhh…. yessss…. sunitaaaaa… love you bhabhi…
I was kissing his penis softly with my lips and in between I would roll my tongue all around it and every time I did that, he would moan even louder. I was still licking the head of his penis when with a gentle push he guided his entire penis in my mouth. It was such a big organ that I almost gagged as I was fearing, but he had held it so firmly in my mouth that I was unable to take it out.
Holding it with my one hand, I started sucking and rolling it. I knew that tongue can do wonder when giving a blow job so I was using it fully all around his penis and his moaning sound never stopped for once. In between my licking and sucking, I would take his penis out of my mouth and roll my tongue on his huge balls full of cum which were dangling and shaking
with every movement and he would reach new height of ecstasy the moment my fingers and tongue touched them. I kept of sucking and licking his penis for nearly ten minutes or may be more and I was also shaking and jerking it with my one hand while with the other I was playing with his balls. He had closed his eyes and was moaning uncontrollably.
Sunitaaaaaaa,yesssss,love you sunitaa you are the greatest fuck I ever had better than my wife sunita…. you are terrific my love…. you suck great sunitaaaa.. yeahhhhhh… yeah…. take it deeper babe….. He penis was getting more and more harder with his every moaning and I knew that very soon he would be coming.
I was now shaking it more vigorously and soon I felt the hardness giving away with a strong jerk and my mouth was suddenly filled with the release of his while salty discharge. So great was the force of his discharge that it struck the inside of my mouth that it went even down my throat. His cum was still flowing out from the penis and it was flowing down my lips.
He withdrew his penis from my mouth slowly and taking it in his own hands started jerking it making more cum come out and fell over my face and it continued to flow down onto my breasts and rolled down to my tummy. We both dropped down on the bed fully exhausted and out bodies wet with sweat. We both were breathing heavy and just clunged on to each other.
Even in the chill from the air conditioner, I was still feeling hot, perhaps since my sexual urge was not satisfied yet as Rajan had not yet put in his penis inside me and fucked me hard. It seem to me that the stress of the sexual urge that was building up inside him was vented out as there was a relaxed feeling on his face.
I got up from the bed and went to the washroom to clean my body of the sweat and the cum that Rajan had sprayed over me. As I came out, I saw Rajan was still lying with his eyes open, he smiled at me and said, “Sunita, that was the best blow job I had ever received.” I too asked him as to from how many he had taken a blow job to which he laughed and said only a few.
He then asked me if I could provide him a cup of tea so that he feel fresh and then have another violent session with me. As I took out a gown to wear before going to the kitchen, he got up and pulled it away and said, “ come on Bhabhi, I love to watch you walking nude. You have a lovely body and it looks so exciting without clothes over it.”
I looked at the wall clock, there was still about two hours before the maid was due to come for her duty and I had to get fucked before he left and clean up the mess. After a cup of tea and something to eat, we both again got into the bed and now I really wanted action from him. My hunger was to be satisfied now and the very thought of taking such a monster penis inside was making my pussy moist and wet.
Lying closed to him naked in his arms, I started playing with his tool and in a little while my fondling brought his penis to gain erection. I brought my mouth to it to kiss and lick it so that it gain its maximum hardness. A few minutes of my sucking made it rock hard and gain its full erected length now I guessed it accurately to be over seven inches.
Now fully erect and aroused, he too got up and taking me in his arms, made me lie down and spreading my legs, he took his face down to my pussy. With the help of his fingers he started exploring my clean shaven pussy and taking them inside began caressing my clitoris. The moment his fingers touched my clitoris,
I could not suppress giving out a loud moaning sound “aaaaahhhh….. raaaajjjjj….. uummmmm…… take your fingers deep inside me raj yes yes arvind do it again do it more raaaajjjjjj …. aaaaaahhh take me now my love,take me fuck me.” rajan then made me stand on the bed with my legs slightly apart and positioning himself and bending on his knees, he gripped my both butts in his hands firmly.
Bending forward and taking his mouth to my pussy he again started exploring the hidden pleasures inside. I gripped his head and holding it with his hairs, further pressed his mouth to my vagina. The love juice that had stopped for a while began again to flow out of my vagina and Rajan started fingering with his tongue more vigorously as more love juice was being discharged.
Opening my vagina with his fingers, he took his tongue deeper inside and when his tongue touched my clitoris, I once again gave out an uncontrolled moaning sound. I was getting high and high while Rajan continued to suck my vagina and drink my love juice. The whole room was echoing with our moaning sound.
Rajan was taking his long tongue to the deepest depth of my vagina and was licking every wall inside. My moaning had been going on uncontrolled and unstoppable. Aaahhhhh ssssssss raaaaaajjjj…… raaaaj my love aaaaaah uuummmmmmm raj take me please tak e me now. I can’t hold it please take me fuck me now my love fuck me real hard aahhh…
I had reached an uncontrolled stage where I now needed a penis inside me and satisfy my lust.. I was now almost begging Rajan to come inside me and take me. Finally he saw that now I really needed him so he stopped his sucking and made me lie on the bed. He arranged to put a pillow under my hips making me arch my back.
He then spread my legs and positioned himself in between my thighs. I raised my both legs high and encircled them around his back and he put the monster penis on the tip of my vagina and kept on rubbing itover the lips of my pussy but not pushing it inside. It was a totally new experience for me and I again begged him to push it inside.
Tears of pleasure were coming in my eyes and I was moaning in ecstasy. “rajan please ab daal bhi do na ab aur na tarsaao please put it inside and fuck me. raj fuck me hard, fuck me deep fuck me crush me raj do it now please.” While I was still moaning and asking him to put it in, suddenly rajan gave his torso a gentle push and more than half of his over seven inches of manhood went inside me making me give aaaaaaahhhh sound.
Another gentle push and it was in a little more. I was crying out in pain since my vagina had never taken anything so big and it was teraring in. I was crying out now in pain, “nnooooo…. please rajan no….. stop it please….. I cant take it….. leave me raj please dont do it….. its painging…… its hurting me raj please stoppp…. pleaseeeeee…..”
Another hard push and the entire seven inch long and thick penis was now fully inside my pussy and it felt as if a hot lump of iron had been pushed inside me. Once he was satisfied that it was fully inside, he gently started humping me, first slowly and softly. His penis was gently rubbing my clitoris and it made me so high that tears of pleasure came into my eyes and I wanted him to go on and on forever.
I was in deep sexual fantasy enjoying a fuck by a seven inch long and nearly two inches thick penis. While it was inside me, I wanted to enjoy every bit of it. Rajan kept on stroking me gently and slowly he had increased his pace. Every stroke from his monster was hitting the deepest depth of my vagina and making me moan uncontrollably, without any fear of any one hearing it.
Aaahh sssss raaaaj ….. raaaajjjjj you are great lover raj your dick is so long and strong give me more of it my lover satisfy my lust raj fulfil my all desires my love aahhh mmmnnn yes yes again do it again raj more harder raj harder yes my love. My love juice was continuously flowing out of my pussy and making patches on the white bed sheet.
I was reaching one orgasm after another while Rajan kept on humping harder and harder. He too was moaning in his excitement and the whole room was filled with our love moaning sounds and the sound of his torso hitting my groin. “Sunita…. I always wanted to have sex with you sunita you always turned me on I always fantasize having sex with you sunita always yes.
Sunita my love I will fuck you always sunita…. sunitaaaaaa…you are the best fuck I ever had.” He kept on banging me and I lost counts of how many times I came. But still he had not come in and now I was getting exhausted and tired, I now wanted him to cum inside me. I was so tired that I was unable to take any more.. I wanted him to come now so that I feel completely satisfied.
It had been over ten minutes and his strokes were still hitting me harder. A few minutes later he further increased his pace and kept on hitting me faster and faster. I was now beginning to feel the pain was increasing with his every stroke and his penis was getting harder more inside me. It felt as if the size of his cock had increased further in length and thickness and I was now crying out in pain and sheer ecstasy.
Rajan was now almost hitting his torso hard and uncontrolabley. Soon I felt his penis break its hardness and his discharge gush out like a jet spray with great force and hit all the walls of my vagina. He was still humping me his final strokes as his discharge continued fill my vagina. He finally collapsed over me and remained there while the discharge was now coming out drop by drop.
I felt my whole vagina was filled up by his cum and the extra discharge was coming out and mixed with my own making big patches on the bed sheet. For the first time I felt like a complete woman, completely satisfied. It was a great fuck for the first time in my life and I wanted even more. But now was not the time. He had fallen to one side and almost dozed off.
I too was trying to regain my breath and later after some time, I shook his body to wake him and he gently stirred over my naked body. I whispered in his ears, “Rajan my love, its time now my sweet heart. You should go as my maid would be coming now and I had to clear the mess before that.”
Cursing my maid for not taking a day off, he finally got up and kissed my lips once again before putting on his clothes. Slowly I too got up and went to the washroom to wash my face and remove any sign of what had taken place in my room. When I came out, Arvind was already dressed and he kissed me once again before leaving.
Slowly I too started putting on my clothes and looked again in the mirror to see if any sign was still there which I must remove. Rajan left shortly leaving me filled with my wildest memories that I cherished always.
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