Abdulla haji one of the rich businessmen in the locality. At the age of 44 he lost his wife and he did not remarry. His son Kadir without getting involved in business was busy studying and took his degree with high marks. Kadir was a sportsman and took part in all sports and games and was not a prey to the youthful temptations.The uncle of Kadir was in Kuwait who wanted him to sent over to Kuwait where it was then easy to get a job. But Abdulla haji wanted to get his son married before being sent abroad. They found Rejina, daughter of Ismail haji a proper bride for Kadir. She was beautiful, with big boobs, ass, and thighs All relatives considered her to be the proper bride for Kadir.A proper day was fixed and the nikah was formalized. When Kadir saw Rejina he was very much enamored. But he did not do anything in the first night although Rejina was prepared. Both young boys and girls have their own dreams about their first night. Friends of Regina warned her to be prepared for a rough and painful encounter during the first night.But friends of Kadir warned him not to fuck his bride in the first night but talk to her and dispel her fears and take her gradually with love. Rejina by nature a hot girl was very much attracted to Kadir and expected he will atleast touch and kiss her. When he was not doing anything, she took his hand while talking and put it on her boob.Finally Kadir had to unbutton her shirt, unhook her bra and took her boob in his hand and just planted a kiss on it and seeing its erect nipple he just licked it and sucked it. Rejina’s hand moved in the direction of his dhothi and found his cock fully erect. They were talking about their college days, but Rejina hand was on his cock.On her insistence he removed his underwear and brouhgt out his huge cock. Rejina had not seen so huge a cock. While playing with her cousins she had seen them carrying only small cocks of five inch size. But this appeared to be anything more than seven inches or even more with a red glowing bulb at the tip. Rejina felt like planting a kiss on it.To the surprise of Kadir, she just gave his cock a kiss and opened her mouth wide and took its tip in her mouth. Kadir could not wait any longer. He just removed his shirt and other clothes, made her also undress, examined her shaven pussy closely and decided to have his fuck. He knew she too was eager to have her first fuck.He put the tip of his cock in her pussy and moved it around to find out where it will go inside. Rejina guided him to her fuck hole. But it was very small and tight. His huge cock did not go in. With lights fully on, Kadir somehow pushed his cock into the hole and Rejina showed pain in her face, but he pushed and pushed his cock and made half of it go inside.The was Rejina was making peculiar sounds Kadir thought he had to do the fucking at any cost. He pushed and pushed with all strength that his huge cock went inside her. Tears were flowing from her eyes. But Kadir started to move in and out slowly. Suddenly Rejina stopped crying but seem to be enjoying.She hugged him tightly, her boobs pressed against his chest flat, she was encouraging him to do it faster. It was his first sex experience, but Rejina has had many sex adventures with her cousins, like making them lick her pussy, sucking their tiny cocks, etc. Once a fellow tried to put his 5 inch cock in her pussy which she resisted. Kadir got into a rhythm and Rejina enjoyed it immensely.Finally he shot his juices inside her and she too got her climax. Kadir pulled out his cock which was erect, Rejina saw blood stains mixed with his fluids and hers all over her hole. They both went and washed in the bathroom. He asked her whethre she enjoyed, she with a bright face said, yes. They again fucked and fucked and the whole night was spent in fucking only.Her hairless cunt gripped his cock tightly and he enjoyed the feeling very much. His cock went deep inside her filling her unknown depths, which she liked. It was a sex celebrations in the days followed. The girl was clever not to get pregnant. She knew all about the contraception. Poor Kadir knew very little about sex. She taught him so many details in sex.Her favorite posture was to straddle him and fuck. Suddenly there was a call from the uncle of Kadir to come as early as possible. He had sent a visa and said there is a job ready for him. Kadir got ready, but Rejina was crying. He consoled her that he will get a family visa and see that she also goes as early as possible.Kadir made all preparations and left for Kuwait in the following week. Abdulla Haji and Rejina went to the airport to see Kadir off. The girl was crying continuously and it became very difficult for Abdulla Haji to console her. He put his hand around her and wiped her tears and spoke endearing words. Rejina put her hands around Haji and seemed to have been consoled.Rejina had a bedroom for herself and Haji slept in his bedroom. Rejina had a TV in her room for her own use, beside VCR etc. Haji just went daily to the mosque and prayed for all the five times a day. Rejina felt very lonely. She used to finger and satisfy her sex needs. Kadir used to call her on all alternative days and told her that he is moving papers for her visa.One day due to onset of monsoon there was a huge lightening and thunder. It was 11 pm in the night. Poor Rejina was scared of the sound of thunder. It was loud and continuous. She got up from her bed scared and ran down to the bedroom of Haji crying. The door was not bolted. She just pushed and it opened. She ran into the bed of Haji.He got up and knew that poor child is scared of the thunder and lightening. He pacified her and asked her to lie down near him. Closing her eyes tight she hugged him. Haji tried to push her away but she was coming closer and closer. Her boobs were pressed against his chest. He notined she has not worn any bra or panty while going to bed.The lightening continued for a long time. Rejina was pressing herself against the body of Haji. The man in Haji was awake. His hand touched her bare back and her ass. His cock was stiff. Suddenly Regina realized that the cock of Abdulla Haji was pressing against her stomach. She raised and put her leg across him. His hand was searching for her pussy.Slowly she climbed over him and his cock was direcly above her pussy. After the death of his wife he never had any sex with any other woman. Passions of Haji arose. without waiting for him to take initiative, Rejina got up took his cock and inserted it into her cunt and she lied on him. Haji was shocked. His huge cock was buried deep inside the young juicy cunt of his daughter in law.Her fear and her cry stopped and she was moving her cunt up and down and sideways. It was a new experience for Haji. He could not push her out. He just allowed the girl to have it her way. She knew how to go about. Suddenly she made some brisk movement and then stopped. This way the fuck will never culminate. It was pleasure and pleausre of the extreme order.Finally he shot his fluids inside her. He was sorry she may not get pregnant. But she said dont worry it is safe period for her. She sucked his cock and made it ready for further fuck. One day he asked Haji to lick her cunt. He was shocked. But he leaned over and licked her cunt. She opened her cunt lips with her fingers and showed him his clitoris and asked him to suck her clitoris.Haji liked to lick and suck the young cunt and her lust encouraged him The father in law and daughter in law enjoyed life immensely. He got her the best food, fruits in the market and she ate well. After about an year Kadir told her that he is coming back home to take her back with him. She was surprised. Life was very enjoyable now.How it will be with Kadir she did not know but she has to go, otherwise what will people say. When Kadir came she found to her utter surprise that his cock was smaller in size than that of Haji. But she cannot stay back. She had to go with Kadir and she went crying.

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