I am Vivek from Hyderabad this incident took just 1 month back I’m 23 years old. It had happen with my old college mate Sowmya she was hot in the college days and she even maintained them very properly when I was in my 10th standard itself I wanted to suck that girl but I didn’t have that courage of doing so. She used to come to our colony to meet her uncle and aunty. I used to see her frequently but I couldn’t ask her for sex. After 3 years I took all the courage and asked her.
When she was coming to our colony to meet her uncle and aunty I was in the car I saw her and asked her to get in first she refused but later when I forced her she accepted it was 5 min drive I took all the courage and thought of asking her about having sex with her before I could ask her I noticed that her hand was on my hand I was shocked and asked her what she was up to I stopped the car and I asked her. She told me that she wanted to have sex with someone. She also told me that she was not able to control her feelings any more she wanted to have sex with me at that right moment I was on the top of the world I couldn’t say anything I was just sitting there and starring at her suddenly she came near me and started kissing me. It was my luck that it was about 7:00pm and nobody saw us I told her that every one was there in my house she said that there was no one was there at her house (not her uncle &auntie’s house her own house)
So we went to her house she took me to her bed room and stared fondling my already erected rod from the top of my jeans she slowly removed my pant zip and started her work on my rod she was shaking it vigorously and putting it in her mouth. I never had sex with any one she was the first one to touch my 7″ rod I told her that was going to cum she was busy in her work and did not listen to me and I couldn’t control any more and I came in her mouth she happily drank that and started cleaning my rod with her mouth then she slowly remove her top she was wearing a tight white top in which the cuts of her boobs where clearly seen now she was on her bra she was wearing cup shape bra she was about to remove her bra I went to her and started fondling her boobs she was aroused and started fingering her own wet pussy slowly I removed her bra now she was totally nude in front of me I started making circles with my tongue on her nipples she had pink nipples which where erected.
Then I kissed her on the lips I almost kissed her for 10 min while I was pressing her boobs with one hand and her ass with another hand later I removed her panty she was wearing pink colored panty and started liking her pussy she was moaning as I entered my tongue in her pussy then later I started finger fucking her she started moaning really loudly aaaaaahhhhh uuuuhhhh hhhhhhmmmm faster. Then she asked me to enter my 7″ rod in her pussy and as touched her pussy lips she started shouting quickly I cant wait any longer and I slowly entered my rod in to her pussy she started moaning with pain for some time later the pain was replaced with pleasure and she started to follow the rhythm of my strokes
I was about to cum in her pussy and I warned her she asked me to cum in her pussy itself she wanted to have the total pleasure of sex so very quickly cumed in her pussy I was exhausted and even she was exhausted I was lying on her with my rod in her pussy we lay there fro about 10 min and we got up then she kissed me and she asked me my number so that she could call me on any time if there was no body at her place and we could have some fun again.
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