South Indian neighbour

 I am 28 male single from india I used to stay in noida I left nodia just few month back & came to hyderabad on my job but I visited noida as we have office they too. I already had sex with my servant shanthi.

Now shanthi was working in our neighbor’s home it’s a small family only one single lady as her hubby is in U.A.E. Shanthi is a very nice lady so I use to meet her when ever I had time this happened when I went in dec 2005.

My neighbor’s name is sonali she works as hr manager in a mnc co. As she was very friendly we nave spoke or think about sex till this happened once I went to meet shanthi it was afternoon before this too I use to go to meet her & we both use to have some fun this time when I went

shanthi opened the door & we both went inside & kissed each other on lips I kissed her neck & removed her sari she was not wearing any panty I did her finger fuck both where wild suddenly the door bell rang I was seared & sat on sofa shanthi told not to worry as she will manage we

both get dressed up in hurry &she opened the door sonali was scolding her why its late & came inside. When she saw me she was surprised & asked me how I am every thing I told every thing is normal & fine we smiled each other & she asked did shanthi gave tea or coffee I told that just

now I have come & she asked shanthi to give me tea she sat next to meet I was feeling un easy as mine was still erected like a giant & in hurry we didnt wear the dress correctly also she saw me up to down & went inside kitchen after few minutes both came smiling I asked what

happened why u both are smiling she sonali told she knows what we where doing and not to worry as shanthi use to tell her about me she told make myself comfortable & we both smiled each other. Guys let me till you about sonali she is also 28 just 2month younger to me she is

5.7″ fair colure and long hairs she always smiles I like her a lot then after tea she told wait for some time speak to shanthi she went to her bed room the I asked shanthi what she told shanthi explained me every thing about sonali’s feeling about me and also told that we can be more

open as we already had with a couple swap few month back in delhi as I had to agree for it as I too liked sonali a lot then shanthi went to somali’s room I was sitting also watching tv after some time shanthi come and asked if I can stay with them rest of the days because I had to be in

noida and I was staying in hotel I immediately agreed as my other neighbor wont have doubts then sonali came with a smile and asked if I am ready I told her I always thing about her she told then today night we can meet up I told ok & shanthi gave me a kiss on my lips sonali saw it

she was very hot both of them where smiling about then I told I will be back after one hour at around 6:30 reached home shanthi opened the door & welcomed me inside she was wearing a new saree she was looking cute. Then she told I can get fresh up in the other room as sonali is

getting ready then I changed my cloth got ready like a grooms for my both a bride when I came outside sonali was sitting with a sexy looks on her face I went to her she stood up her hugged me & bitted my ears ooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa it was a sexy feeling in me with I

never had before I kissed her lips then her neck moved my hands on her body my hands on her boobs she was hot I then asked her is it ok if we have in bedroom she told you carry me in your arms then I told her to bed room shanthi followed us then I removed her blouse & started kissing

all over shanthi helped me to undress myself & started from my back she is real sexy ten I removed sonali’s bra & sucked her boobs & bitted her sexy brown nipples pointed ones never seen before so sexy nipples then I kissed inch by inch every part of her body each time it was

great fun kiss every part she was so hot then I removed her saree & her petticoat she had just that day because of me so I can suck her pussy. I too like it she pushed my head under her both legs & made me to suck & her pussy wow it was lovely feeling she was shouting do it

more suck it & bit it do it more I was enjoying her feeling so hot lady yaar she had never had sex for more then 1yrs then she told she wants to suck my cock till then shanthi was playing with my chest I have lots of hairs on my chest shanthi was also nude.

I gave my cock in sonali’s mouth she sucked it I was sucking shanthi’s boobs & nipples moving my finger inside sonali’s pussy we where in sky having good time then sonali told she can have inside slowly we tried as hers was tight one as it was paining her too then shanthi told she can

put cream on her pussy & her cum was also there so we pushed it inside she was moorings saying that kushalllllllllfuck me I need u inside fill my pussy with your cum I need u then I pushed inside it was so tight then I pumped her she was enjoying

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wow it was lovely shanthi was kissing my ass & she was playing with my nipples I was pumping sonali after 1hr sonali cum ed & me too she told it was the longest time she had inside till now nobody had

fucked her like this for so long then I was playing with her boobs she told she will clean herself & will be back then I gave mine into shanthi mouth to suck it &make it hard she loves to suck mine then after some times

I fucked her too she was loved to her fucked in next 3days we all slept nude fucked both of them that night sonali got fucked for 4time till morning 10:30 & shanthi 2time I was like a stud in both of them we enjoyed alot.

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