I am Sudhakar, 20, fondly called Sudhi, graduated, waiting for some opportunity to come either for a job or study. My parents had gone to their office. My sister, Shushila 18, forndly called Sushi, had gone to college. Our maid servant was not coming and hence our mother cooked the food and left it on the teble for us to eat. Suddenly there was a door bill ring.I went and opened the door. It was a girl from our neighbourhood. She said their TV is not working. She wanted to watch a serial. I did not know her and how could she come in on such a flimsy reason was a wonder. She was just beautiful, slim, big boobs, big ass, narrow waist, nice attractive face, clad in just a skirt and a t shirt.She sat in the sofa, but instead of watching the TV, she was just looking around the room. I sat in a single sofa, with an open newspaper in my hand pretending to be reading. She asked, has Sushi gone to college, I replied yes, what is your name. She said her name Shobha. How do you know Sushi,I asked. She said we just know each other and used to talk.What are you doing, I asked. She said I am a student of computer science. She saw on the dining table my laptop open. I was watching a porn video when she knocked the door. I thought I switched off the laptop, but I find it to be on and running. Before the girl could reach the laptop, I rushed to reach and switch it off.But she was fast and she reached the dining table before I could reach and was looking at the screen in amazement. She told me not to switch it off and she wants to watch the video. She continued that the laptop at her home was kept by her father and she rarely got chance to browse.She used to browse only at the college with a group of friends who are all interested in such kind of videos. I was shocked and was looking at her. She had a pair of very nice bulbous boobs and nice raised ass. She was beautiful. Her boldness surprised me. Sushi is my sister and that does not mean that Sobha can take advantage of my laptop.I told her, “Look here, Sobha, you took advantage of the situation and without taking permission from me you started to view the video, just because you are a friend of my sister. Now don’t blame me if I also took advantage of you”. She looked into my eyes. I told her “your boobs are nice, let me just check them” and I put my hand over them. They were very soft.She looked at me. I said, let me unbutton your Tshirt because I want to put my hand inside and feel them. She turned to me. I just unbuttoned her t shirt and put my hand inside. But her bra blocked my touch. I just turned her and put my hand inside and unhooked her bra and turned her again and touched her boobs. She with half closed eyes seemed to enjoy my touch.I just ran my hand all over her chest and nudged at her tiny nipples. They were stiff and I raised her t shirt and saw the real beauty of her boobs and the nipples. The nipples were hardened which indicated that she was getting hot. I pulled her closer and put the nipple in my mouth and circled it with my tongue. She was hissing and was pressing her boob into my mouth.I sucked her boob slowly and licking her nipple. She was enjoying it immensely. I took the other boob into my mouth. My hand was inside her skirt searching for her panty. Her panty was wet. I pulled the panty down and touched her pussy. There was some thin hair. My middle finger touched her clit and pressed it.Sobha lifted her foot and placed it on the chair and gave me more space for my hand to explore her pussy. But her breathing became hard and fast and she was getting her orgasm. I squeezed her clit with my fingers and sucked her nipple hard. She gave out some incoherent sounds and was embracing me tightly.After she became normal, I released her and asked her what more she wanted. She bowed her head in shyness. I asked whether she has been ever fucked by any one. She said yes. How many times, I asked her. She said many times, at least ten times. Who fucked, I asked her. She said her boy friend and then her brother.I just pulled her to my bed room and closed the door and undressed her. She was a grand sight to look at. Her boobs, narrow waist, broad hip and raised ass, thick thighs. I asked her to lie down in the bed and open her legs. Without any hesitation she lied in the bed and opened her legs. I undressed and pulled her to the edge of the bed and inserted my cock into her cunt.It was tight and it went in. My whole cock of 6″ tightly fitted her cunt and I leaned over her. She offered her boob to me to suck and lick. I licked her boob and sucked her nipple, keeping my cock tightly inside her cunt. She asked me to fuck her slowly and then to increase the speed. I fucked her slowly and my plunge was with force. She enjoyed every movement of mine.I pulled out and asked her to take the doggy posture and then inserted my cock from her behind. Leaning forward I caught her boobs and squeezed them. After a few strokes, I lied in the bed and asked her to straddle me. She was clumsy, but she learnt to put my cock into her cunt and she was fucking me from top with great pleasure.She was rotating her hip and it gave a wonderful feeling to both of us. Suddenly she got her second orgasm and she told me that she was coming. I did some quick movements and made my orgasm to coincide with hers. She held me tight and was still fucking me. She was moaning and crying and was not leaving me.I having shot my fluids, wanted to get up and go to the bathroom. I lifted her and then she released me and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Sobha kissed me and told me that she had never enjoyed so much as today. She never had orgasm in her previous fucks. Her brother first fucked her and then her boy friend fucked her regularly.But they enjoyed themselves never even asked her whether she enjoyed or not. We cleaned up our bedsheet and had another round of fucking. I gave her freehand and asked her to select the pose which she enjoyed the most. She preferred to get on top. By 1 pm she got dressed and left. By 2 pm my sister, Sushi came from college. We had lunch together.By evening our parents also came. Next day as usual as soon as my parents and sushi left, Sobha came in her skirt and t shirt. She knocked the front door. It was just 9.30 am. Without wasting time we got into the business.Sobha was a hot girl and was prepared to get fucked three to four times in the morning. I got tired but she was ready for another shot. Our affair went on unhindered till I was selected for a job by an MNC. I came to know that Sobha got married and went abroad.

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