Slave For Hire

Answering the ad was my idea. I lost my job and I really did not have the heart to tell my husband. He has a good job but we really can not survive on just his income. I didn’t want us to go on welfare and tip my hand that I had lost my job. Don’t get me wrong, Chet is a great guy. I don’t fear his wrath, He really is a giant pussy cat. I do miss him right now because he is working double time on the night shift. That will only last for a couple of months and even with his extra work we need my income. The real problem was I didn’t want to confess that it was my own stupidity that got me fired. I improperly read a series of invoices and cost the company over 10,000 dollars. The fact that I had to pay my employers back was the REAL reason I didn’t want to tell my husband. The circumstances of my mistake could be easily interpreted as me giving an off the books sweetheart deal to the invoiced companies. It really wasn’t the case but I could easily understand how people could view it that way. In exchange for leaving quietly and repaying the shortfall, my employers promised not to seek legal action and to give decent referrals to potential future employers. In the meantime there was the mortgage, the car payments, cable bill, and tuition for the kid’s college and day care. You know the drill. In short, I needed a lot of money in a hurry.
I called the number and set up an appointment. It was in an office in the Devon building. Stenciled on the door was the name of the firm “Employment Solutions, Inc.” I knocked on the door and was told to enter. Behind the desk sat an attractive man who was about 45, he had salt and pepper hair and looked a bit like a famous movie actor.

“You must be Amber West.” he said.
“Yes.” I had brought my resume, even though I had been told that it was not necessary. I proffered my work history.
“That won’t be necessary Ms. West, may I call you Amber? I am Henry Fremont”
“Of course.”
“I know from our conversation the nature of your problem. Like all of my clients you need a lot of money in a hurry. I can get it for you but we are not a traditional employment agency as you understand the term.”
“What do you mean Mr. Fremont?”
“For women such as yourself, and may I say Amber, you are quite lovely, certain industries pay top dollar.”
I was beginning to have a queasy feeling in my stomach, but I had come all the way across town, so I decided to hear him out.
“First of all I am NOT a pimp nor do I run a strip joint. I am an agent for gentlemen and ladies who want a “total immersion” experience. You will earn 1,500 dollars a night, triple that for an entire weekend. I do not get a cut of your money, as I said I am not a pimp. I get a finder’s fee and gratuities for a job well done.
My head reeled at that kind of money. Earning that it would not take me long to pay back what I owed. But I had questions
“Total immersion?”
“This is where most women go running screaming from the room. “Total immersion” is our company’s phrase for complete submission and control. In other words a hired slave who will do whatever our customers request for the evening. They decide what you wear or what you do not wear. They will be permitted to collar you and tie you up. Obviously their sexual expectations will be met as well. Our clients are all first class and carefully vetted. We run a clean, honest business “
He stopped talking and carefully eyed me up and down.
I made a move to grab my purse and go but something stopped me. Maybe it was the fact that I like it when Chet ties me to the bed. I knew we were not the only couple with a set of leather lined handcuffs but I doubt those other couples made a frequent use of ours as did Chet and I. It WAS an awful lot of money …
Another woman WOULD have run screaming from the office. The fact that I was still sitting there meant that SOMETHING about the arrangement appealed to me. I love Chet, I really do but I often fantasize about other men. He has a UPS man outfit, a Domino’s Pizza guy outfit, Mechanics overalls and false mustaches. He indulges me as I play the wayward wife, the Catholic collegegirl, the horny co-ed. We try our best to keep each other happy. I KNOW Chet is happy with me but when the acting stops, it is still Chet under all those outfits. More than once, I wished it WAS the pool boy or the postman or anybody else. I decided to remain seated.
After a pause Henry Fremont spoke. “You are not running Ms. West.”
“No I’m not am I?”
“Do I take it that this employment opportunity appeals to you?”
“You could say that. I get the money right away?”
“Cash on the barrelhead as soon as your night is over.”
“Mr. Fremont.” I answered “I think I could do this job. To be honest I have fantasized about other men. I had a bi girlfriend for a short while in college. I had my tubes tied when my twins were born.”
“I get the idea.” Said Henry Fremont cutting me off. “There are some preliminaries that must be attended to. Follow me to the back room.”
I trailed Fremont into the next room. It was full of camera equipment.
“We need to put a portfolio together of you Ms West. Would you be nice enough to remove your clothes, ALL of them behind that screen over there. When I am ready for you I will call. What alias would you like to use? You are a redhead but we already have a Ginger.”
“I thought for a moment and said is Cinnamon taken?”
“No, no its not. That will work.”
I knew that Fremont would like what he was about to see. I am five foot five and weigh a shade under 110 pounds. My deep ginger colored hair falls to the middle of my back. I have alabaster skin and blue eyes. I wear the largest C cup and my legs arms and fingers are very long and shapely. I worked out like a champ to drop my baby weight. Women at the gym have a hard time believing I gave birth to three kids. I have only the tiniest of scars from my cesareans. I feel great that at twenty nine I still turn heads like I did when I was eighteen.
Truth be told I always wanted a total stranger to photograph me in the all together. I’ve posed for Chet but that’s just not the same. There is no mystery, he is not swept off his feet with lust and desire. In our eight years of marriage he has seen me every way imaginable. I wanted to know, needed to know what other men thought of me. I get looks at the gym but, to be honest, I dress fairly demurely there. I appreciate it but its not like they’re seeing my milky white breasts and my sweet orange kitty.
In a short while Henry Fremont announced that he was ready for me. I stepped out from behind the screen.
“Oh MY!” Said my new boss. It was all the encouragement I needed. For the next forty five minutes he put me through a series of poses. In some I was clad in nylons and lingerie. In others totally starkers. The final shots were of me naked save for a leather collar around my neck. I could not help but notice the bulge in Henry’s pants. As for me, lets just say that when I got home, in the hour I had before my oldest got home from college, and I had to pick up the twins from day care, I gave my vibrating mechanical pal quite the workout.
Once Henry was finished taking pictures I got dressed and filled out all the boring details of employment, address, Social Security number, my schedule and availability, the usual paperwork. In addition there were some unique questions like what day of the month did my monthly cycle usually begin and wether I had any problems with a client shaving me. Henry gave me an inexpensive cell phone. And said, “I don’t think it will take me more than a couple of days to line up a job for you. Use this cell phone; only I or your clients will be able to call or text you on it. Only I will know your true identity. To them you are just slave Cinnamon. Believe me you don’t want them calling you on your personal cell phone. It should be obvious but I will remind you to keep your personal life and your professional life with our agency on separate plains.”
After a further talk that detailing my duties and responsibilities, I went home, gave myself that needed relief and stepped back into my role of wife and mother. Chet usually got home at about nine in the morning and crashed until dinner. He had to leave for work by 8:00 P.M. To keep from being bothered by the children he had taken to sleeping in the spare bed room. I was so still keyed up from having been naked in front of Henry that around 5:00, instead of starting dinner, I set the kids in front of the tube, slapped in “The Little Mermaid” and crawled under the covers with Chet. He was delighted when I sucked him off and mounted him without any of my usual play acting. What Chet could not know of course that the whole time we were together, I was imagining that it was, Henry, or some other handsome man I wasn’t married to, ordering me around. I could not wait until that new cell phone rang!
The next few days seemed to be the dullest days to ever dawn on this planet. I felt like the walls were closing in upon me. The kids and Chet were regular angels but I felt so stifled as “Mommy” and “Honey.” With no job to go to I went to the library on the other side of town and surfed the web and read. I did also fill out job applications for openings in my regular line of work. There was simply less chance here, of any one I knew coming across me and asking me embarrassing questions. Finally Henry’s cell phone rang!
“Cinnamon. There is an event tonight at 345 Greenwood Avenue. Dress like you are going to a PTA meeting with your sexiest underwear and black thigh high stockings under that. You will report at 8:45 P.M. to Iola Jones. It is a fundraising auction. After your clothes are sold you will be auctioned off as well. The high bidder gets to collar you and you’re their property until five A.M. They promise that they will have something for you to wear home and they will make sure that you get home no later than seven A.M. Wear costume jewelry and for God’s sake leave your wedding and engagement rings at home!”
I knew instinctively what I would wear. The preppy mom look was sure to be a turn on. I grabbed my tweed knee length skirt and a pale blue cotton blouse. I had a couple of strings of fake pearls for the June Cleaver look and sensible but slightly sexy shoes. The shoes would be the hardest to replace. I doubt that Chet would ever notice these clothes had disappeared from my wardrobe. As to the underthings. I really didn’t want to appear on stage, or in front of a room, or what ever the situation turned out to be in anything less than fresh and spanking new. I stopped at “Victoria’s Secret” and left with an adolescent male’s wet dream fantasy.
I had not allowed myself to be totally unprepared. After signing up with Henry one of the first things I did was have a talk with Mandy from next door. She is sixteen and a super babysitter. I had no problem convincing Mandy’s mother to let her be an occasional all night babysitter. After all she was right next door.
I stayed too focused to let the euphoria I was feeling overwhelm me. I focused on getting to college and the day care center on time. I got dinner ready at 5;00 P.M. and made sure that Mandy would not come over until after Chet had left for work. I really must have applied myself for Chet praised my dinner and the kids actually cleaned their plates. After dinner it was bath time and bedtime for the kids. Chet kissed them all goodnight at 7:30 and made his final preparations to go to work. Like clockwork his car was out of the driveway by 7:40 P.M. I quickly dressed for my “job” and Mandy arrived promptly at 8:00. I had a leisurely, no more than thirty minute, drive to my destination. I knew I would be cutting it close. I knew the area well and the route required so I also knew that I would make it.
I allowed myself some time to relax as I drove. It felt funny to not be wearing my rings. Even during the raunchiest role play with Chet I had kept them on. I felt positively naked without them. It seemed like every nerve and every fiber was on fire. It was like getting high but better, there was no ash or residue, and nothing to clean up. 345 Greenwood was a large house surrounded by an equally large sward of lawn. I pulled into the driveway and discovered a valet. My purse was already locked in the trunk. I handed the cute young valet my car keys. He eyed me in a way that I appreciated as I exited my car. The only things I took with me was a small makeup bag and Henry’s cell phone. At the front door I asked for Iola Jones and was led to a side room Where I met a charming brunette woman in her mid-fifties. I introduced myself as Cinnamon.
“Oh good your are punctual to the dot I like that. You look marvelous, my dear our patrons are so going to cotton to you. Right now they are being served drinks and dining. The focus of events will be this room here.”
I followed her to a book lined room. Obviously a well apportioned private library. There was a small riser set up at one end of the room and a bright light forming a circle on the impromptu stage.
“The bidders tonight are patrons for a charity. I am sure that you have heard of us but for obvious reasons, we will remain anonymous. I will be conducting the auction. We start with your pearls and. sell you down to your bare skin. At that point a collar will be offered for sale. Whoever wins the bidding for the collar wins you for the evening. Once collard you will obey EVERY request and EVERY order from your purchaser. Through that door” Iola pointed off to the right,”is a bed room stocked with caviar and champaign. There is only on condition on your employment tonight, Cinnamon. The word “no” may not cross your lips at any point tonight. If it does you DO NOT get paid. Is that clear?”
I looked at her, smiled and said “Yes Ma’am!”
“Spectacular. At five A.M. I will break up the party you and the lucky winner will no doubt be in the midst of. I have some sweats and sneakers you can wear home. Ordinarily you would have been required to spend the night but we were only given this house until 10:00 in the morning. We have to clear everyone out long before that so the cleaners can get to work. We have to leave this house spotless. But I am sure that the housekeeping chores do not interest you. You can prepare yourself in that lavatory across the hall. I will come for you when all is ready.”
I entered the bathroom and applied some makeup. I chose a classy look. I ended up just like I intended to; looking like an extremely attractive housewife. I was the MILF that gave both the boys on the football team AND their fathers a stiffy. My look was supremely confident but inside butterflies filled my stomach. Finally Iola stuck her head in the door and said, “We are ready for you darling.”
The library was full of expensive suits and fancy dresses as Iola held my hand and led me through the crowd to the tiny stage. She planted me right under the spotlight. The crowd became a mass of gray figures. I heard light applause and some wolf whistles, I had expected a more genteel crowd but every one in the room save me had probably already had several drinks. I could just make out waiters carrying cocktails and beer on trays.
Iola moved behind a small lectern and began speaking into a wireless microphone. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, board members and guests. As most of you know I am Iola Jones and tonight you oh so naughty, yet oh so rich people will be bidding on this fair creature to my left. One of you lucky folks will get to collar her and command her until the wee small hours of the morning. We will begin bidding for her pearls. I believe that they are fake. That is the only thing fake about Cinnamon here. Underneath the ordinary exterior is a woman who is completely natural and VERY desirable. What am I bid for the pearls?
The pearls really were worthy of a Walmart discount sale but they went for fifty bucks. It was just a charitable contribution to the cause, what ever it was. Next they bid on my shoes and I got a sense of the kind of money in the room when they went for 250 dollars. Iola stated that my blouse would be next to go up for sale. The bidding for that was mind boggling. As last it sold for 700 dollars! I slowly unbuttoned the blue blouse at first giving a tantalizing glimpse if the lacy bra I wore under it before opening it with a flourish and handing the blouse to Iola. My bra was barely there. It was well constructed but exceptionally lacy. I loved the fact that it was just opaque at my areolas. I know it presented a very tantalizing image. The crowd burst into applause and I began to hear a steady stream of wolf whistles and cheers.
The bidding for my skirt had the room in a fever pitch. My skirt passed the thousand dollar threshold and peaked at 1200 dollars. I unzipped the back of the skirt and wriggled my rump until it slid off my hips and down my legs. I was really enjoying this! My long legs and the black stockings came into view as did my black lacy thong. To the folks closest to the stage it would be obvious that I was a natural redhead.
There was sustained applause at my nearly naked form. I performed several pirouettes upon the stage, highlighting my pert, pretty ass, and smiled my most fetching smile. My stockings went for an even 900 dollars. As tantalizingly as I could I unrolled them down my legs one at a time and then deftly took them off. I think my legs are one of my best features. Judging from the response in the room, I am not alone in that opinion.
My bra was offered next. A very generous older man purchased it for 1,400 dollars. He got to unclasp it and remove it himself. I’m NOT bragging. I have GREAT tits I felt so wanted and so desirable. Iola took a moment to feel me up and said. “Ladies and gentlemen those fantastic boobs are real! If you had money on the betting line that our prize tonight would have implants, you need to fork over your cash.”
My thong was a much desired prize. After a tense bidding war it went for a even 1,000 dollars the winner came up on stage and removed the prize himself. Up close I realized that I had seen this man on the news. He was a famous, (and famously rich) politician! This must be some important and powerful charity. I rewarded the man with a kiss and watched as he departed the stage sniffing my thong.
Iola’s next announcement made my every nerve flutter. The butterflies, which had departed when I began to strip, came back in abundance as I heard. “Now ladies and gentlemen it is time for you to really dig deep into your pockets.” She held aloft a black leather collar with a silver clasp. “We are bidding on the right to collar and possess our slave. We will START the bidding at 5,000 dollars!
I was order to assume several positions, kneeling, on all fours, arms and legs far apart, bent over ass forward, and a few more. The bidding continued to rise. At this point I was so horny and feeling so good that I lost track of the final figure but it was over 25,000 dollars.
“Sold to Mr. and Mrs S.” announced Iola. There was thunderous applause and I saw my “owners” for the first time. He was well over six feet tall and had close cropped sandy hair. Handsome would be an understatement. She was several inches taller than me and had long black hair and a stunning figure. I thought that she looked like Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince guise.
He took the collar from Iola and handed it to his wife. “You do the honors, Princess.” Mr. S said. I felt her cool efficient hands and the cold leather encircle my throat. From her enormous purse Mrs. S produced a leash and hooked it to my collar, As she tugged on the leash, I was led to the champaign stocked bedroom as the crowd dissipated.
Once we were behind the door and it was locked, Mrs. S. kissed me deeply. I had no problem kissing her back. After a few minuets of tongue wrestling, Mrs. S. pulled away.

You will strip my husband now and then you will undress me. I am much more demanding than my husband so you better please me if you expect any kind of tip.” She reached for her purse and I turned towards her husband.
His suit was very expensive and every inch of the man screamed wealth and class. I helped him out of his suit jacket and hung it up on a hanger from the closet. I undid the cuff links, I had to reach all the way up, almost tiptoes, to undo his tie and reach the collar buttons. He had an impressive body under the shirt. Even though he had to be in his mid forties He was in great shape. Far better shape than my own Chet. He bent to kiss me briefly and then indicated with his body language and gesture that I should continue. I took off his shoes and socks and then unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, His considerable bulge was obvious inside his silk boxers.
Alive with anticipation, I lowered his underwear. He had one of the finest penises I have ever seen in my life. As Goldylocks would say. Not too big, not too small but just right. He was uncircumcised and he kept his pubic hair closely cropped. It was the same sandy blonde as the hair on his head. I moved to kneel in preparation of sucking him off when Mrs. S announced “You don’t get to please him until you have pleased me. If you meet my standard then my husband can use you. I won’t have my husband dissipating his precious essence with inferior women. Come over her and undress me. You will preform that task slowly and you will do your best to excite me.”
I gazed at Mrs. S and noticed that she had a double headed dildo in her left hand. Her eyes followed my gaze. “Yes Cinnamon I get to fuck you first. Make me cum and my husband get to enjoy you. You really want to make me happy. I am a real bitch when I don’t get to cum. If you bore me I will tie you to the bed and make you eat pussy all night until you get it right. I like your body, you have a figure a complexion and a face to die for so I am already predisposed to enjoying you. Don’t disappoint me.”
I approached her and bent low then I took her stole and set it gingerly aside. She was wearing a midnight blue, almost black, evening gown. Mrs. S, looked like she was poured into it. I noted that her skin was clear and even, she was a bit darker than her husband, I guessed that her heritage was Eastern European. She looked like the models that come from there. She did have just the faintest hint of an accent which I could not place.
I kissed her again and then I gingerly lowered the zipper on the back of her gown. As I lowered the zipper my tongue traced the bones of her spine. With as much erotic skill as I could muster I lowered the bodice of her dress and slid the garment the rest of the way off her body. Beneath it she wore a white shelf bra, white lace panties, and a garter belt and beige stockings. She really DID look like Wonder Woman. Each centimeter of skin I bared was graced with a kiss and a nibble. After getting her bra off I teased each nipple erect with my lips, tongue and teeth. Her tits were magnificent, better than mine actually. I kissed my way down each leg as I removed her stockings. At last I lowered her lacy bottoms. Her thickly thatched but nicely trimmed bush cam into view. In all honesty I found myself quite heady after seeing her naked. Her beauty shamed my own. I made a move to plunge my mouth into her sex when Mrs S. stopped me.
We broke for a glass of champaign and some caviar. We sat in silence for some minuets, After all our glasses were empty Mrs S. Said. “Now Cinnamon. I am going to tie you down and fuck you. I will say that you have put me in the mood. However I find that I can get where I want to go after I have had some champaign. Come here Cinnamon.”
I followed Mrs S. to the bedside. A frame had been erected around the bed The options were silken ties or leather cuffs. Mrs, S chose leather cuffs. In no time I was spreadeagled and watching fascinated at one end of the Dildo disappeared up Mrs. S’s pussy. I had been soaking wet since back when my blouse had been sold. Gingerly, yet aggressively, she entered me.
I’d done a lot in college but I’d never done double penetration before. It was really fantastic having Mrs. S. grind against me and manipulate the end of the dildo inside me It usually takes me a while to work up a head of steam and let out my orgasms but I had been turned on tonight since Chet left for work. Faster than I had ever cum before I let out a moan and entered orbit. Mrs S. was only a little while behind me. As soon as she had cum she embraced and kissed me, Both of us came again. It was heaven.
After lying close for a while Mrs. S spoke again. “You are excellent Cinnamon. My husband is going to fuck your mouth now while I find out how sweet that little orange pussy of yours tastes.”
Wordlessly she withdrew from me and nodded to Mr. S. He straddled me at a perfect angle for me to suck his cock. I didn’t need to be told, I began sucking to the best of my abilities. Almost immediately I felt Mrs. S tongue enter my slit. She was as talented with her mouth as she was with the dildo. She was so talented and the pleasure was so great that I had trouble focusing on giving head to her husband. I knew instinctively that I had to do as good a job with the husband as I did the wife. With gusto and determination I worked on the long beautiful penis. I lost track of time but finally Mr. S grunted and froze in position. He came in a regular torrent and I tried to catch all of it with my mouth. I swallowed much of it but there were still gobs on my chin and chest.
The two of them stood over me on opposite sides and then they both started working on my breasts. They were both supremely talented. Their tongues worked their way over practically every inch of my body. I was in heaven and then it was time for another caviar and champaign break. Mrs. S. freed me from my bonds and I shared in the luxurious food with them. I knew I was doing a good job because both Mr. and Mrs. S wore contented smiles.
Mrs, S. had me get down on all fours, lovingly stroked my hair, and told me to be silent. “I will talk to Mrs. Jones to determine the name of the agent you work for. I’d like to hire you for an entire weekend so that all of my friends could enjoy your charms. As to what my husband and I are going to do. Since you have proved yourself worthy he will now fuck your pussy and then your asshole. Sometime after those tasks are completed I will jerk him off into your lovely hair. We will then find out how well you eat pussy. When the night concludes you will redress us. I will tell you now that currently you are up for a rather nice tip. You can still lose it if you do not perform spectacularly for the rest of the time we have allotted to us. Mr. S had me get on all fours on the bed as he fucked me doggie style. Mr. S is a real pro with his tool. While her husband was fucking me Mrs. S. sat in a chair watching us while she masturbated. Mrs’ S. matched her own rhythm to that of her husband’s trusts. Mrs S. and I came at almost the same time. I was amazed at Mr. S. recuperative powers he was ready to take my asshole in almost no time. This was the part I feared getting right the most. Chet and I don’t do anal that often, it just really not our thing. The room came equipped with lubricant and Mr. S. gently greased up my back door. I found his almost total silence a little creepy. It occurred to me that since we had entered this room only Mrs. S. had spoken to me. At first I thought that Mr. S’s cock would tear me apart but that fear was only momentary. I adjusted to his shaft and got as comfortable as I could while he worked in a steady pace that was practically mechanical. Before long I found myself enjoying the experience a great deal. I felt him come deeply inside me.
While Mr. S. was trekking down the Hershey highway Mrs. S. stood at the front of the bed and watched my expression. I could not read hers at first but at length she smiled, stroked my hair and caressed my cheek.
“Very good slave. Very good.” She said. Mr. S. withdrew from me and indicated that I was to turn around. I sat on my butt and faced him. For the first and, as it turned out, the only time that evening he kissed me. It was a strong, manly kiss. I had not been kissed like that in quite a while. Chet tries hard but his kisses just never quite reach the mark.
It was time for another round of food and liquor while Mr. S’s equipment recharged itself . While we ate Mrs S. snuggled close and embraced me. We exchanged a steady stream of kisses. Mr. S. seemed to enjoy the exchanges between myself and his wife. He wore a contented smile. Through a gap in the curtains I noticed that the darkness of the evening was beginning to abate.
Mr. S. Signaled that he was ready and his wife positioned me at the foot of his chair. Mrs. S. stood over me and jerked her husband off. He came in my hair, something which I most assuredly did not like but I was not about to let any emotion of disapproval cross my countenance. Once Mr. S. was finished ejaculating Mrs. S. spoke again.
“We are running out of time darling, let’s see if you can get me off. I was still sitting on the floor. I rose up on my knees and placed my mouth on Mrs. S’s succulent pussy. It had been quite a while since i had eaten pussy but before long it all came back to me. Mrs. S. emitted a delightful moan and I realized that I had earned myself a nice tip for my services.
A short time later I helped Mrs. S. smooth out her hair and poured her back into her dress. With a thorough attention to detai,l and with as much respect as I could muster, I redressed Mr. S. He removed the collar from my neck and handed it to his wife. She smiled at me and said. “There are lots of nice memories in this collar. Perhaps we can do this again?” Mrs S. whispered in her husband’s ear and Mr. S. produced a money clip. He set 2,000 dollars down on the dresser. Almost as soon as the Mysterious and beautiful S’s were out the door Iola Jones entered.
“My they look happy You must have done an excellent job.” Iola handed me a cheap track suit and a pair of dollar store sneakers. She also brought Henry’s cell phone and my makeup bag. There was also an envelope with 1, 500 in cash and my car keys. The valet was off duty at this hour but my car was not hard to find. I don’t remember the tune I hummed on the way home.
Mandy was asleep on the couch. I sneaked past her and took a shower. When I woke her up I explained that I hadn’t wanted to disturb her so I took a shower to give her a bit more shut eye. She had no reason to doubt my story. I gave her what she considered a generous tip and sent her home. I watched until she was safely back in her house then I reentered mine. Before I forgot I slid my wedding and engagement rings back on the third finger of my left hand.
I spread my money out on the bed and smiled one of my biggest smiles ever. Some I would send to my ex-employer. What wasn’t need to help with the family budget I would place in my private account in the bank. It would be about an hour before Chet got home. I would definitely give him a surprise fuck, my victory lap as it were.
Henry’s cell phone rang. “Cinnamon! ” he said delightedly. “The reports on you last night are phenomenal! If I didn’t know better I’d swear that you were an old hand at this line of work. I do believe that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.”
I smiled, recalled the evening and gazed at all my wonderful green bills.
“I quite agree Henry. I quite agree.”

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