sisters husband

I am Mukta female who has crossed my mid-thirties convincingly and as far as sex is concerned even after getting married twice, I do not feel I am settled and my experience is how I got indulged into extra marital affair with my cousin sister’s husband Nikhil who is actually far younger than me.
In the very beginning I accepted it all happened because of me, I lured him because sexually I was restless and could not see any other way to calm down my mind and sexual desire. Certainly I would have adjusted with my living conditions if he would have not came in his regular touch but I must say that he is such a person that I failed to stop myself from getting attracted to him
and at certain point I was so restless that it became almost next to impossible for me to control my sexual desire that I just did what I thought was right. I also accept that whatever I did was unethical and immoral but I think this is a place where people do not seek principled or spiritual articles so it’s a humble request to readers that they just read the article and comment weather they liked it or not,
please do not embarrass me by giving me moral lessons and fucking proposals. Anyway before starting down the incident I would like to brief my past and present life and while briefing my past life I would say my first marriage ended because my husband was a greedy man and it was one of thousands of dowry cases happened in the country where girl was going through a regular domestic violence because of money.
Ultimately I got separated from my first so called husband when he attempted to kill me. I was merely in my early twenties when I was gone through awful mental and physical torture and I was not in state to think about getting married again. I spent more than 10 years in solitude.
Fortunately just few months after getting separated I got opportunity to fly to abroad with my cousin sister and I just remained there and worked there for years. I came when my father expired and then I did not thought about going back because now my mother was alone and I joined a reputed software company here and after some time of that my mother started insisting me to get married.
Initially I denied and life went on going like that but somewhere deep I was convince that now I should think about getting married again. I would say by now I was totally out of my past and after suppressing my physical demand for long now I desired to get a sexual pleasure and as my marriage issue started raising its head in my moms and my relatives conversations,
desire to get physical love rose also in my gesture and I said yes for marriage to my mom. It took some time but ultimately I got fixed with a guy who was widower, his wife was expired in a road accident 3-4 years back and he was a father of around 10 year old girl who was living with her grand-mother.
Once again all customs took place and at my end I was excitedly waiting for my sex life to get started and it started too but not the way I desired. Though my second marriage is alive and I don’t think it will ever end because on surface everything is fine and perfect and my husband is very calm and cool but as such I don’t have much of sex in my marriage because after
sudden demise of his first wife my husband’s priorities has changed and now he has altogether different accept to look at life. He is a business man who has crossed his early forties and he is a father of one child, neither he can cop up with my physical demand nor he is interested in doing that.
Actually it’s not completely his fault, up to an extent he has already lived his sex life with his first wife and I feel he has done second marriage because his mother was insisting and as far as sex is concerned, for him sex is something which he needs hardly twice a month.
Opposite to him at my end I have high sexual demand and I feel sexually I was restless because I was living alone from last ten years and suddenly my desires got ignited and ultimately I failed to get sex up to my satisfaction.
Anyway I think there is enough of introduction about my past present life and now I should get on to the experience which actually brought calmness in my life as far as sex is concerned. I have a cousin sister Divya who got married when I was not here and I met her and her husband after coming back.
Truly speaking when first time I met Divya’s husband Nikhil, I could not think that one day I will go mad to get a fuck from him. I liked him as a person because he was having a very mixing nature and also very good sense of humor. Then for a long time we got detached it was just Facebook and one more social networking site through which we chatted and exchanged posts and pictures.
I would say whatever I knew about Nikhil, through my and Divya’s mom I was impressed with his nature but anyhow I could not think of getting on bed with him. Some time passed and I got fixed for marriage and on my marriage day it was third or fourth time when I met him.
Some more time passed and I somewhat started realizing that my life has everything like money comfort, luxuries and all such things but it’s lacking sexual pleasure. I tried my best to cope with my husband in that concern but unknowingly developed a habit of masturbating regularly and when all this was happening in my life,
in the same span I got an interview call from the company which was located in NCR, exactly where Divya and Nikhil were residing. I casually informed Divya about that, to know the way to reach to the place of interview and ultimately it was Nikhil who picked me from the metro station and after interview bring me to his place to meet Divya.
Things stated turning when I got the confirmation of my new Job and I started doing daily up down in that region. You can say it was matter of sheer co-incidence that my work place was in the same sector where Nikhil’s work place was located and just in few days of my joining he coordinated with me and started picking me in the morning from metro station and dropping me at the same place in the evening.
While being in regular touch, I started realizing that Nikhil is a gem of a person and a kind of a male which every girl desire as her husband. Although he was not having a very high earning job, in monetary levels my husband was far-far ahead than him but he knew how to enjoy life and apart from that he knew how to spread happiness all around with his tiny and witty statements.
He was so good and casual in talking that from the day one I started meeting him I felt as if I know him from a long time. Though like Divya he always addressed me Didi, which means sister but I won’t say he was that innocent because many times I saw him staring at sexual assets but to my surprise I never disliked that and unknowingly I started getting conscious over my looks and tried to appear good while I use to be with him.
Here If I will try to describe my appearance and physical structure then I would say I am above average looking female, not fair rather bit dusky, I am bit more than 5’ in height with bit of fleshy sexual assets. Anyhow I cannot be considered fat or plump but I have a belly with heavy breasts and fleshy thighs and ass mounds.
If I will talk about Nikhil then I would say he is a tall man with broad shoulders, not muscular but with good health and like I mentioned he has a wonderful nature which can easily hypnotize a female like me. Anyway while getting back to the incident I would say time went on passing like that and I started falling for Nikhil’s every style and he also got freer while talking to me.
I use to address him Jija Ji but as he was much younger than me he repeatedly insisted me to address him with name and I started doing that but always add Ji after his name. He tried to eliminate that Ji too but anyhow I did not stop addressing him Nikhil Ji.
Like I said on the other end, in my personal life I was somewhat trying to cop up with my sex life use to tranquilize my urge by fisting myself and with his jolly and caring nature Nikhil took hardly a 10 days to intrude my mind and without feeling any hesitation I started fantasizing him while fingering myself in the shower and gradually for me meeting him and talking to him on daily
bases became my addiction and I started feeling uneasy when I failed to meet him at least once in a day because of any casual reason. Truly speaking friends even in that time span I never thought about attracting him or luring him to get a fuck from him, you can say I was falling in love with him silently and I was happy while living in a dreamland but like we know all such things
are barely in our control and gradually my hidden love for Nikhil started turning into his forbidden desire and I just went on masturbating while fantasizing him. Certainly I am not a pervert or a nymph who thinks about having sex with every person coming in contact and I would say up to an extent nobody except my husband was responsible for all this,
I am sure if I would have healthy sex life with him then I would have never thought about Nikhil with that perspective, My husband was so much engrossed into his business that he never realized my physical demand and in this span many times when I asked him for physical love, either he was tired or he checking out his companies accounts or doing something like that.
I won’t say sex was totally eliminated from my life but it was rare and whenever my husband confronted with me it was always just fucking and I was not getting proper affection and attention from my husband for rest of my day and I started feeling uncared from my husband.
As time passed my personal life changed bit more and things became tougher for me and I can say in that phase I was somewhat made to get indulged into an extra marital affair. After around month or bit more of my joining a new job my husband got a construction project somewhere far from our town and now he has to spend 5-6 days in a month in the other town,
since then in my life it was lack of sex and attention of a spouse but now I got lonely too and that made me sexually more restless and while being alone in the house I became very regular in masturbating while watching porn on the big screen and no need to say, while watching male fucking a female, except Nikhil I could not imagine anybody else fucking me like a bitch.
In addition to this I saved porn movies in my mobile too, to watched them in the night even when my husband was sleeping sound on the other side and I must mention that while watching porn I started visualizing doing nasty acts to Nikhil which I never liked as a part of sex, I mean sucking male Penis like a lollipop, and I often visualized that he sucking my fuckhole with all his affection, just like we see in porn movies.
And like this within two month’s time from my husband’s regular absence for a week, my demand for affection and physical love increased so much that my forbidden desire of getting intimate with Nikhil became my obsession and I started wearing tight fitted kurta’s with tight leggings on my lower half and that is without stoles over the shoulder,
just to reveal my big breasts and ample body to him and while being with him I repeatedly stared at his crotch to see if he is hard or uncomfortable while being with me and also presumed that like he has a good and tough body he must be having a thick and long Penis with heavy balls, It would take long to arouse and would last erect for a long time while fucking me like a slut.
All in all I was getting shameless in thoughts and without feeling any regret I just went on going like that and tried talking to him about his personal life and Nikhil shared whatever he could share with a third person while being in limits. But I was keen to know about his sex life with my sister and deep inside I wanted him to be sexually unsatisfied with his wife just like I was
with my husband so that I can make a mutual way for both of us but unfortunately it did not seemed like that. Like he was jolly and down to earth for everyone he was romantic and naughty with his wife, I came to know bit about his sex life with Divya when once I got an opportunity to read massages from his mobile which unintentionally became indirect reason of starting of our extra marital affair.
On one fine day after picking me up from my office in the evening, leaving his mobile in the car he went out of the car to get some food packed for home and I saw a received massage from Divya’s number and text was just “OK” just to go behind the reason of this massage I explored his mobile I moved to sent box and I was surprised to see numerous vulgar massages sent to Divya’s number,
few of them which I remember were “I will fuck you baby” “tonight I will suck your Pussy” also “please aaj mera Penis suck kar dena….” And “today I will fuck you in doggy style” and many more like that. I remember that day in the night I was very depressed, something was pinching me and you can say I was feeling jealous of my sister for having such a naughty husband
with whom I could imagine that there will be no end sex life for years. That day I masturbated thrice in the night while visualizing Nikhil fucking me as if I am his wife and like this my uneasiness just went on increasing and in next 10-15 days I became very restless.
Here at my personal life my husband was getting busier because of new project and the time when actually things happened between me and Nikhil he was gone out of town for around ten days. It was second night in row when I was sleeping alone in the house after watching porn and masturbating and in way I was at the peak of feeling frustrated from my life and jealous from my sister’s life.
I don’t why in the night I always presumed that tonight Nikhil must be fucking Divya and she must be enjoying and here I am suffering without any of my fault. That night something came in my mind and I thought about going for a movie with Nikhil alone, though I was not sure over whatever I was thinking but deep inside I wanted to study if there is any chance to get on bed with him
and next morning when he came to pick me up from metro station I casually asked him if he has ever bunked a college and he said yes to it, “aapne kabhi college bunk kiya hai?” “haan… bahut baar” and next I asked if he has ever bunked a office and he smiled a bit and accepted that too by saying that he has bunked office just once,
when there was a severe power problem in his office and no work could be dono so he and most his office collogues were gone for a movie. Next I asked if he can bunk his office today and like I was expecting he got surprised and I further told him that I am little frustrated with a monotones routine and told him that my husband is also not here so from last few days I am getting bored
at home as well and then asked him again if we can watch a specific movie together and after listening everything he said yes to it and we both informed at our work place that we are off from the work for a day. Next Nikhil asked me if we can take Divya along and I casually denied for that and told him that if this is a bunk than it has to be off from our spouse’s records
“agar hum bunk kar rahe hain to isski information kisi ko nahi honi chahiye….na mere husband ko aur na Divya ko” and Nikhil smiled a bit over my words and looked into my eyes strangely and for a moment I felt he has guessed my mind state or you can say my feeling for him.
We opted for a cinema hall which was at one corner of the town and far from Nikhil and my living region, specifically to eradicate any chances to get noticed by anyone known. I can easily say that Nikhil was really very conscious throughout the time he was with me on the so called bunk.
Apparently while riding to reach to the place he was talking to me normally but I could easily read that he was little uneasy and he is trying his best not to get conscious. After reaching to the place and waiting for our movie to get started while talking to me he was trying looking into my eyes, possibly to read my mind and I was trying my best to behave normal as if I have nothing like that in my mind,
but If I will talk about what all was running in my mind then I would say I was far uneasy then Nikhil, deep inside I needed that man in my life, if not in life at least in my bed and like that while being with him I could not put my dirty thoughts away from my mind and I started feeling so starved for physical love that for a moment I thought about holding his hand in the dark while watching movie.
Though I failed to do that but by the time we came out of the auditorium because of lust I was feeling like hell. I was dripping in my panties slowly since I was with him and while being silent in the dark I could not think about anything else except fucking and just fucking with him and with that mind set by the time I came out of the dark I was wet like I was never before.
While watching movies when I failed to hold his hand I thought about giving hint of my feeling somehow with double meaning statement while eating but once again when we reached to the food court to eat and settled down with a food I was feeling choked at throat to talk about all that and we just chit chatted over casual topics and roamed around few showrooms after eating.
As intentionally I was wearing tight fitting outfit, Kurta at upper half and tight leggings over lower without any stole over my shoulder, many times I saw Nikhil staring at my breasts and thighs, I could guess that he is getting attracted to my fully ripe body may be because physically his wife or you can say my sister Divya had a maintained body, slim and slender,
neither she was having big and luscious breasts like mine nor she was having a jutting out ass and fleshy thighs like I had and when I failed to speak out anything intentionally or unintentionally I started trying aggravating his sex harmony by showing carelessness when strap of my bra was revealed a bit over my shoulder and back through the neck of my Kurta and once purposely
I dropped few papers from my bag while standing in front of him and then picked them up while sitting down with an assumption that he must be looking at my cleavage. Anyway ultimately like that sometime passed and now we did not had anywhere to roam in the mall and Nikhil asked me I want have coffee at CCD or Barista,
I don’t know how it came in my mind and I asked him what if we can go at my place and have coffee there and like last time once again I saw Nikhil looking into my eyes to read me and after few seconds he said ok to it. I was feeling strange while riding home with him, I was nervous as well rapturous and somewhere deep inside I was sure that Nikhil has understood my intentions
and I was also sure if I will approach him he will not let this chance go but I also knew that I won’t be able to speak anything with that approach, rather here I would say I was not prepared for that within myself, whatever I did since then was more or less spontaneous and when I was about to get alone in the house I was still biased whether I should do it or not above that I did not had courage to give him dirty proposal just like that.
Anyway with all such thoughts and music on we reached at my place and I started preparing coffee. He sat down in the living room and casually gave a compliment to me for having a beautiful house and I took the bow. I prepared coffee while facing away from him in the open kitchen and tried to think over everything once again and decided not approach him and give myself some time.
Though deep inside I did not wanted to but I was trying my best to control my desire of getting intimate with him and for a while I thought about talking to him about personal life while having coffee and when I reached to him he was typing something on his mobile. I served him coffee and asked him if he is tying a massage and he said yes to it while sending it
and I asked him again if he has sent massage to Divya and he accepted that too with a pleasant surprise and asked me how do I know, “aapko kaise patta challa” and I smiled a bit before saying “because it is written on you face….” and he smiled a bit over my reply and I don’t know how it came in my mind and I just spoke out that I even know what massage he has sent to Divya
“mujhe to ye bhi maloom hai ki aapne Divya ko kya massage bheja hoga….” And he laughed on my words and asked me if that is also written on my face and “wo bhi mere face par likha hua hai kya?” for a fraction I thought about not speaking further but I don’t know what I thought and I just revealed the truth that I know because I have read his sentbox by saying
“mujhe maloom hai because ek baar maine aapke sentbox ke massages padhe the”. And my words shocked him much more than I was expecting and just in a moment his smile disappeared and he was stunned and failed to believe what I said. He was disappointed and did not look at me again and tried finishing his coffee fast.
His changed expressions changed my temperament too and my heart started pounding I realized that I have made a big mistake and because of strange nervousness and fear I even failed to say sorry instantly. Nikhil finished his coffee as quick as he can and got up while saying “I think I should go now” “I am sorry…”
I spoke that in timid voice and got up with him and then added, “mujhe massages nahi dekhne chahiye the….” he smiled a bit and that gave me relief and I spoke again and said that it was wrong at my end and like I said he is a most cheerful person ever came in my touch, he spoke out with a smile “dekha liye to dekh liye….at least aapko batana nahi chahiye tha ki aapne dekh liye hain”
and I giggled over his spontaneous statement and then he added “they are too vulgar….” and I just kept on looking at his face with a smile and our eyes met for few seconds. I don’t know if unintentionally I was giving him hint of my feelings for him and I spoke that I am jealous of Divya, “mujhe Divya se jealously ho rahi hai…” and my words took his attention and he asked me back “why…?”
and I spoke out instantly, as if I was waiting for that “I wish mera husband bhi mujhe aise massages bhejta” and my words surprised him a bit and he smiled and once again we stared into each other’s eyes. I don’t know how spoke all that, from my side everything was spontaneous and it worked.
I told him to sit down he sat down and asked me about my personal life but while being in limits, saying that from my gesture he has sensed that everything is not smooth at my end and asked me if I am ok with my present husband. He knew everything about my past, that previously I have gone through an attempt of murder and in response I said everything is fine and there is no life threat for me,
it’s just that my husband is over busy and I feel neglected and Nikhil tried ending the conversation with just Ok. But I was started now and once again I took initiative and spoke “you are just opposite to my husband…aur exactly waise hi ho jaisa huband mujhe chahiye tha….”
Once again my words surprised him a bit and we looked into each other’s eyes. I was realizing that things are getting closer on its own and now I should not hesitate and I tried gaining some sympathy by saying “as far as marriage is concerned meri kismat hi kharab hai…and nobody can do anything” and Nikhil denied by saying
“No it’s not that….it’s a matter of time… gradually everything will be fine” I was thinking, what to say when he spoke again “please don’t mind… I am suggesting you that….but you should plan a baby” and in response I smiled bit sarcastically and spoke “my husband does not need a child…”
and with a pause intentionally or unintentionally step ahead in revealing my personal life by saying “moreover we don’t get in touch frequently… hardly once or maximum twice a month…whenever he feels like doing…meri feelings ki koi value nahi hai” and my words once again surprised Nikhil but he did not uttered anything and just kept on looking at my face and into my eyes.
I could make out that up to an extent he has understood what I am looking forward with him and I spoke again in continuation but with a smile “that is why I was saying…I am jealous of Divya…you are an ideal husband”. Nikhil was speechless and from his facial gesture I could see that he is uneasy,
my heart was also pounding high but now I did not wanted to step back and next my sight flew to his crotch, just to get a hint if he is getting aroused but as such I did not got any clue of his state and I asked him about his life casually that how is his life going “aap bataao, aapki life kaisin chal rahi hai….”
And before he would have thought about saying anything I spoke again with a smile “sms padh ke to lagta hai ki its’ going great” and he blushed with a smile over my words. Apparently I was smiling but deep inside my heart was pounding because subject was over the tip of my tongue but it was not coming out of my mouth in words.
He looked at the time in mobile and I spoke still there is lot of time “abhi to bahut time hai…” “Haan…but I have to travel a lot and in rush hours I will get stuck into jam” he replied back, I thought he thinking about going right now and I spoke in hurry “please stay…for some more time…”
and once again he looked at my face and into my eyes and spoke “haan…haan…I am not going right now…I will leave around 4:30” I looked at wall clock, it was little passed to 2:30. Two hours are sufficient for a male to satisfy a starved female like me, provided fucking gets started but the biggest question was that how fucking will get started.
I was sure that he has understood my mental state but he was not taking initiative, he was waiting for me to step ahead, probably if I would have somebody else and not her wife’s sister then since then he would have fucked me. I wanted to break the bars and I was not very far from it, it was a matter of just two words “fuck me” but how could I say that.
“Nikhil I want to ask you something” while sitting far, almost on the opposite couch I spoke with a pounding heart and then anyhow continued speaking “you are my friend and I need your suggestion….” “Haan…haan bolo” he asked me back and I took an indirect way “I am not happy with my marriage….and I cannot think of doing it third time”.
Nikhil remained silent and continued looking at me, I looked down and spoke “my husband does not care for me…and” once again I looked up and continued speaking while looking into his eyes “when I see Divya happy…I feel jealous…what should I do?” I paused for a moment, he was looking into my eyes and “I don’t know exactly ye kya hai…when I am with you…I feel strange happiness” once again I paused,
I was close to what I wanted to say and once again I gathered courage and spoke again “I wish aap mere husband hote…”Nikhil was still silent but from his expressions I could make out that he has understood what will be next from my side and I tried speaking that “can we be….???”
My heart was pounding hard like I never before in my entire life and I failed to speak further and after few seconds; when he saw that I cannot speak he spoke “yes we can…” like me Nikhil was also expressionless at his face and like mine his voice was also low and nervous and as I heard that I went through strange sensation, my heart was still beating high but I did not reacted and stayed as it is,
tranquil and looking at his face and he spoke again “I can see that you are attracted to me…” and after a pause he completed his words by saying “and the fact is…I am also attracted to you…”. O Wow those were the most beautiful words I have ever heard since now and now I was losing control over myself,
my heart was beating double the speed and deep inside I wanted to go crazy with him but I could see that he is yet not over and he spoke again “you can justify your attraction, but at my end this is wrong….?” From his words I felt as if he is confused whether he should go for it or not and by now I was not in state to let him step back and I spoke out everything clearly
“Nikhil…forget all that and Fuck me…” ….“Just fuck me” I was looking at him with a flick of an eye and looked into my eyes barely for few seconds and ultimately got from his place and holding my wrist took me back to his place, over the three sitter couch where he was sitting and made me sit over his lap while grabbing my body hard and rough.
“Ohhh….” I moaned loud in pleasure, I was waiting for this moment since long, finally I was into his arms and he was making love to me. Holding my body firmly Nikhil started by kissing me over my cheek and area around my ears and closing my eyes and I trembled like a fish with a pleasure gasp.
His hands went to my luscious breasts and he squeezed them hard and rough and I felt my breasts going heavier and I panted loud with open mouth. I was dying to get this kind of treatment over my body and he was sensing my demand very well as next his hands went inside my Kurta and he touched bare skin of my upper half while reaching to my breast inside the cloths
and with his tender touch once again I shivered like never before and hugged him hard. He cupped my heavy milks, inside my Kurta and over the bra and clutched them hard again and I panted madly with a closed eyes. Nikhil tried lifting my Kurta and I helped him to get out of it and in a moment or two I was sitting on his lap with just bra over my upper half and grabbing me hard
he brushed his wet lips over deep cleavage and squeezed my fruits with all his strength one more time and I just went mad in lust and started puffing in heat. Holding my body firmly suddenly Nikhil stood up and in reflex I wrapped my legs around his waist, he moved and I guided him to my bedroom.
He rested me on the spongy bed in the middle and I lied on my back as it is and next he started taking off his clothes and after loosening his shoes and taking off his socks, it took him hardly a minute to climb on the bed with just a jockey over his body. I looked at his crotch in tight underwear and it was bulky, I could easily make out that he is having a big Penis with heavy balls.
Like me Nikhil was also restless and in moment after climbing on the bed, holding elastic of my tight leggings from my waist he pulled down my lower and next instant I was just having a Panty over lower half. I was puffing in pleasure while breathing heavy, we both were looking at each other’s face but no one was speaking anything and next Nikhil moved to my breast
and pulling down straps of bra he exposed my heavy melons and started playing with them with all his passion. He cupped them, squeezed them and sucked them like crazy and holding him hard and firm from his back I just went on moaning like a bitch in heat. Next leaving my breasts he looked at my face closely and placed his lips over mine and we kissed like true lovers.
He explored my mouth like I never imagined that my husband will do and leaving his saliva in my mouth he took out my tongue and sucked it. I too responded to him like that and roamed all around his mouth with my tongue and he entered his tongue in my mouth to get a suck from me and I did that.
I was getting unconscious with his passionate love making and could not think of anything like morals or ethics, I was just waiting to get fucked and in a moment Nikhil got up and pulled down my Panty too. Ohhh….I puffed as cold breeze knocked my wet fuckhole after a long tease. Nikhil looked down to my pleasure hole,
I was having mild hairs over my fuckhole and placed his fingers over them and rubbed my love opening tenderly and once again I moaned in pleasure and felt myself flooding with a fresh stream of my love juices. He entered two of his fingers in my fuckhole and plunged me again and again with a steady pace and within few seconds I felt like bursting and drifted up.
He stopped as he saw that I am going far from my control and took off his underwear. Ohhh…My god he was so big and thick and hard like iron rod and as it popped out Nikhil started jerking his monster with his own hands while moving towards my spread and wide open thighs.
“Aise hi Daal Dun…? agar Condom hai to dedo” those were the words which were spoken after a long time and I replied to him by saying “Nahi….just fuck me….samajh low main Divya hun….fuck me like that” and I took out my bra which was stuck into my arms.
“No…you are not Divya….Aap Mukta Didi ho…” he came over me while saying that, my breasts got crushed under his broad shoulders and he touched my bare fuckhole with Penis and kissed me over my lips “Don’t call me Didi now….call me just Mukta…aur main aapki Mukta hun”
I spoke that while puffing as touch of his fully erect Penis over my fuckhole was making me shiver in divine sensation and now I needed him inside me more than my life and next instant holding his Penis Nikhil got up a bit over his elbow, looked down at my opening and placed tip of his monster over my wet and swollen fuckhole.
Ohhh… I was at the verge of getting stabbed and I started puffing in intensely. He looked up into my eyes after setting him on my doorway and caressed my cheek with affection, I could feel my thick Pussy lips parted with the thickness of his monster and my fuckhole started trembling like I never felt before “I love you Nikhil…I love you…”
I closed my eyes and spoke out in love and lust in a puffing voice and just then he flexed his bottom and plunged me with a sudden jolt. “Ahhhh…..” I cried loud in heavenly pleasure and grabbed him hard in my arms. He slipped down his entire length in a fraction and I felt his heavy balls crushing my thick and swollen pussy lips.
Holding one of my breasts Nikhil lied over me and started kissing me and I responded to his kiss feverishly and took his tongue in my mouth and sucked it. After a minute or bit less breaking the kiss and keeping his monster still in my fuckhole he started sucking my long and erect nipples and I shuddered in desire of getting properly fucked and tried grabbing his ass
between my thighs and sensing my demand just then Nikhil started vibrating inside my fuckhole with a steady pace. I closed my eyes and started moaning in intense pleasure and leaving my breast Nikhil started looking at my face while fucking me. His massive ass rose and fall over my crotch and he just went on screwing me with amazing control,
I was going crazy in lust and could think anything except crying in pleasure and I went on grabbing him hard in my arms and fleshy thighs. Finally Nikhil panted in pleasure and his pace went bit higher, by now I could feel that I am also reaching close to my climax and just then he puffed and spoke out in rising lust,
“Ohh…I will fuck you baby…Mukta…. I will always fuck you like this…you are mine” that was first time he addressed me with just my name also in a way I was dying to hear those erotic words spoken for me and his words just took me too far and I started crying madly.
I was close to burst but Nikhil was yet not over and just went on fucking me with rising pace and I reached to point where I was never reached in my entire sex life. Truly speaking friends it was a kind of sensation which I cannot write in any words but I can say for a starved female like me it was moments of sheer ecstasy.
I was crying in pleasure because dam inside me was about to burst but Nikhil was not letting it burst, he was fucking me and that instant he was fucking me till my soul. I cried and cried like hell but he did not stopped and with a continues digging of my fuckhole within few seconds he brought me to the point where I was never brought by any of my two husbands
and even after that without sensing my devastating state he just went on pumping my fuckhole. By now with every inward stroke I came out with a woofing gasp and I just went bizarre, while lying over me Nikhil was gripping me hard and I could anything except crying and nailing his back and I did that with all my passion.
Suddenly my back arched like a bow and my entire body got stiff, now I could not even scream as I was out breath and I was humming in strange voice and just then Nikhil stopped and pulled out his monster and cried loud. Ohhhhh… God what was that, truly speaking friends I cannot forget that moment ever in my life, in a way by pulling out his Penis just before evacuation,
he did best he could do to avoid me getting pregnant but his sudden withdrawal worsen my state. Dam inside me was just broken and if he would have buried his monster inside my fuckhole I would have cummed with ease but when suddenly my hole got vacant I just went mad, I wanted to tightened my fuckhole to release my pressure,
to prevent my liquid flowing out free but as my thighs were apart I failed in clenching my fuckhole instantly and went through trembling with strange jerks. Though I turned around over my belly and clenched my fuckhole between my thighs very soon but by then it was too late and some sort of tidal waves started travelling through my body and for a moment I felt as I am going to die now.
By now Nikhil up with emptying his balls and he poured out his hot jizz over my thighs with a loud gasp and continued puffing. I was lying on my belly while shivering with sudden jolts and after a minute I lied like a dead, so was Nikhil, he collapsed on me and once again crushed my fleshy body with his enormous weight.
We lived without a word for a while and slowly Nikhil got up a bit and kissed over back shoulder and spoke “mazza aa gaya….” And I just hummed to say yes. He further got up and turned me around, over my back and we looked into each other’s eyes, he was almost on his knees and I was lying stark naked flat over my back,
“aap theek ho na….?” *(are you alright), he asked me and I moved my head in yes, “I think thoda sa over ho gaya…” he spoke again and I just smiled a bit, from my body language and facial expressions he could also see that I was spent like hell and all because he has fucked me like a bitch. Next he leaned over me and placed his lips over mine and we kissed again.
“I am sorry….I was gone mad” he spoke after breaking the kiss and I smiled over his words again and spoke “there is nothing to say sorry…moreover I have really enjoyed all that…and I must say that now I am more jealous from Divya” he giggled over my statement and spoke “don’t feel jealous…now I am available to you also….but it has to be a top secret…nahi to mera divorce ho jaayega”
he spoke that with pauses and entered in the washroom. I too got up and took out fresh clothes for myself and spoke as he came out “divorce to mera bhi ho jaayega”. I will say that was end of my first fucking experience with Nikhil but it was not an end of the day. After coming out of the washroom Nikhil said he is hungry and after using the washroom I cooked instant noodles
for both of us and sat together in the living room with all our clothes over our body. I sat beside him while touching his body and he asked me few things about my personal life, about my husband’s attitude but ultimately did not passed any comment over that and like this we finished eating and sat together for few minutes with just TV on and after some time he looked at the time again.
We still had around an hour and as now there was no formality he asked me “ek baar aur karna hai na?” and in response I moved my head in yes. Once again he made me sit over his lap and we kissed like true lovers and that is how our second session started which I would love to write because it was most beautiful intercourse I have ever had in my life among all three men who has fucked me till now.
After breaking the kiss he looked into my eyes closely and spoke “Now I will suck your Pussy….” I did not had any reply of that statement and to give my consent I just smiled a bit and he spoke again “aapko bhi mera Penis suck karna hai” he did not asked me rather he spoke as if he is telling me and I have to follow.
Like I said I never like doing this act, may be because in my first marriage I was always made to do that but that instant I was ready to do anything with him and I accepted by just by saying Ok in low voice. Next we moved to the bedroom and ultimately climbed on the bed after getting totally nude.
Once again Nikhil started with a kiss and while getting crushed under his massive weight I was feeling his semi erect Penis somewhere around my lower abdomen. Nikhil kissed me for really long and squeezing my luscious fruits slowly he reached to my neck and earlobes with his lips and I started moaning instantly as now he was licking me there and within couple of minutes
of getting kissed and licked at both the sides I went so restless that I started pushing him a bit but he empowered my efforts and took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it tenderly. He was over me and in a way I was jammed by him, in that state I could not move even an inch and he continued sucking my both the earlobes one by one and licked my neck till I lost my breath and requested him stop doing that.
Finally he stopped doing that and moved down to my milks and started sucking my breasts, oh…wow what a feeling it was, by now I was high at lust and I gasped sexily as I looked down to see him, holding his scalp and moving my fingers in his hairs I was feeding my breast him like a mother,
Nikhil flicked and chewed my long nipples with his tongue and lips and somehow continued squeezing my melons bit roughly with both the hands. Slowly he moved down to my body while kissing my whole body and reached to my lower abdomen and opened my thighs wide apart and I just I went restless.
That was first time I was about to experience oral sex, I was never sucked at my fuckhole, not even during my first marriage, in a way my first husband use to treat me as if I am his personal slut, Rakhail and never bothered about my pleasure and Nikhil was just opposite to him and for me whole sucking experience was something which is nothing less than a heaven.
Anyway Nikhil took position between my spread thighs and in a fraction drowned his face into my crotch and started licking me there with a never ending passion. As he touched my soft and aroused fuckhole with his tongue my body shivered with a sudden jerk and I started gasping in strange sensation.
Next Nikhil licked my vertical crack from bottom to top with a powerful thrust and parted my pussy lips with his rough tongue and I moaned loud and trembled like fish without water and tried to get away on very first instant but he held me from my waist and tried to go into my fuckhole and I gasped erotically.
Oh….. my God what was he doing to me, next parting my legs further apart Nikhil went deeper into my fleshy thighs and his thick and rough tongue parted my pussy lips numerous times and swirled inside me erotically and I went on moaning without care.
Holding my thighs wide and tight Nikhil explored my fuckhole like he was exploring my mouth while kissing me and I could not do anything except moaning and panting with divine feeling of getting an oral pleasure from someone I was obsessed. I think my moans were driving him crazy and next he widened my thighs little more and folded my legs inwards to get better access
of my fuckhole and started eating and chewing thick labia of my fuckhole with his tongue and lips and pulled out the flesh of my pussy while holding it in his lips and I trembled repeatedly. Next Nikhil inserted one of his fingers in my fuckhole while moving his tongue over my opening and my pleasure enhanced drastically and I started crying more erotically while moving my body
randomly and he further folded my legs and raised them up after widening them bit more to get complete access of my fuckhole and buried his face completely into my crotch one more time and started sucking me intensely. Now my feet were pointing roof and I was somewhat folded into half and I was moaning and trembling like never before,
it was something which always seemed filthy to me but the way Nikhil sucked me it was extremely attractive and I was in a kind of pleasure which I never experienced. I was releasing endless streams of my pleasure juices while gasping with closed eyes and Nikhil was gulping everything I was releasing.
“Please Nikhil stop….please mera ho jaayega” Finally I told him to stop when I felt that I might reach to my climax and Nikhil stopped. He got up and came over me and invade my mouth with his tongue and fenced my mouth with it to give me taste of my own love juices and I somewhat enjoyed that filthiness and reacted hungrily to his kiss.
Finally Naval broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and asked me “mazza aaya….” And I smiled a bit while moving my head mildly in yes “Now you do it” he spoke again as by now I was aroused up to my soul, I was prepared for that and I got up instantly. Nikhil came over his knees and came bit forward while jerking his limping Penis and spoke
“hmmmmm…suck it, your sister does not like doing this…. Divya se suck karwane ke liye mujhe bahut request karni padti hai”. He revealed bit of his sex life and that fact motivated me to give him that pleasure with all my affection. I was also on my knees and looking at his face and he asked me “I hope you have done all this earlier….?” by saying “ya…during my first marriage….”
I accepted in a low voice and he ended the conversation with just ok. Nikhil remained over his knees and I leaned in front of his crotch and took his Penis in my warm mouth tenderly. “hmmmmm…..” Nikhil hummed in pleasure as he felt warmth of my mouth around his shrivel monster and I felt taste of his precum over my taste buds.
Finally I started moving back and forward while sucking him with all my affection; his Penis appeared and disappeared in my mouth and watching me sucking him like that he shuddered in pleasure. Holding my face tenderly in his hands, he was enjoying every tiny suck which I made over the foreskin of his rod and gradually I felt him growing bigger and bigger in my mouth.
I was on my way of giving him oral pleasure when suddenly excitement rose and Nikhil started moaning in pleasure while murmuring my name in low voice in “Ohh Mukta…I love you… hmmm….suck me…. Mukta please suck me like that……hamesha mujhe aise hi suck karte rahana….I love you” his words were arousing me and I did whatever I could do with my mouth,
lips and tongue to please husband of my younger sister and from his condition I could see that Nikhil was in heaven and next few seconds closing his eyes he started moving his bottom back and forward in my rhythm and I was getting properly face fucked.
By now his rod was hard like iron and ready to plunge me but he wanted to get sucked, so holding his ass in my arm showing no hurry I continued sucking his monster like a lollipop and slowly Nikhil sat down and tried to hold my bottom and moved me a bit towards him and spoke “69 karte hain”.
We attained position, he lied down and I was over him and holding my fleshy ass once again he tried to bury his lips into my thighs and soon reached to my fuckhole and started licking me there with all his passion. On the other side I just continued moving his monster in and out of my mouth with lot of saliva around; my hands were jerking his penis,
I was somewhat moving his skin up and down while taking care that it will not get down completely and like that I continued sucking Nikhil with my full affection and Nikhil was enjoying every fraction of it and I could see that slowly he was reaching to the state where he will not be able to bear the pleasure and I was right.
After hardly one more minute he signaled me by trying getting up and I stopped and got away from him and we kissed again and this time I gave him taste of his precum. He looked into my eyes with a smile and asked me “Kaise karna hai?” and I replied with “jaise aap bolo” “thodi der doggy style mein karte hain” he wanted to fuck me in doggy style for a while and I turned around and went on my four like a bitch.
He kissed my ass and all around my waist while rubbing his hand over my back and spoke “I must say that you have beautiful ass…” I liked his words; they made me happy in depth and I moaned in pleasure. Next he moved his hand under my belly from behind; to locate my opening and insert his two of his fingers in my fuckhole and finger fucked me for a minute.
I gasped erotically while lurching my bottom and next he took position to plunge me from behind by touching his crotch with my ass and I helped him to put his monster rod over my opening. I gasped as now his thick Penis was touching my love opening and my fuckhole was shuddering to get stuffed again.
Nikhil held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him I eased myself towards his hard erect rod and my moan changed into an intense gasp as once again his huge Penis was going into my starved fuckhole.
He too grunted loud with a hot clamp of my wet fuckhole on his monster and just then I impaled myself even deeper and ultimately entire length of his penis was squeezed into my wet channel. Holding me from my waist he sank his Penis completely in my fuckhole and stood still.
I moaned, as he was touching deepest corner of my love hole, which was never explored before and he pulled bit of his rod slowly from my fuckhole and pushed back deep inside me with energy and I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again and I murmured “Yes… fuck me Nikhil… fuck me…” and he started fucking me steadily.
Oh…Wow what a pleasure that was, Nikhil was so much in his control that I could imagine that I will ever get this level of sexual pleasure with my husband. Showing no hurry Nikhil went on driving his entire length in my fuckhole from behind and gasped several times while screwing me like a bitch.
Gradually his pace increased and he started pumping me hard and fast and my moans got louder and erotic. My moans turned him further on and holding my huge hips he started rocking me back and forth rapidly. I was moaning while coordinating with his inward thrusts and things just went like this for a minute or less and Nikhil stopped fucking me.
He was reaching to his climax and he did not want to evacuate in that posture. He took me under and once again lied over me and started with a kiss and his hands played with breasts. “You have beautiful breasts too…” he spoke that in a sensual voice and then spoke again “I don’t know how your husband does not get attracted to you…
unki jagah main hota to bedroom se bahar hi nahi nikalta” and I replied by saying “That is why I am jealous of Divya” and he just smiled over my words and once again positioned his monster over my fuckhole and plunged me with sudden jerk.
Nikhil fucked me in missionary posture steadily for really long and throughout the fuck we both were moaning and while looking at my face he was caressing my hairs and cheeks with affection. Finally his pace went high and he started screwing me hard and fast and we both grunted loud while reaching to our climax.
Though this time it was not an intense orgasm and I did not trembled like before but it was a kind of fuck which I always desired from my husband. This time he hollowed his balls deep in my fuckhole and I too shivered erotically while he was spewing out his hot jizz in my fuckhole. 
Finally that was an end of our fucking bunk.
We both got up after lying for 4-5 minutes and soon after wearing his clothes Nikhil moved out of my house with a promise of meeting next day on schedule. So friends that is how my extra marital affair with my brother in law started and it is still on.
One thing which I would love to mention that in last few months my married life has became better; not much but my sexual intercourse has became little frequent with my husband and it has happened because of Nikhil only. He suggested me; and I brought my husband’s daughter home and now she is living with us and this has changed bit of my husband’s attitude.
Thought now we are bit in frequent but still I have not stopped fucking with Nikhil, how could stop fucking with a person like him, moreover physically I don’t get satisfied with my husband, as my husband just goes off within a minute and I hardly reach to my climax and just opposite to him, Nikhil has an extra ordinary ability to fuck and every time he fucks me he fucks me till my soul.
Anyway in the end I would say I don’t know if I have succeeded in narrating my sex experience in an erotic way, I just know that by writing down everything I have relived my most wonderful moments of life, when I was fucked for the first time by the person I like most.

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