Sister-In-Law Deal Pt. 02

The next morning was a blur. It wasn’t a dream, it had most definitely happened and I suppose now I had to face the music. I forced myself up and headed to the kitchen. Sue was up already and sat there in her skimpy night top and panties. At 44, she was still looking pretty hot. She’d slept in our bedroom, whereas I had fallen asleep in the lounge after drinking a few glasses of scotch.
“Morning sleepy head.” Sue said, in a very chirpy tone. That certainly wasn’t the greeting I was expecting. I was expecting a kitchen pan across the head. Ok, I know she’d been caught sucking some stranger’s cock but for me to force her to blackmail her sister into a complete cunt and anal fuck fest, well I just didn’t expect a warm welcome.
“Morning …how are we this morning?” Probably not the most wise question, I’d no doubt receive the verbal abuse now.
“Still horny as fuck actually. You got to dump cum over my sister, Jules managed to come twice, once with your cock in her arse and the second with my mouth on her cunt. And I …I didn’t get any kind of treatment.” She followed this with a pretend grumpy look with her bottom lip poking out. Ok, she was taking this all very well and if I wasn’t mistaken, was actually looking for a good-morning fuck.
“Frankly, you didn’t deserve it slut.” I let that hang there for a second or two.
“You went with another guy, you sucked his cock and let him cover you in fuck juice” I was now trying to be dirty as possible. Trying to get Sue worked up even more.

“Why? And why right there where you knew I was picking you up” I hadn’t occurred to me at the time but why had she stood at our agreed meeting place to suck some guy off.
“That was Terry my boss. I’ve been sucking that cock for six months now. He fucks me when he wants and I do as he says. He was the one who told me to go outside to suck him off.” Now it was her turn to leave a comment hanging in the air.
“I’m his slut Andy. I do exactly as he says. Sometimes he calls me to his office and just wanks right into my face and makes me drink his cum. He’s fucked my arse in the meeting room and my cunt in the ladies. Whatever he wants, I do.” I listened but had little to say.
Sue had worked for this group of accountants for six years or so now. She’d gone there as a general secretary and worked up to a PA position. I’d only met her boss once and he was a very over powering man. As I recollected last night’s events I recalled this chap would have been Terry’s size and build. Then my thoughts moved to the more startling news that my wife was actually this fella’s cum-slut. I needed to know just a bit more. I pulled up a chair and asked the inevitable question.
“Why? Why would you do that. I thought we had a good thing here.”
“I’m not sure Andy. I messed up at work a while back, I got some major dates mixed up and got Terry into trouble. He has, sorry had a mistress that would call into his office once a week. He told me she was his sister. His wife turned up unannounced, I let her straight into the office. Hey, here was no reason why I shouldn’t!” She stopped for a minute as if to recall the exact run of events.
“Basically, Terry was fucking this tart when his wife and I walked in. His wife went storming off, shouting about divorce. The tart grabbed her bits and shot out the door too. Within about two minutes there was just me and Terry left and he was angry as fuck.” Another short break. I wasn’t going to say a thing but I was starting to get hard in anticipation.
“He kicked the door shut and stood there with his cock still half stiff. Told me I’d screwed his entire life up and would pay. He was adamant I knew he had this tart on the go and had shown his wife in on purpose. It’s simple then Andy, he dragged me over by my hair, threw me to the ground and it started from then. I’d buggered up his sex life so I was an immediate replacement.” She looked up now and stared straight into my eyes.
“I love it Andy. He treats me like a cheap whore but I love it. Sorry, I guess I just needed something extra.” With that she actually squirmed a bit on the chair and a pink flush to her face.
“You knew I’d see you last night, didn’t you?” I asked.
“Yes, I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. Terry is moving to another group and there’s no point denying it, I won’t live without something dirty and slutty going on in my life. I guessed it was the best way to show tell you want I’m up to.” She smiled.
“I must admit, I didn’t expect things to turn out like they did but fuck, what a night. Did Jules really do all that. She’s such a prude. I really can’t believe she went through with it. If you ask me, she wanted that fucking as much as you. She asked me to burn a copy of the film for her to take home. I bet she’s watching it now and playing with that sweet pussy” Still smiling and squirming, she continued.
“It was so good to have that cunt in my mouth once more …”
“Go on, there’s obviously something else you now need to explain.” This was just getting too much and I couldn’t wait to hear the history of these two.
“What can I say, we were both innocent neglected Catholic girls and once we hit our teens, we become very frustrated Catholic teens. A few wild parties, you know, we just ended up sharing a bed sometimes. We used to eat each other for hours on end. Once we reached our late teens, well, I met you and Jules …well Jules actually became the local bike. If she hadn’t met Nick all those years later, she would have run out of men to suck off.” Ok, now my cock was fucking rigid.
Juliet had been single for quite some time before Nick. She only met Nick when she was thirty five or so. Before she met him she was just your like any other typical girl of that age but once she got in with him and his crowd, that’s when the posh accent and well-to-do arrogance came about. Nick was from good stock. He was about five years older than Juliet and was a divorcee when she met him. He already had a daughter from his previous marriage but they never really spoke about her. She’d call round only once or twice a year. His previous marriage and daughter were always a secret from Juliet and Sue’s Mother. It was just another thing that Mum wasn’t allowed to know about. Nick’s daughter, Megan, must have been about nineteen now. We hadn’t seen her in a few years but from what I could recall, she was going to be a stunner.
“So Juliet and you were both muff munchers and whereas I saved you and converted you to a cock lover, Juliet went on to … to fuck every bloke she met? Or eat every pussy she could?” I enquired.
“Nope, she did get about a bit but no more pussy. She could never stay with a guy long as she actually never really gave out. Rumours were, she’d happily suck cock and was good but barely let anyone go much further. She wouldn’t go on the pill, you know, Catholic rules and all that shit, so she just sucked cock. She may have even been a virgin when she met Nick but probably unlikely I guess.”
That certainly explained why her cunt was so beautifully tight last night. Mind you, not as tight as her fantastic arse. The thoughts of how it all unravelled last night crashed back into my head and my cock started to hurt with pressure against my shorts.
“You weren’t such a prude when we met. You couldn’t wait to start fucking if I recall correctly.” I said, standing up trying to pull my cock free. With the other hand I grabbed some of Sue’s long auburn hair pulling her off the seat too.
“What does that make you?” I asked, staring at her.
“I was eager?” She whispered.
SLAP – right across her covered tits. I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but it was worth a try.
“No, try again”
“A slut?”
SLAP – Her tits once more but slightly harder and making her flinch.
“A cheap slut and whore …a complete cum slut” She said looking up.
“And what’s any different now?” I asked.
“Nothing, I’m still a cum slut whore”
” That’s right and you’re my cum slut whore, not Terry’s and from now on, you’ll do what I say. For one, you’ll be eating more of your sister’s cunt and for another, you’ll be looking after all my needs and my client’s too. You can consider yourself one of my company assets now. I won’t need to arrange for any more hookers for my overseas visitors, that will be your job!”
I grabbed her hair and dragged her down to her knees. Pulling my cock out was extremely difficult as I was so hard and it was already sticky with pre-cum. All said, I had it out and proceeded to slowly wank off right in front of Sue’s face.
“You don’t need to do this Andy.” She was wrong, I did.
“This isn’t what I want, I want to spice things up sure but I’m not really a cheap whore.”
Sue was pretty easy in bed and happy to do most things, I’d say the only rule was no facials or cum in her mouth. Occasionally I’d do it but that would always piss her off. Obviously she had been letting Terry do this but I’m pretty sure she still hated it.
As I wanked inches from her face I continued. “Next Saturday I want you and Juliet here to please me. I want you both dressed in basques, stockings and heels. You in red and the other slut in black. You understand me?”
“Yes.” She said a sultry voice.
“Andy, please don’t do this.” It was too late, I was doing it and right at that point, I did the inevitable. Shooting cum across her face and slightly into her mouth as she spoke. The thought of these two sluts dressed accordingly obeying all my needs was just incredible. It was going to be one hell of a night next Saturday.
“Fuck …you bastard!” She shouted as my cum continued to cover her face.
“Shut it SLUT!” She’d have to learn to accept her new position. Her new position as house and work slut. Company whore. I didn’t stick around. I didn’t go down on her or bring her off. I simply covered her in cum and then walked upstairs for my shower. This was how it would be.
This routine continued all week. When I was horny, which was pretty much all the time now, I’d drag her to her knees and dump a load on her. She didn’t complain anymore, she just took the load and accepted the situation. I’d even taken to fucking her face which she hates. Sometimes I’d time it perfectly. I’d wait until she was just leaving for work, all dressed up in her business suit and silk blouse and then drag her back into the hall and dump a full load all over her face and clothes. If she said anything, she’d get her tits slapped. One morning she went into a complete rage so she was dragged across my knee and spanked like a collegegirl. That time I actually felt her spasm into an orgasm as my fingers slipped into her when my lingering hand was on her arse.
The Friday before I expected Juliet and Sue to be my sluts, Sue told me we needed to chat. I thought she was going to bail out or ask for things to change but she didn’t. The problem she had, was Juliet wouldn’t answer her calls or text messages. She showed me all the text’s she’d sent and sure, she had genuinely tried but there was nothing back from her sister. There wasn’t much we could do. We would need to find her and remind her of the film coverage and her new ‘duties’ to us. So, Saturday didn’t happen, which was a disappointment. Sue got it extra bad as she had failed. A lot of face fucking and quite a bit of arse to mouth stuff. Another thing she was not particularly fond of.
It must have been two weeks or more until we heard from Juliet. We were both sitting in the lounge late on a Saturday afternoon when Sue got a text:
Sue showed me this and then simply text back: YES
Fifteen minutes later, Juliet pulled up on the drive and knocked on the door. A very frosty Juliet came in with a small folder in her hand. She certainly wasn’t wearing a complete black basque outfit under those boring clothes, so obviously not here to play like we’d asked.
“Ok, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I have anonymously sent your disgusting film to the Met Police. I received this email from them.” With this she gave me a three page print out. The first thing I noticed was it was to an odd Hotmail email address. Juliet had obviously set this up. I knew her and Nick’s address and this wasn’t it. I guess she’d have to, if it was to be anonymous.
Skipping through the crap I got to the important parts of this email. Basically, they confirmed there was enough evidence on the film to press charges. Mainly to me but also to Sue for her involvement. Blackmail, non-consent and few other things they mentioned. I showed it to Sue as I looked back at Juliet.
“Ok, this is how it’s going to be,” Juliet continued. “I’m not going to press charges. I’m going to try to forget this whole ordeal. You,” She said staring straight at me, “You will stop demanding disgusting things to do with me and my sister and this whole thing will never be mentioned again. No more demands, no more text messages. I will keep this email and film for my protection and we’re all to get along as if nothing ever happened. Nick will never find out. Do you understand me? If not, you’ll be going to prison and you,” Now looking at Sue who had stopped reading the letter. “You may well be going there too.”
With that, she got up and left. We said nothing and just watched. Chatting after we realised that we got away pretty lightly.
Nothing much happened after that. We all got together a few times for family events and the odd diner party but it was all pretty normal. This was only every four or five months or so. After the first awkward hour of the first get together, it all seem to be pretty much back to normal. It was never mentioned and everyone was happy.
I was still treating Sue as a whore at home and I’d even watched and joined Marcus, one of my client’s, arse fucking her one very long night. She’s accepted her place in the house and I know for a fact she enjoyed it. Especially the visit from Marcus with two men fucking her stupid. One thing I also made her do was to dress like a complete slut when we went out. I enjoyed watching other men adjust their cocks when they set eyes on her. I especially enjoyed seeing Nick and Juliet’s reaction when we turned up. Each time we went the skirts got shorter and the tops tighter. She simply looked like a street hooker in the end.
A few things changed over the following eighteen months. Firstly, Nick’s first wife was tragically killed in a road accident. This meant Megan came to live with Nick and Juliet. Secondly, I sold my business for a huge sum. It was enough for us both to give up work. In fact it was enough for us to live a very privileged life style. And lastly, Sue and Juliet’s mother passed away.
At her funeral we got to see Megan for the first time in years. A fantastic looking girl with a fine set of tits. Very slim but very much top heavy. Lovely long blond hair and a very fuckable face. She apparently had a really poorly paid job locally and was living off Nick and Jule’s generosity. Her mother had been penniless when she died. It sounded as if there was a fair amount of tension in their household now.
At the post-funeral drinks, which we inevitably paid for, Juliet and Nick happened to mention they were now trying for a child too. Juliet hadn’t been happy to start a family whilst she had so much commitment to her own mother’s needs. Now her mother was gone, she was eager to have a baby as soon as possible. She was 43 now so quite late to start. Megan didn’t look over impressed with their plan.
The funeral drinks went on for some time and the old hag was given a good sending off. Nick and I had found a small corner of the bar to drink and chat whilst Sue, Megan and Juliet were sitting elsewhere, no doubt chatting about babies and the like.
Nick was pretty pissed and he started confiding in me. “I know this will sound like balls to you Andy but I have a huge problem getting Juliet pregnant and at this rate, I’ll be seventy before the it’s done.” He continued before I got to ask why. “This sounds like a joke but my cock is so fucking thick I struggle to get the damn thing into her. It’s always been a problem. We hardly ever have sex as she simply hates the thing.” Of course, my first thought was this must be a joke but I did recall Juliet telling us on that sex-fuelled night, how Nick lasted only minutes with her. Nick continued and I certainly believed him by the end.
“It’s not like twelve inches long or anything like that. I just have a huge circumference. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m exaggerating to imply I’m so well-hung. Believe me, I wish I wasn’t. It’s stupidly wide and also extremely sensitive. When I try to push the bugger into Jules, it’s such an effort and so bloody tight I end up shooting the stuff all over her. Very rarely do I actually get it in her and finish off inside the old girl. The only time I can recall achieving this is when she’s drunk and half unconscious.” Boy he was pretty drunk. I’m not too sure he’ll be happy in the morning when he recalls telling me all this.
The conversation went on for some time and I actually felt sorry for the fella. There’s me thinking how great it would be to have a huge cock and this poor bloke had one but never got to use the damn thing. I was secretly hoping he’d ask me to fuck her for him but he didn’t.
Two more weeks passed and there was a knock at the door. Sue was out and so I was home alone. Sue was actually out with Nick for the day. It was Juliet’s birthday soon and they were buying presents and planning a party. Nick was useless when it came to buying her gifts and it wasn’t unusual for Sue to join and help him. I’d made sure she was dressed accordingly. I even ripped off her tiny panties just as she was about to leave. The thought of her with Nick in a short tramp skirt and no panties had made me hard all morning. As she left I instructed het to make sure she flashed him her bare pussy.
“Film it, film his reaction on your phone. Even better, make him want you more than ever, make him want to stick that filthy huge cock in your cunt.” I told her and I knew she’d do het best but it was unlikely she’d manage it realistically.
I opened the front door.
“Hi Andy.” It was Juliet and Megan. Juliet was clearly unhappy yet Megan was beaming with the joys of spring.
“Oh, Hi,” was all I could muster up, hoping my erection wasn’t too obvious in my shorts and still trying to work out this odd situation.
“Can we come in please?” Juliet asked. I led them in and I then followed Juliet and Megan to the kitchen where they both promptly drew out a chair and sat down. Megan had a small folder with her. A folder I recognised. Now it was her turn to talk.
“Look what I found Andy. I’m sure you recognise this little folder. This letter and this CD?” She looked and smiled.
I looked across to Juliet who just nodded. I read the situation pretty quick.
“Yep, sure do.” I kept it simple and wondered where we were going with this.
“Well that’s great because this little lot is going to get me my own pad close to town. That will get me out of the house and away from this bitch …sorry, that should be cheating, dirty, slutty bitch!” She said, staring at Juliet. It was now common knowledge the two of them hated each other. Megan slipped a sheet across the table. It was details of a small flat for sale in the town centre. To be fair, it was only just over a hundred grand so she hadn’t gone too overboard.
I looked at Juliet again. “Juliet, what’s happening here?”
“She found the folder. I forgot it was hidden in the spare room under the bed. She’s in there now.” She looked at me for help here. “Andy, please just buy this place for her. It’s all she wants and it will make things a whole lot better. You know it’s pennies to you two now.” I thought about it for a few seconds. Megan still smiling and watching the two of us with great joy. Sure it was nothing to us now so I could certainly afford it.

“Ok, so I buy this flat … what next?” I asked Megan. “Six months’ time you’ll want your own car and then a holiday. How long till you want a bigger place. If I submit to your blackmail now, what’s to stop you doing it again and again?” This didn’t seem to faze her.
“I thought of that. I guessed you’d worry about that so I have a plan. At the moment I have this film. At the moment, I could take this to the police and give them names. I’m sure they’ll want to speak to this Slut here and then inevitably you and your slutty wife and of course Daddy. That’s because in this video, you are clearly forcing your sister-in-law to suck your cock and take it in her arse. You blackmail her and force her. All the possible charges are here in this letter. Now, what if you had your own film where it clearly showed this bitch,” looking at Juliet, “Asking, no sorry, begging for it?”
Ok, this could work. If I had a film showing this it would be hard, if not impossible to press charges. I could say the other film was a bit of acting role-play and that actually, Juliet and I often fucked and she loved it. However, Megan would still have both films and although the police wouldn’t be interested, she’d still have us over-a-barrel with Nick.
“You could still show Nick and he’d dump Juliet and kill me.” Still not deterred, she continued.
“I will film it and I will be in the film. I’m hardly going to show him a movie of me watching you two fuck now am I?”
“What, I get to fuck you too?” I asked, or more like hoped.
Megan laughed, “You wish, I will be in the film. We can set up a mirror so you can clearly see me in the back ground.” This did make sense but I must admit I was disappointed I didn’t get to fuck this beauty. Mind you, I was going to get to fuck Juliet again.
“And you’re ok with this Jules?” I asked. “You’re ok with me fucking you again?”
“Hardly Andy!” Juliet snapped back. “Anyway you won’t be having sex with me. I’ve already agreed with Megan it will be simulated. It will look like you and I are doing it and I will follow the script but you will not be putting that disgusting thing inside me!” Glaring at my quite apparent bulge whilst she continued.
“If you’re tiny brain can recall, we are trying for a baby. That thing and none of its contents is going in or on me, you understand?”
I understood but it was still going to be fun and the thought of sexy Megan watching me pretend to fuck her step mother, was really quite a turn on.
“When?” I asked
“Now,” They both replied together.
“Ok, we can use the small guest bedroom. There’s a huge mirror on the side wall, you’ll be able to capture all the action and yourself in the film there. It’s not very large in there but it’ll do. What are you filming it with?”
“My phone.” Megan said.
After a few moments silence I stood up and headed for the staircase. The other two followed and we made our way to the small room. It was pretty tiny with the bed fitting snuggly in the corner.
“Andy, you need to be naked and Slut, you can just pull you skirt up and take your panties off. I don’t want to see you naked!” Obviously Megan was clearly running the show.
I slightly hesitated, I didn’t like being the only one naked here. Juliet very quickly removed her knickers, got on the small bed on all fours, flipped her skirt over her back and waited. With nothing much to lose, I stripped off and climbed up behind her.
We went through the motions. I was trying my best to be convincing but this was not an Oscar winning performance. Juliet was much better shouting for me to fuck her hard and yelling about me lovely cock in her dirty cunt. Clearly she had already discussed how this would be played out with Megan.
“STOP!” Megan shouted over the top of Juliet’s moaning.
“This is fucking useless!” She came over to us and replayed the clip on her phone. It was set up quite well. You could see us both and Megan in the mirror on the wall behind too but she was right, this really was shit. It didn’t look real one bit.
“You’re going to have to have to do it for real” Megan said.
“No way, he’s not putting that in me! That wasn’t the deal Megan. I’m unprotected and there’s no way that is going inside.” Pointing at my very hard cock.
“Put it in her arse Andy” Megan calmly replied.
“Megan! We agreed this, he’s not doing that!” It started to look like Juliet was kind of involved with this. They had discussed the situation thoroughly already. I’m guessing now Megan may not have ‘found’ this evidence but maybe given it to get herself a flat and out of Juliet’s hair. Well if that was the case, I better enjoy it.
“I think you’re right Megan. It’ll only look real if you have some coverage of my cock in her hole. Fine, I can stick it in her arse or up her cunt. I can pull out before I shoot and dump my cum on her back.” I started to use every filthy word I could think of. I knew this would grate at Juliet more. She’d agreed or arranged this whole thing, so let’s make it a degrading as possible.
“No, not in there. I know you, you’ll finish off inside me. I’m not taking that risk just to get rid of her!” Juliet said nodding towards Megan. “You can put a little bit in my bottom to show it’s in there and then take it straight out and we can act the rest.
So, that’s what I did. Well, that’s what I planned to do. What actually happened was that she was so tight, I ended up using vast amounts of effort on my cock to get the head in that when it did eventually pop in, so did about another four inches.
“Arhhhhh! You bastard!” Juliet screamed.
“This is hot, keep going Andy” Megan yelled. I might have misunderstood that comment. She clearly meant don’t obey Juliet and leave it there for her to film, whereas I thought she meant ‘keep going’ as in, keep pushing more cock into the tight little arse.
“NOOOO! Stop you bastard …Arhhh GOD!” This wasn’t going great for Juliet. Megan was now watching in amazement as I drove my entire cock into Juliet’s arse.
Megan was quite close up now watching and filming. We were all still for a moment as Juliet got her breath back.
“Surely that’s enough?” Juliet asked Megan.
“Nope!” She looked up at me and whispered, “Fuck the sluts arse Andy, go for it.” Not needing to be told twice, I started going at Juliet’s arse for all I was worth. It really was tight and as I had been hard all morning, it wasn’t going to be long before I was filling it up.
“Now start your little act bitch!” Megan shouted at her step-mother.
“Oh yeah Andy, I love that.”
“Oh fuck Andy, fuck my tight bum hole!”
“I love it when you fuck me hard!”
It was pretty convincing and it was doing the trick. I was really going for it now and pumping right in and right out of her arse. When my cock came out you could see a gaping hole where it had been. Megan was filming close up now and I could see the screen. Still managing to capture herself in the mirror and all of my cock with its piston action.
Things changed so quickly.
In my eagerness to fuck Juliet to a real orgasm, to make it all convincing of course, I went on a bit too eager and at one point my aim wasn’t too good. Firstly my cock missed her arsehole and went straight up the crack in her arse and onto her back and then on my next lunge in, it went straight it went too far down and into her unprotected cunt. A cunt that was so wet and hot and a cunt that remained so tight. This coincided with me being about ready to dump my load.
As much fun as this was and as much as I’d loved to have filled her up right then, I did have the sense to stop.
“Andy, it’s in my pussy …take it out!” Juliet quickly realised and screamed.
“Jules, don’t fucking move. Stay there … please just stop, don’t move or I’m going to cum. Just let it pass then I’ll take it out.” This was genuine. One small movement and I would explode. We stayed in the one position for what seem like eternity. Megan was giggling and finding the whole situation hilarious.
Then there was a commotion downstairs. All three of us just stared at each other. Each one weighting up the situation and trying to work out what was going on.
“NICK! NICK NO!” It was Sue’s voice.
We could clearly hear someone running up the stairs. The door flew open with Nick bursting through the door and standing there raging. Sue was running up behind him.
“Daddy!” Megan screamed.
“SHIT!” Juliet yelled and then tried to jump off the bed. In doing so, all she managed was to push us both back against the wall and push my cock inside her deeper than ever.
“Oh God” Was all I could muster, as right then I started to fill up my sister-in-law’s vulnerable cunt.
“So this is what this is all about Andy. You’ve been sending your slut wife out dressed like a whore so what, I’d fuck her? Sent her out today to get her to film me drooling over her pussy. All this so you can then fuck my wife!” Clearly Sue’s efforts had gone too far.
I couldn’t concentrate as I was dumping a full load into his wife. Helped on by the unmistakable pulsating cunt muscles of Juliet’s own orgasm. Sue stood right by Nick as he raged. He then grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor.
“Well fine by me mate!” Nick shouted as he dropped his trousers and pulled out his cock. Three of us gasped. Obviously not Juliet but the rest of us. Well, if anything he understated the size of this thing.
“OH MY GOD DADDY!” Was all Megan could say.
“NO, Nick …Nick, she’s my Sister for God Sake!” Was Juliet’s attempt to stop the inevitable.
“Oh Shit!” Was the last words Sue managed. I just watched in amazement. Grabbing her by the hair he forced as much of his enlarged cock into my slut wife’s mouth. Keeping a hold of her hair he proceeded to literally fuck her mouth. She was gaging and spitting as tears rolled down her face. She was looking to me for help.
“Sorry Hun, Megan blackmailed me into this. You’re going to have to take this.” I had a little smile. Megan was right there watching her own father’s cock splitting my wife’s mouth open. She was still transfixed with this huge thick thing. Nick had reached down and ripped open Sue’s top. Her tits her hanging over her bra and pre-cum mixed with her own spit was running off her chin into her beautiful cleavage.
Megan just watched on.
From where Juliet and I were, still on the bed, still squashed up against the wall with my now hardening cock inside her, it looked just amazing. A side profile of Sue on her knees and her cunt exposed. The tiny skirt I made her wear had ridden up enough to show her cunt. Her tits were out and top ripped open. Her cleavage and face covered in a mix of cum, spit and tears. Nick’s head was flipped back and he gazed at the ceiling. He reached down to pull roughly on Sues tits and nipples and all the time forcing a little bit more of his thick cock into her mouth.
Juliet had come to her senses now and was trying to get away. Clearly realising I had filled her with my seed. I kept hold of her as I was hard again and enjoying a second go.
Then the inevitable happened. Nick let out a roar as his own orgasm started to hit him. He let go of Sue’s hair and took hold of his cock with one hand and steady himself against the door frame with the other. Sue was so quick and there were gasps all round as she grabbed Megan by her long blond hair and blocked the blasts of cum with Megan’s face.
“DADDY!” Megan screamed as the first and vast amount of cum shot out of the freak cock.
“DADDY STOP!” She yelled as the second lot followed, into her hair and eyes. Nick was oblivious with his head back and his eyes now tightly closed. Sue moved quickly again as she push Megan forward. The timing was perfect.
“DADDY PLEE.. mmmpphh” His cock had gone straight into her mouth as she’d screamed again. You could see the last few pumps of cum were filling her mouth up. Fuck it was so erotic, so fucking dirty and wrong. My wife there looking used and abused pushing Nick’s own daughters face onto this pumping huge cock.
I let go another load into Juliet’s cunt and I’m pretty sure she joined me with a second orgasm as Sue watched us both and pushing Megan’s mouth further onto her Daddy’s massive cock.
Nick now realised what had happened. He quickly removed his cock and in a panic, ran out of the room. He’d just filled his own daughter’s mouth with his cum, given her a facial and also very roughly face fucked his wife’s sister. Juliet was now able to get off me. I’d cum twice and was pretty satisfied to say the least. Mind you, she was absolutely livid and started screaming at Megan.
“You stupid little cow! This was all your idea and now look what’s happened! I hope you’re happy with your Daddy’s cum all over you. You are going to pay for this. And you, you fucking slut,” she shouted at Sue. “You got exactly what you deserved today. That fucking monster cocked forced into your mouth!”
Sue was quick to bite back. “I didn’t see you complain as you starting coming on my husband’s perfect cock … TWICE!” They were face to face now and both pretty angry. “At least you’ve all had a great time, I’ve just been used and left frustrated yet again but this time with a possible broken jaw!”
“Oh poor Suzie didn’t get to cum!” Juliet teased. We’ll lets sort that now shall we and she pushed Sue back, making her fall on to the bed behind her and next to me.
Turning round she grabbed the petite Megan and dragged her over to Sue. “Time you learnt to eat some pussy my dear. I guess you’ll be doing more of this unless you want everyone to know about you sucking Daddy’s cock!” And with that, she shoved Megan’s face into her Sue’s exposed cunt.
“Do it you little bitch!” Juliet screamed at the girl. Megan was trying to pull away but she was over powered. “You do it, or Andy will be fucking your virgin arse! Now start eating that cunt!” Unbelievably, she did. Juliet took out her own phone and started to film it. Very quickly Sue started to cum. Convulsing on the bed next to me. I never thought I’d achieve a third erection but there is certainly something about watching a young girl being made to eat out your own wife’s pussy that ticks all the boxes.
As she finished, Juliet dragged Megan off and spun her round to face the iPhone. Taking her spare hand she run it across Megan’s face and hair so it was covered in the juices there. “Tell the camera what this is bitch!” She demanded, holding up her cum covered hand to the camera.
“It’s cum” Megan cried.
“Who’s cum?”
“Daddy’s cum.”
“And this other juice on your face, what’s that?” She questioned.
“It’s the juice off her.” She said, pointing at Sue.
“And who’s her, for the record?”
“You’re sister…” Megan was clearly scared shitless with all this.
“And him?” She pointed to me.
“Andy, you’re brother-in-law.” She replied.
“And his cock, it’s got hard and it needs a hole. Where do you think it’s going?”
This was now getting very good.
“In me” Megan cried.
“Of course bitch but where?”
“In my arse?”
Oh yes …

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