Sister-In-Law Deal

I always thought it was a safe bet to marry a Catholic girl. I believed I would never have to worry about her thinking of other men or messing around. But there I was, sitting in my car watching my wife of 7 years having some guy’s full load empty into her mouth, run down her chin and drip into her cleavage. Heaven knows who he was. I’d never seen him before but she obviously knew him pretty well. It hadn’t stopped at the blow job and facial, he was no doubt about to fuck her silly. As he reached up and ripped her panties off, I decided enough was enough. I switched my lights on, started the engine and gave the horn a push.
Sue jumped and looked straight over. It took her about 10 seconds to realise it was me. She said something to the guy and he shot off, like a rocket was up his arse. You may question why I never got out the car? Well, I’m not exactly the strongest guy in town and I could see this big guy ripping my head off like Sue’s panties. My annoyance wasn’t with him anyway, it was with her. I could clearly see she had removed her wedding ring.
“God did you see that Guy Andy!” She said with panic in her voice as she jumped into the car.
“I was just waiting there for you to collect me and he comes over and put his hand right up my skirt!” She lied.
“Why didn’t you get out and do something? He was about to Rape me Andy, what kind of man are you?” She said, looking at me and waiting for an answer.

“I’ve been here for 15 minutes.” I watched her absorb that one and then said, “You have spunk in your hair, on your tits and your wedding ring must have fallen off whilst you were wanking that guy off.” Now I watched her eyes well up and the tears full down her face. She was fairly drunk and the realisation of what she’d done was very quickly sinking in and sobering her up.
I refused to even acknowledge she was talking to me. She was pleading for forgiveness, saying she was drunk and it wouldn’t have gone any further. Apparently, it was the only time she’d ever done anything like this. Eventually, I guess she thought I believed her and she calmed down a bit. Still, I said nothing, I just drove straight home.
Once in the house, I started to pack my bag.
“Andy, what are you doing?” She asked. “Did you not hear me in the car?”
“Where are you going? … Andy?” There was some desperation in her voice now.
I was ready to talk and gently explained that I could not live with a whore and I was moving out. I was happy to support her financially until our kids were 18, then she wouldn’t get another penny from me. As the kids were already 16 & 17 , this wasn’t a huge commitment. Sue was begging now, she was really pleading with me to stay and talk.
“There must be a way to sort this Andy, please?”
So I explained, “Sue, I just watch you swallow another man’s cum. You let him spunk in your mouth, tits, face and hair. You then let him rip your panties off. If I hadn’t stopped you, you would have let him fuck every hole you had left.
“Now, exactly how do you think we’re going to sort that out, hey?” I asked whilst zipping up my bag.
“I will make it up to you, I’ll do anything, anything you want. Come on lets go to bed, you can do what you want with me!” Most men would have thought this as a half decent offer. Me, well I thought I pretty much used her as I wanted already. Sue was happy to do pretty much anything. We actually had quite an active sex life. And although my cock is only average size, I have quite excellent stamina. In fact, I can basically fuck for hours without spilling my load and only normally cum once I’m in Sue’s tight arse. Normally, Sue has cum at least once or twice by this time.
“Sue, what was wrong? Why did you have to look for another cock to fuck? I thought we were good in bed and I’ve always made sure you finished first. That’s more than you can say for the guy who covered your face tonight.” I questioned.
“And what exactly are you offering me here now? Dirty seconds? You have nothing to offer me now slut!” As I said this, there was a look of fear in her eyes.
I continued, “Until you’ve sat and watched the one you love having sex with a new partner, you’ll never going to know what I’m felling right now!” I yelled.
“Ok, we’ll do that,” she said. “I will watch you with someone and then we’re equal.” And with that shocking statement, she shot out the room. Sue very soon rushed back in with the local newspaper.
“I will call one of these visiting girls and arrange for one now. You can do what you like whilst I sit here and be humiliated.” Sue was now flicking through the paper with one hand whilst holding the phone ready in the other.
“Ok, ok, what do you fancy, mature blonde …err, young redhead, Asian, Black? God there’s loads here .. Look, you chose.” And with that she brought the paper to me.
“Juliet,” I said very slowly.
“What … Juliet who?” Sue questioned.
“Juliet … Juliet your sister. You want to feel real humiliation. You want to feel like I feel right now, then it’s Juliet or no one. I don’t want to fuck no dirty hooker. You get Juliet here now, tonight and we’re quits.”
Now Juliet was a very good looking 40 something redhead. A nice shapely figure with decent size tits. Sue was well aware of my infatuation with Juliet. In fact, we had done a couple of role play fantasies in bed where I’d take Juliet’s anal cherry and finish off coming over Sue’s face but shouting Juliet’s name. As I fucked her she would call out, “Not my bum hole it’s dirty, please no ones ever done this!” We often had these role-play sessions and just as often I would be Nick, Juliet’s husband, and Sue would be shouting for Nick to fuck her nasty little arse.
“Andy, I can’t ask Juliet … Andy, she’s my sister, she’s a devoted wife and catholic.”
“And so were you, so I thought,” I snapped back. “Well ok, I’m off then,” I said calmly.
“Andy, hang on, there must be someone … How about Lucy? She’ll do it,” Sue offered.
“Juliet and only Juliet. You call her, call her now and sort it. Make her do it. Sort it right now, you have an hour, I’m going to the pub. When I get back I want Juliet here and dressed to kill” I demanded.
With that, I left. Mind you, I only went to the Garage where I had plenty of beer and a small office. I downed a couple of Guinness and started to browse my favourite porn sites. There was no way she’d get Juliet here but I’d let her worry for a while and then perhaps I could settle for Lucy. Lucy was a babe in every detail and I’d be quite happy to fuck her as a solution.
All the sex talk had made me hard as hell. I viewed all the saved pictures I had of woman who resembled Juliet on my PC but were being fucked or stripping off. To help me cum I thought I’d even call one of those one-to-one sex lines. I picked up the phone but it was already ringing.
“Hello,” it was Juliet. You couldn’t mistake her over-the-top false posh accent. She really did think she was the queen sometimes.
“Jules, it’s Sue.”
“Oh, Hello sweetie, what’s wrong it’s nearly midnight, Nick and I were just going to bed?” Juliet asked.
“I need your help, I’ve really screwed up bad and you’re the only one who can help me, it’s desperate.” Sue was crying again.
“Oh my Darling, what could be that bad honey?” Darling, Honey, Sweetie … fuck me she’s was getting worse. She really thought she was something special.
“I got drunk tonight after work with the girls and Andy came to pick me up …he caught me with a guy and now he’s going to leave me and the kids and he’s serious and he’s packed a bag and all and…” Sue was nearly hysterical now, but I felt she was playing it up very well.
“Darling, darling, calm down … oh my, that’s a lot to take in. You’ll have to stop him Sue, you can’t let him leave. You do know it will actually kill Mother if she hears you two have split up.”
Juliet was right. Their mother had been quite ill and this could finish her off. Sometimes I thought she was more catholic than the Pope himself. The thought of her Daughter being a one parent family would shame her to an early grave.
“Sweetie, lets sort this out … do you want me to come over?” Juliet was coming over! Wow, that’s a start.
“Yes, please come, but Juliet, I need more from you than that. I need something very special.” Sue was actually going to ask her sister.
“What Sue, what special thing have I got?” Juliet sounded a little apprehensive now.
“Andy caught me sucking another man’s cock, I let the guy spunk in my mouth, face and hair. I then let him put his hand up my skirt, rip off my knickers and fuck me.” She lied.
“STOP! … Oh, Sue please stop. Don’t use such fowl language. You sound like a street woman!” Juliet said in a disgusting tone.
“Well, that’s how I acted and Andy saw it all.” Sue cried.
“There must be a way to put this right Sue. For you, the kids and poor Mother?”
“There is … Andy wants me to watch him fuck someone else’s cunt so that I feel the same way he does.”
“Sue, please do not use the F or C word, there’s no need for it. Now, that actually seems quite reasonable to me. Why don’t you agree with it?” She asked.
“I have,” Sue replied. “And that’s where you come in …”
“Never…, no, no, never, never, never … I’m sorry Sue, that’s not the sort of thing you ask your sister to be involved in. No, never, I’m sorry, you’ll have to find someone else. What about your friend Lucy, she’s hardly going to say no, we all know what she’s like!”
Juliet was right. Lucy was virtually a whore. Fucking and sucking rich fella’s all the time and then swan around in the new clothes and cars they bought her.
Sue just continued, “Thing is Juliet, Andy has demanded it is you and you only … He knows about you and Brad … and he’s so upset I’m worried he’ll actually tell mum himself about you and me.”
I didn’t know anything about Juliet and Brad. Brad was Juliet’s old boss. She had left the position quickly but she was married to Nick at the time. So, whatever, went on, was obviously not meant to be public knowledge.
“Andy says that our mother has brought up two whores who both need to be taught their marriage vows are sacred.” Sue added.
“Brad was a long time ago. You said you’d never tell a sole Sue.” Juliet whispered.
“Andy met Brad in the gym and he was bragging about being the first man to make you swallow cum.” Sue lied again.
“Sue, I have never, and will never, do such disgusting things. Brad and I were clean and decent at all times.” You could virtually hear Juliet blush, this was getting very good and I was getting very hard.
“Well, Andy wants you here within the hour or he’s going straight to mum.” Sue said, basically blackmailing her sister into our deal.
“I … I’ll be the in fifteen minutes and we can sort this out somehow.” The phone went dead.
“I hope your happy Andy?” Sue said, obviously aware that I was eves dropping on the line.
“After all this is over, you can fill me in on Brad” I said and then replaced the receiver. One look at my screen with the nasty images of redheads sucking cock, a quick rub and I emptied a sack full of come into my hands. Messy!
As it was obvious I wasn’t in the pub, I went back into the house. Sue was in the kitchen when I went in for more beer. We didn’t speak and the tension was enormous. I ventured upstairs and pulled out some of Sue’s clothes I wanted Juliet to wear. Still not quite believing this was all happening but the beers (four by now) were giving me every bit of encouragement I needed.
“Where are all your stockings?” I asked Sue as she entered the bedroom.
“I don’t have any at the moment, I laddered the last pair at work last week. I meant to get some … sorry.” She was still scared I’d flip and go.
“She’ll have to wear these then,” I said pulling a pair of black tights from Sue’s draw.
“As you never told her to dress up, I guess I’ll have to sort it. You know she’ll turn up dressed like a right frump.” I was still trying to be angry but really only horny as fuck. At that point, and to her word, Juliet’s car pulled onto the drive. She flew out the car slamming the door and stamping her way up the path.
“Sue .. Andy!”
“Hello Juliet,” I said as polite as possible.
“I want to get this over with. I’m upset you two have dragged me into your problems but I’m doing this for mum. Nick thinks I’ve gone to see Mum. I told him she was poorly but I’d be back in half an hour. This is never to be spoken about after tonight.” Juliet stated, still not looking very happy about things.
“Half an hour!” Sue said, “You’ll be lucky to be away from here by tomorrow morning. Andy will keep going for hours. Your Nick might be finished in five minutes but not Andy.”
“Well Sue, perhaps it’s good for you to watch. Nick does not last very long for a very good reason my dear,” she bitched.
“I put some clothes out for you to wear Juliet,” I interrupted.
“What? I though you wanted sex not a dressing up party!”
“Just put them on Jules, it’s what he wants and call us when your ready.”
Juliet went upstairs and called up after five minutes. We both went up there where Juliet was standing in the tightest pencil skirt and body hugging blouse. Black tights and high heels. Nothing over slutty but much sexier than the jeans and jumper she arrived in. In fact virtually the same outfit Sue had been wearing earlier that night.
“What now?” Juliet asked.
“Ok, you sit over there.” I said to Sue, directing her to the dressing table stool. “And you can get on your knees and start sucking my cock.” I instructed Juliet.
“No-way, I’ve never done that, I do not even do it for Nick, I’m certainly not doing it for you. I will get out of these stupid clothes, and be on the bed and you can get it over with!” She yelled.
“Juliet, let me explained to you that I will be having exactly what Sue was dishing out tonight in the car park. And unless you want the whole world to know about you and Brad, you’ll suck it now and suck it good” I explained, still waiting for the whole plan to fall apart.
“Juliet please, I want this over as soon as possible too,” Sue added.
“You are not to cum in my mouth.” she said as she squatted down. Long gone was the Chelsea-set accent and Catholic morels. My cock was now being sucked by my sister-in-law whilst my wife watched. Sue was looking very upset but that was the point I guess. There wasn’t much chance of me shooting my load. I’d only shot one lot about half an hour before. Juliet had certainly sucked cock before and was doing a wonderful job. A case of trying to either prove to her sister that she could make any man cum real quick or just getting it over with. I guess it was just getting it over with.
She pulled my cock from her mouth and said, “Once you’ve cum, it’s all over isn’t it? There’s no seconds? That’s the deal?”
“Sure, just one load,” I said with arrogant confidence. This seemed to give Juliet the encouragement to work even harder on me. She must have thought a mouthful or face full of cum was better then being fucked by her brother-in-law. However, after fifteen minutes she looked exhausted and stopped for a rest.
“That’s obviously not working is it?” Sue said quietly from the chair. “Why don’t you just move on to fucking, perhaps you’re better at that.” Sue was actually trying to wind her sister up now. There was pure jealousy in her voice.
“Remind me Sue, what happened next?” I asked knowing completely what was next and helping Juliet to her feet.
“He ripped off my panties and fucked me from behind … very roughly.”
Juliet’s mouth was just opening for her obvious objection when my hand quickly moved up between hers legs and grabbing a handful of gusset, I ripped open her crutch. She gasped and tried to push me away.
“Andy!” they both shouted. But I ripped away at her tights and tore open her panties. The skirt was too tight, so I ripped the side where the zip was. All a bit quick for Juliet she didn’t know what to do. I spun her around and pushed her over the bed. Still standing but with her face in the duvet, I started to push my cock into her dry, tight cunt. Obviously, having no children had kept her pussy like a teenager’s. After about five or so minutes she started to lube up a bit. Not dripping wet or anything but at least wet enough to be comfortable. She was continually asking Sue to make me stop.
“Sue, please this is enough… He’s too rough, I’m not a slut like you, I’m not used to this …Sue, please … Nick would never use me like this!” Juliet wasn’t so brazen now.
Sue stayed silent and Juliet eventually shut up. We’d been going for a good fifteen minutes and I thought I’d slow the pace down. Now I slowly fucked her but as by balls pushed against her pussy I gave my cock that extra deep bush. I could actually feel my cock going in further than she’d been use to. With every deep push Juliet let out a little groan and she noticeably got much wetter. After about a further fifteen minutes she was very wet and the groans were a little louder too.
“THIS IS HOPELESS!” Sue suddenly shouted.
“Jules, He’s never going to cum until he’s fucking your arse. I could have warned you but you were so fucking confident you’d finish him in five minutes!” She shouted to Juliet as she moved and stood right by her.
“Jules, he never comes without fucking my arse and that’s what you need to do, now stop this bollocks Andy and get that cock in her arsehole!” Boy, she wasn’t too happy.
“No …Ahhh … No fucking way, …Ahhhhh!” Juliet gasped between groans. “I’m never …ahhhhhh… doing that … ahhhh …for ..any … one.” She added. “If your such a …ahhhhhhhhh … a fucking slut to do that … you … let …him … fuck yours!” She was virtually screaming this now.
Sue looked to me for my approval seeing this as a quick way to finish her ordeal off.
“No way!” I said.
“Well fuck this bollocks,” Sue said as she pushed me slightly away from Juliet. Sue grabbed my cock and was about to direct it into Juliet’s arse.
“I just want this over! Where’s the KY?” She asked, looking at me for direction.
“God knows, we never use it now days I just use your pussy juice,” I explained.
With that, Sue slipped her spare hand underneath Juliet and rubbed her whole palm on Juliet’s cunt and covered her hand with Juliet’s juices. At this point Juliet must have thought it was all over. My cock was no longer in her pussy and she had no idea what we were talking about. Sue’s hand quickly moved round to Juliet’s puckered hole and she rubbed a small amount of juice on it.
“That’s not enough.” I said. So Sue went for some more rubbing using her hand much harder and faster now. Juliet was trying to look back to see but I had both hands firmly on her back. Sue really went for it soaking her hand as much as possible.
“Oh God, oh god oh god … oooOOOOHHHH JESUS!” Shit me, Juliet was coming whilst her own sister was rubbing her clit and cunt. Any arse fucker will tell you, there’s no better time to penetrate some poor girls bum hole than during her orgasm. Sue new that too and continued to furiously rub Juliet’s pussy through every convulsion whilst quickly positioning my cock onto Juliet’s puckered hole.
Wham, the bell end went straight in. Juliet’s legs collapsed and we all slammed into the bed. This did Juliet no favours, as me being rather heavier than her, my weight drove my entire cock straight into her arse in one go.
Well you know I didn’t. I ploughed in and out for as much as I could handle. Sue’s hand was still crushed under as both and I could feel her fingers working her sister’s clit.
“NO STOP … STOP!” Juliet continued to beg. Sue went right down close to her sister’s face and said “he’ll only stop once he’s cum, do you want him to cum?” She asked.

“YES … AHHHH NOW … Make Him Cum please!”
“You need to talk to him like a dirty whore.”
“Ouch! … what?” Juliet asked.
“Talk like a whore, like the dirty slut you really are,” Sue instructed.
“Ok, ok … come on Andy, fuck my dirty shit hole …come on fill my slutty arse with cum!”
It did the trick and I was ready and fully loaded. I pulled my cock out quick leaving a tidy gaping hole and with Sues help, we spun her sister on to her back. I quickly clambered across Juliet’s chest pulling her blouse up as I went. This exposed her white bra and beautiful tits. One knee on each of her arms and I started to slowly wank my cock inches from her face.
“Oh Andy no … please its disgusting.”
I ignored her plea, “Open your mouth Juliet,” I ordered.
“No Andy, your slut wife does that, not me, now get off me!” She demanded. I looked round to see Sue’s reaction to that comment, only to see her bury her mouth on Juliet’s pussy and start franticly lapping at her hairy cunt. It didn’t seem to take any more than thirty seconds for Juliet to start another huge orgasm.
“Sue … Oh God Yes Sue ..Sue Oh GOD …OH GOD I’M … Oooohhhh!”
Wham, I still can’t believe how much spunk I managed to produce as it was the second time that night. Watching streams of it going in Juliet’s mouth and hair and all over her tits and face whilst she had another almighty orgasm herself was a sight I’ll never forget. Well actually it’s a sight I never need to forget, as I had the entire session on video. Even Sue hadn’t noticed the recorder I had set up when sorting out the clothes.
I made Juliet watch the clip. I let her see herself laying on the bed covered in my cum with ripped open tights and knickers. With her blouse torn open and her white bra also covered in my cum. I made her watch the part where she came with her sister sucking on her clit. I then explained how there would now need to be a new more permanent arrangement and how Juliet can now expect her arse fucked much more often.
The next time was going to be something else, next time Sue and Juliet would have to suffer. Next time didn’t actually go to plan…

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