My sister-in-law (Deepika) was staying with us for quite some time, since she was suffering from a depression from love-failure in her early 20s. She was now already 35 and looked much like any aunty, except, she was not married, and, had always refused to talk about any marriage proposals brought to her (some few were even rudely teased).

At our house in Vizag, she had her own room, but, recently we had to share her room as office space too, since I started doing small projects from home. I would often go to office to work early morning around 5am, since that time wife and kids were asleep, and I could get good peace for working. Some days of course, I would sleep longer and enjoy my morning-boner by getting blowjob and fucking my lovely wife.

Back to the story however. Deepika’s bed was supposed to be temporary, so, she was just sleeping on a mattress on the floor besides the window. My desk was situated just in front of her mattress, and when I was working I didn’t turn on the light, in order to let her sleep. Result however, that the light from outside was illuminating her just in front of me working.

She was still unmarried, so, even though we talked a lot together, she was very shy about showing anything from her body. My wife would sleep just in her panties, but, Deepika would wear pants and a long nighty, even on the hottest nights. Sometimes however, in her sleep, the nighty would crawl up and show her bare stomach and navel, or, the light would be right and her breasts would be visible through the nighty. Those days it was very hard for me to get any work done, constantly I would get attracted by this “forbidden fruit”.

Deepika had a very beautiful face, her body was a little fat, especially her stomach had grown large, but her breasts appeared normal size, and her ass looked like a great size. My wife was often joking that maybe she should’ve given my marriage proposal to her sister instead of me, back when we got married, and, sometimes I think about how that would’ve turned out.

One morning, when her stomach was fully visible, and her pants knot seemed to have opened, I could not resist anymore, I wanted so badly to pull her pants down a little. She was sleeping still, but, I didn’t know how deep she was sleeping, so, it was kind of risky. Finally, I took the chance and pulled one of the strings of her pants, just enough to get her pussy triangle visible. She was very hairy, full grown pussy hair. Often she would scratch her crotch while sleeping, so I kind of expected this. I pulled the pants a little more so I could see the pussy itself. In the half-light I could see that her opening was very long, from the hairy top, through visible pussy-lips and down to the bottom which ended in a “drop” shape where outer lips would allow me to see the inner. My cock was standing up and ready to ram her like this, but, I contained myself. Thought of masturbating instead and let my thick semen fall down on her pussy, but, also contained that. Instead I went back to my desk and called her out. “Deepika, please wake up, your pants are little open.” I called out two or three times before she slowly woke up, and quickly pulled her pants up. Turned over on the side, and went back to sleep.

I was so full of lust for my sister-in-law now. Seeing her pussy I could only think that I wanted her full naked body. A few days later I took an old detergent bag, and carefully fitted it with my cellphone inside, and put it in the bathroom, so I could take a video of her showing. The video came out great, and I masturbated daily for a month to it (except those days when the wife required my services of course).

Again, one morning I found her in the same position as before, and my greed and lust made me expose her pussy once again. I still didn’t have dare to touch it, but, thought I would take a snap with the cellphone to keep in my collection. I already had so many snaps with her bare back when sleeping and one with part of her ass exposed. Immediately after pressing the snap button, I heard the loud “kaaa-chik” sound from the cellphone and froze from fear. She woke up, assessed the situation and gave me a hard slap on the chin. “What are you doing?” Excuses were very hard to come by, snapping her pussy close up with cellphone in hand, so I confessed: “Sorry Deepika, you were sleeping like that, and I am thinking much about your body lately.” I was ready for another slap, but, it didn’t come. “It’s ok bava,” she replied. “I am happy that someone are attracted to me.” I was thinking that she was secretly crawing a husband. Wife was always telling me how she was a daring girl in her youth, so perhaps she still has that mind for enjoying with husband inside of her. “Please bava, do not share this with anyone, it’s for your eyes only. Remember!” she cryptically said and turned over to sleep some more. I would not share her videos of course and get her into further problems.

Next morning I was up too early to work on the project. Not to see my sister-in-law, but, because I was kept from working the other day. However, much to my shock, when I entered the room, in the faint light, I could see her legs exposed up to the knees. Ah, probably she put peticoat I thought, but, looking little closer, it was not visible, must be no pants today. My system gave a loud error message sound and the sister-in-law noticed I had come to the room. “Goodmorning bava” she said, quite unusual, she would just continue to sleep. Then she put her legs straight out in a large “V” and asked me “Bava, come and pull the nighty up a little.” I didn’t comply since I was unsure what was going on, and still shy about yesterday’s episode. She pulled her nighty up and the full bush came to visible in the early morning light. “Come down and have a close look today bava,” she asked.

She had longer legs than my wife, I always knew that, but without any pants then looked even longer. Her thighs were not slim, but not fat either, and towards the ass, they bulked out a little. I stood up and went down in front of her bed, where I was directly in front of her “V” legs. I was drinking it all with my eyes, and a smile on her face confirmed that she knew and enjoyed it. “So what?” I inquired her. “So, you do what you like,” she came back.

Do what you like? The sentence was racing in my brain. What I liked, was to bury my face in her cunt eat everything out hard with tongue and soft bites. Then ram my cock into her hard so her ass-cheeks would “flap” hard her stomach and tits bounce. I would fixate her arms over her head so she could not move while she was screaming for mercy in her orgasm, before I creamed her pubes-hair so bad that it would take a bush of her magnitude to hold it all. 

That however, was hard to communicate. “I think it’s a bad idea Deepika,” was the sensible answer. “No,” was the answer. “I want you now, I want to try sex before I get old. Face it, I’m never going to get married, so, it’s either some lover from outside, or you. I trust you the most,” she continued. I sat down besides her on the bed, she had spent some time on thinking about this I thought. Reaching a decision in my mind, combined with lust and reason, I told her: “Ok, but only once, and never to speak about it again.” A silent nod agreed.

One hand, I put on top of her bush, running fingers through it, while seeking out the top of her cunt opening below. Then took her nighty and pulled it more up, but, she stopped me. “My body is not good shape anymore bava,” she told me. But, she should know better, “It is in perfect shape for enjoyment,” I replied. Took her hand and pulled her up to standing, then removed her nighty over her head. The bra was opened and her tits came out. Smaller conical shape tits, what a wonderful sight. Sucking them would be exactly like sucking a mango for its wonderful pulp. She was fully nude now, but I was still fully dressed. I removed my shirt and let her hands run through my chest-hair (not much). “Remove my pants Deepika,” I requested, and she pulled down my pants, but not under-wear. After exchanging a smile, she put her hand inside of my under-wear and felt my warm cock and balls, before pulling them down. Her touch on my cock was feeling great, and I could feel it coming from soft to hard.

She went down on the bed again, and put her legs out in a V again. Apparently she doesn’t have idea how it works. I sat down between her legs and put one finger circling around her outer pussy hole. Then I bent down and kissed her stomach. It felt very soft, my first time touching a big stomach. Then went further up, my tongue circled her areolas making her nipples hard. I took two hands squeezing her tits, then moved both hands to one, so I could hold it and suck it like the mango I was thinking about. She got very wild by this, folding her legs up around me and holding my head by the hair, pressing my head against her chest. “Can I kiss your pussy,” I asked her, but, she denied.

My cock was still not fully erect yet, but, I put it in front of her pussy hold. She stretched her legs out fully straight, so, it was not possible for me to push inside of her. “You have to bend your legs Deepika,” I told her. Apparently she only knows sex from Indian movies, where you see the straight legs. I was giggling a little by that thought. I pulled her knees up to bend her legs, then put them apart so the pussy hole would be spread fully open. She was not so comfortable by this, but I assured her it was how it had to be. My finger was circling her pussy hole, but, when I tried to put a finger inside of her, she pushed it away: “Only your member bava, first time it is my wish.” It was still not fully erect, but, I placed it in front of her cunt entrance, and asked her to put it in. She fumbled a lot, but, when I felt it was in front, I slowly pushed. Her body tensed, she threw back her head in what looked like pain, and she pushed me back. I pushed her legs back in position and tried again, this time the tip went inside. Being inside of her gave the final instructions to my cock, and I could feel it was growing to its full fucking size in her entrance hole. Now slowly rocking back and forth, my cock made its way into her. My cock is only 6″ so I got it all the way inside of her, but, could feel the bottom of her pussy had been reached. After pushing forward backward little more, she was becoming wet. Looking down, I could see thick white pussy juice forming around my cock, as it was rocking inside her. I pushed harder and harder now, squeezed her tits hard to her visible pleasure. After some time, I put my thumb down on her clitoris while continuing to fuck her. That did the trick, in less than one minute, she reached her orgasm, and pushing me away. But, I laid down my weight on top of her, to keep my cock inside her cunt, which was now contracting wildly, as if trying to pump something from my cock. “I want to cum too Deepika,” I told her after a little while and started fucking her again. This time, I could devote all my energy to my own enjoyment, so I slammed her crotch so hard that sounds must’ve been audioable throughout the house.

Her ass was a little big, but a lovely shape, and I wanted to pump it too, so I asked her to turn on the side. I went behind her for spooning, and pushed her butt cheeks apart, until I could feel her pussy. Directly from behind I could only get half of my cock inside her like that, so I asked her to bend her legs a little, so I could get deep inside of her again. It was a wonderful position like that. Usually fucking the front wall of the pussy it feels meaty inside, but, in this position, fucking the back-wall of the pussy, the cunt hole feels really like hole your cock sliding in and out of it, and hitting her cervix bottom, is very easy to recognize. I picked up speed even though she started to look like feeling pain, and came in a last hard push, unloading everything I had deep inside of her pussy.

I let out a loud relieved moan and squeezed her tits and butt-cheeks hard from behind, before withdrawing my cock. “Some wet is coming out,” she innocently told me a few moments later, when my semen was starting to leak from her. “You should go and wash,” I told her, not wanting to start big discussion about possible outcomes. She went to wash, and when she came back from washroom, started to get dressed again. I squeezed and sucked her tits one last time, before she laid down to relax again, and I went back to bed too, tired from exhausting fucking.

When I woke up, my wife asked me: “So, how was she?” I was very shocked, and din’t know what to say. “Deepika told me about her plan husband, and I agreed to it,” she said with a smile. On elaboration she said that her sister and she talked quite a lot about it, and it was best solution, and she is just happy for her. I can’t help thinking that I am used as a toy, but, the situation suits me, so who am I to complain. It is kind of strange, like being newly married and still have family. The first few months after it, I would go and fuck my sister-in-law almost every morning. Nowadays, only when she is asking for me. In the house, I can be passionate with both, though, not when kids are around, and, not at the same time. Deepika is a very open and experimenting girl, so I get many fantasies lived out, which my wife would not go for. My wife is happy that her sister’s depression is over, and that she has an almost (normal) housewife-life. Next problem we face is that I have to go on-site in U.S. and bringing the “extended”-wife is a bit of a visa problem, but ….

This is just an update from my side of the story, I am Deepika. One year has passed, and I am enjoying the good life now. My Baava is taking good care of me as his second wife, as he is taking good care of my sister, his first wife, and my sister is just happy that I am finally out of the depression and enjoying life.

I have undergone an enormous transformation, and all the boys outside are putting eyes on me, hoping to get a piece of me. My sister, my father and my Baava all have asked if I’m not ready to get married now. But, it’s not going to happen, as I am grateful to my Baava and sister only for helping me to this state. My weight has gone down from 75kg to 55kg, and my stomach is almost gone. Some of it through bedroom-exercises with my Baava, and some from intensive workouts at the local ladies gym. I found some of my old anarkali dresses from college days, and they are fit and making me look smoking hot once again.

We have the agreement at home that my sister will have her husband for most of the time, except when I specifically request him for something. Something means going out to some function or otherwise. In the bedroom he is all hers, but after waking up when she is still sleeping, he is all mine 🙂 My sister is usually busy with kids and work, so I have the job of the good housewife who does the cooking and home maintenance. Our neighbours and friends will never find out about the secret in our house, India is just not ready for that kind of thing.

I will share one short experience with you, which is typical how things work out around here.

Baava was going to a conference in Vizag, and my sister happened to have a big upcoming project on the same dates, which she could not miss. So, I asked if any problem that I would go to the conference? This is one of those academic conferences, which I have very little interest in, but, both my sister and I are very interested to travel, and Vizag has good hotels, good tourist spots (beaches) and most important great shopping opportunities. Anyway, sister and Baava agreed, and I was happy. The conference was an important one for my Baava, as he hold a director position in the research lab of a MNC, so he must make a good impression there and talk to many people and PhD students to try and attract the best minds to the company. He always get much stress about this kind of things, so, it would be my duty to make him calm down a bit, something I would enjoy.

For the journey I went for the typical wife look. A body-close silk saree in bright colours. I like to wear saree, it can be fit very tight to my body, and show a little of flesh around the hips and stomach. Together with jasmins in hair and a few simple gold ornaments like bangles and a chain, it is a killer look on me. I knew it was going to attract eyes of hungry husbands on our journey, no wrong in teasing them a bit. High black heels makes me look even hotter.

As Baava’s job paid for the travel and accommodation, he had decided to go by flight, and booked room at Novotel Varun Beach. His salary could easily pay for the same, but, why do when they will pay. He is very open as to money matters compared to other husbands I know. My sister and he has shared debit card (HDFC platinum) and he never complains about anything she buys. Myself also got a debit card, and he always fill my SBI account whenever funds are low. Once I went with my friend-in to shopping and ended up with a 10.000 Rs hotel/restaurant bill plus another 50.000 Rs for some gold at Joyalukkas, but, he never said anything about it, just added another lakh to my account. From before marriage he has his own private account, but, his salary always goes into the account shared with his wife. Someday we will find about what is in that private account too

In the airport, my small rolling travel bag was attracting eyes when I strolled along with it. I made sure to keep a good posture, and make my ass wiggle along, even though it comes almost by itself when wearing the heels. The rolling stairs are always fun, so crowded that I have the people behind me standing with their face almost in my ass. Certainly I noticed a few male travelers standing very close and staring at my ass while they thought I did not watch them.

I had put my saree very tight so my body would show better, but, now when we were through the security, sitting down in the waiting area was not so comfortable with a tightly draped saree, so, I went to the bathroom to loosen i a bit. In the bathroom there was a fellow aunty traveller, who was also arranging her dress. I wanted to tease her a bit, so I gave my tits a squeeze, as to arrange them better in the bra. I tried to rearrange them a few times, before pretending to give up. “Akka, can you please help me a little? Something is sitting wrong!” I asked her. She hesitated a bit, but agreed: “Yes, sure. Your bra is too tight perhaps?” “Can you please give little cover while I rearrange?” I asked. She moved in front of me, covering as much as possible, facing me as if looking for something more to help with. I removed the saree from my shoulder, and opened the blouse-piece. Then the aunty became very shy and looked away. My tits bounced out from the blouse and near to the aunty. I quickly grabbed the breasts and stuffed them properly into the blouse piece again, closed it, and said “Thanks!” She didn’t reply any, but, hurried out from the bathroom. I guess her saggy aunty-tits made her uncomfortable, great enjoyment anyway.

We went for the boarding, and got seated. We got the window-side two-people seats, which was great, nobody else to disturb. My Baava quickly opened his laptop after takeoff, and started to do some of his boring work. I read the in-flight magazine and started to hope for some good food. We were going on the business class seating, but, these days business class mostly means nothing more than included food and beverages, food accounting for a heated sandwich with some unrecognizable chicken inside. When the food was still in the flip-down table, I put one hand on my Baava’s pants, and started to feel his cock on the outside. He gave me an annoyed look, but I didn’t remove my hand. Figured it was OK from there, so using all my fingers’ strength, I managed to unbutton his pants, and slid my hand inside the pants and took a good grab on his cock. “Maradalu??” he looked questioning at me, and I put my finger on his mouth to make him keep quiet. He continued to look at his laptop, while I started to stroke his cock harder and harder with my hand. After a little while, the air-hostess came by our chairs to ask for any more beverages or food. My Baava shook his head to get her go to away, but, I asked for some napkins, while looking down at my hand in his pants. Immediately she understood, gave some napkins and hurried off without any questions.

“Baava, give a break to your laptop please,” I asked him with my horniest look. I had read about the 10k club which counted lovers on airplanes (and a few mountain-climbers), and, I was ready to join it. “Meet you at the lavatory in 2 minutes,” I continued, and stood up, removing my hand from his opened pants. I went for the lavatory and hoped for him to follow. Inside the lavatory, I didn’t have dare to open all, just in case it was someone else who came by, but, I loosened my saree and examined the options there. It was not so simple, but, luckily neither my Baava or I were big people now.

I didn’t have to wait long, just after my saree was loosened, it knocked on the door. A quick confirmation, it was for me I opened the door and let him inside. It was quite cramped there with two people, but, we didn’t need much space. I didn’t want to get stark naked there, but, instead pulled my saree up. I was wearing black panties for the occasion, and asked my Baava to remove them, which he did with great ease. I sat down on the lavatory and opened his pants fully and pulled them and his panties down around his ankles. His cock had slumped a bit again, but, was definitely still ready for action with its good length and thick stature. He pulled me up to a standing position, and put one of my legs onto the lavatory, exposing my pussy entrance between my legs. I was really feeling hot now, and started to kiss him, which he returned. Taste of sandwich and diet coke While kissing he started to press his crotch against mine, and I could feel his long cock slowly starting to push between my legs. I needed just to hold it, and position the head at my entrance, then grind a little on it, and he was inside of me. He was not ready for that yet though. Instead he turned me over, and continued to grind against my ass. I knew how he liked my ass from the very first time we were together. From this position he opened my blouse (which was a front opener), and my tits jumped out for the second time this day. I was standing in front of the lavatory mirror, and could enjoy his hands squeezing every part of my tits and see it all close up in the mirror. He swung my hair-tail to the side and started to almost eat my neck in this pose, and kissing my back. It was really turning me on, my body temperature would be boiling, if not the A/C of the plane kept my skin cooled down.

The plane had started to shake slightly from turbulence, nothing serious, but the small movements making our touches even more sensual and arousing.

Then started next part of the love-making act. He put one of my legs up on the lavatory, again opening my warm pussy for the cool air. Then my other leg he lifted up and put my knee on the small table by the sink. That last move was great, as I felt my inner pussy lips separate, and the sticky inner of my pussy opening up to the juices. He kept one hand circling on my breasts, while the other hand was sliding down over my stomach, to find my exposed vagina between the legs. One of his fingers slid slightly inside, when he kissed my ear and whispered “Get ready to grind it wife .. “, which was my cue to start moving my ass around, rubbing the pussy harder and harder on the hand he kept between my legs. It felt great, his fingers sliding between my wet juicy pussy-lips, and occasionally his finger pushed inside of me. I could feel his hand becoming soaked in my cunt juices by this, which he clearly enjoyed, kissing my neck and back harder while squeezing my tits super-hard. I left out a loud “uuummmmmmmmm”, which startled us both a bit, reminding us of the confined space of the aircraft’s lavatory. I had almost forgotten, but now remembered, and put my hand down on his cock while continuing to grind. I squeezed his cock a bit and started to stroke it. My hand was not able to close around it and it took some movement to stroke it from the tip down to the base. His foreskin was slightly moist now and easily slid on and off as my hand increased its pace.

From his cock’s strength from big and slumped, to bigger and rock hard, I felt it was now time, so I took good hold of it, and put it between my pussy-lips, sliding it a bit forward and backward to lubricate it with my pussy juices, and finding the best position for entering it into my deepest wet place. “Come on hubby, give it to me…” I whispered to him, and immediately felt him push to get it inside.

Along with all the gym exercises I had done, I had been reading on my IPad about vaginal exercises, so even though I already had a very tight and fresh pussy at the age of 35, I now also had a very well-exercised pussy, with muscles all around giving it an even tighter and more sensitive feeling. I could clearly feel his cock-head poking around the entrance, trying to find its way inside. First his cock-head popped inside, then slowly, our combined grinding got it settled deeper and deeper inside of me. With each stroke into me, my muscles contracted on his large member, giving him a squeeze around the cock, which must feel like I was trying to push all blood out of it. It was not possible of course, his blood pumped hard in the cock, making its hardness struggle hard against my pussy-walls, in a fight to satisfy each other. After a little while, he was deep enough for his crotch to start pushing against my butt-cheeks. This gave the final excitement for him, and he now started to increase the speed and thrust of his action. I tried to keep up, pushing back onto the cock, but, soon he had taken over. While he was fucking deep from behind and pushing my ass, he kept his one hand on my front pussy, gently rubbing against the soaking wet clitoris, and his other hand placed firmly squeezing my tits.

Orgasm was starting to build up at my deepest level. My pussy was covered in cunt juices pumped up to white foam, running slowly down my legs. I couldn’t take his pumping motion, stretching all muscles of my sensitive vagina any more. I gave in to my animal lust and moaned hard “ummmmmm ummmmm ummmmm ummmm”, “I’m going to cum now, harder hubby harder!” He didn’t hold back, and now put his hands above my ass around my sides, using them as handles, and pushed with all his strength the cock deep inside of me, out again, and deep inside again. My orgasm came hard, and I let out a long “ummmmmmmm” as all muscles in my body stiffened by the orgasm cramps originating from all of my steaming pussy.

There was a knock on the door, and a voice outside, but we didn’t really take notice, I was in deep orgasm trance, and he was still fighting hard to cum. My Baava let out a loud “aaaahhhhh” as his cock spewed his thick white cream out inside of me. Immediately I felt his pumping action inside of me, adding to the already peaking orgasm of my own. “Aaahh aaahh aaahh aaah” I gasped loudly.

Suddenly we were back to reality. The plane was shaking more wildly now, and the people outside the door were knocking furiously and requesting us to return to our seats immediately to get around the turbulence. I managed to get some paper-towel and wipe most of the cream around my pussy away, and he did the same with his cock, before sliding his pants back up. My blouse was closed with just two hooks and my saree came down not very fashionable, while panties I forgot on the lavatory behind us. As we opened the door, the staff were angry but understanding, hopefully not the first time they had this experience. The walk back to our seats with everyone seated and looking at us was quite embarrassing, but, also quite fun. The aunty from the bathroom before entering the plane, was trying not to make eye contact with me. Probably inside most of the girls and aunties on the plane wished it had been them getting a steaming bang in the lavatory

The rest of the trip to Vizag went with more hot and funny adventures as is always the case, but, that is another story. One part involves me in the hotel room, only wearing panties and a t-shirt (no bra boys!), and a misunderstanding with the hotel-management, but, it will have to be another time.

I am often unsure if I should call him Baava or husband, I know he prefer Baava, but, when someone ask me, I always say husband, and I can see he don’t mind. He has two great women in his life, so why would he

This is a few years back, before I started to stay with my sister and baava. As I am unmarried, I stayed with my father and mother in their home. They recently moved to my father’s native place, a small town in coastal Andhra, since they both had retired from jobs. There it was full of relatives around, always gossips and always some scenes. Since I was deep in my depressions, weight had started to gain on me, and I was advised to go for daily walks. My aunties also went for daily walks in the afternoon when sun became less strong, so, it was decided that I should walk together with them.

The aunties always shared lots of gossip on these walks. I learned for example about my cousin who had recently been married to a hot IT girl from Hyderabad. She was now pregnant and expecting their first child in a few months. However, the cousin was working at a small government office in the town, and somehow a rich Reddy’s girl at the office wanted him too, and they had sex on several occasions. This was not anything new in my father’s side of the family. My father had lots of brothers, and, they all had “extra wives” outside. My cousin was a little different though. While my fathers brothers (and probably my father too) never admitted to having any outside relationships, my cousin was filled with remorse, and told his wife about it. Result she moved back to her parents and my cousin tried to commit suicide. It was all masked though, as he had some health problem which required hospital, and, his wife just wanted to go to parents early for delivery (it is common here to go to parents about a month before delivery). Only through my aunties gossip I learned the truth. Accidentally I saw the Reddy girl in town, and she looked much like a girl straight out of college, very hot looks and body. My cousin has a real film-hero look, so no wonder she wanted his cock.

Another topic came up. As this was some years back, also my sister was just 1 year married to my Baava. Topics often came about how they didn’t have any children yet. My Baava is a very reserved and sensitive person, usually deep in his work and therefore not mixing much with relatives. Anyway, the aunties were thinking about this, if he was such a sensitive person that he did not know how to fuck my sister properly to get kids. On their first night, all were peeping through window-gaps and key-holes, and they had seen how it was only a little gossip, and then went to sleep, no naked bodies and hard cocks in screaming penetration of my sister on that night. Big disappointment to my aunties.

On this particular day, I was walking with my aunty Laxmi and my cousin Mamatha. Mamatha was married early, so even though we were about same age, she already had two kids and had her tubes sealed after that. Laxmi was the wife of my father’s youngest brother, so, though she was an “aunty”, she was only about 10 years older than us. The two of them were always excellent gossip company, both having dirty minds and not afraid of speaking out in our little group, when nobody could listen out on the fields.

Mamatha started the fun: “Deepika, why didn’t you marry Rajiv? I think you could’ve kept slim by fucking him daily, also you would’ve had some very cute kids by now. They would have his color and beauty, haha”. It was not common they teased me directly like this, so I shy’ed away a little from answering. Laxmi came to my rescue: “Why would you give him to her?? We can all share here!” All laughed at her idea. “I would be first in line,” Laxmi continued, “a beautiful and experienced lady like me. He would not be able to refuse.” I had never really focused much on Laxmis looks. She was just an aunty to me, who used to take care of me and play when I was little. But, now I wondered what she meant by beautiful and experienced. From the behind where I was walking, not much beauty to see. She was a little shorter than me, but, about same wide. My stomach had grown bigger than hers, but, thinking about it, her tits were not very big, and she was never wearing a bra, so I imagine they were not hanging. She didn’t have any kids since her husband and herself were too close relatives, so some genetic problem. Probably contributed to a body only used for enjoyment, not for the tear of kids.

Mamatha used to be very hot in her younger days. We used to shower together when visiting each other, up to 18 years old when she got married, and I had seen the full blooming of her body. Her tits were very round like bouncing apples and her body slim with long slender legs. I had not seen her stark naked since then, but, we often went to beach for showering (privileges of living in a coastal town), and I had seen her body in a wet transparent nighty. Today her boobs had grown large and a bit hanging. Also her butt had become wider and her stomach grown almost the size of my stomach. I didn’t know what my Baava would prefer. Large tits and big butt, or, more tight tits and firm ass. I was thinking about it though, which made me a little wet down between my legs, giving some unpleasant feeling while walking.

Probably they experienced the same as me, for a few minutes we all walked silently in our own minds. Laxmi continued the play thereafter though. “Just imagine, Rajiv will come to visit our home, and your sister has to go out for some shopping. I will offer some of my tasty biryani to him, and after he has taken the food, he will need to take a little nap.” She continued to explain about how she would put some jasmins on the bed because they would make him horny in sleep, and, how she would enter the room in his sleep, and start stroking his cock while asleep until it was hard. If possible, she would unzip his pants and pull the cock outside a little, but, if not possible, just leave it. Then she would pull her peticoat up, and gently sit on top of him, to allow his cock to feel her warm and wet cunt. The details were starting to become a little embarrassing for Mamatha and I, but, she continued with her wishing. 

Sitting on top, she would slowly massage his chest until he woke up. By then his cock should be so full of lust that he would just allow her to position her cunt and push down on it, until it would slide inside of her. Then she would start pumping on his cock while sitting on top. “He gets very horny now, I am sure, so I allow him to rip my blouse-piece off, so my breasts bounce out.” She continued the wishing, in which he would put his hands on her tits and squeeze them hard, she would push his chest down on to the bed if he became naughty. After a little while they would wrestle and fight on the bed, finally he would throw her over, and put her on her back. Then push her legs forcefully aside and bury his cock deep inside of her, while sucking her tits and lips hard in ecstasy. She would allow him to cum inside of her, and they would spend a few hours more on the bed exploring and fucking until my sister came back.

Mamatha and I giggled a lot about this fantasy of hers, finally to the point where she became angry and told us: “Just watch girls, some day I will do it. I have noticed how he secretly looks at my tits whenever they are visiting, it’s just a formality, once I show him interested, he will jump on me!” We laughed now at her anger. “What do you have to offer Mamatha? You couldn’t attract him with that body of yours!” she shot back.

We continued walking in silence for a few minutes, before Mamatha finally shot back: “It’s not about the body, it’s about the method. I am his maradalu, and always I tease him. On the beach, I throw sand at him, just so he will chase me into the water.” Mamatha was oozing confidence over her older aunty now and continued, “If you have not noticed, every time on the beach, when he push me into the water, we are down inside water for few moments, and every time, he touch my tits, ass and try to get hands between my legs.” Of course we didn’t notice any of this, so Laxmi tried to put her down: “It’s just your wishful thinking Mamatha.” She got annoyed now: “We will see. I too can make biryani you know, it’s not your secret.” She continued to explain about how she had caught dirty looks from Rajiv when they were meeting, especially in homes when she was wearing only nighty and no bra. “He see my boobs everytime he is visiting, almost undressing me with his eyes. I feel sometimes he is ready to fuck me when my nighty is sitting little tight to body and exposing me.” 

It was very funny to us, laughing hard at Mamathas thinking about herself. “You laugh all, but I tell you.” She continued her wishing. “One day when he is visiting and alone in our home, I will come out of shower wearing only a white night-dress.” She was explaining how the white nighty would be little wet from her wet body, especially on the tits where it would stick, and on her hips. She would act surprised that Baava was still there, but, offer some tea. “I make much better tea than you make biryani by the way Laxmi”. She would also take some tea, and accidentally drop it on her nighty in her lap. She would pull up her nighty quickly to avoid the hot tea, and thereby exposing her legs, thighs, hips and most importantly, her pussy, to Rajiv. He would pour cold water onto her in the shower to remove the hot water. “By this his cock will be so hard, and ready to ram me,” Mamatha explained. “Yes,” Laxmi said, “every man likes nakedness, but, do you expect him to just fuck you after that? You forget he don’t just pull his cock out and fuck.”

Mamatha had to agree. “Yes, it is correct, it is just a starting tease.” Later, she explained, she would tell that tea was for her headache, and she would ask Rajiv to give her a head-massage instead, now when tea was gone. She would sit down on floor and place her head between his legs and let him rub her head. After a little while, she would turn around to face him and request some massage on the front of the head too. She would feel so much pleasure by the massage, that she would lean her head onto his crotch. “Who can take a head leaning on your cock like that?” she imagined. Then slowly she would massage his cock, unzip his pants and pull the cock out in her face, and start to suck it. She was imagining how it would be: “My husband’s cock is some kind of large, but, I expect his cock to be larger, not able to put it all into mouth without getting it down into throat. Have you seen these lips of mine Laxmi? Able to suck pleasure in him unlike yours.” Now it was the time for her (new) nighty to come off again. She would sit down on the couch and spread her legs out, to allow him to fuck her while squeezing tits and enjoying kisses. Finally, she would bend over on the edge of the couch, so he could stand up behind her and fuck her deep from behind until his sperm was flowing from her pussy and down her legs.

We continued to walk along, all imagining what had been said. I was afraid they would ask me too, but, they probably thought an unmarried girl like me had no imagination when it comes to sex, so, the question didn’t come.

They were right too though. Those days my thoughts mostly evolved about hurting (in depression) and simple things like touching each other outside on the clothes. I didn’t really have any wish for cock, I was more like afraid of cock, what it might do to my tiny tight pussy. My married friendins all told me scary stories of blood flowing, pain and near to rape situations, when asked about their “perfect” first nights. I did have a bit of a crush on Rajiv though, and while walking I continued that fantasy in my mind, that I would be doing what my aunty and cousin had just told of. It raised so many questions which I would have to find out about. Tasting cock for example was interesting, and also new positions like sitting on top and showing my pussy from behind. All things I would have to explore in time, with my own husband or someone else 🙂

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