"My Sis Is Getting Married"

“My Sis Is Getting Married” I was disappointed when I heard that my sister Amy was getting married. We had been getting it on together for two years now, ever since Sis came home hot and frustrated from a dance one night. She was the hottest girl in town and every guy in college had been dying to get into her pants. Little did they know sweet little Amy was getting it regularly from her big brother! A
my was a girl who could wrap men around her little finger just by smiling in their general direction. Her long blonde hair, her moist, full, red lips, and that cheeky, come-hither look in her emerald-green eyes were just the beginning. A wiggle of her tight little ass could set any man’s pecker throbbing… particularly mine since we lived under the same roof. Yeah, I remembered many hot and sweaty encounters with Amy in her room… my room… the bathroom… even once in Mom and Dad’s waterbed.
Oh well, that was all coming to an end… or so I thought. The bridegroom was my friend, Sherman. He asked me to be best man, and, of course, despite my sadness at loosing my sex-hungry little sister to this guy, I accepted. After the wedding, they had a huge reception, which got pretty wild as the evening went on. Being family, I got to dance with Amy a couple of times. She looked stunning in her wedding gown. It was cut low to reveal a good deal of those perfect little tits of hers.
As I danced with my sister, I thought of all the good times we’d had together, fucking and sucking, and my cock automatically began to swell. Despite the bulkiness of her wedding dress, Amy soon felt my growing erection pressing insistently into her crotch. “Ohhhh, Carl! You naughty boy! Are you still hot for your little sister? I’m a married woman now!” Amy whispered.
The feel of her hot breath in my ear brought back memories of fucking her in the hall closet one rainy afternoon while Mom and Dad were still in the house! My prick twitched against her crotch at the very thought. “You bet, Sis”, I said, holding her close. “I have a hardon that won’t quit!” Glancing around, Amy pressed her young pussy against my cock and whispered in my ear, “Then, let’s slip outside. No one will notice. One last fling for old time’s sake, big brother?”
Do you think I could say no? Shit, the other guests only got to kiss the bride, I was going to fuck her… again! We slipped into a small, darkened side room and Amy melted into my arms, her firm little tits crushed deliciously against my chest. As Sis tongue darted into my mouth, I slipped my hand into her wedding gown, feeling her satiny breasts. Her nipples stiffened under my rolling fingertips, and she inhaled sharply.
She lifted her wedding dress, exposing her lovely knees and firm, creamy thighs, then took my hand. “Feel,” she said. There was a naughty tinge to her voice as she pressed my hand to her bare pubic thatch. “No panties,” she whispered with a smirk. It was true. Her nylons were held up by garters, but somehow during the evening her panties had disappeared. She laughed softly, pressing her furry, moist mound against my palm. I kissed Amy hot and hard as I rubbed her feverish twat.
She was damp, and my hand was soon wet with her arousal. She moaned softly as I massaged her pussy, eventually letting my fingers slip into her ever-hot little cuntslit. Sis unzipped my fly and reached into my pants, jerking her fist up and down the length of my cock a few times before pulling it out into the cool night air. “Fuck me, Carl” she whispered. “I want to feel that big, fat cock of yours in my pussy one more time.”
“But Sis…” I grinned, “…you’re a married woman now, remember? What about Sherman?” Amy spread her legs and gripped my cock with both hands, pointing the tip at her glistening slit. “Just shut-up and fuck me, stud! I’ll worry about Sherman,” husked Amy, pulling me towards her by the dick. We were both still standing, so I held her right leg up.
My throbbing shaft slid between her slippery thighs, and with familiar ease, I quickly buried it inside my sister’s cunt. Hunching my hips forward, I thrust into her hot, hungry hole with long, deep strokes… the kind I knew got her off real fast. We didn’t have much time, but I wanted this to be a fuck she’d think about when her new husband was fucking her in their marriage bed tonight.
Sis clutched my neck, hanging on tightly as she trembled. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, savoring the feel of my cock plunging powerfully into her cunt. As usual, it didn’t take Amy long to cum. She had always been a hot little cunt, and we were used to fucking quickly and in secret. She shuddered against me and whimpered into my shoulder as I felt her cunt tighten around my cock.

I kept on fucking her, knowing from personal experience that Amy would probably have several more orgasms like that one before I was through. I picked her up and turned around pinning her against the wall for better leverage. Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and hung on as I pounded my cock into her tight little cunt like a piston-pump. Sis was a bit of a screamer when it came to sex, and eventually, she was making so much noise I had to hold one hand over her mouth while I fucked her, otherwise everyone in the house would have heard her squeals and whimpers of pleasure.
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