Sir Rufus Enjoys Two Hot Servants

Eleonore’s parents had a warm cottage and a happy family. The atmosphere in the cottage was intimate, loving and feminine.
The father played the flute and was always looking for wood to make new flutes. This was his downfall. After climbing into a box tree to get a fine branch, he fell and broke his spine.
It was a disaster for the family. The youngest was 8 years and the eldest was 18. Charity alone kept the family alive during the first hungry winter after the accident. Their mother had to work in the village. Knowing her to be tidy, clean, and honest she was given work as a milk maid and soon became expert.
The oldest child, Eleonore, was a sweet girl. She had a husky voice and, like her mum, worked as a milk maid in the village. As her own bust grew, the boys had long noticed her. But she protected her virginity.
The lad to whom Eleonore eventually gave her heart was Cuthbert. He had flaxen hair, strong limbs and a fresh smell. But the decisive factor was that her mother employed him for heavy work about the croft. Cuthbert became part of the family and Eleonore came to accept him as such. In their moments alone together he begged to see her breasts. She saw no reason to refuse and, as they kissed, enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands on her soft flesh. But she would go no further.

Cuthbert was called to live and work in the castle. The young couple were separated and missed each other. Eleonore pined for him and the longer they were apart the worse it got. Then Cuthbert had an idea. Hearing that an extra wash-room servant was needed, he persuaded Eleonore to dress as a boy and join the hiring parade. She was chosen for her soft clean hands and went to live and work in the castle. It was a busy place and there was no opportunity to be alone with Cuthbert.
The servants worked all their waking hours and slept in the great hall. Nobody took off their clothes and nobody discovered she was a girl. Eleonore came to think of the whole group as her family. It was much more fun than being at home. She loved the male company and, liking many of the boys, drifted away from Cuthbert.
When Sir Rufus found out that she was a girl he had Cuthbert sent away. She had listened to the boys’ endless talk about sex and, though worried about their coarseness, was more than ready for this stage of her life.
Rufus had sex with his wife only a few times in a month but when he found Eleonore he wanted it every day. She gave herself to him in every way. But it was his wife who became pregnant and as soon as this happened she refused all sexual contact with her husband.
The birth was difficult and when it was over she wanted to spend as much time as possible praying in the chapel. Rufus complained about her neglecting both her husband and her child. Annoyed, she told him to get a wet nurse.
The bailiff organised a hiring session. Brought to the castle for inspection, the girls sat on a bench in the cowshed. Sun streamed through the open door. Rufus and Eleonore arrived separately. The six girls stripped to the waist. Eleonore believed a good supply of good milk was essential and advised her master to taste the milk. He sat down and the girls took turns standing in front of him.
Eleonore squeezed their breasts and the milk sprayed into Rufus’ mouth. The first girl had good sized and rather pointed breasts. But they yielded little milk and she was told her to go home. The second and third girls had larger and rounder breasts. Their flow of milk was better but the quality was thin. The fourth girl had beautifully shaped breasts with delicate nipples. She looked awkward but, as Eleonore began to massage her breasts, she relaxed. A smiling glow spread across her face. She began to make cooing sounds.
Eleonore worked her breasts with a gentle rhythm. A wonderful calm enveloped the three of them. Eleonore liked the feel of the girl’s breasts. The girl liked the massage. Rufus liked the milk. It was rich and sweet. So the girl she was hired. Since her own child had been weaned it was agreed that she would move to the castle.
Eleonore worried about the girl being unclean and asked Rufus if she could bathe her in his hot tub. He agreed. The girl undressed and stepped into the steaming water with a gasp of pleasure. As Eleonore oiled and stroked her breasts the girl’s breathing became quicker and her milk flowed.
Rufus entered the fire lit room quietly. Neither of the girls noticed him. He remembered the pleasure he had taken in her milk and gazed with delight at the love and excitement on both girls’ faces. Then a loud ‘Oooh’ escaped him. The girls looked round and blushed.
Rufus asked the milk girl to come to him. Shy, naked and dripping with water, she walked towards his chair. As her breasts came level with his face he held out his hands to cup them. She gazed at him and he began to stroke her breasts as gently as gentle as Eleonore. The milk began to flow. He beamed with pleasure and put his mouth to her nipple.
The taste was delicious and, reaching behind, he held her soft wet bottom in his hands. Then he pulled her closer and took turns sucking each breast. The girl became dreamy. Eleonore came up behind her. With one hand she worked the breast Rufus was sucking. With the other she held her tummy. Then she found the girl’s public hair. It was soft, springy and moist. Exploring further, she came to her slit. It was slippery. Wanting to compare it with her own cunt, Eleonore pushed her fingers inside and began to move them around.
Now in a trance, the girl pushed her breasts into Rufus face and opened her legs to Eleonore’s hand. Rufus gazed in awe at the passion washing across the girl’s face. At the moment of orgasm her mouth gaped open, her eyes shut tight and she melted to her knees, gasping.
Rufus and Eleonore lifted her to the furs in front of the fire. She curled up like a kitten. Very naturally, Rufus and Eleonore began to caress her glowing body. Then they explored her curves and cracks. Slowly but surely, they aroused her and brought her to another climax.
Eleonore lay beside the girl and began to lick and suck her breasts. Having spent years as a milk maid, she was charmed by their beauty and curious about her milk. With deft hands and dancing fingers she stimulated the girl’s breasts. It was a year since she had worked in the cowshed but her finger work had become even better through her worship of Rufus’ cock.
With Eleonore stroking her breasts and clitoris, Rufus very gently pushed his cock into her. The feeling was wonderful and he became still. So did the girl. Eleonore continued stroking her clitoris. The girl began to wriggle. Rufus also lay still. Eleonore used one hand for the girl and one for Rufus balls. Cleverly, she brought them to a simultaneous climax.
A week later, Rufus went hunting. It was November. The weather was damp and the air richly aromatic, sending the hounds in all directions. Darkness came early and suddenly. Luckily the hounds knew their way back to the castle. Rufus dismounted and entered his castle. There was a blazing fire in the great hall. He pulled off his dirty boots and poured a large cup of wine. Then he went to his room to take his bath. There was a steaming tub inside the door but the room was empty. He began to remove his clothes and then noticed the two girls, naked and sleeping curled into each other like spoons.
Rufus bathed himself while looking longingly at the sleeping girls. When clean and fresh he went to the girls. Though he loved seeing them sleep he was only able to resist touching them for a few minutes. He stroked their hair, interested in the different textures. Then his hands moved to their breasts, their bottoms and their pubic hair. Reaching from behind he was able to rest a hand against each of their cunts. He pushed his fingers in. After another few minutes he woke them, aroused them and took them in them in turn.
Next day the hunting party set off earlier. Rufus had a struggle with a boar and fell into a muddy ditch. The cold dank water soaked his breeches. He left the party and rode home with a servant. It was raining hard by the time he crossed the drawbridge and he was pleased to find a blazing fire in his room. He drank three flagons of ale, removed his clothes and lay on the rug.
Asleep and dreaming, he was back on his horse, cantering along a riverside path on a hot summer day. The girls were with him, on horseback and wearing diaphanous white gowns.
They dismounted and slipped into a clear pool to wash each other. Then they lay on grass to dry in the hot sun. He dreamt of soft hands enveloping his cock. It grew large. He woke with a start to find one hand over his eyes, two on his shaft and one on his balls. Their hands gave a pleasure as soft as silk and as thrilling as the hunt. This was no dream.
The hand over his eyes was replaced by a blindfold. One of the girls kissed the tip of his nose. His mouth opened in a smile and the girl pressed her lips on his. Their tongues inter-twined. He loved the pressure of her breasts on his chest. The other girl kissed the tip of his cock and then began to lick and suck it.
‘Who’s doing that?’ he asked.
The girls laughed delightedly. One of them kissed him again. The other ran a cold finger along the ridge of his cock. It shuddered. So did Rufus. She stroked him carefully with one finger after another as they warmed up. He tried to push against her hand to get satisfaction. But instead of taking hold and bringing him to a climax, she swung herself astride his body and, with great skill, swayed her body forwards and backward along his member. This brought both of them to a climax.
The two girls then removed his blindfold and knelt beside him. One of them asked:
‘So who was on top?’
Rufus gave the wrong answer and the girls roared with laughter. This grew into a game. Rufus was blindfolded. The girls placed each of his hands on the same part of their bodies. He had to guess which was which – and they loved confusing him. Sometimes they gave him ears, sometimes feet, sometimes breasts, mouths and bottoms. Then they changed to finger games. They would each oil one of his fingers and take it into one or other of their holes.
When Rufus became good at identifying their shapes, smells, textures and responses they extended the game they told him to use only his mouth. He sucked their ears and tongues. He licked their cunts and bottoms. The most difficult task was to identify a clitoris with the tip of his tongue. But he was always pleased to try. The girls loved the games and shrieked with joy.
The winter being cold and hard, there was much time for indoor fun. Sometimes, one of them would scoop snow from the ledge outside the castle window and use it as spice for their sex games. The flickering light from the fire gave all their bodies a magical quality. It was a dream land and a real land. When their master slept the girls curled up together, kissing and sucking each other to sleep. It was one of the happiest times of their lives. But the spring brought change.
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