Shy Indian Wife

My name is Gautam. I am 30 years old, and I work in a big manufacturing firm. Until a few months back, I used to work in a factory in Delhi as a senior manager, but then I got promoted. The company chose me to go set up and head a new manufacturing plant in a remote rural area. So I went there, accompanied by my wife, Bela.

Bela is 24 years old, and we got married two years ago. Ours was an arranged marriage. Bela is from my community, and was chosen by my parents. She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditional Indian wife. She is a housewife, spends most of her time in housework, knitting, watching hindi soap operas, and listens to everything I say. No matter how much I insist, she refuses to eat before I have eaten, which makes me feel very guilty whenever I have to stay at work later than usual. She also does not have any friends of her own, and her life completely revolves around me.

That makes me very uncomfortable. I grew up in Delhi, so all female friends as well as girlfriends I had before marriage were assertive, self-confident and focused on their careers. In fact my last girlfriend and I broke up because she moved to Bangalore because of career reasons and we could not handle a long distance relationship. So finally, tired of relationships gone bad, I agreed to my parents pestering me for an arranged marriage. When I first met Bela at her parents’ place in her small town, I was smitten by her beauty and grace. I was also mindful of the career reasons ending my last relationship, so I actually liked the idea of a housewife. And a simple and obedient one like Bela.

After marriage, Bela fit in very well with the family. We lived with my parents in Delhi, and she was very caring and respectful towards them. And took upon herself a lot of the housework that my mom used to do. Initially I was happy with this. I could not imagine my firebrand ex-girlfriend ever being this homely, and it was nice to have a wife who gave so much deference to my parents. She read newspapers and books to my father who has bad eyes, did most of the cooking, and got along well with other relatives too. And she seemed very happy and content with our life.

I on the other hand, started getting a bit annoyed by it all. I felt as if my wife was mine only for a few hours. The rest of the time, I had to share her with my parents and other relatives who kept dropping in. The only privacy we got was at night in the bedroom. Ah, the bedroom. In the bedroom, things were quite good. Nothing wild or rollicking like with my ex, but good. Bela had been a virgin until our wedding night, as the blood on the sheet showed. She was initially hesitant and shy about sex, but was gradually coming around to enjoying it. She was still shy about telling me what she liked, but I had more or less managed to gauge her pretty well. For the first few weeks, she was dead opposed to the idea of giving or getting oral sex. But eventually I coaxed her and trained her into giving me some pretty good blowjobs. And although she’d never admit it to me, she loved it when I went down on her.

So things were OK in bed, and Bela was a great fit with my family, but I craved for some actual privacy. I could not just get up and rent a separate house for the two of us without any reason, because my parents would have felt hurt. But I really wished I could. Which is why I was elated when the company promoted me, and wanted to send me far from Delhi to set up and head the new manufacturing plant. It gave me a valid reason to live alone with my wife.

There were tearful goodbyes when we were leaving. It was as if a bride was leaving her parents’ house. A lot of relatives also came to bid us farewell, actually Bela more than me. I had never mixed much with any of my relatives and many of them often commented about how Bela seems a lot closer to them in just a couple of years than I had been over my lifetime. So we said goodbye to the whole family and went to the small village of Hingpur.

The village itself was tiny, and did not have any housing suitable for us. So the company had built a couple of houses for me and some of the others who would be working with me, on the outskirts of the village and a couple of km from the factory site. When we went there, at the very outset, we were the only people living there. Bela took on the responsibility of turning that house into a home with great zeal. We went to the closest town to get a lot of furniture and other things, and very soon what had just been a few rooms with bare walls, became a full fledged home.

From the outside, it seemed like a desolate place, with nothing but a few empty houses behind us. There was barren and hilly land all around us, with some shrubs and trees and nothing much. Inside the house however, things were very different. Fully furnished and decorated, with a well-stocked kitchen, and with aromas of food or incense wafting around. The company offered to hire a servant for us, but Bela refused saying that a washing machine was enough for the laundry, and since it was just the two of us, there wasn’t too much work anyway.

The best part of this new job was that my work hours were flexible. I just had to go for a few hours to inspect the construction and set-up of the manufacturing plant. But beyond that, until the factory became fully functional, I didn’t have much to do. Which was great for Bela and my sex life. We started having sex more and more often. In the morning, afternoon, evening and if course night. Bela was still a bit shy in bed, but she was enjoying herself more and more. I also noticed that she started moaning and yelling during sex, something she told me she always controlled in Delhi, lest my parents hear us.

Bela also started talking a lot more, which I loved. She was still very deferential to me, but I started learning more about her likes and dislikes. I actually started feeling like I had a wife, not a glorified maid.

One thing that had always struck me as odd was how one-dimensional Bela’s wardrobe was. She almost always wore saris. And the few times she did not wear saris, she wore salwar-kameez. She did not own any western clothes at all. So once, I brought this topic up, asking if she only wore Indian clothes. And she shyly said that she used to wear jeans and trousers when she was in college in her small town, but her mother said it would be inappropriate to wear them as a housewife, so she had left them behind when we got married.

I laughed and said we should buy her some new clothes. The next weekend we went to the closest town and bought Bela some tshirts, tops, jeans, trousers, capris and shorts. Getting her to buy shorts was a bit of a task. First she refused, saying she would feel uncomfortable wearing shorts, especially in such rural settings. I told her she could just wear them at home, and reminded her how remote our house was. She finally agreed, but uncomfortably. In fact when she tried on the shorts in the trial room, she refused to come out and show me how they looked, because the shop-keeper would see her bare legs. And these weren’t skimpy shorts. Loose ones that went to her knees. But even that made her uncomfortable. She just came out, changing into her regular clothes and told me the shorts fit.

When we went home, I had her model all the clothes for me, which she did, giggling all the time. From then on, Bela started wearing western clothes in the house regularly. Later, she even admitted that it was a relief to wear them, because the hot weather really made her uncomfortable under the heavy saris and salwar kameez. In a few weeks, she got comfortable in those clothes, and when I took her for another shopping trip, she did not mind me buying shorter skirts and skimpier shorts, along with some tanktops. This time too, she tried them on locked in the changing room without coming out, not wanting to give the guys in the store a look.

One thing I forgot to mention was that we often went for walks in the evening in the barren countryside. Close to sunset, the cooler breeze would pick up, and the austere landscape would look beautiful in the twilight. Bela always wore saris or salwar kameez on these walks. When I tried to convince her to wear something western, she always said that it would look weird if some of the villagers saw us. But we were in such a remote location that we had yet to encounter a single human being on our walks. So as we left the store, I decided to have Bela dress a bit more boldly for our next walk.

The next evening when I suggested that she should wear shorts and a t-shirt, she refused, but it was a weak refusal. I reminded her that we had not run into a soul so far, and even if we did, so what? Bela eventually agreed, and we went for a walk, with her wearing her loosest and longest shorts, and her loosest t-shirt. She seemed very self-conscious at first, but gradually got used to it. From then on, she started regularly wearing western clothing for our walks.

As time progressed, she even let her clothes get shorter and skimpier….by her standards of course. Some of you might laugh at the thought of a woman wearing a tank-top and a knee-length skirt outdoors being considered risque or bold. But for my small town shy wife, it was a big deal. In a few days, she almost stopped wearing saris and salwar kameez altogether, wearing them only when we had to go shopping or go watch a movie. Even for those occasions, she often started wearing jeans and t-shirts. At home, she was always in shorts or skirts.

Our sex life was getting a wee bit raunchier too. Bela now started making the first move quite frequently. Often I’d be sitting watching TV and she’d get done with cooking, walk to me, take off her top and straddle me. Sometimes she’d kneel in front of me, take out my dick and start sucking it. During sex, she started saying things like “yes, right there” or “harder, faster” or “yes, that speed is perfect”. She started taking the initiative in changing positions during sex. And best of all, she started shaving her pussy regularly.

All this meant that we’d be in a heightened state of arousal most of the time that we were home. There would be a lot of cuddling, kissing, fondling, and of course actual sex. So once when I had gone to the town alone, I bought some porn CDs. When I showed them to my wife, I expected her to at least feign some shock or disgust, but instead, she was very intrigued. She admitted that she had seen a couple of porn films with some of her (female) friends in college, but when I started playing one of the CDs, she looked shocked and said these were way more explicit. I then realized that she had only seen some softcore porn.

In one of the porn CDs, the girl and her boyfriend are on a hike, and they start making out right there in the open, and end up having sex on the grass. Bela seemed to have liked this one a lot. So it gave me an idea. The next day when we went for a walk, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She resisted, saying, what if someone sees us? I told her to shut up, and that no one has ever come here. So she agreed and we kissed.

For the next couple of days, we kissed regularly, and Bela again seemed to be getting into the groove of things, often taking the initiative of kissing me. So I pushed it up a notch. The next time when we kissed, I slipped my hands into her shorts and fondled her lovely ass. She did not object at all, which I liked. I then put my hand up her top and massaged her bra-covered boobs, which she also seemed to like.

I was about to try something else, but Bela whispered into my ears that she was getting very horny and we should go home right away and have sex. I obliged, and we almost sprinted home and had some great sex.

In the next few days, our walks got more and more interesting. I started slipping my hands into Bela’s clothes regularly and for long durations, and she did not protest. One day I went further and slid her shorts and panties down to around her thighs, exposing her butt. She immediately reached to pull them up, but I held her hands and said there’s no one around. She stopped struggling, and stayed in my embrace, the evening sun beating down on her exposed and lovely butt.

I then reached down and started fingering her, only to notice she was already wet. That delighted me and I fingered her for a while, making her cum right there in my arms. After that I let her pull her shorts up and we continued our walk. The next day, when it was time for our walk, Bela asked me,

“Are you going to….do that again?”

“Do what?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“You know.” she said looking down shyly “What you did yesterday.”

“What did I do yesterday?” I said, wanting her to say it out loud.

“Slip my shorts down and expose my butt.” she said blushing.

“Hmm… why do you ask? Do you not want me to do it again?” I asked

“You’re my husband. Whatever you want is fine. I was just thinking that if you are going to do it, I’ll wear a skirt. It’ll be easier to cover up in case someone walks by.” she said.

“Great idea, Bela!” I said.

So she wore a skirt. Not too short. Hemline about 2 inches above her knee. But it was pleated, so it gave me good access. When we reached a remote spot, I reached under her skirt and took her panties off. She was blushing, but did not protest. I then held her skirt up with one hand and fingered her with another. From then on, she started going for the walks in skirts and without any panties on. She also started wearing only tank-tops and her t-shirts were confined to the closet.

The next step was taking off an article of her clothing and getting her semi-naked outdoors. I tried it one day, by starting to pull her tank-top off. She made some cursory protesting noises, but willingly raised her hands to make it easier for me to get her topless. She walked topless for a few minutes, with me playing with her exposed boobs, but then said she felt uncomfortable so I let her put her top back on.

A few days later, I tried to take her skirt off and get her completely naked, but she protested. I knew that if I raised my voice and insisted, she would obediently do it. But I didn’t want to force her into anything using my position as the commanding husband. So I didn’t push for it. One day, I did however take her behind a tree and asked her to give me a blowjob. Which she willingly did.

And for a week or so after that, we were at that state of boldness. She’d get topless, go panty-less, let me raise her skirt and expose her ass, let me finger her and she’d give me a blowjob out in the open. I was sensing that she might soon be ready for something more, when it happened. After weeks and weeks, we finally encountered another human being.

I was leaning against a tree, with my pants down, and my dick in Bela’s mouth as she sucked on it hungrily. She was on her haunches. Her top was off and in my hands, and her boobs were on display. A distance away I spied some movement. I slowly turned my head and saw that it was a young village woman, with some sort of a basket on her head, walking towards us a couple of hundred meters away. I thought about warning Bela, but then decided to stay silent and see what would happen.

Bela kept working on my dick and the woman kept coming closer. About fifty meters away from us, the woman finally saw us, and was startled. Her startling made the basket fall off her head and its contents, some fruits, spilled out. Bela heard the noise too and looked at it, spotting the woman.

I expected Bela to panic, but she was remarkably calm. She slowly took my dick out of her mouth and stood up.

“My top.” she said, still looking at the woman who was now gathering couple of dozen fruits that had spilled everywhere.

I handed Bela her top, and she quietly put it on, and started walking towards the woman. As I was pulling my pants up and hiding my dick, I saw Bela reach the woman, and start helping her gather the fruits and put them in the basket. No words were exchanged between them. In fact the two ladies did not even look at each other. They just focused on the fruits and in no time had filled up the basket. Bela then wordless turned around and came back to me. The woman, stealing glances at us, walked away rapidly.

“Let’s go home.” Bela said and I agreed.

That night, Bela was really an animal in bed. After we finished having sex the third time that night, I asked her if she liked being seen half-naked by someone else, and she said nothing. I asked her again, and she got up, saying she should clean the kitchen. I fell asleep soon.

The next morning, I was going to bring up the topic, but I got a call from my company’s Delhi office. They said they were sending over a guy named Shyam who would be reporting to me and be in charge of the day-to-day manufacturing operations. He was being sent to supervise the finishing touches on the shop floor layout and to start hiring some workers. He would be arriving in a couple of hours and I should show him around. So I left for the factory at once to get things ready for Shyam.
Shyam moved in to the house next to ours. I knew Shyam vaguely from a few company conferences. He used to work in the Ahmedabad factory, and had risen from being a common daily wage worker in the factory to manufacturing supervisor. He was about 40, older than me, but would be working under me. I showed him around the factory, explained him all the details and called up Bela to tell her he’d be dining with us tonight.

That evening when I reached home with Shyam, I saw that Bela was back in a sari after many days. She welcomed us home, and served us some drinks and snacks. After taking a few things off the stove, she joined us in the living room. The conversation between Shyam and Bela was very limited. She never really talked too much with men outside the family. Shyam too seemed like a conservative guy, and except for briefly praising the snacks, didn’t even look at Bela, much less talk to her. Bela was back to her docile self, just sitting silently, while Shyam and I talked.

Shyam told us that his family was back in Ahmedabad, and they would not be joining him for at least a year. He had one son who was in Class 12th and it being such an important academic year, his wife was going to stay back with their son. In a year, after their son was off to college, his wife would move here. So I told him not to bother with cooking. Bela would pack two lunch boxes everyday and for dinner, he should join us. He protested, saying he did not want to impose, but I waved off his protests. Even Bela broke her silence and said it would be no trouble for her at all. Soon we finished our drinks and went to the dining table.

With Shyam’s arrival, Bela seemed to have gone back into her shell. She stopped wearing western clothes altogether, even when we went for evening walks. On our walks, if I tried to kiss or fondle her, she would not stop me, but I could sense the passive resistance, so I stopped trying, and our walks soon became completely uneventful. They were often cut short too, because Shyam would be coming to dinner and Bela had some more things to finish in the kitchen.

Shyam started having dinner with us every night. Bela and Shyam still didn’t talk very much, beyond the pleasantries and compliments about the food. Once in a while, Shyam and I would drink together. Some times, we’d buy some movie DVDs and watch them all together. In some ways, I have glad to have some company. But in other ways, I was frustrated at how Shyam’s arrival had messed up things. How Bela had taken many steps back.

And the effects started showing in the bedroom too. Before he arrived, Bela had been showing signs of becoming a regular tigress in bed. Now she was mostly back to her pliant obedient self. We still had regular sex, but that honeymoon-like spark was missing. A few nights after Shyam left, I got Bela to change into skimpier clothes, and it did help a little. But most nights, she’d be too tired with all the cooking and cleaning and I didn’t have the heart to make her do much more.

So I started coaxing her gently to dress a bit more liberally when Shyam was around. Nothing too revealing. To start off, I asked her to wear jeans. Which she did. And Shyam barely noticed it. That night I said to Bela, see, you are making too big a deal. Nothing wrong with dressing comfortably just because Shyam is around. And she agreed. For the next week or so, Bela wore jeans and tshirts when Shyam came over without any more fuss.

Almost immediately, I sensed a slight improvement in her attitude in bed, and I realized something. My shy wife is a bit of a closet exhibitionist. Even the slight change from saris to jeans got her worked up. And of course, I remembered how wild she had been in bed after that fruit seller woman had caught us. Maybe all Bela needed was a little more coaxing. So I coaxed her into wearing shorts. I reasoned with her that jeans are fine, but not really as comfortable for cooking and housework as shorts might be. She agreed.

The next day when Shyam came over, Bela was in knee-length loose shorts and a tshirt. Her perfectly shaped milky white calves were on display. Over the course of the evening, I noticed Shyam, for the first time ever, sneaking a few glimpses at Bela. He did it artfully when she was not looking, and when he thought I was not looking either. But I noticed it anyway. That intrigued me.

That night in bed, I casually mentioned to Bela that I had seen Shyam look at her legs. She blushed a little, but said nothing. I asked her the same question I had asked her before. If she liked others admiring her. She blushed again, and buried her face in my chest shyly without saying anything. She stayed like that for a few minutes as I rubbed her back. And then she jumped on top of me and started getting naked. We had some awesomely passionate sex that night.

The next day, Bela’s shorts got a little shorter. And Shyam’s staring became a little more blatant. The day after that, she switched from t-shirts to tank-tops. And Shyam was positively loving it. He started making more conversation with Bela, probably because that would give him an excuse to look at her. One night Bela told me she had also noticed Shyam staring at her legs. And this made our sex life better with each passing night.

Then came the day when things went to a different level for the first time. It was a Saturday, and like we did on most weekends, Shyam and I were drinking. Both of us were a few drinks down and Bela had been working in the kitchen, making snacks for us. She was wearing shorts which, while not quite hotpants, were still skimpy enough to show her smooth and fair thighs. Shyam had by now dropped any pretense and used to admire my wife quite openly. He had probably realized that I wasn’t saying anything, so it was okay to look.

Since there were a lot of snacks, we were sitting on the dining table, drinking. Both of us were a bit tipsy. Bela was about ten feet away, her back towards us, cooking. The shorts were not skin-tight, but they did outline the shape of Bela’s ass really well. As we were talking, Shyam kept looking at her ass every couple of minutes. I had been thinking of doing something for a few days. The alcohol in my system gave me the impetus to actually do it. The next time Shyam turned his head to look at Bela, I said,

“What are you looking at so much, Shyam?”

Shyam jerked his head straight and looked at me,

“Hmmm? What?” he said, slurring a little.

“I asked you what you were looking at there” I said, pointing my thumb in Bela’s direction.

“Nothing, Sir. Sorry, Sir.” he replied. Although he was my subordinate, he was almost a decade older than me, so I had told him to address me by my name. But he was a little old-fashioned and insisted on calling me “sir”.

“Nothing or sorry? If it was nothing, no need to be sorry. If you are sorry, it can’t have been nothing.” I said, pointing my finger at him.

Shyam looked at me, panic dripping from his face. I saw a couple of beads of sweat appear on his forehead. He stayed silent. I stared at him for a few seconds, letting him panic a little more.

“Tell me something.” I said “Do you think my wife is hot?”

“Sir?” he blurted out, now shaking a little.

“It’s a simple question. Do you think my wife is hot? Is she beautiful?”

“No sir….yes sir…” he said.

“No sir or yes sir? Can’t be both, Shyam. Just answer me honestly. I’m not going to eat you alive, you know. Is Bela beautiful?”

Bela could hear all this, but she had kept on cooking, without stopping or looking back.

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.” Shyam said, wiping his forehead.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Shyam. Of course she is beautiful. Relax. I am not offended that someone finds my wife hot.” I said, and downed the drink.

Shyam’s drink was almost finished too. So I took the bottle and poured us both some more.

“Have a drink.” I said. “You look like you need it.”

Shyam gladly took the glass and downed about half of it in one gulp. I started sipping mine and started talking about something at work.

Five minutes later, I asked him nonchalantly,

“Shyam, don’t you think that Bela has the most amazing ass you have ever seen?”

Shyam almost spit his drink out, in shock. Even Bela froze for a second, before continuing with her cooking.

“Sir, I think I’ll get going.” Shyam said, now in panic again.

“Nonsense. Stay seated. Now answer me. Does my wife have the most amazing ass you have ever seen?” I asked in a slightly raised voice.

“Sir, I think we have both had a lot to drink and…” he said, starting to get up.

“SIT DOWN!” I yelled and he sat down at once. “Now answer my question. Look at her ass.”

Shyam reluctantly turned his head and looked at Bela’s ass.

“Tell me what you think.” I continued.

“Sir…I…. I mean….please sir….I….” Shyam stuttered,

“I know what you are trying to say. You haven’t really seen her ass well enough to make that judgment. Isn’t that right?” I asked, getting up.

Shyam shrank back in horror, probably scared that I was going to hit him. But instead I walked towards Bela and stood behind her.

“I agree that you haven’t seen enough to make a judgment. So let me help you.” I said, and grabbed the bottom of the back of the legs of her shorts in each hand. I then pulled them up, rolling them in my hand, until half of each asscheek was visible, with a bit of her panties. “So now do you think her ass is the most amazing one?”

Shyam kept staring at Bela’s ass with his mouth open. At this point, I expected Bela to say something to me in protest or slap my hands away. Instead, she just kept doing whatever she was doing, as if oblivious to everything. I finally let go of her shorts and they rolled back down.

“Well, it seems like you still can’t decide. Maybe because….” I said, putting one hand on my chin pensively “…you still haven’t really seen her ass.”

And then I did what I had been imagining myself doing for days. I put my fingers into Bela’s waistband and pulled her shorts and panties down, until they were bunched up around her lower thighs. Her naked ass was now on full display for Shyam to see. Bela froze for a couple of seconds, as if trying to decide something. I was positive she would put and end to it. But to my amazement, she unfroze and then kept cooking.

I smiled, walked back to the table and sat down. Shyam was still staring at Bela’s beautiful ass, like a kid staring at ice cream. Bela was standing there, her naked ass exposed, her shorts and panties bunched around her thigh, as she kept cooking. I started admiring Bela’s ass too, this time in completely new light. Ever since I discovered Bela’s hidden exhibitionist tendencies, I had been thinking about exposing her to Shyam for a while, but hadn’t been sure if I could actually go through with it.

And now that I had, Bela had reacted to it very calmly. I was reminded again of the time the fruit seller woman caught us. Bela did not panic then, and did not panic now. Instead, she seemed to be filled with the kind of confidence that she otherwise never displayed. As if exposing herself raised her self-esteem.

All three of us stayed like that for about ten minutes. Shyam and I both admiring Bela’s ass, and Bela cooking. Finally Bela said,

“Dinner is ready.”

She then bent in her waist, pulled her shorts back up and started serving dinner. We all ate dinner in silence, and then Shyam left.

That night, Bela was insatiable in bed, and very loud and expressive. She still did not use any dirty words, but the lust in her voice was amply evident. Neither she nor I spoke about what had happened that night. Finally, at about 4 am, after having sex more times than we ever had on a single night, we both drifted asleep, naked in each others arms.

The next day was a Sunday, and Shyam usually came over for lunch too. But that day, he did not turn up. When I called him up, he said he had gone to the town for some shopping. I told him to make sure and come over for dinner, to which he hesitantly agreed.

At night, when Shyam came over, I waited for half an hour before doing anything. Bela was in shorts and a tank top, working in the kitchen. Half an hour later, I told Shyam we should move to the dining table in the kitchen, and as soon as we got there, I went over to Bela and quietly slipped her shorts down. I pulled them all the way down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them, leaving her completely naked for the waist down.

Shyam and I then got back to talking and admiring Bela’s naked ass. He appeared a lot more relaxed. Since we weren’t drinking, he now realized that the previous night’s events weren’t some drunken folly, and both Bela and I were okay with whatever was happening. Once she got done cooking, Bela put her shorts back on and joined us on the table.

From then on, as soon as Shyam came over, I took off Bela’s shorts and panties. For the first couple of days, she would cook half naked and then put the shorts back on before joining us for dinner. But later, she stopped doing that too. Bela was now mostly bottomless when Shyam was around, and he got quite used to seeing her naked ass and her shaved pussy regularly.

A week or so later, Bela had gotten so used to the routine that she even stopped wearing anything below her waist in the evenings, and I didn’t need to take anything off. Above the waist, she still dressed as usual – a bra, a top and her mangalsutra. Shyam would still ogle at her, but had never made a reference to what was happening, and neither had I. That’s when I decided to take a step further.

One night, as Bela was cooking, I went over to her and started pulling her top off.

“Wait.” she said, and I stopped, wondering if I had crossed some limit. But she continued, “My hands have spices all over them and it will mess up the top. Let me wash my hands.”

So she took a couple of steps to the kitchen sink, washed her hands, dried them, and the raised her hands. I took her top off and she got back to cooking, wearing just a bra. And of course the mangalsutra. Shyam seemed to love it all of course. That night, Bela walked around the house, cooked and even had dinner with us wearing just the bra. She was completely naked otherwise, and even through the bra, the shape of her amazing tits was very clear. For the next few days, that’s how Bela would be when Shyam was around. In just a bra.

As expected, taking this next step made Bela even randier in bed. I would wake up almost every morning to find my wife naked, with my dick in her mouth. And having sex two times in the morning before heading off to work became common.

We all knew what the next step would be. Getting her completely naked. So far I had been escalating things one by one, and both Bela and Shyam had been passive participants in our kinky little game. I decided to prolong their agony a bit. Almost two weeks went by, and things stayed the same. Bela would be in a bra and nothing else. Shyam would stare at her all the time, and I was sure he jacked off every night thinking about her body and her beautiful face.

After two weeks, I decided it was time. Bela had finished cooking and joined us at the table for dinner, with only her bra on, and the mangalsutra resting in her cleavage. Halfway through dinner, I nonchalantly reached behind Bela’s back, and unhooked her bra with my left hand. Bela got a very serious expression on her face and kept staring at her plate. I then moved the straps down through her arms to her elbow and her bra cups fell forward, exposing her boobs to Shyam.

Shyam for the first time made an appreciative noise, moaning slightly. He stopped eating and kept staring at her boobs for a few minutes. Bela meanwhile took the bra off carefully, and put it on the chair next to her. She was now completely naked. Shyam finally got back to eating, but his eyes were glued to Bela’s boobs the whole time. Finally, we got done with dinner and Bela, still naked went to the kitchen sink and started washing the dishes.

Now that the final line had been crossed and Shyam had seen her naked, Bela almost stopped wearing clothes around the house altogether. She would cook naked, clean naked, stay naked during the day, and when Shyam came over, she was fully naked. The only thing she wore was the mangalsutra, the necklace married women wear, and seeing her clad only in that somehow made things seem even kinkier. And things in the bedroom got crazier than ever.
Then came a day when things changed a bit. When I got home from work, Bela was wearing a short pleated skirt and a t-shirt with no bra or panties on. Having gotten used to seeing her naked, I was surprised to see her in clothes. Shyam came over shortly and also seemed surprised to see the clothes on. For a while, I considered taking her clothes on, but I was curious to see what would happen if I did not, so I let things be.

Bela cooked with her tiny skirt and t-shirt on, and once in a while when she bent, her ass and bare pussy were on display. But apart from that, Shyam and I were not treated to any nakedness. Not for a while at least. As we sat down for dinner, Bela spoke up,

“You know that new Shahrukh movie DVD that you bought?”

“Yeah?” I asked. I had bought a DVD of the latest hit Bollywood film a few days back but we had not gotten around to watching it.

“Let’s watch it tonight after dinner. Shyam-ji can also stay and watch if he likes.” she said.

That was the first hint I got that Bela had something planned. Curious to see how things went, I agreed and told Shyam he should stay and watch the movie. he readily agreed. After dinner, she told us to go to the living room, start the DVD player and wait for her. She would finish the dishes and join us soon.

Shyam and I headed to the living room. We had two couches, arranged perpendicular to each other. I sat on one, and Shyam sat on the other one, assuming that Bela would sit next to me. I popped in the DVD, paused the movie at the titles and we talked about work, waiting for Bela to come out.

I was half-expecting her to walk out naked, but she came to the living room dressed in the same skirt and t-shirt that she had been wearing. I was a little disappointed, but got intrigued at once because Bela, instead of sitting on the couch next to me, sat down next to Shyam! He looked surprised too, so as if to offer a feeble explanation, Bela said,

“I like this angle better to watch the movie.”

I almost burst out laughing because that excuse was total bullshit. But I kept quiet, now sure that Bela had something planned. And it delighted me, because for the first time since these games started, she had taken the initiative to do something.

I started the movie and we watched. Bela was sitting at the other end of the couch, a couple of feet away from Shyam. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Bela leaned and put her head on the armrest of the couch, pulled her feet up and folded them. She was now lying down on the couch in a foetal position, her feet just a couple of inches from Shyam’s thigh.

She was of course, wearing a short pleated skirt as you might recall. So in that position, it partly fell open, exposing half her butt and her pussy. I noticed it at once and smiled to myself, but it took Shyam a few more minutes to realize what was on display. When he realized it, he stared at her pussy for a few seconds. Then looked at the screen, and then again at her. Bela for her part, kept looking at the screen, either engrossed in the movie, or pretending to be.

A few minutes went by like that, with Shyam alternating between the screen and Bela’s nether regions. And then Bela made her next move. She stretched her feet and put them on Shyam’s lap. This was the first time the two of them had made any type of physical contact, and Shyam almost jumped up in surprise. Bela kept looking at the screen.

Shyam stared at her dainty feet in his lap. She had a couple of toe-rings on, as is the custom for married women in my community. After a few minutes of agonizing, Shyam very tentatively placed a hand on her foot. Bela did not react. Well, at least not instantly. So he started rubbing her soft pretty feet slowly and playing with her toe-rings. Bela now had a visible smile on her face. She was clearly enjoying this game.

A while later, Bela stretched her legs some more, and now her feet were on the other arm rest and her bare calves were on Shyam’s lap. Shyam took his hand off her feet and put it on her shapely, smooth and white calves. He started massaging both her calves with both his hands, something I know she really loves. Bela let out a tiny moan to indicate she liked it and said,

“I like that. My legs hurt from working all day.”

Shyam froze for a second and looked at me. I looked at him, smiled and turned my attention back to the screen. At this stage, I am sure not a single one of us had any idea about what was going on in the movie. It was a Shahrukh movie anyway, so chances are nothing interesting was happening. But we silently seemed to have agreed to continue the pretense.

Shyam fondled and massaged her calves, and slowly but surely kept moving his hand upwards. In ten minutes, his hands had gone above her knees and he was now massaging her lower thighs, just below her skirt’s hemline. He massaged her there for a few more minutes and stopped, unsure of whether he should proceed further. Bela, still looking at the screen, then lifted her right leg, folded it in the knee and rested it against the back of the couch. This made the skirt fold back and bunch up around her waist, making her pussy completely visible to Shyam.

Shyam took it as the signal it was and moved one hand higher, until it was at the junction of her legs, right below her pussy lips. He ran his finger around that area. At this point, I also noticed the big tent in his pants, indicating that he had an erection. Usually when Bela was naked, we sat at the table and that hid the lower part of Shyam’s body. So I had no idea if he had gotten hard looking at her before, but this one time, it was very obvious.

His fingers still circling the area around her pussy, Shyam turned to look at me. I immediately turned my head to look at the screen, as if telling him – “go on, I’ll pretend I am not looking”, although he knew that I knew whatever was going on. From the corner of my eye, I saw his finger run over her pussy lips and gradually penetrate her. Bela, still looking at the screen, moaned loudly as his finger entered his most private place.

At this point I got up, walked to the couch and stood over them. Shyam immediately withdrew his hand, put it on his lap, and stared at me with fear and guilt, wondering if he had gone too far. Bela was also looking at me, but with a triumphant smile on her face, as if to say “your move, hubby”. I looked at both of them turn by turn and then said,

“Well, Bela, since you are happy to have his fingers in your cunt, at least get in the proper position.”

I caught hold of her legs and pulled, making her roll over on her back. I then spread her legs wife, opening up her pussy lips slightly. I folded her skirt into a small roll around her waist.

“There, now he can finger you properly. Also, what use is this t-shirt?”

I said, and took her t-shirt off, leaving her bra-less tits exposed. I then got on my knees and started playing with her tits. Shyam mustered up courage and reached over and started fingering her pussy again. He also started playing with her clit using his thumb. Shyam kept working on her with his fingers and I kept biting and licking her tits and nipples. I also used her mangalsutra to play with her nipples, something she always loved. The two of us working on Bela sent her over the edge pretty quickly. Within a few minutes, she started moaning and shuddering and had a big orgasm, thrashing about on the couch for almost a whole minute before she calmed down.

Shyam kept his hands to himself, and I went back to my couch and sat there, waiting for Bela to regain her breath. Once she was done, she got up from the couch, took her skirt off, getting fully naked, and said to me assertively,

“I need you to fuck me soon.”

I loved the assertive and demanding tone in Bela’s voice and marveled happily at how much my demure shy wife had changed over the last few months.

“Right here? Now?” I asked with a smile on his face.

“No, not in front of him.” she said and then looking at Shyam, continued, “sorry Shyamji, but I won’t feel comfortable with you around…..”

Shyam nodded in agreement.

“Yes, yes, I understand. I’ll get going.” he said getting up, but Bela pushed him and he fell back on the couch.

“Wait. I can see you are very…..uncomfortable.” she said pointing at the tent in his pants. “Your wife is not here to pleasure you, and I’ll feel guilty for teasing you so much. So I was thinking….”

She got down on her knees in front of Shyam and unzipped his pants. His erect dick popped out. She held it in her dainty little hand and started wanking it.

“Do you mind?” she said looking at me, and I shook my head smiling.

Shyam leaned back on the couch as my wife expertly gave him a handjob. I was surprised to see how good she was at it. I had never had her give me a handjob. I’ve never been a big fan of handjobs, and have always thought it is something used only by a man on himself. Why strain a woman’s hand when her cunt and mouth are willing, is my motto. Shyam however was enjoying his. Enjoying it a little too much, because very soon he started spurting his seed. Bela held his cumming dick at such an angle that most of it fell on the coffee table, and some on his pants.

“Thank you, Bela-ji.” he said gratefully. “I really needed that.”

Shyam put his dick back in his pants, zipped up and got up to leave. Bela walked with him, naked to the door to see him off. At the door she gave him a peck on the cheek, he pecked her on the cheek, and then he left.

Obviously, I also had a raging hard-on, having seen my wife act so sluttily. When she came back from the door, I pounced on her, threw her on the couch and fucked her right there. I then went down on her, making her cum again. We fucked two more times that night, before both of us, exhausted, fell asleep naked on the couch.

I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. It was a little past 4 am. I rolled Bela over carefully off my arms and went to the kitchen to get some water. As I was drinking from the bottle in the fridge’s light, I noticed Bela walk up next to me as well. I gave her the bottle and she started drinking hungrily from it too. Once we quenched our thirsts, we walked together to the bedroom. I lay down, and Bela put her head on my chest and her arm around me.

“Bela.” I said.

“Uh huh?” she replied.

“You sure had a good time today, didn’t you?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything.

“Well?” I asked and she stayed silent for a few moments, and then spoke,

“I feel strange talking about it.” she said in a shy voice. “I hope you don’t think I am a character-less woman or something.”

“Haha, No.” I said laughing, “Not at all. In fact I love this new side of you. So what made you think of doing that?” I asked.

“I don’t feel like talking about it. It’s happened so recently.” she said, her voice muffled as her face was now completely hidden in my chest.

I didn’t say anything. We lay there like that for a few more minutes. Then I asked her,

“Bela, I am the first man you’ve had sex with, right?”

“Yes. First and only. You saw the blood on the wedding night.” she answered.

“What about….” I said trying to pick the right words, “what about things less than sex?”

She stayed silent. I repeated my question, and she raised her head, looked into my eyes and said,

“What do you mean by things less than sex?”

“You know…. like with Shyam today. Other erotic stuff.” I explained.

She buried her face in my chest again and said nothing. I coaxed her a bit, she blushed and refused to speak. She said I would think she was a slut before marriage. I waved away that response. Finally, after convincing her that I was asking about her past only because it turned me on, not because I meant to judge her, I got the story out of her. But that’s a different story.

The story of her past might again seem too tame and anti-climatic to some of you, but if you consider the town she grew up in, and how conservative her parents were, it is somewhat of a big deal.

Right from her childhood, Bela was known to be a very attractive girl. Her parents were very old-fashioned, conservative and obviously protective. So when their cute and pretty little daughter hit puberty and started blossoming into an undeniably gorgeous young woman, their protective instincts were heightened. Her mother and father started keeping a very strict and watchful eye over her.

They escorted her to and from college personally. She had already been put in an all-girls college. So there was no question of boys in college hitting on her. But her parents also made sure she didn’t get friendly with any boys in her neighborhood. And of course, her mother kept brainwashing her about staying away from guys, saying girls from “good families” do not have affairs or boyfriends. Girls from “good families” are supposed to save themselves for their husbands.

Although Bela did well in college and could have gone to a better college, her father insisted on sending her to an all-girls college run by the local nuns. He said that as it is, they would get her married after college, so what was the point of going to a fancy college? At least by sending her to an all-girls college, they knew she would stay “pure”.

All this might seem very draconian to you, as it did to me, but Bela insists that growing up, she never felt bitter or caged. Most of her female friends had been brought up in families like that too, and in their town, girls who had “boyfriends” were considered characterless sluts. So Bela was convinced she was doing the right thing by obeying her parents. A few times that guys would approach her, like at the movies or in the market, she spurned their advances. She dreamed about the time she would get married to her ideal guy (chosen by her parents) which would happen soon.

So by the time Bela finished college and got her bachelor’s degree, she was 21 years old, extremely pretty, but had never as much as held hands with a boy, much less kiss or do anything more. Her parents might as well have fitted her for a chastity belt and it would not have made a difference. She also dressed more or less conservatively, with even the jeans and trousers she wore being of loose fitting.

After college, her mom started “training” her to become a suitable bride for some nice guy, by teaching her how to cook different things, do housework, laundry, dishes and so on. Her parents also started hunting for suitable grooms, and a couple of contenders even came to their house to “see” her, but things didn’t work out for a variety of reasons. Bela’s father thought the guys were either not qualified enough, or rich enough, or good looking enough, or then their horoscopes weren’t perfect enough. He had brought up his pretty daughter to be a perfect catch and he’d be damned if he got her married to anyone but the perfect guy.

A few months later, her grandfather who lived in the village passed away, so her grandmother came to live with them. Their house wasn’t too big. Her parents’ room, her room, a kitchen, a dining room, a big living room and a couple of bathrooms on the ground floor. And on the roof was a small room (called a barsati in India) that served to accommodate guests when they came over.

The grandmother however was old and had dodgy knees, so could not live in the barsati. So it was decided that grandmother would stay in Bela’s room and Bela would shift to the barsati. As it is, her father remarked, Bela would not living with them for too long. So Bela moved her stuff to the barsati and started sleeping there. During the day she would be busy with her “training” anyway, so the only use of that barsati was for sleeping.

And so it continued for a few weeks. Her father kept trying to find the perfect groom, and her mother kept training her in the ways of an ideal housewife. Then came that fateful night. They had some guests over, and by the time they left, and she finished helping her mother clean up the kitchen, it was past midnight. Exhausted, Bela went up to her room, and started changing into her night clothes.

At this point, a description of the surroundings might be useful. Bela’s house shared a common wall with another house, that of their neighbors. The neighbors didn’t have a room on their roof. They were an old retired couple whose kids had moved to bigger cities, and the only other person living with them was their servant-cook Chandan. Chandan was about forty years old and had been with the family for many years. Bela and her family also knew Chandan and the guy had literally seen Bela growing up.

That night, when an exhausted Bela forgot to close the window, a window that faced the roof of the other house, she did not realize right away that Chandan was standing on the other side of the wall separating the two roofs, smoking. There were no lights on their roof, and when she walked to her room, she did not notice him, although he noticed her.

Bela took off her salwar and her kameez, and clad in her bra and panties, turned around and walked to her cupboard to get her night clothes. The cupboard was next to the window and that’s when she realized to her horror that someone was standing on the neighbor’s roof, looking at her. Instinctively, she darted behind the cupboard door to hide her semi-exposed body. Then she slowly poked her head out and saw Chandan standing there, cigarette in his mouth, staring at her.

Bela immediately put on her pyjamas, closed the window, turned the lights off and went to sleep. But she could not sleep. Her mind was very chaotic. There was an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt at having left the window open and let a man see her in just her underwear. But there was also an undeniable sense of excitement. She felt very strangely aroused by the thought that for the first time, a man had seen her like that.

It took a couple of hours before Bela went to bed. The next morning she thought of telling her mother what had happened. But she decided against it. She was sure her mother would yell at her for being careless enough to leave the window open. It wasn’t Chandan’s fault that he happened to be on the roof. He had a right to be on the roof. So Bela decided to keep mum and just be careful in the future.

The next night when she went up to her room, she saw Chandan was standing in the roof. Not only was he on the roof, he was right next to the wall separating the two roofs and facing the window of her room. She saw him and instantly turned her gaze downwards.

“Namaste memsaab.” Chandan said, greeting her.

“Namaste.” she curtly said, went inside her room and closed the door.

She then went to the window to close it, and saw Chandan standing there, smiling at her suggestively. She ignored him, closed the window, changed and tried to sleep.

After that every night for a couple of weeks, when she went up to her room, Chandan would be standing on the other roof. he would greet her, she’d reciprocate, close the door and the window, and go to sleep. But with each passing night, what had happened initially kept playing on her mind. She knew that he had enjoyed the show, and he was standing there hoping that she would repeat her mistake. She considered telling her mother but again decided against it.

Finally one night, after the whole routine had repeated itself – Chandan on the roof, she goes in the room, closes the door and the window, lies down on the bed, a thought struck Bela. She wondered, how long does he lounge around? So after about half an hour, she got up, softly walked to the window, opened it very slightly and peeked out. What she saw, disgusted and intrigued her.

Chandan was lying down on the short wall separating the two roofs. His pyjamas were undone, and his dick, erect, was out, and in his hand. And he was running his hands up and down the dick, with his eyes closed. Bela did not realize it right away, but Chandan was masturbating!

Bela knew about the birds and the bees and what went where, based on what her mom and some girlfriends had told her. But she did not know too much in detail, and she certainly did not know how exactly men masturbate. So she did not know what exactly Chandan was doing. All she knew was that his dick was out, and he was playing with it. And she did not realize it, but he was probably thinking of the time he saw her in her underwear while he was masturbating.

Bela was mesmerized by his erect dick. She had never actually seen one in person. Even the movies some of her girlfriends had shown her were softcore. So Bela’s visualization of an erect penis for the first time had a big impact on her. And she could not help but watch spellbound.

After a couple of minutes, Chandan started cumming. She watched in amazement as his semen spurted out of his dick and sprayed all over his body and the wall. She opened the window a little more to get a better view of what was happening. That is when Chandan opened his eyes and sat up. Immediately, he realized that the window of Bela’s room was open. When Bela saw Chandan look in her direction, she immediately closed the window, confirming his suspicions that the window hadn’t just happened to open but that she had been watching.

A few minutes later, Bela heard a soft knock on the door. She knew who it was. It had to be Chandan. He must have jumped over the short wall, and come over to their side of the roof. But just to make sure it wasn’t someone from her family, she asked,

“Who is it?”

“It is me, memsaab, Chandan.” came the low voice from the other end.

“Go away. I am sleeping.” she said, pulled her blanket over her face and closed her eyes.

Chandan knocked for a few more minutes. Then the knocking stopped. And Bela fell asleep after a while.

The next night when Bela went up, she was dreading seeing Chandan again. But to her relief, he wasn’t around. She went into her room, changed and lay down on the bed. But she couldn’t sleep. All day she had been replaying in her head what she had seen Chandan do. Thinking about his erect dick made her feel funny “down there”. She knew it was wrong, but she could not help thinking about it on a loop.

After an hour of tossing and turning, she got up to drink water. Then, as if on some sort of a hunch, she went to the window and opened it. She almost yelled in horror when she opened the window and saw Chandan standing right in front of it, a couple of feet away.

“Namaste, memsaab.” he said with an evil smile. “Did you miss me? Sorry, I was busy downstairs.”

Bela immediately slammed the window shut and went back to the bed, terrified. Now he started knocking on the window.

“Come on, memsaab.” he said. “I can understand if you don’t want to open the door. But at least open the window. It has bars, so I can’t do anything to you even if I wanted, which I don’t want.”

She said nothing and just sat there cowering.

“Open it, memsaab, or else I will have to tell your parents how you spied on me during my…..private time.” he said.

That turned Bela’s fear into anger. She got up, opened the window, and said to him,

“What??? I spied on you? You were the one spying on me when I was changing. I have half a mind to go down and tell my parents about you. They will speak to your employers and you will be fired.”

“Ok, ok, memsaab.” Chandan said, taking a couple of steps back in deference, “listen, how does it matter who spied on whom? Why tell anyone? Your parents will come to know, my employers will come to know, then everyone in the neighborhood and the town will come to know. No good will come out of it. I will lose my job and you know about you…”

“What about me?” Bela said, breathing fire.

“Well, what will people say…about a young woman from a nice family getting involved with some old servant. How will your parents find a nice groom for you?” he said.

“Me getting involved? I have done nothing wrong!” Bela shot back.

“Yes, I know that and you know that. But you know how people in this town love spreading rumors.” Chandan said.

Bela quietened down and thought about it. She was too naive to realize that Chandan was just bluffing. If it came down to his word against her, she had such a squeaky clean reputation that no one would believe him. In fact everyone in the neighborhood would probably beat up Chandan for spying on a nice girl like Bela. But Bela did not realize it then.

“Okay fine, I won’t tell anyone.” she said reluctantly.

“I also promise I won’t tell anyone.” Chandan said.

Bela started closing the window when he stepped forward and grabbed it to stop her.

“Wait, one more thing.” he said.

“Now what?” Bela asked, annoyed.


“Did you like it?” Chandan asked with a wry smile.

“Did I like what?” Bela asked.

“You know, my…dick” he said, using the hindi slang, of course, not english.

“Eww… don’t use such crude words.” Bela said, blushing.

“Hehe, ok, did you like my thing?” Chandan asked, laughing.

“What’s there to like or dislike? It’s just a body part all men have.” Bela said, hiding her true emotions. Yes, she told me, she had liked looking at it. It was the first dick she had ever seen after all.

“Yes, but you are a nice girl who has never seen it before, right? Everyone knows what a goody two shoes you are.” Chandan continued.

Bela said nothing, just blushed some more.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” Chandan asked.

“No, of course not!” Bela said emphatically.

“Hmm, so you have never seen a man’s dick… I mean thing.” he corrected himself when he saw Bela make a face. “And you are going to get married soon, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” she said.

“Aren’t you the least bit curious how your husband’s thing will look like down there? On your wedding night? Won’t you feel clueless?” Chandan asked.

“We shouldn’t be talking about such things.” Bela said, unsure of what to say.

“Okay, just answer my question. Did you feel nice and excited looking at my erect thing?” Chandan pressed on.

“You should go now.” Bela said with some finality in her voice.

Chandan just looked at her and smiled. He took his hand off the window, and said to her,

“Okay, you are feeling shy. I understand. So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to take my thing out again…”

“No! Please don’t!” Bela said in an alarmed voice.

“Listen. I am just taking it out.” Chandan said “You don’t have to look at it. Close the window if you like. I’ll go away. I’m just trying to help you become a good wife for your husband.”

With that he started untying the knot on his pyjama. Bela immediately pulled the window and closed it shut. She bolted it and stepped back in horror. What a perverted old man, she thought to herself, wanting to show me his thing. She felt disgusted. But she also felt a little curious. Chandan was right. She had never seen a penis, and often got nervous thinking about her wedding night. What if she froze with shock when her husband got naked, and she could not do anything? What if he thought she was too immature and ignorant about sex? What if he started cheating on her?

All these thoughts started running through her mind as she stared at the closed window. And a small voice in her said, what’s the harm in just looking? At least it will take the fear of unknown out of her heart. Maybe she should open the window and look, she thought to herself. Chances are that he must have already left. In fact, she should probably open the window to make sure he has left, she told herself.

It had been barely a minute since Bela closed the window, but to her it felt like an hour as thoughts cascaded through her mind. Finally she convinced herself that she should open the window just to make sure Chandan had left. And she stepped forward and opened the window.

Sure enough, Chandan was still standing there. His pyjamas were dropped and around his knees with his loose striped underwear. And sure enough, his dick was hanging out. Bela looked at it spellbound, now even closer than when she had previously seen it. It looked fascinating to her. It was fully erect, tilted slightly upwards, veins throbbing. Below it, she saw his hairy testicles handing from his body like two oranges.

As she stared at it, it seemed to be getting bigger and more erect. In a few seconds, it seemed like it was coming towards her. That’s when she realized, Chandan was slowly advancing closer to the window. She felt like looking up at his face, and telling him to stop walking towards her. But she could not take her eyes off his dick. Finally the dick was almost touching the window sill. It was inches away from her hands, which she realized were gripping the window bars very tight.

“You can touch it if you like.” said Chandan in a very kind and gentle voice, as if telling some child to help himself to ice cream.

Bela shook her head furiously, her eyes still riveted on his erect and throbbing dick.

“Go on, you know you want to. I won’t tell anyone.” Chandan said, and then she felt his rough callused hand on her fingers which were still wrapped around the bar.

He tried to pry her fingers loose. Bela resisted at first, but then her curiosity and instincts got better of her and she loosened her grip. Chandan took her dainty little hand into his strong thick hand and guided it towards his dick slowly. Bela was dreading and anticipating touching him in equal measure. To her mind, it seemed like her hand had been moving for days, until it finally came to a stop just half an inch away from the bulbous foreskin-covered head of his dick.

At that point, Chandan let go of her hand, and it was just suspended there in mid-air. If Bela wanted, she could have withdrawn it back. But she didn’t. She just kept it right there, unsure of what she wanted. Then Chandan swung his dick, up and down a couple of times, as if teasing her. Bela watched transfixed as the small eye-shaped hole at the tip of his dick moved up and down, up and down, as if inviting her.

Finally, Bela’s insticts got the better of her and she reached out and touched it. Chandan stopped swinging his dick and stood still. Bela ran her fingertips up and down his shaft very gradually, caressing it. The touch felt very alien to her finger. No part of her own body felt quite like that. Smooth and yet rock-hard. She kept running her fingertips up and down his shaft for a while more. It felt to her like hours, she said, but must not have been more than a minute.

That’s when Chandan’s hand approached her hand again. He grabbed it by the back of the palm, pressed her fingers together and then placed her palm on his dick. Bela noted how weird it felt against her palm. Then Chandan gradually pressed her fingers and palm until her hand was wrapped around his dick. Instinctively she tightened her grip and his shaft was now in her hand. She was reminded of the way she used to hold the grip of a badminton racket.

“It feels like..” she started sharing the similarity of he feel, and turned her gaze upwards to look at Chandan’s face, and then stopped mid-sentence as she saw the look on his face.

The unfamiliar look scared her. His eyes were opened wide, his tongue was hanging out, and the expression on his face was very “animal-like”. He was also breathing heavily. Suddenly, reality caught up with Bela. A chill ran up her spine as she realized what was happening. What was in her hand? Surely not her neighbor’s servant’s dick? It all started seeming like a nightmare. She looked down and saw her dainty white hand wrapped around his thick dark dick. The contrast deepened the chill in her spine and she immediately let go of it and pulled her hand back inside the window.

Breathing heavily herself, and breaking out into a cold sweat, she looked at Chandan’s face. He still wore that hungry expression. Without a word, she pulled the window shut, bolted it, ran to her bed, and lay down on it, covering her head with a blanket. She started crying softly, aghast and guilty at what she had let herself do. As she cried, she heard Chandan knocking softly on the window, but she ignored it. He knocked softly for a few minutes and then the knocks stopped. Bela, still crying, shut her eyes tightly, praying that he had left, and started chanting some religious hymns to “clean her head”.
The next morning, Bela was woken up by her mother knocking hard on the door.

“Bela, get up. Bela! Bela!” her mother’s voice said loudly.

Bela woke up with a start and sat up, unsure of where she was. Her brain registered her mother’s voice and knocking. And suddenly, memories of the previous night came flooding back. Was it a dream… a nightmare, she wondered. Or had it really happened. Her mother’s shouting and knocking got even more frantic and as it did, Bela felt a pit in her stomach.

Surely, it had happened and Chandan had told everyone, and her mother was coming to yell at her. She would berate Bela for besmirching the family’s honor, and no one would ever marry her.

“BELAAA!!” her mom finally yelled loudly, snapping Bela out of her nervous reverie.

“Coming!” Bela shouted back, ran to the door and opened it. Her mom walked in, and Bela waited for the inevitable scolding, but it never came.

“What’s the matter with you, Bela? It’s 11 am already, and you were still fast asleep?” her mom said.

“Yes, I.. I don’t know…” Bela mumbled.

Her mom came close to Bela and checked her forehead,

“You’re not falling sick or anything, right?” she asked worriedly “Doesn’t feel warm. Anyway, come on down stairs and help me in the kitchen.”

That whole day, Bela was on pins and needles. She was still not positive if she had actually touched Chandan’s dick or if it was an elaborate dream. If it was true, he would tell others and the hammer was bound to fall. She kept expecting a call to come any moment. but it never came. The day went by without any incident.

That night, Bela made some excuse about her ankle hurting and not wanting to climb the stairs to the roof. She slept on the living room couch that night. And for the next two nights, until the ankle excuse began to wear thing and her mom insisted that she should at least try climbing the stairs to the barsati.

That night, Bela slept on her bed in dread, expecting Chandan to come knocking any minute. But he did not come. Neither did he come the next day, or the next, and finally a week passed with her sleeping in the barsati without as much as seeing Chandan around. Bela now started thinking seriously that the whole Chandan episode had been a dream. She never saw him masturbating, and he never exposed his dick to her, and she never touched it. She was convinced that the only thing that actually happened was him accidentally watching her change. And after that, her fertile and lonely mind had concocted the whole thing.

By now fully confident that the events she dreaded had been in her imagination, Bela did not really think twice when her mother asked her to take a bowl of a special dessert to the neighbors. The very neighbors for whom Chandan worked. With a spring in her step, she walked over to the next house and rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by Chandan, who saw her and smiled. She examined the smile. It was an innocent polite smile, and not a lecherous one. Yes, it was all a big dream, she decided.

“Yes, memsaab?” he asked politely.

“Mom had sent this for uncle and aunty. She knows uncle likes it a lot.” Bela said.

“Oh sure, please come in, they’re in the bedroom.”

Bela followed Chandan through a longish corridor and two rooms. Whenever she was in this house, she always noted how much bigger it was than her own. Finally, Chandan stopped in front of a closed door and knocked.

“Saab.” he said

“Yes?” Uncle’s voice came.

“Bela memsaab from next door is here.”

“Oh great, bring her in.” came the voice.

Chandan accompanied Bela inside, and then left. Uncle and aunty were both in bed, with blankets covering them. Both of them were down with some fever, she learned. In general, they did not keep too well. Bela sat there, handed over the dessert, and talked to uncle and aunty for about 10-15 minutes about this and that. Finally she said her goodbyes and started to leave.

She walked out the room, and then was walking through the long corridor, when she felt a hand grab her and yank her inside an empty room. Bela started to scream, but she felt another hand land on her mouth strongly and it muffled her cries. With terror-stricken eyes, she watched Chandan bolt the door behind her, even as he kept one hand on her mouth. Bela started rapidly waving her hands to hit him, but he immediately wrapped the other hand around her and pushed her to the wall.

Chandan’s bulky fully physique pressed her against the wall, making any movement of her hands or feet impossible. His hand was still on her mouth.

“Listen. Don’t be alarmed. I am not going to do anything. I just want to talk.” he said.

Bela kept trying to scream.

“If you scream, then people will hear, come over, and it’s your reputation that’ll get spoilt.” he said.

Once again, naive Bela agreed and stopped making any noises.

“Good, I am going to take my hand off your mouth now. Only if you promise not to scream. Okay?” he asked and Bela nodded her head in agreement.

Chandan let go of her hand. But his body was still fully pressed against her.

“Have you gone mad?” Bela said in a whisper.

“No need to whisper.” Chandan smiled, now lecherously. “Those old people are many rooms away and are hard of hearing anyway.”

“Okay, have you gone insane? What do you think you are doing?” Bela said trying to sound authoritative, and reminding herself that this man was after all just a servant.

“You have driven me insane, memsaab.” Chandan said, grinding his body against her even more. Bela felt his chest rub against her breasts. He continued, “You ask to see my dick, ask to touch it, enjoy touching it and then suddenly disappear?”

“You liar!” Bela shot back “I did not ask to see or touch your…..thing. You forced me to. And get off, you’re suffocating me.”

“Hah!” Chandan said triumphantly “You denied asking to see it or touch it, but you did not deny that you enjoyed touching it. So you did enjoy it.”

“What nonsense.” Bela said, “I said get off me or I will scream, I don’t care what happens next.”

Chandan took that threat seriously and backed away a few feet. Bela started to adjust her salwar kameez which had been crumpled by Chandan’s manhandling.

“You are so stupid.” Chandan said, folding his hands.

“What???” Bela said, almost yelling. “I am stupid? Why am I stupid?”

“Because you are lying to yourself. You know you liked whatever happened that night. Yet you just ran away. I kept knocking that night, but you didn’t answer. And then you stopped sleeping on the roof altogether.” Chandan said.

“Only for a couple of days. I am sleeping there again now.” Bela said and bit her tongue. What on earth had made her say that, she wondered.

“Oh, is it? My mistake, then. I came up for a few days and the room was locked and dark, so I thought you got scared. But it turns out you have been waiting for me every night?” Chandan said laughing.

“Don’t be insane. I am not waiting for anything or anyone. And now I have to go.” Bela said.

“So should I come over tonight?” Chandan asked.

“No! No no!” Bela said, “I beg you, please stop bothering me.”

“Bela memsaab!” Chandan said, feigning surprise, “I am hurt! You think I am bothering you? I never had a knife to your throat or a gun to your head, did I? You were a willing participant. And you just said you enjoyed playing with my dick.”

“I never said that!” Bela protested.

“Ah, again, you deny saying it, but you don’t deny it being true.” Chandan said with aplomb.

Bela sighed and slapped her forehead with her palm. This man was impossible! Why won’t he stop with these word games and mind games, she wondered.

“Listen, Chandan. I am going. I am sorry if I did something to lead you on. But this must stop now. I am a decent girl from a good family. Please stop this.” Bela said.

Chandan said nothing. Just stared at her intently.

“I am going now.” Bela said and started walking towards the door.

“WAIT!” Chandan said in a voice so commanding that Bela found herself stopping even against her wishes. He continued,

“You think I am bothering you. You are the one who has been teasing me. I am just a simple unmarried servant. I have never done or said anything inappropriate to you for all these years. It was you who first teased me by getting half-naked with the window open even when you saw me standing there.”

“I did not..” Bela started to protest but Chandan raised his palm and she stopped.

“Even after that, you’re the one who spied on me. And after that too, you willingly….” Chandan said and stopped. He continued in a very sad voice “Do you feel happy about teasing a poor old servant like this? Is that what you are doing?”

“No, Chandan, come on, please.” Bela said, suddenly feeling sorry for Chandan and looking at things his way.

“I had a pretty wife too, you know. She died from tuberculosis.” Chandan said, now tears streaming down his eyes, much to Bela’s horror. “But I never remarried, because I could not forget her. I have not been with a woman in 20 years. You think that’s easy?”

Bela stayed silent, unsure of what to say. She had never seen a grown man cry in front of her. And she was too naive to realize that all this had probably been a big performance from Chandan. She did not understand that he was manipulating her. Making her feel guilty and sorry for him.

“You want to go?” Chandan said, wiping his tears, “Then go. That’s what women like you do. I always thought you were a nice person. Never realized what an evil shrew you are.”

“I am….I am sorry Chandan.” Bela said. “I am not a bad person. Please. I did not mean for any of this to happen.”

“Yeah, sure you didn’t” Chandan said scornfully.

“I am serious. Let me make it up to you. I have…. I have some money saved over. About 500 rupees. I’ll give it to you. Buy something for yourself.” Bela said, unsure of what else to say.

“What?” Chandan looked at her with more hurt in her eyes, “Once more you have shown me what my true worth is. You think money can solve everything? You think I am some sort of a slave for sale?”

“No!” Bela said, horrified that her gesture had been misconstrued, “I just wanted to make it up to you. Please…” and she trailed off unsure of what to say.

Chandan stayed silent and so did she. The silence continued for a few minutes, and Bela started wondering if she should leave. Just as she was about to turn and go, Chandan said,

“If you really want to make it up to me, there is a way…”

“Yes, how?” Bela asked.

“well, I have never been with a woman in the last 20 years and I was thinking…” Chandan said.

“What!! Chandan!! How dare you??” Bela yelled, without worrying that uncle and aunty might have heard it. They hadn’t.

“No, no, you misunderstand. I am not asking to sleep with you!” Chandan said, getting up and shaking his palms in front of him.

“Ok.” Bela said, mollified.

“Come on, memsaab. I am not stupid. You are a virgin, who should stay a virgin until her wedding night, as our traditions dictate. And even if you were not to stay virgin, I know I am just a measly servant. So please, that’s not what I meant.” he said.

“Ok, then what?” Bela asked.

“Well…. like I was saying, I have never been with a woman in 20 years. Never even seen a woman naked in that long, forget someone as beautiful as you. My request to you was….” Chandan said and paused, “…could you…some time…not now, any time….. just let me see you topless for a few seconds?”

“What?????” Bela said, her voice rising again.

“Please listen. I am not asking for anything much. Just once. Just give me a glimpse of your bare breasts for a few seconds. You can be in your room. I will be on the roof on this side. You just keep the window open, give me a glimpse, and that’s it. You have no idea how much it will mean to me.” Chandan said.

Bela stared at him, unable to believe what he was saying.

“After all, you have seen my dick and even touched it. So in a way, you sort of owe me something like that in return. No no, I am not demanding it” he said as Bela started to open her mouth to protest, “it is just a request. Totally up to you. You said you wanted to make it up to me. This is a very easy way. For a few seconds. From 20 feet away. And I will cherish that memory forever.”

“Chandan, I can’t do that.” Bela finally said.

“Ok, I understand.” Chandan said, his shoulders slumping. “Anyway, you should probably go or your mother will get worried.”

He walked to the door, opened it and held it for Bela to walk out. She walked out, feeling very dazed and confused. Chandan didn’t say a word, just walked a few feet behind her to the front door and closed it when she left. —-

Bela spent the rest of the day very distracted, almost like a zombie. She kept replaying in her head the conversation she had with Chandan. And she started questioning her own actions. Had she really teased him and led him on, knowingly or unknowingly? Was it really more her fault than his? It wasn’t all her fault, she reasoned. She might have made a couple of mistakes, but he had forced a lot of things on her. Or had he? She couldn’t recall him quite coercing her. Maybe nudging her.

And even if he had, was it her fault too? He was right. He was just a single old servant. If she had been careless enough to expose her semi-nude body to him, wasn’t it natural of him to push things further? Maybe she should just do what he wanted. Give him a small glimpse of her breasts and end the matter there. It had all started with her flashing him through the window, and maybe that’s the way the whole matter should end.

But no! How could she just let a common servant see her topless? She, who never even wore tight or revealing clothes for fear of appearing cheap or slutty. How could she flash him? No, there was no way she could do it, she reasoned.

The next few nights were like a game to see who blinked first. Every night when she went up to her room, Chandan would be standing on the other roof, right in front of her window. She would enter the room, get her clothes from the cupboard, then go to the window and close it.

Every night, their eyes met. Chandan wore a pleading and plaintive expression on his face, silently begging her to just flash him. She would look back at him without any emotion on her face for a few seconds, close the window and then change. Chandan didn’t push her at all. He did not cross over to this side and knock on the door or window. Nor did he ever try to flash her.

Chandan’s restrained and even decent behavior actually started creating a dilemma for Bela. If he had been acting sleazily or pushily, it would have been easier to justify turning down his demands. But here, he was just standing there and waiting. And pleading. With puppy-like eyes. With each passing day, Bela started thinking more and more about actually doing it. All that thinking would always end with a resounding “No, I can’t!”. But the amount of time she spent agonizing over it did keep growing.

And then coincidentally, the TV schedule played its part too. Once she was watching TV and the Hollywood movie American Beauty came on. And she watched spellbound the scene where Thora Birch gets topless for her neighbor. It was the TV version, so obviously Birch’s boobs weren’t shown on screen, but it was clear what was happening. The scene started playing in her mind long after the movie ended.

Sometimes she would imagine herself in the place of Thora Birch. And Chandan in the place of the boy next door. Then she started imagining and fantasizing it all happening on her roof. And it started making her wet between the legs. Now she would spend hours daydreaming about flashing herself to Chandan. In her mind, she was clear that she would never actually go through with it, and that she was just indulging in idle fantasies. But with each fantasy, her resolve was being chipped away. And of course, each night Chandan would be there, passively adding to the pressure.

Bela isn’t sure when she exactly decided to go through with it. She doesn’t even remember if she consciously made the decision to do it, or just got caught up in the moment. She suspects that maybe she happened to be fantasizing about it right when she was changing, and her mind forgot the difference between fantasy and reality. Or maybe, like I suggested to her, she wanted to do it, but after the fact, her mind had created these justifications to help her cope with guilt.

We’ll never know exactly how Bela got around to doing it. What we do know is, she did go through with it.

That night started like all others, Chandan standing on the other roof, in front of the window, about 20 feet away. Bela went to the window and stared at him. Only this time, she did not close the window. She kept staring at Chandan for a few more minutes, and possibly fantasizing about doing it. She was wearing a sari that night.

Her right hand moved, as if by itself, and pulled her pallu (the end of the sari) over the shoulder and let it drop to the floor. There she was now, in only her blouse, her cleavage and stomach exposed to Chandan. Chandan noticed the significance of what she did, but did not move a muscle, just like bird watchers avoiding any movement lest they scare away a rare bird they just sighted.

Bela stood like that for a while. She is not sure how long. Maybe a minute, maybe ten minutes. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse, very slowly. The buttons were in the front, so as each button came loose, it revealed more and more of her cleavage and her bra. Finally, all buttons came undone and the front two halves of her blouse fell to the sides, exposing her bra. She stood like that, her blouse opened for a few minutes. Then she took the bra off and dropped it to the floor, with only a bra covering her body above the waist. — Until her boobs were fully exposed, Chandan had stood there, absolutely still. But a look at her young, luscious, perfect boobs was too much for him. He moved, and moved to loosen the knot on his pyjama. He loosened it, and dropped the pyjama and his underwear to the floor, exposing a fully erect cock. He then started masturbating, standing there, staring at a topless Bela.

Even though the request from Chandan had been to only give him a fleeting glimpse of herself topless, Bela found herself unable to move or cover up. Her gaze was transfixed on Chandan’s dick as his hand jerked it off. Chandan noticed it, and that emboldened him to make the next move. He kicked off his pyjamas and underwear from around his ankles, and naked from the waist down, climbed the wall separating the two roofs and jumped over.

Within a few seconds, he was inches away from Bela, on the other wide of the window. The two of them stood there like that, Bela, naked from the waist up, staring at Chandan’s dick which he had resumed jacking off, and Chandan, naked from the waist down, staring wide-eyed at Bela’s perfect boobs.

“Can I touch them?” Chandan asked in a hoarse voice. “Please?”

Bela shook her head resolutely. She was caught up in the moment, but still retained enough sense to not go too far. Chandan repeated his plea a couple more times, but Bela kept shaking her head. Finally he gave up, not wanting to spoil a good thing by pushing things too far, and stood there, whacking his dick. In a couple of minutes, he was ready to cum, and he said,

“Ooohh… I am about to burst. Should I? Right here? Like this?” he said, holding his dick tilted upwards, like a canon aiming at Bela’s tits.

Bela did not fully understand what he was asking. She thought he was just asking her permission to ejaculate. She had no problem with it. In fact she was curious to see it happen this up close. So she nodded her head in agreement. In a few seconds, Chandan started cumming.

And that’s when it hit Bela, both literally and figuratively. Literally, Chandan’s semen spurted from his dick and flew, hitting Bela on her boobs and stomach, with some gobs landing on the window bars too. Figuratively, it hit Bela that Chandan had been asking permission for precisely this – spraying his seed on her body. Bela looked down and stared at her boobs as they were getting splattered by Chandan’s semen. Her mind was screaming out loud, that whatever was happening was a bit too much. But her body was enchanted and frozen at the idea of this unknown unfamiliar white sticky substance hitting her.

In a few seconds, Chandan got done splattering Bela (and the window bars) with his cum, and exhaled loudly. His sigh brought Bela firmly back to reality.

“Oh God!!!” she said, shocked “What have I done?”

She looked at Chandan with angry and accusing eyes. He looked back, confused, that this woman who had just willingly played along with whatever happened, suddenly seemed upset. He watched, even more confused, as tears welled up in Bela’s eyes. She took a few steps backwards slowly, until the back of her legs hit a chair.

“GO AWAY!!” she screamed, and lunged ahead to close the window with a bang. With the window shut, she started crying, now feeling the sticky gook start sliding down her boobs and stomach. Hurriedly, she tried to wipe it with her hands, but instead she ended up smearing it all around her torso. She noticed how icky and sticky the white stuff felt to her fingers.

Hurriedly, she ran to her cupboard, took out a towel and wiped herself clean with it. She then put her bra and blouse back on, adjusted the pallu of her sari, and wondered about what to do with the towel. Bela took a plastic bag from the cupboard, put the semen-splattered towel in it, and knotted the bag closed. She then threw it in the dustbin in the corner, hoping that no one would ask her why she was throwing a towel away.

Once the incriminating evidence had been taken care of, Bela started crying again, this time softly. She felt ashamed for doing what she had done. She had exposed her breasts to a common servant. Not only that, she had let him cum all over her. How disgusting and character-less she had been. How could she do this? Why did she do this? Bela cried herself to sleep that night.
In the morning, the bright sunlight did little to lift Bela’s spirits. She was still saddened and horrified at how she had defiled herself the previous night. She kept berating and scolding herself, and would have kicked herself hard, had that been possible. For a while, she even contemplated going to her mother and confessing to everything. Maybe her mother would advice her. What scared her though, was the fact that her mother believed in sharing everything with her father. And if he found out, there was no telling how he would react. Maybe he’d get her married hurriedly to the first loser who approached him.

But as the days went by, Bela’s anxiety about that night reduced. Chandan kept his word and stopped stalking her on the roof, now that she had shown him her tits. He kept out of her way in general, even when she encountered him in the neighborhood by chance. Bela focused on this positive outcome of that night, and stopped torturing herself with regret. In fact, a month after the incident, Bela started thinking about it, and replaying it in her mind. It started exciting her and turning her on (when I asked her if she masturbated while thinking about that night, she looked scandalized and said NO, looking very upset, but I think she is just too shy to admit it).

So the excitement of that night was on her mind one day when she went up to the roof in the afternoon to get something from her room, and saw Chandan on his side of the roof with a broom, sweeping it. When he saw her coming, he stopped sweeping, looked at her, smiled at her and went back to sweeping. She smiled, went to her room, came out, and before going back down, lingered for a while. She admits that she was hoping he would talk to her, or at least look at her. But he was ignoring her and focusing on sweeping. I wonder if he was sort of playing “hard to get” or if he really had decided to leave her alone.

Whatever his reasons, his giving Bela a cold shoulder ticked her off a little. She stayed on the roof, pretending to examine some potted plants, waiting for him to make the first move. After all, she had exposed herself to him, and let him spray her with his semen. He should make some mention of it, she thought, or at least ogle at her. But he refused to blink.

The resentment at being ignored, combined with the excitement she had felt at the events of that night, set off something in Bela’s head. She went downstairs and told her mother she was going to take a nap upstairs, and she would do her chores later. her mother didn’t think much of it, and waved her away.

When Bela went back upstairs, Chandan was still sweeping the neighbors’ roof. He saw her come back upstairs but didn’t stop. She walked to her room and shut the door, bolting it. She rested against the door, and thought a bit about what she was thinking of doing. Normally, she would have thought it stupid, reckless and even cheap. But she justified it to herself by thinking she was just doing it to teach Chandan a lesson.

She walked to the window and opened it. Bright sunlight flooded her room, filling her with some trepidation. Some things just seem more do-able and proper in the darkness of the night. But daylight seems to strip them of their pretense and expose them as dirty. Bela almost chickened out. But then she saw Chandan glance at the open window, and keep sweeping, which brought back to her mind the original intent of what she wanted to do.

Bela was wearing salwar kameez that day, with a dupatta (a long scarf) tossed over her shoulders and resting on her boobs. Standing at the window, she slowly took the dupatta off and threw it behind her. Chandan had been watching from the corner of his eye. As soon as Bela got rid of the dupatta, he stood still and stared at her. She stared at him. The two of them stared at each other, standing still, like two cowboys in old Westerns.

After some staring, Chandan probably worked out what had gotten Bela to do what she did. His ignoring her. Maybe he had been ignoring her on purpose all along, waiting for her to make the first movie. He realized that it was working, and went back to sweeping.

Bela stood there, a bit frustrated. She thought that when he saw her take her dupatta off, he would come running to his usual position and stand there. Maybe cajole her to take something off. At which point, she would laugh at him and close the window. But Chandan had ignored her again, except for a few minutes of staring. Bela realized she needed to up the ante.

She reached for her kameez, which went down to below her knees and started pulling it up gradually. Chandan noticed it and stopped sweeping. Bela pulled it up, until it was at waist level, then stopped. Chandan stared. She stared back. A minute went by, and Bela started pulling it upwards, exposing her stomach. She paused again. Chandan went back to sweeping. That really annoyed Bela. She dropped the kameez back down, and closed the window angrily.

This had not gone how she had planned it. What Bela had in mind, without knowing the exact term back then, was being a “cocktease”. She had planned to make Chandan think she was going to flash him. That would make him stop what he was doing and come running to her. And then she would laugh at him, close the window and revel in his annoyance at being left hanging. Instead, she was the one annoyed. Chandan had played her perfectly.

Bela fumed for a while, and then opened the window again. She saw that he was done sweeping, and was standing a distance away smoking. When she opened the window, he looked at her for a moment and then looked away. Bela stood there, waiting for Chandan to say something. But he was not even looking at her.

Bela decided she needed to take some drastic action. She turned around, so that her back was facing the window. Then, she unbuttoned the kameez from behind and pulled it off. She turned her head to look at Chandan, and sure enough, he was looking at her intently. She smiled turned her face straight, and stood like that, her back, bare except for the bra straps, towards him. Surely this had caught his attention. She stood like that for a minute, and then turned her head to look at him. Sadly for her, there was more to be annoyed about.

Chandan was looking away again. How dare he, she thought furiously. And in the anger, unhooked her bra and took it off, leaving her topless. Now her complete bare back was visible to Chandan. She was positive he would say something now, maybe ask her to turn around and allow him to see her amazing boobs again. But no words. Two whole minutes went by, and Bela finally turned, her boobs jiggling before coming to rest facing the window. And she was shocked to see, Chandan was gone! Absent! Not there! Somewhere else!

That really made Bela’s blood boil. She looked around to make sure he wasn’t hiding behind a wall or in some corner, but no. Chandan was gone. She tiptoed to the door, opened it slightly, and poker her head out to see if he was standing behind it. Nope! He seemed to have gone downstairs.

Bela closed the door and the window and sat on the bed, topless, wearing just her salwar. She was livid at how this afternoon had turned out. She had gone from wanting to tease him a bit, to teasing him a lot, to actually getting topless for him. And he had barely looked at her. In fact he had left the roof! Bela put her bra and kameez back on, and decided to take a nap after all.

Nap done, Bela went downstairs and helped out her mother. At night, she went back to her room, changed out of her clothes and into pyjamas, and fell asleep. She was awoken by some knocking. Waking up blearily, she checked the clock. It was almost 2 am. She wondered who it was.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“Me.” said Chandan’s voice calmly.

“What do you want?”

“I just want to talk.” Chandan said.

“Ok..” Bela said, a bit stymied. “Umm…. talk.”

“No, not like this. Face to face.” Chandan said.

“I am not opening the door.” Bela said emphatically.

“I didn’t ask you to open the door. Open the window, and we can talk there, like always.” Chandan said.

Bela sat up, thought for a while, and then went to the window. When she opened it, Chandan was standing in front of it.

“Yes, what is it?” Bela asked defiantly.

“You stupid girl! What were you trying to do today?” Chandan asked with a smile on his face.

“What was I trying to do?” Bela responded.

“That’s what I am asking you. What was that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Bela said.

“Really? You took your kameez off! In the day time. I think I know why you did it.” Chandan said, folding his hands.


“You want to see my dick again. And you thought that if you showed me something, I’d respond by showing you something.” Chandan rolled the dice.

“Nonsense! I am not interested in seeing your….thing again.” Bela said.

“Really? Then what was that whole show about?”

Bela stood there mutely, unable to think of something smart to say.

“Do you like taking your clothes off for me? Is that it?” Chandan asked.

“No… well…. you weren’t…. you weren’t looking at me or saying anything so I though…” Bela trailed off.

“So you thought you’ll get my attention by doing that? Haha.” Chandan said.

“Why do you have to be so difficult?” Bela asked, annoyed. “You keep saying such mean things.”

“What? I haven’t even talked to you in weeks!” Chandan replied.

“And why not? Whatever happened that night…. don’t you ever….think about it?” Bela asked blushing at the memory of what she had done.

“Think about it as in?” Chandan cocked his head and asked.

“Well, don’t you remember it, think about it…. you know..” Bela said tentatively.

“What’s there to think about?” Chandan asked.

“What’s there to think about? What’s there to think about?” Bela raised her voice, “For the first time in my life, I showed someone my body and you..”

“Not all of it.” Chandan interrupted.

“What?” Bela asked, puzzled.

“You said you showed me you body. But you didn’t show me all of it. Just your tits.” he said.


“Well, all I’m saying is…. why not show me the whole thing? Maybe I’ll think about it more.” he suggested.

“Yeah right! Forget it!” Bela said, half laughing at the absurdity of his suggestion.

“What’s the big deal? I’ve already seen you half naked so many times. The next step is getting fully naked. What do you say?” Chandan asked.

“No way!” Bela said, paused a while and then said “And you haven’t seen me half naked “so many times” like you put it. Just once.”

“Well, there was that one time. There was today, with your silly game. And then the first night when I saw you in your bra and panties. That was a nice scene too.” Chandan said triumphantly.

“That still makes it only three times.” Bela shot back.

“Oh ho! Three times is “only” for you? Three times is nothing? So how many times is a lot according to you? You want to expose yourself to me 50 times before it becomes too much?” Chandan pounced.

“Shut up!” Bela said, having been check-mated in the verbal duel.

Chandan smiled, happy at having won this round. He looked at her flushed face, and then said,

“OK, enough of this talk. Are you going to get naked or not?”

“No!!!” Bela responded.

“Are you shy? If you want, I can do it first so you won’t be the only one.” Chandan said.

“No no wait..” Bela started to protest, but Chandan was already stripping. In one motion he took off his kurta (loose shirt), and threw it on the floor. Then in a few seconds, he had his pyjamas untied, took his underwear off, and stood there, fully naked.

“There, happy?” he said, extending his arms.

Bela could not help but turn her gaze to his dick which was semi-erect. She had usually seen it fully erect and this halfway-to-hard look was new to her. She also noticed his flabby upper body, thickly covered with graying hair. Normally it would have disgusted her. But there was something very strangely alluring and fascinating about it. He was not a Greek god by any means, but bear in mind, this was the first time in her life that Bela had seen a man fully naked. — “You’re fully naked.” Bela said stating the obvious in a hoarse whisper.

“Yes. You want me to come closer?” Chandan asked and without waiting for her reply took a few steps ahead until he was right by the window, his semi-hard dick a few inches away from her.

From closer, his body fascinated Bela even more. She could see birthmarks and bruises on his torso and hands. She could see his nipples, with hair all around them, so different from her own nipples.

She says she wasn’t aroused, because he was so ugly. But I am sure she was aroused at least a little bit. Chandan must have realized it too. Because he slowly reached into the window and caught her right hand. She didn’t resist at all as he pulled it closer towards him and lower, until it was on his dick. Bela said she thought of resisting, but since she had already held his dick in her hand before, she did not see the point. Chandan put her hand on his semi-erect dick and then took his own hand away.

Bela ran her fingers over the loose skin of his dick, noting the unfamiliar feel. Chandan had always been fully erect. This time, he was not. She wondered why. And Chandan answered the question in her mind,

“Are you thinking about why it is not hard?” he asked.

Bela nodded.

“Well, there are two ways of getting it hard. One is, you play with it. Or the other, you show me your ass.”

“What?” Bela said in a shock, withdrawing her hand from his dick. “Are you out of your mind?”

“I am just telling you how the mail body works.” he said with a chuckle.

“I don’t care if it is hard or not.” Bela said.

“Yes, you do. You want to see me jack off again.” Chandan said.

“No…. I don’t.” Bela said with a pause and in a tone that belied her true feelings.

Chandan said nothing, and just stood there. Bela also stood there staring at her feet, but stealing glances at Chandan’s dick. They both stood there for a couple of minutes like that. Bela was wondering if she should just close the window and go to bed. But something inside her wouldn’t let her. Chandan on the other hand, I am sure, was waiting just to create some tension.

After a couple more minutes, Chandan made his move – rapidly and unexpectedly. At lightning speed, he reached ahead with his hands, grabbed the hip section of Bela’s pyjama bottoms and pulled them downwards! The pyjamas had elastic at the waist and not a thread. So readily, they slipped down. Bela let out a small shriek and started to move backwards and away from the window. But the pyjamas, halfway down, had bunched up around her knees. That made her trip and she fell backwards and towards the ground. She bent her knees just in time to avoid falling hard on her back, and instead landed on her butt on the floor.

But the speed with which she fell, made her body bend back, making her head and shoulders touch the floor, and the momentum made her feet swing above her body, as if she were doing yoga. That motion of her feet made the loose pyjamas fly off her slightly parted legs. Startled, Bela sat up, to hear Chandan laughing. She was sitting on the floor in her panties and pyjama top, her legs on display for him.

Immediately she got up to look for the pyjama bottoms. But she could not see them anywhere in the room.

“Under the bed.” Chandan said, still laughing.

And gullibly, Bela got on her hand and knees, and started looking for the pyjamas under the bed. A few seconds after she started looking, she heard Chandan say,

“Ah, nice! What a view. See, my dick is now starting to get harder.”

Bela froze, as she realized the pose she was in. She was on her hands and knees, bending, with her panties-covered ass facing Chandan. He had a great view of her thighs, half her asscheeks and the perfect shape of her butt. Bela immediately straightened and sat on folded knees.

“You are so evil!” she said angrily. “Is it really under the bed?”

“Hahaha, no.” Chandan started laughing even harder.

“Shhh! What if someone hears you?” Bela said, and he quietened down. “Tell me where it is.”

“The only it you should be thinking about is this it.” Chandan said, pointing towards his dick.

From where she was sitting on the floor, Bela could not see his dick. So instinctively, she stood up, and sure enough, there it was. Chandan’s dick. Now fully erect and looking bit angry, as he swung it up and down, like he had done the last time. That sight pushed out any concerns over her pyjama bottoms and state of partial undress out of her mind. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Bela walked towards the window and towards Chandan’s erect dick.

Before she knew it, Bela was at the window, with her hands wrapped around Chandan’s erect dick, ignoring the fact that under her waist, she was wearing nothing but panties. Chandan slowly reached his hand down and placed it on her hand. When she didn’t pull away, he put pressure on her fingers to make them wrap around his dick tighter. Then he caught hold of her hand and started moving it back and forth, guiding her on how to masturbate him.

Bela obediently moved her hand under Chandan’s guidance, and felt a shiver go up her spine as she felt his warm throbbing cock sliding through her fingers back and forth. The precum had started to ooze and run down the sides so she felt the moistness too. It was a feeling she had never experienced before. After about a minute of guiding her hand like that, Chandan let go. And Bela continued giving him a handjob on her own.

— With Bela participating in this erotic play so readily all of a sudden, Chandan felt emboldened. He reached for her panties with her hand. But Bela, probably expecting it, and feeling a lot more in control said in a cold voice,

“Don’t! Don’t you dare, or I’ll break your dick off.”

Chandan froze. Hearing her use the word “dick” instead of the usual shy usage “thing” made him realize how serious she was. He stood like that for a while as Bela kept jacking him off. It was her first time doing this, so she obviously didn’t know the proper technique yet. Did not know the variations in pace, the right times to tighten and loosen her grip and so on. So even after a few minutes, Chandan was nowhere close to cumming.

“My hand is tired.” Bela said and let go of his dick.

Chandan let out a moan of disappointed, but immediately put his own hand on his dick and started jacking it off at a furious pace. Bela wrapped both her hands around the window bars and stood there, watching him masturbate.

“You do it so fast!” she said in amazement.

“That’s how it is done.” he said in a breathless voice. Then, he looked into his eyes, and extended his other hand forward up, towards her neck. He reached for the top button of her pyjama top and tried to undo it, but Bela slapped his hand away. He smiled sheepishly and said,

“Please! I beg, you, please!”

Bela smiled, and slowly started unbuttoning her top. Finally, when all the buttons were undone, Chandan realized to his delight that she did not have a bra on underneath. She hesitates for a few moments and took the top off, throwing it on the floor behind her. And there she was, a beautiful virgin with a great body and a great rack, standing in front of her neighbor’s old servant wearing just her panties.

That sight was too much for Chandan to take. He started pumping his dick even faster and started groaning. Bela knew what was coming and said sternly,

“Don’t do it on my body this time.”

Chandan nodded and bent his dick downwards. In a few seconds, he started spraying the wall beneath the window with his semen. Bela watched fascinated as spurts of cum flew off like bullets and hit the wall. A few seconds, Chandan was done cumming and he exhaled loudly and stood there, with his softening dick in his hand, staring at Bela hungrily.

“Do you…” he hesitated, “want me to repay you in kind?”

“What?” Bela asked, confused.

“Well, you helped me orgasm. Using your hand. I can do the same…..” Chandan offered.

“No!” Bela firmly interrupted.

“Can I at least see you fully naked? Get a look at your beautiful cunt?” he asked.

And the word “cunt” pushed a button inside Bela. She looked at him, shocked and angry for a few seconds, and then slammed the window shut.

Bela says she was upset and guilty the whole night about what she had done. But I wondered if that was the case. I wondered if she had fingered herself to an orgasm later. I asked her, but she got offended and refused emphatically. Chandan knocked on her window a few times, but she did not respond, and he, wisely surmising that things had gone a lot better than he would have expected as it is, did not stay on for long. At least not that night.

After telling me all these events in great detail, Bela more or less rushed through a lot of whatever happened next. She said that for a week or so more, things repeated themselves on a regular basis. Chandan would come to the window, she would strip down to her panties, and give him a handjob. She never let him touch her and steadfastly refused to take off her panties and show him her most “private place” for several nights.

Then came the big night. When a lot of things happened. Things had gone on predictably. Chandan came to the window. She opened it, already in her panties. She gave him a handjob, something she was now getting the hang of. After he came, again on the wall like always, Bela started to close the window, but Chandan stopped it with his hand.

“Wait!” he said.

“What???” she asked, annoyed.

“Come on, we have been doing this for so many days now. You have to take off your panties.” he pleaded.

“No!” Bela said, firmly.

“Please! Why are you refusing? It’s just a small matter.” he pressed on.

“It’s not a small matter. It’s my…. private place… I can’t show that to you!” Bela said.

“Okay, I understand that. So here’s a compromise. Let’s agree on something halfway.” Chandan said, having clearly thought this out.

“Halfway?” Bela asked.

“Here’s what you can do if you don’t want to show me your cun…. private place. Turn around, and lower your panties down to your thighs. And just let me see that lovely butt of yours naked.” Chandan said.

“No..” said Bela, but not as firmly.

“Come on, it’s a compromise. just that amazing ass of yours. I have seen its fantastic shape through the panties anyway. What’s the harm in giving me a small peek? Just for a few seconds?” he almost begged.

Bela stayed silent, considering his proposal. She did have a big mental block about showing him her cunt. But her ass, she found herself thinking, was not that big a deal. He had seen her boobs and the rest of her body anyway. Maybe there was no harm in just giving him a peek.

“Please?” Chandan asked again.

“Okay….” Bela said after a few more moments of silence. “But only for a few seconds.”

“Yes, yes, absolutely. Just for a few moments.” Chandan said, delighted.

Bela turned around, took a few steps into the room, bent over slightly, and started sliding her panties down.

“Oh YES!!!” Chandan said happily.

Bela rolled the panties down slowly, one millimeter at a time, and her perfect asscheeks started coming into his view. Chandan kept cheering her on and she kept rolling the panties down, until her whole ass was exposed. Then she just stood like that, her ass thrust out for a few more seconds, enjoying the new feeling of mooning herself.

That’s when she heard the familiar low slapping sound start. Chandan had gotten hard again and was jacking off once more. She smiled to herself, and although she had agreed to just a few seconds, stood like that, her ass naked and the panties around her thighs, for a good minute or so. The slapping noise started getting faster, indicating that Chandan was close to cumming when suddenly,

“YOU DIRTY OLD MAN!!!” a voice cried out and the low slapping noise was replaced by loud noises of actual slaps. Bela turned around in shock and saw her mother hitting Chandan very hard on his face and back.

Chandan, fully naked, was trying to run away but Bela’s mom kept hitting him. Finally he managed to push her away, grabbed his clothes and ran, jumping over the wall and onto his side of the balcony. Bela, once she got over the shock of what had happened, quickly got dressed, and waited for the hammer to fall.

What followed was a lot of scolding, crying and recriminations. Bela’s mother said that she had noticed some strange stains on the outside of the wall near Bela’s window, and gotten suspicious. She had assumed someone was sneaking up to their roof, peeking in from the window and jacking off near it. But she never expected her innocent daughter to be a willing party to the whole thing.

The noise made her father wake up and come upstairs too, and it was only with a great deal of self-control that he stopped himself from hitting Bela for what she had done. Bela was told to stay downstairs all the time, and scolded and chided for a couple of days. Berated for acting like a wanton slut and besmirching the family’s heard-earned reputation. Finally her parents made their decision. They had to get her married right away before the news of her “affair” with Chandan spread in the community. They had no choice but to get her married to the next guy suggested.

And that guy happened to be me. She was married to me. I was apparently not the ideal choice according to her father, but he said Bela’s actions had turned them into beggars, and beggars can’t be choosers.

After that night, Bela never saw Chandan again. She heard from the maid that he had taken off to go to his native village. But it was a relief to Bela as well as her parents when there were no murmurs or rumors of anything between Bela and Chandan. By a stroke of luck or due to Chandan’s discretion, Bela’s “honor” was still intact.

“And that’s all there is.” Bela said, concluding the narration of her pre-marital erotic history.

“Nice!” I said.

“You think I am a total slut, don’t you?” Bela asked.

“No sweetheart, I don’t. Trust me, compared to the stuff I have done, whatever you did is barely beginner material. It was very erotic to hear you tell me about it though.” I said, caressing her face.

“Yes, but you are a man. Men can do those things. A woman should…” Bela said and trailed off.

“Nonsense! A woman should be a virgin on her wedding night even when the man goes and sleeps around? Those are such medieval thoughts.” I said. “You should know by now that’s not how I think.”

Bela smiled and hugged me tightly.

“So tell me something, Bela.” I asked her. “Do you think that if you had not gotten caught, things might have moved further?”

She stayed silent.


“What do you mean further?” Bela asked.

“Further as in… would you have let him see you fully naked? Maybe…” I paused for a long time, sure that what I was about to say next would offend her, “……even let him fuck you?”

To my surprise, Bela did not over-react. She just kept her head on my chest, thought for a while, then looked into my eyes and said,

“I honestly don’t know.”

With this, ends the portion about Bela’s past. Next part, back into the future, as I push my wife’s boundaries further.
When I woke up the next morning, Bela’s side of the bed was empty. I got up and went to the kitchen and saw her dressed in a sari. Which was a surprise, since she had pretty much stopped wearing any clothes around the house recently. I went close to her and hugged her and kissed her. She kissed me back very cursorily, and her face looked worn down with worry.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” I asked, “You look worried.”

She didn’t say anything, just kept working at chopping veggies. I repeated the question a couple of times, but she didn’t reply. And it looked as if she was ready to cry. Wisely, I backed off, leaving her alone. The events of last night had been great for me and she seemed to have enjoyed them too, but clearly, in the morning she was looking at things differently. She seemed to have a case of what they call buyer’s remorse.

So I left Bela to her thoughts and work, and went to get ready. I was already very late for work and there was an important job at the factory I had to go oversee. After I got ready, I saw that Bela had laid out the breakfast and packed a lunch box for me. And she had gone to take a shower. I thought of waiting for her to come back and get her to talk about what she was feeling or thinking, but decided against it.

When I got to the factory, Shyam was already there supervising some workers. He politely wished me good morning, but other than the absolute essentials he needed to consult me on, avoided me for the whole day. I also did not make any effort to talk to him. Not out of design, but because I was too focused on the work at hand.

Later on in the afternoon, I got a call from Bela,

“Listen, I have a headache so won’t be cooking today. Please tell Shyamji not to come over for dinner.” she said.

“I could go get food from a restaurant in town and we could still eat with him.” I said.

“No!” Bela said in a stern tone. “Get the food, but only for us. He can eat on his own.”

I thought about coaxing her, but something in her tone made me back off. I agreed and told Shyam. He did not seem to mind. In fact, he seemed relieved when I told him. I guess after last night’s events, he was dreading the next encounter as much as Bela was.

In the evening, I went to the town, got a lot of food packed, and came home. Bela was still in a sari when she opened the door. Her face did not look as tense as in the morning, but she was not completely normal either. Without saying anything, she took the food from my hand and headed to the kitchen to lay it out. We ate in silence. I decided to wait for her to say something, anything. But she kept quiet.

After we got done with dinner, she said her head was still hurting so she was going to go to sleep early tonight. I let her go to the bedroom and sat there watching TV. I was not too worried by Bela’s sudden retreat into a shell. Last night had been a big one for her. She had gone from being a passive but willing participant to a proactive player in our games with Shyam. And she had told me in great detail the dalliances from her past. For a conservative straight-laced woman like Bela, that was the equivalent of going to the moon. So her being disturbed by whatever happened, and having difficulty coming to terms with it was natural.

For the next few days, Bela stayed reticent. She started talking a lot more, but was now always fully dressed, and in a sari no less. She didn’t mention Shyam, so I did not ask her if we should invite him for dinner either. On his part, Shyam was also in a reclusive mood, and seemed to have taken it as a given that our games had ended. I decided to give them both some time before I did anything. Bela became approachable in bed again, and was enjoying sex, but the crazed tigress in her seemed to have taken a leave. The sex was good, but not mindblowing like it had been until recently.

Then a week later, a small incident occurred that rekindled Bela’s fires. By itself, it was not at all a major event. But it did end up feeding her exhibitionist side again, a side that she had been starving. Here’s what happened.

One morning, I left for work as usual. When I got to work, there was a man waiting for me. He had been sent to fix high speed broadband cables for the factory. And since I was the manager, he would wire up my house too. Until then, our internet access had been limited to a wireless card. I was so excited at the prospect of having high speed internet that I decided to take him home first and have him fit the cables there before he got working on the factory.

So I drove back home with him right away, returning home barely half an hour after I had left. With him next to me, I rang the door bell. There was no response. So I rang the bell again a couple of times.

“Coming.” came Bela’s voice. Then I heard her feet approach the door and ask, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” I answered.

“Oh, okay.” Bela said and opened the door.

The sight that awaited us made the internet man’s eyes pop out in amazement. Bela was standing at the door, a towel wrapped around her body, and her hair completely wet. She had obviously been in the shower. It’s not like the towel was short or anything. It came down to her knees, and covered her boobs and cleavage completely. But the sight of my pretty wife, wrapped in just a towel, her body half wet and her hair fully wet, was enough to get the man surprised. To his credit, he immediately averted his eyes and looked towards the floor.

Bela, taken aback at seeing a strange man with me, jumped behind the door and said,

“Why didn’t you say someone was with you?” she asked in a slightly upset tone of voice.

“I was going to, but you opened the door at once.” I said, stepping inside the house. “Anyway, this man is here to install broadband cables in our house.”

I beckoned him to come in, and he walked inside, eyes still firmly planted on the floor. Bela grabbed the tucked portion of her towel with both her hands and stood there. I expected her to run inside and get dressed. But she just stood there, with a flushed expression on her face. And I realized, she was enjoying how the man was feeling uncomfortable at the sight of her clad only in a wet towel.

I led the man towards the main phone line, showed him where the television was. He followed me, very consciously trying not to look at Bela. Bela, instead of going and getting dressed, surprised me and followed us! As I registered her presence behind me, i looked at her with raised eyebrows. The man also sneaked a peek at her, and then looked away.

“I just want to know where the wires will be.” Bela said feebly, as if giving an excuse for her presence. I smiled in my mind, and kept instructing the man about the layout. Bela followed us all the while, her wet hair dripping water all over the floor. By then, the man had gotten comfortable enough to look at her once in a while, although he was still careful not to stare openly.

Bela, who until then seemed to have a plain expression on her face, seemed to be getting slightly annoyed. I was not sure why. For a while, I wondered if she wanted me to take the lead, take the towel off and expose her nakedness to the guy. But that seemed a little excessive, given Bela’s current mood, and even if that was what she wanted, it seemed too risky. The games with Shyam, a colleague who could be trusted, were one thing. But doing too much in front of this man, whom I did not know at all, could be fraught with danger. I ignored Bela’s annoyed look and kept leading the guy around the house.

“Alright, I will start laying the cables right away.” The guy said after I had finished explaining the whole layout to him.

“I’ll go get dressed.” Bela said in an almost throaty voice, and started walking away. And that’s when she did something small but significant.

As she walked away, the wet towel wrapped tightly around her body was accentuating her magnificent ass. Both the guy and I could not resist out male instincts to gaze at her ass as it sashayed away. But a few seconds later, Bela stopped. I watched, spellbound as she untucked the end of the towel that was holding it up, caught the other end in her hand, and opened the towel, holdings its ends on either side of her body for a brief moment. The towel was still covering her nakedness from where the guy and I were standing. And then instantly, she wrapped it again, tighter, tucked it in and resumed walking.

And then I realized why Bela had seemed annoyed. I remembered how she got upset at Chandan for not paying too much attention even when she was exposing herself. I guessed that she felt the guy here was doing the same thing. She wanted him to openly stare and ogle at her. Instead he had been taking peeks at her discreetly, which I saw but she probably did not. And so she had pulled this little unwrap-rewarp stunt to tease him.

I looked at the guy and his eyes were about to pop out. He did not get a look at anything. But he was obviously thrilled at the thought that a beautiful young woman’s boobs and pussy had just been on display a few feet away from him. Sure, he didn’t get to see them, but the situation itself was enough to make him break into a sweat. He kept staring at Bela until she disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Finally he turned to look at me, realized that I had caught him staring at my wife, and immediately blushed a little. He picked up his bag and started taking the equipment out. I went to the bedroom, pushed the door open and walked in. I smiled at the sight I saw. Bela was dressed, but for the first time in days, she was not wearing a sari. Instead, she was wearing a skirt that went to mid-thigh and a tank-top. She heard me walk in, looked at me and smiled. Smiled in the free and carefree manner that I had not seen her in for days.

I walked towards her and hugged her in my embrace. I had meant to just hug her, kiss her, maybe cop a feel and then head out. But what Bela did next shocked and awed me. She pushed me hard, making me fall on the bed. Then she ran and bolted the bedroom door shut, and as she was rushing back to the bed, started taking her few clothes off. By the time she reached me, she was completely naked.

Like a starved nun, she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. Her crazed display had already made me hard. Right away, she got on top of me, took my dick inside her and starting humping. And, to my surprise, started moaning and groaning loudly. Really loudly. I smiled, grabbed hold of her waist and thrust my dick into her cunt harder, and she yelled out,


That really surprised me. I was about to tell her to be careful, because the internet guy might hear when it struck me. She was doing this precisely so he could hear. So he would know that she was in the bedroom, naked and getting fucked. That really turned me on. I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her down to me until her boobs were squished against my chest. And I started fucking her hard. Bela kept shouting dirty words and obscenities. This renewed sluttiness of my wife obviously had an effect on me and within minutes, I started pumping her cunt with my seed.

As soon as I finished filling her with my seed, Bela started kissing me passionately and running her hands up and down my chest. I kissed her back and was about to lay her on her back and go down on her when suddenly she jumped off me. With the towel, she cleaned the stickiness down there and started putting her clothes on again. I was amused and curious at what was happening. What exactly did Bela have in mind, I wondered.

I lay there, with my dick hanging out, as Bela got dressed in the tank top and the skirt and said to me,

“I am going to the kitchen to cook.” And she left the bedroom.

I got dressed too and went out. The guy was busy taping some cables together and looked at me as I walked out. He gave me a blank look and I returned the blank look too. Bela was already at the kitchen table, taking out vegetables to chop them. I picked up a magazine from the living room, went to the dining table and sat there.

I pretended to read the magazine as I tried to read my wife’s mind. Did she want me to expose her to this guy like I had exposed her to Shyam? I thought of testing the waters by first fondling her in front of him to see how she reacted. But then I decided to just wait and see what she did. The guy kept working, Bela kept cooking and I kept reading the magazine. Finally, half an hour later or so, I was about to take Bela to the living room and try something when the man poked his head in the kitchen.

“Sir, one minute.” he said, throwing a quick glance at Bela and then back at me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Sir, the router is not working. I will have to get another one.” he said.

“Okay, so get it.” I said.

“Our store-room is far away. I won’t be able to get it today. I can come tomorrow and install it.”

Ah, I thought to myself. I am sure the router is fine. This bugger just wants an excuse to come to the house again.

“Okay, so come tomorrow.” I said.

“Okay Sir.” he said, then paused and said, “Maybe you should tell me about the factory layout too.”

I nodded and got up to take him back to the factory. Then, on an impulse I turned around and went to the kitchen table where Bela was standing.

“I have to go honey.” I said, putting my hands around her. “I’ll miss you.”

And then I kissed her for a good 30 seconds or so in full view of the guy. And after breaking the kiss, for good measure, spanked her on her ass really hard. Bela just giggled and got back to her work.

The rest of the day, I kept planning what I would do next day. When the idea first struck me, I dismissed it, thinking it was too stupid and risky. But then I reasoned with myself that there really wasn’t a big risk. If anything, there was a big upside. If things went according to plan, I’d get to see what Bela was capable of in my absence.

So here’s what happened the next day. The man landed up with another router and his equipment at the factory at about 10 am. I drove him to our house, and knocked on the door. Bela opened the door, clad once more in a tank top and a short skirt. After letting us in, she gave me a big smile and went back to the kitchen where she had been working.

The man, whose name I learnt was Riaz, got to work in the living room. I watched him work for a while and then, when he wasn’t looking at me, took my phone out and hit the ringer button. The phone started ringing as if I was getting a call. I turned the ringer off, put the phone to my ear, and strolling towards the entrance connecting the kitchen and the living room, said,

“Hello? Yes…..oh hi!….oh I didn’t know….. well, that’s great…… oh sure, absolutely……. yes I know it….it’s just 80 kilometers away. Okay, I’ll see you then.”

And I pretended to disconnect the call. Bela turned around and looked at me questioningly.

“Sorry darling, that was a senior VP from our company. He is coming to Basantpur which is a couple of hours away for a client meeting and wants me to join him for lunch. For, you know, updates on the factory.” I said.

“Okay….” Bela said uncertainly.

“So I’ll have to get going. I’ll be back by the evening, okay?” I said, gave her a peck on the cheek and left.

“But….what about him?” Bela whispered.

“He’ll finish his work soon and get going. You don’t have to pay him anything, so if he asks, just tell him to talk to me.” I said and walked to the living room again.

Riaz had obviously heard everything I said. I went up to him and said,

“I have to go to Basantpur for some urgent work. You keep working here, and finish everything off today. And then, just walk tot he factory. It is not too far.”

“Ok sir.” he said.

“Bye darling.” I shouted, took my keys and walked out of the door. I got in my car and drove away. And for all that Bela and Riaz knew, I was headed towards Basantpur, 80 km away.

But obviously, I was not. My plan was to sneak back to the house and see what happened next. In the morning when she was in the bathroom, I had purposely unlocked all the windows in the house, but kept them closed, so that Bela would still think they were locked. But I would be able to open them slightly from outside and observe what was going on.

My intentions behind doing all this were simple. I wanted to see how far Bela would go with a strange man without me around. Would she try something or would she just go into shutdown mode? I also wanted to see how Riaz would react if she tried something. And how she reacted to whatever he tried to do. Which one of them if anyone, would make the first move? Bela had already teased Riaz a little the previous day, with the towels stunt and then screaming like a banshee while fucking me when he was in the house. Would Riaz take that as a signal to do something? Would Bela try another such stunt? So many questions!

And of course, if Riaz tried something excessive, I would be right there outside the house to stop it all. So I parked the car behind a tree about half a kilometer from my house. And then I started walking back to the house, my chest thumping with anticipation.


In excitement, I almost ran half the way to the house. Then I decided to take precautions. I crossed an empty lot to the back of the house, which has no windows, so there would be no chance of Bela seeing me. I crouched behind trees and bushes until I got to our compound, and then jumped over the wall quietly. I took out my phone and put it in vibrate mode, so just in case she called me, she wouldn’t hear the ring tone.

I rushed to the back wall of the house and took my shoes off, to make sure my footsteps weren’t audible. I then gradually crept along the wall until I was outside the living room window. I gently opened the window so there was a gap of a few inches and peeked in. I saw Riaz was still laying out the wires and taping them to the wall. It had been just 15 or 20 minutes since I left, so I was not surprised to find everything perfectly normal.

Next, I tiptoed towards the kitchen windows. There are two windows in the kitchen. One right above the stove, and I obviously could not peek through it, because Bela would see me. The other window was in the side wall, towards the back. It also has curtains. I slowly pulled it slightly open, moved the window and saw that Bela was working at the stove. The pressure cooker was making hissing noises and there was another pot on the second burner. Bela looked very engrossed in cooking, and I couldn’t help but gaze admiringly at her butt which was being outlines through her short skirt.

I stood there staring at her for a good ten minutes or so and then got bored. I tiptoed back to the living room window, and peeked in to see Riaz busy with the cables and the router. I watched him work for about fifteen minutes, getting really impatient. I started thinking that my “plan” had been a little too ambitious. Nothing was going to happen. Bela was too shy to do anything drastic in my absence, and Riaz was too scared to piss off the wife of the man who was paying for his work.

That’s when Riaz made what can be considered the first move. He got up and started unbuttoning his shirt. What the hell, I wondered. Was he just going to get naked and attack my wife? Looks like I would have to intervene sooner than expected. But once he took off his shirt and his under-vest, he got back to work again. I was confused. Why did he take off his shirt? It was a warm day, but not really that hot. And his work wasn’t exactly strenuous enough to make him sweat buckets. Nevertheless, here he was, shirtless, working on the router. I noticed that Riaz had a very well toned and muscular body with impressive biceps. If he wanted, he could have easily been an underwear model.
And then I thought – is that what he is trying to do? Trying to impress Bela with his toned physique? Maybe he was. But Bela was still in the kitchen, and from where she was sitting could not see him. If he had some cunning plans to impress her, surely he would have gone to the kitchen under some excuse? Or maybe, he was playing the waiting game. This way, she would see him on her own…. ahhh…. I was over-thinking everything. I just stood there, waiting to see what would happen next.

Finally, about ten minutes later, Bela walked out of the kitchen, probably to go to the bathroom. She took a few steps into the living room passage, when her eyes fell on Riaz, whose back was turned towards her. She gave a start an just stood there. He heard her and turned around, looking at her wordlessly. They started at each other for a few seconds. And from my vantage point, I could see that Bela was staring at his toned chest, her mouth slightly open. I have a trim torso, but not really muscular or well-defined. I remembered her describing the servant Chandan, the only other man she had seen fully naked, as having a flabby body. So this was the first time in her life that Bela had seen such an impressive physique at such close quarters.

“Where’s your shirt?” she finally managed to say something.

“There.” Riaz pointed to the floor where he had kept it. “I was feeling very hot, so took it off.”

I expecting him to ask her next if she had any problems with it. But Riaz just turned around and started working on the router. And although Bela could not see it, I could – there was a sly grin on his face. He knew that his chiseled torso had made Bela’s heart skip a beat. And I knew that the first die in this came had been cast.

Bela stared at his turned back for a couple of seconds, opened her mouth as if to say something else, then decided against it and started walking to the bathroom. She pushed the bathroom door open and just stood there for a second. Then she slowly turned around and looked at Riaz whose back was still facing her. And then she stepped away from the bathroom and instead headed towards the bedroom and slammed the door shut loudly.


Riaz heard the door slam and turned around, confused. He stared at the door for a couple of seconds and then smiled at himself and got back to work.

I was intrigued by Bela’s sudden decision to go to the bedroom. I had unlocked the bedroom window too, so I decided to go and risk taking a peek. I tiptoed my way around the side wall and was just a couple of feet away from the window, about to open it when I was startled. The window opened by itself! I realized at once that Bela had opened the window, and I took a few steps backwards softly. I breathed a sigh of relief. A few seconds later and Bela would have caught me. But why did she open the window, I wondered. I bent my head downwards and extended it and suddenly caught a glimpse of Bela’s skirt, and rushed backwards. For some reason, she was standing in the window. What was she doing? I had to see. But how?

I slid behind the side wall and looked around in desperation, trying to locate a place from where I could look at the window undetected. And then I saw it. A small bush at the back of the side compound wall. I could get a great view of the bedroom window from behind it. It was not very tall though, barely two feet. So if I had to hide behind it, I’d have to crawl on my stomach, like commandos, and mess up my shirt and pants. Oh well, I thought. I earn enough to not care about a set of clothes.

A minute later, I had jumped outside the compound, and crawled along the wall using my elbows until I was behind the bush. And the first glimpse I got of the window from my hidden spot was enough to convince me that all this crawling had been worth it. Because Bela was standing in the window, topless, her eyes closed, her hands gripping the window bars, thrusting her boobs out through the gaps between the windows. Her boobs were too big for the gap between the window, so each one had gotten pressed vertically. My wife was flashing her tits out the window, under the impression that there was no one outside. She was moving her body slowly up and down, making the window bars rub against her boobs. Had she done this for Chandan too, I wondered, but omitted to tell me? And had she been doing this regularly in our house when I was not at home? The thought gave me an instant hard-on.

Bela then took her hands off the window bars and put them on her boobs, playing with her nipples. I could see her chest heaving visibly, so she was definitely turned on and very breathless. She played with her nipples like that for a while and then stepped back. I wondered if she was finished playing with herself. But a few seconds later she reappeared. Or rather, her bare back and skirt covered butt reappeared. Gradually, she slipped the skirt down and took it off. Then she took her panties off, and thrust her ass out towards the window bars. Her round fleshy ass pressed against the window bars.

As turned on as I was at all this, what she did next absolutely blew my mind. She hitched herself up and sat sideways on the windowsill. Her side profile was visible to me, one breast, one outstretched leg, one luscious thigh and part of one butt cheek. It seemed to me for a few seconds that she was just sitting there with her eyes closed. But then I saw the movement of her hand going up and down behind her thigh and it hit me like a ton of bricks – my wife was masturbating! She was fingering herself! whenever I had asked her if she masturbated, she had either refused flat out or then avoided the question. I had started to suspect maybe she didn’t know how to masturbate. A lot of girls from conservative families don’t. But looking at the lustful expression on her upturned face, it was obvious that she knew what she was doing.

The movement of her hand got faster and faster, and she shut her eyes even more tightly, bit down on her lip, probably to avoid yelling out, and shuddered for a few seconds. For the first time in my life, I saw my wife masturbate. And it felt great. Once her orgasm subsided, she relaxed and slumped back a little, opening her eyes. And I saw a smile of extreme contentment flash across her face. After the novelty-driven excitement of seeing my wife finger herself subsided, a fact suddenly brought itself to my attention. This is why she had decided to suddenly head to the bedroom. Seeing Riaz’s greek-god torso has turned her on so much that she just had to bring herself off right away. And I felt a slight tug of jealousy as I realized, she had probably been thinking of him and not me when she masturbated.

Bela sat at the window naked for a few more minutes, and then she suddenly turned her head to look inside. I saw her lips move as she said something and hurriedly started putting her clothes on. Within twenty seconds, working at astonishing speed, Bela put on her bra, panties, tank top and skirt. And then she closed the window. I lay there on the ground for a few seconds, letting the events of the last few minutes sink in. And then I got up and jumped over the compound, to go to the living room and see what had made Bela leave.


I rushed on my tiptoes to the living room window which I had left slightly open when I was last there. I peeked in but could not see Riaz anywhere, at least not where I had seen him before. I opened the other side of the window slightly and peeked inside to check if he was at the other end of the living room. And sure enough, there he was. He was in the other corner of the living room, taping some cables together and putting paneling on them. I was disappointed to see he was in that corner. Because it was the farthest point from the window, almost 20 feet away. I really had to crane my neck to see the events there properly. And I was pretty sure I would not be able to hear anything being said there.

I was wondering where Bela was when she walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of cold water and a glass in her hand. I guessed then that Riaz had probably knocked on the door to ask for water. Bela walked over to him and handed him the bottle and the glass. I could see Riaz’s lips moving, so he was saying something but I could not hear it. He took the bottle, and without using the glass, emptied half of it in his mouth. He then got up, and moved to the left. Which almost made me curse out loud with frustration. Because he was now out of my line of sight.

I did see some water splashing though, and Bela jumped back with a surprised look on her face. She was saying something, but the look on her face suggested that she was staring at Riaz’s body very openly. I was getting frustrated at being unsighted from whatever was happening, when it suddenly struck me. If I went to the kitchen window above the stove and peeked in through them, it would give me a straight view of the spot Riaz was standing at. Since Bela was obviously not in the kitchen, I could risk using that window.

I literally sprinted towards the kitchen wall, carefully opened the window slightly, moved the curtains and peeked. Sure enough, I got a straight view. I was even farther away, almost 40 feet away, but at least I had a direct view. And what I saw was Riaz standing there, his hair, face, torso and part of his pants wet. And I realized that after drinking half the water, Riaz had emptied the rest of it on himself, apparently to cool himself down in the warm weather. The result was obvious. His rippling chest and abs, already impressive, looked even more alluring covered in water. Which explained the look I had seen on Bela’s face a while back.

He had a smile on his face. Bela’s back was towards me so I could not see her face. She was standing about 4 feet away from him. He was saying something to her. And then Bela shook her head. he said something again, and she shook her head again. I would have given my right arm to have had a secret mic in there. But all I could do was look.

And as I looked, I saw Riaz gently stretch his hand forward, take Bela’s right hand in his, and put it on her chest. I felt another pang of jealousy as he let go of her hand, but she let it stay on his chest. She ran her fingers over his chest and over his abs, playing with his chest hair. And then, I watched in amazement as she leaned forward and started kissing and licking his ripped chest.


I could not believe my eyes. My wife, who had been so shy and demure, was clearly enjoying herself thoroughly as she went to work on his chest. As if it was some huge piece of chocolate. Well, I guess it kinda was. Riaz’s skin was dark brown in color, and with his well defined abs, it looked a bit like a chocolate bar. I was debating with myself whether I should walk in the door, and put on end to it, when suddenly Bela straightened. Riaz had been saying something to her, and I guessed he had said something stupid that upset her. But what she did next indicated that wasn’t the case. Bela’s hands reached for her tank top and in one swift motion took it off. Before I could even register the surprise at Bela exposing herself so readily to a common internet installation guy, she went one step further, unclasped her bra and took it off.

I stared at my wife’s bare back in amazement, as she stood there, showing her magnificently big tits to Riaz. Riaz, who until then had been all smiles and comments, seemed taken aback by what he saw. His eyes almost bulged out, as he feasted them on my wife’s amazing chest. I could understand how the sight took his breath away. But only for a few seconds. He broke out into a wide grin again and said something, pointing towards his chest.

In response, Bela took a couple of steps ahead, until she was, well, not exactly hugging him, but almost. It was clear that she was pressing her boobs against his muscles torso. They weren’t hugging, not yet, because both their arms were still hanging by their sides. But the way Bela’s back was moving, it was clear that she was mashing her big boobs against his chest. Then finally, Riaz raised his hands and put them on her shoulder blades and started moving her side to side. I imagine that must have made her boobs squish and roll on his chest.

In some corner of my brain, a voice was saying that this had gone too far. I had hoped that Bela would tease Riaz when I wasn’t around, but things were moving too fast. Yet the sight of my milky white skinned wife, topless mashing her breasts against a dark skinned stranger aroused me beyond belief. I was sporting the biggest hard-on I ever had. And the hard-on got even harder, if that was possible at what Riaz did next.

He gently slid his hands down from her shoulders blades. And Bela still kept moving side to side, now fully into the rhythm. Riaz’s hands slowly ventures south, over her lower back and then ended up on her skirt-covered ass. He grabbed one ass-cheek in each hand and gave it a squeeze. I expected Bela to react, but she did not. Riaz took it as a green signal to proceed further, and put his hands under her skirt. Even at that distance I could make out that the hands had made their way inside her panties and were fondling her ass directly. And if hands were on her ass, they obviously would have made contact with her pussy. But Bela was not resisting.

That really made me panic. I had been so sure of Bela’s shyness that I never accounted for the possibility that Riaz could have an attractive and well-built body that could make her so easy to manipulate. What Chandan could never do and Shyam had never even attempted for weeks, Riaz had done almost right away. Technically, she had still not done anything with him that she had not done with Shyam. Shyam too had fingered her cunt right in front of me. She had even whacked him off. So I should not have panicked just yet. But Bela had been very much in control with Shyam, whereas here it seemed like she had become Riaz’s personal toy.

I first decided to walk to the main door and knock on it. And end the whole thing right there. But then I realized that I would have to give some sort of an excuse that Bela would probably see through. Plus, I remembered how reclusive Bela had become after that night with Shyam, almost retreating into a shell because of some misplaced guilt. If she got caught by me while in the act, the guilt would have been so huge that Bela would have turned into the frigid unresponsive woman she was when we first married. All the progress she had made would be undone.

So I could not barge in. But I also needed to put some sort of a speed-breaker in the proceedings. Riaz’s hands were by now massaging my wife’s ass really hard, and I noticed that she had put her arms around him too. He must have definitely gotten an erection by now, and hugging him like she was, she must have definitely felt it. How do I stop this. That’s when an idea struck me. Telephone! I was far away and could not hear them, so they could not hear me either. I could just call her up.

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed the home number right away. The phone in the home started ringing, and both Riaz and Bela froze for a second. Bela started pushing him away to go answer the phone, but he kept his hands firmly on her ass, pinning her to him, saying something – probably that she should ignore the phone. but Bela kept struggling. After a few seconds, Riaz took his hands out of her panties, and Bela ran to the right where the phone was kept and put of my sight. The phone rang a couple more times, as Bela probably waited to regain her breath and make her voice sound normal.

Riaz was still standing there looking in the direction of my wife, when she finally answered.

“Hello.” she said.

“Hi Bela. How’re you doing?” I said in a low voice.

“I am fine. Are you in Basantpur?” she asked, her voice sounding almost normal. If I had not seen for myself what had happened, I would probably never have guessed that she had just been making out with another man.

“Yes, I am here.” I said, then thought that I should add a reason for why I was speaking in such a low voice. “The VP is on a conference call a few feet away, so I can’t talk loudly.”

“Okay.” she said and stayed silent. I looked into the house and noticed that Riaz had also gone out of my line of sight, probably next to Bela.

“Has the internet guy finished his work yet?” I asked.

“Yes… I mean no… I mean… he has done most of it. He is just finishing up.” Bela said haltingly, giving away her confusion and inability to lie smoothly.

“I hope you didn’t get naughty with him and tease him in your skimpy clothes.” I said playfully.

“What? No, no. Come on, Gautam. What are you….” she said and suddenly there was a sound of a small slap. Not like someone slapping a face, but more like gently slapping a hand or a thigh.

“What was that?” I asked, although I had my theory about what it was. Riaz was trying to act fresh with her and she had slapped his hand away.

“Oh, nothing. Mosquito.” Bela said, lying this time a lot more smoothly. “Just a second…hold on…”

As Bela paused, I saw her walking rapidly towards the kitchen with the cordless in her hand. Another second and she would have seen me in the window. I dropped to the ground right away and started crawling away.

“Sorry, I had to move. There were too many mosquitoes there.” I heard Bela’s dual voice…. from the phone and directly coming from the window.

“Gotta go. Later, honey.” I hurriedly whispered and disconnected the line. My heart was racing because of how close I had come to getting caught. If Bela had found out that I had been spying on her the whole time, no matter how conservative and obedient she is, she would have left me for sure. I stood there, waiting to catch my breath.


A minute or so later, I decided to peek in again. From the place I had crawled to, the living room window was the closest. So I tiptoed there and peeked in. What I saw gave me a lot of relief for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that Bela and Riaz were now in the part of the living room where I could see them and hear them clearly. The second reason was that my phone call had at least partly done its job. Bela seemed a lot more in control again.

Well, she was still topless, sitting on the couch in just her skirt and panties, her boobs hanging out with the mangalsutra resting between them. I noticed they were moist, maybe because of rubbing against Riaz’s water-soaked chest. Riaz was sitting next to her, leaning back, but not touching her. The arrogant smirk was gone from his face. He was staring at Bela with a worried look on his face and Bela was staring at her feet. They were both silent for about a minute.

Then Riaz cautiously reached out his hand and tried to touch her breast. From the way he was attempting it slowly, I guessed he had tried it before but had been slapped away. Not this time though. Bela ignored his hand as it cupped her breast. That non-reaction made Riaz break out into a wide grin. He slid closer to her and put his other hand on her bare thigh. Again, no reaction. He slowly slid the hand up her thigh until it was inside her skirt. From the position I was at, I could see that his fingers were almost at the top of her thigh and inches away from her pussy. And suddenly, it struck me that she was sitting at the exact same spot she was sitting at when Shyam’s fingers made their way there.

Riaz moved his fingers slowly inside her panties from the side and she let out a moan as it became evident that he had touched either her clit or her pussy. That moan seemed to work like an electric jolt for Riaz, who immediately stood up and unbuttoned his pants and slid them down in a flash with his underwear. And his erect circumcised dick sprang forward. It was not very big, about my size, but was quite thick. And because it was circumcised, the bulbous head was prominent. Bela looked at it, as if spellbound. This was the first circumcised dick she had laid eyes on. And what she said next revealed that she had no idea what circumcision is or does.
It looks so different! It has like a…..helmet.” she said, almost sounding like a child.

Riaz burst out laughing, and his dick sprang up and down as he laughed. Bela’s eyes followed it, up and down.

“Different from whom? Your husband?” he asked as he laughed.

“Yes, it looks so completely different. Especially at the end.” she said, still sounding more struck by curiosity than by arousal.

“Well, obviously it looks different at the end. Didn’t you expect that?” he asked.


He started laughing again and Bela looked at him confused.

“I really can’t understand you, memsaab. On the one hand, you seem like such a…..well…experienced woman. And bold. Yesterday you were screaming more than a woman giving birth when your husband was fucking you. And today you’ve been…well, you know. On the other hand, you seem genuinely clueless about the most basic things that a woman like you should know.” he said.

Bela looked even more puzzled.

“Anyway, forget why it looks different. The question is, what are you going to do with it?”

Bela answered with action, not words. She wrapped her fingers around his dick and started jacking him off.

“Oooohhhh…yeah, that’s good memsaab. Great start.” Riaz said happily.

Bela continued her handjob, increasing the speed, which made Riaz grunt in please again. She was at it for about a minute when Riaz put his hand on hers and said,

“OK, now next step.”

“Next step?” Bela looked at him surprised?

In response, Riaz pried her fingers loose and took a couple of steps closer. It was obvious to me what Riaz was about to do, but gullible Bela had still not realized it. She kept staring as his dick came closer and closer until it was right next to her mouth. She looked at it and then up at his face, quizzically.

“What?” she asked.

“What do you mean what? Take it on your mouth, memsaab.” Riaz said, matter-of-factly.

“No no no… NO!” Bela reacted in genuine shock and got up from the couch and took a couple of steps back. Now it was Riaz’s turn to look confused.

“What do you mean no?” He asked.

“I am not doing…..THAT with you.” She said sternly.

“What? Why not?” he asked.

“Because I am a married woman.” she said sincerely. But the comment obviously confused Riaz even more.

“What does your married being have to do with it? We have been doing all this other stuff even with your mangalsutra on. So why does marriage enter into the picture suddenly?” he asked.

“It’s my rule. I don’t do that with anyone with my husband.” she said. “Doing stuff with the hand is fine. Mouth, no.”

Hearing that made me feel very thrilled and happy for some reason. yes, my beloved and newly slutty wife was playing with him, but she still wasn’t crossing the lines she wouldn’t cross in my presence. Riaz stared at her dumbfounded. Then he shrugged and said,

“Well, whatever. I don’t care.”

He took a couple of steps close to her and took her in his arms. Which she did not mind at all. He hugged her gently, and she ran her fingers between them, up and down his abs. I was not sure what exactly was in Riaz’s mind, although I had a clue. But I don’t think Bela had the foggiest. So she did not mind at all when his hands slid down to her waist and started pushing her skirt and panties down. Bela did not resist at all and soon he had my wife completely naked.

He then fondled her ass and ran his fingers over his pussy lips. He inserted a finger inside and she let out a happy moan again. Riaz gently pulled her with him towards the couch. He pushed her so that she was on sitting on it, with her legs spread apart. Riaz slowly got down on his knees, leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He did not seem like a great kisser. Bela broke the kiss almost immediately. He then put his finger inside her pussy again and started finger fucking her. Bela leaned back and moaned in pleasure as he got her juices flowing. She started pressing her own boobs and looked at Riaz with half-closed eyes as his fingers kept going in and out of her cunt.

“Okay, nicely wet and ready now.” he said. I knew what he meant by that. I was almost about to yell out for them to stop, when Bela opened her eyes completely and said.

“Ready for what?” she asked. Ah, she would put a stop to it for sure.

Riaz smiled and leaned forward, kissing her on the lips again. This time he grabbed the back of her head so that she could not break the kiss. The kiss lasted for about 20 seconds and then I watched in horror as Riaz raised his hips, lined up his dick and in one swift thrust penetrated her sopping wet cunt, almost all the way in.

A scream froze in my throat. I was horrified at the idea of someone else actually fucking my wife, but at the same time, the actual incident happening had turned me on beyond belief. I should have screamed out and stopped Riaz, but I did not. Instead, Bela did.

“NOOOOOOO!” she screamed and pushed him back with force. Riaz fell backwards, his dick exiting her cunt as rapidly as it had entered it. He stumbled against the coffee table and managed to stabilize himself and avoid falling down.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you bitch?” he yelled back.

“What were you doing?” Bela shouted in a trembling voice. “You were that….down there…inside…. I told you only hands…..”

“Wait, you thought I was getting you naked and laying you on the couch just to finger-fuck you?” Riaz asked.

“Yes!” Bela said.

“But…come on… I don’t get it… listen, just let me try it again. You’ll like it.” Riaz said and started moving closer to her.

“NOOOO!” Bela screamed again, got up off the couch and ran towards the bedroom. Riaz watched dumbfounded as she sprinted inside the bedroom, closed the door behind her and bolted it shut. He had no idea what had just happened and why.


I watched, my mind filled with a mixture of relief and disappointment, as Riaz slumped down on the couch, his erection softening rapidly. He punched the couch cushions a couple of times in annoyance. Then he got up and put on his underwear and pants. He sat there like that for a while more, his head in his hand, trying to make sense of what had happened. Five more minutes went by and he put on his vest and shirt too. He then walked towards the bedroom door and knocked.

he was saying something, but was saying it softly, so I could not hear it. He kept knocking on the door and finally Bela opened it. i saw that she was still naked, and her face looked like she had been crying. They spoke for a couple of minutes, but in low voices so I could not hear what they were saying. After that Riaz, his shoulders sagging, walked away, and the still naked Bela closed the door. I wondered what exactly they might have said to each other. My guess was, she was apologizing to him, and from his body language, it looked like he had been doing the same. I was very impressed that he had respected her decisions and not tried to force himself on her. Anyone else in that position might have.

Riaz headed to the far end of the living room again to get back to work. The same spot where this game had first started, the spot that was out of my eyeline from the living room window. I stood there, waiting to see what would happen next. But the bedroom door stayed closed for a while and Riaz seemed to be in that corner. twenty minutes passed by and I was getting a bit bored. I felt pretty sure that the action had ended and nothing else would happen. The conversation the two had at the bedroom door seemed to have a sense of finality to it. I was about to turn around, go back to my car, and then make some excuse to return.

Just as I was going to turn and leave, I saw the bedroom door open. Bela walked out, still completely naked. She had definitely been crying a lot, and her hair was a mess. She looked to her left, at Riaz and said something. Then she started walking towards the kitchen. After she disappeared into the kitchen, I considered going to that window to see what she was doing when suddenly, I felt the cell phone buzz in my pocket. I picked it up, ran to the back of the house and answered it.

“Hello.” I said.

“Come home soon, Gautam, please.” Bela said in a very forlorn voice.

“What’s wrong, Bela?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“Just come home. I can’t tell you over the phone. I have done something horrible and I need to confess it to you. And I will understand if you divorce me after that.” Bela said.

“What? Come on, Bela. Don’t be silly. Anyway, I will be home soon. In an hour maybe.” I said and hung up. I suddenly started feeling guilty for setting this whole plan in motion. If I had just stayed at home, none of this would have ever happened. And now, just for some kinky kicks, I had let my wife get wracked by guilt.

I decided to go back to my car. As I was walking past the house to head out to the compound I jumped over, I noticed that the kitchen window over the stove was still open. I ducked under it, in case Bela was still in the kitchen, then crept up slowly to make sure she wasn’t. Well, she wasn’t in the kitchen.

Instead, I saw her at the far end of the living room, at the very spot where she had first kissed and licked Riaz’s chest. Riaz was squatted on the ground, working on the internet connection. And Bela was standing next to him, naked clearly saying something. He would nod once in a while and say something brief in return. I guessed she was still apologizing to him. I watched, unable to look away as they kept talking for about five minutes.

At the end of it, Bela went close to Riaz, bent down, and kissed him on the forehead gently. I then saw her advance her right hand, which was curled up into a fist and press it into Riaz’s hand. That was the first time I noticed there was something small in her hand. The way she handed it to him, and he held it in his hand, I guessed it was money. My wife, feeling guilty, was giving Riaz some money to make up for being such a tease. She then got up, turned around and walked back into the bedroom.

Riaz just sat there like that, glum look on his face for a couple of minutes. Then, to my surprise, he broke out into a grin, and looked at the money in his hand. He pumped the fist in air a couple of times, like a tennis player does after hitting a good shot. I was surprised that just getting some money had made him so happy. I wondered how much she had given him.

Now, money can make people happy. But very few people get sexually aroused by it. I watched surprised as Riaz seemed to have that precise reaction. He got up and hurriedly took off his shirt. He then unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down with his underwear and kicked them away, sporting a full erection. This really confused me. And actually angered me a little. I realized that I had been wrong in thinking he was a nice enough man to force himself on her. Even after their conversations, it seemed like he was now about to do exactly that. Fully naked he slowly started advancing towards the bedroom door.

I was about to run towards the main door and bang on it to stop it, when I noticed him look at his fist. The fist that held the money. He opened the fist into a palm and looked at it. I wondered it he was going to throw it away or something. Instead, he picked it up with his other hand, and then using both hands, it seemed like he tore it. He tore up the cash, I wondered, when suddenly, a tube light went off in my head.

From a distance of almost 40 feet, I had mistakenly become convinced that Bela had handed Riaz some currency notes. Now that i focused my eyes on it, what he was holding in his hand was not a torn currency note, but a torn condom packet. Riaz took the condom out and threw the wrapper on the floor. He then took the condom, the condom that my wife had handed to him, and unrolled it over his erect dick. Once he had the condom on completely, he shouted out something, walked to the bedroom door and knocked on it.

I watched, scarcely able to believe my eyes as the door opened, and only Bela’s right hand came out. She ran her fingers over his naked chest, all the way down to his erect condom-clad dick. She wrapped her fingers around it, and pulled it, pulling Riaz into the bedroom with her. And that’s when reality completely hit me. I had no idea what exactly had been said in those two conversations, or what my wife had done in the bedroom. What seemed clear to me, was that she had decided to let him fuck her after all. Frozen to the ground, I watched the bedroom door slam shut.

In a daze, as if on autopilot, I walked towards the bedroom wall to open the window and peek inside. But I did not need to open the window. It was wide open. as I walked closer, and whatever was happening in the window became visible and audible to me. My wife’s boobs were hanging out again like before, pressed through the window bars. Her eyes were closed like before. Her hands were grabbing the bars like before. Everything was like before, when I spied her earlier in the bedroom window.

Well, not exactly like before. This time her body was moving back and forth. Her boobs were sliding in and out of the gap between the bars. Her shut eyes twitched in the same rhythm. And this time she was making the noise “AAHHHH….AAHHHH…AAHHHH” in the same rhythm too. In a few seconds, two dark skinned hands came out of the window to join her white ones. The palms grabbed hold of the boobs from outside the bars. and the tempo of the movement seemed to increase. I watched dumbfounded, advancing towards the window without any concern of being seen, as my wife cried out,


She then opened her eyes, turned her head back to kiss him, and then when she turned her head straight to look out of the window, her eyes met mine. She looked at me without any expression on her face, and said,

“I said harder Riaz, harder!”

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