Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Shriya knew she was beautiful and was accustomed to the appreciative glances of men and women alike. After all she is the queen of sandalwood who is a raremix of talent and beauty. She had full voloptuous body which any male will fantasise playing with, long legged,with long straight hair that nearly reached her
small waist.Her facial features were splendid with big black eyes, straight nose,and wide full lips, but Shriya always thought her best asset was her
beautiful body,especially her tits,which stood out full and curved upwards at the ends, capped by half inch nipples. Her first boyfriend sucked and licked them for
at least 30 minutes before actually having sex with her on thier first night together. She being top most actress down south had world on her feet. Every
producer, director and actor wanted to work with her. But then she also did some movies up north here and there but not with much success. It was then that she
got a call from one hollywood agent through her secretary who told her that one very huge movie is being made about one famous Indian princess. He informed her
that after doing all research on Indian actresses 3 actresses have been shorlisted. But before offering anyone, he is calling her as his director is hugely
impressed by her beauty and acting talent, which according to him suits perfectly for the role. Before hanging up, he fixed an appointment with her next Monday
evening. Hearing all this she was on cloud nine. But Shriya being extremely sharp girl, thought to herself “I am queen here. My attempt to move to bigger shore
(bollywood) failed miserably. I won’t let this opportunity go by at any cost.

RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

She waited in anticipation for coming week when on saturday night she recieved the call from same guy. He pre-poned the meeting and said it will happentommorow as the production house marketing guy is available only tommorow. She agreed without even blinking an eyelid. Further she was instructed to dress
up in Indian clothes as she has been billed as fit for her role due to her Indianess only. Next evening she reached the venue – a 5 star hotel located in city of
Chennai. She was dressed in cream color churidaar kameez. Her kameez was sleeveless and had huge neck with chuni drapped well above her boobs, enough
to give the peek at her melons.

She had a small bindi and matching earrings with a light lipstick. She was picture of Indian beauty at its best.. Trey Jack had been
in the production business for 12 years and for the past year had been associated with current production house. At 6’2″, 195 lbs. of muscle and bone
he was well different from other of his peers. With his rugged demeanor women wanted to fuck him,at least until they found out about how sadistic he was. Jack
was the consumate hunter (of pussy)because after he finished with them most of them would shun him like the plague. “Fuck ‘em”! Jack ught.”Theres always a
fresh supply of cunt with all these young women hanging around at the end of every cycle.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Shriya reached the venue next evening well on time. It was dimly lit room where only v few tables were occupied. Jack arrrived 15 mins too late. He wasmesmerised by her beauty. He introduced himself and asked Shriya what she will prefer for drinks. She politely refused. On which a Jack frowned and thought “plan
1 to get her laid seems to be failing..”. He then told her about his origin that he is half Indian half African as his mother was an Indian and he knows hindi in bits and
pieces. Shriya smiled and felt somewhat more comfortable hearing this. Their conversation was interrupted when Shriya’s mobile rang up. It was from one of
the producers from sandalwood who is running after her since 1 month to get her sign on dotted line for forthcoming release with a superstar son. Seeing which she
disconnected the call and looked towards Jack and asked about the script of the movie. He assured her its big nd her role is such that it will put her in the top
bracket as leading ladies like Reese Wiherspoon. Hearing that name excitement ran all over her body and her eyes got bigger with surprise and excitement.
Seeing this Jack thought “now the ball is going in right place”. He continued. “Its a role which was written with Reese in mind only but the problem came with her
blonde hair and Americal fair skin”. “But then she is the finest we thought we will color her hair black brownish and have body tanned a bit..” “and
we approached her. Our deal was almost signed up when she refused on the last moment..”
By this time Shriya was listening v attentively, when Jack touched her hand which was resting on table in his and said “aap bahut khubsurat hai. Hum aapko hi
lena chahte hai”. She was more surprised with hindi than from the physical contact and immediatelely freed her hand from his and said “Aap kya..aap sach
main reese ji ke saath film bana rahe the…aur aap mujhe lena chahte hai reese ji ke role ke liye..sach ha..I can’t believe..i canit believe”. Saying this she moved
her hand on her head, then pinched herself and thne said “pls dont wake me up if its only a dream..M ready to live it evn though if its a dream only”. Hearing this
Jack stood and came behind Shriya’s chair. He kept both his hands on her shoulders and said reassuringly “yes you are.. the one we have chosen to be
princess in our motion picture”. Shriya turned back and smiled and asked “when the shooting will start?” He smiled and said “first we should talk about money
script no” She: “no I wil work no matter what money..script mujhe aap par pura bharosa hai”
All the while eyeing her georgous face and tits. He wanted so much to reach out and grab one of those beautiful tits and twist it until she screamed and had to
excuse himself for fear of doing so. But he knew exacly how to play now as the girl was sweeped by his proposition..After mild drinks, Shriya left and he kept
sitting thier thinking about all wild things he would do to her in coming days…
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

She got back in her mercedes to the off hotel she had rented for her 2 day stay Next day she found 1 pamphlet with bunch of roses at her doorstep. A noteattached read “Red roses for the Indian beauty. Come for cocktail party tonight at Merc Hotel”. The pamplet also said that guests were welcome! “Well thats
what I’ll do tonight” Shriya thought.”At least I can have a few cocktails and listen to the band”.”Anythings better than just sitting here”. So Shriya grabbed a
sandwich through room service and went back to her room to change.
Shriya looked stunning as she entered the large ballroom, even though she hadn’t really tried. She was wearing a sleeveless summer white dress with white high
heels and handbag. Her long hair hung carelessly down her back in stark contrast to her apparel. Her well shaped legs and ass immediately caught the attention of
John. John was an aquaintance of Jack and both were known as pussyhounds so most other guys guarded thier wives and girlfriends carefully when these two were around.
Shriya sat down alone at a table,ordered a gin and tonic and relaxed as the band played some really good dance music. The club was mostly full but most everyone
seemed to be paired up.Shriya wished that someone would ask her to dance to some of the fast tunes, knowing that her boyfriend wasn’t the jealous type and
trusted her completely,anyway, she planned to tell him she had come. Knowing him,he would say”great, I wish I could have been there with you”. She wished it too.
After a while, during her second cocktail as she was just beginning to feel the effects of the gin, a man asked her to dance.She said”sure,why not”. He seemed
very nice and was pleasant to talk to. He told her he was a Jack’s friend and he was the one who told him about her when Reese refused. He is the only Indian
guy whom he knows and his name was John. After a few dances he asked if he could sit with her just to talk as he was alone and so was she. Shriya knew she
wasn’t going to allow anything more than talk so she told him it was okay.As the evening wore on she told him of her boyfriend of years and thier plans for the future and
actually enjoyed the time and the drinks that John kept ordering. “Well”,”This was very nice but I have to go” said Shriya.” Can I get a taxi outside”? she asked
innocently. “Well I need to be leaving also” said John. ” Can I drop you off somewhere”? “I guess that’ll be okay” said Shriya as he politely walked her to his car.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

John had hoped to get her drunk enough to take advantage of her but she had stopped after about four drinks and had ruined his plan.At least she was allowinghim to take her to her hotel.He would make a try there in his car. Little did he know that he was being watched by Jack.
Jack was in the club watching all this. His mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of Shriya all evening and was totally surprised when he saw her in the
club dancing with that shit-for-brains John.He had actually come to the club to look for a woman to fuck but forgot all about that when he spied Shriya. Actually,
he was going to fuck, Shriya!! if John acted the way Jack thought he would. John would take her to her hotel and try to maul her in the parking lot, the dumb-fuck.
Instead of just keeping on driving someplace in the woods where he could just take the pussy. The stupid slob probably gave her his real name too. Well it still
could work out to his advantage.
John drove Shriya to her hotel while Jack followed. John stopped the car and started talking to Shriya. Jack was parked close by with his video camera running.
He saw John grab Shriya and kiss her while grabbing her tits. John was strong and Shriya was having a hard time breaking away from him.Then dumb ass got
frustrated and cold cocked Shriya.She melted against the door as John started running his hands up her dress feeling her legs, cunt, and ass.
“John”! ” You are one dumb fuck” said Jack as the startled John looked around to see Jack with his camcorder aimed at him. “This is going to cost you, you fucking
maggot”! “Now get her inside or would you rather sit out here and get tagged for rape”?
When they got her inside the room Shriya was still out like a light. “Jaldi kar nanga kar jaldi se isey” said Jack. John got the message and quickly removed
Shriya’s clothes. Once naked, Jack said,”now you do the same so I can get some compromising tape”. John did as told and climbed on the bed with Shriya. Then he
pulled her head between his legs and said”How’s this”? “Great” “Now put your cock in her mouth and make it look real”. By now John had a rock hard on anyway
and easily slipped his 7 plus inch cock down Shriya’s throat,and by moving her head up and down and having positioned her on her stomach, it appeared as if
she was a willing slut. After a few seconds of filming Jack said,”Now get in a 69 position”. John quickly rotated his head toward the foot of the bed and
repositioned Shriya so that she had one knee on each side of John head with her cunt in his face while her head was between his legs.Then Jack smiled.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Shriya awoke suddenly and didn’t know where she was.When she raised her head and saw that she was lying face down on a man she jumped up off the bed andstaggered backwards into a chair. “yha kya ho rha hai”?”she yelled” at the two men she dazedly saw in her room. “You”! When her eyes focused enough to
recognize Jack. “What are you doing here”? Jack just smiled and said “well I just dropped by to help my old friend John out a little”.”It’s a good thing too because I
don’t think he’s man enough to handle all that good pussy you’ve been throwing on him”.
“What the fuck are you talking about”? said Shriya.
“I’m talking about this video that shows you kissing, sucking, and sixty-nineing with old John here”.”dekhna chahogi”?
“What is it you want”? asked Shriya,inwardly knowing the answer.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

“mere saath banne ki koshish mat kar raa**. I know you are a slut” Jack replied. “ab chup chaap yha aa aur john ka lu*** choos ache se, nahi to teri yeh raasleela internet pe post kar deta hu and with that hollywood ka to patta nahi bollywood mn jarur kaam mil jayega..sunny ki taraah”. Shriya knew Jack meant
what he said. It would kill her fanbase down south and also her whatever little movies in bollywood..hollywood errrrr.. But Shriya being shy can’t come to terms
what to do next. She was thinking only when Jack came and pulled her by hair and forced her to look in his eyes and said “lagta hai tu aise nahi samjhegi. Khair
net pe to hum baad mn post karenge, pehle tujhe sabak sikhaana parega”. Saying this he pushed her on the bad by pulling her from her hair itself. He stopped the
cam coder and jumped on her. He tried to kiss her but she kept fighting him and shouting. Seeing this John came and said “bro you need help to handle the bitch”.
With that he sat before her head and took both her hands and locked them above her head in his hands. Meanwhile Jack was on her stomach controlling
lower part. He took both his hands on her boobs and twitched them hard and she shouted “noooo pls no”. Then he took hold of her face and pressed her cheeks
with his right hand and took a forced kiss. Then he went down and opened her legs. She kept on fighting but he managed to open and raise her legs on his
shoulders. Then he pushed his cock inside her pussy. She shouted “nooo no pls no yeh nahhhhhhhhi”. Hearing this he pushed his 8 inch cock further inside and
she yelled with wide opened eyes even louder “noooooooooooooooo ahh plsssss naah no aa ha”. Seeing her eyes wide open, John who had her hands in control
too became horny and closed her mouth cutting across her cries to “na ummm mm” by forcefully smooching her.Meanwhile Jack pushed more inside and then pulled it
out a little. Then pushed with more force and back. Like that he quickly maintained a rythym. He was fucking her pussy, meanwhile John was still smooching and in
process fondling her breast with other hand. All of a sudden he cut the smooch and Shriya yelled in full force “umm uh aaah aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaa oo aaoooo ooo
uh” with tears rolling down her eyes to her cheeks but Jack kept on raping her pussy mercilessly. It continued for next 1 more minute when Jack exploded his cum
inside her and shriya cried and gave final yell “nooooooooooooo no pls nahiiiii”.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Jack pulled out and said “slut you are the sexiest women I had ever”. With this he left her lying in pain. Now it was turn of John. He came and took her legs on hiswaist and without wasting any time, pushed his 9 inche inside her. She who was still crying yelled again “ahhhhhh..pls no no ah”. Compared to Jack, John was
more rude. He was fu*** her hole like there is no tommorow. She kept on yelling with each thrust “ah aha aha ah” with tears brimming all over her face. Seeing
them he was getting more and more excited and was banging more and more fierecely. It continued for about 3 minutes, when he finally cummed inside. By this
time Shriya was totally exhausted and she could only whimper “ahh nooha ho ho”..
Jack then pulled out and straight away stretched her towards him by pulling her by her hair. She was now in sitting position. He lifted her in his arms and took her
to the sofa nearby. Meanwhile John also joined. Now Shriya was sitting between two of them. John pulled her face towards himself by holding her head and
started smooching her forcefully. Shriya tried to push him away, but John was too strong and also Shriya had almost lost her will to fight anymore. In the mean time
Jack took her boobs in his mouth and started sucking them first left one then right one. It all lasted for next few more minutes, when Jack pushed her a little
and said “dekh hamare pas tera video clip hai, agar kutch boli to woh internet pe upload ho jayega” “Isliye behatat hai chup rehne ka aur sab kutch bhul jaane ka”
With this they asked her to wear her clothes. After which they dropped her to her hotel room and left. Shriya spent full night crying..after all her quest for
better avenues has destroyed the very things she had.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Relaxing after shootLife has been hectic for Sonakshi ever since she hit the bull’s eye with her first movie itself. Now 2 years down the line she is shooting 1 movie after another.
Seeing the line of movies she is doing with A-list actors people are billing her as blockbuster girl. Today yet another day at shoot, but was very tiresome. The
reason was the dance sequence which was performed during day on hot rocks under sultring Mumbai heat.
After all these years in the showbiz, yep 2 to be precise, she is still single. But she never compalins as she is busy all days. Single and 24, the voloptous built-
she the fantasy of many males. Some even goes onto extent of comparing her with Hema Malini. But today she was exhausted and her feet were paining due to
that idiotic song sequence. Sonakshi was very tired and it was time to lock up – 11pm. She planned to just lock the front door, go home and soak in a hot tub.
Sonakshi took off her brown top, hung it up then unzipped and slid off her blue jeans. Then without dropping down her undergarments she wrapped her black
color bathing robe. She started the tap to fill the hot tub not bothering to lock the backdoor. She put her left leg in warm water and just started playing with
water. After all, having two of the hugest blockbusters in her kitty, she can relax and play..
Was that a sound? No. Relax just a bit more. Play some more. She pulled out her leg and sat down on edge of tub, putting her left hand in water and started
rowing imagining herself in boat and playing with water. Meanwhile moving her legs naughtily up down.
RE: Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

Lights on her eyes? Hand over her mouth! Cold steel at her throat! Dreaming? She could only make little noice when she was thrust under the water again and againbefore being roughly pulled up by the hair. Forced to stand, gasping, sputtering. “Chup saali. Hilyo mat! Hey, Jamal, baaki sab bhul ja, dekh kya mila hai mujhe.”
Sonakshi stood quivering and trembling. A flashlight blinded her eyes. She instinctively put her hands on her breast, even though she had bath robe on. A
vicious slap! “Haath kaune mn. Hum bhi dekhe aaj kya haath laga hai” The flat of the knife slid down from her throat, between her breasts, under her right breast
over her robe. He took off her robe and started fondling her boobs under her bra. He took the knife under the mid of her bra and gave a pull enough to cut it. Next
he removed it and slid it down and threw it away on floor. Meanwhile Jamal could not believe what he was seeing. “Sona Sonakshi Sonakshi hai yeh..rowdy waali”
Two men stared at her. Sonakshi’s naked body with only panty dripped and shook. Her head swam as she realized the trouble she was in. “P-please, mujhe
hurt mat karo. Jo chaahiye le jao yha se, par mujhe chor do Please!” “Hum kutch bhi le ja sakte hai? Truck’s bahaar hai, aur hum sab kutch le ke jayenge yha se.
Sirf ak cheez ke, jise hum yahi bhar kar jayenge. Bahut din ho gaye mazzey liye huye. Saala aaj haath lagi bhi to sonakshi jaaneman. Chal murr, taaki hum teri
cho** dekh sake. Bahut hilti hai yeh cinema hall main”
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