I am a 32 year old, married, from Bangalore, about 5ft. 8 inches a little on the muscular side, regular brown skin and average looking.I used to have a wonderful group of friends in college and i do keep in touch with most of them even today. But this story is about Shreya. She was an acquaintance during college days and we used to short conversations every now and then, when we met in the college campus. She had an average face but there was something about her hair and her figure that made me give her a second look. To be honest, some nights i did think of making love to her before i fell asleep. Anyways, after college, Shreya and me stopped keeping in touch completely. It all changed last year, i happened to meet her at a party, and we were pleasantly surprised to meet after a gap of almost 9 years. She walked up to me and tapped my shoulder; i looked back and saw her with a smile on her face. I recognized her and yelled her name, we both were excited and we hugged each other. We hugged so tight that i could feel her soft and rounded breasts crush against my chest and i could smell the intoxicating perfume that she had applied on her body. After hugging, we spoke for a little bit exchanged our contact number and ended up going back to our respective friend groups and eventually returning to our respective homes to sleep. I do have to mention that she was also married.For some reason, we continued to keep in touch over sms or watsapp. We reached a point where we would message each other on a daily basis and this went on for over a couple of months. All our conversations were filled with humor, advice on life, friendly and a bit flirty messages etc., nothing very sexual. One day it so happened that our respective spouses went out of station, it was a Saturday and i did not have any plans for the evening. I decided to generally message Shreya, and she replied back saying that her husband was travelling and she was alone at home. I decided to make use of this opportunity and asked her to come out for dinner, she was one step better than me, she asked me to come to her place as she will cook dinner for both of us. I gladly accepted the invitation and went to her place at around 8.00pm with a bottle of scotch as a gift, i was dressed casually, not expecting anything extra ordinary.When she opened the door, i felt like my heart skipped a beat. She had a wonderful black dress ending a little above her knees. Her eyes looked happy and her hair was just perfectly done and she had bit of a make up on her face. She asked me to come in and i followed her into her living room, smelling her awesome perfume all the way. She turned around and we hugged each other and i gave her the bottle of scotch i got for her. The room was not brightly lit, and there were small candles kept around the room. I could notice her curves, her breasts seemed bigger and rounder, she had a little more weight on her hips, not too much, but enough to feel the curves when you run your hand over it. I followed her close as she walked to the table to keep the bottle of scotch.She turned around and found me right in front of her. I honestly don’t know what came over me; i held her lower back with my right arm and pulled her close. We both were staring into each other’s eyes and i could feel her breathe on my face. I gathered all the courage i could and said “i might be holding you in person for the first time, but i have made love to you many times in my dreams” i was expecting her to be offended but, she replied “if you want, you can live your dreams tonight”.We came close and started kissing our lips real slow at first, and then we began to suck each other’s lips. I was caressing her back and neck tenderly while she was running her fingers through my hair. She stepped back, held my hand and took me to a room which was right next to where we were standing. I walked with her, as we came close to the bed, we kissed again and i gently laid her on the bed and came down on her. I kissed her neck, and also a part of her cleavage that was visible. With my hands on her back, i slowly unzipped her dress and peeled it off her body. As soon as i did that, she took my t shirt off me. Now she was in her black strapless bra and black panty. Her tits were actually bigger than average, i would guess a 36 c, more importantly, when i removed her bra, it stood out soft but firm with pointed nipples. I suckled her breasts for some time and ran my tongue down to her naval, played with her naval with my tongue and then slowly removed her panty and started to kiss her inner thighs. I could feel her body moving like a snake and i could hear her moans. Pretty soon i was on her pussy lips running my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clits. Going by her moans and body movements, i understood that she loved it. I came back to her beautiful breasts; i licked her nipples, ten i began to run my tongue along the curves of her breasts, kissing her armpits ever now and then.In the meanwhile, she had managed to remove my belt. Then she pushed me over and took my jeans off. She then came over me and kissed me hard on my lips removing my underwear at the same time. She came down my chest and sucked my nipples, this time she was caressing my balls. I dick was pretty hard by now. She sat on my stomach, looked into my eyes, gave me a wink and moved her hips over my dick and slowly took it into her vagina. It went in smooth as she was already wet. She rode me for a bit like a cowgirl and i could see her breasts bouncing up and down. I raised my upper body by supporting my arms and came right next to her body. She leaned back a little and offered her breasts to my hungry mouth. I suckled them one after another. Then i turned her over and had sex in missionary position. We kept staring into each other’s eyes. She was moaning and biting her lips and moving her head around, a couple of times, her arms and legs got stiff and she let out a stiff moan after which she would smile and touch my face with her palms. I was about to come and when i asked her, she pleaded that i come on her stomach. In about a couple of minutes i obliged and came on her stomach.We were a little exhausted, but we both were happy. I informed her about my lust for her during college days and was surprised when she told me that she was kind of aware of it and she also used to masturbate thinking of me during college days, and how she wished we made love to each other. She also told me that when she hugged me at the party, she had made up her mind to plan to take me to bed with her when the opportune time presents itself. Shreya and me both have a below average sex life in our marriage but after, we made love to each other a couple of times. Unfortunately, she has moved to a different state with her husband, but we still chat over the phone.

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