Shilpas Friend Bhavika Explored

my earlier story about Shilpa, my cousin’s BIL’s wife, with whom I enjoyed for 8 days and made her pregnant. This story is related with Shilpa only not directly but she was the main instrument to make this miracle happened.So here I go, after Shilpa gave me good news that she is pregnant (she has delivered a baby boy in October, 2011) the chapter was closed as far as I am concerned. I was also not interested to advance much as she was my cousin’s BIL’s wife and therefore, to keep the relationship with her is nothing but a danger as it would have blasted our entire families.One day while I was in office Shilpa called me up on my mobile.

 I was bit surprised to see her call as after her pregnancy news, she never phoned me again and this was the first time after her pregnancy she had called me up. I went to my desk and attended her call. Shilpa was talking to me and I observed that she is quite excited. I asked her about the same and she told me that it�s a secret and she would like to share the same with me.I asked her that she can tell me the same over the phone but she insisted that I should come down to Pune and there she will disclose the matter. 

I said that I can’t come immediately but only on weekends. Since it was Tuesday, I told her that I will be there on Saturday. She said ok and then we cut the phone down. That whole day, I was thinking why Shilpa has called me up and what secret she wants to share with me and but I could not get any clue and in return.My head started paining and my boss noticed that there is something wrong with me and asked me what’s the matter and I told him that my head is paining and he told me that if I wish, I can go home early and take some rest. 

I thanked my boss and went home and while driving to the home I was still thinking about the Shilpa’s call and her secret she wish to unleash to me at last the Saturday came and I left from home at 9:30 am and proceeded to Pune.I reached Pune around 12:00 pm and called up Shilpa. She attended my call immediately and asked me to stay in the same hotel where I fucked her and I said ok and proceeded towards the hotel and checked in and after checking in I sent SMS to Shilpa about my room number around 2:00 pm, my room door was knocked. I opened the door and it was Shilpa with her, there was another lady of her age only. I greeted both of them and took them in and closed the door.I then sat on the sofa and Shilpa and that other girl sat on the bed. I asked her what secret she wants to share with me. 

Shilpa in return introduced me to her friend Bhavika (name changed) she was also around Shilpa’s age but has more sexy and tight body than her and after introducing her friend, Shilpa was quiet for a while. I was looking at her but had not said anything. Finally Shilpa broke the silence and told me that Bhavika is her best friend and she knows about our affair.I got a shock by listening to this but Shilpa was quiet and she continued slowly and she started telling me the story of her best friend Bhavika. She was from a very rich marwari family and they were friends since their childhood also they studied in the same college as well as college in due course of time both of them got married. Like Shilpa, Bhavika had a problem in her sex life and her husband was too busy in their family business and had a very little time for his lovely wife other than minting lot of money when Bhavika heard about Shilpa’s affair with me.How she got pregnant? She told Shilpa whether I could help her out to sort out her problem as I know that in so many marwari families, husbands are busy in making money and thus overlooked the physical needs of their wives by this time Bhavika had gathered some courage and took the story from where Shilpa had left. She started telling that her husband Pravin is so busy in money making that they do not do intercourse even for months whenever they do the intercourse Pravin ejacuates in few minutes and then goes to sleep.Bhavika told that even she was Ok with the occassional intercourse but Pravin never looks at her or never gives her any wife like treatment whenever he feels like doing sex and he just makes her naked and assaults her and after his satisfaction, he even did not bother to talk to his wife and goes to sleep, which hearts her more. Since it is already 1.5 years for their marriage and still there is no news from Bhavika about child, her in and laws were after her to give them a grand son.She was in such a fix that she even can’t tell the facts to them and could not even talk to Pravin not that she had not talked to Pravin about it but his response was that I am doing it but still you can’t deliver a child that means there is some problem with you. He also once threatened her that if she doesn�t give him a child, he will divorce her and will do the second marriage from that day Bhavika was under tremendous pressure but could not tell this thing to anyone except her best friend Shilpa while telling this.Bhavika started crying and was begging me to help her out to sort out the problem. 

I was dumbstuck and was looking at Shilpa. She looked at me and told me to help her best friend from breaking her house. I told Shilpa that I am ready only because of her request and asked her if she had consulted any doctor. Shilpa told that yes, she has been to a gynaecologist and every thing is normal as stated by the doctor and listening to all this story I asked Shilpa when we will have to start and she asked Bhavika about her availability.Bhavika had stopped crying by now and after Shilpa asked her, she blushed and her beautiful face has become red. She in low voice told Shilpa that even today also she is ready for it. Shilpa in turn told me the same but the only problem was that her in laws knows that Bhavika is with Shilpa and if Shilpa goes away from there and if they came to know and then Bhavika will be in great difficulty it was a big problem for me as how to manage this thing ultimately Shilpa told me that she will be seating in the balcony attached to the room.Both of us can do the sex in the room I had no problem for it but the question was that whether Bhavika will accept it or not at first Bhavika was a bit hesitant as how to do sex when Shilpa is there, but Shilpa convinced her that there is no alternative since at that time, Shilpa was pregnant and she even could not move much and that’s why she came with the alternative of seating in the balcony. I

 then put 2 chairs in the balcony and asked Shilpa to relax on it.I also told her that I am locking the door from inside and in case she need anything and she should give the knock for which she agreed. So after this is decided Shilpa transferred to balcony and I closed the door as well as window opening towards balcony and went towards the bed where Bhavika was seating for the first time, I looked at Bhavika from sexy angle. She was really beautiful very fair in color and had long hair and her parameters were sexier than Shilpa.I went close to her and Bhavika has her eyes pointed at the ground and she was literally shievering. I put both my hands on her shoulder and could feel how much she was shievering. I hold her at her shoulders and made her stand still she was looking at the ground. I then hold her at her chick and moved her face towards me. We had an eye to eye contact and I slowly kissed on her forehead and her entire body was shievering as if she is in fever.I told her that she should feel comfortable and I will not do anything without her permission. She blushed once again and her lovely face has become red. I pulled Bhavika towards me and gave her a tight hug. I could feel her big boobs crushing on my chest over my t-shirt. We hugged for about 5 minutes and by the time Bhavika got her senses back and she also started responding to me and her hands started caressing my back over the t-shirt and I started caressing her ass over her saree after hugging her for 5 more minutes.I loosened my grip and kept my lips on her lips and we had long French kiss. Now Bhavika also had her shyness vanished and she also started responding very nicely at the same time she stated moaning uummmhhhhh slowly I removed her saree and guided her to the bed. I came over her and started kissing her all over the face and leaking her earlobes and neck and her moans were increasing by now Bhavika has became very bold and was responding to me very well and she even forgot that Shilpa is in the balcony slowly.I untied the knot of her petticoat and removed it from her. She was wearing a pink colored panty and there was a spot on her love hole which means, she was already started oozing her pre cum slowly I removed her blouse as well and now she was in pink bra and panty. I kissed her cleavage over her bra and leaked it. She was now jerking and moaning uummm aaaahhhhh! Then unhooked her bra and her big melons were open to me with light brown aerolas and little dark brown nipples which were already hard.I started leaking one of the nipples and she moaned more loudly at the same time, she put her hand inside my t-shirt and started caressing my back. I then removed my t-shirt. Now I was in my jeans with boxer in no time, I removed my jeans as well and now both were naked at top with only innerware at the bottom. I started leaking her right from top and went to her navel it was a beautiful deep navel. I leaked it to my fullest satisfaction.Bhavika by this time was also equally hot and her hands slipped in my boxer and she started squeezing my butts. I moved my face toward her panty and kissed it over the wet spot. She jerked vibrantly and gave away a loud moan. Her hips were jerking up and down and she got hold of my hair and started pushing it towards her pussy harder. I was leaking her over the panty and then in one go I removed her panty and that beauty was now completely naked in front of me.She had a very clean and shaven pussy with pink lips and a nice clitoris. I kissed her clit and she again jerked and moaned loudly. She was in seventh heaven by now and started moaning uuhh aaahhhh. I came to know that this is the right time and removed my boxer and I was also completely naked by this time and I was also nicely warmed up and my 8 inches tool was like rock hard iron rod and was rearing to explore the wonderful pussy right infront of me.Bhavika looked at my cock and hold it in her hand. She pulled the foreskin and the red tip was visible. She told me that my tool is nearly double than that of her husband plus it is very thick as well. Looking at her and her shievered once again and told me Atul don’t waste the time and just fuck me hard and like Shilpa give me a child. She then widened her legs and gave me more access to explore her nice love hole. I asked her whether she is ready to do some foreplay before actual sex.She told that she has never done it with her husband but if I wish, she is ready to do it but then I will have to tell her how to do it. I then explained her foreplay before actual sex. I was happy listening to this at least; she was ready to do whatever things for a baby. I then explained her about 69 positions and leaking of genitals of each other before doing actual sex at first, she hesitated but after thinking for a few seconds, she agreed and immediately we took 69 positions.She came over me and I have adjusted her pussy to my mouth and slowly I started exploring my tongue on her clit and then pussy lips. I also leaked her ass hole and she was leaking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I told her to take it in the mouth and suck it. She has done that and started sucking my cock vibrantly. I was also in seventh heaven and her hot mouth was exploring my tool nicely in the meantime, I inserted my middle finger in her asshole and started to and fro motions at the same time.I was leaking her pussy hole and clitoris. She was moaning continuously and after some time, she jerked and gave away a loud moan it was her first orgasm and her love juices were sprayed on my face and I started leaking them. She was jerking up and down and letting me explore her pussy hole with my tongue after leaking her dry and I asked her whether she is ready for the exploration and immediately she told yes. We then went in missionary position.I put the tip of my cock on the opening of her love hole and started shoving it inside. Her pussy was quite tight due to the thickness of my cock as her husband’s cock was not that big and thick? She was in some sort of pains while I was shoving in my cock in her love hole but in no time, her pussy muscles gripped over my cock and she tied her legs around my waist and I started pumping her slowly in and out at the same time. I was caressing her big melons and leaking the nipples in between slowly.I started increasing my speed and she seems to enjoy it and her body was also jerking with the rhythm and matching my each and every stroke. Now, I started blasting her faster and fiercely. She was constantly moaning and asking me to fuck her hard and fast. It went for 5-7 minutes and she had her second orgasm and her pussy juices were flowing out and dripping on her thighs and bed sheet. I was ramming her beautiful love hole madly and in next few minutes and I started shooting my sperms deep inside her pussy.I emptied myself completely inside and then removed the cock again we went in 69 positions and leaked each other dry. She was very happy and satisfied and we then again lip locked and had a long kiss after we broke the kiss, she told me that she got such heavy orgasms for the first time in her life and today only and she came to know what real sex is all about and it�s pleasure after our act we went to wash room toghether and freshened ourselves while in wash room.I was caressing her mangoes from behind while my cock was touching her ass crack. We then had a short bath together and made each other dry and came out. We then dressed up and I opened the balcony door and took Shilpa in. Shilpa was looking at Bhavika and she immediately came to know by the glory at her face that she is so satisfied like her and I then ordered tea and breakfast as it was almost 4:00 pm by nowBoth of them departed after having the tea and breakfast around 4:30 pm while leaving Shilpa told me that Bhavika can’t come tomorrow as her husband will be at home. So I told her that I will come back in the middle of next week by applying for leave and then we can have few more rounds of sex so that she will definitely get pregnant. It will be my next story as how I explored Bhavika further.

 left Pune on next day (Sunday) morning and reached Mumbai on Monday; I went to my boss and applied for leave for the next week. I gave the reason that my headache is giving me a lot of trouble and hence, would like to take an appointment with the ENT specialist as well as to take rest. My boss readily agreed for that as he knows that I don’t take much leaves unless it is absolutely necessary.True, it was also an absolute necessary work given to me by Shilpa. So I have to complete it under any circumstances once my leave is sanctioned, I called up Shilpa that I will be coming to Pune the next week. I will be there on Sunday night so that, I can take some rest before exploring Bhavika because all the travel and then the continuous sex is quite a tiring issue.Shilpa was happy and thanked me for the help extended by me to her best friend. Likewise, I reached Pune on Sunday evening. I started from home around 4:00 pm and reached the hotel around 7:00 pm. The next day, I called up Shilpa around 11:00 am and she was waiting for my call only. I told her that I am already in the hotel since yesterday evening and she can bring Bhavika with her to the hotel in return.Shilpa told me that she is not feeling well due to her pregnancy and she will not come to hotel but she is going to the doctor and Bhavika will be there around 1:00 pm. I was happy to hear that this time, Bhavika is coming alone because how close me and Bhavika are to Shilpa, but while doing the sex, her presence is going to put unnecessary burden on both of us around 1:00 pm, my door was knocked and I opened it.Bhavika was standing outside my room. She was wearing red coloured saree with typical marwari design on it with a matching blouse. She smiled at me and I also returned her smile and took her inside the room. Bhavika told me that today she can wait for some more time as her husband went to Ahmednagar for some business work and will be returning the next day and her father in law was having fever so her mother in law and him are in their bedroom and told Bhavika that they will take their dinner in the room only.So there was couple of hours more we can enjoy today. I was observing the changes in Bhavika when we mate first around a week back. She was now much opened to me while talking on the contrary; she was a bit bolder than earlier meeting. She was talking about sex very freely this time. I was happy from inside because the more she opens up, it will be a more fun in our sex play. She came inside the room and went to wash room after 5 minutes.She came back and was looking very fresh and beautiful like a very fresh rose on the plant. We both had no hurry to start the sex immediately. So we talked about each other for around 30 minutes and I told her about myself and how I and Shilpa engaged in an affair. She already knew the story from Shilpa then she briefed me about herself. We were seating near each other on the bed and talking while talking, we hold each others’ hands and occasionally.I was kissing on her chick and in turn Bhavika was kissing on the back of my palm lightly. I told Bhavika that today she is looking very beautiful in the red saree and she blushed away. I told her that last time when we were doing sex, I have observed each and every part of her body and all are to the right proportion and beautiful even I told her that I liked her ass hole very much and would like to explore the same as well if she permits.She was not ready for the anal sex and I have not forced her for that because, I knew how to seduce a lady for various types of sex when she is real hot. So after about 30 minutes, Bhavika slept on her back and I came above her. Today, I had only my Bermuda without any inners. She immediately noticed the bulge in my Bermuda and told me that today I am completely ready. I said yes I don’t want to waste any time in taking out the clothes by saying this.I loosened up her saree and slowly removed from her body also I untied her petticoat and then removed her blouse as well. Now she was in her red bra and panty again there was a wet spot on the panty near her love hole which means, she was already wet there and I could imagine that today we will be enjoying our sex act to its fullest. We then lip locked in a deep kiss. Bhavika’s hands were exploring on my naked back and my right hand was pressing her left boob lightly.Slowly she started moaning uuumm aahhhh aaaahhhh. Now I started leaking her whole body. I started from her ear lobes and then went to her lips, neck and then to her big cleavage. She already started jerking in anticipation of the heavenly pleasure, which she is going to get in a short while. Slowly I put my hand at her back and loosened the bra hook and her big melons were open for me in the meantime, Bhavika has put her both hands inside my Bermuda and removed it.So, I was completely naked and she was with her red panty. I asked her the size of her boobs and she told that they are 40 D really her boobs were quite big but they were not loose they were tight as ever and slowly I started leaking her nipples one by one and squeezing the other one. She was now moaning continuously and today, her moans were bigger than a week back because that time and she was conscious about the presence of Shilpa in the balcony slowly.I leaked and sucked her both the nipples and her right hand was caressing my hot shaft and slowly I moved towards her navel and started leaking it while leaking the navel, I removed her panty also and she was now completely naked like me and her love hole was completely wait with her juices which are already started oozing out. I leaked the juices while leaking her pussy and I was caressing her melons as well it was really unbearable for her.She told to me in a sexy voice that Atul today first quench my thirst and then we will do the roleplaying during the second round. I agreed to it and straight away went between her legs. She wide opened her legs and gave access to her love hole. I put a tip of my hot shaft on that heavenly opening and in one big jerk, inserted it completely inside her. She moaned loudly aaaahhhhh. Atul, do it slowly, it is paining but I was not in a mood to listen to her and started giving her in and out strokes.She tied her legs around my waist and put her hands around my neck. My speed was slowly increasing and she started enjoying each stroke by responding equally by lifting her butts. Today her moans were quite loud. Fortunately, the room was quite sound proof and A/C. So we don’t need to worry about it much. Now I was ramming her pussy like a mad animal and the fucking sound of thupp thup puch puch was prominent also the errotic smell of our juices was evident which made us hornier and we both were in a fast rhythm of fucking.Now Bhavika started telling dirty Atul, fuck me, fuck me hard make me pregnant and give me a child fuck me fuck me. I was also responding to her call and blasting her nice pussy with all my power in 5 minutes, she arched her body and gave away a loud moan. She had her first orgasm. I was still ramming her fast and furious and within next 5 minutes, I started shooting my sperms deep inside her. My tool was touching her womb and it was giving us a great pleasure and really we were in seventh heaven.Once I ejacuated the entire sperm inside her and we both felt tired and I collapsed on her with my cock still inside her pussy. She was caressing my hair with both hands and looked satisfied. She looked in my eyes and gave me a nice smile and immediately I put my lips on hers and we lip locked one more time with my cock still inside her pussy after some time, my cock became limp and came out of her pussy.We then hugged each other and started kissing and our hands were caressing the genitals of each other. During this, Bhavika told me that she really came to know the pleasure of sex only with me not even with her husband and she also told me that even if she will be pregnant and deliver a child, she wish to continue the physical relations with me. I was surprised to hear that. A Marwari girl from such a big rich and orthodox family was telling me that she wish to continue her sex encounters even after the child.I have no problem with it but still I told her to talk with Shilpa and take her advice since she has introduced Bhavika to me, it was my duty to inform her of our continuing sex affair. Bhavika told me that she has already talked to Shilpa and her friend told Bhavika that if she is getting a real pleasure out of it, she can continue the same with due caution. I was really happy to hear that and hugged her so tight that her big melons were literally crashed against my chest.She gave away a loud moan and told me that for the first time, she understood the meaning of enjoying the sex with the partner like me. It was a pity that her life partner Pravin could not satisfy this lovely lady after 30 minutes, my cock was agains started regaining its composure and this time I told her to be in doggy style. She immediately went in the doggy style and I started leaking her full crack right from her clit to her ass hole. Bhavika again started moaning heavily and her love hole was wet with her juices within no time.I started leaking those heavenly juices at the same time; I was leaking her asshole rigerously. She told me that leaking her asshole gives her real good pleasure. I continued licking her clit to ass for another 15 minutes and atlast, she requested me to fuck her hard. It was really unbearable for her to keep her feelings under control. She was behaving as if she is my wife and was telling all the dirty things, which a well educated and respectable family, girl won’t even dare to utter in open.I then adjusted my cock from behind to her pussy and with a medium jerk; it went nearly full inside her pussy. She was telling me not to stop fuck me Atul, fuck me and don’t wait and don’t tease me. Fuck me hard and make my pussy big so that I can deliver a child from it fuck me fuck me I started ramming her with medium speed. She was enjoying the doggy position and told me that it is more pleasurable position.Yes of course, in doggy style, you get a lot more big jerks and friction is also more even I was feeling it a pleasurable experience. I hold her both the buttocks and started ramming her very fast. She was moaning and encouraging me to fuck her hard and fast. I was now literally seating on her ass and ramming her pussy with tremendous speed. I knew that with back to back fucking, I won’t ejaculate early this time. So, I continue to ramm her.She was bitting her lips and caressing her nipples with her own hands and simultaneously moaning loudly. I continued ramming with great speed for another 15 minutes and then started shooting my sperms again in her pussy in the meantime; she already had her 2 orgasms and those also were quite heavy ones at last and I emptied my balls completely inside her pussy and then literally collapsed on my back.She immediately came over me and started kissing and bitting my nipples and her pussy was overflowing with my juices and I was leaking them with my fingers and sucking it in between, she hold my limp cock between her boobs and started doing to and fro motions. It was really an immense pleasure, very difficult to explain. You must really experience it by this time; it was already 4:00 pm.We then decided to take a bath and went naked to the bathroom and went under the hot water showers. We both were caressing each others’ entire bodies with her touch, again my cock was at its pick and I made her stand in a crouching position holding the bath tub and again started licking her ass hole. I inserted my one finger in her ass and started finger fuck her ass. She was really enjoying it and was telling me that it is really a pleasurable experience with my finger inside her ass and after some time.I put 2 fingers and started rigerous finger fucking her ass. She was also aroused by now and asking me to fuck her once again but this time, I was delibrately delaying the fuck to make her more and more hot by finger fucking her ass after 10-15 minutes of finger fucking of her ass and she was literally restless and wanted my dick inside her and but this time, I slowly put the tip of my cock on her ass hole and started shoving it inside her ass hole very slowly.She was in bit of a pain and told me to remove the cock from her ass but and I was not in a mood to listen to her and with the hot water pouring on us, both were quite excited and she also after initial hesitance, agreed to fuck her ass hole after trying for a few minutes, I succeeded in inserting my entire 8″ dick completely inside her ass hole. She was shouting in pain and estacy I kept the cock inside her ass for few minutes and after some time, her ass muscles gripped my cock firmly.I started giving her in and out pushes slowly and now her pains were subsided and she also started enjoying the ass fucking after few slow jerks. I started giving big and fast thrusts and her entire body was shaking but she was responding to my thrusts with equal venom and slowly and gradually I was increasing my speed and she was equal to it. A few hours before and she has refused the anal sex but now she was encouriging me to fuck her ass fast.I now started ramming her ass fast and furious and her body was moving front and back with my rhythm and her ass hole was very tight and was giving me immense pleasure of fucking after another 15 minutes I reached my pick and started shooting my sperms, but this time, inside her ass hole. We both were really tired of consecutive 3 fucking sessions. We then took our bath in the bath tub while taking the bath, we continued caressing each other and kissing as well in between.I was sucking her nipples and bitting them lightly for which her reaction was aahhhh Atul it�s paining do it slowly. Finally, we finished our bath and we both came out of the bathroom after drying our bodies. However, she has to dry her long hair. She came and sat on the bed and started drying her hair in 30 minutes, her hair dried completely. We then once again hugged each other and had long French kiss by now it was 5:00 pm.We then both put up our clothes and she wore her saree very carefully infront of the mirror while putting on her bra and panty, she was observing her body parts in the mirror. They were perfect in shape and also very hard and stiff once she was done with her clothing I ordered breakfast and tea in the room and by the time we finished our breakfast, it was almost 6:00 pm. We both came out of the room and I then dropped her a bit far from her house.She told me that she will come tomorrow as well but a bit late as her husband will come around 10:00 am from Ahmednagar and will leave for the office around 12:00 pm. So she will be there by 2:00 pm, for which, I said Ok, I will wait for you. So, the eventful day has ended with lots of joy and pleasure. I finally succeeded in seducing her for anal sex. So my next story will be for our further encounters for next 7 days.

As promised, I am narrating herewith my further encounters with Pune Bhabhi Bhavika as all of you already knows that she was best friend of my cousin’s BIL’s wife, Shilpa, with whom, I had sexual encounter and made her pregnant. So here I will start my new encounter with Bhavika after our long encounter the previous day, I was eagerly awaiting Bhavika. However, she called me up around 2:30 pm and said that today, she will not beable to come as her husband has returned from tour and not feeling well. So he has not gone to office but she will make it for tomorrow. I was a bit disappointed with it but have no option but to accept the fact that Bhavika will not be here today. I said Ok and we kept the phone down that whole afternoon and night was totally bore for me.The next day Bhavika called me up at 10:00 am and told me that she is leaving her home as her husband has left for the office early at 9:00 am. I felt happy by hearing that and told her that I am waiting for her. We then exchanged the kisses over the phone and cut the line. I was just woken up when Bhavika’s call came and I am having habbit to sleep completely naked. So I was in my birth suit when I was talking to Bhavika after her call came.I started organising myself first I went to wash room and completed the daily chorus. Then I came out, had shave in the meantime I gave an order for the breakfast by the time I finished my shaving, the breakfast came and I had it. It was around 10:30 am by now and I was in my Bermuda with naked top around 10:45 am, Bhavika came to the hotel and I took her inside. She was not in very good mood and I asked her the reason for that.She told me that her husband had sex with her last night as well as early morning but she is not at all satisfied with it as she had a taste of a bigger cock inside her pussy. She told me that her husband can’t even sustain for 10 minutes and both the times, he ejacuated within 10 minutes which made her hunger for sex even more. She entered in the room and immediately she removed her saree and petticoat herself. I was looking at her venom with surprise.She removed her blouse as well in quick time and told me to remove her bra, which I did dutyfully. She also removed her panty and became fully naked. This all happened in first 3 to 4 minutes after she entered the room and the beautiful Bhavika was staring naked infront of me. I also removed my Bermuda and guided her to the bed and her venom has ignited my hunger for sex as well as soon as we reached the bed, she lay on her back and widened her legs and asked me to give her a big fuck.I also went in between her legs and adjusted my already hard on cock to her pussy and in one big thrust; it was buried inside her lovely pussy. Bhavika gave away a loud moan and started pressing my buttocks with both hands towards her pussy there was not a single minute wasted after she entered in my room, within 5 minutes, I was ramming her wonderful pussy with arrogant power. She was moaning and telling dirty.Atul yes fuck me, fuck me more fast more fast, just tear me apart, don’t leave me fuck me hard and fast. I was also hungry for the whole yesterday and I was like a demon was pounding her pussy with arrogance. She liked it and at the same time, she was responding to my power with equal magnitude. Nobody was talking except our moans and big slurpy sound of fucking. The room was full of sex aroma and we were literally behaving like animals and doing real raw fucking in 5 minutes.Bhavika had her first orgasm with a loud moan and in next 5 minutes I was shooting my loads of cum in her uterus. My cock was thudding like a piston and reaching till her womb that day, I think it was my biggest orgasm and I cummed in her pussy for about 2 minutes once our first round is over, we got our senses back but the venom with which we had our first round, we both were visibly tired.She was sweating and so do I and we both were completely wet with our sweat. Once our fucking session is ended, we had a deep kiss and while doing that, her big melons crushed on my chest. Now both were bit subsided Bhavika started caressing my hair with her left hand and kissing on my face. She told me that Atul, yes, I want such venom while enjoying sex but unfortunately, my poor husband can’t give me even 10% of it.Till we mate, she was unknown to the world of enjoying the sex and get satisfied but now once she had a taste of it, she is not going to leave it like that. Since I did not have my bath, I told her that I need to take it and she told that she will also accompany me in the bathroom. She then tied her long hair near her neck and opened her purse and took out a plastic cover and fitted it on her head so that her hair will not get wet. We then hugged each other and went to bath room.I started hot water shower and she came and hugged me tight. We were kissing passionately. I inserted my middle finger in her asshole and started finger fucking her ass in the standing position. She was also holding my dick in her hand and stroking it back and forth in 10 minutes time, my dick started to get bigger and she realized it and started stroking it faster in no time, it was tall standing and ready to explore her.Like we did before and she crouched near the bath tub and I started inserting my dick in her asshole this time, there was little difficulty and in 2 minutes, my entire cock was vanished inside her asshole. I started stroking her slowly. Bhavika again started moaning loudly and started squeezing her nipples herself. I was also increasing my speed and slowly we caught the perfect rhythm. The water was pouring from the shower and which was making puchhh voice.She again started telling dirty words. Atul fuck my both the holes, make it big, tear them apart, make me your wife and fuck me hard, give me your baby in my uterus and like wise by this time, I was ramming her ass hole fast and furious. I fucked her for nearly 20 minutes before I emptied myself in her ass hole. I removed my cock from her ass and started leaking it. I made it clean and asked her to suck my cock. She was bit reluctant in the beginning but I explained to her that when I am sucking her genitals.How she feels and her answer do was heaven. I told her that when you will suck mine, I will also be in heavens as well. She accepted the fact and sat on her knees and took the cock in her hand. She opened her mouth and started sucking my cock like a lollypop. I told her to suck the testies as well and she had done that also. She liked sucking my cock and now she was sucking it so vigerously that it started standing tall once again. She was taking my entire cock in her mouth and releasing it again taking it inside and release.She sucked my cock so rigerously and generously that I cummed in her mouth at first, she was chocked with the cum but then recovered it fast some cum spilled out of her mouth and landed on the floor but she liked the taste of my cum and the balance entire cum she gulped and made my dick clean. I was really wondering and comparing the changes in this marwari orthodox girl 10 days back and today. She became complete sex maniac and in next 7 days and we done fucking for end numbers of times but still felt unsatisfied by the timeWe were like husband and wife and the hotel people were thinking in the same way even I got a soft corner in my heart for this lovely lady on the last day of our exploration, i.e. Saturday, we have done sex in every possible position even she sat on the balcony window and I fucked her from front. We have done in front of mirror in a crouching position. We have done it on toilet seat, where I was seating on it and she ride on me even in bed.She came above me and that was a great experience. Since it was a last day of our exploration, we have not wasted a single minute to enjoy the sex while she was riding above me, she was completely horny and was jumping like she is sitting on the spring couch on the last day, and we had done fucking for 7-8 times during whole day. We were nervous as well because we know that from tomorrow, we will be missing it completely.She wants to grab this last opportunity to the fullest and we done it till the last drop of our energy has drained. My cock was paining with the continuous fucking act and she told me that her pussy is also paining and so does her ass hole with the heavy heart, I checked out from the hotel on that Saturday evening with her. She told me not to drop her as his husband may come at any time to home and if he sees us both, he will be a demon.We parted with heavy hearts and there were tears in Bhavika’s eyes and she told me that Atul, god knows when we will meet again but these are the memories which always remain with me. It all happened in the month of September, 2011 and in the last month, i.e. November, 2011 one day she called me up in the office on my mobile and gave me the news that she is carrying as well like Shilpa. She was very very happy and emotional as well and started crying on the phone.I colsole her over the phone and promised her that will meet once again before her delivery, which is scheduled for July, 2012. We will give a dose of our cream to our baby as well. She also told me that even her doctor told her that the couple should do the sex till the last month in a seating position so that the delivery is made easier. I promised her that I will be there in Pune and will fuck her in the seating position.She thanked me over the phone for saving her house from breaking and I told her that whatever I could do, I have done it. She should not thank me for that since our relations were not that low to give and take thanks. She agreed and with a big kiss, we cut the phones.

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