Shilpa Joshi was 24 and married to Aniket Joshi. She lived in Thane with her husband and worked in a private multinational company as a receptionist. Aniket worked in a software firm and earned a good living. They had been married for 3 years and had a decent sex life, but due to some problem, Aniket couldn’t father a child. Apart from this one, their life was pretty good one. They had lot of sex and fantasies and shared it with each other. Aniket’s strongest fantasy was that of seeing Shilpa with another man. He wanted her to have an affair with another man and then cuckold him. She really wondered from where he picked up this idea. Probably it is because of his feeling of inadequacy that he couldn’t father her child. His cock was only 5 inch even when it is erect. And she had told him once that she often wondered how wonderful it would be to have a big 9 inch cock in her cunt. Probably it was at that time that he picked this fantasy. And even more than that, he wanted her to turn it in reality. He had often hinted that he wouldn’t mind even if Shilpa got in a physical relationship with another man.

Shilpa had never really wanted this entire cuckolding thing. But something happened that changed her in this regard. She was a receptionist till 15 days back. Then company asked her if she would like to be personal assistant to the company’s new regional manager. This meant a double salary for her and change in the boring routine job of transferring calls to people who never seem to take it. At least that was her idea about it. 

First she didn’t know the name of the manager who required an assistant. Then Shilpa heard from an office boy about 2 days back that he was Salim Khan. She had often saw him in the office, but never personally interacted with him as he never signed the muster. But right from the first day when she saw him, she was intrigued. He was very fair. His height was about 6.3 feet. His build was very athletic and he seemed to be going to gym regularly. She never felt so much interested in knowing about any other man. She was interested in knowing whether he was married, what was his age, where was he living etc. In fact, she had even referred an archive of company magazines to check if she could find anything about him. And she found that his age was 31. He was divorcee and till now was working in company’s Dubai office. He was recently transferred to Mumbai about 6 months back. Shilpa often thought to herself, if there is one guy in the world for whom she would cheat Aniket, then Salim was that guy. If there is one guy she would like to cuckold Aniket, then Salim was that guy.

So, when she came to know that Salim was the manager with who she will need to work, she immediately accepted to be interviewed by him. She got a call from him in the afternoon and he suggested that they go for a lunch tomorrow and discuss this over lunch. Even though he was almost stranger for her, she had no hesitation in accepting his invitation. In fact she was almost excited about lunch. It was much better than being interviewed in a conference room or something. 

Aniket came home at about 9 in the evening. Shilpa told him about her scheduled lunch with Salim tomorrow. His reaction was pretty cool about it. And she also didn’t tell him about her curiosity about Salim. In any case, she didn’t know if Salim really cared about her. In the last 6 months, he hadn’t even spoken to her.

Next day, Aniket went to his office at around 8 AM. Shilpa cooked and gave him his lunch box. Her office was in Thane itself. So she normally left home by 9:45 AM and reach the office by 10 AM. It was about 8:30 when she had finished cleaning the house. She went in the bedroom and looked in the mirror. Then she removed the bow tying her hair and let her hair loose on my shoulders. They were black and long shoulder length. It was a bit curly and she loved her hair. Everybody commented on it. So she never bothered to cut it. After this, she removed her night gown. Underneath, she was wearing a white bra and panties. Normally she didn’t remove her undergarments while bathing. But today it was too hot and she felt like bathing naked. So she removed even her bra and panty and went in the bathroom and started the shower. 

The cool water hit Shilpa’s body and she immediately shivered. She soaped her body slowly and also applied some shampoo in her hair. After showering, she came out in the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. She was completely naked and shivered in the Air-conditioner. Normally she wore Punjabi dress in the office. But today she was feeling very strange. She knew this was crazy. Salim had not even talked to her in the last 6 months. And here she was thinking about him while deciding what to wear. Aniket had often pestered her to wear a sleeveless dress. But she had never worn one for him. Today, she felt like wearing sleeveless. But unfortunately all the Punjabi dresses had sleeves. Then suddenly she remembered that she had two blouses that were sleeveless. She had bought them after Aniket had pestered her for long, but she had never worn them before. If she were to wear a sari, then she could wear a sleeveless blouse. And she definitely looked wonderful in a sari even though she didn’t like it very much. So she pulled out the drawer that contained blouses. She had even forgotten the color of those.

When she checked, Shilpa saw that one was a red colored and other was black. Both these were pretty transparent. If she wore the black one with a black sari, then she was sure that the white bra would show up from the blouse. So she decided to wear the black blouse with the black chiffon sari that she had. So, she pulled out bra and panty, the black sari and a petticoat from the wardrobe and put it on the bed. Then she brushed her hair for some time and applied some oil on it lightly. She also put on some light make up, something that she normally didn’t do. Normally, she never wore lip stick in office, but today she put on bright red lip stick on her lips and made sure they looked wet. She also put the same lip stick in the purse to use it in the afternoon just before going out with Salim. She used a vertical hair clip to tie her hair. She was still naked. Then, she put on white bra and panties and put on a black colored petticoat and blouse. Her entire bra cup was visible through the blouse. She guessed that Salim would love the show. Then she wrapped up the entire sari around herself. She also made sure to wear it well below the navel so that it would be visible. Her luscious arms were visible because of sleeveless blouse. If Aniket had looked at her now, he might probably faint. What he had been asking her to do for him; Shilpa was actually doing it for her boss, a guy she hardly knew. Salim was quite tall, around 6.4 feet. Shilpa was just about 5.4. So she decided to wear a high heel sandal with heels about 4 inches long. It might make walking a bit difficult, but will definitely turn lot of eyes towards her raised ass. She was not interested in lot of eyes. Just one pair of eyes would have done fine for her. 

When Shilpa reached office, she immediately got busy. At around 12:45, she got a call from Salim. He asked her if she was ready. She replied in the positive. He told her to wait at her desk and he will pick her up in 5 minutes. She immediately checked herself in the mirror. Her lipstick had become faint. So she pulled it out from purse and applied it carefully on her lips. Just as she put it back, she saw Salim coming from the door and entered the reception.

“Good afternoon, Sir. How are you?” Shilpa said getting up. He immediately extended his hand to her and replied “Hi. I am fine. How about you? And please don’t call me Sir. My name is Salim, ok?” Shilpa also extended her hand to meet his and smiled at him “Me too, Sir.” He smiled at her and said again “Salim.” She laughed and replied “Yes. I am fine Salim.” He fidgeted a bit with his tie and asked “So, are you ready to go?” She picked up her purse and hung it on her left shoulder and said “Sure. I am ready.” While leaving, she called the security guard and asked him to take the phone calls till she came back.

They both came in the parking lot of the company. Shilpa knew that Salim drove a beautiful red Wagon. They walked towards it. As soon as she reached it, Salim unlocked the car with remote keys. They both got in and Shilpa slid in the front seat and Salim got in Driver’s seat. Salim asked her to tighten the seat belt as he himself did the same.

He turned towards her and asked “Shilpa, what do you want to have for lunch?”

She looked back at him and said “Anything you suggest is fine with me.”

He thought for a moment before replying “Do you eat non-vegetarian?”

Actually she was a vegetarian as she was a Brahmin. But she didn’t know what got in her. Instead of saying so, she said “Fine with me.”

He inserted the key in the slot and started the engine and said “Then I know the perfect place for us. Have you ever been to Baghdadi? It is fantastic non-vegetarian place.”

Shilpa finished fastening the seat belt and replied “No. I have never been there. As long as you know, it is fine with me. Let’s go there.”

So they started. Salim was quite a chatty person. So they talked about lot of things except the job that she was supposed to take up. Salim said that they would talk about it over lunch. It took them hardly 10 minutes to get there. They reached it almost about 1 and so were able to avoid lunch time rush. Soon they were sitting comfortably in a nice plush sofa in an AC lounge. The waiter put 2 glasses of water on the table and filled it. He also put a menu on the table and left. 

Salim picked it up and asked her while browsing through it “So Shilpa, what will you have?”

She didn’t really what she could eat in non-vegetarian. So she just said “Why don’t you order for me? Anything will do for me.”

Salim again checked menu and said “OK. Let’s have chicken curry and roti. Do you want butter on it?”

She nodded her head negatively and said “No. Without butter please.”

He laughed and said “Are you on a diet or something?”

She also laughed back and replied “Diet and me? Do I look like dieting? “

Salim slowly moved his eyes across her body. She felt as if his eyes were peeling clothes off her. Then he turned his eyes and replied “No. Not really. And you really shouldn’t. You are very healthy and wholesome.”

She smiled and thanked him for the compliment. But in that instant, she knew that all the makeup and lipstick that had used was not wasted. Also, he was really taking a good look at her naked arms. Even though the pallu of sari was perfectly in place, she moved it aside and it put it back in place. Salim’s eyes immediately darted to her tits and rested there for a moment before turning. The waiter came in and put their order on the table and they started eating. Then as she noticed, his eyes often wandered to her tits throughout the lunch. It was at that moment that she felt that they have hit it off. People always talk about chemistry between two persons. Well she knew what it meant. As they talked, they found that they have lot of common interests. As the lunch progressed, Salim told her about her new profile. He also told her that it will involve lot of travelling with him as his assistant. She was almost excited about the fact that she will get to travel a lot with him. Their lunch was fine and they both came back to office with the understanding that she would be his assistant by next week.

Shilpa accepted to be his assistant and started it that way. What she didn’t imagine was that by the end of 3 months, she would be his girlfriend. Salim had had a sour divorce and he really needed someone who could share his sorrow and give him a shoulder to cry on. Shilpa gave him lot of support in this case. It started as a friendship and in three months turned into a serious relationship. She was anyway attracted to him or at least intrigued by him. Salim often asked her out on weekends and she also accepted to spend time with him. As she spent more time with him, she even started getting attracted towards him. And on Valentine’s Day, Salim finally told her that he loved her and asked her if she was interested in him. She immediately didn’t say anything even though she wanted to. But after two days, she also confessed to him that even though she was married, she was attracted to him and would love to be his girlfriend. So what started out as intrigue on her part turned into full fledged love affair just in six months.

Salim and she were sitting in a hotel for lunch. They had already ordered for it and were waiting for it. Salim was sitting in front of her and they were chatting. Shilpa’s hand was in Salim’s hand. They were talking about normal office gossip. Suddenly Salim asked her “Shilpa, do you know that our entire office is going for a picnic next Thursday?”She was surprised “What are you talking about?”She didn’t know about any picnic. Salim slowly moved forward and whispered “Well, don’t tell that I told you about it. But we are going for a 3 days picnic to Mahabaleshwar.” She was a bit disappointed. She had been to Mahabaleshwar so many times that it held absolutely no attraction for her. Her face must have been read by Salim. He laughed at her and said “It looks to me that you are as disappointed as I was when I heard about Mahabaleshwar. I also have been there so many times that I have got bored of it.”She smiled back at him and replied “I didn’t know that are so good are reading facial expressions. But yes, for me it would be too boring to go to Mahabaleshwar again.” Salim came closer to her and slowly put his hand on her cheek. Then he slowly caressed it, looked in her eyes and said “I am not a face reader baby. I can’t read everybody’s face. But I definitely can read your face.” His eyes slowly wandered downward and rested on her breasts. Then he looked up again in her eyes and said “And it’s not just face that I am interested to read. I want to read your entire body.”

She was feeling odd as his eyes slowly took in her breasts. His hands were slowly caressing her hands as he said “Now we can do something else that may interest you. Why don’t you come and stay with me for three days at my flat honey?” Shilpa sharply took her breath in. She always knew that it would come to this someday, but she didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. In fact she was hoping that Salim would ask her to sleep with him. But this happened so unexpectedly that it took her breath away. Her face clouded a bit and she said “Salim, do you think it’s a good idea? I mean we have met just 6 months back.” Salim again moved his hand under her chin and slowly raised it and said “Why darling? Don’t you want it? Don’t you want to sleep with me?” She took his hand in her hand and said “I want to Salim. It’s just that you asked me so suddenly. Can you please give me some time to think about this? I will let you know by tomorrow. And trust me; even I want my answer to be yes.” Salim smiled and said “And trust me baby, you will not regret it. I will make sure that these three days will be most memorable days of your life.”

They both came back to the office after finishing lunch. For the rest of the day, she didn’t have much work and so had a lot of time. So she kept thinking about Salim’s offer. She knew that one day he will propose this. In fact she was waiting for him to do it. But before she accepted his offer, she had to talk to Aniket. She had to tell him about this and understand his thinking. She knew that it wouldn’t be problem. After all he had often told her that he wouldn’t mind her having affair with somebody else. In fact he had often told her his fantasies of being cuckolded by her lover. So when she was actually going to turn his fantasy into reality, she didn’t think he should have any problem. But still she had to talk to him and inform him about what she was going to do.

When Shilpa reached home, it was around 7:00 PM. Aniket normally came home by 8. So she had about 1 hour to shower and cook. She started to think about the broad outline of what she was going to say to Aniket as she showered. Then she cooked everything and got ready. As usual, Aniket came home by 8. He looked a bit tired and said that he would shower and get fresh. He also asked her to get the food ready so they could start dinner immediately. Shilpa got everything ready and the moment Aniket came back, they started having dinner. They chatted on normal topics. She didn’t intentionally bring up the subject of Salim. She wanted to talk to him about Salim when they got to bed. So they finished dinner while talking about other subjects. Immediately after dinner, they hit the bed as he looked a bit tired.

Shilpa got in the bed beside him and put her head on his shoulders. Aniket pulled her close to him. Then she decided to bring up the subject. 

She caressed his shoulder and said “Darling, do you remember, we had a long chat about our fantasies some months back?” 

Aniket looked at her and replied “Yes. I remember. Why do you ask?” 

She got up and the sat up in the bed. “Ok. Can you once again tell me what your hottest fantasy is? I know it, but still I want to hear it from your own mouth.”

Shilpa was wearing a night gown. Aniket pulled her closer and put his hand on her ass “If you must know honey, then I want to see you being fucked by another man. That is my hottest fantasy. “

Shilpa kissed his cheek and said “Does it excite you to imagine me sleeping with another man?”

Aniket’s hand moved to her right teat and he slowly squeezed it. “Yes darling. It excites me no end imagining you with another man.”

Shilpa looked down at Aniket’s crotch and saw that his cock had already started rising. She patted his cock and laughed loudly. “Well let’s say I am having an affair with another man. To what extent will you allow me go with this man? For instance, will it be ok with you if he kissed me in front of you?”

Aniket stared at Shilpa and asked “Why honey? At last have you decided to fulfill my fantasy?” 

Shilpa laughed and hit him playfully “Darling, let me see what I get in this entire business? If all you are allowing is just having a decent bit of fun, then what is the point? So tell me if it’s ok if he kisses me in front of you?”

Aniket pulled her closer “Darling, everything is fine with me. I want you and him to cuckold me. That covers everything, doesn’t it?”

Aniket was lying on his back. Shilpa moved so that she was lying on top of him and kissed his earlobe. She whispered in his ears “OK Darling. Can I ask you something? What would be your reaction if I tell you if I can turn your fantasy in reality by tomorrow?”

Aniket smiled and looked in her eyes “I will just say this to you. Who is the guy?”

Shilpa sat on top of Aniket and slowly removed her night gown. “He is Salim, my boss.”

Aniket moved his hands to cover her tits and squeezed them. “I suspected as much. So is he the reason why I see those 2 sleeveless blouses in the cupboard?”

Shilpa had unbuttoned Aniket’s shirt completely. She slowly traced her finger across his chest. “So you noticed it? Well yes. Salim is the reason for me wearing those sleeveless blouses.”

Aniket slowly caressed her cleavage before finally grabbing both of her tits. “So did it work honey?”

Shilpa moved her hands in the bra cups and pulled her tits out of the bra cups. “Why wouldn’t it work? Of course it did. Now this is where I wanted to talk to you. Our company is going to picnic to Mahabaleshwar for three days. Both Salim and I are not interested to go there. So Salim has asked me to come and stay with him for three days in his home. He lives in Hiranandani Thane.”

She maneuvered her body so that her tits were above Aniket’s mouth. She slowly mashed them in his face and then asked him “Does it excite you that I will stay with Salim for three days?”

Shilpa moved her hand behind her and slowly caressed it across Aniket’s crotch. It was taut and erect. She slowly caressed it with her palm.”It looks like it does. So I am taking this as your approval that I will next three days with Salim on his flat. I am also getting wet. But it’s not because you are sucking my tits. It’s because I am imagining Salim sucking my boobs. Does it excite you that I imagine Salim when I am making love to you?”

Aniket still was sucking her boobs. He moaned in her chest and slowly nodded his head. Shilpa pulled her tits out of reach of Aniket. Shilpa smiled at him and then got off from him. She pulled her bra and night gown and started wearing it. Aniket looked at her strangely and said”Hey darling, you can’t just leave me like that. At least finish what you started.”

Shilpa moved away from bed, started walking towards the bathroom and turned to reply him “I can darling. You have to remember that you are my cuckold now. And please don’t spoil my cunt now. I want to keep it fresh for Salim tomorrow.”

She went in the bathroom, peed and came back wearing the night gown. Aniket took her in arms and said “But Shilpa, I will not be able to see you with him. What is the point of you having an affair if I am not a witness to that?”

Shilpa turned towards him. “Aniket, give me some time. I will see to it that I will give you a good show of Salim and myself. Are you hoping that Salim and I will make it in front of you right away? Let me spend some time with him. Let us get comfortable with each other. Then I will introduce you to him so that we can fulfill all your cuckolding fantasies. Now go to sleep darling. I have a hard day tomorrow. I have to work all day. And then I hope that I have to work all night. What a life? Working 24 by 7 for the boss?”

Shilpa turned towards the night lamp and switched it off. Aniket was left wondering what his wife was up to as he tried to sleep.

Next day, Aniket woke up at 8, but Shilpa couldn’t get up. So she couldn’t cook and Aniket left without one. Shilpa woke up late and hurriedly left for the office. She reached office by 9:40. Salim was already there. As soon as she went in his cabin, Salim looked up and said hi to her. She also greeted him back and smiled at him. She put her purse beside Salim’s desk and then started to turn. Just as she started to turn, Salim held her hand. She turned back at him and hesitated.” Salim, hey leave my hand. Somebody might come in.” Salim instead got up from his seat and came behind her. He wrapped his hand around her waist and whispered in her ears. “I will leave you baby. First tell me what you have decided about today evening.” Shilpa was afraid that somebody may come in. It was much better to tell him right away and close it. She turned in his arms and looked in his eyes. She wrapped her hands around his neck and then raised her head. In a split second, she kissed his lips. It was a brief case, but it conveyed what she intended it to. Salim immediately released her and she smiled up at him.

She went to her desk and sat there starting her day’s work. She didn’t get much time for chatting with Salim as he was too busy. In the lunch time, Salim and she had food from her lunch box first and then went to have juice. Just as they were about to finish it, Salim asked Shilpa about the spot where he should pick her up. Shilpa had initially decided that they should meet at the bus stop near her home. But after she had spoken with Aniket yesterday, she felt guilty about not even showing him the man she was going around with. He deserved at least seeing Salim. So she was thinking of asking him to pick her up right in front of their home so that Aniket could at least see Salim. So she asked Salim if he could pick her up in front of her home instead of the bus stop. Salim was fine with it. So they fixed it.

Salim had a meeting in the afternoon. So he left for the meeting by 15:00 and that left Shilpa alone. So she dialed Aniket’s number. He answered immediately. 

Shilpa locked her computer and went to a window for better coverage. “Hi. How are you? Are you in the office?”

Aniket replied back “Yes. Where are you?” His voice sounded a bit tense. Or at least that’s the way Shilpa felt it.

“I am in the office. By the way darling, I am sorry about yesterday night I excited you and then left you. And I guess that remark about cuckold was bit too farfetched, wasn’t it?”

“No honey. That’s fine. And you know that I enjoyed the talk.” Aniket seemed to be speaking oddly. Perhaps he was with a colleague.

“So Aniket, are you sure that I should go ahead with Salim?” She knew he was fine, but still wanted to confirm it.

“Wait for a minute.” He seemed to be going somewhere else.

After some seconds, he replied “I told you darling. It’s fine. But when will I meet him?”

Shilpa smiled to herself. Her husband was crazy. “Well, not immediately. But I can ask him to pick me up from next to our apartment. We have a binocular you remember. Salim will pick me up from the road. You can see him through the binocular. Is it ok?”

Aniket replied “So today I just get to see him?”

Shilpa was hoping that it will be fine. “Yes. Give me some time. I will properly introduce you to him then.”

Aniket was breathing somewhat strangely. “OK. When is he picking you up?”

Shilpa had asked Salim to pick her up by 9. She told Aniket time. He said that he will be home by 8 and be ready.

Shilpa also told him that she will reach home by 7 and will keep the binoculars ready for Aniket. As discussed, Shilpa called Salim on his cell and told him that she was leaving for home. She gave him guidance about how to reach her home.

When she reached home, it was about 7:30 and Aniket had already come. Aniket opened the door for her. They both went in the bedroom. 

Aniket switched the light of the bedroom on and said “Darling, you look a bit tired.” Shilpa laughed loudly “Aniket, you must be joking. I am pretty fresh. I just need to get a shower. Salim is picking me up at 8:30.” 

Aniket closed the curtains and said “OK. By the way Shilpa, does Salim know that I know about this?”

Shilpa smiled “No. Not right now. I need some time to tell him about this. But let me warn you Aniket that this is serious. This will not be a one night stand. It will be a long and passionate affair. It can test our marriage in future. If you are not ready please let me know now. I can stop this even now. But once I go ahead tonight, there is no coming back.”

Aniket pulled Shilpa close and tried to kiss her. “I will not ask you to come back honey.”

Shilpa playfully pushed him apart “And I don’t think you should try to kiss somebody’s girlfriend either.”

Aniket tried to pull her closer to him again “Hey, we didn’t decide that. I never said that I shouldn’t be allowed to kiss or touch you.”

Shilpa gave him a kiss on cheek before moving away towards the bathroom. She got completely naked and started the shower. Normally she didn’t wash her hair on week days, but today everything was different. She let the cold water wet her long hair. She completely soaked her hair before applying some shampoo on it. Then she spent inordinate amount of time cleaning her hair. She started soaping her body and was glad to know that she had shaved off her armpits as well as her cunt just two days back. So her cunt was also completely bald and clean. She hoped that Salim will like it that way.

Shilpa came out of the bathroom completely naked. She was quite excited and flushed. She was conscious of the fact that Aniket was watching her every move. Normally she would have never come naked in front of even him. But she really didn’t care today. Let him rub his cock seeing me getting dressed, she thought. Shilpa sat on the dressing table and pulled out a dryer from the cabinet. She removed the wet towel from her hair and started drying her hair.

Aniket was feeling pretty hot seeing his wife naked. He called her, but his voice was drowned by the buzzing sound of the hair dryer she was using. So he decided to wait till she finished drying. By his experience, he knew that Shilpa never took more than 5 minutes to dry her hair. So he concentrated on the book he was reading. Just as he had expected, Shilpa finished drying her hair and put the dryer back. When she finished, Aniket called to her. 

Shilpa turned to him and smiled at him and asked “So Aniket, what are you reading? I hope you enjoy it for the next three days whatever it is. “

Aniket smiled at her “Don’t worry darling. I will be fine. I just wanted to ask you something. What precaution are you going to take? I want you to enjoy, but I don’t think we want any complications, at least not just yet. And you have to tell me everything that happened between Salim and you. You have to tell each and every detail of it.”

Shilpa knew this will come from Aniket. “Don’t worry honey. Salim and I haven’t discussed it yet. But I am sure Salim has already thought about it. Probably we will use condoms or I will take a pill. But you don’t need to worry about complications. And I will make sure that I entertain you enough by telling you everything.” She laughed to herself about the word complication. She had wanted that complication for last 3 years, but hasn’t got it from Aniket. And Aniket was getting worried about her getting it from Salim.

She turned back towards the wardrobe. She had already decided what she wanted to wear. She had already used sleeveless blouse. She had only two of them. So even if she wanted to use a sleeveless blouse, she couldn’t use it. So she decided to wear a blouse with normal sleeves. She knew Salim liked her to wear sleeveless, but she had no choice right now. She smiled to herself as she thought of one way in which she could compensate him for it.

Aniket was watching Shilpa as she smiled to herself in the mirror. She seemed to be chuckling to herself about something. He watched her as she pulled out a red sari and a blouse of same color and put it on the bed. He was expecting her to pull out bra and panties as well. But to his utter disbelief, she started to wear the blouse immediately without the bra. He had often asked her to skip bra, but she never listened to him. She didn’t like wearing clothes without bra. But here she was doing exactly the same for Salim and not for her. But he was not so surprised that it was actually was exciting him. He felt his cock rising just watching Shilpa getting ready to meet Salim. He watched her as she skipped the panties and instead just wore the petticoat. She was wearing just blouse and petticoat now and she sat on the bed. She had pulled out her perfume from the cupboard. She sprinkled a copious amount of it on her cleavage before spraying it on her sari and then put it back. She used a yellow colored chop matching with her sari to tie her hair in a bun and then started wrapping her sari. Just as she finished it, her cell phone rang. She knew it must be Salim.

Shilpa went to the window and opened it. Then she answered the call. As she had guessed it was Salim. 

“Hi jaan, Where are you?” She said while looking at Aniket.

“I am just below you building. How much time will you take?” Salim replied.

Shilpa beckoned Aniket to come near the window. Aniket got up and came near Shilpa. 

“OK. Do you see that truck just next to the road? ” Shilpa asked Salim on phone.

Salim replied back “Is that the red colored one?” 

Shilpa was seeing through the window. The truck was standing just below her window on the road. This part of road was well lit and she knew that Aniket would be able to see Salim through the window.

She said in the phone “Yes. That’s the one. Come next to it and just wait for 5 minutes. I will be there in 5 minutes.”

She waited there as she saw Salim’s red car pull up next to the truck and halt there. She could see Salim on the driver’s seat. Aniket was standing next to her. She pointed her finger to Salim and turned towards Aniket “So Aniket, what do you think of him?”

Aniket was looking at the man who was going to sleep with his wife for the next three days. He had come out of the car and was waiting beside. He was wearing a red shirt and jeans. He was definitely handsome. Aniket smiled at Shilpa and said “He is a very good catch. Don’t you think he is too handsome?”

Shilpa laughed and replied “Darling, are you getting jealous already? You are going to see a lot of him. He is handsome. Well you watch us for some time. I will make sure we wait there for some time before moving on. Just make sure that curtains are in place. I don’t want him to know that you are watching us.”

Shilpa said good bye to him, picked up her purse and slung it on her shoulder. Aniket went to the door, closed it behind his wife and came back to the window in their bedroom. He picked up the binoculars and then waited anxiously for Shilpa to appear. After about 5 minutes, he saw Shilpa appearing in front of Salim. He immediately put the binoculars to his eyes and looked at them. From the binocular, Salim looked even more handsome and attractive. Both Salim and Shilpa were reclining on the car and were facing him. Salim put his hand around her waist and then rested it there. Shilpa also seemed pretty much at ease with him. They were having some sort of conversation, but it didn’t seem clear about what. Just as they were talking, he saw Shilpa raising her hand and remove the chop tying her hair in the bun. She put the chop in the belt of her purse. She ran her hands through her hair a couple of times and then tied her hair again using the chop. But this time, instead of tying it in a bun, she allowed them to spread over her back. But Aniket’s eyes were riveted on Salim rather than Shilpa. He was checking out Shilpa’s tits shamelessly all this time. He felt a strange thrill as he watched Salim checking out his wife’s tits. Shilpa also was looking at Salim and didn’t seem to care a bit about it. In fact it felt to Aniket that she was doing it intentionally so as to draw Salim’s attention to her breasts. And he felt it to be working.

She finished the exercise and looked up at Salim again. He said something to her and she immediately laughed and hit him playfully on his arms. Aniket watched both of them as Salim kissed his wife on her cheek. Then they separated. Shilpa went to the other side of the car while Salim moved and got in the driver’s seat. Shilpa opened the door and got in the seat beside Salim. Just as he thought that they would leave, he saw Salim pull Shilpa closer to him and kiss her. It was not a cursory kiss. He saw Shilpa moving her hands behind Salim’s neck and opening her mouth for Salim’s savoring mouth. It went on and on for about 3 minutes. His cock throbbed at the sight of his wife kissing another man. Then they both separated and Shilpa fastened her seat belt. Salim also did the same before Aniket saw the car moving forward and got out of his sight. He was left wondering what he might miss when Shilpa enjoyed with Salim.

It was the first time that Salim had kissed Shilpa. She wrapped her hands around Salim’s neck and closed her eyes enjoying Salim’s assault on her lips. She opened her mouth as Salim sucked on her lips hard. Salim’s tongue had entered her mouth. She slowly rolled her tongue round in her mouth and entwined it with Salim’s. Salim’s hands were wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer to him. All the glasses of the car were rolled down except the one facing the building. So there was no risk of anyone watching them. Shilpa saw through the corner of eyes that Aniket was the only person who was seeing them. She wondered what he must be thinking right now. Salim pulled her closer to him and then slowly moved his hands upwards. He caressed her back, then moved them towards the naked portion of her back and finally moved them on her breasts. She felt her breasts rising in anticipation as he felt him squeeze the globes hard. Salim was squeezing them very hard now. She moaned in Salim’s mouth as Salim kept massaging her tits. She felt that it will go on forever. She was feeling breathless now. But suddenly Salim stopped and moved away from her. She was surprised that she felt almost disappointed when Salim broke the kiss. They both looked in each other’s eyes for a moment before smiled at her. She also smiled back at him and removed her hands from his neck.

Salim rolled up the window glass and then started the A/C. “You have very kissable lips Shilpa. I felt like I would never stop kissing you and we would be trapped just like this forever.”

Shilpa was fastening her seat belt as she looked at him. “Thanks jaan. But for the time being, you have spoiled my lip stick. Fortunately I have brought it with me.”

Salim started the car and Shilpa opened her purse. She pulled out the lipstick and a small mirror. Then she applied lip stick on her lips while checking out in the mirror. Then she moved closer to Salim, wrapped her hand around Salim’s left hand and put her head on his shoulder.

Salim turned towards her as she asked “So jaan, where are you taking me now?”

Salim looked surprised. “Of course we are going to my home darling. Where else do you want to go?”

She had not considered that they might be directly going to his home. She had imagined that they would have dinner first.

“OK. Where are we dining?” She asked.

“We will have dinner at home. I have already ordered it. It will be delivered in 15 minutes after we reach there. By the way baby, why didn’t you wear sleeveless blouse? You look very sexy in it.”

Shilpa laughed “I knew you would ask this question. Well I have only two blouses and both of them are spoiled. So I couldn’t wear them. But jaan, I have already compensated this loss to you.”

Salim looked at her. “What compensation?”

She pointed towards her boobs and said “Haven’t you noticed it yet? You groped me all over my tits just now.”

Salim looked a bit blank. So Shilpa sighed and decided to show it even more explicitly for Salim. She moved aside from Salim and then moved the pallu of her sari aside. Then she looked challengingly at Salim and asked “Now do you see what I mean?”

Salim smiled as her meaning got home. She blushed a bit as Salim watched her chest with wide eyes. 

“I was hoping that you would notice it by yourself and ask me about it.” She blushed as she said it.

He moved his left hand and slowly caressed her cleavage. 

“I don’t know why do you wear the bra anyway? Your tits are as firm as mangoes. Just look at them. Even without bra, they are so upraised.” Salim squeezed her tits as he said this.

Shilpa put her hand on his and tried to move it away from her tits.

“Hey, you are driving. Do you want to get us killed? Let’s go home. Then do whatever you want with my boobs. For next three days, they are all yours jaan.”

Salim laughed. “Yes. But not just for next three days baby. They are mine for a lot more time than that.”

Shilpa rearranged the pallu of her sari as they drove along the road. Salim’s home was just 15 minutes drive from her home. Within minutes, they were in the parking lot of Hiranandani Gardens. Salim parked the car in the parking slot reserved for him. Both of them got out of the car. Salim immediately wrapped his hand around Shilpa’s waist as they walked towards the lift. The entire parking lot was deserted and there was no one around. Shilpa looked around as she walked with Salim. The lift was already on the ground floor as they reached it.

Salim’s flat was on the 15th floor of a posh tower. They were alone in the lift and Salim didn’t waste this opportunity. He immediately pulled Shilpa in his arms and started kissing her lips. Shilpa also didn’t mind as the lift seemed too slow. It took them about 1 minute to reach the 15th floor. Just as the lift reached it, they separated from each other. Shilpa gave her hand in Salim’s and they both walked off.

Salim’s flat number was 1502. Salim opened the latch and they both walked in. Shilpa supported herself against Salim and removed her sandal. She had specifically bought a 4 inch heel sandal as Salim was more than 6 feet 4 inches tall and she was only 5 feet 6 inch. This way she appeared taller than she actually was and reached Salim’s shoulder. She was bending to remove the sandal. The pallu of her sari fell off as she had not used a pin to tie it with her blouse. Salim immediately put his hand on her tits as Shilpa removed her sandal.

Salim put his hand around her waist as he escorted her around the home. It was a plush 3 BHK flat. Shilpa was impressed as she moved along with Salim. It was decorated with elegance using lot of color and shades. She liked the interior. She faced Salim and asked “It is very impressive. Who designed this interior? It’s fantastic.”

Salim looked in her eyes. “It was designed by my ex-wife.”

Shilpa looked surprised and then remarked. “Wow. She definitely had the taste. What was her name?”

Salim’s face turned a bit pale. It felt to her that mentioning her name was not a good idea. But then Salim smiled at her and replied. “Her name was Smita Kulkarni.”

Shilpa moved closer to him and wrapped her hands around his neck. “So was she a Maharashtrian Brahmin?”

Salim moved his hands around her waist and rested them on her ass and pulled her closer. “Yes. Her father never approved of our marriage.”

“How did you marry? I mean a registered marriage or traditional?” Shilpa asked him.

“We got married in a traditional ceremony in a mosque.” Salim told her.

“Did you marry in a mosque? Wow. Did she convert to Islam?” They both started moving towards the sofa and sat on it.

“Yes. Otherwise you can’t marry in a mosque.” Salim slowly caressed her waist as he spoke.

“OK. So what did you name her after marriage? Was it Smita Khan?” Shilpa asked.

Salim spanked playfully on her ass before replying. “No darling. I named her Sana. Sana Khan. But she never liked it.”

Shilpa removed the chop from her hair and put in back in her purse. Then she loosened her hair and let them fall across her shoulders and back.

“Strange. It’s a nice name. If I were to marry you, I would have liked it.” Shilpa said seriously.

Salim pulled her even closer and looked in her eyes. “So why don’t you do it honey? Just divorce Aniket and marry me.”

She hesitated a bit, but then replied in a strong tone. “Salim, please don’t suggest such things to me. You know I can’t do it. I can’t leave Aniket. I don’t think our affair should break my marriage.”

Salim looked at her intently. “OK, honey. I will not mention it.” He smiled before adding. “At least not for some time to come”

Shilpa laughed loudly. “Oh, just not for some time? It means this may come again.”

Salim pulled her towards him. “Maybe it will. Let’s see. Now let’s stop wasting time and have dinner. I will call the hotel and order it. They will take 10 minutes to deliver it.”

He separated from her and moved towards the phone. Shilpa watched him as he ordered their food. Then they talked idly for some time as they waited for food. Just in 15 minutes, the door bell rang and their food arrived. Shilpa went to the kitchen and pulled out two plates for them. Then she served food in two plates. Salim had switched the TV on. She could hear the loud noise of a cricket match being telecast. She got the food ready and then went in the hall carrying 2 plates. Salim immediately pulled a tipoy and Shilpa put both the plates on it. They both started eating. Shilpa looked at him in mock anger and said. “I was hoping that at least you would not be interested in that stupid game.” Salim smiled at her and replied. “No. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I like cricket very much.” They chatted moodily as they finished dinner. Shilpa put the plates away in the kitchen sink and came back in the hall and sat beside Salim on the sofa.

“Haven’t you ordered any sweet?” Shilpa asked him.

Salim put his hands on her breasts and replied “Well I thought that you will give me a sweet dish. You have such wonderful and ripe mangoes.”

Shilpa smiled and moved closer to him. Salim moved his finger in her cleavage and slowly started caressing it with his finger.

Shilpa also put her hand on his and said “Ok. So how do you want it jaan? Do you want to eat mangoes or do you want me to feed them to you?”

Salim moved his hand behind her back and removed the chop tying her hair. He grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to him and kissed her mouth hard. Then he got up from the sofa and picked her up in his arms. “Let’s go to the bedroom darling.” Salim said and then started walking towards the bedroom carrying Shilpa in his arms.

Shilpa looked with wide eyes at the bed as she saw that it was covered with rose petals. Wonderful scent of roses filled the entire room. 5 ropes were attached to the bed and all the ropes were covered with roses. Shilpa felt a lump rising in her throat. She gasped and looked at Salim. She looked in his eyes and they both kissed briefly. She thanked Salim for the beautiful wedding night kind of bed decoration. Salim placed her on the bed and then went to the window to close the curtains. When he turned after closing the curtains, he saw Shilpa had already removed her sari and thrown it on a chair. She looked at him and smiled. She was wearing only a petticoat and blouse. Then she moved to the bed and slowly sat on it. Her eyes were still locked with Salim’s eyes. Then she backed further on the bed and sat with her back resting on the bed post frame. Then she put her hand on her blouse and slowly started unhooking it. She was looking all this time at Salim. She unhooked all her blouse hooks and slowly pulled the blouse cups aside. Her breasts popped out of the blouse immediately. Then she raised her chest high and beckoned Salim. “Oh Salim, I have been waiting for this for such a long time. Now please come in and eat my mangoes. They belong to you. They are all your now. Come in and suck them jaan.”

Salim moved closer to the bed and slowly got on top of Shilpa. She wrapped her hands around his neck and then slowly pulled his face towards her waiting teat. She moaned as Salim opened his mouth and pulled her breast in his mouth. She was caressing his hair as Salim slowly sucked all over her breast. Salim licked all around her teat making it wet with his saliva. Suddenly Shilpa cried out as Salim dig his teeth in tender flesh of her tit. She cried out and said “Oh Salim. Please don’t bite so hard. Bite it lightly.” Salim separated a bit from Shilpa and then moved to her left teat and started kissing it. He took all of it in his mouth and started rolling his tongue around it. Shilpa was really enjoying Salim’s amorous activities on her breasts now. His hand was slowly massaging her other tit now. Every now and then he would bite her nipple and Shilpa cried out. But she kept her hand on his neck and kept pulling his mouth on her breast.

Suddenly he moved away from her and then tried to remove her blouse completely. It was a bit tight and he took some time to remove it. As he was busy removing her blouse, Shilpa started pulling Salim’s T-shirt upwards. She first raised her arms to allow Salim remove her blouse. Then Salim raised his so that Shilpa could remove his T-shirt. They were both naked above torso. Shilpa looked at Salim and she saw that he was very hairy. His chest had lot of hair. She had noticed it before as well, but not so blatantly. She had always had a thing for hairy men. She slowly caressed his chest with both of her hands and said. “Salim, you know what was the first thing that attracted me to you?” Salim slowly moved close to her and asked “I am all ears. Tell me.” Shilpa smiled and replied back “Your chest. I always used to peep at your hairy chest. I always fantasized to have a hairy man.” Then she slowly got on her knees and moved in such a way that her boobs were right above Salim’s mouth. She slowly started mashing her boobs against Salim’s face. Salim opened his mouth and slowly started licking all around her boobs. Shilpa wrapped her hands around Salim’s neck and fed him her tits. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying as her boobs rubbed against Salim’s unshaved face. His beard was somewhat rough and it made her shiver as it rubbed against the skin.

Salim was enjoying Shilpa’s tits. He moved his hands to her waist. Shilpa was wearing a petticoat and it had only one string tying it. He slowly removed the knot and then started loosening it. He pulled it down as Shilpa also stopped to help him remove it. She was not wearing panty underneath. Salim looked surprised by it and patted her ass before completely removing it. Then Salim got down from the bed as Shilpa moved towards the edge of the bed. Then she unbuttoned Salim’s jeans and slowly started pulling it downwards. She pulled it below his waist and looked at his crotch. She was almost taken aback. He also was not wearing anything underneath. And even more than that, his cock sprung out of the jeans and his size just stunned her. It was huge and massive. She was used to Aniket’s 5 inch cock. And compared to it, Salim’s was an absolute monster. It was about 9 inch and its thickness was about 2.5 inches. She had always thought that Salim was big, but even she didn’t think that she will get this huge monster. She licked her lips slowly and then looked up at him. She put her hand around the base of his cock and said. “Oh Salim, you are so big.” Salim smiled and replied “So what baby? Don’t you like it big? It can stretch your cunt like no one else can. It can give you the pleasure that Aniket never will be able to give. Don’t you want it inside you baby?”

Shilpa looked in his eyes before moving back on the bed. She lied down on the bed and put one pillow below her ass and spread her thighs. Then she beckoned to Salim. He immediately crawled over her and came on top of her body. His entire body covered her while his thighs brushed against her thighs. Salim’s mouth covered her mouth and he kissed her mouth deeply. Shilpa moaned in his mouth as Salim covered her mouth completely. Salim’s hands slowly started roaming around Shilpa’s body. He took her tits in his hands and squeezed them. Shilpa could feel his massive organ brushing against her thighs. She was feeling very hot now and her cunt was almost soaking by now. She moved her hand downward and managed to squeeze it between their bodies and in her thighs. Then for the first time, she slowly took his cock in her hand. She guided it towards her cunt and slowly rubbed it against her cunt lips. Salim immediately became aware of her and stopped kissing her. He came up for breathing and they both looked in each other’s eyes.

“Oh Salim, please don’t make me wait now. Please put it in me and fuck me mad.”

Without saying anything, Salim moved and positioned himself so that he was hovering over her. Then he positioned his cock over her cunt lips. He slowly rubbed its head against the opening of her cunt lips. 

Then with one swift move, Salim moved forward. Shilpa cried out in pain as his cock entered her slowly. But she moved her hand and put it on Salim’s shoulder and smiled at him. “Don’t worry jaan. I will be fine. But please enter me slowly.”

Salim also smiled and slowly started to push forward in small thrusts. Every time he thrust forward, she felt a spasm of pain, but she really wanted Salim. She knew that it will be fantastic once she gets used to Salim’s size. After some time, Salim finally managed to enter her. She almost felt his cock hitting the base of her vagina. She slowly raised her thighs and locked them around his waist. Then she put both her hands on Salim’s shoulders and waited for Salim. He slowly started moving his hips in motion. He was rocking back and forth. With every thrust, Shilpa winced and she bit her lips to avoid crying out. She moaned slowly and her head started moving from one side to another on the pillow. She caressed Salim chest with both her hands as she whimpered under him. She was enjoying every minute of it. She moved her hand towards Salim’s and pulled it on her tit and slowly gave it a squeeze. Just this hint was enough for Salim. He squeezed both her tits with his hands and pinched her nipples with his nails. She felt his cock rubbing against inner walls of her cunt. It had completely stretched her cunt to full. For the first time in her life, she was feeling so filled up in her cunt. She also started thrusting her hips upward to match every stroke of Salim. She saw Salim’s face was contorted as he fucked her hard and deep. She felt an orgasm building in her cunt. She felt she would come any time.

With every stroke, Salim was bruising parts of her cunt that Aniket had never been able to touch. Salim kept it pumping in her cunt for a long 10 minutes. For a moment, Shilpa felt he would never stop. But suddenly Salim’s face grimaced and she knew that he was coming. She felt his cock erupting in spurts and flood her cunt. Her own body shook in spasms as she felt Salim’s sperm in her cunt. It triggered her own orgasm as she finally felt her fluids mingling with Salim’s. She unlocked her thighs from Salim’s waist and lay down exhausted. Salim also plopped down on her body. They both lay in each other’s arms and slept feeling very tired.

Shilpa woke up when she heard her phone ringing. She got up from the bed and remembered that her phone was in her purse in the hall. She saw Salim was still asleep. She went to the hall to get the phone. Just as she reached it, the call was disconnected. Just as she had hoped, it was Aniket. She grabbed the phone and went back to the bedroom to make sure that Salim was still asleep. Once she was sure then she gathered her clothes and started putting them on. Once she was fully dressed she came back to the gallery and called Aniket back. She closed the gallery door to make sure that her voice didn’t reach the bedroom. Aniket answered the call immediately. She felt as if he was holding the phone in his hand.

“Where are you Shilpa darling? How are you honey?” Aniket asked. He seemed a bit exited.

“I am fine darling. I hope you slept well.” She answered. “I am asking because I didn’t sleep at all. Salim just didn’t allow me to sleep all might. I slept at about 5 in the morning. I was hoping you would not disturb us.” She added even though she knew it was a lie. She just wanted to see if he would be jealous.

“I am sorry. I just wanted to know how it all went. From what you are telling me, it seems everything went great.” He added. From his voice he didn’t seem jealous or anything. In fact his voice sounded excited. 

“Yes. Everything went great. It went so great that my cunt is aching even now.” She laughed.

“Are you all right? I hope you enjoyed it. So was he big?” Aniket laughed.

“Do you want to bet? He is at least 10 inches. He stretched me like no one can. And he very thick as well.” Shilpa moved her hand to her wet cunt. It was flowing even now.

“Do you know Aniket if I continue with Salim I don’t think I will even be able to feel you in me. Just in one night, I feel my cunt has stretched out. If he continues to fuck me, I guess it will stretch permanently.” Her pussy lips were puffed, swollen and red from the hard fucking it had received.

“But I guess it’s too late to turn back now. Isn’t it?” She asked. She thought that Aniket may ask her to stop this. And she would have been disappointed if he had done so. 

But to her joy, Aniket replied. “Yes. It’s too late. And I don’t want to you to turn back in any case. By the way, when will you introduce me to Salim?”

“Aniket, please don’t push me. I will introduce you to him. Also I will tell him about your fantasy as well. Then you can watch us together. For the time being, I will update you where we are going so you can follow us and see us. I will call you once Salim tells me where we are going in the evening.” She told him.

“That’s fine with me. By the way, did you use a condom?” Aniket asked. She knew he would ask this.

“Well, we didn’t. Salim doesn’t like condoms. And even I don’t want to spoil the pleasure of his cock by coating it with that plastic. But don’t worry; I have birth control pills with me. I will take one immediately.” She tried to console him.

“OK. But just make sure that you continue to take it.” Aniket sounded concerned about this issue. He didn’t want her to get pregnant.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of it.” She said. “Now I will go. Salim might have woken up. Bye.” She disconnected the call and went to the bedroom. 

Salim had indeed woken up and was sitting upright in bed. He smiled at her and reciprocated immediately. She got in the bed beside him and sat beside him. Salim pulled her closer and kissed her. Shilpa also wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him back passionately.

Then Salim broke the kiss and asked her. “Shilpa, I heard you talking to somebody. Who called you so early in the morning? It’s not even 7? “

Shilpa laughed and told him. “It was my husband. He called to tell me that he has reached his hometown. ” 

Salim reclined back in bed and slowly pulled her as well. She lied down on his chest and put her hand around his stomach. Salim’s hand reached for her tit and he grabbed her right tit in his hand. Then he asked her “So what did you tell him?” 

Shilpa laughed again before replying. “Well I told him that I had a nice sleep. I told him that missed him too much during the night and all normal stuff a woman tells her husband.”

Salim pushed her pallu aside and caressed her cleavage. “He is a poor chap. His wife was actually enjoying a great night with her boss. And even now she is lying beside her boss. What if he comes to know about us?”

Shilpa pulled his head towards her cleavage. “How will he know? If you are bored with me so early, then you probably should him. I will immediately stop meeting you. Do you want that?”

“No baby. I don’t want that and I will never be bored with you.” He slowly licked her cleavage through her blouse. “Nobody can be bored of such wonderful tits.” He grabbed her tit and squeezed it hard eliciting a cry from her.

She laughed and slapped his hand playfully. “Hey, don’t squeeze it too hard. It hurts.”

Salim again squeezed it hard and replied. “Oh yes. It hurts, does it now? Yesterday you were asking to squeeze it harder.” She remembered her own wild passion yesterday and blushed. She normally was quite in the bed, but yesterday she had shouted quite loudly. She had feared that somebody might have heard her noises.

“It was yesterday night. Now it’s a day. By the way, why did you ask about my husband knowing about us?” She slowly pulled Salim so that he came on top of her.

“Well it’s a thing that we need to keep in mind, isn’t it? What would be his reaction? Aren’t you concerned about your marriage?” He caressed her lips with his thumb.

“He wouldn’t come to know. What do you think he should do if he does?” She wrapped her hands around his back and pulled him down on her body. His entire body covered her length.

Salim kissed her lips. “Well I would say that he should allow you to continue affair with me. That is if he were liberal. As you told me, in any case he can’t impregnate you. So why should you spend your entire life with him?”

Shilpa was thinking hard if she should tell him about Aniket. She looked in his eyes for a moment before she replied. “Salim, what will be your reaction if I told you that I have had the same discussion with Aniket before?” A smile twitched Salim’s mouth. “My reaction will be pretty normal. Why are you asking?”

Shilpa felt it was right time to come clean about it. She licked her lips before proceeding. 

“Salim, actually Aniket knows about us. You know he is not very good in bed. And he is not fertile. This had given him a sort of inferiority complex. He had often asked me to find a lover so that I could be satisfied sexually. I never paid any attention to him till you arrived. I never found anybody sexually attractive. But from the moment you arrived, I was attracted to you. It was that time that I took him seriously and decided to go ahead with it. In fact he wants to see us together. I mean actually together in bed having sex. He wants you to cuckold him. I wanted to tell you this after some time because I thought probably you may not be comfortable with the idea. But because it started, I told you. I hope you are not upset.”

Salim laughed loudly and replied. “Why should I be upset baby? Of course I know about cuckolding. I have read stories where husband watches other guys fucking his wife. I just never met one. Now that you have told me, I would love to meet your husband. And yes, I would love to cuckold him if you allow me to do so.”

Shilpa kissed him on his lips and said. “Oh God, this has really lifted some weight from my mind. I really was confused how to break it up to you. And yes Salim, I will allow you to cuckold my husband. I want you to be my boyfriend and cuckold my husband. Now please get up. I will make some breakfast for us.”

“So when will you introduce me to your husband? What is his name? It’s Aniket right. He is not in his hometown, is he?” He laughed. 

“Yes. His name is Aniket and he is at my home right now. And I will introduce you as soon as possible. Now please get off me. I will make some breakfast for us.” Shilpa pushed him apart as Salim also moved away from her and got off bed. She started walking away, but Salim wrapped her around her waist and pulled her closer. He brushed her hair aside and kissed her back. She felt the touch of his lips and moaned slightly. “Salim, don’t you want breakfast jaan?” Salim turned her to face him and kissed her lips hard. “There is nothing to make breakfast from darling. Let’s go and bathe together. Then I will go outside and get something to eat. Is that ok?” 

She felt Salim’s hand grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. He was roughly squeezing her ass and pulling at it. She wrapped her hands around his neck and allowed Salim to pull her in his arms. Salim was still naked. She opened her mouth and allowed Salim’s tongue to wriggle in her mouth. She moaned as he continued kissing her lips hard. She felt his cock rising and touching her naked stomach. Salim was lightly stroking her butt every now and then. His large hands were squeezing her butt cheeks hard. They kissed for a long time before she separated from him.

“OK Darling. Let me get ready to bathe.” She moved away from Salim and slowly started un-wrapping her sari. She removed it completely and threw it on the floor. Then she unhooked her blouse and put it beside. She was not wearing any bra. Her boobs plopped out immediately. Her nipples were still stiff and hard due to the hot kiss she had shared with Salim. Then she removed the petticoat and was completely naked. 

Then she opened her arms and beckoned Salim to come over. Salim came over to her and picked her up in his arms. They both kissed as Salim started walking towards the bathroom. Her boobs were flattened against Salim’s chest. Shilpa opened the door as Salim’s both hands were wrapped around her body. He got in the bathroom and then put her down slowly. The floor was dry and bath room was quite large.

“So baby, do you want to use a shower or go in the bath tub?” Salim asked her. 

“Well I would have loved the bath tub. But you need lot of tie on hand to enjoy a bath tub. And right now we don’t have that. I am very hungry after all the hard work you made me do yesterday night. So I will prefer a shower.”

Salim pushed Shilpa towards the wall and came closer to her. “Ok Baby. Then let’s shower first.” He opened the shower cock and slowly water started falling on their bodies. Salim pulled her closer as their bodies started getting wet under shower. Shilpa ran her hands through her hair to make sure that they were wet properly. She felt Salim’s hands running over her back and caressing it. He then moved his hands towards her breasts as he lightly caressed her nipples and squeezed her tits. She opened her eyes and smiled at Salim. She lightly caressed his chest as they both kissed under shower. She just loved his hairy chest. She loved to nuzzle it and breathe his aroma. 

“Where is soap jaan? Let me soap you?” She asked.

Salim extended his hand and opened a drawer next to him and pulled out soap. But instead of handing it over to her he slowly turned her around and said. 

“No darling. Let me soap you first.” 

He turned the shower off and then slowly started soaping her back. He slowly moved his hand from her shoulder blades to her butt. She felt soap caressing her back. Salim suddenly stroked her butt lightly as she gasped. She smiled to herself as she wondered why men were so obsessive about butt of a woman. 

She felt him squeezing and kneading her butt cheeks. He slowly moved his finger to her crack and slowly moved it upwards towards her spine. He moved his hand around her waist and pulled her closer. Her back brushed against his chest and he moved his left hand and entwined his fingers in her left hand fingers. He was kissing and nuzzling her neck as his left hand moved across her hand and slowly rested on her left tit. He moved his right hand as well to grab her tits. He soaped both her tits and started squeezing and massaging them. Shilpa had closer her eyes as she enjoyed lovely assault on her boobs. Salim licked her earlobe as Shilpa sighed and licked her lips. She moved her hand back and slowly started caressing Salim’s hair lightly. She was moaning and sighing as Salim continued to pump her tits.

“I love your tits darling. They are the sexiest of them all.” Salim whispered in her ears.

“They are all your jaan. They belong to you. Do whatever you want to them.” She replied breathlessly.

Salim moved his hands downwards leaving her tits and slowly started soaping her stomach. After spending some seconds there, he finally moved to her cunt. This was the moment she was waiting for. He slowly soaped and massaged her cunt lips. She had shaved it just yesterday for him. She hoped he liked it shaved.

“Shilpa, I love your pussy shaved just like this. It seems you shaved it for me. Did you?” Salim slowly licked her neck as he asked. 

“Yes jaan, I shaved it only for you.” She was so wet by now that Salim could easily insert three fingers in her cunt. He slowly turned her around to face her and kissed her. Then he started shower as water started falling on their bodies and they both started washing each other. After they were clean, Salim pushed her towards the stool. It was a bit high for her but just as she sat on it se understood what he wanted. It was perfect height for him. He slowly spread her thighs and slowly guided his erect cock towards her pussy hole. 

She also spread her thighs and wrapped them around his waist. He entered her slowly as Shilpa moaned. She was very wet, but still it hurt her because of his size. She thought to herself that she will need to open up quite a lot to be comfortable with him. But just as Salim pushed in, she felt wonderful sensation hitting her clitoris.

She put both her hands on Salim’s shoulders as Salim started fucking her. She closed her eyes as she felt Salim kissing her neck and cheeks. His hands were rested on her tits as he squeezed them hard. She was feeling so wet and seeping. She looked down and saw that her cunt lips had opened up for Salim’s wonderful organ. She almost felt an awe of his cock. She felt Salim’s speed increasing as he pushed harder and harder in her cunt. She put her hands around his shoulders and tried to pull him into her. Salim also responded and put his mouth to her bobbing tits. She was feeling pain as Salim fucked her hard. But she really didn’t care. All she wanted at this point was to be fucked by this man she loved. 

She felt her own body shaking in spasms as she saw her fluids seeping out of her cunt. She came with a bang but Salim still continued to fuck her. She was exhausted but she wanted to please Salim. She allowed him to fuck her as she felt his orgasm building. She felt his shoulders stiffen and face contort. She knew he was coming. Suddenly his body shuddered as his sperm flooded her cunt. He came in spasms as she felt his cum seeping out of her pussy. They both looked at each other as Salim pulled his cock out of her cunt. They both looked at each other intently as they both came under shower. She started shower and they washed for a minute before coming out of the bathroom.

Salim had put two towels on the bed before they went in the bathroom. She took one and started rubbing her body with it. Her hair was wet. She scrubbed it for some time before throwing it away on the chair. Then she turned towards Salim. He had already dried and was sitting on the bed naked.

She laughed and asked him. “Salim, why are you sitting on the bed naked? You have already fucked me twice since yesterday. Are you waiting for third round?”

Salim laughed loudly “Well if you won’t mind that, I would love it.”

She hit him playfully.”Hey not now jaan. I am exhausted and hungry. When are you going to get me something to eat? Now tell me what should I wear? Where is your wife’s wardrobe?”

“Why are you so eager to get dressed baby? Let me enjoy your lovely tits.” Salim rubbed his cheek against her breasts.

“That’s because I am not as shameless as you are. And you have already enjoyed it too much. So tell me where your wife’s clothes are.” Shilpa replied laughingly.

“OK. I resign. It’s the last cupboard on the left. It contains everything she had. You can wear anything you want. I will go out now and get something for us to eat.” He got up and started wearing his clothes.

She went to the cupboard and opened it. It was neatly arranged. She saw that it had four different compartments. In each compartment, clothes were neatly arranged. She saw 10 saris were stacked in a heap. It also contained blouses for the saris. She saw that all of them were sleeveless. In other compartment some Punjabi dresses were neatly arranged. She smiled to herself seeing that they were also sleeveless. 

“Salim, it seems that your wife had a fetish for sleeveless dresses.” She called him.

“No darling. I had a fetish for her arms. So I asked her to wear sleeveless. I only kept those dresses that were sleeveless. I have thrown the rest.” He was wearing shirt now.

“So I guess I don’t need to check the tops as well. They would be sleeveless.” She asked him.

“Of course they are.” He had finished wearing his shirt now.

“OK. So do you have fetish for my arms as well Salim?” She had worn sleeveless blouse just for him. Otherwise she never wore sleeveless dress.

“From the moment I saw you in that sleeveless blouse I was hooked to you.” Salim moved behind her and kissed her back. “You look sexiest when you wear sleeveless.” He added. “Now I am going. I will be opening the door by latch. So make yourself comfortable and wear anything you want. Bye.” He kissed her and went away.

She checked the cupboard and found that it also had lot of chops and bows to tie hair. It also had an entire set of 2 bra and panties. Each color was different. The cupboard also had three night gowns. All of these were sleeveless, but also had an upper cover that covered her sleeves. But the inner part was so low necked that it showed almost half of her tits easily. She picked up yellow colored gown and to match it, she decided to wear yellow colored bra and panties. The material of the gown was satin and felt very smooth on her skin,. She first put on her bra and panties. Then she wore the gown. She left the upper part and decided to skip. She wanted to give Salim a hell lot of show of her tits. She used a chop to tie her hair in a bun. Then went to the hall and switched the TV on. She did it for some 10 minutes before she heard the latch open and Salim came in. He was holding a small packet. She went up to him and took it from him. He just looked at her once before pulling her closer to him and kissing her hard.

“You are looking sexy as hell baby.” He said.

She was not disappointed. This was the effect she wanted to have on Salim. She thanked him and went to kitchen. She opened the packet and put it on two plates and came back to hall. She and Salim ate it while chatting. They spent the rest of the morning chatting before having another wild round of sex in the afternoon.

The next couple of days just went so quickly that before she could realize, it was Sunday evening. They both had fucked like mad rabbits for complete two days. Her cunt was feeling sore and stretched even now. Salim had fucked her again when they were bathing together. 

It was about 7 in the evening. She had spoken to Aniket just half an hour back and told him that she will be home by 8:00 PM. She was sitting in the hall and waiting for Salim to come out from the bedroom. They both had showered together. She had quickly changed into the same sari that she had worn when she came here. She was not wearing any bra or panties. Salim was changing into his clothes in the bedroom. 

Salim came out in the hall and sat down beside her on the sofa. They both kissed for some time before Salim asked her. “Are you ready Shilpa?”

“Sure. Let’s go.” She nodded and stood up. They both went out of the flat as Salim locked the door. He took her hand in his and their fingers entwined. They both reached the parking lot and Salim opened the door. She slid in the front seat as Salim got in Driver’s seat. They started as Salim started talking about some office issues. She also talked to him about various office gossips. It took them just 10 minutes to reach Shilpa’s home. Shilpa asked him to stop the car just before their building. She didn’t want any unwanted gossip about herself in case her neighbors saw her with Salim. They both chatted for some time before Shilpa finally decided to leave. Salim kissed her briefly before she got out of the car and started walking towards the building. Salim watched her sexy ass as she walked away. Before entering the building gate, she turned once more to Salim and gave him a flying kiss. Then she turned towards the lift and went in.

Aniket opened the door for her and she went in. He let her in and closed the door behind her. 

Shilpa plopped on the sofa. Aniket came and sat beside her. She looked a bit tired. Aniket smiled at her and said. “So baby, how are you? You look tired.”

Shilpa got up from the bed and started to go in the bedroom. But Aniket took her hand and pulled her back on the sofa. “Hey where are you going? You are supposed to tell me everything happened.” She knew Aniket would ask this. But at the moment she really didn’t want to go in all this. She knew it would excite Aniket and probably he would want to have sex with her. And at this moment she had absolutely no desire to indulge in sex with him. First her cunt was so stretched out because of Salim’s monster cock that she had no chance of even feeling Aniket inside her. And second she really didn’t want to have sex with Aniket as of now. So she told Aniket that she was tired and wanted to sleep. But as Aniket kept insisting she had to relent.

She sat on the sofa chair instead of sofa beside Aniket. Then she explicitly asked Aniket not even to touch her. She explained that she was too tired though she didn’t tell that her cunt was stretched out because of Salim. Based on the condition that he will not touch her, she started narrating events of last three days to Aniket. As she told him about the wonderful sex she had with Salim, Aniket got very excited and started playing with his cock. As she went on, even Shilpa got excited about telling him. Aniket asked her some more details about her sex with Salim ad she obliged as she told him all the gory details of her sex with Salim. She knew that Aniket was playing very hard with his cock now. Just as she finished telling about her last bath and sex Aniket moaned and came. She was surprised that her husband had come just by listening to her tale of having sex with Salim. She was in fact grateful that she didn’t have to touch him as she was very tired. Then she got up and kissed Aniket on the cheek and said good night to him. She told him that she was nit hungry and she wanted to sleep now. She went in the bedroom and dressed in her gown and slept peacefully.

Next morning she got up late and found that Aniket had already left for his office. She also got up and got ready from office. She wore a Punjabi dress and applied a little make-up and perfume. At her normal time she reached office and found Salim waiting for her. He immediately assigned some tasks to her and then he let for a meeting. He had asked her to wait for lunch as he wanted to take her out. She got busy in her routine work as time went by. At around one, she got a call from Salim. He had asked her to come to the hotel that they normally went for lunch. She said fine and then finished some more work before she went to the hotel.

She saw Salim waiting for her in the lobby of the hotel. Just as she reached him, he immediately wrapped his hand around her waist and kissed her lips briefly. She smiled at him and they both went int. Salim started chatting. He had already placed the order for her as well. 

“So Shilpa, how did Aniket take it? Is he jealous or something?” Salim took her hand in his hand. They were in the corner seat and nobody could hear them.

“Jealous? Oh my god, as I told him about our sex, he jerked himself off. I didn’t even touch him.” She and Salim both started laughing.

“So that’s good. So he doesn’t have any problem with our relationship, am I right?” Salim kissed her hand slowly.

“No Jana. No problem at all. In fact he has pestered me to introduce you to him and cuckold him. So what do you think about it? Would you like it” She removed her chop and loosened her hair.

Salim laughed loudly and poured some water for himself. He drank it before replying. “Why should I have any problem baby? All I want is to be near to you and in bed with you.”

She wouldn’t have liked to put it so crudely, but she got the point from Salim. She wouldn’t have entered a cuckolding relationship if it had not been for Salim. She once again tied her hair in a bun with the chop and asked Salim. “So how abut spending this weekend with me and my husband together at my home? My husband will be a mere spectator. He will spend the nights in the guest room and you will spend the night with me in our bedroom. How does that sound?” She looked at him smilingly.

Salim also smiled at her and replied. “It sounds good to me. I am not so sure about your husband. Have you asked him or are you assuming his approval?”

Shilpa replied with a grin on her face. “I haven’t told him yet. But I know that it shouldn’t be a problem.” She knew that it shouldn’t be any problem.

The waiter came and put the food on the table. Shilpa served Salim first and then served herself. “So you can tell him. But I don’t like the idea of your husband being a mere spectator.” Salim spoke to her as she finished serving. 

“What do you mean by that?” Shilpa put the pan away and looked a bit surprised. “Are you thinking of a threesome? I really don’t want him to enter me after you have entered me. I won’t feel anything at all. Besides I don’t like the idea of him entering me now that you have stretched me like this.” She told him as plainly as possible. “He wanted to have sex with me yesterday. But I excused myself saying that I was tired. But really I didn’t want it in the first place.”

Salim moved forward in his chair and touched her left hand with his. “Shilpa, I don’t want a threesome. Threesome is sex between three people of having same sexual capacity. Do you think your husband is of same sexual capacity as I? I don’t. So I am not suggesting a threesome. But I want him to lick and clean your cunt after we have had sex. Trust me, he will enjoy it.”

Shilpa thought for a moment. Actually she had often thought about it. But she never thought that Aniket would like it. So she never mentioned it. As she thought about it, she liked the idea f having her cunt licked. She never would have liked Salim licking it. It would be an insult to his wonderful cock. But Aniket could not give her sexual satisfaction with his cock anyway. So it was probably right that he should lick her cunt and satisfy her.

She caressed his hand and replied. “Let me think about it. Anyway Aniket would be present there. So we can always ask him to do it.”

“So this Friday you are coming to my home for entire week end. Please make sure that you get everything you need. Oh by the way, Can I go home a bit early today? In case you don’t have any work with me?”

Salim nodded negatively and replied. “No problem. Where are you going? Is it anything special?”

Shilpa had finished eating her Roti and she served herself some rice. “It’s nothing special. I am meeting my friend. She is from Delhi, but is visiting her parents here.”

“Sure. Go ahead. What time are you leaving?” Salim had finished his Roti and she promptly served him some rice.

“I will leave at 5:30.” She replied as she served him some daal and put the pan away. 

“OK. Just ring me before you leave in case I am not in the office.” Salim started eating rice as they both changed the subject and started talking about office issues.

They finished lunch and came back to the office. They both sat in the same cabin and often were alone. She went to her desk and busied herself. She had to finish her work before she left. Salim also sat on his desk and got busy. At 4 he had a meeting. He informed her about it and left for the meeting. She was hoping that he would come back so she could say good bye to him before she left. But even at 5:20 there was no sign of Salim. So she packed her purse and shut down the computer. She thought about sending SMS to him. But just as she finished typing it, there came a loud knock on the door and Salim came in. She turned as Salim closed the door behind him.

“It’s good that you came back. I was just going to drop you a SMS.” She turned to face him.

“Good. So everything is complete? ” He asked her about the work he had assigned in the morning.

“Yes. I have mailed everything to you. Good bye. I am leaving now.” She replied. She went a bit close to him and slowly pecked him on his cheek. Salim smiled at her and said. “Well it’s a very cold kiss honey. I thought it would be a little bit warmer after yesterday.” He pulled her in his arms and despite her protests, kissed her mouth. She was feeling very odd, but as she felt his touch on her back, she grew warmer and resigned herself in his arms. She wrapped her arms around hi back and opened her mouth. She felt Salim’s hands on her breasts squeezing them hard. They shared a long, wet open mouth kiss for some time before Salim separated. She felt breathless as she recovered herself. She again said good bye to Salim and checked herself in the mirror before leaving. 

She went out and called her friend. She was waiting for her near bus stop. She went to the bus stop and they both hired a taxi to go to a mall. Her friend wanted to do some shopping. As they reached the mall, Shilpa didn’t have any plans for shopping. She just wanted to accompany her friend and talk to her. But as she entered the mall and started browsing through clothes with her friend, she came across a sleeveless yellow colored top and black satin skirt. The top was cotton and was fairly short. She felt that it would clearly show her navel when she wore it. The skirt was also short and barely reached her knees. Also it had a crease across her thigh. The moment she saw it, she liked it. She didn’t have any plan about what to wear on Friday night. But now that she looked at this dress, she felt that it was perfect. And also Salim had asked her to wear western. So she decided to try it. She asked her friend to wait for her and went in the trial room.

She removed her clothes and wore the top and skirt and then looked in the mirror. She loved the feel of the top. It was a bit tight, but that also worked to advantage as her breasts felt fuller and tighter because of it. It also showed quite a bit of her cleavage. Her mouth watered as she imagined Salim’s hands squeezing her tits. The skirt was also short and if she sat it would definitely show her thighs. It was perfect for a Friday evening with Salim. So she decided to purchase it and went out after wearing her previous dress. She showed it to her friend who also liked it. Afterwards, she helped her friend with her shopping for some time. Then they both went undergarment section. Shilpa purchased a yellow colored transparent bra and pantyhose to wear under yellow top and skirt. Then they both paid the bill and started back for home. Shilpa left her near her home and came back home at about 9:30 PM.

Aniket was already home and he had brought food for the evening. They both ate it as Shilpa discussed her office topics with him. After cleaning the dishes they both went in the bedroom. Shilpa felt it was a good time to start the topic of what Salim had suggested in the lunch time. She first told him about her lunch with Salim and slowly progressed towards the main topic. She felt that Aniket may not like the idea of licking her cunt. But as she spoke she understood that Aniket was actually quite agreeable to the idea of licking her cunt. They both discussed it for a while as Shilpa saw his cock rising in his pants. Aniket also tried to touch her at various times, but she intentionally ignored and admonished his advances. After some time she showed him the top and skirt she had purchased to wear on Friday. He also liked it and they both slept though Aniket couldn’t say peacefully. Just the thought of seeing his wife in that sleeveless top and short skirt was making him hot. As he tried to sleep, he imagined licking his wife’s cunt filled with Salim’s salty cum and tasting it in his mouth.

The entire week went quickly and suddenly Shilpa found herself working on Friday evening. She had planned to go home early and get ready for Salim. They had decided to order food in home. She kissed Salim good bye and then went a bit early. Salim also left at about 6 and went to his home. Shilpa reached home at about 6 and immediately showered. She then pulled out the yellow top and skirt she had bought and put it on the bed. She also got the yellow bra and panty set and put it on the bed. She brushed her hair and used a vertical hair clip to tie her hair. Then she wore the bra and panty first and then sprayed a deodorant in her clean shaven armpits. She also sprayed a light perfume all over her tits and cleavage. Finally she put on the top and skirt and applied make-up on her face. She applied bright red lipstick on her lips. She checked herself in the mirror and was satisfied. She looked hot.

Aniket came home at around 7:30 PM and immediately confirmed her own view. He had never seen her wearing any western clothes before. And suddenly when he saw her wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt so short, his eyes betrayed his lust. She saw it, but then immediately reminded him that he shouldn’t touch her today. The only thing he was allowed to do today was probably to lick her cunt. But nothing else was allowed to him.

They both waited for Salim. At around 8:00 PM, Shilpa ordered food for them. She ordered vegetarian food for Aniket, but ordered non-vegetarian for herself and Salim. She asked the hotel to deliver it by 9:30.

Salim came at about 8:30 PM. It was Shilpa who opened the door for him. She hugged Salim and they both kissed briefly. “I was waiting for you for last 1 hour. I was thinking you would come by 7:30 PM.” He wrapped his hand around her waist and turned. “I started early, but got stuck up in the traffic.” His hand wandered on her naked arms and he slowly caressed it. “You are looking sexy baby. Are you wearing this dress for me?” He pulled her close to him they kissed. Her hands wrapped around his neck as they kissed hard. “Tonight everything is for you Salim.” She said breathlessly. Salim stroked her butt lightly and then said. “What about this baby?” Shilpa smiled at him and replied. “Yes darling. Even this belongs to you. Now come in. I will introduce you to Aniket.”

They both came in and Shilpa closed the door. Aniket was in the bedroom. She called out to him and he came in the hall. She introduced them to each other though it was not necessary. They shook hands with each other and then started chatting. She wanted them to be comfortable with each other. So she decided to go inside the bedroom and do something else. So she excused herself and went in the bedroom and busied in making arranging the bedroom. But her attention was in the hall. She was listening to their talk all the time. She felt that it might be awkward for them to talk. But to her surprise they were talking as if they were old friends. Shilpa was relieved about it. They were chatting about shares, pictures and one common interest of all men i.e. Cricket.

So after some time, she went in the hall and started talking to them and sharing their conversation. She was sitting beside Salim and Aniket was sitting on a chair. As they chatted, she slowly moved closer to Salim and their thighs started touching each other. Salim smiled at her and then moved his hand around her shoulder and put it on her naked arm. He started to caress her naked arm slowly. Shilpa shivered as Salim’s touch inflamed her. But even more than his touch, she felt so hot by seeing at Aniket. His cock was already rising. She could plainly see lust in his eyes. She put her head on Salim’s shoulders as they kept on chatting. Salim also pulled her closer. She felt Salim’s hand close on her right boob and squeeze it. She whimpered as he massaged her tit but kept her eyes closed. Salim turned her face towards him and kissed her hard on her lips. She also wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him back passionately. When he broke the kiss, Shilpa looked at Aniket. His face was red as he looked back at her. Then she turned again to Salim. 

“Salim, tell me jaan, what do you like in me?” She snuggled close to Salim as she asked him. Salim slowly turned her so that she was facing him. He looked in her eyes and then replied. “I will not tell you baby. I will make you feel it on your body. But first of all let me do something that will make look sexier.” Salim pulled her closer and then slowly removed the hair clip tying her hair. He made sure that he didn’t hurt her hair as he pulled it out. “You look sexiest when you hair is open.” I smiled at him and then ran my hands through my hair. Then Salim slowly pushed her back on the sofa. It had plush cushion on its arms. So Shilpa easily managed to put her head on the arms of sofa. Salim moved across the sofa and lay on top of Shilpa. His face was over Shilpa’s face as she wrapped her hands around his head and smiled at him. “So tell me now what do you like in me?” She unhooked the uppermost button of Salim’s shirt and slowly caressed his hairy chest lightly. Salim moved his hand and placed it on her forehead. Then he slowly traced his finger across her face. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt Salim’s finger moved downwards and rest on her lips. Salim moved forward and then kissed her on lips. Shilpa moaned and opened her mouth for him. They both kissed hard as Shilpa felt Salim’s hands caressing her naked arms. She wrapped her hands around Salim’s neck and caressed his hair as they kissed each other. Salim’s hands moved to her boobs and he started squeezing them hard. He broke the kiss and looked in her eyes. He slowly caressed her tits and said. “I love your mangoes baby. Why don’t you open your clothes and feed them to me?” Shilpa arched her chest so that her boobs rose in front of Salim’s face and smiled at him. “Jaan, my mangoes are all yours. Who is preventing you? Help yourself.” Salim slowly caressed her chest and then kissed her cleavage. Then he moved the arms of her top aside. Shilpa allowed him to pull the top out of her arms and he slowly pulled it down so that her yellow bra was completely visible. Salim then pulled both her boobs out of the bra cups without unhooking the bra. Shilpa looked at Aniket who was sitting on a chair beside them. She smiled at him once before she felt Salim’s mouth clamping on her right boob. She just loved it when Salim sucked her tits. She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around his neck and kept his mouth on her tit. Salim’s right hand had moved to her left tit and was slowly massaging her.

Shilpa whimpered as Salim slowly bit her nipple lightly. He licked all over her breast and made it wet with his Saliva. Shilpa caressed his hair and moaned lightly as Salim switched from her right boob to left. Shilpa moved her hand between them and slowly managed to unbutton his shirt as he sucked her breasts. She pulled his shirt aside as he squeezed her tits hard. Salim stopped for a second as he allowed Shilpa to remove his shirt completely. They both looked in each other’s eyes as she caressed his hairy chest with both her hands. She kept rubbing Salim’s chest as they both locked in another hot open mouth kiss. As they stopped for taking breath, Shilpa hugged him and whispered in his ears. “Oh Salim, I can’t wait any more jaan. Please strip me off and fuck me. I am so wet down there.” She hugged him and slowly rubbed her breasts against his shoulders. She moved her hand to his crotch and found that his 9 inch monster was making a tent in his jeans. She moved both her hands to it and slowly caressed his crotch. Then she slowly unbuttoned his jeans as they both locked lips again.

Suddenly Salim stopped and said. “Wait for a minute baby. I will remove my jeans. By the way, why don’t you remove your panties? Keep everything else. ” Salim got off her and stood up beside the sofa. Shilpa looked up at him and asked him. “Why do you want me to keep my clothes? Don’t you want to eat my mangoes?” She spoke as she removed her panties and got it out of her legs. Salim looked back at her and replied. “Baby, I have eaten your mangoes for quite some time now. I have had enough of it. Now it’s time for you eat a banana.” He pointed at his crotch. “I want you to suck it hard baby.” She smiled and said. “Salim, I have never done it. But I would love to do it just for you jaan. I guess your cock deserves it.” She looked at Aniket who was starring at her intensely. She threw the panties at him and laughed. “Aniket, I hope you will love to smell it when Salim is fucking me. It’s very wet right now.” She saw that Salim had removed his pants and his cock sprung out of his pants. It had already risen to its full glory of 9 inches. Shilpa slowly moved towards him. He was standing near the sofa now. She moved closer to him and then sat down on her knees on the floor. She looked up once at Salim and smiled at him. Her mouth was perfectly level with his crotch now. She hesitantly moved her hand and placed it on his monster cock. It was already slick with pre-cum. She had never done it before. So she was feeling a bit hesitant. Salim moved his right hand behind her and put it on her neck and then slowly pulled it towards his crotch. Shilpa smiled as she felt him pulling her mouth in his crotch. She closed her eyes and then grasped his cock in her hand. 

Shilpa rubbed her cheek against Salim’s cock slowly as she moaned. “Oh Salim, I love this so much. I love your smell.” Salim had moved his hand to her tit and was slowly squeezing them together. Shilpa moved her body so that her breasts rubbed against Salim’s cock. She kept rubbing it on her breasts as her breasts rose and her nipples became harder. She took her time rubbing her boobs as Salim waited for her to warm up. Shilpa motioned him to move towards the sofa and lie down on it. Salim moved towards the sofa and lay down on it. His cock was already erect. Shilpa slowly moved towards him and adjusted her mouth so that it was hovering just above Salim’s cock. 

She slowly rubbed her cheek against his erect cock and nuzzled it. Salim extended his hand towards her face and rubbed her cheek with his palm. She allowed him to do it for some time as she licked the base of his cock. Salim enjoyed the sensation of pleasure as Shilpa kept sucking his cock. She wrapped her hands around his hands and guided them to her own breasts. Salim immediately took the cue as he started squeezing her tits hard. Salim moved his hand to her head and wrapped it around her neck. Then he slowly started moving hips so that his cock started moving in and out of Shilpa’s mouth. By this time, Shilpa had swallowed almost half of his cock and enjoying it.

She pulled put and then looked at Salim. His face was contorted with pleasure. He looked at her and then said. “Why did you stop honey? Do it. You are so good at it.” She smiled and then again held at the base of his cock. She slowly rubbed it with her hands and then locked at the base. Salim closed his eyes and again gave in to the sensation. Shilpa kept licking his cock but didn’t close her mouth on it. Instead she licked all over his cock and made it wet. After a good time spent on licking it, she moaned as she felt Salim’s hand squeezing her tits hard. She really wanted him to fuck her. She wanted his cock in her cunt badly. She moaned loudly and pulled away from Salim’s cock. She looked at him and licked her lips.”Oh Salim, I can’t wait any longer jaan. Please take me and fuck me hard. Please fuck me now. I want your cock inside my cunt. Come and fuck my cunt. Bruise it hard.”

She moved away from the sofa and Salim also got up. She wanted to go the bedroom and fuck on the bed. But Salim took her hand and stopped her.”I want to fuck you here baby. I want to ram your cunt right in front of your husband.” Shilpa looked at her husband and smiled. “Of course Salim, Aniket will join us the bedroom.” But Salim still pulled her towards him and then got up. He asked her to sit on her hands and knees so that her upper body was rested on the sofa. Shilpa looked at Aniket and smiled wickedly before obeying Salim. Her boobs were resting on the sofa as her ass was raised high in the air for Salim. Salim came behind her and slowly rubbed her high ass with his palms. She felt roughness of his hands on her ass cheeks as Salim rubbed her ass. She closed her eyes and enjoyed as Salim caressed her ass. Suddenly Salim spanked her ass hard and Shilpa cried out. She again felt his hand spanking hard on her ass as she bit her lips. Then just as she was expecting another stroke on her ass cheeks, she felt Salim’s cock on her crack. Salim was rubbing her hard cock against her ass cheeks as well as her crack. She was so wet that she didn’t feel any pain as Salim slowly inserted his huge cock in her cunt from rear. She closed her eyes and prepared for Salim’s assault on her cunt. She was enjoying the feel of Salim’s huge cock in her cunt. 

She felt his cock stiffen and grow inside her cunt as Salim started fucking her with swift strokes. With every stroke, she cried out as she looked at Aniket who was sitting right beside her as Salim screwed her hard. Salim’s thrusts increased in force and speed as she felt her orgasm building in her cunt. 

Salim came fucking her hard and she extended her hand to grab Aniket’s hand in her. Her body was rocking back and forth with every stroke of Salim. She wondered when this would end. Salim also felt his cock straining and his own orgasm built. He grabbed her hair and was fucking furiously as he cried out. Shilpa also cried out as they both came together.

From next day on, their love making sessions in Shilpa’s home became quite normal. At times when Aniket went out of town, Shilpa stayed with Salim. Salim also regularly spent the week end with Shilpa in their home as Aniket spent the night in the hall. Shilpa also broke sexual contact with Aniket completely because Salim didn’t want it. Just in 6 months Shilpa became pregnant and when the right time came, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. They named him Imran. After some time, Shilpa left Aniket and started living in with Salim. Just after 2 months they both got married. Though his parents were not entirely happy with her, they accepted her.

Part- 2
I was working as a receptionist in a company before marriage. I left the job after getting married. Aniket was earning fairly well. So I didn’t really need to worry about job. We were very happy and content with our life. There was only one problem in our married life. Even after three years of marriage, we didn’t have a child. We met some doctors and conducted all sort of tests. But results were the same. The problem was with Aniket and he couldn’t father a child. Due to this, we often fought and it also had effect on our sex life. I was not working and it left me with a lot of free time and I started getting bored. I wanted to join a company. But just as I was thinking of joining a company, the markets tumbled. The markets crashed and I found it tough to get a new job. 

The condition became even worse after two months and it became clear that this was not just a slight crash but start of a serious recession. Aniket was working in a Finance company and even his company started feeling the heat. Aniket had already heard that lot of employees from his company would be laid off. In such a situation, we were very tense. We had a home loan to pay and I was not working. There was no alternative way of income for us.

And then one day, Aniket came home very late. It was around 9:00 PM. Aniket asked me if I wanted to come to the terrace of our building. He said he wanted to talk something. So I locked the flat and went out with him. We live on the 5th floor and our building is of 7 floors. I suggested that we just take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. Aniket said fine and we both walked. We both reached the terrace and then walked towards a platform in the middle of the terrace. It had lush green lawn on it. We both sat on the lawn.

Aniket: Shilpa, as you know we are heading towards a long recession. Some companies have already started firing employees.

Shilpa: I know. Is there any danger for us?

Aniket: I don’t think so. But still now our company has started pestering us for more productivity. In fact there is good news for us in that.

Shilpa: Good news?

Aniket: Company has started firing old and unproductive employees. They are either asked to take VRS or simply fired. Now general manager of entire UAE region has been with us, but we have been facing lot of losses in that region. So company has decided to ask him to take VRS. Now company also needs to decide the new general manager for this region. There are 5 contenders for this position. I am one of those.

Shilpa: Oh wow. This is great.

Aniket: No, it is not so great. Let me finish.

Shilpa: Why? What happened?

Aniket: The decision regarding the new general manager will be taken by my boss Arif Qureshi. He is a tough man to please. He knows all of us and knows that all of us are good enough to be the new general manager. But he says that just qualifications do not matter to him.

Shilpa: Then what matters?

Aniket: Well, it is a very indecent thing to say. If you feel wrong about this, we will drop this entire subject. 

Shilpa: What are you talking about?

Aniket: Look, he met me today in his cabin. He said that any of us could get this position. But who actually gets it depends upon something else. He wants to meet each one’s wife. Then depending upon who he likes, she has to please him.

Shilpa: Aniket, what are you talking about? Are you really serious about this?

Aniket: Again, if you feel this is indecent, I will drop this entire topic. But trust me; all others have accepted his offer. And consider the financial aspect of it. My salary will be quadrupled and I will need to go to UAE for three years, but it will mean a lot for us financially. 

Shilpa: But Aniket, what do you mean by pleasing? Does it involve actual physical sex?

Aniket: That is the best part of it. He says that he doesn’t want anybody to sleep with him. Just be with him socially and go out. Basically just like an escort. He says that whether this woman wants to get physically involved with him or not is completely her decision. But she has to go out for a movie, dinners etc. with him. But not necessarily sex. So you can just say that you don’t want to get physically involved with him.

Shilpa: Well in that case it is ok. For how much time do I need to do this? 

Aniket: Well, I will be staying in UAE for three years. So you have to give him company for three years. But I will be coming in and out. And three years will just fly by.

Shilpa: ok. So what do I need to do?

Aniket: Well he is meeting wives of the other managers next week on first four week days. This means that you will be the last one. So you will need to go out with him for dinner on Friday.

Shilpa: Where?

Aniket: Well I am not sure. But you don’t need to worry about that.

Shilpa: ok.

Aniket: Good girl. Then is this settled?

Shilpa: Yes. So what kind of person is your boss?

Aniket: You can find out for yourself. He is very charming and handsome. And please make sure that you look your best. Just like you did when you seduced me?

Shilpa: Ok. But in case I really started getting attracted to him?

Aniket: Well I don’t really mind you sleeping with him once in a while. 

Shilpa: Aniket, you are crazy. I will never do it. You are the only guy in the world for me.

Aniket: Well then I am lucky.

Shilpa: Sure. So I have to go with him on Friday? Do you really think he will fall for me? I am not sure. I have met wives of other managers. Sheetal in particular is very sexy. I am sure he will choose Sheetal.

Aniket: Don’t underestimate yourself. You are not beautiful as Sheetal, but you are a wholesome and sexy beauty. And even Sheetal doesn’t have the kind of boobs you have. 

Shilpa: You men are really cheap. You just keep checking out women’s boobs.

Aniket: Not just boobs honey. Even your ass is amazing.

Shilpa: Cheap again.

Aniket: Well you have lovely assets. What can I do about it except praising them?

Shilpa: Anyway you praising my assets is not enough. Your boss needs to praise them. We will soon find out. By the way, can you give me any dressing tips? What should I wear?

Aniket: Well you look best in a sari. So I think you should wear that red sari with black sleeveless blouse.

Shilpa: It is transparent. 

Aniket: Yes. And I want it to be that way. You should look sexy without being sluttish. That sari is perfect for you.

Shilpa: Are you sure about sari? Don’t you think it would be better if I just wore a Punjabi dress? It would mean I am not trying to impress him.

Aniket: no honey. You look great in sari and you want to impress him.

Shilpa: OK. Then I will wear the red sari.

So our countdown began for the Friday. On Friday, Aniket went to the office as usual. In the afternoon, he called me to say that he and Arif will come home by 7:30 PM. He asked me to be ready by 7:30 as we will need to leave by 8:00. I asked him about the plan that Arif had. He said that Arif will tell us about it when we meet.

So as per Aniket’s suggestion, I started getting ready by 6:30 PM. I started by having a fresh bath. Then I went in the bedroom. I pulled out the red sari from the cupboard and put it on the bed. I had washed my hair and had a wet towel in my hair. So I scrubbed my hair and then removed the towel from it. Then I sat down on the dressing table in front of the mirror. I was wearing a yellow colored towel covering my breasts. Apart from this, I had nothing on my body. I opened the drawer and pulled out a hair drier. I switched it on and started drying my hair. My hair was shoulder length and just a little bit curly. Everybody commented on them and said how beautiful my hair was. So even though managing it was a bit tough, I never really thought about trimming it.

After drying the hair for 10 minutes, I was satisfied and applied some oil on it. Then I started brushing it. After brushing it for some time, I used a bow to tie them up. After this, I got up and removed the towel covering my body. Underneath, I was completely naked. After a long time, I saw myself naked. My breasts were as firm as they were before I got pregnant. Not just that, but they had got bigger in fact. Earlier I used to use 34 B size bras. Now I had to use 36 C. My stomach was still flat although some stretch marks were visible. I was sure Arif will like them.

My armpits were shaved. My labia were shaved and smooth. I had a set from fancy bras that I had used when I had met Aniket. I still had them in the cupboard, but I was not sure if they would fit. But for the sake of trying, I pulled out a red brassier. It was transparent and had flowers on it. I had never tried it after I got married. So out of curiosity, I just put my arms in it and covered my breasts in the bra cups. Then I tried to hook it. It was just a bit tight, but I was not feeling too uncomfortable either. So I just decided to keep it and also wore panties. Then I pulled out the red sari from cupboard. It was a very beautiful one with beautiful design on the border. Along with, it also had the blouse. It was a sleeveless blouse of the same color. I pulled both out and also got a petticoat out. First I wore the petticoat and then blouse. Then I draped the sari around my body. I also made sure that I wore it a bit below navel. I applied my perfume on the sari and checked myself in the mirror. I thought I looked good enough to interest Arif. 

It was about 7:15. Aniket and his boss would be coming any time. So I went in the hall and checked everything. Then I switched the TV on and started browsing through the channels. I was feeling very nervous. Aniket was very punctual and just after 7:30, the door bell rang. I switched the TV off and opened the door. As expected, it was Aniket. But Arif was a total surprise for me. I was completely aghast after seeing his boss. It was Arif Qureshi that I knew in my college. I had never told Aniket about it. But Arif had been my boyfriend in my college days. We could not marry because of family pressure. But I had been with him for almost 5 years. And suddenly, he was my husband’s boss and standing in front of me. 

Just the look on my face told Aniket that we knew each other. Arif looked a bit less surprised and said hi. Aniket also looked strangely at me and said why I didn’t tell him. I said that I had known Arif to be in UK. So I really didn’t think it would be the same man. So I didn’t bother to mention it. Arif had a nice bouquet of roses in his hand. He smiled at me. He also handed over the bouquet to me. I thanked him and took the bouquet from him. I then went and placed the bouquet on the table. Aniket and Arif had removed their shoes and were sitting on the sofa. I went in the kitchen and brought two glasses of water on a tray. Arif took the water and thanked me. Arif drank from the glass and then put it back on the tray. Aniket also did the same.

I then went back to the kitchen and put the tray back. Then I again went in the hall. This time I took a good look at Arif. He was still the same, about 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was very fair as most Muslims are. He still seemed to go to a gym. I could see his muscles. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. As we chatted, I could see that he was checking me out. Every now and then, I saw his eyes resting on the bulge of my boobs. After chatting for about half an hour, finally Arif suggested that we start moving. Aniket also said fine. So we got up. I said bye to Aniket and looked at him to see if he was comfortable. I thought he looked ok. 

So I and Arif went out of the door. Aniket closed the door behind us. Both of us got in the lift. Arif pressed the button for the ground floor. I had my purse slung on my shoulder. I was walking on the left side of Arif. My hair was open and I was feeling a bit nervous if I met somebody I knew. But as soon as we reached the compound, Arif pulled out the keys and opened the door of a red car. It was a beautiful Corona model. As soon as my eyes fell on it, I was smitten. But I didn’t show any emotions. Arif got in the driver seat and then opened the front door for me. I slowly moved in and sat beside him. Arif asked me to fasten the seat belt. I did as he had asked me to do.

Arif: So, Shilpa. How are you darling? I really missed you.

Shilpa: Arif. You planned this thing, didn’t you? You will never propose such an indecent thing to anybody.

Arif: Of course not darling. I just wanted to show you how much Aniket loves you. He loves you just enough to hand you over to his boss just for a promotion.

Shilpa: Arif, that is not fair.

Arif: Darling, nobody loves you more than me.

Shilpa: I am wife of somebody, Arif. Nothing can change this.

Arif: Yes. You are wife of somebody who will let you go for a promotion. But let’s stop this. I don’t want to fight with you after I have met you after such a long time.

Shilpa: I hope not. So what do you want really?

Arif: Don’t you know Shilpa? I want you darling. I love you. And I want you more than anyone else in the world.

Shilpa: Please. I can’t be yours. I am married to Aniket. Can’t you accept the fact? I think we both together accepted that our affair was over. So why do you want it to start all over again? Please grow up and marry a nice girl.

Arif: I did. But it didn’t work out.

Shilpa: What? You mean you are married.

Arif: No. I am divorced. It just didn’t work for me. And it wouldn’t work if it is not you honey.

Shilpa: Who was she?

Arif: You know I had a very bad experience with my marriage. I married a girl named Meghana. She didn’t eat non-vegetarian. I was almost totally non-vegetarian person. Also, she couldn’t celebrate Id or any other functions as I expected my wife to do. So this alienated her from my family. Due to this we started fighting often. So after around one year, we divorced and she went back to her parents.

Shilpa: It was such a normal case with many girls. One of my friends had married a guy. You really need to understand it. And if you are serious, you really need to embrace. Most of the girls just don’t understand it. They just convert for the sake of marrying without understanding it. And that is where the problem starts.

Arif: Yes. Have you thought a lot about this?

Shilpa: Yes. I often think how well I with your family. They always liked me, didn’t they?

Arif: Yes. They adored you.

Shilpa: You remember they had decided that whoever you marry named Sana. So they never called me Shilpa. They always called me Sana. And I also liked it. 

Arif: That’s why it would never work without you.

Shilpa: Arif, please stop daydreaming.

Arif: Anyway, I am going to try my best. I hope you don’t have any problem at least going around with me for a movie or dinner or something?

Shilpa: Well not really. To tell you the truth, Aniket is pretty boring. I really love going outdoors. He is very indoors kind of guy. I love films. He doesn’t. We are too different. So it would be nice to be with you.

Arif: Is that encouragement for me?

Shilpa: No. It doesn’t. Now please start the car and take me to Mahesh Lunch home. It has been an eternity that I have had fish. I am just dying for it. 

Arif: Why? Aniket is veg or what?

Shilpa: He is veg to the core. And he doesn’t know that I turned into such a bad girl after I fell for you. I am a Brahmin and I eat fish, chicken and drink. All this is because of you. I was such a decent girl before you spoiled me.

Arif: You were such a boring girl. I made you interesting.

So we started. We chatted idly for some time. Every now and then, I looked in the front mirror. I could see that Arif was checking my boobs. My seat belt was very tight and it was between my breasts. Due to this, my boobs were somewhat elevated. Arif was taking a good look at them every now and then. It didn’t surprise me. He had always been like that. It was my best asset and he knew how to appreciate it. And I also never objected to it. I always loved him admiring my boobs.

What really surprised me was I also wanted to check him out. He was definitely more handsome than Aniket. He also seemed to have started going gym. When he was driving, his veins were clearly visible on his arms. He was as fair as ever. His hair was cut neatly. His arm was very hairy. We both smiled at each other regularly as we chatted.

It took us about 15 minutes to reach the hotel. Arif was a very good driver and also fast one. It was one of the things that I really loved about him. He was 6 years elder to me. When I was 15, we met at a function in my junior college. We started meeting regularly after that. He was very rich and owned a fantastic bike. He offered me a long ride one day and I accepted. After that this continued for some time. One day when I was with him for one such long ride, he proposed me. I really couldn’t say no to him. He was a guy a lot of girls to die for. So I just accepted.

As we drove in the hotel, Arif drove to the parking area. A security guard guided us in the lot an Arif parked the car. We both got off the car and started to walk towards the hotel. It was on the first floor and we both started to go up the stairs. We went in and a manager guided us to a table in a corner of the hotel. The hotel was not very crowded and ambience was really good. I liked the place. We both sat down on the table opposite to each other. I put my purse on the seat beside me.

Arif: Ok. Would you like to drink something?

Shilpa: It depends upon what you offer. I can drink vodka. 

Arif: ok. Will Smirn-off do?

Shilpa: Yes. That will be fine. What about you? What do you like?

Arif: I will have a whiskey. Is it ok with you?

Shilpa: Yes. Why not?

Arif: I am asking because it smells a bit.

Shilpa: No. That’s fine. But just don’t forget that you need to drive after this and drop me home.

Arif: Don’t worry. I have not turned in to a heavy drinker because you ditched me.

Shilpa: Do you still go to gym regularly?

Arif: Yes. I go everyday at around 9 PM? Why?

Shilpa: Just asking. Actually I saw your hands when you were driving. Your veins are visible through your hands. So I thought you are going to gym. And also you have a good body.

Arif: Thanks for the compliment. By the way, what do you want with vodka? 

Shilpa: How about buttered peanuts? Do you like it?

Arif: Yes. I like it. So shall I order the same?

Shilpa: Fine. No Problem. 

The waiter came and Arif ordered a Smirn-off for me and one whiskey for himself. He also asked for some soda. The pallu of my sari had fallen a bit on my shoulder. So I moved it towards my neck so that my sleeveless arm became visible. My hair was open and I was feeling somewhat hot. So I ran my hands through my hair. Then I removed the chop that I had put in the purse and used it to tie my hair up in a bun. As I was doing this, I saw Arif’s eyes checking my sleeveless arms and armpits. I was happy that I had shaved off my armpits just two days back. I completed tying my hair and then again smiled up at Arif.

Arif: Why do you tie your hair? I loved it when you keep it open.

Shilpa: Keeping it open damages my hair. So I have to tie it. But keeping it open sometimes is good.

Arif: Yes. But you look very sexy with it open.

Shilpa: Thanks.

Arif: And you also look very sexy in this sleeveless blouse and sari. I have never seen you in a sari. You look absolutely sexy.

Shilpa: I wondered if you would like it or not. I was thinking about a Punjabi dress.

Arif: Well I really liked it. Do you always wear a sari?

Shilpa: No. Not really. Just for some special occasion.

Arif: So is today a special occasion?

Shilpa: Well meeting your ex-boyfriend is always special.

Arif: But what do you wear normally?

Shilpa: Mostly Punjabi dresses.

Arif: Have you stopped wearing western? You looked so sexy in a tight top and jeans?

Shilpa: Well I used to do it. But not for some time now.

Shilpa: I may try it once again.

Arif: Let’s hope so. By the way, for how many years have you been married?

Shilpa: 3 years.

Arif: Was it a love marriage?

Shilpa: No. It was arranged.

Arif: Strange. Almost every girl in Mumbai has a love marriage. 

Shilpa: I didn’t find anybody like you. Tell me something more about your marriage.

Arif: My new girlfriend was We married as per But after marriage, things just didn’t work out as we wanted. So we divorced.

Shilpa: I am sorry.

Arif: It’s ok. She just couldn’t handle all the pressure of the relation with 

Shilpa: Strange. I found you to be very exciting. But somehow my parents managed to break us off. But I guess even now I think I should have gone off and married you. I would have been happier with you.

Arif: Too bad. But are you not happy with Aniket now?

Shilpa: I will not say that. But still you never can forget your first love. And I really miss the food that I had with you. You used to find strangest non-vegetarian joints and we would go there. But I just loved the non-vegetarian food.

Arif: So you have at least one reason to go around with me. I hope you will not decline if I ask you out.

Shilpa: Of course not. I would really love to go out with you even if it is just for food.

Arif: Well good. And what if I mentioned something other than food?

Shilpa: Arif, please don’t harp on that subject.

Arif: Why not Shilpa? I love you. And even now you can’t say that you don’t? Are you seriously telling me that you love a guy who is ready to send you to his boss just for a promotion?

Shilpa: Arif, really I need some time to think about this. At this point I can say that I may not like it.

Arif: Well if you don’t like it then you won’t do it either. I am not blackmailing you. But I hope you will not mind at least going around with me.

Shilpa: Of course not. In fact I think I really enjoy it.

Arif: Good.

As we were chatting, the waiter came in and put our wine on the table. He poured the wine for both of us and then left the table. We both picked up our glasses. Arif slowly touched his glass to mine and said cheers. I also said the same thing to him and we both started drinking. Somehow the subject turned to his marriage. He himself brought it up. We started talking about his marriage.

And our talk went on, I really started enjoying his company. As we chatted, the waiter came back again and removed the wine glasses. Then he asked Arif if we were ready to order food. Arif asked me what I liked. I said anything is fine with me. I asked him to order for me. So Arif ordered fish curry for us and rotis. He also ordered prawns fry. 

So the waiter withdrew. We both again started chatting. After some time, the waiter came back again and put two dishes in front of each of us. After about 5 minutes he came back carrying two dishes on a tray. He put everything on our table in the center. He started serving, but I motioned him to stop and said that I will serve. So I took the pot containing chicken and served Arif first. Then I put some in my plate. I also put one Roti in his plate. Then I served prawns fry in his plate and mine.

Arif: Why did you serve? He could have served us?

Shilpa: Well I don’t think it right that a man should serve when a woman is present on the dinner table. I feel it is woman’s responsibility to serve.

Arif: You haven’t changed a bit. You are same as old days.

Shilpa: I hope so. You don’t think it is too much like a typical housewife?

Arif: So what is wrong with a housewife?

Shilpa: I don’t think so. But Aniket thinks that being a housewife is useless. He feels that every woman should work. I fell that even managing a home is almost a full time job.

Arif: You are right. In fact I would really hate it if my wife were working. That was one of the points I fought about with Meghana. I didn’t want her to work.

Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I had to say that I was getting excited about meeting Arif after such a long time. Even after three years of marriage, I had never forgotten him. I always used to think about him. And even thought I had resisted his advances till now, I myself didn’t think that I would be able to resist him much longer. We had a lot of things in common. So if I went around with him, I was bound to actually end up in bed with him. I didn’t want to think about it but I knew it in my mind.

He liked films and was a very outdoor kind of person. I also loved going out and having fun. I loved movies a lot. But as Aniket was not a very outdoor guy, I really had not had any opportunity of going out. Also he didn’t like movies. So we saw very few movies. Suddenly Arif asked me if I wanted to see a Shahrukh Khan movie next Friday. It was releasing on Friday. Shahrukh was my favorite actor. I had been crazy about him in my college days. But as Aniket didn’t like him so we didn’t see any movie. So when Arif asked me, I said fine. We kept chatting for some time and finished dinner. After this Arif and I came back home. Arif dropped me in our building’s compound. I got out of the car. 

Shilpa: Why don’t you come up?

Arif: No. It’s too late. Please tell Aniket that I was in hurry.

Shilpa: Ok. Bye then. And thank you for the nice evening and dinner. I really loved the food.

Arif: Bye darling. And think about what I said. I really love you. And I want you.

Shilpa: Arif, please give me some time. I need to think.

Arif: Yes. So I hope you don’t change the plan for the movie.

Shilpa: I will not. Don’t worry. You know that Shahrukh is my favorite actor. I haven’t seen his movie in ages. So I will definitely come.

Arif: Fine. So let’s meet next Friday. Can I have your number? I will give you a call.

Shilpa: Sure. Give me your number. I will give you a missed call.

He gave me his number. I got my cell out of the purse and dialed his number. It rang and then immediately Arif got a call. He disconnected it and then saved my number. So I turned and started walking towards the lift. The door of the lift was open. The inner wall of the lift had a mirror. I saw in the mirror that Arif was staring at me. When I got somewhat closer I saw in the mirror that he was actually looking at my swaying ass. I was excited that he was looking at me even after such a long time. I don’t know why I should feel this way after meeting a man after such a long time. I knew the lusty eyes of men and I had often felt angry about it. But in Arif’s case I everything was different. 

I got in the lift and turned. Arif was still looking at me. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at me and the waived his hand to say good bye. I closed the lift door and pressed the button for the third floor. As I was closing the door, I saw Arif driving back. I got out on the third floor and pressed the bell of out flat. Aniket opened the door. He smiled at me and held the door open. I went in and put away my sandals in the shoe stand.

Then I went and sat on the sofa. Aniket came and sat beside me.

Aniket: So honey, how did it go?

Shilpa: Well. He has asked me to come with him for a film next Friday. So you can see what it is.

Aniket: Oh my god. Are you sure? Then it means promotion is mine.

Shilpa: Let’s not guess too much.

Aniket: No. I am not guessing. I know him. It doesn’t take him long to make a decision.

Shilpa: Let’s hope so.

But even when I was talking, Arif’s talk had been in my mind. Aniket was only thinking about his promotion. And for the first time in my life, I was seeing how selfish he was. And more than that, I had never loved him. It was just a compromise. My marriage was just a compromise. I had never forgotten Arif. I always loved him. I was confused. Aniket on one hand was my husband. But I didn’t love him. And more I thought, I understood that even now I was attracted to Arif. I loved him. So with these thoughts in mind, I tried to sleep. It took me a long time to sleep.

As it turned out, Aniket was right. It didn’t take long for Arif to make a decision. Immediately, next Monday, Aniket went to the office at about 9:30 AM. I got a call from him at around 12:30. He sounded very excited and then he told me that he has been promoted. He was very happy and excited. I congratulated him. He was very busy. So he said he will call me back after some time and hung up. After this I felt I should call Arif to thank him. But more than anything, I wanted to talk to him. So, I dialed his cell from my phone. He picked the call immediately and said hi. I said hi to him. 

Arif: So you have got the news?

Shilpa: Yes. I got it. Thank you so much Arif.

Arif: Please don’t mention it.

Shilpa: Arif, I was wondering if you would like to dine with us tomorrow evening.

Arif: Is that an invitation from you or Aniket?

Shilpa: No Arif. It is from me personally. And it has nothing to do with promotion. Of course I would tell Aniket that it is to celebrate his promotion. But really I want to meet you.

Arif: That’s very nice of you. I will surely come. Shilpa, shall I take this as a sign that you are interested in me?

Shilpa: Arif. I don’t want to promise anything to you. But let’s say I am thinking. Please give me some time.

Arif: ok. I will definitely come.

Shilpa: Thanks. Bye then till Wednesday.

Arif: Bye. Take care.

So we both hung up. And I really started to think. I wondered why I invited Arif. I was feeling excited and hot. Arif had been my boyfriend for around 4 years. I was around 16 when it all started and 20 when it ended. Now I was 25. So it was about 5 years since I met him. During the 4 years that I had been with him, we had been fairly intimate. On my 18th birthday, Arif had taken me to his flat and we had stayed there for 3 days. I had told my parents that I am going for a tour with my friends. But in reality I had been having a wonderful sex tour with Arif. I had been terribly attracted towards him. 

And the same attraction was working overtime now as well. Even though I had tried to resist him, I knew that I loved him. I was physically, sexually attracted towards him. Just looking at his hairy hands made me wet. His handsome face made me hot. And memories of his hairy chest on my boobs made me wet. A brief touch of his hands while crossing the street yesterday had inflamed me. And I knew that if I went around with him, it can never be casual affair. And I had to tell this to Aniket. I had to be honest with him.

Aniket came home in the evening. As soon as he came in, I hugged him and congratulated him. He also hugged me back and thanked me for my help. We both sat on the sofa. Now I wanted to get serious and wanted to tell him about Arif and me.

Shilpa: Aniket, there is something that I want to tell you about Arif. I haven’t been entirely truthful with you about Arif. I told you that we knew each other. But that’s not completely true. Actually he was my boyfriend. But we could not marry because of family pressure.

Aniket: Shilpa, what do you think? I know about this. I had seen some of your old mails. And also some photos which you forgot to delete from your mail box. And also Arif had told me about it. And this is not all about promotion darling. I also have not been entirely truthful to you. I had met Arif on yahoo chat one day. We had chatted a long time about cuckolding. We had role play in which he cuckolded me. And it turned out that he was my boss and you were his girlfriend. It had always been my fantasy to see you with another man. Whenever I saw your photos with Arif, I used to get hot. So one day Arif suggested that we convert fantasy into reality. Then he suggested this scheme to get you involved. He wanted to make you confess that you are attracted to him. You have already confessed that. I also have no problem even if you are sexually involved with Arif. In fact I would like to see you together and hopefully join you in a threesome. I hope you will not mind that?

Shilpa: Aniket, you are really crazy. You are asking your wife to get sexually involved with her ex-boyfriend. And then you are asking me if I would mind if you joined us in a threesome. I am not sure about it. But this has really lifted a lot of burden from my mind. I was so tense about how to tell you about Arif. And you knew it all along. In fact you set me up. By the way, I have invited him for dinner tomorrow. I will see how you will react seeing me with him. Let’s see how broadminded you can be. And just to teach you a lesion, I am going to be very naughty. I am going to act as if I am his girlfriend and not ex-girlfriend. Let’s see how you cope with that. Have you told Arif all this?

Aniket: Yes. He knows that you know about this. So he can’t feel too shy while behaving with you. By the way, can I ask you something? Have you ever had sex with him? I mean when you were going around with him. I will be disappointed if you said you hadn’t

Shilpa: You will not be disappointed. Does that make you uncomfortable Aniket? Tell me frankly.

Aniket: No darling. It doesn’t. In fact it excites me no end. Just the thought of you and Arif together in bed makes me hot. I really want to see you with Arif in bed, naked before I go to Dubai. I want to see his huge cock in your vagina before I go to Dubai.

Shilpa: Are you really sure about this? If I do it once there will be no turning back. I had real hot feelings for Arif in my college days. And even now he really makes me hot. If I do it once, then I will never be able to control myself. Please think twice before you ask me to go ahead with this. This will be a long, serious and hot affair. I know Arif very well. He is like a drug for a woman. Once she gets it, she just keeps longing for more. And even if I want to come back, I may not be able to control my lust for Arif. I will be completely under his control. Even when I was his girlfriend, his parents suggested us not to marry. It was only because of that we didn’t marry. If Arif had asked me to marry him by eloping, I would have definitely done it for him. And Arif may very well make a complete cuckold of you. He may just restrict your role to licking me after he has finished with me. He may not even allow you to enter me. Or he may even ask me to divorce you and marry him. Are you sure you can handle this?

Aniket: Shilpa, I am fine with all of this. Even if he doesn’t allow me to enter you, fine with me as long as you are happy. I would happy licking you if you are happy with him.

Shilpa: Then let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

The next day was Wednesday. I got up at about 7 and made breakfast for Aniket. He went to office about 8. Then I showered and got ready. It was 9 by the time I got ready. Arif and Aniket would be coming home by 7 in the evening. After that we had planned to go to Mahesh Lunch home together. Since it was a holiday next day, we had also planned for a movie after that. It was Arif who had suggested the movie. 

I knew Arif had a lot of passion for movies. When we were together, he used to take me out for lot movies. And in theatres, he always got very physical. He wasn’t just restricted to kissing. He used to fondle my breasts, even get his hands in my jeans, panties. So first I called up the theatre and booked three seats in the upper left corner. We couldn’t risk that sort of thing if we got a middle row. I got the seats comfortably because the film was not very special as such. 

Then I had to decide what I wanted to wear. When I was in college, I always wore wither a top and jeans or a Punjabi dress. Arif always complained that he cannot get access to my boobs due to these dresses. I didn’t have any options at that time to resolve his complain. But now as I looked at my wardrobe, I understood that I can wear a sari. Sari was perfect for this. It would give him all the access to my breasts. I could just open the hooks of my blouse and he could do all he wanted with my boobs. I could even unhook my bra and get my boobs completely naked for Arif. He would really love it. I chose a nice yellow colored sari. It was chiffon sari and was almost transparent. Arif will get a nice view of my cleavage through it. So I removed this sari and put it on bed. I also removed a black blouse for that sari. It was a sleeveless blouse and had a pretty deep neck. I knew that it would show my cleavage a lot. 

Then I also removed a black set of bra and panties. It was quite transparent. Arif normally liked my hair to be open. But whenever we went for a movie, he asked to tie it up. He said that he liked to play with my naked back. So I decided to tie my hair up with a bow. My blouse was very thin and quite a bit of my back would be naked. Also, the blouse would easily show the bra that I would wear underneath. I put all these things on the table. Also, I put a lipstick, perfume and bangles on the table. Now I was ready with my dress for the evening. I spent the entire day in restless mood. I was very excited about being with Arif. I knew that it was wrong, but I really had no control over myself. It was as if somebody else was ordering me to go and get hooked with Arif.

At 6 in the evening, I got a call from Aniket that they are starting from office and would reach home by 6:45. Aniket asked me to get ready. I went in the bathroom and showered. I spent a lot of time massaging my boobs and foaming them. After about 15 minutes, I got out and started wearing the clothes that I had chosen in the morning. I changed into the clothes and then looked in the mirror. I looked good. Then I put a bindi on my forehead and was ready. My purse was on the table. 

Immediately after this the door bell rang. I opened the door and found Arif and Aniket standing in the door. I smiled at Arif and welcomed them both. My eyes were just hooked on Arif. He was looking absolutely hot in a red T-shirt and black jeans. I could smell his perfume. They both got in and sat on the sofa. Aniket excused us and went in the bedroom to get a shower. I sat beside Arif and we started chatting. Arif remarked that I was looking really sexy. I thanked him and said that he was also looking very handsome. He just kept looking at me and at one moment he put his hand on my arm and slowly pulled me towards him. I was a bit anxious about Aniket. But I knew that he will take at least half an hour in washroom. So I also got a bit closer to Arif. He put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth towards him. Our lips met and we kissed each other with passion. He opened my mouth with his tongue and I also opened it for him. Our mouths met each other in a hot embrace. 

But at that time we heard the door of the bathroom opening. So we both separated and sat on a distance from each other. Arif changed the subject. In 5 minutes Aniket came in the hall. He was wearing a shirt and jeans. I went in the bedroom and got my purse and slung it on my left shoulder. We all got out of the home. I locked the door and then went in the lift. Arif was on my left. He looked at me and smiled. There was no one in the lift except us. Tausif put his hand on my shoulder. We both looked at Aniket and I mockingly told him not to look at us. Arif smiled at me and slowly moved his hand towards my waist and wrapped it here. As the lift approached ground floor, I asked Arif to remove his hands. I didn’t want to embarrass Aniket in front my neighbors. He slowly brushed my stomach before he removed his hand. The lift door opened and we all got out. Fortunately, there was no one in the parking lot. Arif immediately took this opportunity and took my hand in his hand. I also entwined my fingers in his and walked with him. Aniket was also walking beside us and was talking to Arif about some office business. We reached the car and Arif unlocked it. Then he turned to Aniket and asked him if he would drive. Aniket loved driving and he immediately acquiesced. So he got in the front seat. Arif asked me to get in first and then got in beside me. I whispered in his ears in an undertone ‘Thank god you asked Aniket to drive. I wanted to sit beside you, but didn’t really know how to ask Aniket to drive.’ 

He smiled crookedly and touched my arm. ‘I always seem to know what you want darling.’ 

He wrapped his hand around my shoulder and slowly kissed my left sleeveless arm. I also moved a bit closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. I checked if Aniket was seeing us. He had started driving, but his attention was, entirely on us. He was watching us in the mirror. I smiled at him and asked him to concentrate on driving instead of watching us. He laughed and said that he was enjoying the show. I flushed a bit and replied that he is going to see a lot of show tonight. Arif also laughed and asked Aniket to drive carefully. We were going to Mahesh Lunch home for dinner.

I moved so close to Arif that I was almost sitting on his lap. My head was on his shoulders. He was caressing my right arm. We are chatting in undertones. Arif slowly raised my chine towards him. He kissed me briefly for a moment. Then he moved his hand to naked portion of my back. He caressed it slowly. I also wrapped my arms around his body and closed my eyes. Arif kept caressing my naked back smoothly.

It took us around 15 minutes to reach Mahesh Lunch home. As we were just turning I separated from Arif. My hair was open. I had kept it because Arif loved it that way. But I wanted Arif to see my naked back. So I garnered my hair and tied them up with a bow. As I was doing this, my breasts rose a bit. Arif immediately took this opportunity to slowly caress them with the palm of this hand. I looked coyly at him and said “Not now Arif. Let’s get in the theatre and then you can do whatever you want with my tits. “Arif slowly wrapped his hands around my waist and said “I hope you will not mind if I got a bit naughty in the theater like old days.” I finished tying my hair and put my hand on his hand around my waist. I caressed it, flushed a bit and replied I was rather hoping that you would. You always complained that because my Punjabi dress or top you couldn’t actually touch my boobs. Well here I am with you wearing a sari. Just push the pallu aside and do whatever you want. It’s all for you darling. ” I moved a bit closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder and whispered in his ears “And mind you, it is not just because you are Aniket’s boss. It is because you are Arif.” I gave a peck on his cheek and moved aside. 

Just as I was doing it, the pallu of my sari slid aside and fell down. Arif took it and tried to keep it on my shoulder. But as he did so, he planted a kiss on my deep cleavage. I slowly pushed him apart and mockingly told Arif to stop it. He laughed and moved away. The car had halted in a long driveway. Both Arif and I got down. A security guard came running and guided Aniket towards the parking lot. Aniket went to park the car. I asked Aniket the park the car and come towards the main lounge. It was on the first floor. Aniket said fine and drove away. Arif wrapped his around my waist and we both walked together towards the staircase. 

We both reached the lounge and saw that there was some waiting queue. So we both sat on a sofa. I removed my purse from my shoulders and put it in my lap. Then I removed a small mirror and checked myself in it. My lips were a bit dry, so I got my lip stick out and slowly applied it on my lips. It was chocolate flavored. As I was doing this, Arif nudged me and asked “Is this for me Shilpa?” I turned towards him and replied “Tonight everything is for you. You always liked me using chocolate flavor, isn’t it?” Arif put his thumb on my lower lip and slowly moved it across it and replied looking into my eyes “And you liked to use it because I liked it, Isn’t it honey?” I kissed his hand and said” I always liked doing what you liked, what you wanted Arif. I was so much in awe of you that I could have done anything you wanted.”He slowly turned my chin upwards and asked “And what about now darling? Are you still in awe of me? Would you still do anything for me?” I just looked in his eyes, but didn’t answer. 

I felt that I was emotionally too attached to him even now. Even now as I saw in his eyes, I knew in my heart that I loved him even now. Despite my relationship with Aniket, I still felt attracted towards Arif and loved him. I never felt this attraction towards Aniket. I really could have done anything Arif wanted if he had asked. But I was afraid to admit it even to myself. “I don’t know Arif. I just can’t say.” And I looked away. But in my heart I knew that I will have to answer this question in near future. Will I do anything for Arif? I knew what he meant by asking that question. I knew that he might even ask me to divorce Aniket and marry him. Or he might ask me to have a continuous relationship with him. 

Even I knew in my mind that I didn’t love Aniket really. Our marriage was a sort of compromise for me. I had to marry someone. As it turned out, Aniket was that someone. But even after three years of marriage, I had not been able to forget Arif. Worse still, when we made love, I always used to fantasize that it was Arif who was with me. Even sexually, Aniket was pretty dull. He was pretty unimaginative in love making and we just had sex in simple missionary position. And even more importantly, he could not father a child. I really needed and wanted a child. And in comparison, Arif was perfect in every sense. More importantly I was still crazy about him. So even though I didn’t want to admit, I could do anything for him. 

As I was thinking Aniket came in the lounge and sat beside me. He asked if we had ordered. I replied negative. So he beckoned the waiter and asked for the menu. I motioned the waiter and said “Please don’t bother. I know what we want to order”. So he put the menu away and came with a notepad. I ordered fish curry and neer dosa for myself and Arif. Then I ordered veg gussi for Aniket. I told him that it was the only veg dish they had. So in veg he had no choice. As the waiter finished writing, he asked Aniket “Would you like to drink something sir?” Aniket looked at me and Arif. I wanted red wine and Arif wanted rum. So we told him and Aniket ordered rum for himself. The waiter went away. I gave Aniket a small kiss on his cheek and asked him if he was ok. He looked strangely at me and asked why.

I caressed his cheek and said “Well, doesn’t it feel strange seeing me making it out with Arif in front of you?” He kissed my hand and said “I am fine honey. Don’t worry. In fact seeing you two in the mirror was making me hot. Just seeing you and Arif kissing turned me on.” I looked down at his pants and I could see it for myself. His bulge was clearly visible. He turned towards Arif and said “Arif, Have you been here before?” Arif looked over my shoulders and replied “Yes. I brought Shilpa here two days back.” Aniket nodded and replied “This is a good joint for fish lovers.” Arif nodded. Aniket turned to me and said “I never knew that you ate non-veg as well.” I looked at Arif and said” Well you can’t be with Arif and not eat non-veg, can you Arif?” Arif laughed and said “You can’t and especially so if you have been with me for 5 years.” Aniket laughed and looked at me.

By this time, almost all the people in waiting room had gone and we were the only ones sitting in there. I was sitting between Arif and Aniket. Arif had his hand on my shoulder. As my hair was tied up, entire portion of my back was naked. Arif’s hand came down a bit from my shoulder and rested on my right boob. I felt his palm pressing on my right boob and shivered. Also my black bra’s band had moved a bit and was visible on my left shoulder. Arif slowly kissed my back where my bra was visible. I mockingly reprimanded Arif and pushed my bra belt under the blouse. But I allowed Arif to keep his hand on my breast. Aniket looked at us and said that why don’t we get a picture of us together. I was not comfortable with this idea, but both Arif and Aniket were in agreement of this. So Aniket moved towards the corner of the room and clicked one snap of us. Arif’s hand was still on my boob. Strangely I was feeling very hot by his touch on my tit. Aniket also snapped couple of more pictures of us together. As he was doing so, the waiter came in and told us that our table was ready. So we both got up and started to go in. Arif’s hand was still on my back and he was slowly caressing it. As we were moving Aniket came by my side. We all moved in and came to the table reserved for us. Arif and I moved towards one side of the table and Aniket sat on the other side. The food was already served on the table. The waiter came to serve us, but as usual I offered to serve and did it well. I also made sure that I feed Arif his first bite. He licked my fingers as I was feeding me and I felt so hot. I really wanted him. I kissed his cheek and then we all started dinner.

By the time we reached the theater, the film had just started. Aniket said that he will get something to drink for us and left us. We got in the theater and a boy with a torch appeared showing us the way. My hand was in Arif’s hand as we walked towards the uppermost left corner of the theater. As I saw around there was hardly anyone in the theater. I had expected the same. We both reached the top row and slid in our seats. I was in the corner most seat and Arif was to my right. In two minutes Aniket also came and sat beside Arif. He handed a cola to both of us. Arif thanked him and we all sat back. 

We all started drinking and watching the movie. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw that there was no one in the top row and the row below us. So we were in pretty secluded spot. I nudged Arif and whispered in his ear”I hope you like the seat.” Arif put his hand under my chin and raised it. We both looked in each other’s eyes for a moment before I felt Arif’s mouth coming down on mine. Our lips met and I opened my mouth for Arif. His tongue licked my tongue and I swirled it around his tongue. My wet lips opened for him as we kissed each other for a long time. I wrapped my hands around Arif’s head and we kissed for an eternity. After a moment, we separated and I smiled at Arif. Aniket looked at both of us and said “So you two have already started.” Shilpa laughed and asked him back “Do you mind it?” Aniket replied back with a grin “No honey. Go for it.” 

So I leaned back in the chair and removed the bow from my hair and loosened my hair. As I was doing this, through the corner of my eyes I saw Arif watching my raised tits. I moved my hands through the hair to make them loose properly. Then I removed the sari pin that was tying my sari with my blouse. Arif moved his hand around the back of the seat and put it on my naked arm and slowly pulled me close to him. Well he didn’t need to try very hard. I willingly moved into his arms. Then I kissed his cheek and nudged him to move a bit ahead in his seat. As he did so, I wrapped my hand around his back. So we seated comfortably in each other’s arms. 

Aniket had brought some tomato sticks and a chocolate. I put them on Arif’s lap. Arif opened the packet of tomato sticks and put one in his mouth. But instead of eating, he kept it between his lips and then slowly pulled my mouth towards his mouth. I slowly bit one piece of the stick between his lips and ate it. But then Arif again pulled my mouth towards him and kissed me. We both licked each other’s lips slowly and wetted them. I flicked my tongue on Arif’s lips. Arif’s hand was behind my neck. So he was able to exert some pressure on it and pull my mouth in his. As he did so, I was forced to open my mouth. The moment I did it, Arif’s tongue invaded my mouth. Our tongues met each other. I just loved this invasion of my mouth by Arif. His tongue was licking across my tongue.

I moved my hand around and put it on Arif’s neck. Then I pulled his mouth more in mine and kissed him passionately. I was feeling so hot by now that I really didn’t care that Aniket was looking at us. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying Arif’s assault on my lips. Suddenly Arif stopped and separated from me. I looked in his eyes for a moment. Arif slowly pushed me back on my seat. Then he moved the seat’s handle back so that there was nothing between our seats. Then he slowly moved the pallu of my sari aside so my cleavage was visible for Arif. I looked around to see if anyone was seeing us. To my comfort nobody was seeing us except Aniket. I looked in his eyes for a moment before leaning back in the chair. Arif then moved across the seat and slowly planted a kiss on my naked cleavage.

But to my disappointment, it was a brief kiss. He again moved lower and kissed my stomach. This time, I moved my hand behind his head to make sure that he stays there. Arif also didn’t seem to be moving around. He kept kissing my stomach. He was licking my stomach and wetting it with his saliva. I had worn my sari a bit below navel. So my navel was exposed. Arif kept licking my navel and biting the skin of my stomach lightly. He was moving his tongue all over my stomach and licking it. I was caressing his hair slowly and moaning. I was now feeling very hot and excited, but I was also a bit nervous in case anybody saw us. I looked around, but again nobody was seeing us. Then I looked across Aniket. He seemed to be transfixed by the sight of Arif reclining on his wife’s stomach in a theater licking all over it. I looked in his eyes. He slowly moved across and whispered in my ears “Don’t worry darling. I am enjoying the show. I want you to enjoy.” I smiled back at him and then again turned my attention to Arif. 

As I looked, Arif had slowly started licking across my stomach and moving upwards. He moved till my boobs and slowly licked the cleavage. I closed my eyes and wrapped my hands around his head. He kissed my cleavage and slowly his hands moved upwards. Then he moved away and looked in my eyes and said “Shilpa, I have always loved your breasts. They are the sexiest little things on earth. Or should I say sexiest big things on earth? ” I smiled and rubbed his hand across my chest and replied sexily “Well if they are big, then it’s your fault. You have worked on them for 4 years. So I should thank you for it.” He wrapped his palm across my right tit and asked me “What is your bra size honey? As long as I remember, it was 30 when we were together.” I put my hand on his hand and slowly squeezed it so that pressure on my right tit increased. Then I replied “Why don’t you measure it by your hand darling?” Arif laughed and said “Sure I will honey” and started squeezing both of tits. At the same time, he also came on top of me and kissed my lips. I also responded to his lips and kissed him back passionately. Arif was slowly massaging my tits and I was moaning with pleasure in his mouth. As we broke the kiss, Arif moved away. Both his hands were still on my boobs. He slowly moved them to my arms and started caressing them. Then he leaned into me and whispered in my ears “Shilpa, I want to suck your breasts. Open your blouse and feed them to me.” I looked at him in disbelief. I knew he was crazy, but I never imagined he would ask me to bare my tits in a theater. I may have done it probably in my crazy days. But now it was too difficult. I just said no to him. But he immediately leaned into my breasts and started kissing my cleavage. As he was doing it, he said in muffled voice “Don’t you want it baby? Don’t you want me to suck your tits? You used to love it back then.” I was caressing his hair and my eyes were closed. But I managed to reply “Yes Arif. And I would still love it. But I am afraid not here darling. If you really want it, let’s go to the car. Let’s head home and do whatever you want in the car. I will bare everything for you at home and do whatever you want there. Let’s go. The film is bore anyway.” Arif looked up from my tits and looked in my eyes and smiled mocking me “Are you sure you don’t want to see the film?” I smacked him on his arm and retorted “Yes. I am sure. Let’s go” So Arif moved and turned to Aniket and said something in his ears. Aniket nodded and immediately he got up. I also gathered the pallu of sari on my shoulders and got up. Arif immediately put his hand around my waist and we started to get out. The door of the theater opened and we filtered out of the theater.

As we came out I looked at Aniket. He seemed to be very hot and flushed by seeing me and Arif walking together with Arif’s hands around my waist. But at the same time, he was sporting a nice hard-on. I pointed this to him and both Arif and he laughed at it. Aniket went in the parking lot to get car. When he came back, Arif already had me reclining against a pillar and was kissing my lips and groping all over my body. I was so wet and hot by this time that I could have bared for him even in the parking lot if he had asked. But fortunately he didn’t and as Aniket stopped the car, Arif moved away. We both got in the back seat.

As soon as we got in, Arif again pulled me in his arms and our amorous play resumed. The glasses of Arif’s car were non-transparent. So I didn’t fear that anyone could see us. And in any case it was too dark to see outside and even more importantly I was very wet by now. So this time when Arif unhooked my blouse, I really couldn’t have protested. Arif also didn’t leave any chance to do so as he was locking my lips with his. In a minute, Arif had completely unhooked my blouse. My black bra was now visible. I slowly raised my hands. Arif pulled cups of my blouse apart and then slowly licked my cleavage. 

Then he slowly pulled me towards him. Our lips locked in each other again, but because he pulled me towards him, there was a gap between my back. He moved his hands behind my back and unhooked my bra. Then he slowly removed my bra. In a minute, my bra was lying on the seat. Arif took one look at my naked boobs and then jumped right into them. He first took my right boob in his mouth and started suckling it. I was writhing in his arms as Arif sucked my teat slowly. He was flicking his tongue across my brown nipple slowly. At times he was slowly biting the smooth flesh of my tits. As he continued his licking and sucking, I closed my eyes and enjoyed Arif’s mouth on my boobs. I was caressing his hair slowly and moaning in his arms. As I looked Aniket was looking at us in the mirror. I smiled at him and he also smiled at me back. I was massaging my left teat slowly and my longing for Arif to suck there was increasing. So I put my hand in Arif’s hair and slowly started pulling his head back. He stopped and looked up for a moment. I took this chance and slowly moved sideways so that my left teat brushed against Arif’s mouth. Then I put my hand below my left boob and slowly raised it to Arif’s mouth. Arif immediately took the cue and started sucking it. But this time Arif was a bit rougher and his teeth bit into the soft flesh of my teat. I cried out in pain, but still held his head in the position. I wanted him to just go on sucking it, biting it hard. I really didn’t care about pain.

Unfortunately for me, the drive to home took just 10 minutes. So when we reached home, Aniket indicated it to us. I was disappointed that it has been just 10 minutes. Arif separated from me. I picked up the bra lying on the seat and started to hook it. But Arif immediately stopped me and asked me to wear just blouse. I looked in his eyes and saw the heat in it. So as he suggested, I put the bra away in the purse and just hooked the blouse. We reached the parking lot as soon as I finished hooking it.

Arif and I got out of the car and Aniket drove away to park the car. Arif wrapped his arm around my waist and we both started walking towards the lift. As soon as we got near the lift, Arif kissed me and licked my earlobe. Aniket came immediately and we got in. We reached the flat and Aniket opened it. I was in Arif’s arms and walked in with him. We all reached in the hall. Arif and Aniket both walked in and sat on the sofa. I went in the bathroom. I freshened up a bit and then came out in the bedroom. I looked in the mirror. My hair was open and fallen on my shoulders. The lipstick on my lips had smeared. My blouse also was partially open. I was feeling too hot. Arif had made me crazy in the theater. I was completely wet under panties. I wanted Arif and I wanted him now. I came in the hall. Arif and Aniket were sitting together on the sofa. I just looked in Arif’s eyes for one moment and then looked at Aniket. Both of them probably saw pure lust in my eyes. Then I slowly went up to Arif and pulled the pallu of my sari and gave it in Arif’s hand. I looked in his eyes and smiled at him sexily. Then I slowly started to rotate my body so that my sari started peeling off my body. Then as soon as it was completely off, Arif pulled the other end of sari stuck near my waist out and completely removed it. I was wearing just a black choli and blouse now. Then I untied the string tying my choli at my waist and slowly allowed it to fall to the floor. Then I walked out of the choli. I was wearing black panties and blouse. Then I sat in Arif’s lap. Arif immediately pulled me closer to him and we kissed. He started sucking on my lower lip.

As we kissed, Arif was squeezing my tits over my blouse. But now I was feeling very horny and impatient. I was not interested in foreplay now. I wanted Arif to fuck me. I wanted his cock in my hot wet cunt.

I slowly started unbuttoning Arif’s shirt. I unbuttoned all the buttons and started caressing his chest. He was not wearing any vest. He never used to do it. I loved his hairy chest. I broke the kiss and then slowly moved down and planted a kiss on his chest. I rubbed my hands on his chest a few times as Arif squeezed my tits. Then I removed Arif’s shirt and he was bare above waist. Arif also unhooked my blouse as I was doing it. My breasts popped out of the blouse cups immediately. Immediately I rose my arms to allow Arif remove my blouse. Arif removed it, then cupped my tits in his hands and said”Shilpa, you know what honey, you have the sexiest tits.” I looked at Aniket. He was watching us intently and his cock was bulging out of the jeans. I smiled at Aniket and extended my hands towards his crotch and slowly rubbed it. Then I turned towards Arif again and replied”Well they are all yours Arif. Do whatever you want with them. They belong to you.” Arif smiled, looked up at Aniket and asked him “I hope you don’t have any problem with that Aniket.” Aniket laughed and pointed towards his crotch and said “You can check it for yourself.” Arif again turned to me and said “Shilpa, feed me your boobs darling.” I would have done it gladly other time. But right I was turning a bit impatient. So instead of doing that, I wrapped my arms around Arif, slowly mashed my boobs in his face said”Jaan, I really can’t wait anymore. Take me to the bed and fuck me. Please fuck me.”

So I got up and took Arif’s hand in my hand and motioned him to take me towards bedroom. I started to walk to the bedroom, but Arif stopped me. Suddenly he picked me up in his arms. I am definitely not lightweight. I must be at least 60 kg, but ease with which he picked me up surprised me. I kissed his lips and then Arif started to move towards the bedroom. I also motioned Aniket to come behind us. He walked behind us as if he were in a dream. We all came in the bedroom and Arif dropped me on the bed. Arif was standing near bed. Then he took my hand and slowly guided it to his crotch. His massive manhood was already up in its full glory. It was around 9 inches and it made a sort of tent in the jeans he was wearing. I slowly rubbed his crotch with the palm of my hand. Then I moved a bit further towards him and wrapped my hands around Arif’s waist and kissed his stomach. I slowly licked around his navel and rubbed my cheek against his huge cock. My hands came up and I slowly caressed his chest and stomach with both my hands. Arif took my hand and slowly guided it towards his belt. I knew what he wanted. I unbuckled the belt and then opened the button of jeans.

Then I looked up and asked Arif”Jaan, are you wearing anything underneath? You never liked it.” Arif slowly pulled my hands and replied “Why don’t you find out yourself?” I smiled and then slowly opened the zip of his jeans. I knew that he would not be wearing anything and I was right.

I opened the zip completely and his cock sprung out of the pant. His cock was smooth and massive. He was a Muslim. So he didn’t have any foreskin on his cock and its head was naked. Probably that was the most important reason why I enjoyed sex with Arif so much. His cock wasn’t just long but also thick at around 2.5 inches. And then because of lack of foreskin, it was very hard. So when I had sex with him, he just made me crazy. I wrapped my palm around his cock and slowly caressed it. Then with one move, I pulled his jeans down and Arif stepped out of it. He was completely naked. Then I removed my panties and lay supine on the bed. Arif moved on top of me and his entire body covered mine.

Arif started licking my boobs with his tongue slowly. Both his hands were in my hands and he had them pinned at the bedpost. He was kissing my boobs. Slowly he moved a bit down and licked my navel. I was feeling very hot under him. The hair on his chest caressed my entire body as he moved on my body to kiss and lick it all over. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Arif’s licks on my tummy. Slowly I felt Arif moving downwards as his tongue flicked across my navel and moved downwards. He had released my hands and moved them down on my tits. He started massaging them slowly. He squeezed my nipples in his fingers. I cried out with pain as he crushed my nipples, but did not want him to stop. He was licking across my inner thighs slowly. At times he was biting it slowly. He licked all over my thighs and slowly moved his left hand down. Then he covered my cunt with his left hand and started groping it. He covered my entire wet hole with his palm and slowly massaged it. My juices were flowing and I was absolutely drenched. I moved my hand across and grabbed Arif’s shoulder and tried to pull him up and said “Arif, please don’t make me wait darling. Just come and fuck me now. Please fuck me.”

Arif immediately came on top of me and I spread my legs wide for him. I put my hand on his cock and slowly guided his cock in my wet cunt. I was used to Aniket’s small cock. So when Arif entered my cunt, it was too much for me. It was too big and too fat. I wrapped my hands around Arif’s body and Arif started to put his cock in my hole. With each thrust, I moaned and bit my lip. Arif was getting to most private parts of my cunt slowly and steadily. To stop me from moaning and sighing, Arif kissed me and our lips were locked in each other. By now he had entered me fully. Then he started fucking me with rhythmic motion. I raised my legs high and then wrapped them around his waist. Arif was a fantastic lover and he fucked me hard and deep. He touched those parts of cunt which Aniket had never been able to touch. I was crying out in pain every time he thrust, but I would have gone on like this forever. I put hands on his shoulders and enjoyed the lusty sex with Arif. We kept fucking for 10 minutes and at a moment I felt Arif’s body go in spasms. I knew he was coming and I felt my body also shudder. Suddenly my cunt was flooded with Arif’s cum. He lay on my body for some time as we kissed and touched each other. Our bodies were warm and wet. I unlocked my legs from his waist. Then slowly Arif separated from me and lay on my side. As I turned to my side, I saw that Aniket was furiously stroking his cock and crying out as spurts of cum rolled out of his cock.

I slept with Arif naked while Aniket went out and slept on the sofa. Next morning I woke up as I felt Arif kissing and licking my breasts. I mumbled in sleep “Arif, please let me sleep jaan.” Arif came on top of me and slowly showered my body with wet kisses. Then he replied “No honey. I want to fuck you.”I laughed and said”Why? You have had enough in the night.” Arif squeezed my right tit and replied “Nobody can ever have enough of these big tits and your sexy body.” I put my hand behind his head and pulled it to my boobs. Arif started rubbing his cheek against my breasts and cleavage. Arif had about 2 day’s old beard. I shivered as his rough beard rubbed against my tits. As it rubbed against my nipples, I felt I would go crazy. Arif buried his mouth in my tits and slowly started sucking my tit. I was wide awake now and fed him my breast eagerly. I could feel Arif’s cock hardening against my thighs. To my surprise I was also wet. I never was wet after I had sex in the night. But just after having sex with Arif, I was again wet and hot.

Arif raised his body a bit and then he put his hands around my body. We both stared in each other’s eyes for a moment before kissing. His tongue was slowly moving around in my wet mouth and I was also responding to his touch. He was massaging my boobs. Just as Arif was about me, the door flew open. To my utter surprise, Aniket came in bearing a tray with cups on it. Arif also looked surprised, but he slowly got up from the bed and moved away from me. I looked angrily at Aniket told him that he should have knocked the door before coming in. He apologized to me and Arif as well. Arif had already started dressing. I was very disappointed, but I managed to look at Arif and his smile suggested that there was nothing to feel sorry about. Entire day was ahead of us. 

I also got up and moved to the wardrobe. Then I picked up a night gown from it. It was a two piece gown. One part was sleeveless and was very low neck. It showed almost 75 percent of my cleavage. I wore it, but then skipped the upper section of the gown. Underneath I was not wearing any bra or panties. Then I moved to the sofa and sat beside Arif. Aniket was sitting opposite me on the chair and was watching me lustily. I felt very odd, but as I thought, I was not feeling anything for Aniket. Instead I was feeling crazy with lust when I looked at Arif. I knew it was not right, but that’s how I was feeling. I looked at Aniket and asked”So Aniket, how did you sleep on sofa? Have you had enough of the show?” Aniket smiled at me and Arif and replied back”If I said yes, are you guys going to stop?” I laughed and moved closer to Arif and planted a kiss on his cheek and said “I don’t know about Arif, but I definitely don’t want to stop. What about you darling, do you want more?” I asked Arif. Arif immediately pulled me closer to him and locked his lips on mine. We smooched for a minute before he separated from me. We all got his answer. Arif slowly moved his hands on my chest and started caressing my naked cleavage. Both his hands rested on my tits and squeezed them. Then he pulled me closer to him and kissed my neck and said “Shilpa, let’s go to my home honey and bathe together. I have a nice bath tub there. I don’t think you have got one here. ” I replied while caressing his chest “No. We don’t have a bath tub. So that’s fine. Let’s go to your home. But then I would like to spend an entire day and night there.” Arif laughed and said “If you want, why don’t you move in there to live with me darling?” I also laughed and then got up.

I moved to the wardrobe and browsed through it. Then I called Arif and asked him what I should wear. He got up and came behind me. He wrapped his hands around my waist and then looked the wardrobe. There were lots of Punjabi dresses and saris in my wardrobe. As he checked, Arif asked “Shilpa, don’t you have any westerns baby? Don’t you have any jeans, tops, skirts etc.? I love you wearing that.” I replied”No jaan. After I got married, I haven’t really worn them. Besides don’t you think I have put on some weight to wear jeans?” Arif smacked my butt and then kissing my earlobe said “Baby, if you have put on weight, you have done it where you lacked it in the first place. Just take a look at your ass and tits. Boy, any woman would kill to have those tits and ass. And it’s too bad that you are not showing off these wonderful assets. ” I laughed and said”Thanks for your compliment darling. But right now I don’t have clothes to your liking. But probably we will go to a mall and then you can buy some clothe for me. How does that sound?” Arif nuzzled my neck and kissed me before replying “That sounds good darling. Now for the time being, just wear this sleeveless Punjabi dress and we will go. We will have fun till evening and then we will go for shopping.” Arif pointed to a red Punjabi colored dress. It was a sleeveless Punjabi dress with shiny look. Its odhni was transparent and showed everything underneath. Also, the dress itself had a deep neck so that lot of my cleavage would be visible. It was perfect choice by Arif.

After half an hour, I was sitting beside Arif in his car. Arif was in the driver’s seat. We had said good bye to Aniket and Arif had driven the car to the main gate. Arif started to drive towards his home. He lived in Hiranandani estate in Thane which was about 5 kilometers from our home. But because of traffic, it took us about 30 minutes to get to his building. He drove to the parking lot and parked it there. We both got out of the car. Arif wrapped his arm around my waist and we both started walking towards the lift. There was no one in the life as we got in. Arif took this opportunity to pull me in his arms and we both kissed. I also didn’t hesitate and kissed him back passionately. Arif’s hands groped my tits and squeezed it. I moaned in his mouth as his hands massaged my tits. Arif lived on twelfth floor of the building. To my disappointment, the lift was too fast and we reached almost immediately. We broke our kiss just as door was about to open. We both got out and went to his door. Arif opened the door with latch key and we both got in.

I looked around the hall and saw that it had a huge window. I went out towards it and Arif came behind it. The view outside the window was just amazing. From the twelfth floor it looked even better. Arif came close behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist. Arif slowly kissed my neck and whispered in my ears”Did you like it baby? I bought this flat just for you. Do you remember that we had dreamed of such a flat in a high rise and looking out on a forest. I had bought this just one year back.” I felt very strange. Arif and I had often discussed the kind of flat we would like to live in. I had often expressed my views about it. This flat was exact description of what I always wanted. I just couldn’t believe that Arif had bought it just for me. I felt my chest rising. He had invested something like 25 lakhs just to buy a flat that I liked. I always knew that he loved me so much that he could do anything for me. And here was a living proof of it. I looked around and saw that everything in this flat was exactly as I had liked it. The sofa, curtains, doors and everything was exactly as I had described it to him. I slowly turned around and I felt my eyes welling with tears.

Arif pulled me in his arms and kissed me. Then he said “I always hoped that one day you would be back in life” Slowly he pushed me towards the sofa and we both sat down. I put my head on his shoulders and wrapped my hands around his shoulders. Then I asked him “Did you live here with your wife?” Arif slowly moved my odhni aside so that my tits were visible to his eyes. He kissed my chest slowly before replying “No honey. I told you that I bought this one year back. I had separated by then. And even if we had been together, I still wouldn’t live here with anybody but you. I furnished this entire flat exactly as you wanted it.” I looked in his eyes and asked him “Arif, why do you love me so much?” Arif kissed my lips and then slowly replied back “I can’t tell you darling. But I know one thing for sure. It was a huge mistake by my parents to ask us to separate. I really couldn’t live without you. Do you really feel the same happiness with Aniket that you felt with me?” Arif caressed my chest as I said” No Arif. Even I couldn’t forget you. I don’t think I could ever love Aniket as much as I loved you.” Arif slowly raised my chin in his hands and kissed my lips. Then he asked me “So baby, how much do you love me? Do you love me enough to do whatever I ask?” It was a very tricky question. But I always knew that it would come. And always knew that if it came, my answer would always be positive. I didn’t want to admit it, but slowly I felt my chest rising in anticipation. He always turned me on like this. I could always do anything for him. I closed my eyes as he kissed my lips again and asked me again “Answer me Shilpa. Could you do anything for me?” Without thinking I nodded my head and replied back “Yes Arif. I will do anything for you. I will do anything you ask of me.”

It was just 9:30 in the morning. We both got up from the sofa. Arif pulled me towards him and asked me to come to the bedroom. It contained a huge double bed with a satin bed sheet covering it. It also contained a wonderful wardrobe beside the bed. Arif slowly pushed me towards the wardrobe and asked me to open it. I did as he asked and Arif put his hands around me and covered my boobs with his palms. I felt his hot breathing on my neck. He kissed my neck again and told me “Darling, we don’t need to go for any shopping for you. I have bought all the clothes you need here.” I looked in the wardrobe. It had three sections. In one section, it had about 6 saris. In other it had about 6 Punjabi dresses and one more section contained 4 tops and 4 jeans. It also had two skirts, In the lower section of the wardrobe, there as a lot of bras and panties. It seemed to be a complete set. It had the same transparent design and was padded. It had almost every color you could get in a bra set. I picked up a red colored bra and turned round in Arif’s arms. Then I asked him “Jana, how did you know my bra size?” He grabbed my butt in his hand and replied “I guessed baby. Now let’s go to the bathroom and bathe together. Then I want to know how well I have guessed.”

Arif pulled me closer and we smooched. At the same time Arif started unbuttoning my dress. He completely unbuttoned it and then asked me to raise my hands. I did so and then he lifted my dress out of my arms. I was not wearing any bra. So as the dress was lifted, my tits also were raised a bit. Arif kissed them and slowly grabbed my right tit and squeezed it. Then he whispered in my ear”I love your tits Shilpa. I love them most.” I inched closer to him and replied “They are all yours Jana.” Arif slowly kissed my tits before moving his hands to my salwar. Then he untied the strings of my salwar and slowly pulled it down. I also raised my legs one by one so that he could pull it out of my legs. I was wearing nothing under it. So I was completely naked now. 

Arif asked me to remove his clothes. I pulled Arif’s T-shirt out. Then I got down on my knees and unbuttoned his jeans. His cock was already growing in size. As soon as I unzipped his jeans, it immediately popped out. His hairy cock looked amazing. It’s head was naked without any skin and it was very hard. When it went in my cunt, it’s hardness jut made me crazy. I slowly gripped it in my palm and caressed it. It grew slowly in my hand. I looked up at Arif. He pulled me up by my shoulders and then picked me up in his arms. He walked towards then bathroom. As we got there he asked me to open the door of the bathroom. I did so and we both got in. The bathroom was pretty huge compared to our and as Arif had told, it contained a big bath tub. Arif put me down and said “Wait a minute darling. I will get some hot water in this.” He opened a cock near the tub and hot water started pouring in it. I looked in the mirror on the opposite wall. My hair was open and was flowing on my shoulders. My boobs were large and nipples were dark brown. I looked pretty hot. My armpits and cunt were clean shaven. As I was admiring myself in the mirror, I saw the water falling in the tub had stopped. The tub was almost full with warm water.

Arif came behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist. He kissed my neck and his hands went to my cunt. He slowly started massaging my vagina while liking my neck. I was feeling so hot and shameless. I do not know why, but I never felt comfortable being naked with Aniket. I never liked it when I was naked with Aniket. I never liked it if he touched my cunt even though I was married to him. So I never slept naked with Aniket or ever bathed with him. But with Arif it was completely different. I was very comfortable being naked with him. I loved it when he touched my vagina and squeezed it, massaged it and rimmed it with his fingers. It made me soaking wet. I was feeling his erection on my anus. I moved my hand behind and slowly caressed it with my palm. Arif slowly turned me around. We both looked in each other’s eyes and then Arif pulled me closer to him. I felt my boobs crushing on his chest. Then when we were close, Arif opened the cock and slowly warm water started falling upon us.

Arif and I smooched under shower. The water was wetting my hair, but I really didn’t care. My hands were roaming all around on Arif’s body. Arif turned me around and then grabbed in his hands. He started massaging both my tits. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his assault on my tits. Arif was squeezing them hard. He was also biting my shoulders lightly. I was moaning as his manipulations continued. Slowly he traced his fingers over my tits, then tummy and moved it towards my vagina. Then he inserted one finger in my cunt. I moaned with delight as he started finger fucking me. After a minute, he suddenly stopped and turned me around. Then he suggested that we move to the tub. I was a bit disappointed but did as he asked.

Arif turned the shower cock off and we both moved towards the tub. He asked me to get in first. I tentatively checked the water first. It was warm and felt good. Then I got in and lay down on my back in the tub. My entire body was submerged in the water and my face was resting on the edge of the tub. Then Arif poured some soap in the water and rinsed it so that lot of foam appeared in the tub. Then Arif also got in the tub and covered my entire body with his. I could feel Arif’s cock hitting my tummy. But then he adjusted it so that it was poised just about touching my wet cunt lips. Some traces of my hair had covered my cheek. He moved it aside with his hand and then slowly kissed my lips. I wrapped my hands around his neck and slowly pulled his mouth in mine. We broke the kiss after seconds. Arif’s both hands covered my tits and he asked me “Shilpa, are you enjoying it honey? Is the water hot enough?” I slowly rubbed my cheek against his shoulder and replied lovingly “Jana, the water is wonderful. Thank you for this lovely gift.”

I rested my head on the edge of tub and then scooped some foam in my hands and started washing Arif’s shoulder. Then I poured some on his chest and started scrubbing it. Arif also poured some foam on my chest and started massaging it. Every now and then, he grazed my nipples with his nails and I would cry out. Then he poured some clean water on my foamy breasts. Then he planted a kiss my tits and said “Honey, move a bit upwards and sit so that your back is against the tub. I have cleaned your mangos. Now let me eat them baby.” I smiled and backed in the tub so that my back was touching the tub. Then I looked up at Arif and wrapped my hands around his neck and said “Oh jaan, come darling. Eat my mangoes. They belong to you.” Arif moved on top of me and took my tit in his mouth. As Arif sucked and bit my tits, I closed my eyes and started caressing his back. He was licking all over my tits. Suddenly he bit my nipple and I cried out. I hit at his back with my fist and said “Don’t bite jaan. Just suck it or lick it. It’s so wonderful when you suck my boobs.” Arif again kissed me and then said “You love it when I suck your boobs, didn’t you?” I again placed my hand behind Arif’s neck and pulled him to my aching boob. Then I said “Yes. I love it more than anything else. Come now, please don’t make me wait. Just suck it.” Arif again plunged in my cleavage and started attending to my boobs. I was just going crazy with lust.

Arif didn’t disappoint me and spent an eternity licking and sucking my boobs. Then we both picked up the soap and started washing each other. After few minutes, Arif asked me to get out and under the shower. He first got off me and walked out of tub. Then I also got under shower. We both washed each other for some time. As I was washing Arif’s chest, he caught my hand and slowly guided it to his cock. It had gone a bit limp. I kissed Arif and asked “Why is it limp darling?” Arif stroke my butt and replied “Shilpa, it your job to make it hard again. Let’s go to bedroom. I want you to suck my cock and make it hard.” Arif closed the tab and we both got out of the bathroom. We both took up one towel and dried ourselves. After drying, Arif went and sat on the rocking chair.

I was in front of the mirror and was drying my long hair. Arif was watching me intently for some time. I felt that he was getting a bit impatient. I could see his reflection in the mirror. Then he said “Shilpa, give me a blowjob honey. Suck my cock and make it hard again. Have you ever done it with Aniket?” I laughed and turned towards him “Arif, you have seen Aniket’s cock, haven’t you? Do you really think its worth of it? I mean a woman just doesn’t suck a cock. She worships it. She worship’s its power over her. She worships the pleasure it gives her. She worships it because she wants to say how much she loves it inside her. Do you really think Aniket’s is worth worshipping? It’s hardly 5 inches even when erect. Even if I suck it for an hour, what is the point? How much it can grow? And how much pleasure it can give me after my 1 hour effort? And no matter how many women say size doesn’t matter, but for me it does.” 

I dropped my towel and then went towards his chair and looked in his eyes and squatted down in front of his chair. Arif also laughed at the intensity of my reply and then playfully pointed towards his cock and asked “So what do you think of this?” I smiled, slowly placed my hand around his cock and then replied “I am sorry if I feel like a slut, but this is what I mean a cock that’s worth worshipping. I haven’t even touched for last 5 minutes, but still its 6 inches. I would love to spend an hour sucking it. Because I know, even if my mouth goes sour, the pleasure I will get from it is worth that pain. I never told you this, but when we were together, I always fantasized about giving you a blowjob, but I thought you will not like it. So I never brought up the subject. And I also I feared if I could take you in my mouth.” Arif laughed heartily and said “Oh god, this is crazy. I always wanted you to give me a blowjob, but I never brought it up because I thought it may hurt you. And now that we both are on the same page, how about actually doing it honey?”

Arif made me sit on the edge of the bed and then stood near it. It was perfect height for me. Arif’s cock was just in front of my face. Arif put his hand behind my neck and slowly pulled my face towards his crotch. He need not have done it. I would have done it willingly anyway. His crotch was very hairy. I slowly started rubbing my cheek against his cock and started feeling his member on my face. The feeling of his cock on my face was wonderful. His skin was smooth and it felt somewhat warm on my cheek. Arif had removed his hand from my neck and I was now free to do what I wanted. I put both my hands around Arif’s waist and then pushed my mouth straight in his crotch. I slowly started licking the outer area of his member. His smooth skin had wonderful taste and it smelled good. I moved my face below his cock and then took one ball in my mouth and licked all over it. Arif moved his hand around my neck and slowly held me in place. Arif was slowly rocking back and forth as I was licking under his member. Arif slowly murmured “Lick it Shilpa. Lick it good.” I smiled and then slowly licked the underside of his cock with the tip if my tongue. Arif’s cock was growing and had already reached its full 9 inch glory.

I opened my mouth and slowly took his cock in my mouth. Arif had his left hand behind my neck and his right hand was feeding me his cock as if it were sugarcane. Probably it was. It tasted so good. Pre-cum was slowly seeping out of his cock and I could taste it in my mouth. When Arif hit the base of my throat, I had not event taken half of his cock in my mouth. I put my hand on Arif’s hand to tell him to stop. I couldn’t take it in anymore, at least not in the first time. Arif probably also had sensed it and he also stopped moving immediately. I had his entire cock in my mouth now. I slowly started swirling my tongue around. Arif tensed a bit as my tongue started licking his cock. I felt his cock growing in my mouth. At the same time, I started moving my mouth forward and backward in slow strokes. Oh god, this was wonderful. I was sucking his huge cock for the first time in my life and really enjoying it. I started moving my mouth in slow strokes forward and backward. Arif also put his hand behind my neck and slowly started rocking back and forth. He was moving his crotch quickly now and fucking my mouth hard. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of his wonderful tool in my mouth. I was swirling my tongue in my mouth and Arif seemed to enjoy it. He was moaning and asking me to give it to him. I just looked up and I could see expressions on his face. He was ecstatic. His face was contorted in passion and he was growling. I put my hand again on his cock and slowly started squeezing it and caressing it. I felt that Arif would come in my mouth. So I squeezed the base of his cock to stop it. Then I pulled it out of my mouth. Arif looked a bit strangely at me and asked “Why did you stop baby?” I looked up and replied “Arif, I don’t want you to come in my mouth jaan. I want you to fuck me honey. You asked me to get it up. Look, now it is up and hard again. Now take me to bed and fuck me. And fuck me hard.”

We both moved to bed, and I lay on my back and separated my legs for Arif. But instead of coming on top of me, Arif put his hand right over my wet cunt. It was now completely wet and juicy. He slowly rubbed it with the palm of his hand and inserted one finger in it. Oh god, the moment he inserted it, I felt as if I would go crazy with lust. I put both my hands on his shoulders and tried to pull him on top of me. But instead of coming on top, Arif asked me “Shilpa, don’t get impatient baby. Roll over and get on all fours.” I smiled at him, but I was hesitant. I said “Arif, do you want to fuck me from behind? I don’t know whether it will be a good idea. I am not used to it. You know, we tried it before, but because of Aniket’s size, he just couldn’t reach my cunt from behind. ” Arif grabbed my right teat in his hand and squeezed it and replied “Well Shilpa, do you any doubt about my size?” I laughed and said “No darling. It’s just that I haven’t done it before.” Arif again tried to pull me up with his hands and said “There is always a first time honey. Now stop complaining and do what I say.”

I had no choice but to comply. I got on all fours and waited for Arif. There was a mirror just in front of me. So I could see Arif moving in behind me. He got behind me. He slowly ran his hand over my ass and then rubbed it. Arif always had a thing for my ass. He always loved to grab and caress it. I always thought that he would sometimes ask me to allow him to fuck it. He spanked my ass a couple of times before getting on top of me. He got on top of me and then moved both his hands below my body to grab my tits. But till now he hadn’t actually entered me. I was impatient. So, I just grabbed his cock behind me and tried to guide it in my cunt. To my surprise, it slid in easily. With Aniket, I had never been able to get it even to touch my cunt. He was too small. But Arif not only slid in, but I also could feel some part of it out of my cunt.

Once he got in, Arif wasted no time and started fucking me with his huge cock. I was very wet, but even then his hard fucking was making me drool. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his fucking. I really loved every minute of it. Arif squeezed my tits hard and I cried out, but Arif really got a kick out of it. He just loved to hear me cry out while having sex. And I really didn’t need to fake anything. He was capable of drawing all sorts of cries, of pleasure and pain from me. I felt his cock absolutely ravaging my cunt. It was rubbing against my vaginal walls and every time it went in, it hit my clit. I felt a shudder pass across my body every time his cock touched it. Arif had settled in a rhythmic motion now and was doing it hard. All the pain had subsided now and I felt just one hot pleasure passing though my cunt. Arif was also slapping my ass hard at times. This was something new to me and I cried out. But I guess more than pain, I felt it very hot when he slapped my ass. My ass was moving in air as he fucked me.? I could see it moving in the mirror. After Arif had slapped it a couple of times, it was red already. We both fucked hard for some time before I felt Arif’s cum flowing in my cunt and I also started coming. After he came he plopped on me and we both lay on top of each other.

After three weeks, Aniket went to Dubai. He was supposed to be there for three years. So, I moved in with Arif in his new flat. We started living in together. But Arif was not happy with just living together. He actually wanted me to marry him. I was a bit reluctant to this. But after about 1 year, I also was OK with the idea. So we both talked to Aniket. Aniket didn’t like it, but even he knew that if I went to court, I could easily prove that he was infertile and court can easily grant me a divorce. So we both decided to file for a mutually agreed divorce. We got it in next six months. After that I converted to Islam. We both got married in a mosque with the blessings of his parents and I formally became Sana Qureshi. My family was not really happy with my decision to divorce Aniket and marry a Muslim again. But they also came well after the birth of our son, Irfan.

Part -3
They had reached Goa in the morning and immediately were given a room per couple. The place where they were staying was quite a large bungalow. It had a large compound wall and a large swimming pool as well. After that all of them had showered and rested for some time before a buzzer had woken them up. It was round 11:00 AM when Pooja called each of them and asked them to report to the main hall of the bungalow by 11:30. When Shilpa picked her call, Aniket was in the bathroom. 

“Hi Shilpa, how are you?” Pooja asked her.

“I am fine. How are you?” Shilpa replied back cordially even though she was a bit nervous. She really was not so comfortable of this entire idea of spouse swapping club. But the way Pooja and Aniket had brainwashed her into accepting it had had its effect. So here she was answering Pooja.

“I am fine too. I hope you have slept well during the journey. ” Her voice seemed somewhat edgy. “

Are you ready? You have to come to the Agni hall within next 15 minutes.” 

Shilpa was almost ready except her hair. It was flowing on her back. She just had to tie them in a bun and she would be ready.

“Yes. I am ready. Aniket is also showering. We will be there in 15 minutes. By the way, what is the program now?” She replied

“Well, after about half an hour, we will introduce all the couples to each other. In all there are 4 couples. Then we will decide about swapping. This will decide who will partner who for the next 20 days.”

“OK. But don’t forget that you have promised to pair me up with the man I choose.” Shilpa had felt very odd to let some chits decide who she would be paired with. So when Pooja had spoken with her, she had finally accepted based on one condition. The condition was that she should be linked with someone she chooses.

“Don’t worry Shilpa. I haven’t forgotten that. The swapping process is fairly simple. We have one bowl in which there are 4 sheets. Each will contain name of one female. Each man will draw one sheet and then hand it over to me. I open the sheet and then I will read out the name of the female which appears in the sheet. She will be partner of the man who drew the sheet. You tell me the man you want. When he draws the sheet, no matter what is in the sheet, I will read out your name.”

“Thanks Pooja. You are such a darling.” Shilpa cooed in the phone. 

“But don’t you think it is a bit too fast. I mean I don’t get any time to decide who I want. And how do I tell you who I want to be paired with?” Shilpa could still hear Aniket in shower.

“You don’t need to worry about it. Once you are introduced to each other, we take a break of about half an hour. I leave the room and go out. All you have to do is to go to the bathroom and SMS me the name of the man. I will see to it that you get him. Is it OK? “

“It seems fine to me. By the way Pooja, does Aniket know about our arrangement? I mean it is cheating, isn’t it?” She was feeling a bit guilty that she will get a partner of her choice, but Aniket may not.

“No. He doesn’t know about it. But why are you worried? Shilpa, trust me he will be fine. All the women are absolutely gorgeous. He will enjoy it here with anybody. All I want is that you should enjoy. And I hope you remember the dress code for today. You are supposed to wear a sari.”

“I know Pooja. I am wearing one. Don’t worry. We will be there in another 10 minutes.” She replied.

The sari she was a plain and somewhat transparent chiffon sari of yellow color. It was not something a woman would wear for functions. It was something for normal daily use, but it was showing her lovely assets properly. It was transparent. So even though she wore it, everybody still could easily see her cleavage and her belly button. Plus the blouse was black and was made of very thin cotton. So her white bra was quite visible through her sari. Even her bra cups were visible through her blouse.

She put the phone down after saying bye to Pooja and started brushing her lovely black hair. She normally liked to wear it long and flowing on her back. But today she wanted her bra visible to others. So she used a yellow colored chop matching with her sari to tie them in a bun. Then she started applying some light makeup on her face. Afterwards she sprayed some perfume on her sari. 

She rose and moved to her suitcase and opened her makeup box. She applied some light makeup on her face first. Then she applied some perfume on her sari. Finally she removed a bright red colored lipstick from her box and slowly applied it on her lips.

She removed two ear rings from the box and wore it. Just as she was finishing wearing bangles, Aniket came in the bedroom.

He was wearing a towel below the waist. He came near her and kissed her on the back. Her back was almost half naked as the blouse was quite low. 

“You are looking hot darling. I hope all three men don’t start fighting over you. ” He slowly caressed her back lightly.

She laughed. Aniket had never believed in commenting upon her beauty. But just as she was going to sleep with another man for next few days, he had even commented upon her.

“Just wait till you see other women and then let me have your views about me.” She closed the makeup box and then put it in the suitcase.

Aniket also came behind her and then opened his own suitcase. As Pooja had told them, men dress code was informal shirt and jeans. Or even T-shirt may do. So he removed a white T-shirt and black jeans from the suitcase. He had already worn undergarments while in bathroom. So he removed the towel from his groin and started wearing T-shirt and jeans. He also applied some powder to his face and some perfume.

Meanwhile Shilpa had gathered her purse and slung it on her left shoulder as she waited for him to finish. He hardly took two minutes to get ready as she watched him apply some hair gel on his hair.

Then they both got out of the room. Aniket pulled the door behind them as it locked automatically. Their room was on the first floor. A staircase led downwards towards a main hall. Then bordering along the main were entrances to other halls of the bungalow. They both walked down the staircase as Aniket searched the entrance to Agni. Just as they got down he saw it towards his left. They both headed towards the entrance and got out of it. Immediately after the door, there was a narrow corridor and then they saw a door labeled AGNI in bold letters.

As they entered the hall they saw that they were quite late and all other couples had already reached there. There were 4 couples in the room including them now. Pooja was standing in the center. She was looking sexy in a blue colored sari with a matching blouse. She beckoned them and motioned them to stand completing the circle which other 3 couples were forming.

As Shilpa looked around she inspected each of the couple carefully. But the moment she turned towards the last couple standing to their left, she forgot everything else. She felt that the man was better looking than female. He was quite fair than her and was very tall, about 6 feet 2 inches. He was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. She was wearing a red flower pattern sari. Her hair was open. But her attention was riveted on the man. He quite clearly seemed to be going to gym as his veins were quite visible on his hands. The moment she saw him, she knew he was the man she would like to be paired with. Just about when she was watching him, Salim’s eyes turned towards Shilpa. He watched the woman next to him wearing yellow sari. She was wearing a black blouse made of very thin cotton. He moved his from her face. She looked very attractive though not extraordinarily beautiful as such. They both had been speaking at length through out the evening. Shilpa had liked Salim very much. She normally couldn’t make friends very easily. But there was so much common between them that Shilpa had absolutely not felt any awkwardness with Salim. It was as if they were very old friends who had met after a long time. Only she also noticed that there was bit of sexual tension between them as well. They had been sitting in the garden for almost 3 hours now. All this time, Salim had been watching her. She could feel his eyes roaming all over her body. Every now and then, she saw him staring at her boobs. But to her utter surprise, she didn’t feel anything odd about. She was meeting the man for the first time her life. But she was in fact feeling excited that he was staring at her boobs. Even she had tried to look at his entire body. This was very strange feeling for her. Salim was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans. He was very fair compared to her. She could make from his arms that he was quite hairy. She really wanted to see how hairy he was on chest. All through her college days, she had fantasies about being fucked by large hairy men. In reality however she had got married to man who was absolutely hairless. Aniket didn’t even have a spick of hair on his chest. She wanted to find out about Salim. She knew that she had a chance to find it out in a couple of hours from now on.

There was a small gap between their bodies. Shilpa wished that Salim would move a bit closer and she could feel touching her body. But he had not made any move till now. And she hated being the first mover. 

Suddenly Salim got up from the bench and said. “Hey, it is almost 8:30 PM now. Let’s go and have dinner. I think it should be served by now.”

Shilpa looked at her watch and replied. “Oh, my God. I just missed it completely. I was so much absorbed in your chat that I didn’t realize that it was so late.

She was disappointed that Salim hadn’t even touched her all the evening. But just as they started walking together, Salim placed his hand on her back. Her back was quite naked as her blouse was low. She felt his touch on her back and shivered. She felt hot just feeling his touch on her back. Salim smiled at her and asked. “I hope you don’t mind.” She blushed while replying. “I was waiting all evening for you to touch me.”

Shilpa and Salim sat on the desk allocated to them. Similarly other 3 couples had sat ion the other desk forming a circle. Pooja was standing in the center with a mike in her hand. Shilpa was wearing the same yellow colored sari that she had worn in the morning. Salim had placed his hand on her shoulders. She also felt comfortable with Salim now and didn’t mind it at all. Pooja tapped her mike for a moment to get their attraction and then started speaking in a pleasant voice. “Good evening to everyone preset here. I hope everyone has settled in comfortable on their desks with the partners. Everybody smiled at her and nodded. How did you like the dinner? She asked Jyoti who was sitting opposite Shilpa. She was wearing a red sari with sleeveless blouse. She looked up at Pooja 

replied cordially”; It was good. Only I felt that we should have kept non-veg as well” Pooja took her point and replied back “well we can surely address that. You all can give me whether you want veg or non-veg. Based on the numbers, we will decide tomorrow whether we can arrange that. Is there anything else apart from this? “Nobody said anything.

“Good. Then with your permission I will now take you through the agenda of entire 7 days that you will be spending here. As you all know, this is basically a spouse swapping club. The members are very carefully chosen after complete background verification of each member. Just the fact that you are here means that all your details have been verified by us. This also includes a test related to HIV making sure that none of the members here are HIV positive. Each one of you will be paired with somebody other than your spouse. Today morning itself we have decided who will be paired with whom and you are sitting as per the new pairing. Now depending upon how you perform over the next 7 days, we will choose one couple as the most compatible couple and we will give you a present for this.. Now how you will be assessed is basically how well you are behaving as if you are a real couple. We will play games. Most of the games will have lot of sexual angle to it. For the next 20 days, you will be sleeping with your partner, not your spouse. As a couple, I will ask you to do lot of things, including lot of sexual activities. Depending upon how you perform, depending upon how well you gel with your partner, we will decide the winner. Is there any question so far?”

Shilpa raised her hand and Pooja immediately nodded to her. “What kind of tasks will be given to us?” Pooja listened to her and then addressed to all of them in reply.

“The tasks are chosen by me. They are designed basically to increase your intimacy with your partner. Many of those involve sexual activities. Some may not include any sex, but they are basically given to you to make you comfortable with your partner. You will come know about the tasks themselves as we go along. I can’t give you details just now. Though we will start with the tasks today itself. Today we are at 9:30 now. We will continue till 12:00 PM. Then all the females will go along with your partner and you will spend all the nights in your partner’s room.”

“What abut my luggage? It is still in the room we checked in today morning”

Pooja pointed to her and replied back. “You will need to go to your room with your partner and carry the luggage in your partner’s room. I am afraid there is no room service here. Is that clear now?

“Can we start with our games” .She looked at every one. Almost everyone nodded and then went back to her chair in the center. Beside it there were 4 boxes in which there were lot of chits arranged properly in a stack. She turned to all of them and called out. You can see these boxes here. Each belongs to one couple. Each of these boxes contains lot of chits that contain tasks and questions for each couple. I will be asking each one of you normal questions to start with. But as we go along all my questions as well as tasks will get more and more sexual in nature. Please note that there is nothing to be shy about here. So please don’t think that what i ask you is immoral or anything. We all are here to explore wild side of our normal being. I want all of you to explore it fully and enjoy yourself in next 7 days. Now I want to invite Shilpa and Salim here to draw first chit. As per Pooja’s instruction, Shilpa and Salim moved towards the center. Shilpa glanced once at Aniket and smiled at him before wrapping her hand around Salim’s waist. Salim had put his hand on her buttocks as they moved. She felt a hint of jealousy in Aniket’s eye as he watched Salim patting her ass. But she didn’t mind it Pooja smiled at both of them before talking to Shilpa.

“So Shilpa, how are you doing? I hope you are enjoying with him.” Shilpa looked at Salim and replied.”I am enjoying very much.”

“I hope to do well with him over next few days.” Pooja took her hand in her hand and replied. 

“Don’t worry. Even if you don’t, I will make sure you do well. So, are you ready for the game?” Shilpa felt a bit nervous as to what will come her way. But she also felt excited. She nodded without saying anything. Pooja didn’t need to be very strict with the chits either. She had right to ask her own questions and assign tasks of her own if she wanted to. So she didn’t even bother to draw any chit, but started directly talking to Shilpa and Salim. 

“My first question is for Salim. What do you like about Shilpa sexually? What in her body makes you feel hot? Name any 5 parts in ascending order of their hotness for you”

Shilpa smiled and Salim pulled her closer to him. “Well, first of all, I love her lips. I think the way she pouts them makes them the sexiest lips in the world. I would just love to kiss them”

Pooja moved closer to them and spoke. “So why don’t you kiss her? Go ahead.”

Salim and Shilpa looked at each other for a moment. Salim pulled her closer to him and Shilpa wrapped her hands around his neck. She opened her mouth for Salim as their lips met in a passionate embrace. They both remained locked in a hot kiss for some time before disengaging. Pooja looked at them for some time as they kissed. When they disengaged, she continued.

“What next? Then I love her breasts. They are perfect “

Shilpa immediately feared that Pooja might ask Salim to do something with her boobs. But to her relief Pooja nodded and asked him to continue. Salim next mentioned her ass, thighs and belly next. Shilpa blushed as Salim praised her assets one by one in front of everybody. She was particularly feeling odd looking at her husband. But Aniket looked comfortable. So she also slowly lost her bashfulness and started enjoying Salim’s talk about her ass and belly. As Salim was talking she moved closer to him and felt his touch on her thighs. Salim slowly stroked her thighs as he spoke. Her own hand was wrapped around Salim’s waist as she listened to him. After he finished, Pooja asked her. 

“So what do you like in him?” Shilpa looked at Salim and smiled.”

Well i like that he is 6 feet 3 and very strong. If he wanted, he can easily carry me”

Pooja looked at her and watched as Shilpa talked about Salim. She was feeling good that Shilpa had lost her bashfulness and was enjoying. She decided to ask her even more sexual question. She thought her answer was too general.

“Ok. One more question for you. Shilpa, if you are having sex with Salim, which would be your top three positions?”

Shilpa was surprised but she didn’t show it. She simply looked at Salim. 

“Well anything where he is on top of me. I guess first would be traditional missionary position.” 

Just the thought of Feeling Salim’s weight on her body and her thighs around his waist aroused her.

Pooja smiled.

“Well that’s too traditional. What is next?” 

“Well next is doggie style. He is taking me from behind. I guess that would be too hot.” 

“Ok. And what is the last position?” Shilpa thought about it for a moment. “I am standing against the wall. My thighs are around his waist and he supporting my weight and loving me.”

She wanted to say fucking me but felt that it may be too bold .Pooja felt that she had now really had adjusted. She then turned to Salim 

“OK. What do u like her wearing?”

“She looks good in sari but I think she would look great in top and jeans. Only I would love it when she wears anything sleeveless .She definitely has the arms for it wearing sleeveless.”

Pooja turned towards Shilpa now. “Ok Shilpa. Now next question is for you. If Salim wanted you to perform oral sex on him would you do it?”

Image of herself kneeling down and Salim’s cock hovering over her mouth flashed in her mind. She had never had oral sex with Aniket. But here with she was feeling quite wild. She thought for a moment before replying to Pooja. 

“Yes. I will do it. But I will do it only for him. Not for anybody else “. She looked at Aniket as she replied. Aniket had often asked her to have oral sex with him. But she had always refused. Aniket smiled at her as she said this. Pooja next turned towards Salim and asked him if he was ready for her next question. Salim nodded.

“This is a bit practical. You may need to do something for this. What is the color of bra that Shilpa is wearing right now? Asking her is not allowed. You need to check and tell me.”

Shilpa blushed as she understood what she meant. She had to show Salim what bra she was wearing. She separated a bit from Salim. Salim turned towards her. She whispered in his ear.

“Open first two buttons of my blouse and see the color of the cup.” 

Salim touched her blouse buttons and slowly unhooked them one by one. He needed to unhook only two, but his touch on her skin inflamed Shilpa. Salim’s hand slowly peeled off her blouse cup to side as Salim checked out her bra. She was wearing white colored bra. After checking, Salim again hooked her blouse. But he couldn’t help but slowly caress her cleavage as he did so. She wanted to ask him to keep his hand there for some time. But she was aware of everybody’s eyes boring into them. Salim quietly hooked her blouse and turned towards Pooja and announced. She is wearing a white colored bra.”

Everybody clapped and whistled at this as Shilpa blushed red. But she snuggled close Salim. She was feeling so hot by now that she could go in the room and fuck right now if it was possible. Pooja also clapped as she spoke with Salim. 

“I hope Shilpa enjoyed that.”

“I did. Thank you” her cheeks turned flush red as she said this. 

Pooja replied to her. “Good. That’s what we want. She looks even more beautiful when she blushes like this. Let’s make her blush even more. Now I want you to do something Shilpa. I am going to give you a new shirt. All you have to do is to remove Salim’s shirt, remove his vest and put this shirt on him. 

“OK” Shilpa nodded.

This was not as bad as she had expected. She went back to a cupboard in one corner of the hall and came back with a shirt. It was a black half sleeved shirt. She came in and handed the shirt to Shilpa. Shilpa turned towards Salim and started unbuttoning Salim’s shirt. She finished all the buttons and then moved closer to him. Her breasts were hovering just over Salim’s mouth as she removed his shirt from Salim’s shoulders. Then she started removing his vest. As she was doing it, she felt Salim’s face touching her breasts. She was feeling so hot that she felt like pulling Salim’s mouth on her boobs and pressing it there. But she resisted the urge to do it and removed the vest. She couldn’t help but notice Salim’s hairy chest. She had often fantasized about hairy men. On that count Salim was absolutely hot. She couldn’t resist touching and caressing his chest lightly before she put the shirt on him. Then she buttoned the entire buttons one by one. She then again sat beside Salim and gave the old shirt and vest back to Pooja. Pooja looked at everybody and then said 

“I hoped everybody is enjoying the show, Especially Aniket and Jyoti.” She smiled at them. Everybody cheered at her as she turned towards Salim.

“Now I want to give one task to Salim. You said that you like Shilpa’s hair. But right now it’s tied with a bow. I want you to open them up. She would look great with her hair open. Don’t you agree?”

The moment Salim had seen her for the first time he had wished that her hair was open. He loved any woman with hair open. With Shilpa, she would look even sexier He simply nodded. He turned towards Shilpa and asked her how he could do it. She turned her back towards Salim. Her back was quite naked as her blouse was low. Salim slowly touched her back for a moment. Shilpa felt a flash of heat on her back as Salim’s hand caressed her back. Salim’s hand moved upwards on her back as her touched her hair. He slowly removed her bow which was tying her hair in a ball and spread her hair on her back. As he was doing it Shilpa closed her eyes savoring Salim’s caress on her back. When he finished and removed his hand from her back, she felt a pang of disappointment .Shilpa gathered her hair on her shoulders and then took them to the front on her chest. She turned towards Pooja. Shilpa whispered in Salim’s ears.

“I have never felt so hot in my life when you were removing my hair. Why doesn’t she finish this quickly so we could go to the room?”

“It may be over soon. It’s almost 11 now. Look at my crotch and you know my state.”

She looked as he indicated and blushed to see that his cock had risen and was making a sort of small tent on his crotch.

“Doesn’t it pain you while wearing jeans? She asked 

“It does. So why don’t you loosen it?”

Shilpa looked incredulously at him. 

“Here? No thanks. Let’s go to the room and do whatever you want. Can’t you ask Pooja?” 

“No. It’s her call when she wants to stop. But it should be over quickly now” Salim replied.

Shilpa was feeling quite hot now and wanted to finish this. All she wanted was to go with Salim in the bedroom and get him on top of her. She could also feel Salim’s warm hand around her waist touch. His hand was slowly caressing her stomach around her navel. She was feeling so hot now that she wanted Salim to take her.

Meanwhile Pooja had gone off and was talking to other couples. She watched as Shilpa and Salim spoke in undertones. Perhaps she got the message that it was time to let everyone go. So she turned to all of them and spoke loudly 

“I guess everyone here is quite bored of these games and want to turn to the real thing. I can see it in your eyes.” 

At this point she glanced towards Shilpa and smiled. 

“So I wouldn’t take any more of your time and say good night to all of you can go to your bedrooms and have fun”

All of them woke up. Shilpa and Salim got up from their seats and said good bye to everybody. Shilpa went up to her husband and kissed on his cheek before coming back to Salim.

When they got to the bedroom, they were in for a huge surprise. Their bed was covered with rose petals and it was decorated like a honeymoon bed. The smell of rose petals filled Shilpa with a sense of lust and sex. They both looked at each other before Salim pulled her in his arms. She melted in his arms and wrapped her hands around his neck. Salim grabbed a handful of her open hair and kissed her lips hard. She opened her mouth and invited Salim’s tongue to invade her mouth. She felt Salim’s tongue brushing against her own as Salim massaged her ass with his left hand. In a moment when she broke the kiss, she panted and breathed heavily. Salim continued to kiss her neck as she recovered her breath in his arms. Salim continued to explore her ass as she felt him mauling it with his hands. Shilpa closed her eyes and enjoyed Salim’s kiss on her neck. He slowly licked it making it wet with his saliva.

“Oh Shilpa, You are so hot honey. From the moment I saw you, I have been dreaming about doing this to you.”

Shilpa smiled as Salim continued to kiss her neck and moved towards her boobs.

“Salim, I am all yours darling. Make love to me. Fuck me. I have been dreaming about this as well”

Salim separated from her for a moment to remove the pallu of her sari from her chest. Her love cleavage floated before his eyes and awakened a lust in his eyes. Shilpa just loved the feeling that she could create this kind of lust in him. She allowed Salim to completely remove her sari and throw it on the chair. She was wearing blouse and petticoat. Salim slowly traced his finger from her face till her cleavage. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt Salim’s finger moving and entering her cleavage. Salim slowly unhooked her blouse one by one and made her cleavage more accessible to him. Shilpa had rested her hands on Salim’s shoulders as she allowed him to open her blouse. Now he had completely opened her blouse and parted the cups of her blouse apart. Her white and transparent bra was visible to him. He cupped her breasts in his hands and slowly massaged them. Shilpa moaned at his touch and closed her eyes. Salim kept pressure on her boobs and gently squeezed them Shilpa was moaning lightly as she put her hands behind his neck. She pulled his neck towards her cleavage as she wanted him to suck her boobs.

“Sailm, please suck my boobs jaan. Take them in your mouth and lick them.”

Salim slowly pushed her towards the table. She reclined against the table as Salim bent on her chest. Salim uncovered her bra cups as her full boobs popped out of her bra cups. Salim immediately took her right breast in his mouth and started sucking it. He moved his left hand on her left boob and started squeezing and mauling it. Shilpa cried out as Salim’s teeth lightly bit into the soft flesh of her tits Salim kept licking and sucking her breasts as Shilpa closed her eyes. She was very wet by now. As Salim kept sucking her boobs, she put her hands behind his back and started to pull his shirt upwards, she pulled it right up to his shoulders. Salim separated from her tits for a moment as she removed his t-shirt completely. Shilpa ran her hands lightly on Salim’s chest before hugging him tightly. Her full boobs pressed against Salim’s chest as they both kissed and embraced each other. Shilpa wrapped both her hands around Salim’s neck as she pulled his mouth in hers. She had opened her mouth as she allowed Salim’s tongue to invade it. Salim’s hands moved on her naked back and slowly moved downwards. Salim found the knot of her petticoat and untied it. The moment her untied it, petticoat fell down from her legs as it was loose. Without breaking their kiss Shilpa stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She fumbled with the button of Salim’s belt and removed it. Then she unbuttoned his jeans and slowly started pulling it down. She also got down on her knees as she did so. Salim’s huge cock was making a tent in his undergarments. She slowly pulled is jeans completely and then asked him to remove it. He quickly obliged her. She rubbed the palm of her hand against his huge cock. Then she started removing his underwear and pulled it down the same way and his cock sprang out. She stood up again and faced Salim.

They both looked in each others eyes and kissed each other. Shilpa kept rubbing Salim’s cock with her hand. They broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes for a moment. Sailm grabbed her ass in his hands and pulled her into him. 

“Shilpa, Go down on me baby. Suck my cock.” She laughed and grabbed his cock in her hand. She ran her hand along its length as she kissed him and replied.

“Why darling? Isn’t my cunt enough for you? It’s so wet for you. Look for yourself. ” 

She took his hand and guided it towards her wet and hot cunt. Salim didn’t need any invitation as he inserted his hand in her panties and slowly grabbed her cunt. He rubbed it lightly as Shilpa moaned and rubbed her cunt against his hand. 

“So darling, what do you want? Is it my cunt or my mouth?”

She nuzzled against Salim’s chest as she played with his massive organ. Salim was moving his hand around her cunt and was removing her panties as Shilpa rubbed her boobs against his chest. Her nipples were hardening against the rough hair of his chest. 

“I want them both honey. Remove your panties.” 

She obeyed him silently as Salim moved towards a rocking chair in the room and sat there. Shilpa removed the panties and followed him to chair. Salim watched her walking as her lovely boobs bobbed up and down with every step. Her hair was open. She reached the chair and then gathered her hair on left side of shoulders. Then she slowly reclined in the chair on top of Salim. She positioned herself so that her boobs were hanging in the air above Salim’s mouth. She rubbed her boobs in Salim’s face and then fed her right tit in Salim’s mouth. Salim had rested both his hands on her lovely ass and was squeezing her buttocks hard. Shilpa could feel his rising manhood thrusting against her stomach. She moaned lightly as Salim moved from her right tit to left ad suckled it. Every now and then he would bite hard in the flesh. But the pain aroused her even more. She felt her juices flowing in her thighs. She freed her tit from Salim’s mouth and then slowly moved downward. As she moved, she licked Salim’s body with the tip of her tongue. She kept lowering herself till she climbed down from the chair. Then she got on all fours and her hands rested on Salim’s thighs. 

Then she looked up at Salim through his thighs and said. 

“Salim, I have never done it before. Don’t expect too much from me darling.” 

Salim moved ahead in the chair and slowly caressed her face by his palm. She again closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch on her face.

“Whatever you do baby, I know you will be good at it.” 

She smiled at him before turning her face down. She touched his massive cock with her hand and slowly caressed it across its length. Salim closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch. His cock had shrunk during the wait to its normal length of 6 inch. As Shilpa caressed it lightly, it again started growing in length. His cock was almost 2.5 inch thick. After caressing it in few strokes, she grabbed it firmly in her hand. Then she firmly moved her hand across its length and kept moving her hand on it. His penis was circumcised and didn’t have any skin on its bulbous head. She remembered her college day’s stories of girls who had Muslim boyfriends. All her friends used to chat a lot about the hardness of the head because of lack of skin on it and how wonderful it felt in the cunt. She never believed it and even her friends knew that it was just girl’s gossip. But still it had left its impression on her mind and she often wondered idly how wonderful would it be to have sex with a Muslim man. Even though she didn’t think about it when she asked Pooja to pair her with Salim, now she had a chance to find out the truth for herself. 

She moved forward so that her face came was above Salim’s cock. Then she closed her eyes and tentatively started rubbing her cheek against his cock. Salim groaned as he felt her skin running against his massive cock. It was already fairly slick with pre-cum. Shilpa smelled his masculine aroma herself and it aroused her even further. Her own cunt was leaking copiously now and was as wet as a duck pond. She flicked her tongue across his cock and tasted his fluid on her tongue. Even though she was trying to prepare herself mentally, she couldn’t bring herself to actually take it in her mouth. She kept flicking her tongue across his cock, but still hesitated to take him in mouth. She was just rubbing his cock with her cheeks and flicking it with her tongue. 

But Salim was feeling a bit impatient and wanted more. He leaned forward and touched Shilpa’s back with his hand. He slowly rubbed it with full palm of his hand for few seconds. Then he moved his hand and gently placed it on her neck. He caressed her neck lightly and moved her hair around her shoulders. Then he gently but firmly forced her neck on head of his cock. Shilpa moaned as she felt his hard head on her lips. Salim slowly moved his hips so that his cock moved across Shilpa’s lips. Shilpa also surrendered herself as she opened her mouth finally. 

Salim felt it and immediately forced her mouth onto his cock. As Shilpa closed her mouth upon his cock, he felt warmness of her mouth. Once she took it in her mouth, Shilpa lost her inhibitions and actively started moving her mouth to suck on his cock. Sailm moaned and leaned back in the chair. Now that Shilpa was sucking his cock and enjoying it, he removed his hand from her neck enjoyed her wet mouth around his shaft. Now Shilpa was vigorously moving her mouth across his shaft. Her mouth was making slurping noises as she sucked hard. Shilpa never thought that she would enjoy this. But now that she was actually doing she felt that it was not that bad either. In fact she was almost enjoying her herself. She rolled her tongue around his shaft and licked it. Salim’s cock was completely wet with her saliva and his own pre-cum. Shilpa’s nostrils filled with his aroma and her mouth was full of his taste. She almost loved his hard cock inside her mouth now. Also, she felt a thrill of surrendering herself to this wonderful man. She was feeling so hot at the thought of doing whatever Salim wanted. She had loved Salim’s hand forcing her mouth on his cock. She loved the idea of being a slut for him and being dominated by him.

She suddenly pulled her mouth from his cock and panted. She had been sucking hard at his cock for almost 5 minutes now and felt breathless. Salim came out of this trance and looked up at her. 

“What happened darling? Why did you stop?” 

He leaned forward and put his finger on her lips. He slowly moved it across her lips before pushed it forcibly in her mouth. Shilpa protested by moving her hand and tried to pull his finger out of her mouth.

“I am feeling breathless honey.” She was still panting and trying to recover her breath.

“Just after 5 minutes? I was expecting a lot more than that baby.” Salim said.

“Jaan, I don’t have much practice. Remember that I am doing for the first time. I am feeling breathless. And also I am feeling so wet now that I can’t stand it. Look at my cunt. It’s so wet for you darling. Now please don’t make me wait any more. Put it in me and fuck me hard and deep. I want you so much honey. Please come and fuck me darling.” 

She was still on her knees as Salim got up from the chair to oblige her. Shilpa also got up and embraced Salim. Salim hugged her and pulled her closer to him. Then he put his hands under her ass and lifted her lightly. She couldn’t believe how easily he lifted her. But she loved his power and strength. She wrapped her legs around his waist and supported her weight on his it. Her boobs were right in front of Salim’s mouth. She wrapped her hands around his neck and lightly pulled his mouth towards her tits. She fed them in his mouth as Salim mashed his mouth in her tits. She leaned back as her nipples hardened in his mouth. She moved her hands in his hair and moaned as Salim lightly bit in her tit’s flesh. But just as she felt Salim would keep sucking and tormenting her tits forever, he moved away.

“All right honey. So tell me. How to you like to get fucked. You want it on your back?” Salim asked her as he moved towards the bed. Shilpa kissed him lightly before replying.

“Jaan, I am very conventional woman. I don’t like to decide how I want to be fucked. I just love the feeling of pleasing my man. So the question is how you want to fuck me. I will do whichever way my man wants it. You choose.” 

“What if I want it hard and rough? Will you still be my woman? “He caressed her ass as her said this.

She looked hard in his eyes as she contemplated her reply. She knew where this conversation was leading and she was enjoying it. She was feeling so hot at this discussion.

“Try me and see for yourself. I will do anything you want baby. Now don’t make me wait. Come and show me what you want.”

“So let’s do it honey.” He reached to the bed, but didn’t release her. Instead they both reclined on the bed together without breaking their union. Her nose filled with aroma of rose petals strewn on the bed.

He laid Shilpa on her back and got on top of her. Her thighs were still wrapped around his waist. She felt his massive cock against her thighs as she closed her eyes and imagined it entering her hot wet hole. Salim obliged her almost immediately as he forced his cock in her cunt. Shilpa cried out vociferously as his massive cock tore apart the flesh of her cunt. Even though she was wet, Salim’s entry was hurting her. She bit her lips as Salim started to enter her further with light strokes. Her nails dug in Salim’s back as she tried to endure the pain. Salim’s face moved down and started sucking her tits. Every now and then he would bite her fleshy globes lightly. 

With every stroke, Salim was entering her further and she was getting wetter and wetter for him. She couldn’t believe it, but now Salim’s entire cock was buried in her cunt. She never thought that she would be able to take it. She writhed under him as Salim started fucking her with slow and deep strokes. She moaned as Salim fucked her. Now there was no pain. It was pure pleasure for her as Salim’s huge cock touched parts of her cunt that Aniket could never touch. She also stared thrusting to match each stroke of Salim. She cried out loudly with every stroke of Salim. He rotated his hips slowly as he fucked her hard. Shilpa had closed her eyes and she rubbed Salim’s shoulders and chest with her hands. She felt Salim’s speed increasing as he thrust harder and faster in her cunt. She herself felt her orgasm building in her. Salim was breathing hard as she screamed in pain mixed with pleasure. “Oh god, please fuck me harder Salim. Just fuck me. Come in my cunt.” Salim didn’t make her long as his cock flooded her cunt with his thick fluid. Her body stiffened as she felt a wave of pleasure passing through her body and she also came. Salim collapsed on top her and took her boobs in his mouth. Shilpa was utterly spent, but she allowed Salim to feast on her boobs. Then they both slept after kissing good night.

The 7 days they spent together turned out to be most wonderful in her life. Shilpa and Salim kept in touch even after 7 days. Since Aniket couldn’t father her child, even Aniket accepted that fact that Shilpa should be impregnated by Salim. After some time, Shilpa became pregnant ad in due course gave birth to Salim’s child. Thought, officially the baby was fathered by Aniket.
I really could not believe that I was sitting in a hotel with Tausif. I was in Mahabaleshwar sitting on a double bed next to a mirror brushing my hair. In the mirror, I could see Tausif sleeping beside me. His body was covered in a bed sheet, but I knew that beneath it he was completely naked. As I saw in the mirror, I was also wearing only panties. My long hair had covered by boobs and my skin was still glowing with raw sex that we had last night. There was no sign of my brassiere so I looked around to check. I found it lying on the floor. It was a transparent bra of red color that I had purchased just 10 days back. In fact I had purchased an entire set containing six different colors. The six colors were Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. Shweta had insisted on me buying it saying that Tausif would love it. Now I knew that he really loved it. My black colored georgette sari was also lying on the floor along with a black sleeveless blouse. This was also Shweta’s choice. In fact all the clothes that I brought here were chosen by Shweta. I picked up my brassier and slowly put it on my boobs and hooked it. After that I pulled up my blouse and choli and wore it. 

As I looked in mirror, I knew why Tausif had fallen for me even after being married to Shweta for 8 years. I myself had been married to Aniket for 5 years. Even after that, I had a fantastic figure. Marriage had put some weight on me, but only on the right places. And I could see it in the mirror. I slowly wore my sari and then reclined in the bed beside Tausif. I put my hand on his chest and head on his shoulders. Memories about the last 9 months flooded my mind. Aniket and I had been married for around 4 and half years then. But we had not had a child because of career reasons first. And when we tried for it, it turned out that there was some problem with Aniket and he could not become a father. This really hurt me a lot and my interest in sex life also waned a bit. That’s when Aniket started discussing with me about swapping. At first I was disgusted about the whole idea. But as he started harping on it, I also became ok with it. 

After about three months or so, we decided to join a Swapping website. We made a profile of ourselves and published it on the website. Soon our mail box started to receive emails from other interested couples. But neither that we saw were exciting enough for me to make the last move. And then one day we saw a mail from a couple called Tausif-Farhana. They had posted a nice photograph of themselves on the website and had shown interest in swapping with us. When I saw the picture, I was immediately interested. Tausif was very tall, around 6″2 and Farhana was around 5″6. I myself was around 5″3. Tausif was well built and very fair. Being a Muslim, it was natural. Compared to him, Farhana was not very like as such. Later I learnt that a Maharashtrian . Anyway we got a mail from them and we replied back to them. We replied back to them. After some more mails we finally decided to chat with them on messenger for about 3 months.

We decided to be on yahoo messenger on a Saturday evening. SO on Saturday we logged in yahoo messenger from our homes. Tausif had already created a private chat room for us four. We logged in the same room.

Following discussion will tell you about the way we chatted.

Tausif: Hi Aniket. Hi Shilpa, How are you?

Shilpa: Hi. We are fine. Is Farhana with you?

Tausif: Yes. She is with me.

Aniket: So, where are you? I guess Home?

Tausif: Yes. We are home. What about you?

Shilpa: Same.

Tausif: So, Aniket what do you do?

Aniket: Well I work as a project leader in a software company.

Tausif: Ok. Good. What about you Shilpa? What do you do?

Shilpa: I work as a receptionist in a Hotel.

Tausif: Which hotel?

Shilpa: Hotel Dream Land. It is a three star hotel in Nariman Point.

Tausif: Oh. I know it. Just next to Mantrayala. Isn’t it?

Shilpa: Yes. How do you know it?

Tausif: I work in DSP Merrill Lynch as a Finance Manager. It is in Tulsiani Court.

Shilpa: Ok. And what do you do Farhana?

Farhana: I am working as a finance executive in Kotak Securities.

Aniket: It is in Worli if I am not mistaken.

Farhana: Yes. It is in Nirlon House.

Aniket: And you stay in Kurla. So it is close by for you.

Tausif: That is why she is working. Otherwise I would not have let her work.

Shilpa: Farhana, How do you go to the office?

Farhana: Tausif drops me to my office while going to his office.

Shilpa: Ok. Nice. I don’t have such luck. Aniket works in Andheri. So I just need to use train.

Tausif: Don’t you feel it too exhausting?

Shilpa: Well I know it is. But I don’t have any other option.

Tausif: Yes. That’s right.

Shilpa: How long have you been married?

Tausif: 6 years now.

Shilpa: Ok. Love marriage?

Tausif: Yes

Shilpa: Didn’t you have any trouble about it?

Farhana: Lots of it. My parents don’t talk to us even now.

Shilpa: Why?

Farhana: Actually I was a Hindu. I converted to Islam before marriage. My parents did not approve of this in any case.

Shilpa: What was your name before marriage?

Farhana: Shweta Kulkarni.

Shilpa: Ok. So you are a Maharashtrian Brahmin.

Farhana: You can say was.

Shilpa: ok.

Tausif: Pulling you girls back to present, what do you like to eat Shilpa? Do you like non-vegetarian food? Or are you like my wife?

Shilpa: No. Actually I like non-vegetarian. But I have not eaten it for quite some time.

Tausif: ok. You are Brahmin.

Shilpa: Not actually that. But Aniket doesn’t eat. So I didn’t eat. But if I get some company, I may just start it again.

Tausif: Ok. That’s good.

Aniket: So Tausif, What do you like? Apart from food I mean.

Tausif: Well I enjoy cricket a lot and films. And I enjoy traveling. Farhana doesn’t like this. She likes reading and being at home.

Aniket; Well, I don’t like cricket and films much myself. I love books. Which books do you read Farhana?

Farhana: I like P.G.Wodehouse best. Then I like Lord of the Rings series.

Tausif: Well there you are. She has a large store of books. What about you Shilpa? What do you like?

Shilpa: I am opposite of Aniket. I just enjoy going out. I enjoy films, cricket, picnics and discos.

But unfortunately we don’t do much of it now. But I used to do a lot of this when I was in college.

Tausif: Wow. That is good. So we would hit it off very well I would say when we meet.

Shilpa: I guess so.

Tausif: So guys, to come to the main topic, what exactly are you looking for?

Aniket: Well, I guess it’s the same thing that you are looking for. Isn’t it?

Tausif: In that case I will explain what exactly we are looking for. We are not looking for something like a one night stand. We want a serious long term relationship. So if you are looking for a one night stand and then say good bye, then we are not the couple for you. So this may take some time as well. During this time, I should be allowed to meet Shilpa alone. At the same time, you can also meet Farhana. But in any case I am not looking at something like a foursome party and then bye.

Aniket: Ok. This should be fine with me and Shilpa.

Tausif: Good. What I suggest is that we can chat alone with each other’s partner for some time. This will help us to understand each other better. Once we are comfortable with each other, then we can meet. What do you think?

Shilpa: It seems good. In this way we will come to know each other better. So you will chat with me and Aniket will chat with Farhana. Isn’t it?

Tausif: Yes.

Aniket: Fine. So when do we start?

Tausif: When are you available for chat Shilpa?

Shilpa: I am available any time. I can chat during office hours as well.

Tausif: Oh, that is good. Even I can do that. Are you free day after tomorrow at 19:00?

Shilpa: Yes.

Farhana: I can chat with Aniket at 18:00. Is it ok?

Aniket: Fine.

Tausif: Ok then. We will chat with our partners as per the time.

So we signed off from Yahoo messenger. As per the schedule, I was supposed to chat with Tausif day after tomorrow. It was a Saturday and a weekly off for me.

Aniket and I went home at about 9:00. We had already taken some food. So we ate it in a formal way. But I was not really interested in food. I had been thinking a lot about Tausif. He was 8 years elder to me. He had sounded very mature. He was handsome. From the day I saw his photo, I felt an attraction towards him. His physic was impressive. I knew that he was a regular gym guy. Every time I saw his picture, I imagined how he would look without a T-shirt. He also must be making good money. His wife was very beautiful compared to me. So why would be he interested in me? Whatever he had spoken about long term relationship was true or not, I will find out when I chat with him.

So when the Saturday arrived I was fairly excited about it but I didn’t show it to Aniket. I didn’t want him to know that I was feeling attracted to Tausif. He needed to go to the office early. I woke up and cooked something for him and packed it in lunch box. At around 8:00 he left for the office. Tausif had suggested that we use a web cam. So I wanted to make sure that I look my best. I did not know why I felt such an attraction towards a man. I have never felt this before.

We have a full length mirror in the bedroom. I stood in front of the mirror and tried to look at myself from Tausif’s point of view. I knew it was wrong, but I was trying to compare myself with Farhana. I was wearing a night gown. I knew that it was so unattractive. But till now I had never felt like being attractive. This was the first time in my life that I wanted to attract somebody.

I looked in the mirror and tried to see myself from a Tausif’s point of view. What would he like in me? Plenty I thought.

At 5 feet 3 inch, I was good looking in a normal way but not really great beauty as such. My hair was tied in a bun as I always felt hot when I kept my hair was open. I slowly removed the hair chop that had tied my hair in a bun and loosed my hair. Then I slowly removed my gown and let it fall on the floor. My 34 C breasts were now open to my view. I thought if Tausif will like them. They were larger than Farhana’s I was sure. I will need to check how Tausif sees me when we meet. I have often felt that men are far too obvious. Just look at their eyes and they will tell you where the man is looking. I knew that lot of men take a good look at my breasts. I wondered whether Tausif will like them or not. I was wearing a white colored bra. Aniket had pestered me for a long time to use some fancy transparent bras but I had never liked them. So I had never bought them. 

I wondered if Farhana uses fancy bras. She looks the kind who would anyway. No wonder she snared a handsome guy like Tausif. I wondered if this was the right time to concede to Aniket’s long standing demand I was wearing the same white colored panty. I looked at myself in the mirror wearing only bra and panties. Had I put on some weight? Not really. I could still see that I was in good shape. I had some flesh on the thighs and buttocks, but that was it. Would Tausif like this extra bit of flesh? Well I felt that he might just like it. I always thought married men like fleshy women instead of skinny ones. 

What would he like in me? My 32 C breasts were covered in the bra. After removing the gown I could see my legs and I saw them shapely enough for a man to be interested in them. Would he like my hair to be long or short? Would he like my hair to be open or tied in a hair clip? Should I wear them long? Or tie them in up in a bun? Should I wear bangles? What color of sari would he like? Should I wear a gajra? What shade and flavor of lipstick should I wear? Which perfume should I wear? A thousand questions were clouding my mind.

I watched myself for around 10 minutes in the mirror thinking about all such questions. Then I went in the bathroom as I couldn’t make up my mind about these things.

I decided to bathe under cold shower water. The cold water hit my body and immediately goose bumps covered it. I used some shampoo to wash my long hair and soaped my body. I do not know why, but as soaped my breasts I felt so good. I felt them rise as I soaped them and grow larger in my hand. I spent some more time on them. I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation. For all these months, I had fantasized about how Tausif would be. I was completely naked and wet. My vagina was quite hairy. I wondered how Tausif will like it. Whether he would like it to be shaved?

I washed for around 10 minutes and then came out of the bathroom. I wanted to buy a new dress for the evening when I chat with Tausif on the web cam. So after the bath I wore a Punjabi dress and went in Thane to a shopping mall. I had not decided actually what I should wear. In the mall, I browsed through a lot of clothes, but couldn’t find anything that I really liked. But after some time, I saw a Punjabi dress that I loved right from start. It was yellow colored sleeveless dress and a black salwar. It was a good combination. So chose it. Normally I always use sleeves but for this time I decided to wear it sleeveless only. So I tried it in the trial room. It really looked good. I hoped that Tausif will like it. So I paid the bill and came home. 

I was nervous in anticipation so I couldn’t even sleep in the afternoon. So the time went by and the evening came. At 6:00 I once again went in the bathroom and showered myself. I dried my hair with a drier. I was wondering whether Tausif will like my hair open of tied in a bun. I tried both ways to see how I looked. Well I couldn’t really judge. So I chose my normal way of doing it. I tied them up and used a chop to tie them in bun so they won’t fall on my back. I applied some makeup and lipstick and checked it twice. It was about 6:30 now. I wore the new dress. It had a black odhni as well. I tried to see how it will suit. Will it be good if I keep it right up to my neck so he can get a nice little view of my naked arms and line of my cleavage or better to cover my breasts with it? I spent some time trying both, but ultimately decided not to wear the odhni at all. What the hell? I was trying to attract a man, wasn’t I? Anyway if I wear a top and jeans, it wouldn’t cover my boobs. So why should I cover them with a Punjabi dress? In public it is ok. I hardly knew Tausif, but ultimately I was just trying to seduce him.

So at around 6:55, I logged in yahoo messenger. Immediately after I logged in I saw that Tausif was already logged in. Immediately I got a message from him.

Tausif: Hi Shilpa. How are you?

Shilpa: Hi. I am fine. How are you?

Tausif: Good. So how did your day go? 

Shilpa: Nothing special. Just normal house work.

Tausif: Ok. I came home early from office.

Shilpa: ok.

Tausif: Shilpa, why don’t you start the web cam so I would be able to see you? I have already started.

Shilpa: ok. One minute.

I started the web cam. I got an invitation from Tausif to see his web cam. I accepted it and immediately the screen showed Tausif. This was the first time I was seeing him live. He was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. Oh my god. He looked even more handsome that he looked in the photos.

Shilpa: Are you able to see me?

Tausif: Yes. I can see you.

Shilpa: So, what else?

Tausif: Well. So tell me something about you Shilpa.

Shilpa: You ask.

Tausif: what is your birth date?

Shilpa: It is 30th September.

Tausif: 30th September what?

Shilpa: 1982. What about you?

Tausif: Mine is 17th March 1974. Where did you complete your college?

Shilpa: From Thane college. In 2003

Tausif: ok .And immediately started working?

Shilpa: Well not immediately, I tried to appear for MBA exams, but couldn’t make it. Then started working as a receptionist in a small company. After some time I got this job and since then have been working here.

Tausif: So how do you like your job?

Shilpa: Fairly good. It is an easy job. No really headache as such.

Tausif: Ok. What do you normally wear?

Shilpa: Well I liked Punjabi dresses and used to wear them a lot. But since I joined this hotel, I have to wear saris.

Tausif: So what is wrong with saris? A woman looks beautiful in a sari.

Shilpa: No. nothing wrong as such. Even I like them now. But at first I felt awkward because I was not used to it.

Tausif: Apart from these?

Shilpa: I used to wear tops and jeans or skirts in college days. But now I don’t wear.

Tausif: Too bad. You still are good enough to wear. You still have a good figure.

Shilpa: Well actually Aniket didn’t like it. So I stopped it.

Tausif: Too bad. I hope when you meet me, you wouldn’t mind wearing them.

Shilpa: Why? Do you like Farhana to wear them?

Tausif: Yes. She wears them a lot for me. Especially whenever we go out in a resort or picnic, she wears tops, jeans or skirts.

Shilpa: Well actually I wouldn’t mind them at all if I had a chance to wear them.

Tausif: Why don’t you ask me something?

Shilpa: well, I really want to know what you saw in me as a woman. I am not as beautiful as Farhana.

Tausif: Well, it’s not just about beauty. You are very similar to what I am. You like movies, going out and etc.

Shilpa: Doesn’t Farhana like all this?

Tausif: Not really. Sometimes I feel that I made a mistake by marrying her.

Shilpa: Well that’s exactly what I feel about Aniket. We are too incompatible. So I always had to fight with him to get me for a movie. Can you believe it; I have been in Mumbai for 6 years but haven’t even seen Water Kingdom? He hasn’t even taken me to a beach?

Tausif: Poor girl. Which was the last movie that you saw?

Shilpa: It was Lord of the rings.

Tausif: Hey, I have an idea. See if you like it.

Shilpa: What idea?

Tausif: Farhana is going to an Art gallery on Saturday. And I think Aniket is also going out of town this Saturday. Isn’t it? So why don’t we meet and enjoy the day?

Shilpa: Yes. Aniket is out of town. But don’t you think we are going a bit too fast? We hardly know each other.

Tausif: Probable yes. But is there any better way of knowing each other than meeting? We are doing it now that we were planning to do one month down the lane. Whether we meet now or after one month, does it make any difference? And in any case, it is better to with someone who shares your interest than being alone in home.

Shilpa: Well I also think so. But just give me some time. I will let you know by end of day today. I will send an offline message to you. Check it tomorrow morning. You will know my answer.

Tausif: Take your time. We could meet in Nariman Point. Spend some time on the beach. After that we could go for a movie and then I can drop you anywhere you want.

Shilpa: ok. Sure.

Tausif: Great. Drop me a message. I will sign off now.

So we both signed off. I was in an excited state now. Things were moving too fast. But I didn’t care. For the first time in my life, I was having that excitement that we see in teenagers.

I thought to myself if this was right. I did not know how Aniket will take this. But in any case he was the one who had started all this. So why should he object if I met Tausif? Anyway I had to meet Tausif. Be it now or after one month. After a long thought I decided to go ahead and meet Tausif. I logged on to Yahoo messenger. Tausif was off line. So I sent him an off line message saying that I will meet him.

Next day I went to the office and checked Yahoo messenger. Tausif had sent a message saying that he is spending the night in Kalyan. So he can pick me up from Thane itself. He had asked me to meet him in Thane at around 9:00 AM. We continued to exchange messages for next two days. For the next two days, I was nervous as hell and restless. Aniket asked me if something was wrong. But I didn’t want him to know that I was meeting Tausif. Even Tausif hadn’t told Farhana that we were planning to meet. So I just said that I wasn’t feeling well and took the day off. So finally Friday arrived and Aniket went off to Bangalore in the morning. I wanted to do some shopping before I met Tausif tomorrow. So I also took the day off once again. Now I had an entire day for myself. After showering I drove down to a mall in Thane to buy a new dress for myself. I had few dresses in my wardrobe. So I had decided to buy a new one for this date. After I got in the mall, I browsed through the store for a lot of time. Finally I liked a yellow colored dress. It had sleeves attached to it separately. The saleswoman asked me if I wanted to have it attached to the dress. Well I wanted to attract Tausif. So I chose not to attach it. 

As I was getting out of the boutique, I saw another shop in the mall selling undergarments. Till now I had never thought of undergarments as anything but just plain clothes. But since I had started interacting with Tausif, a strange change had come over me. I had never been a woman to give much thought about makeup and cloths and jewelry. But since I had seen him, I had started thinking about all these things. After I had seen him online, next day I had carefully observed the kind of jewelry my colleague had wore. Also I had discussed with her about what kind of undergarments she used. She had shown me some very fancy transparent designs from a magazine she used to read. Also, she had told me that there was a shop in Eternity mall that sold the same designs. I had forgotten these things in next two days, but now I was seeing the shop, suddenly I remembered that this was the shop she was talking about. 

Just out of curiosity I went in. The girl at the counter pleasantly asked me” Good morning madam. How can I help you?” I was just a little bit hesitant. But finally I told that I wanted to purchase some transparent bras and panties. She asked me the size of my breasts. Well actually they were 34 C. I told her so. She looked at me and then smiled and said. “What sort of color would you like madam?” I told her to show me all the colors and designs she had. I will choose the kind that I want.

So she went behind the counter and started showing me different designs. Many of them had different designs on the cups and all of them were transparent. I was wearing a yellow dress when I was meeting Tausif. So I decided to buy the yellow one. 

But as I was finalizing it, she said that they were running a scheme in which if you buy a complete set of six, you will get 50 percent discount. I thought why should I restrict myself to only one? Was I going to meet Tausif only once? Not really. In fact I was hoping that it would be sooner and more frequently. She suddenly said to me” Madam, I hope you wouldn’t mind. We also have one more set of the same designs but with some padding in the cups. Would you like to try it? You know how it is with men. They always feel the bigger the better it is.” I was not really in for this sort of thing. But what the hell did it matter? Today I was in a daring mood. So why not go full swing? I was meeting a man I hardly know. He was a Muslim. I was doing it without telling my husband. I had never worn fancy bras. I was doing it now for an unknown man and not my husband. So what if I show it just a bit bigger? If he likes it big, he will see it big.

” What will be the increased size due to cups?” I asked her. 

“It will be 36 D if it is 32 C now.”

I smiled at her and said that I would like to try it.

She went in and brought a black set of bra and panties and handed it over to me.

She pointed to the change room in a corner. I went in with once bra of both types. I removed the Kurta that I was wearing and removed the white bra I was wearing. Then I wore the bra without padding. Well actually I didn’t need it as such. My boobs were large enough for Tausif to be interested. This bra was completely transparent and even I could see my fair breasts and dark nipples beneath it. Any man would go crazy if he saw me in this. I wanted to buy this set. Then I tried the one with padding. Well I could easily see its effect. As the sales girl had said, it enhanced my boob size by at least 2 inches. Some of my college friends used to use padded bras and I often wondered why. Now I knew why they did. They had boyfriends and they wanted to keep them interested. For the first time in my life, I wanted to make a man interested in me. I wanted him to look at my boobs and think that he would love take them in his mouth. This would really look good if I wear it inside a top. I was in a confused state. Ultimately when I came out of the shop, I had both the sets in my bag.

On Saturday morning, I was standing in front of the full length mirror that I had in my bedroom. I had just showered and was drying my hair with a dryer. I was completely naked. As the dryer buzzed, my boobs were shaking a little. After 5 minutes of drying I put the dryer away. Now I looked at myself in the mirror once again. My bra and panties were lying on a chair. I had chosen to wear a black padded bra and panties. I knew that it would show up in my yellow Punjabi dress. But I really wanted to attract Tausif. I wanted him to look at my boobs. And I wanted him to imagine them naked. In any case I had already started imagining Tausif’s hands on them. 

I slowly hooked my padded black bra on my boobs and wore my panties.

Then I Picked up the yellow dress that I had bought yesterday and slowly put it on.

I wore just the Kurta and watched myself in the mirror. My sleeveless arms looked tempting. Then I wore the pajama below it. Once I was through I saw myself in the mirror. I was able to see the black bra. After it I pulled my deodorant out and sprayed it under my arms which I had shaved off yesterday. Then I applied some light make up on my face. I also sprayed my perfume on the new dress. In fact I sprayed it lot more than normal. I was thinking of keeping my hair loose on the shoulders. But then it will hide my brassiere which I so desperately wanted Tausif to see. So instead of keeping it open, I used a chop to tie them on my head. In any case I really didn’t know how he liked it. 

Then I wore the dupatta of the dress but I made sure to wear it well up to my neck so my sleeveless arms would be open. It was about 8:45 in the morning. Tausif was supposed to pick me up at 9:00. The bus stop from which he was picking me up was about 10 minutes walking from our home. So I picked up my black purse and put its band around my left shoulder. I put on my high heeled sandal, locked the door and started. 

When I came at the bus stop, there was not much rush as it was a Saturday. I waited in the shadow of a tree next to the stop. Just as I was getting anxious I saw a red Innova approaching me. I wondered if this was Tausif. Soon the car stopped next to me. Immediately the window glass slide down and I saw Tausif for the first time in my life. He was wearing a red T-shirt and black jeans. The red T-shirt suited to his fair complexion very well. He pushed the door open and said “Hi Shilpa. How are you? I hope I haven’t kept you waiting for long. It is too hot”. I smiled and replied back. “No. I just came 5 minutes back.”

He motioned to get in. I got in and slid in the seat beside him. He slid the window glass up again and said “Shilpa, please fasten the seat belt.” I did as he told me. But there was some problem with it and it did not lock. So after two minutes of struggle I said to Tausif that I couldn’t do it. He moved across his seat finally and pulled the seat belt from its socket from my left side. He pulled it, but meanwhile his hand touched my bare skin on my sleeveless arms. I felt as if an electric current has passed from my body. He just smiled at me and fastened the belt. I also smiled back at him.” So shall we start?” He asked me. “OK.” I said. Tausif: You are looking beautiful in this dress.

Shilpa: Thanks. I just bought it two days.

Tausif: Ok. It looks very good on you. Especially because you have wore it sleeveless.

Shilpa: Why? Do you like sleeveless?

Tausif: Yes. I like it, but Farhana doesn’t like it. What about you?

Shilpa: Well yes. I like to wear it sleeveless.

Tausif: And you definitely have arms for it.

Shilpa: Thanks for the compliment. I normally don’t get much of them from Aniket. He hardly cares if I am wearing it sleeveless or not.

Tausif: So tell me where do you want to go?

Shilpa: Anywhere you want to go. It’s not a problem.

Tausif: Do you want to go to beach? We can find some cool spot under a tree and sit there. After some time I would take you out for lunch. And then we will go for a movie. How does that sound?

Shilpa: Fine.

So we started for the Nariman Point. As it was a Saturday, the road did not have much traffic.

Tausif started chatting about various subjects. He was really a chatty person and we instantly 

hit it off as I also like to talk. At the same time he also was “checking me out”. Many times I saw his eyes checking my boobs as well as my naked arms. My dupatta was also right up to my neck. So he had a good view of my cleavage. We continuously chatted for a long time and I couldn’t believe that we had reached the beach. 

Just before we reached the beach, I removed the chop that tied my hair on my head and let the hair fall loose. Then I picked a comb from my purse and started brushing my hair. I did that for around 2 minutes when Tausif said to me “Your hair is beautiful.” I smiled at him and said “Aniket wants me cut them down. 

He doesn’t like them long. But I love it.” 

Tausif said” Well I hope you don’t do that”

I smiled and said” Don’t worry. I will never cut my hair.”

Again I tied them in the same place and put the chop.

Shilpa: So, how do you like Farhana to wear her hair? You like it long or short?

Tausif: Well I like it long.

Shilpa: And tied or open?

Tausif: Well I just feel you should keep it changing. Change hair clips, style. 

Sometimes keep it open.

It took us only about 45 minutes to get to the beach. By the time we got there it was just 9:50 and we were both fresh.

Tausif: So do you want to have some breakfast before we go to the beach?

Shilpa: Sure. Why not? But where do we get the breakfast?

Tausif: There is a hotel over there. 

Shilpa: Ok. Let’s go then.

As we started, immediately one car approached speeding. I didn’t see it and would have almost run over me had Tausif not pulled me by my wrist. The effect it had one me was strange.

I felt his touch on my bare skin and got goose bumps all over me. After that he put his fingers in mine. I didn’t say anything. But even after we crossed the road Tausif didn’t remove the fingers and I obviously was enjoying his touch. So even I did no say anything. So we went in the hotel hand in hand. We seated on a table. The hotel was completely empty.

Tausif: So Shilpa, what do you want?

Shilpa: Anything. You can order for me.

Tausif: Will non-vegetarian sandwich be ok?

Shilpa: Yes. Why not?

Tausif ordered chicken sandwich. We started chatting again. I moved my dupatta again up and offered him a look of my luscious arms. 

Tausif: Would you mind if I came and sat by your side?

I smiled.

Tausif: Of course not Tausif. And shall I tell you something? You don’t need to be so shy with me. From the day when I first saw your photo, I have been smitten by you. I have felt a very strange attraction for you. Something I never felt for Aniket. I hope you also feel the same with me. I wish I were your girlfriend. And I can tell you, that if you treat me as if I am your girlfriend, I wouldn’t mind at all.

He slowly took my hands in his hands and raised them to his mouth. He kissed my hands. I felt a shiver passing through my body. I was feeling very shy now. I removed my hands from his and indicated towards the waiter who was approaching. Tausif got up and came to my side of the table and sat beside me. The table was quite small. We both sat there and ate sandwiches. He was very close to me. I was feeling his arms on my naked arms. We both ate in silence for about 5 minutes. After we finished the sandwiches, we left the hotel and walked across the road to the beach. This time Tausif’s hands wandered on my shoulders. I smiled at him. We both walked to the beach and found a secluded spot. We both sat under a tree. Tausif’s hand was on my naked arm. We both chatted about all sort of things. I again removed my hair chop and let my hair loose on my back. Time just seemed to fly and I never knew when the clock turned to 11:30.

Tausif looked at his watch.

Tausif: It is 11:00 now. Would you like to go and have lunch? The movie starts at 12:30. 

Shilpa: Yes. Which movie have you planned for?

Tausif: Nothing specific. We will go to Inox and see what is available.

Shilpa: Ok.

We both got up. He offered me his arm and said “You can treat me as if I were your boyfriend”.

I smiled and wrapped my arm around his. We both walked towards his car. We sat in the car. I got my comb from the purse and started combing my open hair. After two minutes I tied them up with the chop.

Tausif: Have you ever been to Baghdadi? It is a fantastic non-vegetarian joint.

Shilpa: No.

Tausif: Would you like to try it today?

Shilpa: Sure. Why not?

Tausif started the car and we both headed towards Baghdadi. After about 15 minutes of driving, we both were sitting comfortably in posh Baghdadi restaurant. Tausif was sitting beside me on the same seat his arm wrapped around me and his hand was caressing my naked arms.

Tausif: I hope whenever we meet you would wear a sleeveless dress.

Shilpa: Actually I have lots of saris and sleeveless blouses. But I don’t have many Punjabi dresses. I am planning to go for shopping to buy a few dresses. If you can join me for it, that would be great. Tausif: Isn’t Aniket going with you?

Shilpa: He doesn’t really take any interest in what I am wearing. So you can come with me. I will shop as per your interest. 

Tausif: That’s great. When do you want me to come?

Shilpa: Not for some fifteen days or so.

Tausif: Ok. Whenever you want me to come let me know.

Shilpa: Can you make it on any of the Saturdays?

Tausif: Sure.

Shilpa: And what about Farhana?

Tausif: What about her? She is ok if I go around with you.

After two minutes the lunch arrived. We both ate it. After finishing we both went to Inox and went in to see a movie called Indecent Proposal. In the movie, Tausif’s hand roamed a lot on my arms. I also put my head on his shoulder and started enjoying his touch. After some time he raised my mouth to his lips and kissed me. At first it was a tentative kiss. But soon I also started responding to his lips and I opened my mouth for his. He kissed me passionately and fully.

Tausif: Since the day I saw you, I have wanted you. 

Shilpa: It is the same with me as well. 

So as far as the movie was concerned, we didn’t watch much of it and was engrossed in each other for most of the time. After the movie, we went out of the theatre with his arms around my waist. We came to the car and drove towards Thane. Tausif wanted me to drop home. But I asked him to drop me at the same stop from where he had picked me up in the morning. I said good-bye to him and got out of the car. 

When I reached home, Aniket had not come yet. I removed my clothes and got in bed almost naked with only bra and panties on me. I tried to sleep but just could not do it. Tausif’s close contact had awakened in me a lust that I had never felt or known. I lay in the bed but my mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about Tausif and his touch on my body. For the first time in my life, I was imagining how his hands would feel on my stomach. I imagined how his lips would feel on my arms, tits and stomach. After some time I managed to sleep. Aniket came in the evening.

After this Tausif and I started meeting regularly in office hours. We often would go for lunch together. After around 15 days Aniket was again going out to Delhi for about 7 days. When I told Tausif about this he said that Farhana was also going out for a week to meet her parents. So we both were free for at least one week. So Tausif suggested over lunch as to why don’t we go together to Lonavala for three days. I felt aghast at his idea. But to be frank by this time I was completely smitten by him. So I could have done anything. I also wanted to go. Till now I and Tausif had not gone physical. But still we had shared some passionate touches and kisses in theaters and Beach. So I also wanted his touch more. But still I felt something for Aniket and didn’t want to hurt him. So I told Tausif that I will talk to Aniket about this. If he is ok then we can go to Lonavala for three days. Tausif said that we can go when Aniket leaves. Aniket was leaving on next Thursday. So Tausif suggested that we both take a leave on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday would be off. So we can go to Lonavala for two days and for next two days we could go to a resort in Kalyan.

So when I went home I asked Aniket about Tausif’s suggestion. Aniket looked at me and asked me.”Shilpa, do you want to go with him?” I looked back at him. And I said, “Yes. I want to go.” Aniket said in that case do not bother about me. I also want you to enjoy. Go out and enjoy.

Next day when I met Tausif I was almost crazy when I told him that I will come with him.

After this Tausif and I went for a movie in the evening and instead of watching the movie spent most of the locking lips with each other. I was feeling so hot now and his touch felt so good.

On Friday, I received a call from Tausif. He wanted to do some shopping. So he wanted me also to join him so that he could purchase some dresses for me as well. So we both planned to go shopping on Saturday in Eternity Mall. Tausif said that he would pick me up from home on Saturday evening.

So on Saturday Aniket went to the office as usual and I started to prepare for Tausif. This was the first time that Tausif was going to come to our home and I wanted to make it good looking. I had invited Tausif for lunch in the home and I wanted to start the cooking at around 10:00. So I bathed at around 9:00 and put on a nice black sari and a green colored sleeveless blouse. I tied my hair with a black colored bow. After this I went out and bought 1/2 kg of chicken. I knew how to cook it but had never done so as Aniket didn’t eat non-veg. Even now I had not told Aniket that I was going to cook non-vegetarian for Tausif. I started cooking. I boiled the chicken and kept it ready to cook when Tausif came. After that I cooked the roties and kept them in a hot pot. And also cooked rice and kept it hot.

I kept everything ready but by this time I was completely wet with sweat. So I again went in the bathroom and bathed once more.

But this time I used a black bra instead of white one. I wore a new orange colored sari and completely white sleeveless blouse. Then I saw in the mirror to make sure that, my black bra was visible through the white blouse. I used a hair chop to tie my hair up. 

At around 11 I heard the ring of bell. I went and opened the door. Tausif was standing in the door with a bouquet in his hands. He came in and hugged me softly. He said ‘Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.’ He came in and locked the door.

Shilpa: I hope you didn’t find it difficult to get here.

Tausif: No. I came all right.

Shilpa: do you want some water?

Tausif: No.

Shilpa: Tea or coffee?

Tausif: No thanks. I am fine. Why don’t you come and sit besides me?

Shilpa: why?

Tausif: Just to get cozy you know.

Shilpa: Tausif. You are such a flirt. Are you here to get cozy with me or for shopping?

Tausif: Well a bit of both. Don’t you want to get cozy with me?

Tausif: You know that I want to. But let’s not do it here Tausif. Not in my home where I stay with Aniket. If I hadn’t wanted, I wouldn’t have accepted to come to Lonavala. 

Tausif: I know honey. But i am asking just to sit beside me. I am not dragging you to bed. Am i?

Shilpa: No. you are not. But in asking to come to Lonavala, you are asking me to sleep with you. Isn’t it?

Tausif: Well, don’t you want to?

Shilpa: Yes. I want to.

Tausif: So what is the problem in just sitting beside me honey?

Shilpa; Well, I resign. But don’t start any funny business here.

I went to the sofa and sat beside him. I had said him not to start any funny business. But in my mind, funny business was exactly what I was hoping for. And Tausif did not disappoint me.

As soon as I sat beside him, he put his hands around my shoulders and placed them on my naked arm. He slowly started caressing my arm.

Tausif: Shilpa, what have you made for lunch?

Shilpa: I have made rotis and chicken. I just need to cook it. Chicken is boiled. I hope you like it.

Tausif: Are you allowed to cook non-veg in your home?

Shilpa: No. But it’s special food for special people. Isn’t it?

Tausif: wow. That’s good. You didn’t tell Aniket about this, did you?

Shilpa: no. He doesn’t know that you are coming here. He just knows that you are taking me out for shopping.

Tausif: Wow. So you are cheating. Aren’t you?

Shilpa: Well any woman will cheat if she gets a man like you.

Tausif: Well what’s special about me?

Shilpa: Your physique. You are 6″2′. You are muscular. And you are very handsome and fair. What sort of woman wouldn’t be besotted with you? And I am not shamed that I am besotted with you.

Tausif: Besotted enough to sleep with me in your husband’s bed?

Shilpa: Tausif. You are being naughty again.

Tausif: We are doing it sometime. Aren’t we? So why not now honey?

Shilpa: Not now darling. We are going to Lonavala just for that.

But even as I was speaking Tausif put his hands in my hair and removed the chop that tied them up. I also didn’t resist him. He slowly caressed and loosened my hair and opened them. He made them fall on my shoulders.

Tausif: You look very sexy with your open hair.

Shilpa: Thanks. There is at least somebody who admires my hair. 

Tausif raised my chin in his hands and raised my mouth to him. And we kissed each other. I had wanted this intimacy with him for such a long time. I wrapped my hands around his head and opened my mouth for his assault. His tongue invaded mu mouth and I also responded to his tongue. I offered my tongue to him and his tongue accepted my offer. They swirled around each other and kissed each other. My blouse was very thin and it left plenty of my back naked. Tausif’s hands were caressing the naked part of my back. His every caress of my back was sending shivers down my body. Then after 2 minutes which felt to me like seconds, he separated from me. 

Tausif: You are enjoying it honey.

Shilpa: Yes.

Tausif: Well let’s enjoy some more.

Tausif pushed and turned me around so that my back was on the arm of the sofa. Then he put his hands on my naked arm and removed my sari’s pallu. My cleavage was now open to his eyes and I saw lust in his eyes. He moved forward and bent his head in my cleavage. I wrapped my hands around his head and pulled his head in my waiting cleavage. His first kiss of my cleavage just inflamed me. He was now slowly licking, kissing and biting my breasts. He wrapped his hands around my back. Tausif pulled my body forward and buried his face in my cleavage biting it, licking it. Then he moved just a bit downwards and started kissing my naked stomach. His tongue darted to my navel and he licked it in small darting flicks. I was feeling as if I were in heaven. Tausif was licking all over my stomach making it wet with his saliva. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed Tausif’s ravaging tongue on my flat stomach. 

While Tausif continued his amorous activities on my tummy his hands went westwards and found my melons. He started to squeeze my tits. His pressure on boobs started to elicit sighs of pleasure from my mouth. He was at the same time biting my stomach anytime which caused me to ouch. But I was enjoying it big time. Suddenly he moved up and kissed my mouth fully. I responded to his mouth immediately and opened my mouth for him once again. But this time while he was kissing, he also started unhooking the hooks of blouse. In all he opened 4 hooks and then removed my blouse. My blouse was a bit tight and Tausif found it somewhat difficult. By this time I was so hot that instead of waiting, I moved away and removed the blouse myself. I knew that I was ready to get physical with him. I was ready to offer every part of my body to Tausif. I asked Tausif to stop for a minute and got up from the sofa. 

Then slowly I removed my sari completely and threw it away on the floor. Tausif also got up and removed the T-shirt that he was wearing. He also removed the vest that he was wearing. I was not facing him. I removed the choli that I was wearing under the sari. Now I was wearing only my black padded bra and same colored panties. When I turned round, Tausif was already half naked. He had his pants on, but was naked above the waist. This was the first time that I was seeing him naked. His chest was very hairy. This was so much in contrast with Aniket. Aniket did not have any hair on his chest. I had always fantasized that my boyfriend should be very hairy. I just liked the men with hairy chests. I slowly moved towards Tausif and hugged him. I placed my head on his hairy chest and started kissing his chest. His manly aroma filled my nostrils and I stated enjoying his chest as he had enjoyed my boobs.

Tausif slowly pushed me towards the wall so that my back was touching the wall. Then he started ravishing my boobs again. I was soaking wet by now. As he was kissing my boobs I moved my hands downwards towards his pants. I removed the belt that was tying it. Then as his foreplay continued, I unbuttoned his pants and slowly started to pull it downwards. Tausif moved aside and said that I am very hot. Then he pulled out his pant and now was just wearing underpants. His thighs were as hairy as his chest. He again moved towards me again started kissing my stomach. His hands were squeezing my boobs very hard. I was caressing his hair.

He suddenly stopped and asked me where our bedroom was. I pointed to the bedroom door. He immediately picked me in his arms. I was very surprised, but put my arms around his head. Tausif headed for our bedroom. As we got in the bedroom, he put me slowly on the edge of the bed. Then for the first time, I saw Tausif’s large member in his underpants. From the shape I could make out its size. It was quite large and much larger than Aniket’s in any case. It must be at least 9 inches. I looked up at Tausif and said.

Shilpa: It is very large.

Tausif: So what? Don’t you like it big?

Shilpa: I don’t know. Aniket’s is very small. So I wouldn’t know. But I don’t know if I can take it in. It might pain.

Tausif: Don’t worry honey. We will go very slowly.

And then he unhooked my bra and pushed me on the bed. Immediately he removed his underpants as well. I saw his cock and blushed. It was not just large but very thick as well. Tausif took my hand and guided it towards his member. I wrapped my fingers around it and smiled at Tausif. Tausif came on top of me and started kissing my boobs. He was biting them in small nibbles and I was getting hotter and hotter with his every bite at my boobs. He then took one nipple in his mouth and started nibbling at it. I just loved his mouth on my boobs and started caressing his hair. I was feeling his cock on my thighs and was getting wet thinking about it in my hot cunt. Tausif started licking around my stomach. 

But then he moved down and stripped my panties with one swift motion. I was not in a position to oppose him. So with one stroke he made me completely naked and hot pot was completely open for him. I willingly opened my thighs for him. He hoisted his body over mine and put his cock on the wet hole of my cunt. He was pushing his cock in me but my vagina was too small for it. So I was feeling some pain in taking it in. But Tausif kept pressing in despite my protests and slowly my cunt opened for him. 

Even I was surprised that I could take him in. As he added more pressure he was getting more in my cunt. But at the same time he was hitting those areas of my cunt that Aniket had never touched because of his size. I felt immense spasm of pleasure through my body as he was ravaging my count with his large cock. I had often heard women talking about pleasure that they get from a large cock, but for the first time I was experiencing it and doing it big time. I raised my thighs high in the air to allow Tausif go deeper and he accepted my offer. His cock went deep in me. Once it was in, he started fucking me in hard motion. With his every thrust, I was feeling the pain but more than that I was feeling the intense pleasure that I never felt with Aniket. His cock was completely filling my cunt and I was able to feel his touch on every point of my cunt. He thirsted, moved around and did everything to me and I was taking every inch of his in me. I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him in once more. This time he was thrusting very hard and very fast. Our juices were mixing and making slurps noises. We both continued this for about three minutes when with a spasm shook his body and he started coming in my sopping wet cunt. I could feel his semen spurting inside me and deluging my vagina. His load was quite massive and he shot a bucketful of his cum in me. 

Spasms also shook my body and with an intense wave of pleasure, I also came. I had never felt this with Aniket. Probably this was my first orgasm in five years of married life. We both lay exhausted in each other’s arms for 10 minutes enjoying each other’s touch. Then I got up and put my night gown on my naked body. Tausif also got up and put on his clothes. He went in the hall and put on his t-shirt and pant. I asked him to browse the TV for 30 minutes. I went in the kitchen and started the cooking. Within next half an hour we were both sitting on our dining table and chatting with each other and eating. Tausif liked the Chicken curry very much. After finishing lunch I asked Tausif to wait in the hall. I went in bedroom and started to prepare myself for shopping. I had already spoiled two saris since morning. 

I went in the bathroom and freshened myself. I came out of the bathroom completely naked. I opened the wardrobe and pulled out another black bra and panties. This one was a padded bra and was very thin. I put it on my boobs and hooked it. Then I put on the panties. Then I opened the cupboard and pulled out a red georgette sari and a white sleeveless blouse. I wore the sari without the choli and wore it a bit low and below the navel. Then I put on the blouse. My black bra was visible through the blouse. Then I went to the mirror and applied some makeup on my face. Then I brushed my hair with a comb. But this time instead of tying them up, I used the chop to tie them so that they were spread on my back with chop tied in the center just below my head. Then I applied some perfume on sari and checked myself. I wore matching red bangles in both my hands. Then I picked up my black purse and put it on my shoulders. I opened the bedroom door and went in the hall. Tausif was sitting on the sofa. He got up and came to me and kissed me.

Tausif: You are looking very sexy.

Shilpa: Thanks. Shall we go?

Tausif said yes and we walked out of the door. We live on the 4th floor. We came out and I locked the door behind me. Then we both went in the lift. We were alone in the lift. As soon as we were in the lift; I wrapped my hands around Tausif’s arm and put my head on his shoulders. I felt so wonderful being with him. As the lift reached ground floor, I removed my arm from Tausif’s. I didn’t want to give any ideas to my neighbors. I asked Tausif also to keep a distance. We opened the lift door and moved out in the open parking space. I didn’t see Tausif’s red Car anywhere. I asked him about it.

Tausif: I haven’t got the car today.

Shilpa: Then how are we going?

Tausif: I have my bike with me.

He pointed me to a bike. It was a fantastic looking bike.

Shilpa: Wow. This is really great. I love riding bikes.

Tausif: Which girl doesn’t?

Shilpa: Well. I guess so. I never had this chance with Aniket. He doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

Tausif: So you can tell me whenever you want.

Shilpa: Of course.

Tausif removed the bike from the stand and kick started it. Then he asked me to sit. I slowly put my foot on the pedal and then sat on the seat with my legs on one side of the bike. Then I put my hand on Tausif’s shoulder. He asked me if I was ok. I said yes.

Tausif: Then why are you so away from me honey? Come closer and let me feel your boobs.

Shilpa: Tausif, we are still in my society. You can start. When we are some distance, I know what to do.

So Tausif started the bike and we rode away. After we had moved away from our society, I moved forward in my seat. I leaned on Tausif’s back so that my breasts started feeling Tausif’s back. I wrapped my arms around Tausif’s stomach and asked him if he was happy now. Tausif looked back at me and just smiled. It was around 1 now and within 20 minutes we both reached eternity mall. Tausif stopped the bike near the parking stand. I got down and Tausif went in the parking stand to park the bike. 

After two minutes he came swinging his key in his fingers. He put his hand in mine and we both went towards the ticket booking counter. Tausif asked me to wait near the stairs and he went in the queue to get the picture ticket. It took him just three minutes to get the ticket. Tausif put his hand around me and on my back. I felt his hand on my naked back. We both walked up the stairs and then in the escalator. When we reached the screening hall, it was early and there was nobody in the hall. We found our seats which was top most corner of the hall. Immediately as we took out seats, the lights in the hall went off and screen started displaying some advertisements. Tausif didn’t waste this opportunity and immediately pulled me closer to him and kissed my lips. I also responded to him and gave him a long, wet kiss. Then I wrapped my arms around his and put my head on his shoulders. We started chatting about our shopping plans as it would be at least 15 minutes before the film starts. Shilpa: So what are you planning to buy for me jaan?

Tausif: Actually I want to buy you some saris, some Punjabi dresses, some tops, jeans and couple of skirts, two night gowns.

Shilpa: Are you crazy? Are you planning to buy an entire wardrobe for me?

Tausif: Of course. What did you think? My idea is that whenever you meet me you should be wearing clothes given by me. Even bras and panties and jewelry should be given by me.

Shilpa: Tausif, have you thought how much it will cost?

Tausif: Don’t worry honey. I know about it.

Shilpa: And still you want to do it?

Tausif: Of course yes.

Shilpa: No Tausif. I can’t do this. I can’t accept it. I just thought it would be one dress.

Tausif: No darling. I want you to wear my clothes.

Shilpa: But it will cost you so much.

Tausif: So what? What am I earning money for?

Shilpa: What about Farhana? 

Tausif: She is fine honey. Don’t worry about her.

Shilpa: Then at least let me suggest something. Eternity mall will be very costly. We will go to Thane. There are many shops that can as much quality as Eternity, but at lesser cost. We will go there. Is it ok?

Tausif: As long as you are buying as per my choice, I don’t have any problem.

Shilpa: I will buy whatever you tell me. It’s settled now. We will go to Thane.

I darted a small peck on his cheek. Now theatre had started to fill up and I removed my arm from Tausif’s. After some time when the film started Tausif put his hand around me on my back. He in fact entered his finger inside my blouse and started playing with my brassier. But I asked admonished him. Then to keep his hand quiet, I wrapped my arm around his. I removed the chop tying my hair and loosed them. The film went fine. It was small compared to other Hindi films. When we came out of the Theatre, it was around 5. We again went to Thane.

Tausif asked me if I wanted to eat something. I said fine. So we both went in a small hotel called Alok. We both sat on the same side of the table with Tausif’s arm wrapped around my back on my arm.

Tausif: So honey, what do you want to eat?

Shilpa: I will have something very light. Probably I will eat just idli and sambar. What about you?

Tausif: I was thinking of same. Why don’t we share it?

Shilpa: Fine. If we need something extra, we can get it afterwards.

Tausif: Sure.

So we ordered one idli and sambar. While waiter went to get our order, we started about discussing what I should. After some discussion, we decided on following list of things to be bought.

•Three saris and sleeveless blouses

•Three Sleeveless Punjabi dresses

•Three tops, two sleeveless and one with sleeves and three jeans

•Two sleeveless kurtas and skirts

•15 hair clips of different types

•Three sets of bangles

•Around 10 ear rings

•Five sets of lipsticks

•Two nail polishes

Shilpa: Tausif, I don’t need to buy bras and panties. I have just bought a set of six.

Tausif: Yes. But you bought them for Aniket. Isn’t it?

Shilpa: No. I bought them for you. I am wearing one if you can see it.

Tausif: I have seen it honey.

Shilpa: I have bought six with different colors and six more are padded. I bought them thinking about you and not Aniket. He doesn’t even know that I bought it. I never wore it for him. I wore it for you. And I will wear it only for you.

Tausif: Ok. Then it is fine. But then you shouldn’t wear it at all with Aniket.

Shilpa: No. I won’t.

Tausif: Ok. Then we can skip that part.

Then our snacks arrived and we finished quickly. After that we went to a dress shop called dream land. Tausif’s hand was on naked part of my back. I normally bought dresses from here. The owner looked at me, but seemed to have been confused. Probably he had seen me with Aniket and now he was seeing me with Tausif. He greeted us with a smile. The shop was almost empty. He guided us to the inner part of the shop where a salesman was waiting for customers.

Salesman: Good evening madam. What can I do for you?

Shilpa: I wanted some clothes for myself. Actually I need to buy some saris, some Punjabi dresses and tops and jeans as well.

Tausif: First let’s see saris for you.

Salesman: Why don’t you go up? There we have a separate section for saris.

So we all went up and he asked us to sit on the mat. Then he started to show us different saris. I had asked him to show us saris with normal work and chiffon and georgette. 

As I was browsing through saris, I was looking at Tausif for his approval or disapproval for each. But till 10, he didn’t like any one. The 11th sari was very eye catching. It was black without any kind of work on it. I was very plain, but the color looked very rich, Tausif was immediately interested in it. He asked me to try it. I went in the change room and tried it. It looked very good on me. So we both agreed to buy it. After this we bought two more saris. One was a silk one with pink color and other was cream one. 

Then we went downstairs to buy Punjabi dresses. Tausif didn’t take much time here. He quickly asked me to try one and show it to him. I went in and changed in the dress and invited Tausif in the cubicle to see it. He said that the dress looked very beautiful on me. After this we bought three tops. One was red and another was black. These two were sleeveless. The third one was white and had short sleeves. After this we went in a stationary shop and bought all types of hair clips for me. I bought even the ones that I had never used before. 

By this time it was around 7 PM and Aniket might come home any time. So I asked Tausif to hurry and we both went on the bike. Tausif wanted to drop me at home, but I asked him to drop me near the bus stop. After some protest he dropped me near the stop. While going home, I bought a pack of anti-pregnancy pills. After I reached home I found that Aniket had not come. So quickly I ate an apple and the consumed I-pill. I didn’t want to be pregnant just yet. Aniket called me about 8. I told him that I was too tired to cook. So I asked him to bring some food. We finished food without speaking too much. The next four days were like a year for me as I was waiting for Thursday when Aniket was supposed to go to Delhi. I had already applied for a leave on Friday and it was granted immediately. Tausif also had done same and he also had got leave. Tausif met me on Wednesday and we both went to Marine Drive and sat on the pavement with arms wrapped around each other. Tausif asked me if I wanted him to use condoms. But I was completely against it. I did not want to spoil the pleasure of his wonderful member by coating it with plastic. I wanted to feel his skin bruising my vaginal walls. I wanted to feel his sperm wetting my hole completely. So I told Tausif that I will use pills. After this we both went to our respective offices.

On Thursday, we were supposed to start for Lonavala at around 6:00 PM. Tausif had asked me pack my bag and bring it to office in the morning itself. So after Aniket went to office, I started packing my bag. I packed two sleeveless Punjabi dresses two tops and jeans in the bag. Also I put all the bras and panties in the bag and two towels. I put the entire make up box in the bag. Also I put the anti-pregnancy pills in the bag. Then I put on the black sari that Tausif had bought for me and sleeveless blouse. Inside I was wearing red colored bra and panties. I also wore a light perfume on my boobs. I used a black bow to tie my hair, but instead of tying them up, I allowed them to fall loose on my back. When I reached the Hotel, my colleague was already present on our desk. She looked at me and remarked that I looked very good. I thanked her and took my place. At around 12 Tausif called me up and told me that he had hired a cool cab for traveling to Lonavala. And he said that cab would pick us up at about 6 in the evening from Mantrayala stop. I told him that I will meet him there at 6. He had told me that he had booked an A/C room in a hotel called Moonland. 

So at around 5 I started preparing for going. I went in the washroom and applied light make up once more. At around 5:45 I said good bye to my colleague and left the hotel. I reached the stop in 10 minutes. Just after I had reached there, in two minutes I saw a cool cab approaching me. As I expected, it stopped just next to me and the door opened. In the back seat Tausif was sitting wearing a red colored shirt and tie. I got in the car and sat next to him. Tausif put his arm around me and pulled me closer. Well I didn’t need any invitation and I immediately put myself in his arms. He wrapped his arms around my back and on my sleeveless arms. The car started immediately and we were on course.

Tausif: You are looking very sexy in this sari.

Shilpa: Thanks. You are also looking very good in this shirt.

Tausif: Have you bought the pills?

Shilpa: Yes. Why?

Tausif: Just asking. Are you sure you want to use them? I would like it very much if you didn’t use them.

Shilpa: No thanks. I don’t want any complications.

Tausif started rubbing my arms and pulled me towards him. I also put my head on his shoulders. There was a veil between the driver’s cabin and our section of the cab. So we had enough privacy. Tausif put his hand under my chin and turned my face upwards. He then kissed my lips.

To my disappointment, it was only a brief kiss.

Tausif: You have tied your hair in a different way.

Shilpa: Didn’t you like it? I normally tie it up. But just wanted to check how it looks if I allowed them to fall back loose.

Tausif: No. This looks much better.

Shilpa: Thanks. 

I moved the band of hair that was loose on my back over my shoulder. Tausif kissed the naked section of my back. Left band of my bra had shifted a bit and was visible. Tausif pointed to it and said.

Tausif: Wow. You are wearing a red bra. 

Shilpa: Yes. And I have the entire set in the bag with me to wear for you.

Tausif: Tell me something. Would you like to drink some wine when we get there?

Shilpa: Well if you allow me to then why not?

Tausif: Why will I do it? You can have whatever you want honey.

Shilpa: Well then I would like to drink rum.

Tausif: Sure.

Throughout the journey Tausif and we chatted. He was in very naughty mood. We kissed, he each other’s hands and Tausif groped all around my body. By the time we got to Lonavala, I was completely wet by his actions and ready for anything.

We reached the hotel at about 7:45. We both got out of the car. I wrapped my arm around 

Tausif’s and we both went to the reception. A hotel boy had pulled out two bags from the car and put them in the reception. The man at the reception gave us the key of our room and directed us to them room. He also asked the boy to guide us and carry our baggage to the room. Our room was on the first floor. We both went there with our fingers entwined in each other. The boy had already reached the door of our room and put our bags in front of the door. Tausif gave him a tip of 10 rupees and he went away. Tausif unlocked the door but didn’t open it. Instead he produced his handkerchief and covered my eyes with it and asked me to step in. We both went in. He locked the door and then wrapped his arms around my waist. He was behind me and his hands were on my stomach. He started rubbing my stomach. His finger entered my navel and rubbing it. He kissed my neck and slowly whispered in my ear.

Tausif: I wanted to give you a surprise honey.

Then he untied the handkerchief covering my eyes and removed it. I saw a fantastic bed in front of me. It had rose petals thrown all over it. Also, small ropes covered with flowers were attached from the ceiling to four corners of bed. Their fragrance filled my nostrils. I turned to Tausif and went in his arms. He hugged me and said.

Tausif: This is our first night baby. Did you like it?

I hugged him even tighter and replied back. 

Shilpa: Yes. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful gift. So, what is your plan now?

Tausif: Our plan is to bathe together first. Then have dinner.

Shilpa: Bathe together?

Tausif: Yes. Do you have any problem with it?

Shilpa: No. But I have never done that.

Tausif: Well I feel you have missed a lot of things then.

Shilpa: Probably. Now you fulfill them.

Tausif slowly led me to sofa and made me sit there. Then he removed the bow tying my hair and loosed my hair. He was standing next to sofa and I was sitting on it. He slowly moved his hand to my forehead and started rubbing it from forehead to my lips. He rubbed my lips and squeezed them. I just loved it. I just closed my eyes and started enjoying his touch. He sat down on the floor and dragged his hands downwards. His hand slowly moved downward towards my boobs. He squeezed them through my sari and I sighed at his touch. He was trying to move my sari aside. But my sari was pinned to my blouse with a sari pin. So I asked him to wait and removed my sari pin. Then he moved my sari aside and my entire chest was exposed to him. My blouse was very low cut and my cleavage was entirely accessible for him. He was pressing my boobs very hard and I was sighing with pleasure. He rose a bit and then bent forward and lowered his mouth on mine. Our lips met and I opened my mouth for his. His tongue entered my mouth. We kissed passionately for what felt to me like hours. Then he lowered himself and kissed my cleavage. His both hands were also busy squeezing them and lips were busy wetting my cleavage. I moved my hands behind his head and pulled his mouth in my boobs. 

He rose after a couple of minutes and slowly unhooked my blouse. He unhooked all the hooks and removed my blouse. I raised my hands to help him. After removing it he immediately started kissing naked part of my boobs. I was wearing a red transparent bra. He pulled me just a bit ahead and his went behind to my back. He stared caressing my back. His mouth was busy kissing my neck. I was feeling as if I was in heaven. His each kiss was inflaming great passion in me. I felt his hands unhooking my bra. He asked me to raise my hands and I obeyed him immediately. Tausif removed my bra and now I was completely naked above my waist. Tausif also removed my sari completely and threw it on the sofa. The he asked me get completely naked and get in the bathroom. He went aside and started removing his clothes. I removed my petticoat and also removed my matching red panty. 

Now I was completely naked. I just sat on the sofa and waited for Tausif. He had already removed his shirt and vest. His back was towards me and he started removing his jeans. As he removed his jeans I saw that his thighs were as hairy as his chest. He removed his underwear and got completely naked. Then he came to the sofa and slowly picked me up in his arms. He must be very strong. I am definitely around 60 kg in weight. The ease with which he picked me up amazed me. I wrapped my hands around his head and buried my head in his shoulder. He carried me to the bathroom. 

I saw that the bathroom was quite large. It had a large full size mirror on one side. He put me down so that I was facing the mirror. Then he pushed me to the mirror so that my boobs were pressed against the cold mirror. Due to the coldness, my nipples immediately rose. Tausif started kissing my back. His hands came forward and gripped my boobs. He started pressing them hard. The combination of his kisses on my back and squeezing of my boobs was very strong for me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Tausif kissed and bit my back. I sighed with pleasure and with pain. Aniket never bites me. So I never knew the pleasure of a bite. Tausif had frequently done this and it had excited me no end. Now I was actually seeing myself in the mirror, it was very sexy. Tausif kissed my neck and I felt I was in heaven. I always felt that my neck was my most erogenous part of body. I always loved the sensation when my neck was kissed. But I never liked to ask for anything sexually. I felt that my partner should know from my reactions what I like. Unfortunately Aniket never observed my reactions to his touch. Tausif seemed to observe even minute reactions like sighs. He seemed to know just in second sexual encounter what I liked. He spent a lot of time kissing my neck. After some time he turned me around and pulled me closer to him. Pulled me in his arms and kissed my lips. He then pushed me on the other wall. 

Tausif: Want to shower?

Shilpa: Yes. 

Tausif extended his hand towards the shower and turned it on. The cold water hit our bodies and I shivered. Tausif and I both went under the water. Tausif detached his body from mine. He rested both his hands on my shoulders and started rubbing it. I closed my eyes. Tausif pulled me again in his arms and turned me around. Now we both were wet and soaking. He put his hands on my breasts and started squeezing it. He turned the shower off. Then he picked up soap and started soaping my breasts. He spent a lot of time on soaping my boobs. I loved the wetness of the foam of the soap on my breasts. Tausif was also kissing my neck. Tausif then started soaping my back. He gathered my hair from my back and pushed it on the front from my shoulders. He soaped my back and asked me if I was enjoying it. I just whispered his name and said I loved him. After a lot of foreplay, Tausif slowly turned me around and asked me to soap him. I took the soap from him and started soaping his hairy chest.

Shilpa: Your body is so hairy. 

Tausif: So don’t you like it?

Shilpa: Actually I just love it. I always fantasized about marrying a hairy man.

Tausif: So is Aniket hairy?

Shilpa: No. He isn’t. He doesn’t have any hair on his chest.

I was soaping his chest. But he grasped my hand and slowly guided it to his erect cock. It already had grown to its full glory and was around 9 inches and hard as marble. Tausif asked me to soap it. I dropped my eyes and started slowly moving my hand around his cock. Tausif pulled me in his body and my boobs were crushed against his chest. The foam of the soap from his body also started rubbing on my breasts. Tausif kissed my mouth and we both kissed very hard. I was slowly rubbing his cock. He slowly pushed me apart. Then he took my right breast in his mouth and started sucking it. He bit my nipple very hard and I cried out in pain. But more than pain I felt immense pleasure. Sometimes I felt that Aniket was too soft with and I longed for some harder sex. But Aniket never did anything hard. So Tausif was driving me crazy with his rough handling of my body. My eyes were closed as Tausif continued to inflict assaults of pleasure on my boobs. 

He turned the shower off once again and then pushed me so that I was leaning against the wall. He then slowly raised my body and spread my legs. By this time, I was completely wet and hot. I willingly spread them for him. Then he tried to penetrate me with his huge cock. As it was so large, I felt pain to take it in. But Tausif continued to enter me with small jerking strokes. At first I was feeling some pain as I was not used to the cock of his size. But more he entered me, better I felt and pleasure replaced pain. Tausif started fucking me with hard and swift strokes. His cock was buried deep in my cunt. It was hitting my vaginal walls with immense force and my pussy was being pounded like never before. As he continued to fuck me, I was feeling as if I was in heaven. My cunt was soaking wet by now and his thrusts increased in speed and force. After just two minutes of savage assault on my cunt, I came. But Tausif was not satisfied yet and he continued to fuck me. He took a long time to cum, around 5 minutes and by that time my cunt was red and swollen. But I was feeling wonderful. I never had this kind of sex with this passion with Aniket. Not even when we were newly married. Tausif told me how sexy I looked and detached him from me. 

Then he turned the shower on and we both washed ourselves in each other’s arms. After a quick wash Tausif went out of the bathroom and I washed my pussy. Then I also went in the bedroom. Tausif had already dried and wearing a short. I was toweling my wet hair. I opened my bag and pulled out the set of bras. Then I went to Tausif, and wrapped my arms around him.

Shilpa: Tell me Janna, which bra I should wear. These are all the colors that I have.

Tausif: Which sari are you going to wear?

Shilpa: You tell me. 

Tausif: Wear pink sari and this black bra.

Shilpa: That might show up from my blouse.

Tausif: So what? Even your red bra was showing up from this blouse.

Shilpa: So you noticed huh? I wore it because I wanted you to see it.

Tausif: So do it once again.

So as per his order I, hooked my black bra to my boobs and also wore the panties. I sat on the dressing cabinet and pulled out a drawer. Luckily for me it contained a hair drier. I sat on the cabinet and started drying my wet hair. For five minutes I dried my hair. After wards I put the dryer back in the drawer. I brushed my hair and I was about to tie them in a bun. But Tausif came to the dressing cabinet and asked me to tie them with a hair clip but not in a bun. 

He went to my bag and pulled out a vertical hair clip and gave it to me. I smiled and took the clip from him and put it on the cabinet. Then I started brushing my hair with the comb. In the mirror I could see Tausif starting to get dressed. He was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. I used the vertical hair clip to tie my hair. The clip was vertical and tied my hair in a vertical line. I tied them and attached two ends of clip with each other. Then I got up and went to my bag and pulled out the pink sari bought by Tausif, a petticoat, white sleeveless blouse. I started wearing the sari and blouse. 

Tausif was already ready and was waiting for me to get dressed. I also applied some perfume and lipstick. I wore some bangles on my right hand. Then I told Tausif that I was ready. Tausif got up from the bed and we both went out of the room. Tausif locked the door. He wrapped his hand around my waist and we both came to the reception. Tausif handed over the key at the reception and we both went in the market. I wrapped my fingers in Tausif’s and we both walked in the market. We just roamed around in the streets for about an hour or so. As we were coming back to the hotel, I saw a woman selling gajra. In the night air, its fragrance raised a desire in me.

Shilpa: Tausif, I want to buy a gajra. You just wait here. I will buy it and come back.

I went to the woman. There were lots of gajras made of various flowers. I bought two from them. One was made of white flowers and other was made of red flowers. Then I went to Tausif and we both walked back to the hotel. We both came back in the hotel. It was around 8:30 PM. Tausif asked me if I wanted dinner. I was feeling hungry. So I said fine and we both went to the hotel restaurant. We both sat on a table.

Tausif: So tell me honey, what do you want?

Shilpa: Anything. You can order for me.

Tausif: Ok. Then is chicken handi ok? We can have chicken lollipop chicken biryani?

Shilpa: Don’t you think this much chicken would be too heavy?

Tausif: Don’t worry baby. I will help you to digest it. We have lots of work to do.

So Tausif order for both of us and we started chatting once again.

Shilpa: Tausif, we have already done it once.

Tausif: So what honey? I am going to keep you awake all night.

Shilpa: Oh. And what about sleeping?

Tausif: You can sleep tomorrow through the day if you want.

Shilpa: You are such a shameless man.

Tausif: Anybody will turn shameless when he is with a hot and sexy woman like you.

Shilpa: Yeah. I am hot. Better than Farhana?

Tausif: Yes. You are very hot baby. Better than Farhana?

Shilpa: Why do you think so?

Tausif: You know, I like the way you dress. I think you are dressing not for yourself but for me. You don’t wear red bra because you want me to know it and get attracted to you.

Shilpa: Yes. I am dressing for you. Doesn’t Farhana do it?

Tausif: She doesn’t seem to do it for me. And I like it that you are doing it for me.

He slowly extended his arm and took my hands in his hand. He raised my hands to his lips and kissed them.

Tausif: Have you ever been massaged by anybody?

Shilpa: No. why?

Tausif: Do you mind if I do it tonight? You will love it.

Shilpa: I never have any experience of that. If you want to do it, then I don’t mind.

Tausif: Then we need a scented oil bottle. I will order for it now

So Tausif called the waiter and ordered him to bring a scented oil bottle. After some time the food came and we started eating. By the time we finished the waiter came back with a scented oil bottle and put it on the table. Tausif asked me to put it in my purse. I did as he had asked me. We paid the bill and paid a good tip to the waiter. Tausif took my hand in his and we both went on the first floor to our room. 

Tausif unlocked the door and we went in. Tausif switched the lights on. I went to the dressing cabinet and put my purse on it. Tausif came immediately behind me and wrapped his hands around me. He asked me not to remove any clothes and keep the sari. He just asked me to sit on the bed. I went and sat on the bed. Tausif went to the other corner of the room and started removing his clothes. He removed everything but his underpants. Then he pulled out shorts from his bag and wore it. He was naked above his waist and his hairy chest was attracting me. I just wanted to go and start kissing his hairy chest and nuzzle it. Then he went in the bathroom and I heard the sound of shower. 

To ease my agonizing wait, I pulled a drawer to see if it contained a magazine. To my utter surprise, it contained debonair magazine and some other porn magazines. I just started browsing through it and the hot pictures in it again made hot. But I put it in after two minutes. Then I went to my purse and wore the gajra that I had bought in my hair. After some five minutes Tausif came out of the bathroom and went to the dressing cabinet. He opened my purse and pulled out the bottle of oil from it. He kissed my mouth and brought a handkerchief and told me that he was going to tie my eyes with it. I asked him why he wanted to do it. But he refused to listen to me and just tied my eyes with it so that I couldn’t see anything. Then he asked me lie down on the bed on my back. I lied on my back, but I couldn’t see anything now. I felt Tausif come on the bed and then I realized that he was sitting on my thighs with his thighs on my both sides. My hands were above my head. Then he removed my sari pin. He moved my sari aside from my stomach. I waited in anticipation as Tausif opened the bottle of oil. Then I felt some drops of oil on my stomach and in my navel. I felt the scent of the oil fill my nostrils.

Then Tausif kept the bottle aside and started rubbing my stomach. I felt his hands squeeze the flesh of my stomach. He moved hands in circular motion in small circles. I loved every touch on my stomach. His hands were moving between navel and edge of my blouse. He did this for some time. Then I felt him bending down on my stomach and he kissed my stomach just above my navel. He licked it from navel till the edge of the blouse. I felt the wetness of his saliva wetting my stomach. He again started rubbing my stomach and kneading the flesh. I cried out as his nails were hurting me, but I was enjoying it more than anything else. He moved his hands upwards and rested them on my boobs. He was squeezing my boobs hard. But my blouse was still on. After kneading my boobs hard for some time, he started unhooking my blouse. He unhooked it and then pulled my body in air to lift the blouse. I also helped him remove my blouse. Once my blouse was removed he once again asked me to lie down as before

Then he took some more oil on his hands and dropped some drops on my cleavage. The coldness of the oil caused me to stiffen a bit. But then he started rubbing my boobs. His hands were kneading my breasts very hard. I just loved every minute of it and was sighing and squirming in bed before him. Then he pulled out both my breasts from bra cups and kept them open. Once again he poured some oil over them. As he started rubbing them I felt excited by his touch and started squirming. My head was moving from one side to other. He was pinching my nipples. I could feel them getting red under his fingers. They were swollen under his manipulations. 

Suddenly I felt him bending down. His entire body covered mine. He took my right boobs in his mouth and started kissing its flesh. His teeth bit into tender flesh of my breasts and I sighed. His left hand was still squeezing my left boob. I stretched my hands and put them on his shoulders. His mouth was busy savoring my tits. I could feel my boobs getting completely wet with his saliva and his teeth were biting my nipples. But I enjoyed their bite more than anything else. I put my hands behind his head and started pulling on my tits. After feasting on my boobs for some time, he moved aside and put his hands behind my back. 

Then he pulled me above and with one move, removed my bra hook. I knew that he had done so and I instinctively raised my hands. He pulled my bra through my hands and above my head and removed it. Now I was completely naked above waist. He also removed my sari completely. I had not worn any petticoat so I was wearing just panties now. Tausif got up from the bed and removed my panties. After that he removed his underwear and again came on top of me. He hoisted my legs on his shoulders and then with one swift stroke entered my cunt. I gasped with pain, but he didn’t care. He thrust forward and my cunt opened for his huge cock willingly. He started fucking me ferociously. We did it for a long time before Tausif ejaculated in my cunt. We stayed like that for some time before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

After we came back to Mumbai, our contact increased. We also started meeting each other’s spouses. Tausif met Aniket a few times and I also met Farhana. We all went for movies, dinner or sometimes just to roam around. Whenever we went out, I sat along with Tausif. Till this time, we had established good rapport with each other and Aniket also accepted my relationship with Tausif. Aniket became fairly comfortable even if Tausif touched or kissed me in front of him. This continued for around 6 months. I often went on a resort or hotel with Tausif when Aniket was not in town. Farhana also went out with Aniket though not as frequently as us.

One day we all had a holiday on Friday and Saturday and Sunday was off for all of us. So Tausif suggested that we all go to Water Park on Friday. It also had specious rooms so that we could stay there for a couple of days. Of course he suggested that I would sleep with him for two days and Farhana would sleep with my husband. Tausif suggested that we all meet and sleep in his home in Kurla on Thursday so that we all can go there on next morning. We all agreed to this and Tausif took up the responsibility of booking two rooms in the resort. On Wednesday we met for lunch and Tausif told me that he had booked two AC rooms in the resort. The resort was in Vasai and had very good water rides. We were both sitting in the lunch room of a hotel. Tausif had already ordered for our lunch.

Tausif: You can meet me next to Mantrayala tomorrow evening. We will go together to home.

Shilpa: OK. But it means I will need to carry my bag here in office tomorrow.

Tausif: Which bag?

Shilpa: My clothes.

Tausif: Do not worry about your clothes. Farhana and you are same size. She has enough clothes. You can pack an entire bag with them. I will your pack ready today itself. 

Shilpa: So you will choose what I should wear, isn’t it?

Tausif: Do you mind?

Shilpa: No. I don’t mind at all, but what about Farhana? Wouldn’t she mind if I used her clothes?

Tausif: She wouldn’t. 

Shilpa: And they are all western I guess.

Tausif: Yes.

Shilpa: And does that include any undergarments.

Tausif: Yes. It does.

Shilpa: Oh my god. You are crazy. You are asking me to use your wife’s undergarments.

Tausif: So what baby? Doesn’t that excite you?

Shilpa: Maybe yes. I will do as you wish jaan. You pack my bag. I will just buy a tooth brush for myself. Obviously I can’t use hers.

Tausif: That should be ok. 

So as decided, we both met on Thursday evening at 6:00 PM. I was waiting for him at the bus stop near Mantrayala. Tausif was driving his car. He opened the door for me and I got in the front seat beside him. I was wearing a yellow color sari and black sleeveless blouse. I had tied my hair up with a chop. Tausif immediately pulled me towards him and kissed my lips. Then I removed the chop from my hair and loosened my hair. I removed my purse from my shoulders and dropped it in the back seat. Then we started. We reached Kurla in about 45 minutes. When we reached Tausif’s building, it was around 7:00. 

This was my first visit to Tausif’s home. His flat was on the 5th floor. We both got in the lift and Tausif put his hand around my waist and pulled me in his arms. I surrendered myself in his arms. He again raised my mouth to his and we kissed. But as the lift reached the fifth floor we separated. When we reached his home, Farhana and Aniket were already waiting for us. I said hi to Aniket. They were both sitting on the sofa. Farhana was wearing a salwar and kurta. Aniket was wearing a red T-shirt and jeans. After that Aniket and Tausif started chatting and browsing through TV channels. I and Farhana went inside the bedroom. 

Farhana: We have met after such a long time. How have you been?

Shilpa: Fine. How are you?

Farhana: Me too. You look very nice in sari. I don’t think I would be able to wear it so comfortably.

Shilpa: Even I was not comfortable initially. But then I got used to it.

Farhana: Tausif had asked me to pack your clothes. But I said that let her come and choose what she wants to wear. So Tausif has put his clothes in this bag. My entire wardrobe is here for you. I will leave it to you. You choose whatever you want and put it in this bag with Tausif’s clothes. I will go and start cooking for us. Ok?

Shilpa: fine. You go ahead. I will pack clothes for myself and then join you.

So Farhana left me alone in her bedroom. She had opened her wardrobe for me. I had to choose clothes for myself from it. I saw the wardrobe filled with clothes. Most of them were Punjabi dresses. Tausif liked me wearing sleeveless dresses. But none of these were sleeveless. In any case Tausif had asked me wear western clothes. So instead of looking through dresses, I opened other section of wardrobe. It contained around 15 western clothes. I saw that there were some tops, jeans and some skirts. All these were arranged and kept on hangers and hangers were neatly kept on bars in the cupboard. There were around 8 jeans, 6 tops and 3 skirts. I saw all the tops. Three of them immediately caught my attention. One was a block sleeveless top. It had very good texture and was very smooth. So I pulled it out and kept it aside. The other top was white. I liked this also very much. It had very short sleeves. And the third one that I liked was bright red and sleeveless. After choosing the tops, I pulled out two jeans. One was carbon black and other was blue. Then I saw one short skirt. I had never worn any short skirt till now. It was knee length and smooth in texture. It was made of blue denim. I immediately loved it and wanted to try it. So I pulled it out. 

Before changing, I closed the bedroom door and then removed my sari. Then I wore the sleeveless black top and then wore blue denim skirt and looked in the mirror. I loved the sight of it. The skirt left my legs naked below knees. I knew that Tausif will love this. I again changed into sari and then looked for inner wears in the cupboard. Farhana had a very nice collection of bras and panties. I chose three different colors. One was red, other was black and the third was yellow. All of them were transparent. As a backup, I also kept one more of blue color. I kept all these things in the bag of Tausif. I also put some hair clips and bows for myself in the bag. Then I slipped the bag below the bed. 

Then I went in the kitchen to help Farhana. We both cooked for next 30 minutes. When dinner was ready, we called both Aniket and Tausif for dinner. We all had dinner together. After dinner Tausif and Aniket went for a smoke. I and Farhana said good night to them and came to bedroom together. We both were sleeping together today. After we had were back in room Farhana asked me about what clothes I had put in Tausif’s bag. I told her about it. Then she asked me if I wanted a night gown as well. So she opened the cupboard and showed me her gowns. She had four gowns. She asked me take any one of these. I choose a pink one. It was a two piece gown. One inner section was sleeveless and was knee length. The outer cover was lengthy and reached my legs. I tried it on and checked it in the mirror. I really liked it. So again I put it in the bag. Farhana also gave me her perfume, a couple of lipsticks. I put them all in side section of the bag. After this we set the bed up and entered it. Farhana was wearing a normal house gown and she had given one to me as well. As we were not feeling too sleepy, we started chatting. As we chatted subject led to Tausif.

Farhana: So Shilpa, tell me. How is it going with Tausif? Do you like him?

Shilpa: Yes. He is good company.

Farhana: Just a good company? 

Shilpa: Yes. What else do you mean?

Farhana: How good is he in bed? Do you think he is better than Aniket?

Shilpa: Farhana. You know better than me. Tausif is really good.

Farhana: So have you ever thought about having he permanently?

Shilpa: I don’t understand you?

Farhana: Shilpa, do you just like him or do you love him?

Shilpa: If I say I love him, it will hurt you.

Farhana: No. It won’t. 

Shilpa: Then I would say I love him.

Farhana: Enough to leave Aniket and marry him?

Shilpa: Well yes. But what is the point in daydreaming? I cannot do it.

Farhana: Why not? You can do it if you want.

Shilpa: Farhana, are you crazy? You are asking me if I would marry your husband.

Farhana: Yes. But there is logic behind it. I and Tausif married against out parents’ wishes. And after marriage we found that there is some problem in me. So I can’t become a mother. So they started pestering Tausif about second marriage. Tausif is from UP. He can get any girl from his hometown and marry her. Even I am willing to look at that option if it helps him. But he doesn’t want to marry a Muslim girl. He thinks she will not be liberal enough for him. So we thought of swapping. I knew that anybody who spends some time with him will fall in love with him. And again we needed to know if she is fertile or no? In your case, you both also have the same problem. So why spoil two families if one can be saved? We can divorce each other’s spouses and marry each other’s spouses. Aniket and I will marry. And you and Tausif can marry.

Shilpa: I don’t think Aniket will agree to this.

Farhana: I don’t think so. He will. In fact I have spoken with him and he has agreed to it if you agree. The only problem is that you will have to convert to Islam. Tausif’s parents are very particular about it. Is that a problem for you?

Shilpa: I can do it for him. I think you also did the same.

Farhana: yes. It is not as difficult as people think.

Shilpa: have you spoken to Tausif about it?

Farhana: Of course. He loves you as much as you love him. His only complain about you is that you are not very experimental in bed.

Shilpa: He told you that. Oh my god. What is he expecting from me?

Farhana: Well, you two have been sleeping together for around one year. Have you done oral sex? Shilpa: No. But Tausif never mentioned it. 

Farhana: He wouldn’t because he might have felt that you might not like it. That’s why he asked me to talk to you about it.

Shilpa: Do you do it?

Farhana: Yes. We do it very often. And now I love it even better than traditional sex.

Shilpa: Well I don’t have any hesitation about it. It’s just that I have never done it before.

Farhana: So why don’t you start it when you reach resort? 

Shilpa: Well Tausif needs to start it.

Farhana: Don’t worry. I will tell him. And have you ever had anal sex with Aniket?

Shilpa: No yaar. Come on.

Farhana: Why? It is wonderful. Trust me.

Shilpa: Have you done it with him. Oh god. Don’t you think he is too big?

Farhana: Yes. But we use lots of lubrication. At first when Tausif suggested it, I was disgusted. But I was so much in love with him that I accepted to try it. And trust me; it is even better than normal. It gives you a kick that normal sex can never do.

Shilpa: Didn’t it hurt you?

Farhana: It did at first. But afterwards pain turns in pleasure.

Shilpa: Well you two have really lived. Anything else you would like me for my new husband madam?

She started laughing and then said.

Farhana: Nothing madam. Oral and anal would do fine for Tausif.

After that we both slept. But Farhana’s talk about oral and anal sex had really excited me. I just couldn’t sleep. I just kept thinking about Tausif’s huge member in my mouth and ass. 

I was feeling very wet and hot. 

The next day we all got up and got ready. I was riding on Tausif’s bike and Aniket was riding with Farhana. I was wearing black sleeveless top and blue jeans. My hair was tied in a bow and spread on my back. Tausif came on his bike from the parking slot and stopped beside me. He was looking very handsome in his T-shirt and jeans. I sat behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest. I also saw Farhana sitting behind Aniket. 

After that we all started. Tausif was talking to me, but I couldn’t hear very clearly and had to shout. I was very close Tausif and my boobs were pressing against his back. Tausif was driving the bike very fast. But I loved it fast anyway. It took us about 1 hour to reach the resort. It was just around 8 in the morning when we reached there. We all waited while Tausif went to the booking counter. He was supposed to get our room keys. After around 10 minutes, he came back. We all started to towards the main gate of the resort. Tausif took my hand in his hand and we went to the main gate. The security guard at the main gate tied a band on the wrists of all. After we reached the main building that contained our rooms, we saw that there were two sections in the same building. Our room was in section A while Aniket’s room was in B. I said bye to Farhana and started to walk with Tausif. 

Our room was on the first floor. Tausif was carrying the bag containing our clothes. My arm was wrapped around Tausif’s arm. We both reached the room on the first floor. Tausif unlocked the door and we went inside. I pulled out Tausif’s swimming costume from the bag and gave it to Tausif. I also pulled out my own swimming dress and went to the bathroom for changing. The bathroom was fairly large and had a full length mirror. I removed the top and jeans that I was wearing and was wearing just bra and panties. Then I first wore the sleeveless upper half of the dress. It was red in color and sleeveless. Tausif had specially purchased it for me. And after that I wore the short and tight short. It was black and reached just my thighs. It was very tight. I tied my hair up in a bow and came out of the bathroom. 

Tausif also had changed in his shorts. He was wearing only his shorts which were fairly tight on the thighs. His chest was naked. I just loved seeing his hairy chest and even more loved to put my head on his chest and fill my nostrils with his sexy aroma. I went up to him and he smiled at me. He said that I looked very sexy in this costume. i also smiled back at him and hugged him. We both went out of the room and Tausif locked the room. 

Then we both went to the restaurant for breakfast. Aniket and Farhana were waiting for us in the restaurant. We both walked in and sat on the opposite side on which Farhana and Aniket were sitting. Tausif pushed me in and then sat beside me. He put his hand around me and rested it on my arms. We all ordered for some light snacks. We chatted idly as we waited for the breakfast. When the breakfast came in, Tausif asked me to feed it to him. I took one piece of idli and slowly offered it to his mouth. He took the bite in his mouth but at the same time also took my fingers in his mouth. I was feeling a bit awkward doing this in front of Aniket but at the same time was feeling very excited. Then Tausif took one piece of idli and offered it to me. I also ate it and looked at Aniket. He smiled at me. 

After we finished the breakfast, we all went to the central swimming pool of the resort. Tausif and I were walking together. Both of us knew swimming well. So Tausif suggested that we both go towards the deep region of the pool and enjoy swimming. I agreed to this. I had not swum for a long time and looked forward to it. Aniket and Farhana decided to stay in the shallow part of the pool. Tausif and I went towards the deeper part of the pool. Tausif first entered the water; in fact he jumped into it. Then he helped me to get in the water. We both wrapped arms in each other and started swimming. 

After some time, we both headed towards the shallow part for some rest. Aniket and Farhana looked up at us. Farhana suggested that we should have some photos of us together. So first we decided to take my pictures with Tausif. Aniket was going click the snaps and Farhana stood beside us. As we both stood beside each other, Farhana asked why I was being so shy. She told me that Aniket knows about everything and I did not need to feel shy. Actually it was true. Even though I loved Tausif and Aniket knew about it, still holding his hands or getting close to him in front of Aniket was difficult. Farhana said that she wanted to remove this hesitancy from me.

So after some hesitation, I inched closer to Tausif in water and held this hand in mine. Our fingers wrapped around each other and Aniket clicked the picture. Then Farhana asked Tausif to get behind me and wrap his hands around my body. So I moved forward so Tausif could get behind me. I felt his body close to mine. He wrapped his hands around my body and rested his hands on mine. We both stood and again Aniket clicked the photo. Then I opened my hair and Aniket suggested that we get some snaps with my hair open. Tausif again came beside me. I wrapped my hand around his body and leaned so that my head was on his shoulders. Aniket clicked the snap. He clicked two more pictures before we stopped. Then I and Tausif clicked some pictures of Aniket and Farhana together. After that we all went together for the rides. We enjoyed lots of rides together and didn’t even understand when it was time for lunch. It was around 1:30 PM when we realized it. So we all headed for the lunch room together. The lunch room was already crowded with people. Farhana and I waited while Tausif and Aniket went to get our lunch. In around 10 minutes both of them came back bearing two plates. I and Tausif started sharing our lunch while Aniket started eating with Farhana. 

After we finished lunch we all decided to go towards the pool. But I was feeling very hot by now. Tausif’s constant touch had really made me hot. We were meeting after a long time and I wanted some private moments with him. So as we all started, I held Tausif’s hand and slowed down a bit. When Aniket and Farhana were out of earshot, I suggested to Tausif that we go the room instead of going to the pool. Tausif asked me if I was ok. But just one look at me told him that I was fine. And one look in my eyes told him of my intentions of going to the bed. So we moved ahead holding each other’s hand. When we got near Aniket and Farhana, Tausif told them that we both are going to bedroom instead of coming to the pool. They looked a bit strangely at us, but Farhana said it was OK. So we both came back to the room. 

As soon as we entered the room, Tausif immediately pulled me close to him and kissed my mouth hard. He pushed me towards the wall. My back touched the cold wall. Then Tausif raised my hands above my head. He nuzzled my breasts. He kissed my mouth while holding my hands above my head. His one hand slowly started to remove my top from my body. In next two minutes he had my top off me and was squeezing my boobs hard. Then Tausif pulled both my boobs out of the bra cups. He then took my hand and pushed me towards the bed. In next moment, I was lying on the bed with my boobs out of the bra cups. Tausif opened the button of my shorts and removed. Immediately after it he removed my panties as well and made me completely naked. I could feel his hands on my cunt now. He started massaging my cunt slowly. I tried to stop his hand but it was useless. He kept pumping my cunt with slow movement. Then I removed his underwear and t-shirt. 

Now he was completely naked. Immediately he came on top of me. He had already separated my legs. He came in my legs and pushed his cock hard in me. I cried out as his penis entered my cunt with full force. His mouth was busy sucking my tits and at the same time he was pushing hard in my cunt. His masticating tongue was inflicting a pleasure assault on my boobs. Also at the same time his cock was fucking me with full force without any mercy. I was completely at his mercy and this was what I wanted. I was feeling his weight on my entire body fucking me. He kept at it for next 15 minutes or so without stopping. He was a wonderful lover and I was feeling it. My hands were roaming in his hair as his mouth was chewing my tits. As he was pumping his cock in me, I felt spasms shaking my body as I had an immense orgasm. I also knew by the force of wetness in my cunt that Tausif also was coming in my cunt. We both lay in each other’s arms for a long time before feeling asleep in the cool air-conditioned room.

We both got ready and went out for dinner at about 8:30. Tausif locked the room. Then his mobile started ringing. It was Farhana. She said that she and Aniket were waiting for us in the dinner room. Tausif said that we will meet them there. So we both started for the dinner room. The night air was somewhat cold. I was wearing red sleeveless top and black skirt. My hair was tied up in a bun with a chop. Tausif took my hand in his and we both walked together. I was feeling very content now. My skin was glowing with wonderful sex with Tausif. We both entered the dinner room. We saw Farhana and Aniket sitting on a table towards the left side. We both joined them and sat opposite to them. Farhana said that I was looking very beautiful. I thanked her for the compliment. I sat on the chair and Tausif sat beside me. Then he put his hand around me and put it on my sleeveless arm. As we chatted, Tausif was rubbing my arm.

Farhana and Aniket had already ordered their dinner. Farhana had also ordered non-vegetarian for us. After about 15 minutes, dinner came. The waiter put all the dishes on the table. He also put the pots containing the food on the table. He started to serve, but Farhana told him not to do it and said that we will serve ourselves. So started serving Aniket and asked me to serve Tausif. I felt a bit odd serving Tausif. But I understood one thing. Farhana was encouraging me to behave as his wife. She had already asked me if I loved him enough to be his wife. I knew that I really wanted him enough. I was even ready to convert to Islam for him. I also wanted to feel how it would be to be his ‘wife’. And Farhana was encouraging me to do exactly that. 

So I took the non-vegetarian pot and served him chicken curry. I also served him roti. I also took some for myself. Tausif was just about to start, but Farhana stopped him. Instead she asked me to feed him the first bite. I was feeling a bit odd and strange. But I dutifully took one piece of roti and dabbed it with chicken curry and put it to Tausif’s mouth. He took it in his mouth and ate. Farhana commented that we look such a nice couple. I just looked at Tausif and smiled at him. He put his hand on my chin and kissed my cheek. Afterwards we ate while chatting. Mostly I and Farhana chatted while Tausif and Aniket chatted. 

After finishing dinner, we all came out of the dinner room and came in the open air. It was just 9:30 and we all decided to sit on a bench for some time. So I and Farhana sat on a bench while Tausif and Aniket sat on a bench just opposite to us. Farhana and I started to chat about anything that we could think. But after about 10 minutes, she turned the conversation to Tausif. 

Farhana: So Shilpa, have you done oral with him?

Shilpa: No. He didn’t ask about it actually. It just didn’t come.

Farhana: OK. But you have today’s night, isn’t it?

Shilpa: Yes. So I hope he turns the topic towards it.

Farhana: Don’t worry. He will.

Shilpa: So what else?

Farhana: Nothing special.

Shilpa: I wanted to ask you something.

Farhana: Why don’t you ask then?

Shilpa: Do you any tattooist?

Farhana: Yes. I know one lady. Why?

Shilpa: and do you mind if I tattooed Tausif’s name on my hand? I want to gift him something on his birthday next Sunday. I want to tattoo his name on my hand.

Farhana: Wow. What a lovely idea? But don’t you think tattooing his name on your hand will cause some flutter? I mean in your office or society?

Shilpa: It may do so. But who cares. You are ok with it, I am ok with it. And Aniket is ok with it. So what is the problem?

Farhana: Can I suggest something?

Shilpa: Why not?

Farhana: Instead of tattooing it on hand, why don’t you tattoo it on your breasts? It is like saying to him that your tits belong to him. Don’t you think that would be a much better gift for him?

Shilpa: Do you think it is good idea?

Farhana: Of course it is a good idea. Men always love it when their woman tells him that her boobs belong to him.

Shilpa: Does it hurt very much?

Farhana: It does somewhat. I haven’t done it myself. But not much I guess.

Shilpa: What should I tattoo? Can I tattoo his name?

Farhana: I think a small heart with arrow in it and a T inside the heart would look very nice.

Shilpa: But I want his name to appear.

Farhana: You can tattoo his name on the stomach.

Shilpa: It means two tattoos.

Farhana: Not two, darling, it should be three.

Shilpa: How come?

Farhana: One on each tit and one on the stomach.

Shilpa: Oh my god.

Farhana: It would look very nice.

Shilpa: Maybe. Would you come with me?

Farhana: Why not? Next Saturday?

Shilpa: Does this woman know you? I mean does she know that Tausif is your husband?

Farhana: No. She doesn’t.

Shilpa: So next Saturday?

Farhana: Sure. Just make sure you don’t wear a sari.

Shilpa: OK.

So after this, we chatted for some more time when at about 10 Tausif said that we should get back to the room. I said good bye to Farhana and Aniket. Tausif came to me and we both started towards the room. As we started to walk, Tausif moved his hand to my waist and we came back to the room. Tausif unlocked the room and we both came in the room. I switched the light on.

The moment I had turned to the wall, I felt Tausif coming behind me. He pushed me towards the wall. Both my hands were away from my body on the wall. His hands were on my hands. He came close behind me. I was feeling very hot. I felt his crotch on my ass. He kissed the naked part of my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his lick on my back. His body was pressing hard in mine. He slowly moved his hands over my naked hands and arms. He was kissing my neck and his hands were slowly caressing my throat. His hands were caressing my throat slowly. I just loved his touch there. 

Tausif then moved both his hands towards my chest between the gap between the wall and my chest. His hands rested on my breasts and slowly he started to squeeze them. He was kissing my neck and at the same time was squeezing my boobs hard. He also licked my earlobes which made me absolutely crazy. I was feeling wet under my skirt now. While kissing my neck, he removed the chop tying my hair and loosened them on my back. He whispered in my ears that he loved my hair. Slowly he moved me around so that I was facing him. We both looked in each other’s eyes and he kissed me. I closed my eyes and slowly opened my mouth for him. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled his mouth in mine. Our lips met each other. We both kissed for ages. My lips were wet with Tausif’s saliva. His hands were slowly pressing my boobs over the top. My nipples were getting erect under his hands. He was slowly massaging my tits. After some time, he raised both my hands in the air. I knew what this meant. 

Slowly he put his hands around my waist and started pulling my top upwards. I also moved a bit forwards so as to create a gap between wall and my body. So the top started to go upwards. He slowly removed it from my body and threw it on a chair. I also started to unbutton his shirt and removed it. He also unbuttoned my skirt and removed it from my legs. While he was doing this, I also fumbled with his jeans and unbuttoned it. After Tausif removed my skirt, I was wearing just a black bra and panties. I sat down on the floor and slowly pulled Tausif’s jeans down. As it came down below his crotch, I could see his cock erect to its full glory. I slowly touched it and caressed it. I sat down on the floor and removed his jeans completely. He allowed me to do so. 

As I was getting up, his hand came behind my head and he slowly pulled me towards his crotch and pressed my face against his cock. I allowed him to do so. I felt his cock against my cheeks. He was slowly rubbing it against my cheek. I slowly looked up towards his face. We both looked on each other’s eyes. Then he asked me to suck it. I just looked at him and without saying anything, I removed his underwear. He put his hands behind my head and slowly pulled me towards his cock. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Slowly Tausif inserted his cock in my mouth. I felt his shaft entering my mouth. I closed my mouth and slowly twirled my tongue around his cock. Tausif slowly started moving forward and backward while his hand kept my hand fixed. I also started moving my tongue around and wetting his cock with my saliva. I had my eyes closed. I could feel Tausif’s cock hardening and getting big in my mouth. Tausif wanted to have control over the situation. So he asked me to keep my head still and he kept pumping in and out of my mouth. I just loved giving head to him. I never felt anything dirty or something with Tausif. 

After about 5 minutes, Tausif stopped and pulled his cock and asked me to get up. I got and he slowly guided me towards the table and asked me to lie on top of the table on my front. I did as suggested and my breasts flattened on the table top. The table was not very high and just about knee high. So my ass was just about at the right height for Tausif to take me from behind. Tausif parted my legs and I opened it for him. Then with one strong stroke, he entered my moist cunt. I was so wet, but still his cock hurt me as entered it. Tausif is so big that every time he enters me, it hurts a lot. But once he is in, he fucks me so hard that all that I cared for was his cock pumping me. I just loved him for this. After fucking me in this position for some time, he suddenly pulled out and asked me to roll over and sit on the table. I sat on the edge of the table and opened my legs. He came close to me and I put my hands on his shoulders. Tausif put his mouth on my boobs sucking on my melons. I wrapped my legs around his waist to lock him and kept feasting on my boobs. I felt him again entering my cunt. I cried out again in pain as he entered me. Then he started fucking me in rhythmic motion right away. I closed my eyes and started feeling his cock in my cunt. I bit my lip as he kept pumping in my cunt hard. He kept fucking me as I caressed his hair. He kept at it for around 10 minutes and after that he came in me in spasms. 

We both then moved to the bed and slept through the night.

After we came back to Mumbai, Farhana scheduled my appointment with the tattooist on Friday evening. She said it would take around 2 hours to get Tausif’s name tattooed on my breasts and stomach. As decided, I went to the address which Farhana had given me on Friday evening. The lady was very charming and she showed me in a small parlor which contained a small bed. She knew Farhana well and Farhana had told her what I wanted. So without asking me anything, she asked me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. I removed my sari and blouse and put them neatly on a hanger. She asked me what color I wanted for the tattoo. 

I had already decided on that. I wanted a nice heart in red and an arrow through it. On one side of heart, it should have S and on the other it should have T. I explained it to her. She smiled and then asked me to remove my bra as well. I did as she asked and lied on the bed. Then she plugged a machine on the wall and started tattooing on my right breast. I felt some pain as she worked on my right tit. But soon after I got used to it and pain eased. The machine buzzed away on my body. I closed my eyes. After about half an hour she stopped. 

And then she brought a mirror above me. I saw design on my right boob. It was exactly as I wanted. I smiled and asked her to do the same thing on my left breast. But she said that same design there will not look good. Instead she suggested that why I don’t tattoo just a heart with Tausif’s name in it on my back. She said if I wore blouses, she could tattoo his name on a position on back where it would show from the blouse. She said it would look nice. I thought about for a minute and then said ok for it. Then she asked me to lie on my front and started working on my back. I took another half an hour for her to complete that tattoo. I asked her to skip the tattoo on my stomach. 

Then I got up and wore sari and blouse. I paid her and then got in an auto and came back to home. Aniket was already home. But he was not speaking too much with me since we came back. Probably he had sensed that I was Tausif’s rather than his wife now. We even hadn’t had sex for last six months even though we still slept on the same bed. So without talking too much, I changed into the night gown and then slept on the bed.

The next day when I woke up, Aniket had already gone. I started to prepare as Tausif was coming at 10:00. We had planned to go for a movie together and then I was going to stay at him home for next two days. I wore a black sari and sleeveless blouse and got ready with some makeup. Tausif came home at 10:05. When he came in I intentionally opened the door and immediately turned. The effect was very good. He immediately saw the tattoo. He looked at it and then turned me towards him. We both looked at each other and without talking, started kissing. We ended up in bed; though it was not our initial plan. 

But then something happened that I couldn’t have guessed .He asked me to marry him. I was dumbstruck, but even I wanted that. So even without thinking about Aniket I said yes. He said that he wanted to name me Rubeena after marriage. I loved the name. So we enjoyed the next couple of days together. We both told Aniket and Farhana about it. They both agreed to and we both filed for divorce with our respective partners. But divorce would easily take more than one year. So instead of waiting, we both decided to get married as per Muslim law. Tausif could divorce Farhana as per Muslim law which took just 1 day. 

So they completed that formality two days later. We decided on a date 1 month later for our marriage. So I converted to Islam in a mosque in Kurla and became Rubeena Khan 10 days before marriage. Then after 10 days, we got married in the same mosque as per Muslim law and I became Tausif’s official wife, Rubeena Ansari. Exactly after just one month, my periods stopped and I knew that I was pregnant. So within a year of my marriage, all my wishes had been fulfilled. I gave birth to a handsome boy. We named him Ibrahim.

Its me and my wife minal ,she knows about my cuckold fantasy ,she is 37 yrs 5.4″ tall and beautiful Hindu women, I always dreamed about cuckold to realty, one day I was going by Ricksaw to home and was talking generally talks with driver he said his name is aslam & married ,he was 54 yrs looking 45 tall and Muslim type beird ,I & aslam became friendly he told me that want to fuck any girl , that made me horny ,I said if u r wife knows about this then she will fire u. He said no she will not mine ,I said u r Lucky one ,thanks , I got bold and took my Mobil and showed my wife photo wearing saree , he stopped Ricksaw & watching my wife photo got horny I saw his cock up in his pants , kya yeh Randi hey , I said no he his house wife, can u introduc to me , i said I will try, he took my mob no ,he said if he once sleep with me she will be addicted to my cock its 9″ & she will forget her husband ,now I reached at home & I was horny that night I fucked very hard with my small dick she had good organ minal read my mind said what’s in u r mind I said nothing but she hassited & I told the all conversion with aslam , s. She fired me & said this is just fantasy it can’t be in real life . So after 1 week I said to minal please try once if u like him then go further .she did not speak a word, then after a while she said how does he look, meet aslam once ,she said he his Muslim , I convinced minal saying that he is Muslim so no one will have dought of your relationship , . I will up date remaining part later please encourage me how to humiliate my wife with aslam
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