Sharing My Wife

We’ve been married for about 6 1/2 years. After my first marriage ended thanks to multiple deployments (I’m in the Army), I found my wife online and upon my return from overseas we moved in together and a few months later we got married.

Yolanda was absolutely perfect (still is). She’s very feminine, yet tough. She works AND cooks, laughs at my dumb jokes (still) and is a great mother and stepmother. She had a traditional Mexican upbringing so I never imagined we would ever try the things we have. I guess it really speaks to her open-minded approach to life. 

I have always fantasized about threesomes and such, but had never told anyone for fear of what others (especially women) would think. Our first year together was rough, but one thing that was always great was our sex life. We tried different toys and she was not opposed to watching porn, and we would watch porn together every so often. 

This allowed me to open up and share my fantasies of watching her get fucked by another man. It was always a turn-on for both of us as we’d talk about it and would always end up cumming like crazy. I suggested on a number of occasions that we should try it for real; but she always said “no way!” She loved the fantasy but made it clear that she would never do it for real. I was happy, though, as we always had great sex. 

During the tail end of my first deployment since we were married, she met a woman at a “passion party” — one of those “parties” for women where they sell sex toys. She made friends with Mary and soon they found that both had husbands with the “same sick fantasy.” As they became better friends, Mary revealed to Yolanda that it was more than just a fantasy to them… they had been swingers for a little while. So, of course, all this provided many jerk-off sessions while I was away. 

Once I returned we continued our fun fantasies, but still Yolanda was adamant that she would not do it for real. I met Mary and her husband and we became friends as well. Soon after I returned, Mary’s husband deployed. Not long after that, Yolanda asked me if I knew anyone that would be interested in hooking up with Mary. Her husband was asking her to fool around, but she didn’t know anyone and was leery of looking online herself. I had a coworker who I knew had no issues with hooking up with other women, even though they were married, so I told her I might know someone. 

When I told Yolanda who it was, she admitted that she was attracted to Justin. I think she was a little jealous once I told her that Justin had agreed. As we became the middlemen between Mary and Justin, I could tell she got more and more jealous that Mary was going to fuck her “crush.” 

As we were getting closer to setting up their meeting, Yolanda came out and said that SHE wanted to hook up with Justin instead. I was floored and was instantly so turned on. She expressed all her fears about coming to this decision: that I would stop loving her, that I would hate her afterwards, that our marriage would end. I assured her this would be a fantasy come true and, no matter what, i would still love her. I told her if I decided I didn’t like it, we would simply not do it again and would continue to have fun with just talk. That eased her mind and we fucked like animals that night.

The challenging part would be to find a way to get Yolanda with Justin without him knowing I was actually in on the whole thing. I did not want rumors spreading about us, as it could have devastating effects on my career. But, if he thought she was cheating on me, there would be no chance of him telling anyone. He would get in huge trouble if it was discovered he had committed adultery with the wife of a coworker… he’d probably get kicked out and surely his wife would leave him. 

So I came up with a plan… I asked him if he wanted a pic of Mary’s pussy and, of course, he said yes. 

“Bro, if it’s OK, I have to give your number to Yolanda because she said there’s no way she’s gonna let me see Mary’s pussy!” 

“Yeah… of course… not a problem.” 

That evening we were returning from some training when I told him to expect the pic soon. He was sitting behind me in the van when I heard him exclaim, “holy shit!” 

Once we got back I asked him what that was about. 

“Oh, Mary has a really hot pussy!” 

I knew he was lying! What had really happened was that Yolanda texted him a pic of a pussy and asked if he liked it and, of course, he said yes. 

Then she sent back, “Oops, sorry… that is MY pussy!”

“Holy shit!” he said out loud. 

She then admitted to him that she had a crush on him and, if he wanted, he could have her instead of Mary. My wife is a hot sexy woman, Mary a bit plain, so of course he said yes! He didn’t quite believe it, though.

“I think you’re messing with me… you better stop. Your husband will be pissed if he finds out you sent me that pic.”

“You can’t let my husband know, please… it has to be a secret.”

“You are so fucking with me; but let’s see… if you’re serious then meet me tonight.” 

We lived only a few blocks apart so she agreed to meet him in a parking lot. Yolanda assured him she would just tell me she had to run to the store.

Once 10 o’clock arrived, she left and I waited at home — horny as hell — waiting to see what happened. About 20 minutes later she texted me,

“Coming home now.”

“How’d it go?” 

Her reply… a pic of her with his cock in her mouth. She got home very nervous and quite obviously scared of what my reaction would be. She lost all fear once I took her upstairs and pulled out my hard cock. Once again we fucked like crazy as she told me all about it and how she wanted to fuck him.

That next Saturday morning we were laying in bed and she started texting.

“Who you texting?”


“What’s he saying?”

“I gotta take a quick shower, Justin wants to see me.”

“For what?”

“He’s going to fuck me…”

I felt my face turn red and my cock was instantly super hard. I reached over to play with her tits and she just got up and walked to the bathroom. As she was walking she turned and licked her lips.

“Sorry, I have to hurry. Justin’s waiting.” 

The combination of jealousy, lust, and excitement had my cock harder than it’s ever been. She took a quick shower and got dressed, came over and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. 

“I’ll be back.” 

And with that, she was out the door. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! I was insanely horny. I must have made myself cum 3 times while she was gone. Finally, she walked into the bedroom after about an hour. She kissed me… a wet nasty kiss.

“Oh My God… he fucked me so good!”

I kissed down her neck…

“You’re an ass, I can’t believe you made me fuck another man!”

I slid off her pants, of course no panties… she pushed my head down to her pussy.

“Look what you made me do… asshole!”

She pushed my head down and shoved her pussy onto my mouth.

“Here you go, asshole, you wanted me to fuck someone else… well there you go!”

I couldn’t help it, she was rubbing her pussy all over my mouth, and her words were sending me into a lustful frenzy. I began licking her pussy. It was full of Justin’s cum. I felt humiliated, jealous, but above all extremely damned horny!

“Lick it clean, you bastard! You made me give my pussy to Justin, now fuckin’ clean it!”

I licked and licked, cleaning her pussy lips, her clit… plunged my tongue into her wet, cum-filled cunt. She came hard, cursing me and forcing me to eat even more of Justin’s cum.

“You know where he fucked me? He fucked me in your office!” 

She came again, pushing my mouth onto her pussy. I couldn’t breathe as she squirted into my mouth, and I ate the last of Justin’s cum.

We fucked well into the afternoon that day. She told me several times how good Justin had fucked her. She made it clear she would be fucking him again and cursed me for turning her into a slut.

This was the beginning for us. It was even better than I had fantasized. I couldn’t wait to see where this would take us…
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