Life as an escort took its own route and gave our dear Shanti a fresh lease in life. She became smart and more alert to the vagaries of life and also became extra diligent at skipping work and making use of the best assets on her body to her advantage. She would not flinch to make them appeal to the men folks and also to the women folk. 

Her Manager at the Bank — Arangayanam had steadily ensured that the idea of quitting the job was out of her head and whenever she would appear in front of him whether in the cabin or outside, the man would have saliva in his mouth gulping to go down the throat — she was sex par excellence. 

She had kept him tormented and excited and very hopeful that one day she willl allow him to get under her petticoat. She would always make sure he felt that way and and usually while in his room would give him ample time to devour her beauty especially the boobs covered in the nice bra and blouse. She would always make sure that the saree would slip at the right time for the middle aged man to ogle and would deliberately not cover her self. It was all well planned. 

As this was going on — the branch had a new employee — Lakshmi who was a confused lady and always felt as if the World was loading her with the jobs of all others at the Branch. Most of the time she would not be keeping well and that itself was a big issue for her and on top of it at the Branch — overloading with work was making her get frustrated. 

At this very moment of her frustration — she noticed the ease with which our temptress and escort Shanti was getting away by doing little of work most of the time. 

Lakshmi one day could not contain her self and in a staff meeting with the AGM — complained about the same and Indusbank branch in Bangalore — got its first jolt. 

The AGM took the complaint and later confronted the Branch Manager who gave some sheepish response only to make the matter lose its steam. 

Shanti decided to get one up on the new babe in the Bank. She made her plans like a vulture would when swooping down its prey. Be patient but get even and devour the prey. Shanti knew the way out and she executed it meticulously. She cultivated friendship with Lakshmi starting with an apology that very evening and requesting for a drop home in Lakshmi’s car. Lakshmi’s husband was a Vice President in one of the FMCG companies and enjoyed these perks. 

Slowly the relationship grew between the ladies and it stretched to the families and Shanti would spend considerable amount of her spare time at Lakshmi’s house. Lakshmi was bowled over by the gesture and started to believe that she made a mistake that day by complaining about Shanti and felt apologetic. Shanti consoled her and assured of all assurance and support. 

It was a Tuesday one week when Shanti came to Lakshmi’s place and was startled to find Rajneesh — Lakshmi’s husband. He was a Punjabi married to a South Indian Lakshmi. They had two children but this was the first time in their 9 month friendship that the Escort Temptress whose dark side was not known to Laskhmi met her husband and she liked the sight of the hunk. Not very tall — at around 5’6″ inches Rajneesh was two inches shorter to Shanti who possessed good height and was pretty slim. 

The two saw each other and the message was clear. Both gave the same signal to each other of course knowing very well that it was not possible. Shanti knew it had to be made possible — this was the chance to get even with the mistress of this house. She could clearly see that the couple were very close and looked like it was a perfect harmony in the family unlike her own — which was all turmoil. 

Months passed and Shanti would meet Rajneesh at their place — and it was no secret that the man was secretly masturbating immensely thinking of the Tamil escort. Of course he was also not in knowledge of her true dark side. One day — Shanti decided to bite the fruit a bit and knowing that he was at home, came early and took the younger daughter Aruna in her arms and asked her, ” Hi Aruna uhmmmmmmaaa, you are so sweet, you are smelling, not taken a bath yet? No problem even I have not — I do not like to take a bath so early” and all this in the safe distance of Rajneesh to hear who got an instant hard on when he heard this conversation. In fact it was followed up by Lakshmi coming and laughing at the episode and asking our dear Shanti to have a bath in their house. 

Shanti did have the bath but not before Rajneesh had shagged three times in that one hour before she took her bath and all this while she would delberatey pass by him while he was on the dining table taking his breakfast or standing near the door taking his coffeeonly to let her sweat odor make it extremely difficult for the stud to hold on, he wanted her badly but how — he knew she was taking him up the spike but was scared if it turned around him and made him look shafted. He finally left for work that day hoping one day he will hit the sack with her naked body in his arms. He already was fantasizing a lot of course all unknown to Lakshmi mostly during the bouts in the night. 

In the darkness when he was squeezing his dick into her pussy, our man would dream he was fucking Shanti. 

This hide and seek continued — and though they did not go beyond this titillation and tormenting game Shanti knew it was going to happen soon when she will have him around her pussy begging to fuck but wanted it to be the day of revenge, cultivated pay back.

As this was being planned, she had quickly take a short break for her regular kills as an escort as one day — she was asked to tame a guy in Calcutta by the name Subhashis Sengupta. 

A very handsome guy who was not paying up the price this company wanted and it was now left to Shanti to fuck him and squeeze the balls to get the money. The secret was out that the upright Purchase officer had a weakness for women — pretty sexy women. 

She flew down to Calcutta and visited his office posing as the Sr Sales Manager for the Seller’s company and of course did the right things in his cabin for him to ask — where she was staying and if her could treat her for a lunch that afternoon and the lunch went on well at the Peerless hotel’s Restaurant where he had ample time to appreciate the luscious cleavage and the smooth oily but sensuous skin of Shanti and also took liberty of brushing her backside couple of times while picking up food from the spread out in the Buffet. 

She looked at him sternly to make him squeal a sorry. After lunch — she excused herself to the room asking him to wait for him in the lobby and deliberately left the purse next to him with the key card showing on the outside lapel of the purse. On her way to the room — she picked up another key card and asked the lobby assistant not to disable the other one because she will be needing two — the guy did not ask her questions because she had pushed her boobs tightly on the granite platform squeezing the cleavage into his face and leaving him with no chance but to give in to her request. 

She went straight into the bathroom and took a long bath and came out after 25 minutes — all timed. And she found him as expected sitting on the bed waiting for her. 

She was in the bath towel tied around her head with a bath coat around her sexy ody. “Ohshhhhhh sorry, was I late, sorry Subhashish it was just that I wanted to cool off- Calcutta is a very hot place ” saying so she let the head towel slip off releasing the hair and letting it down, she looked desirable and devourer. Subhashis was aching all over — he wanted the pussy and slowly moved to he middle of the bed.

” Why are you not listening to us and giving us the price we want” the slut chewed the lower lip and slowly started to untie the chord around the house coat. ” We need your support” and slowly went near him and stood in front of him and ran her sexy fingers down his forehead to his nose and left them lingering around his mouth and moaned, ” You should help us you know. We are here to help you” and quietly sauntered around his legs and sat plum on the two legs with her thighs parted and crotch pressing into his cock through his pants and took his face into her hands and planted a long luxurious kiss and tongued his mouth only to deposit a whole wad of her saliva on his tongue. Suddenly she released her body from him and fell on the nice foamy bed and let the housecoat loose to let him look at her nice naked dusky body. 

The shower had left lot of drops on her excellent body and she had not wiped her self thoroughly and the glimmer only accentuated the sexiness of the temptress. 

He rose and slowly reached her side and unzipped his trousers and let the boxers fall on the floor. The room was pungent with the aroma of his musky and slightly dirty cock — Shanti looked at him and took a deep breath and let her nostrils flare as if she was taking in the aroma like as if it was some incense stick fragrance and extended her arms near to the rod only to leave it there and not touch it, ” So — you will do the needful” she lusted at his cock and looked into his eyes. 

Subhashis took out his hand held and typed,” Release the order to the Steel company at their quoted price.” and showed it to her after pressing the Send button. She took the mobile and rubbed it on her boobs and took it between her legs and let the edge rub on the clit and sink into the outer lips of her pussy and slowly withdrew it carrying a thread of her pussy juice and gave it back to him only to see him licking the juice slowly off his own mobile. 

The game began. Subhashis put his hand on her knee, just below the hem of her house coat. She felt the warmth of him flow into her flesh. “Are you trying to build up my self-confidence?” she asked slowly. Her eyes moved up and down his body. She saw the shape of a hard cock at his crotch, protruding a good eight inches down his left leg. He guided her hand onto his cock.

“You’re serious,” she whispered.

He nodded.

“I hope you’re in good shape,” Shanti said, squeezing hard at his cock- bulge. “I may be more than you can handle.”

Subhashis took her mind off her problems quickly. As soon as her tits were bare, he started to suck them. He sucked voraciously, slobbering while he fed the big soft tits in and out of his mouth.

Shanti swayed while he mouthed her tits. She stroked his head, urging him to get nastier. She guided his hand down into her crotch and showed him what she meant.

His fingers slipped inside her skimpy panties inside the housecoar and she purred as he touched her pussy-crack. It was wet and slippery, her clit erect and yearning. His fingers were a little rough, but Shanti didn’t mind a bit. She squeezed her thighs together on his hand and rocked back and forth, masturbating herself on his eager, excited fingers.

“Yes,” she said. “Oh yes, yesssss!”

He speared a finger into her cunt and she gasped aloud. She’d almost forgotten what the touch of a strange hand felt like on her cunt. He added another finger to the stirring, and he worked them in and out of Shanti, making her cunt drool.

Subhashis pulled down her panties, and she wiggled her feet out of them. He leaned back, looking up at her with eyes full of lust and admiration.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he said. “A man would have to be crazy …”

He stood up, and she let her hands move up and down his body. She opened his shirt, leaning in to bury her lips in the hairs on his chest. She’d never really cared for a hairy chest before, but it was totally exciting now, nuzzling him, tasting the flavor of his flesh, the sweat that was oozing from his pores.

She licked his nipples the way he’d licked hers, and she felt them harden against her tongue. Her body kept brushing his, and she shivered at the sensation of his hard cock touching her. Easing down onto her knees, she opened his cock skin and yanked them up and down, his trousers and shorts which had come down together earlierlying in a puddle below.

His cock sprang out and slapped her lustfully, in the face. It was a really big prick. Shanti took it in both hands and began to stroke up and down the length of his cock, purring with anticipation.

He was obviously uncut, and she traumatized it and continued to play with the foreskin, sliding it back and forth over the purplish knob until his cock had grown so long and stiff and hard that the foreskin would no longer cover his bloated cock-head.

She kissed the tip of his cock suddenly, pressing her lips against the drooling piss-slit. She left smudges of lipstick on him, but they were hard to see with his knob so red and inflamed-looking. Shanti parted her lips slightly and rubbed him with the inner sides, humming as she began to mouth his cock.

He sank down onto the bed, his legs spread. She slid forward, still on her knees, her mouth glued to his prick. She was drooling a little now. Until Balu and later Sandi Mittal, she’d never enjoyed taking a man’s cock in her mouth, but they had got her addicted to the taste of prick, and now she thirsted for it whenever she went on her ‘escort prowls’.

Her mouth ovalled, then slid down over the end of Subhashis’s prick. She made a gasping sound as she took him inside her mouth, and her saliva flowed down the shaft while she sucked on his cock-knob.

“Mmmmmm!” she purred over and over, moving his cock in and out of her mouth in short, hungry gulps.

He sighed, letting her take control.

She pulled it from her mouth, licked him up and down. She moved down, lapping his balls as well especially spreading the saliva dripping on to them all over his scrotum. The smell of her dried saliva mixed with his pungent sweat odour on the balls only made the sex a lot more aggressive. Shanti the nice pious, religious woman was a true slut now.

A hair stuck to her tongue and she scraped it loose with her teeth, spitting it out and returning to his balls. Pushing them aside, she licked into the crack of his ass. Her hand was playing with his prick, and she felt it get even harder.

She tongued up the length of Subhash’s cock, up to the bulbous cock-knob.

Shanti tongued him knowingly, spending a lot of time on the sensitive spot just below his bloated cock-head. She stroked his prick up and down while she licked it, and a little bubble of cum oozed from his slitted tip. She caught it on her tongue and savored the milky taste.

“Your cum is delicious!” she whispered. “Are you going to fill my mouth up with it?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” he said, putting a hand atop her head and urging her down upon his cock.

Shanti smiled and sucked it back inside. She couldn’t throat-suck a cock, but she could do a damn good job, and she was determined to prove it. She gulped at his cock, pulling him deeper, massaging his hard meat with the wet warm muscles of her cheeks and jaws. Her tongue worked vigorously, and she moaned as she sucked. He was big, and hard, and his meat filled her mouth. She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life, and she had never needed to eat a cock as much as she needed it right now.

Shanti thirsted for his cum, and she sucked hard, urging it from his balls. Her hands were all over his body, and he was feeling her too, pinching at the stiff red points of her nipples, making her whine and squirm as she ate him.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna get it! Gonna get yourself a mouthful!” he moaned as he tweaked her nipples and pushed his prick into her mouth.

She sucked faster, drawing her mouth in around him, and she took his prick as deep as she could manage.

“Now, bitch, here it comes!” he gasped, and grabbed her head with both hands, holding her steady while he pumped his prick into her. She opened wide and sucked it in, and the spurting gush of his orgasm began. His jizz squirted down her throat. She guzzled greedily, hot for the slimy juice.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Shanti groaned, eating his load. She jerked on the shaft of his cock, milking the scummy spunk out of him and into her mouth. She couldn’t taste it but it was thick and hot in her throat, and she gulped and moaned and sucked until he quit shooting.

Balu’s cock usually got soft in her mouth after it had emptied its hot load, but Subhashis’s prick remained hard and firm across her tongue. Her blue eyes lit up with arousal, and she sucked him hard, making sure he stayed stiff.

“Now you have to fuck me,” she said thinking wickedly of what effect this talk will have on Rajneesh, the day was not far and raising her face from his hard cock. “Now you have to fuck my ass off!”

He pulled her upward, his hands filling with her hot, sweat-damp tits. Shanti climbed atop him, grinding her excited body down upon his. Her mouth covered his. She sucked his tongue the way she’d sucked his cock, and beneath her body, she could feel his prick, as big, as hard, and as eager for her pussy as it had been for her mouth.

“You just passed one of the tests,” she whispered. “I won’t fuck a man who doesn’t want to kiss me after I’ve sucked him off!”

He kissed her again spearing his tongue into her once more. “This should guarantee me a piece of ass, then,” he said. His hands went down to cup the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed lewdly atop him, spreading her legs to enfold him. The swollen length of his prick rubbed through her dark-furred crotch, stimulating the already-dripping lips of her cunt.

“I wanna fuck you so bad I can taste it,” Subhash said. “So why the hell don’t you let me taste it, bitch?”

He pulled firmly on her ass cheeks, and Shanti squealed in glee, sliding forward. She rubbed her wet cunt across his chest, bringing it toward his waiting face. He opened her with his thumbs, thrust his mouth upward, and began to lick the splayed coral-pink trench of Shanti’s aroused pussy.

She rode high and eager above him, squirming and squealing as his licking made her clit throb and twitch in response. He sucked at the hot bud, gnawing it gently with his teeth, sending white-hot jolts of sexual frenzy through the woman’s body. The tips of his thumbs moved onto the super-sensitive slickness of her cunt-slit, and one of them entered her wet pussy. He thrust as he nibbled her clit, and she screamed in growing abandon.

“Oh, fuck me, you horny bastard! Eat me, and then fuck meeeeeee!”

He fucked his thumb in and out of her, still chewing and sucking and licking and kissing her clit. She came twice, drenching his face with her juices, and he kept on eating, lapping at her steaming pussy as if he were in a contest at some rural county fair.

Looking up at her, he said, “I guess you still feel like fucking, don’t you, Shanti? I mean, I can call you Shanti, can’t I?”

“You can call me a nasty fucking cunt, if you want to,” she said, “just as long as you get that cock inside me!”

“Okay, nasty fucking cunt,” said. “Get your ass off my face and I’ll give you what you seem to need.”

Shanti couldn’t remember ever being so excited about a sexual encounter.

She slid back down Subhash body.

“I’m fucking you, stud,” she said, lifting herself above his stiff cock. She rubbed the tip through her dripping pussy. “It does feel nice and horny! Let’s see how it feels inside!”

She eased the cock-knob into her hungry cunt and slid downward, swallowing him with her pussy even more ferociously than she’d gobbled with her mouth.

His body stiffened beneath her as she took his cock in her pussy. She strained downward, writhing above his groin. He put a hand on her tits, another on her ass, and he began to fuck hard, straight up into her cunt.

He stabbed hard, piercingly, filling Shanti’s pussy again and again with the swollen meat of his cock. It was hard to believe she’s sucked him to a blistering, gushing orgasm. He was stiff and eager, and she was easily as wet and eager to receive him. The knob of his cock fucked deep into her belly, stirring her cunt frantically.

Shanti swamped his cock with her steamy cunt, riding down to gulp him home time after time. She rocked as she fucked him, and she clutched at her tits, moaning and shuddering and coming down the shaft of his prick.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Subhash gasped beneath her.

She could feel the mounting excitement throbbing through his cock-shaft. It matched the fiery arousal that bubbled inside her cunt. She met him stroke for stroke, grinding her cunt down onto his prick, eating it to the balls repeatedly.

She came twice more while she rode him.

She leaned forward, moving her tits across his chest. He caught them, squeezing the plush mounds, bringing them to his lips for more bites and sucks and kisses. She moaned, her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her hard, hot nipples.

“Drink me!” she moaned. “Oh, drink me!”

His cock swelled inside her cunt. It felt so fucking big she thought her pussy might rip open. But he didn’t miss a stroke, and she didn’t miss a stroke, either.

The fucking wasn’t as fast, as jackhammer-like, as it had been at the start. They were down to the slow grinding phase now, but slow didn’t mean dull. The head of Subhash’s prick stabbed repeatedly into the lusting maw of Shanti Sridhar’s pussy, and she chirped and moaned and whimpered, feeling yet another climax building inside her.

She ground her hungry pussy against him, accentuating the pressure on her ready-to-bust clit.

“You son of a bitch!” she shrieked, rotating her pussy around his prick. “Oh, you’re making me come!”

“Me too, cunt!” he cried, and his sudden thrust almost sent Shanti into orbit. He pushed his cock to the very bottom of her cunt, held it there for what seemed an eternity, and then she felt him explode.

His jizz blasted into her. He fucked her until his cock went dry. She collapsed on him, her body soaked with sweat, his hands sliding up and down her body until they settled on her quivering ass cheeks.

His chest hair was matted with sweat beneath her tingling nipples. She sighed, making her tits move through his moist fur, increasing the amount of stimulation that her rigid nipples already felt.

Subhash’s jizz was oozing out of her pussy, and his cock, going soft, had just begun to slide out of her sticky-wet hole. 

She sighed again, squeezing with her cunt muscles, but it was too late to trap him. His prick eased out, and after it bubbled the driblets of spunk he had squirted up Shanti. She knew the day was going to be long with him- and started looking forward to the evening. She would enjoy this bastard.

This was going to be a prelude — a trailer, she had already started scheming a plan to seduce Rajneesh.

Shanti returned from Calcutta and did not go anywhere near Lakshmi’s house deliberately. Finally she had her revenge and got her chance to make it even stevens. Rajneesh was now her sex slave.

The rest of the story is in the words of Rajneesh — first person. Please read on. 

My wife was away for almost fifteen days. 

She had taken our kids for their annual visit to her parents home.. As was usual for me when she was out, I stayed up late watching T.V. and having a few beers. 

I then slept in and got up around 06:00, made some tea and left for my office. On Saturdays and Sundays I lounged around the house and do some yard work or repairs. On this particular morning, I had had an unusual dream about having sex with Shanti who had made my life miserable with her tittilation and as a result I had a raging hardon when I woke up every day..

It was a Saturday. I sat down in my housecoat with the uncomfortable feeling that I was going to have to relieve my sexual tension with a quick hand job. I decided that I might a well watch a porno movie that I had downloaded a couple of months earlier while I was doing myself.

It was still early in the morning and I didn’t think there would be anyone out to interrupt me so I dug the movie out of the dresser and plugged it into the VCD player. I was absently stroking my own cock and just starting to get warmed up when there was a knock at our front door. I jumped up and made my way to the front door, meanwhile trying to regain my composure. 

I peered out the side window and was surprised to see my Shanti standing there looking a little tattered. I opened the door and said “What brings you here so early in the day?”

She said that her husband was out of town for three days and she had a power failure due to a fuse blowing up and she was wondering if I could go over to fix it. I had no choice but to agree to see what I could do. I invited her in for a cup of tea while I got changed.

When she was seated at the table with a steaming cup in front of her she asked what I had been up to this morning. I told I was watching an old move but that it wasn’t too interesting and I was just killing time. She asked which one I had been watching, as she needed to do something tonight while her hubby was away and she might want to borrow it. 

She continued to grill me on the movie and then she asked if she could see it. I finally broke down and told her it was a porno and she probably wouldn’t like it. 

She kept pestering me about the movie and finally she admitted to me that she had never seen a porno movie and she was very curious to see what they were about. I noticed through her thin blouse and bra that her nipples had hardened up a bit as we were talking and I began to get the idea that she really wanted to see the movie and maybe was getting a little turned on by the idea. 

As you all know and I do not have to specifically state, Shanti is a rather attractive woman with real large breasts and narrow hips. She had silky black hair and a pretty face although you wouldn’t call her beautiful. I must admit I had kind of lusted over her for several months but she was rather devoted to her husband, as I was to my wife, and I know it was pointless to hope that anything would happen. I relented and against my better judgment went into the living room and again sat in my chair. 

Shanti followed me and sat on the couch that was across the room but still afforded a good view of the T.V. I notice the curtains were open and I got up and closed them so nobody could see in. The movie started from where I suddenly stopped it with the image of the panting woman fucked by the huge cock immediately springing into view.

I heard a small gasp from the couch so I peeked over and saw Shanti sitting forward intently staring at the screen. I looked back at the T.V. where the woman was now squeezing her large breasts.

My cock began to harden and I became aware of another problem in that I was still in my bathrobe and it wanted to fall off my lap. I had taken off my underwear earlier and my stiff cock now threatened to spring into view. I pulled the two sides together and surreptitiously gave my cock a rub while I was doing it. 

I glanced over at Shanti and she was leaning back on the couch and she had undone a button on her blouse so her hand would have easier access to her bra-covered tits. One of the bra cups was pulled down and she was rubbing the nipple of her breast with one hand and she glanced at me, smiled shyly and said that if I was enjoying the movie then I should keep doing what I was doing as long as I didn’t mind if she did the same. 

I peeked over at Shanti and she had opened another button of her blouse and was now toying with an exposed breast. The sight of her huge soft breast with her large turgid nipple twisting in her fingers made it very difficult for me not to blow my load right then and there. She was looking at me and smiled. “I love seeing your cock” she said to me “Its really huge…at first I thought that what Lakshmi told me was a joke…but you really do have a huge cock”.

“I like seeing your breasts. I would really like to see both of them if you wanted to make yourself more comfortable” I replied. “Do you really want to see them?” she asked coyly. “Of course” I said “I’ve wanted to see them for years. I’ve dreamt about them”. “Really?” she said. “I can’t imagine why”. “Actually, I’ve dreamt about seeing all of you” I replied “But I never thought I see any part of you.” 

At this she leaned forward and undid the last two buttons of her blouse and I could now the entire fullness of her bra clad breasts. She reached up and undid the clasp in between and her full round breasts swayed free. 

They were everything I had dreamt of and more. The full round nipples were puckered and hard and they protruded high and firm even though she’d had a couple of grown up kids, the elder being nine in age. I continued to stroke my raging hard on and she played with her nipples with one hand and dropped her other hand to her skirt covered pussy. 

By now she had slid her panty aside and was finger fucking her swollen hairy cunt with two fingers. I was fascinated. It was the first time I was seeing a lady masturbate. 

“If you keep that up I’m going to make a huge mess,” I said. She shivered and began to finger fuck harder which brought me even closer to cumming. “Would you” she asked.

She stood up and undid the button on skirt and pulled the zipper down. 

I slowed the stroking of my cock because I wanted to see what she would do. She shrugged her skirt down to her ankles and sat back down on the couch. She still had her panties on but they didn’t leave much to the imagination. 

There were even a couple of black silky hairs sticking out and I could see she had a big wet spot where she was gushing wetness. 

She slid her hand under her panties and I could see her fingers playing with her clit. She closed her eyes and began to moan softly. By now I could see both her labial lips. 

Her fingers had parted her labial lips and she was finger fucking herself while she stroked her clitoris with her thumb. With her other hand she was squeezing her nipples. I stood up with my rock hard cock sticking out and walked over to where she was as I continued to stroke.

By now she was squeezing her swollen labial lips. She opened her eyes and the sight of me standing close to her seemed to excite her even more.

But by now I was convinced what I was going to do. I knelt in front of her and with my hands pulled her panty down her legs and spread her legs apart and moved my head in between her thighs. All of the sudden, there was nothing separating her cunt from my mouth except air! 

I was staring straight at her hairy cunt. She thrust her hips towards my face, forcing me to accept her cunt into my mouth. Without any hesitation, I kissed her offered cunt and with my open mouth I was sucking on her inner labial lips. Soon, my tongue found that little bump of flesh located right at the front of her cunt. 

I started to stroke it with my tongue. “That … AAAAAhhhhhhhh Suck it harder … harder!”, she cried, as she spread her legs wider to let me get a better angle. As I sucked her clit, I could feel that she was wet all over her legs. I stopped briefly to taste this fluid, and fought that it tasted very sweet. I licked it from her thighs, and followed it upward until again my tongue was centered on her clit.

This movement elicited a more audible groan from her. “Take your finger, finger fuck me..suck my clit”, she exclaimed in a voice nearly choking with desire. I found her love hole. Sticking my finger into it, but, before I could commence finger fucking her, Shanti started to hump her crotch against my face.

Her stomach muscles started to contract, then expand, as she seemed to try and swallow my finger with her cunt. Her hips swayed back and forth, pushing her cunt against my finger and her clit against my tongue. “Move your finger in and out slowly”, she told me. 

As I did so, I realized that her body movements became synchronized to my finger movements. The faster I moved my finger, the faster her body responded. By now, her breathing had become very audible. In fact, she was panting as if she had just completed a long run. 

I tried to stop and pull my face away from her love mound, but she pushed it right back, so I continued to finger her love hole and lick her clit, doing it harder and faster all the time. Her breathing now was a rasping intake of air. Her body was jerking around so much that I wondered how she could remain standing.

“III MMMMMMMM CCCC UUU MMM III NNN GGG!”, she yelled, as her body jerked violently up and down in front of my face. I suddenly felt my hand becoming drenched in her love juices, as they nearly squirted from her hole. I tried to suck it all up, but she moved too wildly for me to follow with my mouth. Her inner thighs became drenched with that great tasting wetness. I licked that sweetness from her thighs and her cunt as best I could once she slowed down. 

My ministrations to her thighs seemed to work. She thrust her cunt to my mouth , but this time I put my mouth into her cunt and started lapping her cunt juices with my tongue, thrusting my tongue deep into her vagina. After a few moments, she calmed down. I could feel a keen sweat on her body, especially the small of her back. With that, she lay down on the couch and motioned me to join her. As a hint of what she wanted me to do, she took her breasts, one in each hand, and squeezed them gently.

I could see her nipples start to harden, and her tits form into little points. I took one of the pro-offered boobs in both my hands.

I started to squeeze them, gently at first, causing her nipples to stick out even further. I extended my tongue, and lightly touched one nipple. She responded by breathing deeper. I continued to massage her boob with both my hands and my tongue. 

Acting on impulse, I inserted her whole nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, causing its tit to expand in my mouth. 

She took a quick, deep breath, almost a gasp. I nibbled on her tit, first with my lips, then, as I got bolder, lightly with my teeth. For this action I received a light moan from Shanti. It appeared that she was enjoying this as much as I was enjoying . Shanti pushed my face back slightly and offered me her other boob. I repeated all my actions on that one. 

While I worked on her boobs, she lightly kissed my exposed ear. Seconds later, her tongue was darting in and out of my ear. I didn’t realize how erotic that could feel! I moved one of my hands done to her crotch. Finding her cunt hairs, my fingers weaved their way around her crotch un! til they located her slit. 

It was easy to know that they had found the core of her love machine – the hair and the slit were already wet from her love juices. 

My fingers slid around the top of her slit, moving from her clit to her love hole. I inserted one finger into her hole at the same time that I bit harder on her tit, which was still in my mouth.. She responded with a deeper gasp, followed by a low moaning sound. 

“Deeper, push your finger in deeper!” she groaned. Her legs tightened around my hand, forcing my fingers deeper into her cunt, while her hips started to rotate on the couch. “Oh, does that feel good! Keep it up!” 

I thought that, if one finger was causing all this emotion, what would two do? 

I slowly inserted a second finger into her cunt, and started moving them in and out. She spread her legs now, giving me a much better access to her love hole. She arced her back, and her stomach muscles seemed to suck my fingers deeper and deeper into her each time I pumped her. Her deep breathing was replaced with a continuous groan of pleasure, as she reached higher and higher heights of pleasure.

Taking a risk, I moved my tongue from her tits to her clit. Making room with my hands, I buried my mouth into her cunt, licking and sucking everything that felt warm and wet. “My clit – suck my clit!” Shanti yelled.

“Oh, YES! Suck it hard – very hard! Don’t stop!” I found it and complied. Her movements became uncontrollable, just like ten minutes ago. With my teeth I started biting her clit gently…sort of chewing it gently. 

Her breathing turned into one continuous loud groan, as she gasped “Harder, harder, HARDER! Come on! Coordinate your fingers with your tongue! I’m going to CUM! Come on. MAKE ME CUM NOW!!!” 

She reached climax, thrashing about on the couch and soaking my mouth, my hand and the couch with her love juices. I continued sucking her clit and pumping her love hole until she begged me to stop. “Please, please stop! I beg you, stop and give me a chance to recover”, she cried.

“I can’t stand it anymore. Pleeeease stop!” I slowly removed my fingers from her cunt. She had clenched her thighs together so closely that it was difficult for me to remove my hand. 

When I finally did, she laid down on the couch and pulled me on top of her. “Oh that was great! Come here, hold me tight. Let me regain my breath. Let me feel all of you!” 

Her legs encircled my back. Her hands had grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips down onto hers. I kissed her, and quickly found her tongue darting back and forth inside my mouth. My cock, caught between our two bodies, buried its head into her cunt hair.

It felt great having my big cock nosing around in hair surrounding her cunt! 

Shanti wiggled her hips, massaging my cock with a combination of her cunt and tummy. I could feel its head swelling, getting even harder, as my balls threatened to explode. Sensing this, she stopped, and pushed me away from her. 

“I’m ready to let you cum “, she said huskily. “I want you to hold yourself until we get into my favorite position. You’ll not have to worry about cumming in my cunt…as I always take the pills. This way, we can both try many different things for the next 2 days before my husband arrives” She laid down on the couch, and pulled me over her. 

Taking my cock in her hand, she guided in into her cunt, but left it just touching her cunt lips. I lowered my body until I was lying on her, my chest pressed to her soft breast and my penis lying on her stomach, our lips locked together again. 

I decided that I liked kissing her. Her lips were soft and warm and the connection felt incredibly intimate. The sensuous way she sucked on my tongue and used her own tongue to circle around mine sent chills down my spine.

As we continued to kiss, Shanti reached down and grasped my penis. I lifted up slightly and allowed her to pull it down until it was touching her still swollen cunt lips. Gently she began to move the swollen head up and down, grazing her lips and mixing our juices. 

“Oh God,” I gasped. I had to think about something else… something that would take my mind off of the immediate need for release. I conjured up a picture in my mind: I was cleaning my dirty garage It worked and the crisis passed. Our lips parted as Shanti pushed me onto my side. There were beads of sweat on her face, her hair was wet and her eyes were now wild with lust again. She pulled one leg up and threw it over my waist and quickly pulled my penis back to her swollen sex. 

I moaned as she again began to rub my swollen head on her outer lips again. Then, as she rubbed it across her hole, I felt the tip slip inside just a little. As the fat lips begin to caress the head, I humped my hips, hoping to push it in deeper. However, she pulled away, moving her hips backward, allowing only the tip to penetrate her. I bucked my hips again and gasped as the head of my penis slipped further into her. I reached down and grasped her waist. Enough was enough. This was going on for too long. 

I thrust my hips in powerfully and my penis hard into her cunt and my swollen cock head speared her vagina all the way inside to the ridge.

“Nooooo..aaaaaaaaaa aaggghhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnoooooooo!!!” Shanti gasped. 

With a gradual increase in pressure, almost too slight to feel, I began to pump into her cunt. Ever so slowly the shaft started pistoning into the moaning woman’s vagina. Shanti threw her head back and forth and continued to moan. However, her body was saying, “Yes.” 

It took great will power not to lift her hips to me as she felt the head sliding against the walls of her vagina. 

Shanti was gasping for breath now.

The swollen head was stretching her vagina walls like nothing she had ever experienced. Her hips began to move in little twitching motions and the walls of her vagina began to flutter on the shaft. 

Her hole was now pulsing from top to bottom, squeezing the shaft like a velvet glove. “No… no… no,” she moaned. I waited for a second, loving the warm wetness of her clenching hole.

Shanti groans loudly, panting and gasping with lust. “God … no … don’t stop … don’t stop now, Rajneesh, for heaven’s sake!” she gasps.

Rajneesh laughs softly, “C’mon, bitch … into the bedroom. I want to fuck you in bed.”

He steps back and saunters into their bedroom, a large, airy room with a high, soft bed at one end. On the other side of the bed, twin louvered door open onto a small balcony. There are sheer curtains over the doors and they billow in the gentle breeze. The room is softly lit by bedside lamps.

Shanti follows him, shedding her remaining clothes as she goes. By the bed, he turns and pushes her to her knees and makes her suck his cock again. Gasping, Shanti obeys, taking his cock deep in her mouth and sucking him eagerly, her hands working her breasts and cunt. Rajneesh grunts thickly and fucks her mouth with immense pleasure, rocking her head back and forth in both hands. Shanti whimpers and groans deep in her cock-filled throat. Several minutes later, he pushes her head away.

He fucks her on her back on the high, soft bed. Shanti spreads her legs wide, masturbating wantonly as he bends over and pushes his cock between her thighs. She reaches down with one hand to guide him to her slit. He bends over her on his knees and outstretched arms and slowly flexes his buttocks. His cock-head pops into her cunt, his shaft slipping between her fingers. She gasps and arches steeply, the breath shooting from her throat in a rattling gasp. His cock is big and thick and it fills her cunt, distending it fully, mashing her cunt-flesh and swollen clitoris. 

“Yes!” she gasps. “Oh god yes! Do it, Rajneesh! Fuck me!”

The handsome husband of her best friend groans and arches his head, his eyes fluttering shut. Her cunt is hot and wet and tight and it squeezes his penis feverishly. The fires burn in his groin and his balls ache for release. He gasps, fighting for control, and slowly swings his hips in tight, snapping arcs, flexing his buttocks taut as he swings them, unflinching, flexing again. His cock mashes her cunt-flesh and clitoris, and slowly spirals into her slit. Shanti gasps and cries out, her cunt grinding up to meet his hips in descent. Deeper and deeper he goes, tunneling and burrowing into her hot furrow till he is embedded in her cunt to the hilt. She spreads her legs wide apart and arches under him, her face suffused with lust, panting and moaning obscenely, her fingers digging into the thick muscles of his forearms.

“Come on … do it … fuck me … fuck me hard, Rajneesh … fuck me! Take me, Rajneesh! Fuck me like a whore!” she pants, a bitch in rut.

Abruptly, Rajneesh swings his hips up, jerking his cock outward and then slams his hips down, ramming his cock deep into her cunt. 

“C’mon bitch! Take it! Take my dick!” he cries.

The breath whooshes from her throat and she arches, gasping and crying out under him.

“OHHHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes!”

His cock is magnificent, hot and hard and thick and long, filling her cunt, stretching it wide, grinding down deep into her flesh. Again he rocks out, slams in, rocks out, slams in, and yet again. Shanti lurches and rocks under him, her body jerking with his mad thrusts. 

Rajneesh thrusts faster and harder and deeper into her and then hits a smooth, swinging rhythm, stroking powerfully and rapidly and deeply in and out of her flesh. His hips swing up and down with steady, snapping motions, his buttocks flexing and unflagging rhythmically, his cock plunging in and out of her cunt, grinding and squelching and ramming and reaming in deep. Shanti whimpers her pleasure, her hands on her breasts, squeezing them eagerly, her hips rocking up and down under his. He bends his head and kisses her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She groans and arches under him, winding her arm about his head. Moving smoothly and seamlessly, he begins to swing his hips again in circles, mashing her flesh ruthlessly. Shanti hisses in pleasure, her hands squeezing her breasts, scraping her mangalsutra over her hard nipples.

“Yes … ohhh yes … that’s it … ohhhh uhhh yes … ohhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes … there … oh god yes … oh ma uhhh hanh uhh ahhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes!” she goes.

“Take it … c’mon, whore … take my dick … take it, you fucking bitch … c’mon … take it all … oh yeh … that’s it … oh fuck yes … take it, you randy bitch … take my prick!”

Shanti begins to sweat. Perspiration trickles between her breasts, beads her brow and upper lip. Strands of hair cling damply to the nape of her neck. She gasps and whimpers, clenching his arms. Bending his head, he sucks her breasts and nipples, moving relentlessly in and out of her cunt. Her orgasm grows and looms. He thrusts deep into her and flips his hands up to her breasts, crushing them under his weight, pinning her beneath him. Shanti moans and thrashes hotly under him, begging for more, whimpering and crying out.

Shanti begins to orgasm and there is nothing Rajneesh can do to stop her. He groans as her hot cunt convulses frenetically on his penis and, flinging his head back, his hands crushing her breasts, drives his cock into her with deep, ramming thrusts, pausing and twitching with his penis buried in her slit. On and on he goes, ramming his cock into her till her orgasm wanes and her body sinks. She moans thickly, her chest heaving. Gently, Rajneesh slides out of her cunt.

“Now,” he murmurs. “Turn over bitch. I want to fuck you from behind.”

Shanti groans, but is unable to resist. The temptation is too great. She turns around obediently and, on her forearms and knees before the husband of her best friend, spreads her legs and presents her rear to her husband of her best friend. She knows that she likes to fuck her ass; she doesn’t mind it herself. Indeed, she rather enjoys the curious sensation of having a thick, hard, long cock tunneling into her ass.

“Want my ass?” she murmurs, turning her face over her shoulder.

For a second, the husband of her best friend is tempted. He caresses her smooth, creamy buttocks, spreading them open and fingering her taut anus. He knows just how good it feels on his cock, hot and tight as a vise. She looks lovely, wanton and eager, her face soft and radiant with pleasure. He knows she will not mind. But he decides against it, at least for now.

“Later,” he says. “After I’ve fucked your slit some more.”

He pushes his cock between her buttocks and to her cunt-lips. They are open and wet and he squeezes his cock into her cunt-flesh in a single penetrating thrust that forces the breath from her throat in a rattling moan.

“OHHHHH uhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!” Shanti gasps as the huge penis surges into flesh.

Rajneesh starts fucking her rapidly from behind. He grips her hips and jerks her body back and forth, hammering his hips to and fro. His thighs slap audibly against her buttocks. His long, thick penis plunges and pistons and rams in and out of her cunt. Shanti moans and cries out, her face lifted, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her hot, swollen, pendulous breasts jiggle and wobble and her mangalsutra swings and flaps madly as the man ram-fucks her cunt.

“Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh uhh hanh uhh oh uhh oh uh oh uh oh uh ahh uh ah uh ah uh hanh uhhh oh ma hanh uhhh ohhh!” she gasps loudly.

“Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh c’mon … c’mon you fucking whore! Take my cock! Take it, you whoring bitch! Take it!”

He slows and swings his hips in tight snapping circles, entering her cunt from all angles, spiraling into her deeply with a crushing plunger. Groaning, Shanti runs her tongue sexily over her slim upper lip, hissing in pleasure. Her hips and buttocks sway and writhe erotically and turns her face over her shoulder to her husband of her best friend-lover.

“Yes … ohhh yes … c’mon … do it … ohhh yes … that’s it … mmm … yeh … c’mon … fuck me, baby … fuck me hard … fuck me like a whore, baby … yes … fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, baby! Fuck me hard!”

The man chuckles and leans forward to kiss her hungrily, shoving his tongue into her mouth, his hands under her breasts, squeezing them hard in his excitement. Shanti kisses him fiercely, her buttocks and hips grinding eagerly against his groin.

“C’mon … fuck me … fuck me hard!” she says in a husky, lust-laden voice.

The husband of her best friend grins, squeezes her breasts, nuzzles the nape of her neck and straightens. Holding her slender waist, he snaps his hips forward, flexing his buttocks taut, ramming his cock into her cunt hard and deep. Shanti cries out, her head jerking up, her face twisting in lust, her eyes screwed shut, her lips drawn back, her mouth a wide O. He pauses, buried deep in her hot cunt, his cock throbbing, his hips twitching at her waist and then, pulling out, rams in again. She gasps loudly.

“OHH! Oh ma uhh OHHH! OH! OHHHH uhh oh ma uhhh hanh!”

“C’mon! Take it! Take it, slut! Take it all! Ohh! Uhh ahh! UH! OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!”

“Oh ma … oh ma … oh ma … oh … ohh … ohh … Oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHH!”

Gasping, grunting, his head flung back, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, the man ram-fucks the lovely lustful Shanti remorselessly. His ramming, jerking thrusts smoothen to a rapid back and forth rhythm. He rocks his hips to and fro, his fingertips in the small of her back, moving her body under his, jerking her cunt up and down and back and forth the length of his swollen shaft. His chest heaves. His cock appears and disappears between the smooth curves of her buttocks, grinding and squelching and rasping in and out of her cunt. His thighs slap at her buttocks, his balls press to her cunt-lips. 

“C’mon whore take it! Take it, bitch, yes! Oh fuck yes … c’mon, bitch … take my cock! Oh fuck yes! That’s it, whore, oh fuck that’s good!”

“Yes uhhh oh yes oh yes oh yes oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uhh OH ma Oh Rajneesh! OHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH uh hanh … fuck me! Fuck me, Rajneesh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ohh uhhh Oh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma!” Shanti sobs in delight.

Faster and faster he goes, now gripping her waist hard again, thrusting furiously in and out of her cunt, his hips pounding back and forth. Shanti gasps and cries out, lurching and rocking and jerking under him, her head raised, her cries sharp and staccato. There is a full-length mirror in front of the bed and Rajneesh watches her reflection, transfixed, staring at the lust on her pretty face, watching her heavy breasts jiggle and wobble, the mangalsutra tossing and swinging frantically. The husband of her best friend’s buttocks flex and unflappable rapidly, his hips driving back and forth, slapping at hers, piston and plunging rhythmically in and out of her sexy sweet cuntal passage in its ceaseless quest for release. She begins to orgasm, panting and mewing ecstatically and he squeezes her pendulous breasts, crushing the heavy, swollen mounds in his hands, pinching the rigid nipples.

Shanti’s head swims with joy. His penis is incredible, hot and heavy and hard, moving relentlessly in and out of her convulsing cunt-channel, plunging in deep, pulling steeply outward, then spiraling down into her again. Her cunt contracts and spasms frenetically on the penis and she coasts from one orgasm to another and then on to a third. He continues fucking her furiously, banging his hips at her buttocks, making her body lurch and rock and jerk with his thrusts. His thighs whack her flesh with loud slaps that coincide with her choking gasps and shuddering moans.

Finally he relents as her third orgasm wanes, and slows his motions. Shanti groans and, as he eases his cock out of her cunt, sinks on her front on the bed, gasping and panting heavily. She is still on her knees and her buttocks are thrust up high. Her shoulders are on the bed, and her face is turned to one side on the pillow.

The husband of her best friend is beyond caring whether she wants more or not. He wants more, and that is all that matters. He rises and straddles her fleshy hips in a deep squat. Holding his cock in his hand, he pushes it back into her cunt and enters her again with a long, slow, skewering thrust. Shanti moans thickly, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets as the enormous cock bursts into her wet flesh. Rajneesh chortles softly, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Really love my dick in your slit, don’t you, whore?” he says.

“Ohh uhhhh ohhh yes,” Shanti moans deliriously, beyond caring.

“I want your ass now,” he announces.

Shanti cannot refuse him, nor does she want to any longer. Rajneesh slips his cock out of her cunt and, spreading her creamy buttocks wide open, presses the swollen cock-head to her taut anus. Shanti tenses. The husband of her best friend pauses, grins in anticipation and then, flexing his buttocks, slides his hips forward and pushes his cock-head into her asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhh Ohma uhhh OHHHHHHHHH! Wait — let us do a deal I will give you my ass only and only if you make sure that Lakshmi is not fucked by you for one whole month, once you achieve that — on the 31st day, I will give you my ass Rajneesh and I promise — it will be a bonanza surprise package and not only my ass. We will do it in my home and extremely homely fuck it will be Are you Ok with the deal?” Shanti — the devilish adulteress spoke the truth finally. This was her way of getting back on the female who dared complain against her.

The breath rushes from Shanti’s throat and her face contorts in a sadism of lust as waited for the handsome head of her lover go back and groan, ” How will that be possible, she will be back in 7 days and will need me to fuck her. Anyhow what will be your way of finding out that I have not drilled her?'” he was testing the seriousness.

” My lover — do not worry. Your wife is my bosom friend at least that is how it is for her — she does not know what a bastard betrayer in the form of a husband you are and how scheming and unfaithful I am. She will tell me all about you and the torment will come to my knowledge. Think of it — either you abstain and don’t screw her for 30 days or forget me?” she chewed her lips and gave him a flick of her tongue with her hands going down her lovely tresses to her boobs which she pressed lightly only to lift a sweat drop off the nipple and lick it off her finger. 

She was demure sexy suave and extremely simple methodical and soft spoken at the same time. She knew men very well — she had evaded numerous since ages who were wanting a peek at what she had below her petticoat but well that is history now. 

Shanti looked at him straight and covered her boobs with the blouse and dressed quickly — got up and straightened to take a small crack at the muscles. She excused her self to the rest room and returned only to pick her purse and started to leave. Rajneesh was aghast — it was all so matter of fact. 

He started to yelp like a dog wanting to get some continuity confirmed, she looked back from the door, ” Well — there is one more thing after this 30 day abstinence trial period is over for yo u and Lakshmi, we will meet alright and have already committed to you my plan but if you desire to have something ongoing with me — you will have to also consider admonishing your wife in front of me and maybe my husband or child — simple make her feel inferior make her feel little in front of me. For example — she is putting on weight — make statements openly in front of me to instigate her to feel let down. This is a must and for that if it hits the bull’s eye I promise a package deal for you with me as yours completely for 3 nights at a place of your choice with one more woman along with me. Think of it. Bye. ” she was vicious and determined. 

She was clear on her plan to ruin Lakshmi’s future and married life of course.

I am Rajneesh and as you all can understand it was next to impossible for me not to fuck my wife.

After 25 days of abstinence we all went to a party at a friends house and got pretty loaded. 

I lost track of Shanti just after midnight, who also was there with her husband. I began looking around the bedrooms & bathrooms to see if my wife was alright. When I got to the master bedroom, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Lakshmi, my wife was lying on the bed stark naked — I quickly muttered something like “I’m sorry” and went to close the door when she yelled “Come on in Rajneesh, at least now tell me why are you avoiding me — this is the only way I thought you will take me, you want me to behave like a slut, come on then”. 

As I approached the bed I first noticed her glazed eyes and then her gooey pussy. She stared me right in the eyes and said “I want to get fucked by you a lot and more”. She leaned forward to grab at my pants, as she did I noticed the big her lips around my now stiff cock. She bobbed up and down on it for a moment and then looked up at me and said “stick it in me and leave me a New Years present”, with that she turned onto her hands and knees.

She my wife spread her cunt lips open with one hand and told me to give it to her. I watched as a tiny dribble of come ran from her open hole, onto her clit and then dripped onto the bed – needless to say, I slid right in. I grabbed onto her hips and started pounding away. After a few minutes she started to rub her clit and tickle my balls. I could feel them tightening up ready to explode. As I yelled to her that I was going to come I heard the door open – it was too late as I blasted a load of hot juice into her. 

No sooner had I started coming when I heard a scream – I looked at the doorway and saw Shanti back as she stormed away.

I pulled out of Lakshmi and pulled my pants up over my soaked cock and got my wife dressed, children were waiting outside and it was past 1am in the morning. We got into our car and left for our house when I saw Shanti putting her coat on as she headed towards the exit door and going towards her husband and their vehicle. He also had grabbed his coat and followed her. 

We reached home and I slept painfully while Lakshmi slept peacefully. I could understand — biologically she needed the copulation but I knew the moment of truth is going to face me and it did when I caught up to Shanti the next day in their front yard and turned her around. She slapped my face and said “you’re going to pay for this” and with that she turned and kept walking. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t listen. We got to her house and didn’t say a word until we got inside. I tried to explain what happened but she wouldn’t listen. Finally she looked at me and said “when I decide on how I’m going to make you pay, I’ll talk to you”.

It was the next evening when Shanti called me into her house where she was watching TV. She looked at me and said “I’ve decided how you’re going to pay”. I asked her how. 

She said that she’d be home since Sridhar and Amulya were off to her inlaws place and I was to follow her and that I was to be waiting in the living room. I asked her what was going to happen. She looked at me and said “I’m going to have your manager Dhruv from your office come home with me”. 

“Yeah, so”, I replied as if that was normal. I knew and was aware that Dhruv had been trying to get into her panties for long — and Lakshmi had told me that Shanti is so pretty but extremely pious because of which she had been keeping this fellow at a distance.Incidentally — Dhruv used to bank at their branch and was a frequent visitor to the Bank.

My mouth dropped open when she looked me straight in the eyes and said “You’re going to watch him fuck me, and you’re not going to do a thing about it, do you understand?”. She looked so serious, all I could say was “I guess so, if that’s what you want”. 

“Well I got to watch you and Lakshmi even after our deal and it certainly didn’t thrill me – I want you to see how it feels”. shanti’s voice quivered with rage.

I tried to talk her out of it but she said that I didn’t have a choice.

I got to her home around 7pm the next night, sure enough Shanti wasn’t home. I kept thinking that maybe she’d changed her mind. When I saw her pull in at 8:15 followed by another car I knew she was serious. I sat in my designated chair in the living room as they came in. From the looks of them, they had already had a few drinks. Shanti just smiled as she walked by and headed towards the kitchen. Dhruv came in and sat down. 

As I heard Shanti in the kitchen Dhruv said “Sorry about this Rajneesh, Shanti explained what happened and I have to agree with her, fair is fair.”.

I didn’t have time to answer as Shanti came back into the living room with 3 beers. She threw one my way, handed one to Dhruv and sat down on the love seat opposite Dhruv and I. She took a sip of her beer and, as she looked at me, said “Lets get things rolling”. I watched in awe as she slid up her lehenga(long indian Skirt) and pulled down her under wear stockings. 

As she pulled them off one leg, both Dhruv and I could see her lacy panties. There was a wet spot right in the crotch. She slid her slip off and then brought her knees up. I could see the outline of her pussy lips thru the wet cotton panties. Her pubes were sticking out around the lacy edges. I noticed Dhruv squirming in his seat. Shanti was sucking down the beer in record time. Finishing her mouthful she put the beer down and stood up. She slowly unbuttoned her Kurta (Indian blouse ) and took it off. She wore a sheer bra and her nipples were plainly visible. They stiffened up as she slid the blouse off her arms. 

She neatly folded it and put it on the couch. Another swig of beer and she reached behind her and undid her skirt. As it dropped to the floor we both stared at my wife’s nearly naked friend. She sat down to finish her beer.

When the last sip was gone she got up and sat down next to Dhruv. “You have to take the rest of my clothes off” she said to him softly. I had a massive hard on as I watched Dhruv remove her bra. She turned and gave him her nipples to suck on. 

A few minutes later she stood and I watched Dhruv slide her panties down. Her back was facing me but I could see what was happening as she spread her legs open. I could see his fingers spreading her pussy open. I watched his other hand begin to rub her clit. Moments later she sat back down on the couch next to him. With both hands, she spread herself open and gave him it all. 

“Lick it” she said to him. I watched as Dhruv got on his hands and knees on the floor and buried his tongue in her juicy cunt. Her legs wrapped around his head pulling him in deeper and deeper. I heard her moan loudly as he brought her off for the first time. When he stood up to take his pants off I could see just how wet my heartthrob and cock throb Shanti was. Her pussy was wide open, her clit stiff and throbbing. His saliva and her come made the insides of her thighs glisten. As Dhruv slid off his pants and underwear I got a little uneasy. 

He was a big guy – his prick was both longer and fatter than mine – he was really going to open her up tonight. As I watched him stroke it a couple of times I realized that I was kind of excited about watching my wife’s friend and my near to heartbreaking cock throb fuck this guy. He made her suck on his cock for a minute or so. It was even bigger when it popped out of her mouth. Dripping with saliva he got on his knees and put the head in between her swollen cunt lips. Shanti held her knees wide open and back and just said “Fuck me Dhruv, fuck me good”. 

I just about came in my pants when I watched him slide his cock into her. 

She was moaning and screaming as he inched his way into her. He pulled back a bit and then slammed it all the way in. I heard his balls slap against her ass as her body convulsed violently. As he slid out of her to begin fucking her in earnest, I noticed they were both soaked, pubic hair matted down. Shanti had let loose a geyser. He began with slow little thrusts and Shanti was keeping herself wet by rubbing her clit. Dhruv thrusts were getting faster and faster and deeper and deeper. He’d almost come all the way out (I got glimpses of the purple head of his dick slipping in and out) and then plunge back in. 

Each thrust was met with a moan from Shanti. It wasn’t long before they both began to moan from the intense pleasure. Shantis pussy lips were being stretched under this monstrous prick.

Their moans became louder and louder as their bodies bucked violently. 

Shanti reached her climax first and pulled Dhruv into her. A few thrusts later and I watched Dhruv inject his jism into Shantis hot cunt. He moaned and moaned as his body spasmed. I could see his come oozing out of Shanti’s swollen pussy as Dhruv pulled out of her. 

As his cock slid from her hole it was followed by a steady stream of white cream. My stiff cock was just about bursting and I thought I’d just jump on top of her and fuck her, when, to my surprise, Dhruv pulled her onto the floor on her knees. With Shanti on her knees and leaning forward on the couch. Dhruv spread her ass and cunt open and stuck himself back inside her. 

I couldn’t believe it, he was stiff as a board again and doing another number on Shanti gaping pussy. Shanti leaned her chest on the couch and pulled her ass and pussy open to let Dhruv in deeper. A light foam appeared around her cunt as Dhruv gave it to her again. I watched in awe as Dhruv got a finger really wet and slid it up Shanti ass hole. Her eyes opened widely as he slid his finger into her. 

She was getting the fucking of a lifetime and was screaming as she came and came under his onslaught. He pulled his finger from her tight ass and promptly squirted another load of jism into Shanti’s well worn pussy. 

When their bodies stopped throbbing, Shanti could do nothing other than to lean foward onto the couch. Dhruv now softening prick slipped out of Shanti. He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the back of the neck and said “You were great, I hope you’re happy now – see you tomorrow at the office – thanks again”.

As he slid his pants up and buttoned them he turned to me and said “No hard feelings, huh?”. I didn’t respond, just watched him walk out the front door. When my eyes turned back towards Shanti, I realized that she looked just like she had on that afternoon when we fucked back at my house. Her pussy was still wide open and inflamed. Thick jism ran down both her thighs as she breathed deeply. My dick was still rock hard. 

Almost silently, I slid my pants down and rubbed it against her cunt. I dreamt of getting my cock’s tip wet with Dhruv come and slide inside her. I could tell she had been fucked good, she was wide open – no resistance, just gooey and slippery. I wantec to gave her two or three good thrusts before I also add a third load, this time mine to her cunt. I slouched down to the floor as the last of my drop came in my hands — I had done a good hand job on my cock.

Shanti also slid onto the floor, her legs closed now. I asked her if she enjoyed herself. She looked at me squarely and said, “I hope you won’t be upset if I tell you that it was great, because it was and I must tell you that he will be fucking me too often now — we have it all official which he will explain to you. You will get to see me like this only and that too if I permit. You will never get to fuck me again of course — you have a chance- get Lakshmi humiliated or a better one — get her fucked by Dhruv in front of me!!.” 

I was silent for a moment and then told her that I will try to humiliate lakshmi but getting her to fuck another man will not be possible. 

Once she regained her energies, struggled towards the bathroom to tidy up.

Shanti slumped onto the closed toilet while we waited for the water to get hot. Her legs opened and the 3 loads of cum began to flow from her swollen pussy. 

I just stared as it oozed out of her. She noticed me staring and pulled her legs up and open, she also seemed to be bearing down trying to force the goo out. It worked, she smiled as thick globs of jism worked their way out of her hot pussy.

She got a fingerful and licked it off and smiled, ” Maybe you can payback a bit by sucking and cleaning this muck in my cunt mixed with the semen of your boss.”

As she reached for the wash cloth I surprised her by sticking my tongue into her vagina. This was surely a first, licking someone else’s come from your wife’s best friend’s pussy, but as I swallowed and tasted the first few drops I knew I wanted the rest – it got me incredibly horny and excited. 

Shanti must have enjoyed the feeling because she really opened herself up and let me go. I licked all around her still swollen hole. 

I cleaned off her pussy lips and finished off with her stiff clit. 

“Do you like how it tastes?” she asked me. 

“Kind of salty but at the same time it gets me excited”. 

As she held the warm compress against it she said “I guess that makes us even”. I hoped this would help repair the damage. I am badly in need of sex with her. 

Shanti has become a obsession for me which just does not go away. I fantasize only Shanti when it comes to sex.

Well this interlude with the scheming adulteress Shanti took place a few days ago and she was as usual determined to end my marriage and I was not up and ready (in more ways than one) for her final onslaught.

It was around 8 am on a Saturday morning. I had just got up yawning and I was not awaiting Shanti’s arrival. I was surprised when I answered the door to see two women standing there. 

Lakshmi by the way had to go to her place of work early that day.

“Hi,” Shanti said, “this is my best friend, Mala.”

I looked at the almost identical images in front of me and mouthed, “friend?”

Both women giggled at that. Shanti pulled a fast one in her unusual dirty style “Yes, she’s all of about 20 minutes younger. This is like my twin though not born to the same mother. Not that I don’t have my urges.”

I had no doubt as to Shanti’s urges.

I studied the two women, comparing their common facial features and pert, not so young bodies. I noticed their differences as well.

Shanti, seemed so cool and confident. I could not meet her penetrating gaze, and averted my eyes.

Obviously, Mala was not dressed for fucking, but she was carrying a small suitcase. Perhaps her work clothes were in there. Her soft red shoulder-length hair framed her perfectly made-up face. She had such a sweet, innocent smile that I… well, I just melted.

A pretty powder blue lace bra was clearly visible through her long-sleeved blouse. From the strapless blouse on down, the translucent white chiffon material left little to my imagination. Yet, in a way, she seemed so pure and childlike. Until I studied those gorgeous hips. Nothing childlike about her there… And the pleated blue lehenga( Indian skirt) that came below her thigh said “college woman” but her long legs were encased in nothing and that said something else.

I guessed the heels of her blue sandals to be about 1″ high. The pink nail polish showing through her feet matched the color of her perfectly manicured long fingernails. As my mind was contemplating how to get into her panties, my penis betrayed me. She laughed softly as she noticed the growing bulge in my shorts.

Shanti broke my reverie. “I brought Mala along today because I have an idea. “

It made sense to me. “But what about Mala. Does she …”

“Of course she does,” Shanti added, knowing exactly what I was talking about. “Mala and I go way back with men. Usually, she hooks them, and I fry them. This time it’s my turn to make th introductions. Right Mala?”

“Uh-huh,” Mala replied. “You know, Mr. Rajneesh,” she said softly, “even as a 18 year old young woman I had a way with boys. I could get them to talk to us and want to play with us. Once we’d make friends, Shanti would take over. She showed me what to do with them. She just had this knack for getting them to drop their pants for us.”

Her eyes were fixed on my developing hard-on. “We’ve been sharing boyfriends for the last ten years.”

“Now,” Shanti interrupted, “are we ready to go to work?”

I nodded my assent though I know all this was shit, they knew each other for just 2 years or so and all this story was humbug.

“Listen up, Raj!” Shanti commanded, “Let me tell you how it’s going to be. I’m the foreman on this job. I’ll tell you exactly what to do. That even includes when to take a shit.”

I looked at her, but she overrode my objection before I raised it, “That’s right, my penis-pumping puppy. You are the new apprentice on this job, and everything you do has to be supervised. That includes bathroom breaks. You have to ask permission from Mala or myself to be excused from work. One of us will have to take you.”

I decided I’d put her to the test, “May I go to the bathroom, please?”

“Yes, you may. Since we haven’t started work yet, we’ll both take you.” The three of us walked to the bathroom where I unzipped my pants, took out my penis and relieved myself of my morning’s coffee. Both women seemed content just to watch, but the requirement to ask permission and to be supervised made me feel like a little boy again.

I zipped up and flushed the toilet.

“Mala, here’s where he was masturbating yesterday with his nose buried in my sneaker!”

Mala was all eyes. “How did you get him to do it?” she asked.

“I didn’t. When are you going to learn, Mala. Boys and men don’t have a choice when it comes to sex. They have to have it or go mad. There’s some sort of direct connection between their penises and their brains. If we control the sex we control them. Raj boy likes the smell of woman and me in particular, so I indulge him. He’ll do anything for me.”

Mala looked thoughtful. But I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, whether she felt excitement, contempt, or what.

Shanti turned to me. “OK. You have at least some experience in fucking women other than your wife, right?” she asked.

“Well, not exactly,” I replied and decided to get curt with her. “That’s why I made a mistake with you and was not professional. But if you’ll give me directions, I’m sure…”

“Oh, shit,” she said. “Look, I don’t have time for this. It’s going to rain Raj. I want to try to get the outside work finished today. You train him, Mala. I’m going to get to work.” And with that, she turned and left us. Mala stood there with an amused look. She licked her lips and smiled at me.

“Well, Mr. Rajneesh,” Mala said. She moved next to me and lightly, teasingly ran her long pink fingernails down my arm. She seemed like such a demure, sweet young thing. But my cock didn’t think so; it was growing again. And in a very soft voice she said, “I see you have my friend’s panties and bra hanging there. Panties and bras are very feminine, aren’t they? Your wife agrees to them hanging”

“Well, my wife is the one who has hung them there, both are friends” I croaked. I could not take my eyes off her breasts, displayed in her own lacy bra beneath the transparency of the chiffon blouse. They looked so enticing. I felt myself so strangely submissive. She saw where I was staring. I don’t know what made me blurt out, “That one’s not as feminine as the nylon and lace bra you’re wearing.” I felt so embarrassed.

She smiled at me. Her hand was still on my arm. “Why, Mr. Rajneesh,” she said sweetly, “I think you have excellent taste!” She bent over to open her small suitcase. I couldn’t see, or didn’t want to see, what she had in there. My eyes were fixed on the curve of her hips, her long legs in those sheer next to nothing. I stared, thinking…

She held a bra and a pair of panties in her hand. She unfolded the bra and said, “Vanity Fair. Soft nylon and lace, the same style as I’m wearing. Doesn’t it look pretty? Pink is such a feminine color, don’t you think?” I had to agree. I think my heart skipped a beat. Where was this leading?

“And panties are so pretty too,” she whispered as she held them up to my face, “A proper match for the bra, Vanity Fair also, size 7. Such soft nylon. And look, these briefs have such darling lace at the front of the leg openings. Intimate feminine wear is so attractive, don’t you think?”

“Oh, yes.” Part of me was still plotting to get her out of her panties, and if I had to play her game, so be it. Another part of me found this very exciting. “Breathtaking,” I said.

“Well, then. We need to get started with your training, Mr. Rajneesh.” She continued to speak, very slowly and deliberately, “I want you to take off all your clothes so I can get a better look at you.”

“Call me Raj, please.”

I hesitated. She placed her hand on the swelling in my crotch and began to play with me.

“You’re not going to be difficult, are you Raj? We need to get started with your training and I’m so hoping you will be a good boy for Mala.”

I was lost in her femininity. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my belt. As my shorts fell to the floor my freed cock popped to attention. It was so embarrassing. But Mala seemed so understanding, as her hands ran appreciatively over my body. Then she ran her fingernails back and forth lightly over my penis. It grew harder in response.

“Raj, I want you properly dressed for your lesson. Put on your pretty panties.”

I couldn’t refuse her. As I slid the pink nylon briefs up my legs and over my raging hard-on she stood there with her arms crossed and smiled knowingly at me. Then she said, “Hold out your arms, darling.” She slipped the silky bra straps over my shoulders, put her arms around me and hooked the delicate garment in place. Her perfume assaulted my senses, and she leaned against me pressing her soft breasts to my chest. My penis, in its nylon prison, was cuddled in the folds of her skirt. Yes, definitely, this was exciting me.

“Such a good boy,” she cooed. “You know, your briefs are made of nylon. They’re quite easy to see through. And you really do look so pretty and feminine in your panties.” She took a small step to the side to look at my hardness as she began to stroke the tent in my new panties.

“Ummm…” I was speechless. And rock hard.

She thought for a moment as she continued to pet me. “That’s it! I’m going to be your Auntie Mala and you will do every single thing I tell you. That will be so much fun, won’t it sweetness? Let’s go to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Mala picked up her suitcase and beckoned with her finger for me to follow her. She led me down the hall. As I followed her I felt a little silly dressed as I was, and I was hoping Shanti didn’t walk back in the house at that point. But mostly what occupied my attention was the curve of Mala’s hips and the wiggle of her body as she walked in front of me. I wondered if that was the way she walked all the time or if she was just doing it to tease me.

Mala walked into my bedroom, put down her case and sat down in my armchair. She stared at the pulsing penis that strained against the silky fabric and she began to unbutton her blouse. There was no question as to who was in command. I stood before her staring at the curve of her firm thighs as she crossed her legs. And I began to play with myself.

“TAKE YOUR HANDS AWAY!” she snapped.



I was stunned and confused. I hesitated, then somehow managed to move my hands to my sides. “A boy jerking off in front of his own Auntie. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself! And just look at the precum stain on your pretty panties.” As I looked down she quickly she got up, pulled a leather strap out of her suitcase, firmly pulled my wrists behind me and fastened them securely. I felt so helpless. I could see her triumphant smile.

Partly out of fear, and partly out of desire, I slipped right into character. “But please, Auntie, I couldn’t help myself! It just happened! I tried to fight it as long as I could, but it wasn’t any use!”

She turned me to face her, smiled and spoke gently to me. “What you’re trying to say is that you couldn’t control yourself. That’s what you’re trying to say, isn’t it?”

Was she trying to increase my humiliation by just pretending to be caring and nurturing? “Yes, Auntie.” Tears of agony began to run down my cheeks. My cock desperately needed relief and now I didn’t know how or if she would take care of my need. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, which she carefully folded and placed on a table next to the chair. In frustration my hardness began to wilt.

She sat me down in my chair and leaned over me, stroking my pretty pink panties just a little. With her other hand she pulled my head closer to rest in her soft, tender breasts in their sleek lacy bra cups.

“My poor little boy, I know why you were so bad. It’s because you haven’t had Auntie here to guide you, to control you, to take you in her arms and make you behave. Isn’t that right?”

I twisted in panic as the tears spilled down my cheeks and splashed on her breasts. My cock was quivering with life once more. Auntie’s words were sweet and soothing but they couldn’t erase my mounting fear and humiliation. Yes, I was definitely getting hard again! There was no denying the thickness and throbbing heat in my stiffening cock.

Mala said, “Auntie is going to control you and guide you and protect you. That’s what you really want, isn’t it, darling? Tell the truth to Auntie, now.”

I just couldn’t speak, My voice was lost in fear and embarrassment at my state of arousal. The only noise I could make was a groan of humiliation.

“That’s all right, darling. Your penis is telling me just what I needed to find out.” She thought for a moment. “I know,” she brightened. “You’re probably just embarrassed because of your love of pretty feminine underthings and because of your overpowering need to serve a woman and because Auntie knows all about your little secret. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Auntie.”

“Well, then. Obviously, what you need is a long course in feminine appreciation. And, when you understand that, in the natural order of things the only legitimate purpose in life for any male is to serve the female, and when you become accustomed to wearing intimate feminine apparel all the time, then you’ll become comfortable with it. You won’t have all this frustration. Doesn’t that sound just wonderful?” She continued to pet my penis lightly.

I still had a powerful urge to make love with her, but also I was aroused because she had taken complete control of me. Also, she had really turned me on by putting me her feminine frills. “Oh, yes, Auntie. Thank you Auntie.”

“That’s a good little boy. I’m going to untie your hands now. But you will obey my instructions without question. And you will never play with your penis unless I give you specific permission. Auntie will decide. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Auntie. You are so good to me Auntie,” I said with an honesty that surprised even me.

“Of course I am, darling. Another thing. I think it will help in your feminine appreciation lessons if we give you a new name. I think Tina has a nice sound to it. And I don’t know that you should call me Auntie anymore. I think Mistress would be more appropriate, Mistress Mala if you like.”

“Yes, Auntie, I mean Mistress. But… but what about my painting lessons?” She finished freeing my wrists.

“Yes, I promised Shanti I would instruct you how to fuck properly. But before we get to that we need to continue today’s feminine appreciation workshop. You may take off my skirt.”

I undid the buttons at the back of her tiny waist and carefully slid her lehenga down her long legs to her ankles. She stepped out and sat back down in my armchair. She was breathtaking. A vision of loveliness. Those pretty breasts framed in her delicate bra, matching light blue briefs (they too were the same style as my pink ones) and garter belt, taught sheer nylons and those arousing 3″ heels.

“Kneel down and take off my sandals, Tina.”

I dropped to my knees obediently as I thrilled to the sound of my new name. “Yes, Mistress. Mistress, you are so beautiful!”

“Of course, I am darling. I am female,” she said in the most level, matter-of-fact tone.

“Mm… may I please lick your pretty pussy, Mistress?”

She gave a little cry of delight. “Of course, darling. Did you know that pussy worship and the training of your tongue may be the most important part of what I’m going to teach you? And certainly you will be spending a lot of time at it. But from now on, first you will ask permission to kiss Mistress’ pretty panties, then you will ask for permission to remove them and then you must fold them neatly. You must always treat Mistress’ delicate things with great care.”

“Yes. Mistress.” It was an uncontrollable urge as powerful as creation itself that drew me to her. Before, I would have kissed her pussy as a way to get her excited so she’d make love to me now I wanted to kiss her pussy simply because I wanted to! Slowly I kissed the warm nylon where it disappeared between her soft thighs and then, as she raised her hips slightly, I removed the filmy panties from Mala’s beautiful body, carefully folded them and placed them on the carpet. On impulse I gave each of her feet a light massage. Then, through her feet I kissed and suckled on each of her toes.

“Very nice, Tina. You seem to have quite a talented mouth for a beginner. Let’s see where else you can use it.”

I took her cue and began to kiss and lick my way up her legs, worshiping the feel of the smooth nylon and her warm flesh beneath my tongue. As I neared the tops of her stockings she spread her legs wider to reveal herself. I moved quickly to her inviting pussy, kissing, lapping and sucking eagerly, and savoring her juices.

Wonder and joy, agony and frustration; I was feeling everything at once. My raging cock swelled and ached with desire. And yet somehow I knew, instinctively, that this was the way it was meant to be, that I belonged on my knees in front of my beautiful Mistress, dressed in my pretty pink panties and bra, with my tongue buried in Mistress’ wonderful pussy.

As she writhed and moaned, Mistress’ warm thighs tightly clenched my ears. I was enveloped in femininity. Mistress grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward, my tongue thrust deeper into her. “Don’t stop, sweetness, don’t stop.” Was she yelling or was she gasping? I couldn’t tell; all I knew was that as I lunged forward into her pussy I was spinning into a whirlpool of pleasure. My head spun and my cock throbbed and ached as I pictured myself in my feminine underthings, with my head buried between her luscious legs. Shaking uncontrollably and screaming — yes, now I heard it — she came again and again, almost crushing me with her soft but insistent thighs.

And then she pushed me back. I lay on the floor, confused and dazed. My pulsing cock threatened to burst from my silky panties. I just had to relieve myself. But no… I didn’t dare. She was looking at me. Perhaps she was just waiting for the chance to punish me.

I felt in anguish. Was I having a nightmare? She was so lovely, so beautiful. I knew it was my place to serve her always. If only she would allow me relief. Somehow I doubted she would. I was confused and bewildered. She knew what was best for me. That is why she had me on her training program. Wasn’t it?

Gradually, our heavy breathing subsided and Mistress Mala stood up. My stiff rod began to wither a little — so painfully — and as I got to my knees she was slipping into her sandals.

“Come on darling, let’s get something cool and sweet to drink,” she said. And I followed her, she put back dress, her bra, her panty — Oh gosh — the heels tore at the panty but she still wore it over her legs, and with her high heels and her entire gorgeous body we went into the kitchen.


Chapter 2 

Rajneesh and Mala are now in the Bedroom. They return after a small break in the Kitchen.

Mala had driven him nuts in the kitchen finally allowing him to move back to his bedroom and assuring him of some good sex. She was slowly starting to take sympathy on the poor guy and decided to make him feel better in her own style. She was surprised to hear from him that he and his wife still fucked missionary and practically no foreplay, his entire thrills are from the porn stuff stacked up in his house and some experience with Shanti, Mala decided to give him some thrill like as if he was a virgin getting to feel a woman for the first time.

She started to seduce him and the first thing Raj wanted was to see was her boobs completely. Raj couldn’t stop now even if he wanted to stop, which he didn’t. The sight of her almost naked tits, and the blouse top with the bra already loosened inside having only inches to go before unveiling the luscious mounds to his eyes and hands, drove him bananas.

“Well, all right then. You can see,” Mala moved her hands and let his fingers pull off her halter top, exposing the twin jugs jutting from her rib cage. His fingers plunged into the soft firmness of her quivering tits, squeezing and kneading them, making them shiver as the weight of them moved under her soft skin. His finger tips tracing the blue veins in the milky softness, touching her pink nipples causing the skin to crinkle and rise. The smoothness of her nipples changing to hard nubbins of standing flesh under his caressing fingers.

Mala pulled gently on his cock, forcing him higher on the bed until his cock was over her breasts, then holding his balls in one hand, put pressure on his foreskin, rolling it down over the heat to gather in a lump around the neck of his prick. His cock head was bright purple, and a jewel of honey sparkled at the tip.

Mala gently squeezed his cock from belly to tip, milking out more crystal honey. The cream dribbled down his glans, sticky and hot, until Mala touched the tip of his cock to her nipple. The clear honey moved from his cock to the nipple on her tit, clung at the very tip then slid slowly down to rest at the base of her nipple. 

She took one finger, making sure Raj was watching her, and carefully rubbed it into the nipple. It left a smear of cream, sparkling on her nude breast as she rubbed it farther to leave a trail of honey four or five inches long down her breast.

“Oh… That feels so nice. Do you have any more of that nice cream in there for me or you still want to save it for Shanti, she will not let you fuck her?” Mala asked the sex starved for Shanti – Rajneesh. Her fingers milking his cock harder, swelling the purple head of his prick, making the honey ooze in a long string from his hole.

“Doesn’t that look pretty. You have such nice cream in you, and it feels so good on my bare tits and nipples. Your cock is so pretty I could just kiss it. But you will have to call me Madam” Mala was teasing him to death now.

“Please Ma’am. Kiss it,” his voice plaintive and suggestive at the same time, urging her to take his cock and hold it in her mouth. His hips moved upward on the bed microscopically aiming his tool to her soft mouth.

“I believe I will kiss it, Raj. You have excellent ideas. If I do kiss it, would you like a deep kiss where I put my tongue on it?” this was getting tough for the guy.

The idea was so overwhelming to him that he could only nod his head as he offered her his cock, now dribbling freely. He pushed his cock through her hand a little harder, closer to the sweet lips where her pink tongue slipped out to wiggle barely inches from his cock.

“But Raj, if I kiss it for you, and make it a deep kiss by using my tongue on your hard cock, then what if I like it and want to put it inside my mouth and suck some of the sweet cream out of it?” she further tormented him.

“What if you didn’t like it in my mouth, then where would I be?” Mala’s hand sliding up his cock, milking the dribbling cream from his balls, tickling the soft skin on his hard leaking prick. She toyed with Raj, watching how his breath caught while she talked about sucking his prick cream. 

“I’d like it, I promise I’d like it. Please suck the cum from my cock,” his eager voice almost broke as he visualized her lips sucking him. “All right then. I’ll do it this time, just because you’re a sweet boy. But if I do it, will you do something for me sometime if I ask nice. Would you kiss my pussy sometime if I ever wanted it kissed?”

The lovely woman wheedled him. Just the sound of her voice started tightening his testicles, and they drew up closer to the root of his cock. The vision of what it would look like with his cock between her lips started more honey running from his cock, and the thought of him kissing her pussy started his cock swelling just a little more.

“Yes, oh yes. I’ll do anything you ever want if you’ll put my dick in your mouth and suck it.”

“Will you tell me how much cream you have in there for me?”

“Lots!” Raj’s voice almost cracked.

“How do you know, do you jerk it off and find out how much is there?”

“Well, sometimes I do. When I get hot, I do, and there’s really a lot of juice!” he said proudly.

Mala knew the man was so close. His cream a steady stream from the hole in the end of his purple headed young prick, and she shot out her tongue and licked his purple head.

He jerked at the contact of her hot wet tongue on his super sensitive prick. His body shuddering as she realized how close he was. “Let me suck you off,” Mala said gulping down his cock, knowing he was about to shoot his boyish like load of cum. She milked the shaft of his cock twice rapidly, sucking the purple head and rolling her tongue around the heavy foreskin. He bucked upwards, his ass muscles tightened, his balls drew up to tight knots next to his shaft, and he came in her wet sucking mouth.

His salty sweet cum squirted in a thin stream from the hole in the purple head to the back of her throat, then the next spurt followed, faster and thicker, the oily cream clinging to the pink inside of her mouth as she made her pursed lips into an oval and started sucking the cream from the squirting hole. His cum, boyish and heavy, flashed from his tight testicle groin through his cocks shaft to spray into the suction created by her lips and mouth. Some cream escaped to run down her chin and drip to her full tits, but she swallowed some and stored the rest in her billowing cheeks, until his spasms stopped and only clear cream dripped a drop at a time into her eager mouth, then none.

She stuck her pink tongue out of her wet sperm filled lips, licking the last of the cream from his glans, then swallowed the stored cream of his sperm, feeling it cling to the sides of her throat as she swallowed his cum.

“Now see what you made me do! You made me suck all the cream from your sweet prick and then you came in my mouth and your not hot any more!”

Mala accused Raj to make him feel guilty, however her hand continued to milk his cock as he lay down beside her touching her breasts. She knew that he was extremely virile at 30 years, he was younger than both Mala and Shanti who were touching 34 years of age and at that as he was, it was only a matter of minutes until he would be hard again.

“I’m sorry Mala. I didn’t mean to come in your mouth, but it felt so good with you sucking me. It was like the first time I came when I just started to masturbate.”

“It’s all right sweet lover, just remember, a girl likes to have fun and feel good too,” she hugged him to her breasts, holding him so the softness of her full tits was against this face. He kissed her nipples and starting tonguing them into increasing hardness.

“Will you show me your pussy, Mala? I am thirsting for Shanti and somehow she has been making me terribly weak by her actions- she has something against me, I love her a lot and that is a mistake, I should be practical, now with you can I behave practical,can I see yours?”

“Of course you can, silly. You just have to take down my lehanga, and the torn panty on the side right there. then you can look at my pussy all you want, and you can touch it and if you really are a good lover, I’ll let you kiss it and suck it.” Mala was being nice to him, she knew the trouble Shanti was creating for the couple.

Raj’s busy fingers pulled and tugged at the tight rope running it down the curved hip, then pulled at her lehenga. Mala’s ass raised to help him. Quickly he had her dress at her ankles and then on the floor. Her hips covered with only a flimsy pair of brief white torn panties, that he rolled, slid and pulled down to her lower thighs. Mala raised both legs straight up in the air in a jack knife position, and he pulled her panties off her toes.

“There’s my pretty pussy. It’s all naked just for you. You can do anything that you want with it,” Mala, thighs closed, undulated her lower body.

Raj touched the curly soft black hair, feeling the springy curls move under his fingers, running his hand over the smooth skin of her belly and back to the red hair of her cunt. The ringlets of hair stopped in a straight line across her belly, leaving the red bush looking like a filled in vee between her warm thighs.

His fingers continued caressing the warm curly hair, touching and testing, like an explorer, looking for her hidden cunt. Mala moved the thigh of one leg slightly, opening just enough thigh to let Raj see the pinkness of the top of her pussy through the hair. His finger went immediately to the warm pussy, probing the smooth flesh, his other hand rested hot on her thigh, pulling the weight of her leg to open the crack further.

Mala obliged the tormented Raj by letting him move her thigh and open her legs wider, she didn’t help, she wanted him to work at exposing her cunt. His vision fell on the swelling of the lips disappearing between her rounded white thighs, and his forefinger followed, tracing the soft crevasse, feeling the moist heat coming from the clamped lips. He discovered that each time he moved her thigh, more pussy was exposed to his intent gaze.

He took his hand from her pussy, and placing one hand on each of her inner thighs, moved them, spreading her legs until he had them wide apart, then Raj moved to kneel in the area between her out spread thighs. His head bend forward. both hands to her cunt, spreading the lips to look deeply into the pink moist cave, marveling at the ragged look of the swelling of her cunt opening.

Mala’s finger moved lazily down between her legs to burrow into her cunt, pointing to and pressing gently on her clit.

“This is my clit. In Latin it’s called a clitoris, but usually it’s called a clit, or love bump, or sometimes it’s called the ‘man in the boat’. This is just like the head of your cock, this is where it feels best to touch or kiss, but you must be gentle. It get so sensitive sometimes that it almost hurts if it’s touched too roughly.”

His fingers played in the wet opening, touching and kneading the erect bump of her clit. Her hips were jerking and undulating as his untrained fingers played in the wet gluey opening, the finger of one hand stiffly fucking into her opening, the other finger tenderly rubbing her love bump. Her breathing quickened as his fingers sawed in and out of her cunt, her ass rising to help him finger fuck her juicy pussy.

“Kiss me on the cunt, stick your hot tongue inside me and suck on me,” Mala’s voice implored the youngster, her hands pulling him down to her wet box.

Raj didn’t really need any urging. He bent forward, diving face first into her red haired muff like he had been eating pussy all of his life. His tongue sticking stiffly out, lips open, he speared his agile tongue deep into her wet open cunt as he began to taste and suck the juicy wetness. His tongue flickered and explored the rising love bump, moving it’s fleshy mound up and down and around, his hands moving to clasp her voluptuous ass, pulling her tighter to his seeking lips.

Mala’s hands clasped behind his head pulling him deeper into her wet heated pussy, his nose firmly against her protruding clit, as she began to cum with his tongue fucking and sucking her pink hairy opening.

Her belly writhing against his face, her thighs tightly clapped against the sides of his head, her hands pulling him face first deep into her mushy gluey cunt, Mala was spending her orgasm in waves of pleasure. She could feel his powerful suction pulling her feminine oily lubricating juices from her pussy, into his mouth, and the movement of his Adam’s apple against her asshole as he eagerly swallowed each squirted offering. Cumming in one continuous orgasm, Mala knew she could keep this up for hours as long as he kept sucking. She remembered having three men once, suck her pussy one after the other, each replacing a tired tongue quickly, and looking at the clock later to decide that she had cum for more than three continuous hours.

“Would you like to fuck me, Raj. Would you like to put your cock in my hot wet pussy and fuck me?” Mala’s voice snapped his head from her slippery pussy, head nodded, his cock trembling from eagerness. The thought of putting his aching cock in that wet pool of her cunt and fucking a lady as beautiful as Mala was, made his head spin. He really wanted him to fuck her for him strangely, she looked more alluring than Shanti.

“Then come here. Hold my titties and stick your prick into this nice wet cunt, and fuck me Raj. I want to feel your boy cock in my lady pussy. I need you to fill my belly with your sweet young man’s cream.”

The young man of 30 years moved between her spread thighs, his slim hips maneuvered until his prick was touching her belly, half kneeling between her legs. Her hand touched the root of his cock, held it between two of her fingers as she guided it into the slippery channel, rubbing the purple head in her slick pussy fluid.

Coated in honey and the slippery juice from her cunt, his cock pressed into the pink and dark opening. He could feel the slitted entrance widen to his pressure, then the slit narrowing and changing from a crevice to a hole. His purple headed cock felt the joy of slipping into a hot cunt after so many days. It was nearly forty days after the last time he had fucked his wife at the party and after that for some reason or the other Lakshmi was not ready for it, most of the time she was at her parent’s place and he was alone using his hands with the help of the porn. Shanti was just now relenting to him and had virtually made him a dead meat after having led him up the promised path of sexual bliss. 

With easy motion, his prick slipped deep into Mala’s belly until his pubic bone rested against hers, his curly cock hair nestled against her wet red haired pussy. He felt the overwhelming need to plunge and buck his cock rapidly in and out and started the quick action which would culminate in the release of his cum in her belly, however Mala’s hands held his ass tightly to her, stopping his movements.

“Hold still dear, don’t move, just feel. Feel the heat inside my belly, and the touch of my cunt hair against your belly. Feel the softness of my titties and taste my nipples.” she was teaching him like a young boy learning to cycle for the first time. 

His head, pillowed between her breasts, turned as he sought the aureole of her left nipple, savoring the dimpled opening at the tip and the difference between the skin on her breast and the feeling of the crinkled nipple against his tongue.

“Can you feel my nipples swell against your tongue, and the seeping moisture from the walls of my pussy bathing the skin of your cock. Feel the skin of your balls against my asshole. Feel this now, I’m going to make my cunt milk the cum out of your cock!”

Her pussy writhed around his shaft, pulling him deeper into her belly tightly, then relaxing to allow his cock to settle before tightening again, sucking his cock with her cunt. His tongue feverishly flickering over her hard pink nipple, his ass feeling her hands caressing and teasing the crevice and touching his crinkly brown hole.

Mala’s legs lifted, sliding around his back as her ankles locked around him, her cunt climbing his pole, milking his cock for the cum stored in his testicles. His head felt light, it was great when her soft lips had sucked the cream out of his prick, and he’d loved the taste of her slippery pussy, but actually fucking a grown 30+ lady in the cunt with his cock was fantastic.

Raj exploded, his hips a frenzy, his movements so rapid that his lower body appeared to blur, as he drove his still boyish like prong with feverish intensity into her hot moist pussy. Her arms held his teenage body tight against her full breasts as her ass lifted to his lunging, her belly writhing as she came around his sweet prick. The sensation of fresh fluid hotly against his cock, tightened his testicles, swelled the head of his cock, and liquid fire sprayed from his cock to her cunt. Spurting and squirting, Raj’s cum spattered inside her wet over heated pussy as she realized the fantasy of fucking a sexually starved man whose first outside fuck besides his wife was her best friend Shanti who teased and tormented him more than give any real bliss, so for Mala this session seemed like she was taking his virginity once again with her hot milking pussy.

Raj’s heart pounded as his cum shot deep into Mala’s belly. His breathing a sobbing sucking try for air to reach his lungs, his testicles clenched as their full load emptied out the hole in the head of his purple glans. Spraying, spurt after spurt of thin cream shot to run into, then leak out of her black hairy cunt.

His body collapsed, held by her arms around his shoulders and her thighs and legs locked around the small of his youthful back, feeling her pussy still spasming around his cock and feeling the fluid still seeping from his hole. 

They lay motionless, her pussy absorbing his cream, his breath slowed and he sighed a deep deep sigh of contentment. They lay motionless for minutes…

“What are you two doing?” Shanti’s voice boomed out in the bedroom, causing Raj to thrash like a hooked fish, his head held tightly between Mala’s clamped thighs and pulling hands, attempting to get loose from her slippery pussy.

As his head pulled from Mala’s thighs, he saw her in the bedroom standing over the bed, and he knew he was in big trouble. …

Raj first looked at the two women standing by the bed, then looked down at Mala lying with her legs spread and her matted red haired pussy drenched with saliva and pussy juice.

“What are you doing to my friend, young man?” Shanti’s voice carried stern warnings, visions of thumb screws and torture chambers, long prison sentences and slow death by burning.

Raj looked at his own naked body, his hard cock now wilting, streaming a webbed drip of cream leaking from his cock to the bed.

“Nothing Shanti. We weren’t doing anything,” his voice lacked conviction, however he was remembering his promise to Mala never to tell. His gentleman’s code of ethics was being severely strained by Shanti standing over him, quizzing him.

“What do you mean, nothing. I come back from the office and find both of you naked on the bed, Mala has her legs apart and we find you with your cock between her thighs making all kinds of fucking and sucking sounds, and you call that nothing.” Shanti was seething with rage.

“Did you hear that, Mala? He says ‘ nothing to me.’ Do you think he was about to rape you? I think we had better call the police and have them pick up this rapist.”

Shanti walked to the phone and picked it up. Raj’s expression turned from fear to panic, his eyes wide, his body starting to shiver. Mala was being silent, no help to him at all. It was time to throw himself on the mercy of the court. He looked imploringly into Mala’s eyes. 

Mala spoke and she spoke for the young man. 

“Shanti, leave him alone, you have troubled the family enough. I do not like this any more. You are a good woman with ethics all this while — and suddenly you have turned a different person altogether, this is not correct. We know each other for quite some time for me to tell you that the revenge story is not appropriate — do not pick up on soft targets like Raj and Lakshmi. If you have the guts and energy — go and get those who really made use of you including Balu, Manohar Udit etc. These people are nice guys, you took him up the garden path — allowed him to get seduced and it is not right to trouble them anymore. I will not agree to it. There is a limit to everything and anything in life. Enough. His poor wife still adores you as a friend. Go back to your normal ways Shanti. I am a slut but believe in doing it to please and be pleased. Not to hurt.”

Mala was agitated and after she spoke, got up and went to the Rest Room. Raj quietly left the room and went to the other part of the house — picked up a soft drink from the fridge and slowly got into the cane chair in the Verandah. 

Nobody knows how Shanti took all that after that– she left the place quietly. There was no more contact between Raj and her after this.

The sexy seductress Shanti was radiating beauty and charm all over as she waited for the Shatabdi express – super fast train from Chennai to Mysore via Bangalore to pull over the platform at Bangalore Central.

She was leaving for Mysore to visit her elder sister Nirupama who was also taking care of their mother who was not keeping well and had recently fractured her hip bone – only to get hospitalized. The sisters were the only hope for the old lady what with the brothers not in India and also having given up on their kith and kin. 

Elegantly dressed in a Bengali cotton sari – a white one with pink embroidery and pink blouse with a white bra inside – she looked a film star. Nobody could cay that the woman was 32 years old – she looked 21 years old. Amulya was left behind with her paternal grandparents at Chennai and Sridhar was in Bangalore attending to his work. 

The train pulled in and it left soon to reach Mysore on time. Pandian – her brother in law was at the station along with his son Mani – a young man of 20 years. Nirupama was 12 years older to Shanti – and got married when she was just 21 years. Pandian was with the Indian Railways and had just recently taken retirement to settle at his ancestral town of Mysore. He was 52 years of age- but looked not more than 40 – tall at 6’2″, he was still a handsome personality. Wearing a loose trouser and half sleeve checked blue shirt – he looked very smart and handsome. He took her luggage and along with his son got her into the family car – driven by Mani. To be forgetting Mani at this stage will be deliberate – because he was taken in by the beauty to such an extent that not only did he sport a hard on and started to salivate – the body language got understood both by his aunt and father instantly and the two decided to feign ignorance. 

Shanti was straight taken to the hospital where she visited her mother in the ICU – yet to be taken to the general ward after the operation. Since she was diabetic – doctors expected some complications and did not release her as yet. Shanti was there till late evening and finally for the night – her sister Nirupama came and both exchanged pleasantries post which our darling slut made her way back to their house. 

Besides the two men – who we already know in the family there was a young daughter Manisha who was 12 years old and an old cook who stayed in the house along with his young wife Malini – who was just 27 years of age. This was the old cook’s third marriage – she was the 2nd sister of his first wife and since there was no money with the parents – after his second wife died – they coerced her into marrying him. Sexually though active -the man did not have the right bullets to fire. Malini stayed in the house and she was very involved with the family especially the men – this was the night when that discovery was made by Shanti. 

After dinner – cleaning of the table was going on and Shanti had just gone to the back of the house to fetch towels and a few bottles of water from the water filter and returned to the dining area – only to find the young woman Malini in a tight embrace with Mani who was fondling her boobs through the blouse while kissing and eating her lips right in the middle of the room next to the table. They did not see Shanti who stopped just outside and saw the act through the window, She saw the man slowly remove her sari’s pallu(lower portion) and bare the midriff and the blouse was sagging with the heavy weight of her boobs. Shanti could see Pandian walking from the other side through the corridor entering the dining hall and was petrified at what could be the consequences – he just walked into the area – took some betel nut chunks and munched them and turned to the hot couple and pulled the woman by her hair only to plant his mouth on hers and lifted her by the buttocks in his left hand and took her to the nearby door which led to the Stock room which was used in the earlier days to keep all the granaries – and closed the door behind after the son also had entered the room. 

As – this was going on – she noticed that her husband was there and there watching the men do all that to his wife – he rose from the floor – cleaned the table and floor and the room and coolly switched off the lights and departed from the area. Shanti was trembling both with rage and fear. These men looked vicious and dangerous and now she understood the whole scene enacted by the son and silently ignored by the father at the station in the afternoon. They were women eaters and Shanti had no doubt that – they will make her succumb to them – if she gave them even the slightest of a lee way. Her worry was- though she had visited these people rarely all these years – it was never a problem for her because – the stay used to be only a short one and they rarely came to Bangalore. They had met each other only 3 times till date and this was happening because the mother was with Nirupama. Other wise – her mother was usually at their native place in Tiruttani – where they had their paternal relatives. 

She was still standing there- next to the Window grill – thinking her next steps and she heard the giggle and a moan and a sound of cloth being torn and joint voices and finally a long silence followed by pulling of some furniture. 

Shanti decided to take a peek – the slut in her refused to give up and what she saw inside was amazing——— 

This was quite a picture. With Malini in his lap, Mani was seated on the sofa, his mouth attached to the dark skin slut’s as he cupped and squeezed her ass with his hands. Just off to the side was Pandian, whose hands were stroking and mauling Malini’s breasts through the dress she wore. And then kneeling on the floor was her husband, whose hand was stuffed up underneath the slut’s skirt. Malini had three men pleasuring her, all at once. But she wished there were more men; like four, or five, or 20…

The guys continued to prod and grope various parts of Malini’s body as she and Mani tried to exchange tongues in their mouths. The sexual heat from this touchy-feely session was already starting to get to Malini. She could feel her pussy getting more moist by the second, and hot sensations were starting to ripple throughout her body. The slut finally broke the kiss with Mani. But like a

heat-seeking missile, she turned her mouth toward Pandian and immediately pressed her lips hard against his. Needless to say, Pandian returned the favor, as he continued to squeeze and knead her breasts. At the same time, Mani now had the

opportunity to focus all of his attention on Malini’s ass. He cupped and massaged it with both hands, and even gave it an occasional slap. Malini LOVED being spanked… this was obvious by the excited yelps she let out after each slap. Wanting to give equal treatment to all the men, the young woman soon broke the kiss with Pandian and turned toward her husband her own husband. Very eager for some lip service, her husband rose up to his knee before her outstretched thighs, then leaned forward and offered his mouth to Malini. His hand continued to rub her

pussy as the pair of lust-lovers shared a heated kiss. Malini wiggled excitedly in Mani’s lap as she felt Pandian unbuttoning her blouse in the back. Soon, the garment was peeled from her shoulders, and she only had a sexy white bra on above the waist. But Pandian made quick work of it too; he whisked the bra off, and tossed it elsewhere.

Mani’s right hand immediately moved from Malini’s ass to one of her plump, juicy breasts. He trapped its nipple between his fingertips and began tugging away at it. When Pandian took hold of the other breast and started to give it similar treatment, the slut could do nothing but squirm and pant in hot lust. She had SIX hands on her, all violating different parts of her body.

“Malini Kutti(Small one)” Pandian grinned, teasing the dark skin slut with one of her creative pet names. “Always eager to please. Isn’t that right, Little Poovu(flower) Malini?”

“Yes!” the slut exclaimed after she broke the kiss with her husband. “It couldn’t be more right!”

Mani proceeded to steal a quick kiss from Malini’s mouth,as Pandian pressed his lips against the harlot’s neck and traced it with his tongue.

When Malini felt a pair of strong hands on her hips tugging gently, she knew what was in store for her next. She looked down at her husband and watched as he pulled her from Mani’s lap,to the floor. her husband immediately laid down upon his back and then motioned for Malini to straddle his face. With the dirty saree bunched around her waist, Malini licked her lips as she swung one knee over her husband’ face. She got rid of her petticoat and positioned herself just right, then lowered her damp pussy to her husband’ awaiting, hungry mouth. With the first bit of tongue-to-pussy contact, Malini squealed and arched her neck, then cupped her own breasts and squeezed them tightly. her husband was an EXPERT when it came

to giving a woman oral sex. Out of the all the men Malini had fucked in her life, NONE of them even came CLOSE to her husband in this particular department.

Not to be left out in the cold, Pandian and Mani were busy getting rid of their clothes. They wanted to join the action and make it a three-on-one as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Malini squirmed about and ground her pussy upon her husband’ probing mouth as his tongue pleasured her. Grasping her hips with his hands, her husband’s tongue slid up-and-down and side-to-side, in frantic circles, upon the bimbo’s womanly slit. Occasionally, he would use just the very tip of his tongue, and tease her clit with it. Malini especially liked it when her husband would graze her pussy and clit with his teeth. When the dark skin slut noticed Pandian and Mani come up to her, on their knees, on either side of her, a lusty smile came to her face. Both men were completely nude, and their cocks were as straight and as hard as a pair of flagpoles. The 24-year-old continued to moan and squirm about upon her husband’ probing mouth, but managed to take Mani’s cock into her right hand. She gave it a couple of hard squeezes and held, then turned her attention to the left and grasped Pandian’s shaft with her other hand. Now, the slut had a hot tongue in her pussy, and a hard cock in both hands.

Moaning her approval for her husband’ oral work, Malini began to cock-pump both Pandian and Mani with her hands. Still squirming about, she continually glanced back-and-forth between Pandian and Mani while briskly pumping them off. Soon, the dark skin slut was feeling so much hot pleasure, that she was about to cry. She looked down at the man beneath her and whined, “OH my husband… you’re gonna make me cum…”

Malini’s seedy little cry only made her husband increase his oral efforts upon her pussy. The slut let out a loud yelp as he did so, then turned her face toward Mani and quickly took his cock into her mouth. Her left hand still stroking away upon Pandian’s shaft,Malini eagerly sucked Mani’s cock while her right hand played

with and teased his balls. After 15 seconds of trying to swallow Mani’s prick down

her throat, she pulled his tool out of her mouth and turned toward the other man. Eager, Pandian grasped his cock and offered it to the slut. Malini immediately slipped it between her moist, pouty-red lips, and began feverishly sucking away.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” the dark skin slut soon screamed, after pulling Pandian’s cock from her mouth. her husband had brought her a hot and rather intense orgasm. Malini looked down at her husband and continued to grind her pussy against his mouth. Soon, however, she turned her face toward Mani and started giving

his cock some more oral treatment of her own.

With Malini’s cum smeared all over his face, her husband scooted out from underneath her thighs and then sat up. He smiled at the scene before him. On her knees, Malini had Pandian and Mani standing to either side of her. She had a cock in each hand and was alternating back-and-forth, once about every 15 seconds, on which one to suck. It wasn’t too long before her husband started to get rid of his clothing, as well.

Malini gave one of her best efforts. She offered each man a hard and spirited blow job, as her dark skin slut head wildly bobbed back-and-forth. She continued to stroke and pump each man off too, with her hands. 

Malini knew that both the father and the son were very close to blowing their loads. Wanting a double-bath, she soon held each cock close to her, and pointed their throbbing tips directly at her face. “I want both of you father and son to cum on me,” she told Pandian and Mani in a lusty voice. “I want you to shoot your cum all over my face… shoot it everywhere.”

Pandian and Mani smiled at each other for a moment, then felt Malini really start to clamp down on their cocks with her hands. She gripped each of them forcefully – much harder than at any point earlier today. All it took was a couple of brisk hand-pumps, and then two helpings of thick cum was spurting onto Malini’s face from different directions. Both men gasped for breath(Pandian seemed to be better off though he was the father and older) and moaned as they shot their creamy loads all over Malini’s face and hair. The slut’s mouth was open, her tongue extended… she was eager to swallow some of the delicious sperm right down her hungry throat.

When Mani’s shaft was finally pumped dry, he finally stopped groaning from the unbridled ecstasy which Malini had brought him. But when he looked down at her, as she stood on her knees before him and Pandian, Mani gasped again. It was an amazing sight to see Malini’s perfect, extremely sexy dusky face COMPLETELY drenched in cum. 

Thick, gooey strands clung to her chin and dangled precariously from it. Her long dark skin slut hair – styled perfectly just minutes before – was now clumped together in messy strands, thanks to the cum-bath. It was as if Malini had dunked her face and head in an entire bathtub full of sperm, and just pulled it out. 

Mani simply could not BELIEVE that he and Pandian had given her such a heavy coating.

As if she had caught it on radar, Malini’s head immediately turned toward her husband – specifically, his bulging cock. Her eyes locked upon her husband’s shaft, she licked her lips in a hungry manner. her husband had brought her to orgasm just minutes ago with his mouth. Now, it was time to return the favor. Malini left Pandian and Mani behind as she walked on her knees over to her husband. Since she was blatantly staring at his cock, her husband knew what the insatiable temptress had in mind. 

Thus, he quickly sat down on the floor and stretched his legs, far and wide. With the sari still bunched around her waist, Malini moved up to just in front of her husband on her knees, then leaned all the way over and gave his cock a loving swipe with her tongue. her husband could do nothing but grin as Malini smiled at him, her face and hair completely coated in gooey sperm.

Pandian and Mani had an unobstructed view as Malini slipped her husband’s prick between her eager lips. Of course, Malini had moved to the side just for this reason… she WANTED the guys to have an unobstructed view, her husband moaned in pure lust as he watched the distinctive motion of Malini’s dark skin slut head bobbing up-and-down over his shaft. Her tongue felt like a piece of paradise; her mouth a bit of Heaven. her husband knew full well that Malini was a living fuck-doll and a whore even before he married her, and that was why he loved her so much. The dark skin slut groaned with sheer desire as she tried to swallow her husband’ massive erection right down her throat. At the same time, she cupped and kneaded his heavy balls, her fingers toying with the super-sensitive flesh. her husband could do nothing but to keep moaning and panting in pure lust.

“Look at Little Malini go!” Pandian laughed off to the side. He turned toward Mani and added, “She likes putting things in her mouth.” Shanti who was watching all this intently wet between her legs was shocked to see her brother in law making such comments.

“I know,” Mani grinned, his eyes locked on the dark skin slut as she continued sucking her husband off. He especially enjoyed the sight of Malini as she was hunched over on her knees, her ass perched high in the air and gently swaying from side-to-side. Malini decided to make quick work of her husband – after all, she was feeling thirsty. She had given him a hard, forceful blow job, and was rewarded with several spurts of cum which went directly down her throat. The slut eagerly guzzled the entire helping; she just LOVED the taste of sperm.

Once her husband took a deep breath and let out an exhausted moan, Malini knew that he would need a little rest before he could fuck her again. But no matter… Malini had two other guys in the room who were more than willing to service her.

Pandian and Mani quickly scurried over to the young woman. A smile appeared on her lovely face when she noticed that Mani was holding a tube of anal lubricant in his left hand. Now, the slut knew that very soon, she would get both a pussy- and ass-fucking, AT THE SAME TIME. Since this was nothing new to any of them, no words or requests were necessary. Pandian simply laid down flat on his back, and Malini quickly straddled him and stuffed his hard cock up into her yearning pussy. Grunting with pleasure, she then leaned all the way over – until her large, firm breasts were firmly embedded against Pandian’s muscled chest. With his cock lodged up in her pussy, Pandian grinned as he gently thrust his hips against Malini. Soon, he wrapped his arms around her neck and shoulders, then watched as Mani began applying white milk cream, the necessary lubricant upon the dark skin slut’s puckered anus.

Malini squirmed and groaned with pleasure as she felt one of Mani’s fingers probing hard against her delicate anus. At the same time, the feeling of Pandian’s cock in her pussy was quite nice, too. After applying more than enough fresh milk cream , Mani grasped Malini’s hips and then grunted with pain/pleasure as he forged himself into her incredibly-tight anus. As usual, her inner bowels gripped his cock like an unforgiving vice.

There weren’t too many things in the world which Malini enjoyed more than your basic double-fuck… which is what she was in the process of receiving right now. 

With Pandian laying flat on his back, Malini had straddled his hips and lowered her pussy to his throbbing cock. Then she leaned all the way over, until her breasts were smashed into his chest. In this position, her ass was exposed. Mani had taken care of that by popping his shaft into her little brown bud of an anus. Thus, Malini had two cocks in her at the same time – one in her pussy and another in her ass. Of course, the time for being tender was long gone. Both Pandian and Mani were well aware that Malini preferred the more physical side of sex. So, they were going to do everything in their power to give her a hard, forceful fucking. After all, that was what she wanted.

Being quite accustomed to this, it did not take a lot of time for Pandian and Mani to catch a rythym together. Pandian would quickly thrust his hips upward, driving his cock deep into Malini’s pussy. Then, Pandian would plunge himself into the depths of Malini’s little anus. They kept repeating this very same process, over and over again. It should go without saying that Malini was really enjoying herself. Two cocks were MUCH better than one. But on the other hand, three were better than two…

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” Malini yelped as the guys continued to pound their way into her pussy and ass, respectively. “FUCK YEAH! KEEP FUCKING ME! LIKE THAT! LIKE THAT! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

The slut’s body was actually vibrating from the intense amount of pleasure that the guys were providing her with, particularly Mani, who was now drilling away at her ass at rapid-fire speed. Very simply, his hips were a blur as they pumped back-and-forth behind Malini’s upturned, quivering ass.

“CUMMING!” the dark skin slut suddenly screamed.

That proclamation was the final punctuation, as Pandian and Mani each experienced simultaneous orgasms of their own as well. As Pandian pumped his sperm up into Malini’s pussy, Mani flooded her ass with his cream. At the same time, juices flowed from within Malini as if a massive river dam had burst. Each man rocked and quivered, while embracing and squeezing various parts of Malini’s magnificent body.

Off to the side, her husband was fully rested… and ready for some more action. He now knew that it was HIS turn to invade that sweet little ass of Malini’s with his hard cock…

* * *

The “Malini-bang” continued well into the night, as well as the early part of the next morning. All three guys gave the slut the type of fillings which she enjoyed – as in her mouth, pussy and ass. Malini was fucked from just about every angle and position… and she absolutely LOVED it.

And then someone asked,” We have forgotten about her guest – is she ok, since the whole night we are here – hope she is asleep.”

“Well this was a show put up for her – both my masters – father and son are panting to dip their instruments in her sweet hole and that should be expected of an insatiable slut… right? After all – her reputation has traveled faster than she did on the train” Malini chuckled.

Shanti could not believe this.  Shanti continued her stay at Mysore — and was getting used to the daily encore of the males and the maid in the Night. 

It was a no brainier that the men wanted to have her in their bed as soon as possible but family relations and etiquette prevented them from making it apparent. Pandian was a smooth operator and bide his time and was in no mood to take the aggressive route but Mani was all worked up — he wanted to plunge his dick into his aunt’s hot pussy. Though she was nearing 35 years of age — Shanti looked mere 21 years and that was the secret for men chasing her even today and she was in no mood to let the lust of men in her subside — least of her own nephew. She knew she would seduce him to death and finally relent.

It was bright and sunny morning — their mother was still in the hospital and the elder sister was preparing to leave for the Clinic and breakfast was getting served.

Pandian was to leave for the court today — there was a client waiting and the first hearing needed Pandian to be there — in his typical Mysore dress code — the head of the Family was at the table – with wife serving him hot idlis. 

Shanti entered the dining area which was adjacent to the living area of the house and sat on the sofa in her nightie which was pretty short on the legs — and just came till the knees with a nice embroidery skirting the edges and at the chest — it was a simple knot instead of any buttons. By the very look — anyone could make out her black bra inside the transparent light purple cloth of the nightie. 

She sat on the broad sofa and bend her knee on the other and began sipping on the piping hot coffee while reading the newspaper. Mani was just opposite to her having his breakfast and it so happened while turning the pages she turned to look at the table — and was aghast to see Mani fondling his long and thick member under the table. The purple head was making its waves by coming in and out of the sheath and he was doing it with his left hand and eating with his right hand. 

With just and him and his father on the table — and mother inside the kitchen — it was obvious that he was doing all this to get his aunt shaken up. Shanti — had the glance and turned back to the newspaper — did not bother to look back at the nephew and before she could complete the few lines on this article — her sister called her “Shanti — want to have some idlis and go for the bath — we have to go to the clinic”. 

Shanti — looked at her and decided to take some food before the bath and was amazed to find only the seat next to Mani — vacant — what with all the others littered with some stuff or the other. She quietly sat and pulled the casserole with the idlis next to her and was about to lift a few onto her plate when she felt something pressing on her thigh — and quickly slapped it away – and looked glaringly at the culprit who was looking the other side trying to pretend talking to his dad , ” Appa — I was watching the Animal Planet last night — was surprised to see that Tigers and Lions or even in some other mammals — there is rampant sex between the aunts and the nephews.” and gave a sly grin to Shanti. 

“If you continue to watch them tonight — you will find that the same nephews also do it with their own mothers — that is why they are called WILD” Shanti retorted at the young man. 

“Well — we will see if we can do the first one first” and the shameless Mani — lifted her nightie and tried to rub his dick on it only to be slapped by Shanti on his face. 

It was very insulting — the resounding slap and the aftermath, everything became quiet for a while. 

She got up and went to her room and got into the bathroom for a bath. She was revolting inside but also felt tremors of pleasure run through the tip on her nipple to her clitoris. She felt aroused and wanted to ease her self and quietly picked up the thick artificial phallus from her bag and got into the bathroom again. 

Shanti removed her nightie and with the bra on — she sat on the commode and turned the shower towards her — and slowly parted the panty away from the pussy lips and started to play on it with the dildo — a black leather phallus presented to her by Saran in one of their locking sex games at the Resort.

She started to moan — her lips were doing all the right things. 

Suddenly she noticed light getting blocked from the window shade on the top of the door and again reappearing — there was a hole there and she had been noticing it since she came 10 days ago — for some time she stopped — and again noticed it — and now she knew the cause of it and decided to go with it and brazenly played along — removed the dildo and applied the gel from the shelf on the tip of the dildo and took into her mouth and applied lot of her saliva and re inserted the rubber cock into her pussy hole — slowly it started working on her — and in the frenzy — tore the panty at the edges and with the scissors lying around — cut the edge of the panty and threw it away. She slowly lifted her hips from the edge of the commode only to apply the gel on her ass hole and as the dildo did its job on her pussy — the 35 year old made sure the exhibition was complete and rimmed her ass hole properly with the help of her own fingers when suddenly there was a noise and she heard some running sound outside — and heated arguments outside — and sensing some problem — quickly took her bath and came out. 

On the way to the Clinic — she got a piece of the story from her sister who also admonished Shanti for dressing up the way she is doing in the house — and also for letting people enter her bedroom when she is in the Bathroom. She had caught her son — peeping on Shanti — and this was not the first time the mother had caught the young man — she told Shanti. 

Shanti knew — the remaining days were going to be fun. She would either end up fucking this guy or get into some other trouble with the father son duo. 

Later in the day back at home wearing a sexy kurta over a shimmering salwar — the slutty aunt was cutting onions for the salad when she jumped out of her skin — a hand caressed her ass and palmed the right buttock completely and took control of her neck only to bend it on the side and plant a smooch on her mouth and though she resisted took her tongue into the oval grip of his mouth and ate on her tongue till he got out of breath — and left her to catch her own. 

She lifted her hand to slap him — but this time the nephew was not in a mood — he caught it and strongly twisted it – ” This will be tied to the bed while my dick will do the rest, now massage it before I scream and get everyone here” he put her hand on his dick. 

She resisted first — and then slowly complied — she was liking it — the cartilage was thick and juicy. She jerked it a bit and looked into his eyes – “So tonight — both my dad and I will wait for you on the terrace. Do not worry about Mom — she knows we will fuck you — Dad has told her. And by the way — if you do not come by 10 pm — we will come and lift you to the terrace. Only thing that can save you is — running away from here tonight.”

At around 6 pm while returning from the College Mani saw her in a shop near the Philomena Church talking to some man — she was looking extremely sexy and demure in the salwar kameez. 

He knew it was difficult to stalk her and not let her know but decided to be in the covers and observe what she would do next, and what did he see — the guy was giving his Aunt a lot of verbal stuff and the nephew could clearly see that Shanti was embarrassed by the indifferent attitude of the arrogant Man. She was also self conscious of others around observing how pliant and submissive she was as she meekly stood before this man who pretentiously ordered her around. 

Timidly, she reached for her purse and meekly followed him out the door.

Once outside, he quickly flagged down a cab and entered the back seat motioning for Shanti to follow him. Looking nervously around the crowded street, she hesitantly followed the gentleman and did not notice her nephew get into the cab along with the driver in the front seat.

He heard from the front veiling his face behind the small cap and winking at the driver to keep quiet, the man turning to his Aunt beauty, he gave his first order, “Don’t ever hesitate again when I tell you to do something. Disobey me and I’ll burn that ass of yours until you won’t be able to sit for a week. Understand, Mrs. Shanti Sridhar?”

Taken back by the forceful manner in which she was addressed, she softly muttered, “Yes. “

She then turned to face the front of the cab. She felt the familiar dew start to form deep inside her hole and unconsciously clasped her long legs together. Her nipples hardened and her lips trembled. After several blocks, Shanti felt the man’s large hand reach for her purse and she tried to hold onto the bag without success. her companion dumped the contents on the back seat and started sifting through the many items. He stuffed her credit cards and cash into his jacket and threw the empty purse on the floor. 

He quickly searched through the remaining contents and then picked up the small container holding some weird pills which looked like contraceptive medicine and turning to the trembling young woman, he gave his second command in the last five minutes, “Pop the pills out and throw them out the window.”

Although the dominant attitude had frightened the not so young but a real beauty, she obeyed her man seated beside her in the cab which went slowlydown the crowded streets. Mani could see from the front rear view that the last pill had been thrown from the cab and his aunt returned her gaze to the man, who was still exploring the contents of her purse. She looked at the smirking face as his huge fingers played with the package of five “regular size” KS condoms.

“Who are these little rubbers for Shanti?” he questioned.

Nervously, she blurted the truth, “They are for my lovers like you my Darling. I don’t allow anyone to have sex with me without putting them on.”

Arrogantly there in the cab right in front of her nephew whose presence was not known to her, the man threw the useless rubbers from the cab. His hand searched out the bright red lipstick tube and he twisted the bright red lip gloss from the tube. “Put some more of this on. I like it thick; it makes a woman look like she wants to fuck,” he again ordered the compliant beautiful and radiating. Shanti.

The Sexy Aunt complied with her latest command without question.

When she again turned to face her companion, she felt his large hand caress the outside of her kurta and openly fondle her tight and nipple harden breast. 

He casually manipulated the hard nipples and quickly tiring of his manipulations finally turned and looked out the cab window leaving the aroused and dripping sexy Aunty wanting more of the brutal and uncaring manipulations. In short time the cab arrived at a very plush restaurant in the Southern Star hotel campus, her nephew got out and walked to the door, with his Sexy Aunt and her companion scampering into the Hotel, she trying to stuff the contents of her purse back into the now empty bag.

Once she entered the restaurant, she was still nearly running; trying to keep up with the man’s swift pace. Once she reached the table, where he was seated, she was nearly winded; or at least she was breathing heavily. As she slid into the booth. she did not understand why she was nearly out of breath. She looked around the swank restaurant and could see all the eyes were on her and her dinner companion.

Looking up, the man merely muttered, “Over here,” patting the seat next to his large frame. Mrs. Shanti Sridhar quickly slid over to the vacant space. When seated, she looked into the dark and forbidding eyes of the man who openly mocked her.

“Before the waiter arrives, I want you to undo the top string on your kurta. DO IT NOW,” came the direct order that was to be obeyed.

Nervously looking around at the many eyes starring at her beautiful sexy body, seated next to the commanding well dressed man of the night. However, she did not hesitate, knowing that her friend would not tolerate her tardiness. As her delicate fingers pulled the string through the eyelet of her expensive silk kurta, she kept her gaze downward.

Smiling, her new owner gave his next command, “Pull your kurta open. I want the waiter to see your little tits.”

Shanti complied with his order.

When the waiter arrived, he could not keep his eyes from the beautiful sight capturing his attention. As he stuttered asking the two seated guests for their order, a tent developed in his trousers. The mocking nephew leaned over to his latest plaything and told her to tell the waiter her plan for the coming evening hours.

Shanti, a smug smile creeping over her face, looked into the deep black eyes of the waiter as if telling him, “You can look all you want sport but in several hours my little pussy will be filled with his big long black cock. Leave us now and bring us our drinks.” 

The waiter embarrassingly turned and departed to get the drinks for the beauty and her young lover. Swearing under his breath, he leaned against the bar and prayed that his hardened five inch cock would mercifully deflate before he had to return to the mischievous beauty’s table.

“When is the last time you had a cock much younger than your pussy?” came the direct question.

Shanti still looking down at the table meekly mumbled under her breath, “Its been nearly three months. I have a guy in Bangalore, Saran who is younger to me and we have ….”

Before she completed, her nephew was dazed and surprised to notice the man letting his large hand rest on his aunt’s left knee and reached the hem of the tight black salwar at her waist and briefly tugged at it and shook her up — to wriggle and the garment dropped at her feet making her naked below the waist with just the panty to cover her pussy. Mani had a hardon- raging one — he never expected his aunt to be on the slut job like this — Oh Wow — this is tons of points against her — and he was no looking for some ways of recording this piece to make her submit to him and his father brazenly — he was waiting to screw her totally naked in his arms — he was elated and feeling viciously revengeful – “Oh my aunt -let us meet once we get back home.” 

Shanti stared at the table as she felt her blood swollen pussy lips moisten. Her nipples became rigid points, pressing against the lacy satin bra. Her breathing rapidly increased as she felt the long warm fingers inch their way slowly up her inner thighs. The waiter returned with the drinks and quietly set them on the table. As he set the drink in front of Shanti, he could see her partner’s hand as it made it’s way up the Wheaties sexy and silky thighs of the beautiful and provocatively dressed slut.

Mani her nephew stared at the view in front of him and recording it on his mobile — while his aunt’s partner sternly looked into the staring face of the waiter and simply stated, “You may leave. NOW.” The waiter immediately turned and retreated once again, her nephew then returned his gaze to the distressed and aroused wife. “When we leave I will take you back to my Room in this Hotel where I will fuck you if you please me. Do you understand?”

Shanti, her small delicate hands tightly clenched, continued to stare at the table, as the long black fingers made small circular motions on her inner thighs. Her panties were now soaked and she could barely speak. The pleasure producing digits were drawing her closer and closer to her climax and she trembled as she answered the direct question, “Yes,” was all she could say.

“Take your panties off,” her nephew heard the man ordering as he removed his hand. 

Shanti was so close……. Close to her first release and the absence of the warm hand, brought her back to her present situation. The situation was that she was in an upper class restaurant with everyone in the room staring at her and the young but large man was playing with her tight body. Slowly, she let her hands drop under the table and snake their way to the soaked panties. As discretely as she could, she manipulated the delicate garments down her upper thighs and then over the tops of her knee and down to her slippers. She let them dangle on the toe of one of the feet as she quietly reached for the pretty panties.

She handed the panties to her new owner and looked deeply into his eyes. Her longing; and her need shown through her deep emerald eyes,her nephew brought his index finger through the inside his pocket to the tip of dick as he watched the man run his fingers over the brightly covered red lips and ran his finger over her lips until she parted her lips and allowed the man to insert his finger in the wet oral cavity. 

He softly pumped the digit into Shanti’s mouth and smiled as she sucked his finger. As he removed the finger, he looked around the room and saw that the entire client of the restaurant were observing his every move; his every new subjugation of the beautiful aunt. Dropping a twenty rupee note on the table he rose and walked to the door with Shanti trailing after him with her pear shaped breasts straining against the tight bra and exposed because of the unbuttoned top three strings.

The waiter then returned his gaze to the table and immediately focused on the white satin panties; left as a tip; or a mockery left for the poor waiter. Mani followed them. 

Shanti felt her wetness as she struggled to keep up with her new owner. Her thoughts lapsed to the cab where she discarded the last of her birth control pills. No matter how much she craved the promised long dark cock, she feared that she was at her most fertile period of the month and she did not want to be saddled with a child. Her mind drifted as the speeding cab brought the two sex partners rapidly to the next stage of their adventure. The scene had completely changed with Shanti now on the dominant side. Both the partners were not aware that Mani was in the same room and had made his way to the Hotel with the couple in the same cab- and neither of the two could make out the presence of this third person. That is what a Voyeur is supposed to doing the best.

She took him by the hand and pulled him toward her, planting a kiss on his cheek. She reached up behind her neck and unfastened her hair tresses. She set the hair pins on the table. He reached around her, and untied her kurta strings in the front, then reached up and slid her zipper down her back. She nuzzled his neck, and whispered, “Not in the front room Sami dear. Let’s go into the Bedroom.” 

She pulled away and took his hand, and led him to the bedroom. The man had a name — and it was Sami — not Adnan Sami — but Sami in Tamil, — they were in the Hotel suite of Southern Star — his friend worked there and also was keen to dip his dick in this aunt of Mani — but he will have to wait — this night belonged to the young nephew. She turned as she got to the bedroom to face him. He started to embrace her, but she pushed him off to arm’s length. She pulled the bibbed slip covering the bra over her head, then slipped her dress off her shoulders, allowing it to drop to the floor. She reached behind her, and unhooked her Maiden form bra, and shrugged out of it. Her breasts were full and firm, her nipples protruding like rubber erasers. Mani felt his penis begin to swell. She turned around, and slipped her fingers under the waistband where once were her white cotton panties, now lying in the restaurant with the waiter and pulled the strings on the salwar which slid slowly down, revealing her dusky smooth ass. She stepped out of them and turned. Her body was beautiful, with her full breasts and hips, and the dark puff of pubic hair. His pant bottoms were tenting forth. She glanced down and chuckled. She stepped forward and reached her hand into his crotch, her fingers wrapping around his erection. She dropped to her knees, then sat back on her heels. She pulled his throbbing love tool from his pants and placed her lips on the tip of it. Slowly, she moved forward, taking his cock slowly between her lips, her tongue swirling around his cock head, tickling the tip.

Behind the mirror watching both of them, Mani unfastened his trousers and let them drop down around his feet, as she continued to swirl her tongue around Sami’s penis. Sami shrugged out of the shirt, and it dropped to the floor as well. She stood up, and removed Sami’s trouser from around his legs and she slipped the vest back over his shoulders, and it joined the rest on the floor. She pressed her breasts against his chest, her mouth hungrily seeking his, her tongue darting between his lips. He edged her toward the bed, his hands wandering over her back and ass. As the backs of her legs touched the bed, she broke the kiss and slid into the bed. She rolled over on her back, lifted and parted her knees. He gazed down at her lovely pussy, the lips parting slightly, her hooded clitoris peeking out. She reached out her arms, and he climbed up between her legs. He bent forward, applying his lips and tongue to her clit. She moaned appreciatively, her fingers running through his hair. He slipped a finger into her cunt. It was hot and wet, and she waggled her hips as it slipped inside her. He worked his tongue over her clit, letting the tip dance over her clit, feeling it throb under his touch. She pulled his hair. He looked up, and she pulled his head toward hers. He crawled up her body, kissing his way from mound to navel to breast to breast to neck. Her hands slid down his body, clasping his ass cheeks. She pulled his hips toward hers; his cock slipped easily into her. She locked her legs around him, holding him motionless inside her. He kissed her neck, then moved to her mouth, pushing his tongue between her teeth, and stroked her palate with the tip. She sucked on his tongue, holding him tightly to her.

Shanti slid her tongue into Sami’s mouth, swirling it over his tongue. He pulled her closer, his hardened prick rubbing against her wet, trim pussy, causing them both to let out rumbles of delight. As he rolled over on top of her, he spotted something on the table next to the large, circular bed. “What are you doing?” Shanti asked, when Mani broke off the kiss and rolled within reach of the table. “That’s the meal that was left here for us. We can eat later.”

“I wasn’t thinking of eating,” Sami replied, lifting a pot. He opened the lid and sniffed. “Mmmmm, what’s this?”

“Syrup,” Shanti replied. Mani smiled and brought the pot back over to where Shanti lay. She could see small curls of steam escaping from the pour-spout. “What…are you going to do with that?”

“You’ll see,” Sami promised, lying down between Shanti’s long caramel- colored legs. Her breath grew heavier as she felt his breath hot on her clit. He tipped the pot slightly, and some hot syrup poured out of the pour-spout, landing precisely on the clit, and flowing down over her labia.

“AAAAhhhhhhaaahhh!” Shanti yelled, her back arching. 

“Oh, yes, Mani! I feel like I’m on fire!” Sami grinned and set the syrup aside, then lowered his mouth to her cunt lips, swirling his tongue in the hot syrup. His tongue slid inside her, drawing the sticky syrup with it, mingling it’s taste with Shanti’s sweet insides. Shanti moaned, lifting her hips up, as his tongue slipped out and he started to swirl it around her syrup-drenched clit. 

As his teeth and tongue stimulated Shanti, he took a couple fingers and traced them in the syrup, coating them with it, and slid them inside her, heightening her passion and his own. He felt his cock straining with hardness, and swung his ass around so that his prick was suspended directly above Shanti’s mouth. 

Shanti eagerly took the eight inch cock into her mouth, letting it sink in inch by inch as she ran her hot tongue over it’s length. She wrapped her arms around his ass and pulled him down, sinking his shaft further and further until she was deep throating the entire length.

Sami, newly aroused by Shanti’s mouth, plunged his tongue deeper into Shanti’s vagina, while his syrup-covered fingers teased her rim. 

He heard deep “Mmmmmmmm” sounds vibrate through her body, and knew she was building towards orgasm, fast. Suddenly, she came, with Sami’s tongue buried deep inside her, tasting her sweet, intoxicating flow. In the back of his mind, he knew this was how she had taken the first step in establishing mind- control over him, but he didn’t care, as his tongue plunged in and out of her, determined to drink all of her juices. 

After her body stopped quaking and her moaning subsided, Shanti rolled Sami over, her tongue still caressing his cock-tip. When he saw her reaching for the hot syrup, he stiffened for a second, but relaxed – after all, turnabout is fair play. As the syrup touched his balls, waves of scalding heat and intense pleasure shot through him, causing him to grip the bed edges and moan loudly. 

Shanti giggled a bit and poured more syrup over his cock, coating it with steaming liquid. Mani expected her mouth next, but was surprised when she replaced the syrup on the table and picked up a bowl with a spoon jutting out of it.

His unspoken question was answered when a mass of chilled whipped cream engulfed his cock-tip, mixing the intense heat with cold chills. 

Sami’s breathing grew more ragged as Shanti coated the rest of his cock with cream, and nearly passed out when he felt her moist tongue push through to touch his cock-tip, pushing into the slit. Slowly, deliberately, she swallowed his cock, inch by inch, the hot syrup and the cream mixing inside her mouth as she sucked him. Soon, she was bobbing up and down on him, while her right hand rubbed syrup and whipped cream over her heaving breasts. 

She lifted her mouth from him, and started rubbing his dick against her nipples, as Sami groaned with pent-up pleasure. “Let me fuck your tits, Shanti, please!”

“Mmmmm, yes, Sami” she said, rolling off him. Immediately, he was on her, straddling her torso and rubbing his cock over Shanti’s rock-hard nipples. He slid his shaft between her fair-sized breasts and pushed them together, forming a ring of syrup-and-cream lubricated flesh around his rod. As he began thrusting forward, she reached around and gripped his ass cheeks, pulling him forward. 

Sami felt the friction increasing as his cock pumped between Shanti’s tits. 

Shanti tilted her head forward, giving the cock-head a lick on every full thrust. 

The heat between her breasts increased, and she moaned with ecstasy, one hand dipping down between her own legs, to slide a couple of fingers inside her cunt. He thrust faster, feeling his balls starting to tingle in a familiar way. Shanti thrust her fingers deep inside herself, feeling another wave of passion building. Suddenly, it erupted, causing her to yell with primal lust. 

Sami’s prick erupted, then, jetting his hot, creamy boy-juice onto Shanti’s chin and mouth and nose. He released her tits and moved forward, Shanti catching his head in her mouth and drinking the remaining spurts, a feeling of deep satisfaction spreading through her. As she licked his dick clean, she sighed a bit, memory of their situation reasserting itself. Mani laid next to her and kissed her deeply, not minding that his own cum coated her lips and tongue.

She smiled. “Come, Sami. Squeeze my tits.”

His hands trembled as he slid them up her mostly naked torso and cupped her generous, full breasts. They were heavy and warm with unfading excitement. 

Despite his unattractive figure, Shanti was able to turn herself on by teasing him and watching his reaction to her. 

“I want your cock,” she murmured, lazily tonguing his lips, his ear, making him shudder and groan, her hands working his crotch. “I want it in my hot slit, Sami. See, feel my cunt — I’m hot for you, lover — very hot — yes, come on, feel my butt, too, babe — mm, yes — put your finger there, Sami, on my ass — you will fuck my ass later, won’t you? I like it when you fuck my butt. Oh, yes, lover, you’re so good — mm, yes — here, give me your hand — now feel my cunt — isn’t that nice, Sami? See, I’m so wet already –,”

She groaned and caressed her face with it, deftly slipping back the foreskin to expose the bulging cock-head. She kissed his penis and then, cradling it in one hand, lifting her eyes to watch his reaction, swirled her tongue wickedly over his cock-head. The young man gasped, his head snapping back, his mouth jerking open. His penis quivered and throbbed and his body jiggled. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Shall I suck you, Sami?” she murmured. “Shall I suck your cock?”

“Oh yes!” he gasped. “Oh my, oh please yes!”

“Ask me, Sami. Ask me nicely, with dirty words.”

“Please — suck me! Suck my cock — please — suck it.”

“Call me a whore, Sami. Call me a bitch, a slut and say it again.”

“Please — suck my prick, whore — suck it hard!”

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “It’s so sexy when you talk like that.”

Encouraged and emboldened, the corpulent lover grinned. “Yes, bitch — suck my cock — come on, do it, whore! Do it!”

Shanti took his penis in one hand and slipped her lips around it. The man gasped, a hand flying to her head. She drew his cock deeper into her mouth, working the cock-head cunningly with her tongue. He gasped and pumped his hips back and forth. His buttocks wobbled and the rolls of fat on his chest jiggled as he stuffed her face with his cock. Shanti sucked him slowly and deeply, her face distending and bloating with the size of the penis, her head rocking to and fro, back and forth between his thighs. Sami groaned and gasped, moving her head to suit his pleasure.

“Yes! Oh yes, sir, yes! Ohhh yes — suck it harder, bitch — yes — ohhh fuck yes — do it — suck me, baby — suck me hard!”

He was perspiring freely now, sweat trickling down his body. He gasped and groaned, his chest heaving, his belly trembling and wobbling as he moved. Pre-cum gunk shot from his cock-head and she groaned and shook his cock eagerly, swallowing his shoot, taking more on her face and breasts. Rising slightly, she kissed his protuberant belly and bent his cock down into her cleavage, squeezing her breasts in a warm, tight sheath over his cock while she fingered his balls gently. 

Behind the curtains lying on the Floor watching both of them, Mani gasped and groaned.

Shanti was at her best, ducking her head, she sucked his testicles, flipping her tongue erotically at them, then rose again to suck his cock once more. The man whimpered in delight. She sensed the imminence of his orgasm and slowly released his cock, gently slipping it out of her mouth, coiling her tongue sexily around the bulging cock-head. Sami gasped and moaned, panting heavily, his face flushed. Shanti smiled and rose to her feet, caressing his body, her hands working his cock gently, rubbing herself against him. Her lips and face shone with his pre-cum gunk. Grunting, he squeezed her breasts and buttocks, pressing her body to his.

“Come on, Sami” she hissed. “Fuck me. I’m on fire.”

Shanti took a step back and, smiling lasciviously and slid her hands up her body and lifted and squeezed her breasts, rolling her palms sexily over the fleshy mounds.

“Take me, Sami. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she murmured.

Moving forward again, she pushed him down onto the bed on his back. 

Sami sprawled on his back, his chest heaving, his belly trembling and wobbling, his body shiny with sweat. Shanti got on the bed, straddling his hips on her knees and smiled wantonly down at him, fondling her breasts, caressing her slit. The Man groaned, staring at her, and ran his hands up her thighs to her breasts. She took his cock in her hand and jerked it gently. Suddenly, bending, she pushed her face into his crotch and took his cock in her mouth again.

“OHHHHH uhhh ahhhh yes!” the man gasped, arching his back.

Shanti sucked his cock furiously, her head rocking and jerking rapidly up and down over his lap. He gasped and cried out, his hips bucking and writhing and twitching, his hands on her head, moaning desperately for her to stop. She gagged it to perfection again and stopped just in time. He was panting heavily when she rose and straddled his hips and took his cock in her hand again. 

Her eyes glittered with excitement, and her face was soft with lust, her nostrils flared, her lips parted. Her breasts were hot and swollen. Moaning softly, she moved her cunt over the thick penis and lowered herself slowly onto the upright shaft. Her cunt-lips slipped around the thick cock-head and she gasped and arched her back, her face tilted up. Mani whimpered and quivered under her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Oh god yes!”

She looked down at him again, naked lust on her face. Her eyes were hooded, glassy with lust; her mouth was open and now she hissed softly, running her tongue over her upper lip in an utterly wanton action.

“Ohh baby yes, that’s so good!”

Opening her palms, her fingers spreadeagled, she slid her hands up from her buttocks and over her flanks to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them sensuously, then moved them higher, up to her face and then to the back of her neck, her elbows high above her head, her face turned to one side, lips against the inside of her arm. Her belly trembled and sucked inward. 

Our dear Mani watched her, transfixed while the man squeezed her hot, heavy breasts. Her nipples were nut-hard and he pinched them sharply, making her gasp and wince.

“OHHHHH uhhh yes!” she gasped, still hovering over his crotch, her cunt holding the tip of his cock delicately within her. “Ohhhh uhhh yes!”

Whimpering ecstatically, she leaned forward with her arms outstretched and her hands on Sami’s chest, her fingers digging into the soft flesh, and began to grind her hips in tight, snapping circles, whipping them at each turn, her buttocks flexing and undulating rhythmically. Her face was suffused with lust. She panted like a bitch in heat, gritting her teeth and sucking in her breath, exhaling sharply through loosely pursed lips, her breathing rapid and shallow, her cries loud and lewd.

“Ah–ahhh–ahhh–ahhh–ahhh-” she puffed, her hips swinging round and round. 

Faster and faster she went, her cries rising in pitch and volume, her head flung back, her eyes hooded, her nostrils flared, her gold necklace tossing and swinging wildly, her breasts bouncing furiously.

Beneath her, Sami moaned and gasped, watching transfixed, immobilized by her naked, overpowering lust. Faster and faster she swung her hips and her cunt spiraled and corkscrewed downward, taking his cock deeper and deeper in her cunt till her buttocks were on his thighs and his penis was fully embedded in her flesh. It was too much for him to bear and he squeezed her breasts hard and thrust up violently under her.

Her body bounced and rocked furiously up and down, her cunt rising and falling steeply along the length of the swollen penis, her buttocks bouncing off his chubby thighs, her head flung back, her fingers squeezing her sagging chest. Beneath her, the corpulent manager moaned and gasped and panted, heaving his soft hip up and down furiously, tossing her wildly on his cock, his hands crushing her hot breasts. She arched back and moaned as an orgasm hit and squeezed his balls eagerly.

Her orgasm peaked and slowly ebbed. Shanti whimpered, slowing gradually, returning to the gentle rocking and grinding action. She moaned, her chest heaving, her eyes glassy with lust.

“God,” she murmured. “That was great, Sami. Aaaah Come my lover, fuck me again. Take me from behind. Like a bitch. Fuck me, Aaaah Come my lover!”

She got off his lap and turned around on the bed on her forearms and knees, spreading her legs wide for him. 

“Aaaah Come my lover, stud — shove your fat cock into my hot cunt,” she said. “Shove it in nice and hard and deep — give it to me, lover! Give it all to me!”

Groaning, gasping, panting, he squeezed his cock into her cock quickly with a single rushing thrust. Shanti gasped and cried out, her head snapping up, her mouth tearing open as the thick penis burst into her cunt. It convulsed and spasmed on his penis, and Sami moaned and began to fuck her with deep, jabbing thrusts, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her waist, his hips jerking and rocking back and forth, his buttocks wobbling and jiggling. His fat jiggled and his thighs slapped loudly at her buttocks. 

Shanti moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth on her forearms and knees under him, her gold necklace swinging, her breasts jiggling and bouncing with his thrusts. Inflamed, he gripped her swinging breasts and squeezed them hard, making her gasp and wince and writhe and squirm against him, begging for more and still more.

Shanti groaned and bent steeply forward, lifting her buttocks higher still, pressing her shoulders to the bed, her face turned to one side. She shuffled her legs wider apart, exposing the puckered flesh of her anus.

Sami dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks, pulling them wider apart and pushed his hips forward. His cock-head burst into her anus.

Shanti cried out thinly, her face contorting in a fixation of lust, her head jerking upward, her eyes screwed shut, her lips jerking back over her teeth, her mouth wide. Her fingers scrabbled at the sheets. Above and behind her, the fat manager groaned and pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, tight, rear channel. 

Shanti’s breath came in deep, rattling, broken, sobbing gasps as the big penis tunneled deeper and deeper into her anus. It was wonderful and her body burned with lust. She thrust a hand into her crotch and arched a finger into her slit, vibrating her knuckle against her stiff clitoris. Her anus convulsed on his throbbing penis.

Sami was nearing the end. He sodomized her slowly and heavily, rocking his hips back and forth, squeezing and pushing and cramming his cock into her anus, panting and moaning loudly, his chest heaving, his head flung back, his body streaming with sweat. Her anus was hot and tight as a vice and it spasmed frantically on his throbbing penis. In and out he went, wanting it never to end. She whimpered and moaned, writhing her buttocks erotically against his thighs, grinding her anus up and down the length of his shaft. Bending and curving her body, she reached deep between her legs and squeezed his heavy, hairy balls.

It was too much for him to bear. With a strangled moan, he lurched out of her and, shaking his cock in his fist, exploded the juicy sperm jism shot from his cock-head and spurted over her buttocks and thighs. He came and came and came, emptying his load, dribbling juicy sperm jism between her buttocks and over her anus and down her cunt-lips. 

Shanti whimpered and writhed. Moaning, he squeezed his cock into her anus cunt again, fucking her gentle for several minutes more. At last, he tottered away, sliding out of her. She collapsed on the bed, panting and moaning, her chest heaving. Mani sank back on his haunches, dripping sweat. Slowly, Shanti turned around to face him on her front. He grinned weakly at her. Smiling wanly, she slithered up and pushed her face into his crotch, taking his cock in her mouth again. He moaned softly. She sucked his penis gently, savoring the taste of her cunt and anus and his juicy sperm jism. At last, she let him go.

“Thank you, Sami,” she murmured, breaking away and getting up. “That was very good. I enjoyed that very much. Next time you do not have to come to Mysore for all this — I will come to Chennai. Hope you will not trouble our client anymore.”

Mani left the Room through the connecting door with a leering smile — the remaining days with his Aunt at Mysore were going to be eventful.  Shanti had to rush back to Bangalore – her life was in jeopardy – Resort got raided one fine night and Olga along with Saran were arrested and taken on a non bailable warrant – there were serious allegations of some anti national activities being done and some of it included coercion of women into non consensual sex and prostitution. 

Immediately after, the investigations brought out irregularities and in ample – lots of people involved were arrested- companies got tracked and most prominently Promolite – quite a few lost their jobs – including Hema and Balu and of course Sandi Mittal who had to spend a few days behind bar and still has cases pending against him. 

Well – our darling also lost her job – Shanti was summarily asked to take a walk by the Bank and was in fact dismissed leaving her with no remunerative benefits. Sridhar applied for divorce – chased it vigorously on grounds of infidelity and was granted separation with the custody of the child in his control. He left Shanti alone – and asked her to fend for herself – interestingly there was no alimony granted and she did not need one for sometime.

Once things became better and lot of dust had fallen behind- Shanti started to feel the heat of a different kind – had not paid rent for 3 months and her own money was depleting fast. The landlord and his kith kin were not kind people and soon – she knew there will be a pressure of a vicious nature hitting her – she did not want it. She decided to leave the town and chose to go somewhere – where people do not recognize her and wished if she could be closer to her daughter. They were in deep Tamil Nadu – near to the Indian Ocean, based on which she chose to go to Kerala and left for Trivandrum. 

A few months went away with no great event – she would cross the state border and meet Amulya every week – so that kept her going. On one of such trips – there was a surprise for her on the small steamer ship she would take every time to reach the place across the wide expanse of water – it was a back water stretch and the trip across the stretch cost less compared to the road journey. And on this journey she met Balu. He instantly made a beeline for her and the two lovers just sat next to each other – reminiscing the good old days – and also bit their lips on the way it had ended or tapered down into a sort of a nightmare. 

“Hema is here- she was left out by everybody and when Lakshmi and I decided to move here to Tamil Nadu – it was a difficult decision but well – we took it with grace and lot of temerity – I was in out of police stations and there was little help we got from Promolite – we had done so much for the company. Well – that time – my friend Acharya – you do not no him – he works for a company in Chennai bailed me out – got me a job in his company – and asked me if I would be happy to work in Nagercoil outskirts – and here I am – salesman work and at least keeps me going. Hema lost her job – divorced and was mentally down and out – she was involved with quite a few men and one of them was Acharya. He had some grudges against her – and though she apologized – and even offered him sex which in such situations are not the right thing to barter – did not help. She went off to Chennai and stayed with her parents and sister for a while – her brother in law – was quite repressive and even her brother Danish added to her woes. Finally – she called me and got her here – she is staying near my place and is looking for a job. Most of the jobs come with a sex tag – she is given up and will not come to terms with any more sleeping around -till there is peace with the soul. I can understand that – so how is it with you?” that was pretty long from Balu. 

They got down at the coast and Shanti left for her house bur not before getting an offer from Balu to work at a local hospital he knew as a nurse – they were willing to pay up to 15000 per month and he spoke to them on the cell and asked her to go the next day and join. For Shanti both this steamer trip and the meeting with Balu turned out to be real lucky. 

She started to work at the hospital and it was a sight to see – Shanti looked voluptuous and extremely desirable in the Nurse outfit – she was the connoisseur of all eyes – it was impossible to go to the hospital and not take notice of the sexy nurse. As days went by – Balu became bolder and couple of times went to her place – and tried to get under her skirt but timely intervention in the form of a cell call from Lakshmi once and the neighbor asking for milk on another occasion prevented what could have been a reunion of sorts for the two lovers on the bed. Well – that was heat on both sides – he longed to lodge his dick in the pussy while she was still in the Nurse’s dress. Well – she also was equally smart and one day asked him,” How is it going with Hema – is she ok now for your needs?”

“No – she does not respond – we need a different plan.” he surmised.

“Why don’t you get here – we can get something to work” Shanti suggested.

Time went by and Shanti was yet to get a response from Balu. She got a few calls from Balu but no confirmation as to when he will get her to Shanti’s place.

It was a bold plan, provocative, perhaps even a little dangerous. What had started as a notion only a week ago had become an increasingly daring idea. Another day of rumination, and the idea had become an objective. A fretful night’s sleep allowed her further consideration, and by the next morning the objective had spurned a course of action. Now that she thought about it, she’d spent the better part of the past seven days planning to get her newly found lover Balu’s paramour into bed. She had heard – a woman under distress gets well – through a couple of rounds of lesbianism and the other interest was of course – Hema herself. Shanti was very interested in this girl – had heard so much about her from Mala that it was impossible to resist a chance to get under Hema’s panties. She was bewitching and Shanti wanted to taste the forbidden Sex – a woman for the first time in a desirable manner. 

The start of the plan had been a phone call from Hema a few days later when sobbing, sniffling, blubbering like a little girl, Lakshmi had related the particulars of Balu’s serious accident the night before. He was at the Hospital where she worked – Shanti rushed only to find both Lakshmi and Hema there who was introduced to her by the former and next them stood a handsome man – who called himself Acharya.

Shanti knew what an important step that had been for Lakshmi to take, getting Hema and Acharya on the hospital turf. The frail young twenty-two year old had clung to her friend and once upon a time colleague like a security blanket, insisting that operation was out of the question till Balu regained consciousness and his other pathological reports being some of the reasons. that stance. 

After 46 hours of sedated state – the doctors told Acharya that Balu needed immediate operation on the knees which had suffered badly in the accident and it would be better if there is a 2 lakh deposit made immediately. The discussion took place with both Shanti and Hema near the Wife at that point of time. 

“From the company we can organize 25000 – if this had been an accident on official work – we could have a case – but it was not. We will have to seek some other assistance. ” he murmured.

Lakshmi – Balu’s wife was hysterical – and this was too much to digest for Shanti and Hema. Both tried their contacts – called all their ex flames and people whom they knew and had slept with – but in vain. 

Acharya met up with Shanti and shared with her that the money has been paid up out of the insurance policy and the rest from his pocket and Balu was on a fast recovery path – it should be soon that he will be shifted to a normal ward. Shanti thanked him profulsely and expressed her surprise in the evening when she met Hema – ” I am surprised – he did not sound like he will do all this”. 

“Uhmm – let me share this with you – he extracted a written promise from me that I will get you for him in the Nurse outfit for a fuck and it is my responsibility to get you to visit him willingly and offer yourself to him. I made the promise not knowing the consequences – Balu was slipping and he was near to coma.” Hema revealed the truth.

Shanti was shattered – how can Hema take a decision like that on her behalf. Finally, she also had come to a decision. . They were adults. Life was changing, and she decided that if life was changing all around her she needed to change with it. That night after the big party for Balu, Shanti coerced seduced and finally welcomed Hema into her bed. 

And the lesbian experience was everything she had hoped it would be. 

“Hema,” Shanti said with a sureness in her voice that she didn’t quite feel. She was playing to the promise made to Balu – that she will work on Hema and get her back to the old days – and make her the Wild Hema Balaji – the sex addict again.

“I have to tell you something. I planned this. I planned this for a whole fortnight. I want to make love to you, Hema. Please… don’t be scared away. I’m not trying to take advantage of you. Sex can be a beautiful, even spiritual, experience. Let me show you, Hema. Before you make up your mind about sexual life again, let me show you how wonderful it can be between me and you.”

Shanti searched the other woman’s eyes for a response, and to her surprise it wasn’t long in coming. 

“I’d like that, ” Hema whispered. “I’d like that a lot. I hope you know and you should know that I am a sex addict and swing both ways.”

Shanti took Hema by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Not knowing if she could get Hema this far, Shanti had kept the preparations to a minimum. In the end such things were superfluous, creating distractions not ambiance. Only one thing mattered now, and the fewer distractions the better. 

Shanti turned to face Hema, staring into her deep, dark eyes as if seeing her for the first time. In a way she was. An unknown and now since a few days an acquaintance was becoming a new lover. They were about to share something very special, and Shanti had to admit she liked seeing Hema in this new light. 

“I won’t hurt you, ” Shanti whispered. 

Hema nodded. “I know.”

Shanti sought out Hema’s lips, finding none of the resistance she had encountered when she’d kissed the girl for the first time. Instead, she found a growing passion, an eagerness. Hema’s willingness gave Shanti new confidence in her chosen course of action. She slid her hands down Hema’s back, pulling her dress up past her hips so she could massage her firm bottom. 

Hema’s quiet sigh of pleasure was barely able to escape her lips as Shanti continued to kiss her newly found lover while allowing her hands to wandered aimlessly over the less experienced body. She moved up her arms, around her shoulders, making sure no part of Hema’s body went unexplored. 

Repeatedly, Shanti told herself that this was for Hema’s benefit and not her own. As long Hema got every opportunity to revert to the pleasures of sexual intercourse, Shanti would be satisfied and consider the evening well spent. Yet she couldn’t help being turned on as she cupped Hema’s breast in her hand and began to grope the supple mounds of flesh through the thin fabric of her dress. 

“Mmm, ” Hema moaned. “That feels really nice.”

Encouraged thus far, Shanti continued massaging Hema’s breasts while exploring the other woman’s mouth with her tongue. Having done nothing else but kiss and grope, Hema had apparently learned to get the most from the experience. Shanti found herself succumbing to the embrace as Hema’s tongue swirled around her own in a furious battle of wits. Oh, what Hema could do with that tongue if she would only be patient!

Shanti took a measured step back, determined that Hema learn the joys of making love. Not wanting her new lover to be intimidated, Shanti disrobed first. She reached back and unfastened her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Her bra was easily cast aside, then her panties. She stood before Hema completely naked, feeling the searing heat from Hema’s wide eyed stare. Shanti felt a sudden twinge between her legs. It was like Hema was fucking her with her eyes! Shanti realized that under the many layers of repression lurked a sexual dynamo just waiting to be set free. Shanti feared for Balu’s life when that time came. Of course, if he survived Hema in a new found ravenous form… she’d be jealous of him. 

“You are so beautiful,” Hema whispered. 

“You’ve seen a woman naked before,” Shanti said. 

Hema nodded her head, “But no one as beautiful like you and like this.”

“That’s not true, I am not any angel” Shanti smiled. She watched as Hema got undressed, noticing how she repeated everything she had just seen… slowly undoing her dress, then removing her bra and panties. Shanti was likewise taken aback by the sight of her newly found lover nude. As she’d just told Hema, they had seen women naked before. But Hema was right when she pointed out that this was different. 

Seeing Hema as a sexual creature was new… and exhilarating. She was a little thin, Shanti thought, but unbelievably sensuous. Her hips were well curved, inviting. The patch of blond hair between her legs was nearly transparent, but appeared to cover something delicious. Shanti decided it was time to find out. 

She gently lowered Hema onto the king size bed, waiting for Hema to scoot into a more comfortable position before climbing on top of her. Shanti straddled her on all fours, looking down to find Hema’s gorgeous dark eyes staring back at her without so much as a glint of apprehension. 

Shanti bent down and kissed her, hungrily devouring the lips she had so enjoyed kissing before. She could feel Hema’s hands sliding down her back, quickly grabbing her ass before coming to rest on her hips. 

Shanti began the long journey down Hema’s body, placing kiss after sloppy kiss on her neck, on her shoulder, on her collarbone. There was no part of Hema’s body that didn’t demand the attention her lips were doling out. Shanti made her way down, sensing Hema’s impatience as her lips inched closer and closer to the other woman’s breasts. 

To her surprise, Hema’s nipples weren’t hard. We’ll soon fix that, Shanti though wickedly as her mouth quickly covered Hema’s breast in one gulp.

“Ohhh… ” Hema sighed. 

Shanti began to massage Hema’s breast with her lips, opening wide to get as much of it into her mouth as possible. She began teasing the nipple with her tongue, drawing small circles around the tip. From the way Hema squirmed underneath it was obviously having an affect. Shanti pulled back, tugging on the nipple with her lips. She let it go with a snap, letting her tongue play with it until it stiffened under her loving care. She kept it up for long while, moving from one to the other, making sure both glorious mounds got the respect they deserved. 

Eager for more exploration, Shanti continued to make her way down Hema’s body. She kissed her flat belly, tongued her navel, inching closer and closer to the one part of her body that had caused Hema so much consternation. Shanti knew if their situations were reversed, her pussy would be throbbing by now in anticipation of what was about to happen. But with Hema, she didn’t know what to expect. 

Shanti gently eased Hema’s legs apart, kissing her inner thigh as she moved closer and closer… She could smell the arousal and a whiff of anxiety, but Shanti would soon assuage all her fears. She blew a puff of air against Hema’s pussy, smiling as Hema shivered with a delight she hadn’t expected. 

It was a trick Shanti had picked up from the Resort Lesbian training – Olga was a skilled teacher of this art and later Mala experimented a lot of them on Shanti, and her reaction had been much the same as Hema’s. 

Shanti was glad to finally be able to share that bit of knowledge. And there was alot more where that came from.

Shanti propped herself up on her side and began stroking the length of Hema’s pussy with the tip of finger, not yet penetrating, just tender, delicate strokes. Her cunt was much too tight to accept a finger inside just yet. This was just a precursor, a necessary first step to pave the way for headier things to come. 

Hema moaned softly under Shanti’s gentle ministrations. 

“Do you like that?” Shanti asked. 

“Oh, yes… ” Hema sighed. “That feels so good… “

Shanti lowered her mouth to Hema’s sex and began a thorough exploration of the other girl’s cunt, for the moment using only her tongue to find her way through the barely tried recesses of her womanhood. She tasted sweet, fresh, and Shanti quickly immersed herself in the zest of Hema’s womanhood.

“Shanti…” Hema gasped. 

Shanti heard her name but was too engrossed in her work to pay it much heed. Her tongue-fucking was methodical, calculated. She let loose a fury inside Hema’s pussy, flicking her tongue wildly as she lapped up the juices that were beginning to flow. 

“Oh yeah… ” Hema moaned. 

By now Hema’s pussy was dripping wet, and Shanti knew it was time to really start the fire works. She casually inserted a finger into Hema’s sex, looking up to see the expression on the her newly found lover’s face as another woman’s finger slipped insider her cunt for the first time. The look was one of surprise and elation, extreme arousal. Seeing Hema’s face light up like that could have made Shanti come herself right then. But she could always take care of her own needs later. Right now, she had only one objective. 

Shanti began to finger fuck her new lover slowly, building a steady rhythm as she worked her nimble digit in and out of Hema’s pussy. Having sufficiently tongued the tight opening in preparation, her finger slid in easily. She thrust in and out, making circles with her finger as she did. 

“Oh God, ” Hema whimpered. 

The arousal dripped from Hema’s voice as well as her cunt, and Shanti couldn’t get enough of either. She managed to work a second finger into her opening, thrusting them in and out… pushing harder and deeper… faster and faster. From the way Hema’s pussy clenched around her fingers Shanti knew she was close to orgasm… her first orgasm. Shanti quickened the pace, using her thumb to massage Hema’s swelled clit while jamming her fingers into her sex as far as she dared. 

“Shanti!” Hema shrieked, panic stricken. Her body began to tremble, shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. She grabbed a handful of bed covers and held on for dear life. “Oh, God… Shanti!!!!”

“Relax, ” Shanti told her. “Just let it happen. Just let it happen, baby.” She continued the ferocious finger fucking, bending down to tease the enlarged nub of a clit with the tip of her tongue while driving her fingers deeper and deeper into Hema’s pussy as if she could reach in, grab hold of her orgasm, and yank it out of her. 

“Oh, God!” Hema cried. “Oh God oh God oh God… ” She pounded her fists against the bed, tossing her head from side to side as her body pitched a massive fit, convulsing, writhing, jerking, flopping up and down on the bed like a fish out of water. 

“Yes!” Hema screamed. “Oh, dear God! Shanti… yes!!!”

Shanti kept right on licking as wave after wave of Hema’s orgasm gushed over her face. If Hema had managed to come just once, Shanti would have patted herself on the back and considered it a job well done. But apparently Hema’s body was making up for lost time; years of pent up energy came spilling out of her body and Shanti eagerly drank it up. 

It took a few minutes for Hema to stop shaking, a task made more difficult by the fact that Shanti refused to take her mouth away from the other woman’s pussy. Eventually Shanti came up for air, looking up to see Hema’s smiling face. She was glowing… absolutely radiant. Shanti felt her heart skip a beat.

“Shanti, ” Hema gasped. “That was… I can’t even describe it!”

Shanti smiled sheepishly. “I’m glad you liked it.” It sounded idiotic, but Hema was in such a state of rapture that she probably didn’t even hear it in the first place. 

Hema moved over slightly, patting the warm spot where she had been resting. “Come on… I want to do you now.”

Shanti did nothing to conceal her shock. When she finally recovered, she shook her head reproachfully. “Hema… this night was for you, not me.”

“Are you saying you don’t want me to?” Hema asked. 

Shanti frowned. She couldn’t very well tell her newly found lover that, not when she knew deep down inside that it wasn’t true. From the moment she’d seen Hema naked she’d wanted that face between her legs. 

“Hema, I- “

Hema put a finger to Shanti’s lips. “Isn’t sex about mutual pleasure?”

“When all is right with the universe, ” Shanti laughed. 

Hema nodded. “Then pleasuring you is a part of the experience. Now shut up and let me go down on you already.” 

Before Shanti had time to be shocked a second time, Hema’s lips were pressing against hers. It was pointless to resist. Not that Shanti had any intention of shunning the dark haired beauty that was already making her way down her body with that hungry mouth of hers. 

Shanti rolled her head back in ecstasy as Hema repeated everything that had been done to her, first kissing then sucking Shanti’s breasts, moving down to tongue her navel before stopping at the edge of her sex to blow a gust of cool air into Shanti’s very hot cunt. 

“Mmm, ” Shanti meowed. “You learn fast… “

“I had a good teacher in quite a few women before you am sure you know Mala and there was one more before her – my neighbor and her husband – my first ever lovers. ” Hema said. She immediately buried her face in Shanti’s pussy, her probing tongue french kissing the sensuous adulteress’ clit. 

“Oh God!” Shanti gasped. Hema did have the skill then she realized – Hema was younger to her but far more experienced in sex though it was true that Shanti was trained in lesbian skills at the Resort and Hema was extempore from her personal experiences! 

Her tongue went wild inside Shanti’s very wet pussy, poking and prodding as she played with the newly discovered toy. Shanti couldn’t believe how good it felt having her newly found lover’s tongue inside her, and how quickly Hema took to doing it!

“That’s it, ” Shanti rasped. “Lick me, Hema. Lick my pussy dry.”

Hema did as she was told, attacking Shanti’s sex with passion. Shanti raked her fingers through Hema’s hair, impressed but also intimidated by the monster she had created. Hema was obviously a natural at eating pussy, either by instinct or years of fantasizing about it. At the moment Shanti didn’t give a damn how Hema had acquired her skills. All that matter was that they were focused solely on easing the nagging ache between her legs. 

“Yes!” Shanti cried. “Oh yes! Hema… that’s the best… “

Shanti could feel a stirring deep inside her, a slow rolling boil that was percolating to the surface. Making love to Hema had her insides doing cartwheels, and Hema’s ministrations were more than enough to drag her the rest of the way to orgasmic bliss. Shanti knew if she didn’t come soon she would burst. She reached down and fondled her own clit while Hema continued to drive her tongue deep into her pulsating cunt. 

Working in unison quickly brought Shanti to the brink. The fire that burned in the pit of her stomach quickly spread, searing her flesh, filling her with the most warm and wonderful feeling she had experienced in a long, long time.

“Oh, God… Hema!” Shanti screamed the name at the top of her lungs. Her body twitched, her muscles tightened, the room exploded in a multitude of colors. Shanti growled like a mad dog as she bucked against the volcanic eruption spewing forth from her pussy. Wave after wave passed through her loins, filling her head with light until she was spinning out of control. Spinning…spinning… 

Shanti collapsed in exhaustion, managing just enough energy to welcome Hema into her arms. They clung to each other forever, sweat drenched bodies warm from the passion they’d shared. The minutes passed by, one bleeding into the next, and the two spent lovers cuddled each other, exchanging gentle caresses, neither of them eager to break the connection. 

“Shanti,” Hema whispered. “What’s going to happen after tonight?”

Shanti lovingly played with Hema’s hair. “What do you want to happen?”

Hema considered that for a moment. “Right now, I could stay in your arms forever. But I’m in love with Balu. And it seems you’re in love with him also… aren’t you?”

“No. I do not have any emotional attachment other than owe him a few things in life including the advent into sex. ” Shanti nodded. “He can be impossible sometimes, but I still like being with him.”

“Oh, ” Hema said. She considered that for another moment. “But we can still keep fucking each other, right?”

“Hema!” Shanti exclaimed. 

“Well, we can, can’t we?”

Shanti laughed. “Hema Balaji, I should take you over my knee for using that kind of language.”

“I’m game, ” Hema giggled. 

Before she knew it, Shanti found Hema’s lips pressed against her own. She soon lost herself in the embrace, her mind swimming in delight as Hema moved up her neck to nibble her ear.

“Do I get your nod for an encore with Acharya, please, am sorry for committing on your behalf?” Hema asked innocently. 

Shanti nodded her head. It sounded like a plan which one had to execute – there was no choice at this point of time.  Shanti Sridhar pushed the door closed opened the closet and removed a towel, a washcloth, soap and a large stainless steel basin. She slowly filled the basin with hot water. It was a two bed room special ward, but one bed was vacant. She went to the bed by the window where Balu lay. Both of his legs were encased from toe to hip in plaster.

“Hi,” Shanti said. “How are you this morning?”

“A hell of a lot better since you got here,” he said raising onto his elbows.

Shanti grinned wrinkled her nose at him. “I get to give you your bath this morning. Rani’s husband is sick and she had to stay home and take care of him.” Rani was the nurse’s aid who gave most of the baths.

“That skinny little aunt had a husband? My God, it sure don’t take much to satisfy some guys.”

“Mr. Balu, that wasn’t nice,” Shanti said.

“Call me Balu only dear Shanti, and smile at me like everybody does.”

“Okay. And I’m your Shanti and will do it. How is Hema – did she see you lately – has “

“You’re too much – finally caught up with her and had for a nice meal I believe – what a doll you have turned into Shanti – what happened to the old demure shy God fearing Shanti? You’re a real explosive bomb, Shanti.” he was behaving like a 18 year old whose scrotum was filling to burst.

“Uhmmmm and look who is talking, anyway I feel great.” Shanti responded.

She cleaned his neck and ears, dropped the cloth into the pan, and untied his gown. Shanti felt a tiny thrill as she whipped the gown off and dropped it to the floor. “Hey!” Balu cried. He’d gotten used to skinny little Rani seeing him naked-and even a couple of other aids and a nurse or two. But it was a little different with Shanti, she was too known and too pretty. 

“Don’t be shy, Balu I’m a nurse and you are the man who tamed me from what I was to this world. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before.” But a quick glance at his cock told her she might be lying. His prick was completely flaccid, but huge, bigger than she had experienced Balu before when he was hard!

“I am not shy with you,it is only that my love Shanti, am worried that you will have to fuck Acharya and am not very keen to have you do that till I am completely satisfied that we get more than the bills paid up for my injury. This was his duty and am also aware that as per the insurance scheme – he will get most of the money back – when Hema told me about her commitment to him it just took me by surprise,” he said.

“Fine – you know that I trust you completely – so let me know how to handle him” and Shanti soaped the cloth and started washing his chest. He had a beautiful chest, heavily muscled and completely hairless. The breath seemed to clog in her throat and she hoped her hand didn’t tremble. It was agony not to look down at his hairy crotch, at his monstrous cock, the special one in her life which had speared her on that day 2 years ago and after that she had no looked back – it was one of which she had never seen before.

Balu had been jammed in the accident and taken the load on his feet, and broken
both ankles. The doctors had said it was a miracle that he hadn’t jammed
either his knees or his hips. She washed his dark nipples and watched them harden. She lifted his arm and washed it and a sharp tingle went through her cunt.

“Does that feel good?” she said.

“Yeah. You do it better than them. other nurses here.”

She finished his chest and arms. “Lean forward,” she said, she washed
his back and pushed him hack against the pillows. She washed his sides and
belly and then looked at his huge cock again. A thrill raced up her spine.
His casted legs were spread apart in a vee and his big prick hung loose,
one nut showing.

She wrung out the cloth, soaked it, filled it with soap and darted between his legs, gently washing his cock and balls.

Balu sucked in and stiffened. None of the aids, or even a nurse, had done it that way. The hot soapy water felt so good1 her hand so. . . God, so erotic!

“Just relax, Balu. We have to get you nice and clean,” she said as she continued to wash the length of his cock. “Does that feel nice?”

“Oh, my sweet Shanti, that feels heavenly,” he gasped.

She felt his cock respond, thickening inside the cloth. Shanti dropped the cloth back in the pan and quickly grasped his erect cock. She held it firmly for several moments, then started to slowly stroke her hand up and down its length.

“My goodness, Balu, you’re getting bigger,” she said.

“Oh, goddamn, nurse Shanti! That feels so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“I won’t, Balu. I’m going to do it for a long time,” Shanti panted, her cunt tingling wildly. “You’re so big!” She was amazed his prick completely filled her hand! He reached his big hand out and cupped her ass.

“Don’t,” she cried and brushed his hand away.

He drew it back quickly. With the fingers of both hands, Shanti slowly peeled his thick foreskin down until his cock head stood bare. She rolled the skin back up and then down again. “Does that feel good?” she asked and he grunted. 

“How long has it been, Balu?” she persisted.

“I fucked my wife before I went to work the morning I fell. I ain’t so much as had it up since,” he gasped.

Shanti gave a little cry. Balu was so crude, so vulgar, so unlike Saran her lover in Bangalore. Saran had never said that word to her. Her heart was pounding with
excitement. She had done this before-jerked off the male patients whenever she thought she could get away with it. In fact, it was by far the most exciting part of her job.

“Is Manju – happy with you lying here?” she said, steadily pumping his cock.

“Yeah.. she’s a lot of woman and likes her cock.” Balu screamed.

“I like cock, too, “Shanti whispered. “How long have you been without tasting me – 18 months – things have changed -I am much different now my lover.” Shanti quipped.

He moved his hips along with her hand as he spoke, enjoying the talk because it prolonged his coming.

“I can see why she wouldn’t want to get in bed with you here. She’s probably
afraid of hurting. you. But she could at least pull the curtain and masturbate you.” Shanti was becoming dirty now.

“Hell, Manju never would jack me off! Hema and Mala did before until now.” Balu stared at her.

“Really? She won’t do this?” Shanti said, sliding her hand up and down his cock. She squeezed the naked cock knob, then cupped his nuts in her other hand, thrilled by the way the. bag had drawn up tight, pulling his balls snug.

“Really, Shanti,” he gasped. “Aw shit, that feels good!”

“Well, I will, I’ll jack you off. After four weeks you need it. I’m gonna make you come good.” She felt the warm goo from his cock making her hand slippery. He was leaking a lot. “Your cock is so big. I wish I. . .” She didn’t finish.

“Aw, fuck, that is great! I don’t think will last too much longer,” Balu gasped.

Shanti stopped. “Let it cool off for a minute. I don’t want you to come quite yet.” Shanti felt like she might come, too, if she could prolong his hard-on. Sometimes she could come by just imagining a man’s cock inside her.

She looked into his eyes and saw they were glazed with lust. He smiled weakly. “Goddamn, Shanti, bring me off! I have to come,” he sighed. She held his cock in a vise-like grip, squeezing off any chance he had of coming before she wanted him to.

She saw his tits, two dark spots on his flat chest with nipples like small pears and dropped her lips to the nearest one. Shanti had never sucked a man’s tit before and the thrill was instant. She sucked hard and the little nipple pressed against her lips as she started pumping his prick again. Her cunt was throbbing excitedly and she was sure she would come.

Balu was groaning loudly, lifting with his hips, his own come drawing near.

“Pull on it, you little bitch,” he snorted. “Pull on it and make it spout!”

She felt his hand on the back of her head softly caressing her hair. She didn’t want him to touch her, not just yet, but she couldn’t stop him, either. His hand felt good, exciting, reassuring. She moved quickly to his other nipple and felt the sweet, sharp pain of an intense orgasm grab at her pussy. She knew she was moaning, but she couldn’t help herself. And then she knew Balu was coming, too. She turned her head and lay her cheek on his broad chest to watch. It was always an extra thrill to see a man’s cock jerk and spit its nasty stuff.

Balu’s cock was rigid in her hand as a four week’s supply of semen squirted high in the air. His come went straight up and came straight down, spreading slickly over her churning hand. She kept pumping and another squirt of semen went into the air. After that, the stuff just bubbled out in wads. Her own orgasm was slowly subsiding, filling her legs and belly with a wonderful warmth. She felt his stiff nipple against her cheek and realized for the first time that her own nipples were pressing hard against her bra. It was a good feeling, almost like coming all over again. They stayed like that for several minutes, Shanti with her face on his chest, his messy cock gripped in her hand, and Balu stretched out, his arms loose, breathing hard.

“That was the nicest thing a nurse ever done for me,” he gave her a wry smile.

Shanti straightened up. “Uhmm – you know Nurse was incidental, did you really like it?” she asked.

“I loved it. I don’t think I ever came so hard.” Balu knew women liked to hear the right things. He wanted this every day and a praise would go a long way.

“Then I’m glad I did it. I shouldn’t, you know. I’d get fired if I got caught.” she quipped. Shanti washed him off again and gave him a clean gown. She let him slip it on and then tied the strings behind his neck. She felt wet between her legs, but it didn’t matter because she felt so good everywhere else.

“Will you come and do that again?” he asked.

“If I can,” she whispered and kissed him on the lips, softly at first, and then with hard urgency. It was the first time she had kissed a patient though it was her own Balu but after all he was a patient knowing she has just relieved him after beating him off. “You had me turned on, Balu.” After she had emptied and washed the basin and disposed of the dirty linen, she stepped into the hall.

And lo behold – she found Acharya standing there, “So here is the ward where our man is resting – she is Shanti the nurse managing him.” he introduced her to a guy next to him – who was certainly not an Indian- very tall – blond hair and looked like an American or European – “ Shanti – how is Balu doing today – this is Dean Clarke, our associate from Perth Australia. He has come to meet us and we are supposed to ink an agreement today – wanted to meet Balu – it is okay to meet him?”

“Oh yes -he is fine and is just resting.” she replied and sped towards the hospital reception. 

“ Who is this chick maan, I must say she is too good – how young she is – she looks so slick and good. Wow look at her skin and her bodice and figure – looks like an angel. Wow – Achar- can you fix her for me ?” the Australian was panting for Shanti and this was not a surprise for Acharya – that was the reason he had got the lecherous guy to the hospital.

“You get the Transfer price below $15 AUD and we can work it for you” quipped Acharya as they entered the Special ward. 

“ Uhmm – have already brought it down to $18 and don’t press me for more. Get me that chick man – please. I am here till tomorrow morning – you must get her to do the right things on my body – get me and …” he was yet to complete when they heard Balu enquiringly. 

“Who are you talking about ?” Balu asked. 

Acharya winked at him and slowly holding his hand,” He is lusting for your girl Shanti – just saw her in the corridor.” 

Balu was dejected- Shanti was getting into trouble with everyone. 

Well – the deal was stuck and Hema was used to convey the matter to Shanti. 

Shanti put her price across – she needed a safe passage out of this hospital and demanded a decent job with some good company and a pay of around 50K per month in rupees. The matter was settled -and Acharya gave her a job in his organization as a Sr Manager responsible for Public Relations and got her the offer letter and a month salary in advance shipped to her at the hospital. 

The event was fixed and Shanti was to meet Dean at his room in the 5 star hotel – at Trivandrum. She was sped off to that place in an Innova and met Dean at the Reception – he took her hand in his and using the elevator – they reached his room and as Shanti led him toward the bedroom, Dean Clarke felt his blood rushing wildly through his veins. 

He just wasn’t able to believe this fantastic woman. He had come to the door thinking that the two of them would have a round-about conversation on the topic he had come to discuss with her, perhaps even ending up with her saying she couldn’t go through with it with another man than her husband. But she had totally surprised him.

Thank you for all this here.” Shanti said softly from the doorway that led to the bedroom. 
She’d used the room that was meant to be hers–that of the lady of the Room. Turning to face her, he saw her staring down at her clasped hands. Dean studied her, noting the dark circles that rimmed her eyes. Was she having trouble sleeping? Was he tormenting her dreams the way she tormented his? 
“Is your family not in residence?” he asked, looking about as if he could find them. 
She rested her hands on her hips. “Because I have made the decision. He is finally free of that damned agency. He is with child. .”
She poked him in the chest with her finger and he stilled the movement with his hand. It was then he noticed her trembling. 
She stared up at him, so tiny and delicate but formidable in her fury. The thought of her injured made his stomach clench. Deep in her eyes, he saw fear and his heart went out to her.
“Spitfire,” he murmured, pulling her toward him. His fingertips tingled from the touch of her hand. Her skin was so soft, like satin. His thumb brushed over the pulse at her wrist and it leapt to match his own quickened heartbeat. “You were so brave today.”
“Your charm won’t work on me.” 
“I’m sorry to hear that.” He tugged her closer. 
She snorted. “Despite everything I say, you still insist on attempting to seduce me.”
“Merely attempting? Not succeeding?” He laced his fingers with hers and found her hand cold. “I must try harder then.”
Violet eyes glittered dangerously, but then he’d always liked a bit of danger. At least she was not thinking about the assailant anymore. Her hand was quickly warming within his. He intended to warm the rest of her as well.
“You are trying quite hard enough.” Shanti took a step back.
He followed, directing her backward steps toward his bedroom, which waited on the other side of the private sitting room.
“Have women always fallen all over themselves for you?”
Arching a brow, he replied, “I’m not certain how I should answer that.”
“Try the truth.”
“Then yes, they have.”
She scowled.
He laughed and squeezed her fingers. “Ah… Jealousy was always the emotion most easily inspired in you.”
“I am not jealous. Other women can have you with my blessing.”
“Not yet.” He smiled when her scowl deepened. Stepping nearer, he slipped their joined hands around her back and tugged her to him. 
Her gaze narrowed. “What are you about?”
“I’m distracting you. You are overwrought.”
“I am not.” 
Her lips parted as his head lowered. He smelled gunpowder and her heady vanilla rose scent beneath that. Her palm grew damp within his and he nuzzled his nose against hers.
“You were magnificent this afternoon.” He brushed his mouth across hers and felt her sigh against his lips. He nibbled gently. “Although it disturbs me to have come to know that you are utterly promiscuous as a man, I don’t regret it. You would continue being so, isn’t it and should do it again. For me.”
He groaned, lost in the sound of her voice and the sweetness of her taste. His entire body was hard and aching from holding her so closely. “Yes, love?”
“I don’t want you,” the ultimate seductress in Shanti breathed.
“You will.” He sealed his mouth over hers.
As soon as the door had closed behind him, she had thrown her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her, pressing her hot moist lips against his. Her tongue began spearing into his mouth hungrily and she groaned hoarsely as though she had been starved for it for years and years. Her warmly trembling body ground up against his with all her strength, and as she pressed and squirmed her loins into his, he was aware of his aching penis beginning to throb and jerk up inside his restricting jockey-strap under his gym shorts. He felt the twin mounds of her firmly resilient breasts pushing tightly into his muscular chest, the thin t-shirt he wore and her flimsy sheath dress not preventing his feeling the tiny erect buds of her nipples digging into his skin like hard buttons. 

Dean had been sure she was not wearing anything underneath the thigh-length Indian dress made of some synthetic material. Then, when he dropped the satchel he was carrying and wrapped his arms around her, slipping his hands up and down her writhing torso, he found he was right. He had not felt a brassiere strap, and lightly gliding his fingertips on down to the gently sloping flare of her undulating hips, he discovered she was not wearing panties either and the thought of her ripe young flesh completely naked under the thin garment clinging to her like icing on a cake excited him still further, and he thrust his throbbing genitals up tight against her softly heaving belly, at the same time flicking his tongue serpent-like around hers darting wetly in and out between his open lips.

Then the foreigner had scarcely been able to believe his senses when his friend’s girl slipped her hands lightly over the rippling muscles on his back and on down to his buttocks, clenched tightly as he ground his pelvis into hers. She squeezed them appreciatively in a way no other woman had ever done, gradually moving her hands around to force them between their passionately locked loins and without hesitation finding his blood-inflated cock with her fingers. She fondled his rigidity experimentally through his gym shorts, up and down its pulsating length, bringing it to an even greater hardness from her touch, finally pulling her moist lips away from his own and smiling seductively up at him. “Let me suck you,” she told him without the slightest indication of the shame or repulsion that his wife Linda would have shown if she had ever been able to give voice to the words.

Then, when she unzipped his gym trunks and pulled the material down to release his now fully erect penis, she glowed. “It’s so big and hard.” He had dimly been aware of her bending her head down close to him as she dropped to her knees and added, “Can I kiss it there?” Not waiting for an answer, she dipped her head and placed her hotly searching lips against the pulsing, moistening tip of his lust-swollen cock.

“Yes, yes, kiss it, suck it,” he was crying out inside his brain, hearing his own husky, breathless groans of intense pleasure echoing inside the tiny foyer as though he were experiencing it all in a fantasy dream. 

He closed his eyes in new-found ecstasy as he felt her lips part into a rounded wet oval and slip slowly over his inflated cock until it was lodged in her mouth as far as the ridge encircling the flaring gland on the end. Then he felt her begin probing the tiny opening with her searing hot tongue, sending scalding waves of sensation flooding through his testicles dangling beneath. He thought his whole body would explode from the exquisite pressure building in his cum-laden balls as suddenly he felt her gently stroking fingernails running lightly along the underside of his still swelling shaft.

Then they cupped his heavy testicles with warm reverence, alternately tickling at them and kneading them as if trying to pump his swollen aching cock to still greater proportions. Suddenly he could take it no longer. 

With an earth-shattering groan from somewhere deep in his chest, Dean clenched his buttocks and thrust his hips forward, driving his maddeningly throbbing cock as far as he could up into the hot moist cavern of her mouth, feeling its velvety tip bump up hard against the back of her throat. She had grunted from the force of his thrust, squeezing his balls with her fingers until he thought they would burst like eggs in her hands, and then abruptly she had stopped what she was doing. 

He felt the cool air of the room washing over his turgid shaft coated with her saliva and opened his eyes to look down at her pulling her wide-open lips away. Without another word, his friend’s girl stood up again, her dark eyes smoky with desire as she grasped his long thickness tightly with her right hand and began leading him along behind her. Her eyes lifted to his and she told him in a voice thick with passion, “Mmmmm, you’ve got a really nice prick. Come on into the bedroom. This is a huge suite you have here.”

Now as they entered the bedroom together, Shanti’s fingers gave his painfully hardened cock a final playful squeeze and, before his very eyes, she raised her arms to lift the scanty sheath dress over her head with one sweeping motion and threw it onto a chair. 

She stood completely naked before his gaze, her breasts standing out in front of her as firmly as a young girl’s, the rosy brown nipples erect in the center of their aureoles. Seeing his lustful eyes fixed on her rounded white mounds, Shanti cupped them in her hands and squeezed them tantalizingly, letting her fingers play over the upthrust rubbery brown black buds of her nipples. 

Her lewdly suggestive action caused his cock to jerk up into even greater hardness, and she riveted her eyes on its thickness, watching its pulsating, blood-filled tip a moment before commenting, “I like it. It’s going to feel good going up inside me. Oh God, I want it in me.”

Dean stood transfixed like a Saint before a vision of heaven as her hands slipped down from her breasts over the taut smoothness of her belly, his eyes following as they traced the outward-flaring curve of her full hips and then moved slowly toward the thin curls of the brown black triangle nestled up between her statuesque, marble-wheat colored thighs. She clasped the provocative, hair-covered mound with both hands, her fingers disappearing into the barely visible pink layers of flesh surrounding the opening to her vagina. My God, what a woman, Dean thought as he looked on at the obscene spectacle she was giving him. 

If only my wife Linda would act this way sometimes!

In front of him, Shanti probed into the pliant outer flanges of her own moistening cunt, the middle finger of her right hand finding and massaging the tiny quivering bud of her clitoris. She groaned loudly this time and pressed her full resilient thighs tightly together around her fingers, her whole body beginning to undulate slowly before him like a mesmerizing serpent. Then, without warning, she flung herself back onto the bed behind her, drawing up her knees and spreading them wide apart to reveal to his eyes her pinkly glistening pussy-lips. “Oh God,” she moaned, staring wide-eyed past the twin mounds of her upward heaving brown breasts at his wildly jerking bone- hard cock. “Get your clothes off before I die. I want you to fuck me.” She squirmed and twisted her buttocks tightly down into the mattress as she repeated the lewd, lust-inciting phrase over and over, the obscene words on her sensual lips exciting him into a crescendo of rising passion.

Dean began desperately stripping his few clothes from his body, dropping his already opened gym pants and shorts to the floor and almost ripping off his t-shirt, finally standing over her writhing body with his cock pointing at the ceiling in nakedly throbbing erection. 

Shanti lifted her body slightly from the bed as she arched her back in excitement, as if raising her openly spreading cunt up to him in sacrifice, her eyes remaining riveted on his thickly menacing shaft standing out in the air. Then he lay down on the bed beside her, his breath coming faster and faster as he pulled her gently undulating body over to him with his strong young arms. He moved one hand down to the smoothness of her buttocks and cupped them; they were beautifully firm and sinewy as he had expected them to be. Her body was warm and soft against his and she raised her face up hungrily to his, locking her mouth tightly to him as her hand searched down between their bodies for the hardness of his penis. 

Dean gasped as her startlingly cool fingers closed around his rigidity and pulled him forcefully closer to her, crushing the full length of her body against his. She was grinding her pelvis tightly into his loins, and then she suddenly twisted her body, pulling him over on top of her, opening her legs wide to take him between them. Their lips were still moistly pressed together, hers soft and giving under his harsher pressure, tiny chills flying over his skin as her tongue darted like a wet penis in and out of his mouth in a motion to match the obscene thrust of her loins up against his.

His still expanding, throbbing cock was resting hard against her thighs, pressed into the narrow wetness of her eager cunt that nibbled like another mouth at its turgid tip-end. She arched her body for a moment levering them both up off the bed and, reaching back under her buttocks with both hands, stretched her vaginal lips slowly apart. She pushed her openly spread pussy-mouth up into greater contact with the sensitive flesh of his hotly pulsing hardness and held herself like that for a moment, the gently clasping slit teasing and sucking at his distended glans. “Oh God, you feel nice,” she whispered up into his mouth, slipping her hands out from under her, her nails trailing across his back, leaving small red welts in their path. 

He pushed his hands farther down beneath her, once again cupping the fullness of her clenching and unclenched ass-cheeks in his palms and jerking her moistly receptive pussy tighter up against him. He moved up and down slowly, feeling her beginning a more desperate rotation under him until her legs, without warning, snaked out wider on either side of his body, her calves locking against the back of his thighs, urging him tighter into her.

“Ohhh, fuck me now, darling, fuck me now!” she moaned into his mouth, her eyes shut tight, her pelvis grinding in little circles. Dean groaned as he felt the soft silky hair around her vagina graze teasingly against the pulsating, blood-filled end of his cock, forcing it into greater hardness from the excruciating pressure. Unable to hold back another second, Dean flicked his hips forward with a sudden cruel thrust that drove his cock with flesh- separating insistence up into the rubbery hot moistness of her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned beneath him, a sensual flutter in her voice. He felt the warm elastic-like sheath slip wetly over his nakedly sensitized rod. It entered with a slight resistance of her velvety flesh, as though she were a virgin being taken for the first time, except that it was better because he knew she was controlling her vaginal muscles that way to give him infinitely more pleasure. 

He relished the knowledge that it would be like this every time he fucked her, ’cause he sure didn’t intend for this to be the last time. This is what the young husband had hoped for in his own wife, but, if he couldn’t get it there, then Balu and Acharya’s girl, Shanti could give it to him. 

He was learning, and learning fast, what a woman who liked to screw could do, and he wasn’t going to do without this unbelievable pleasure any longer. His long thick cock raced steadily up into her cunt to the deepest reaches of her belly that clasped warm and tight at first like a moist tongue wrapped around the full aching length of his hardness, then easier as the inner vaginal walls accepted his presence and lubricated the way with hotly flowing fluids. 

Then, suddenly, he hit bottom, his heavy balls slapping up hard against the tightly clenched cheeks of her buttocks. Shanti moaned a low animal-like cry beneath him, twisting reflexively on his skewering penis from the sudden unexpected pain of his complete penetration, but he thrust harder, screwing his pelvis even tighter into her loins. He could feel their pubic hair twisting together as he strove for all he was worth for the greater contact he was making inside against the quivering tip of her cervix. 

Now she was spitted on his steel-hard length and he lay on her for a moment to allow the pain of his sudden entry to subside, proud that he could hurt her this way. It was the age-old ritual of a man subjugating a woman to his will, and he reveled for a moment in the power he possessed over another man’s wife impaled beneath him. Then he flicked the end of his blood-swollen cock again, bringing another low moan from between her firmly compressed lips. He had raised his head up from hers now, and he watched the lust-inciting distortions of her pretty face as it reflected the feelings his cock was causing inside her body.

Slowly he felt her tensed loins relax under him and begin a gentle massage-like oscillation around the thick hilt of his cock buried up inside her like a sensory sword. Dean ground his pelvis jammed against hers into the squirming saddle of cuntal flesh, and she strained up to him, arching her back so that it lifted them both up off the mattress. She trembled ceaselessly beneath his body grinding into hers, opening and closing her legs around his hips like the useless struggle of a butterfly pinned to a board. Gradually her moans took up a chanting rhythm as old as man’s world itself, a savage bleating that matched the steady pulsation now beginning where their loins locked desperately together and the rhythmic regular in-and-out motion up between her quivering thighs.

Dean could feel his cock expanding and growing inside her as he slowly but surely answered her gentle rocking movements, pulling his hardness out barely an inch at first before driving it back in hard against her palpitating womb, then gradually out a little more, then farther and farther. Finally his cock, now glistening with her cuntal juices, slipped all the way out until just the bulging glans at the tip remained embedded inside her, then he stroked again and again into the warm oily moistness of her clinging pussy, his testicles each time banging heavily against her softly rounded buttocks below. His friend’s sexy girl Shanti suddenly threw her arms loosely out to the sides on the bed, concentrating all her attention on the blissful sensations their instinctively matched thrusting motions gave to her body. 

Dean raised himself up on his hands spread on the mattress beside her head, enjoying watching the ecstatic expressions on her face. Her mouth was hanging slackly open as she flailed her head from side to side in abandon, her long black hair whipping back and forth on the red colored bedspread, ceaseless deep-throated guttural sounds escaping from between her lips with each long smooth stroke of his slowly piston cock, building in intensity as together they accelerated the tempo to a frantic pace. He let his eyes pass down over the tautly stretched tendons of her passion-hollowed neck, pausing to greedily relish the gently heaving vibrant orbs of her breasts, their ruby brown nipples jutting out like tiny strawberries offered up for him to devour, and then on down past her quaking brown belly to their merging loins below.

He could see his blood-distended, thick penis withdrawing almost its full length from the dinging pink lips of her pussy, then rushing headlong back up into the curl-lined opening. 

She was pushing up to meet his thrusts as if she were unable to wait even a split second for his next entry into her. Each time he drove it in to the hilt he held it there for an instant, savoring the delicious sensations it caused as she shuddered violently on his impaling hard shaft, jerking her loins in a tiny quick rotation that threatened to make his cum-laden balls explode from the hot pressure building up there. Dean was just 27 years old – 8 years younger to the woman he was fucking – who in reality would pass off as 23 year old.

Again and again she wrenched her pelvis downward as he began the long slow withdrawal, her warm moist pussy sucking at him like a million mouths inside her belly as she felt the ridges of his cock rippling over the quivering little bud of her clitoris. 

She groaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, her whole being throwing itself into the wanton act, thrashing and bucking under him like a demon gone wild. Goddamn, she’s a good fuck, Dean told himself as he watched her heaving in salacious abandon beneath him like a contortionist playing the part of a lewd lascivious whore.

“Ohhhhh, it’s good, it’s good! Shove your finger in my ass! Make me scream, damn it, make me scream!” Shanti coughed up at him in a lust-maddened daze. He reached under her between her jerking buttocks as he continued to drive his cock rhythmically up into the hot wetness of her cunt. Carefully, he stretched the narrow crevice of her ass-cheeks wide, searching with the tip of his middle finger for her anus.

Suddenly he found it and he could not believe – she was his first Indian woman in bed – and made him feel in heaven, he had never experienced this level of passion with his own women in Australia and other parts of the world – but of course Pattaya where the Thai women were snug shy but wild in bed.

What a sight to watch – only if the men who knew the once upon time pious Shanti were there to see this sexual unison – as small rivulets of warm moisture were running down the widespread crevice from where his hand could feel his hard rod of flesh thrusting into her vagina. It moistened the tightly puckered little rectal ring, lubricating it slightly, and he probed experimentally for a moment with the tip of his finger. Then he pushed hard, feeling the anal circle give a little under the pressure, and suddenly the tight elastic flesh gave way completely and his finger slipped in up to the first knuckle joint. 

Shanti jumped forward away from him, almost crawling on her back to escape the first excruciating pain. “Ahhhhhhhggh! God, it hurts!” He brutally thrust again, sinking into the second knuckle. “Ugggghhhhh! Yesssss, yesssss! Hurt me! Hurt me more!”

In spite of the pain she was feeling, he felt her suddenly begin screwing her buttocks, clenched into tight balls of muscle, back onto his finger until it was sunk all the way to the palm of his hand. He wriggled it inside the narrow passage, rotating it around in the rubbery depths of her red brown rectum. 

He could feel through the thin wall of flesh separating the two openings the underside of his cock plunging in and out of her cunt and he began skewering her between them, maintaining the same rhythm for both as she groaned on beneath him. 

His nail caught the tender flesh in her anus momentarily, scraping her and causing her to jerk, but then she caught up the endless pace again, opening her legs wide out over the bed to give him greater access to the dual ravishing of her loins.

As she pitched crazily under him, Dean could sense that it wouldn’t be long before she reached her climax, and he knew he would be able to hold back a little longer. She had to cum soon, and he began ramming it into her with long hard hammer-thrusts in time with his finger hotly sheathed in her anus as she churned helplessly beneath him on the bed. He could tell she was near completion as she gripped him tight between her trembling thighs, opening and closing them around him in unison with his relentlessly spearing strokes, warbling meaningless cries from deep within her throat as though she had no control over her voice. 

She was approaching closer and closer the moment she had been working for, and he continued his merciless double thrusts with all his strength and power.Then her mouth found a way to form words again.

“Oooooohhhh, fuck it, fuck it hard — hard — HAARRRDDDDD!” Shanti the once upon a time pious god fearing woman chanted, mumbling all the lewd and obscene words she could think of, spurring him on with the sporadic pounding of her heels on his tightly clenched buttocks. Then she jackknifed her legs up high, pressing her knees back hard onto her flattened breasts, offering him full access to her nakedly upturned cunt. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head, her face tortured and contorted as she strained for the final explosion so near.

Suddenly the ultimate seductress Shanti coughed and pulled her thighs up even tighter. “I’m cumming!” Shanti exclaimed, as if in surprise, her mouth opening wide in ecstatic abandon. “I’m cumming,” Shanti repeated as though she had to convince herself. 

The whole of her brown, widely stretched young pussy was presented up to him to batter and use as he wished, her ankles hooked high up over his shoulders, kicking and dancing high on his sinewy back. He could feel her tiny throbbing clitoris jerking along the top of his cock like a stick on a picket fence, her defenselessly upthrust loins squirming beneath him in the wild uninhibited throes of her abandoned orgasm. 

Shanti’s words had become incoherent unintelligible syllables whose meaning was known only to herself, her wide unseeing eyes gazing as if in wonder at the ceiling. “Jesus, look at the tall Indian sexy pussy go,” Dean Clarke thought as he grinned down from his position on top of her at Shanti racing out of control for the final climax, gritting his teeth and clenching his buttocks as tightly as he could to hold back his own, slaving and sweating over her harder than he ever had in his life. 

Abruptly he pulled his finger out of her anus to give both of them greater freedom of movement.

I’M CUMMMMMIIINNNNG!” she suddenly screamed again, the words changing into a prolonged inhuman moan that went on and on like a piercing note decreeing the end of the world for her. 

Sridhar Sukumaran’s ex wife flared her nostrils wide like an animal struggling for its life and screwed herself up on Dean’s piston like shaft of flesh, locking herself to him with all the strength of her thighs while her spending loins jerked spasmodically against his belly. 

He could feel her ass-cheeks clenching his swollen balls beneath as she shuddered up against him, his throbbing aching cock glued inside her, the hotly clasping inner walls of her pussy flooding warm wet fluids around him for what seemed an eternity.

The ecstatic 35 years young Tamil woman in her very first intercontinental and interracial fuck held her breath for an interminable moment and then expelled it as though struck in the stomach by a heavy fist, her body collapsing limply down onto the mattress. 

She lay still and unmoving, uncontrollable palpitations of her well-fucked pussy going on and on like a finally tamed wild animal pulsing around his tortured cock lodged far up inside her. He held it pushed deep in her belly, allowing her to rest for a moment, though it was all he could do to keep from going on screwing into her moistly clinging young pussy.

God, he had never seen anything like it! Acharya hadn’t been wrong when he’d said this ex wife of a bank employee was quite a woman. Dean throbbed the rampant thickness of his penis deep up in her belly, hoping to bring her passion-drenched cunt to life again.

“That was nice,” Shanti whispered breathlessly. “I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time. The last time it was maybe 3-4 months ago.” She clenched the walls of her butter-soft pussy around his hardness in a grateful gesture that made him gasp in his efforts to keep from shooting his load of cum into her right then and there. He wanted to fuck her more before filling her belly full of hot white sperm.

“You’re not finished yet,” he hissed down at her, his blood seething from the aching throb down in his balls.

“God, lover,” she murmured with a lewdly twisted smile of approval, “you held back a long time.”

“But not much longer,” he muttered, breathing hard. “I’m right on the edge.”

“Roll over,” she said, smiling sweetly up at him. “You’ve been doing most of the work. Now it’s my turn since you were so patient.”

She turned on her side toward him and, reaching out with her hand, began stroking him, sliding the loose foreskin flesh up and down in a slow magical rhythm that caused his ache to increase almost beyond endurance. Then she rose to her knees and hovered over him on all fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing bulbous tip of his expectant cock. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his loins to undulate in time to her maddening rhythm. 

Her head dropped slowly toward his hardness until suddenly her tongue flicked forward, the tip boring teasingly into the obscene wetness of the tiny gland on the end. He sucked in his breath from the sudden renewed contact of her tongue, chills rippling along the back of his spine, bringing a groan from his lips. She then brought her mouth down all the way to enclose the whole sensitive tip in a moistly clasping pressure, her lips tightening like an elastic hand around it just-below the rubbery flare of the glans, trapping it completely inside the warm wet cavern of her mouth.

“Christ!” he groaned out loud into the bedroom, staring down at her contorted face. The sight of his hard shaft of burgeoning- cock-flesh sunk halfway between her ovaled lips increased the sensation of a thousand-fold. His penis was still wet from the juices of her orgasm and glistened like the trunk of a rain-soaked tree along the part she had not yet taken between her avidly working lips. 

She gently massaged his soft resilient testicles with one hand and stroked the base of his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the animated softness of her tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland on the end. He flexed his buttocks, his head still raised, watching the top of her head bobbing up and down below, the sight of her labors making it all the more exciting for him.

Shanti could feel his throbbing reaction and began to suck at his cock a little harder, the tips of her sharp teeth digging gently into the hard resisting flesh, leaving small white trails where they had scraped the blood along beneath the velvet surface of the skin. She shifted her position over his thigh without disengaging her mouth from his cock and knelt on all fours between his open legs, reaching under his buttocks to cup them in her palms, pulling his straining loins tighter to her face. 

Her tongue licked round and round the growing glans furiously until Dean felt it near the bursting point as she took almost all his rigid shaft deep into her throat. 

Though he was certain she would choke, she continued the erotically titillating sucking on and on. Huge pools of liquid heat were building deep, deep in his balls as he watched her lovely face working above his sweating loins. 

He could see tiny rivulets of perspiration rolling in thin driplets from the sides of her body as she bobbed over him like a demon-goddess gone mad. 

The muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his back up off the bed to push even farther between the delicious moistness of her furiously working lips that clung greedily to his lewdly thrusting cock. 

He groaned under her again and again, his lips twitching crazily, incoherent mutterings escaping from between his clenched teeth.

Suddenly, he gasped. The moment was here and a low guttural sound started from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the white-hot sperm begin its mad dash from his balls and spurt in thin hot streams into her endlessly sucking mouth. 

Her cheeks expanded and hollowed fish- like as she greedily swallowed the warm flooding cum to keep from choking. 

The wanton young ex wife went on sucking voraciously as her client for the day in her new avtaar as the Corporate whore for Acharya emptied his heavy load of semen into the wetness of her wildly moaning mouth, his hands tangling cruelly in her dark black hair, holding her face to the throbbing of his loins as he shoved his jerking shaft all the way down her continually swallowing throat. She coughed sporadically to regain her breath, her Adam’s apple slipping up and down under her skin until finally he moaned his last body-wracking moan and grunted in complete sensual fulfillment. 

Slowly his twitching cock deflated in her mouth but she continued yet gentler sucking, drawing every precious drop of the thick warm sperm from his now almost limp cock. 

And then he had nothing more to give her. She had sucked him dry and with a heavy groan he collapsed, arms widespread, back across the bed. She nibbled softly at his flaccid useless penis for awhile, her head resting lightly on his thigh and then crawled up over his unmoving body to cradle his head against her still heaving breasts. 

After a moment she leaned down and kissed him full on the lips.

“Like it, lover?” she whispered softly against his cheek after the long lingering contact with his mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” was all he could rouse himself to say right then, looking up into her eyes with an appreciative gleam.

“I know a lot more.” Shanti quipped sliding the sperm filled fingers into her mouth sensuously one by one and licking it off as if it was some sugar syrup.

“Is more possible?” he asked in disbelief.

“You’ll see,” she cooed down at him. “This doesn’t have to be the only time for us.”

“Well have to make sure Balu and Acharya give me the chance and won’t mind if carry this thing on?” Dean asked with apprehension.

“Don’t be silly. They arranged it this time, didn’t they? Some transfer pricing etc?” and coquettishly she laughed. 

“Are you aware of it – they must be crazy to let you know on this whole thing, what more do you know?” Dean gasped suddenly, rising to one elbow on the bed. “This can blow our stack. Besides,” he added in a serious afterthought, “I will lose a lot professionally if these love flings get posted somewhere in a similar casual manner.”

“Are you okay if I make a pact with you, I will work for you and keep you informed on these two here – and you need not worry of all these things or a long wait, but that means you need a price of some thing in cash every month which is okay by me. “ Shanti suggested.

“ This way I can get mine and be even with Acharya- he has been playing hard ball for quite some time. I know that’s selfish on my part, but now that I know what a good lay you are, you’re going to have to try keeping me satisfied. Only thing – is that a threat or a promise?” Dean asked playfully.

“It’s both,” Shanti purred. “If you don’t think up excuses to get out of this plan, I may just have to talk to them.” She gave him a thin speculative smile that left no doubt she meant her words.

Dean felt cold fear rushing through his veins.

“On the other hand, if you just drive this plan and execute well and I see steady income coming my way, I promise all my services to you and your contacts at any given point of time and anywhere. I needed a break like this, and that you are there when I need you or you need me, then it’s a promise. It’s simple. And these guys will stay out of the way as long as they can’t do anything for me,” she grinned at him triumphantly.

“You little hot-blooded bitch”, Dean thought to himself. He was beginning to get the picture now.

“I’ll think about it,” he told her. “It’ll be tough, but for another turn with you, maybe I can figure
something out.” He was rising from the bed, trying to remember where he’d left the bag with his street clothes.

He walked back into the bedroom already dressed and stuffed his gym clothes into the satchel. She was smiling at him from where she sat still stark naked in the middle
of the big bed, her ankles crossed and her knees spread wide apart, exposing to his view the dilated pink lips of her cunt. She turned her lips up into a lewdly seductive smile as she
followed his gaze and opened her thighs wider and farther apart. “You won’t change your mind, lover,” she insinuated. “Will you?”

He looked at the sumptuous feast her body shamelessly offered him and knew that she was right. He wondered briefly how she had turned from a pious religious housewife into such an insatiable woman, wishing he could do the same with his young bride-the sooner the better.

“How did you get so turned on to sex?” he asked, combing his fingers through his hair to straighten his appearance a little before leaving. Shanti rose and slipped on the scanty mini-length sheath dress she had removed so hurriedly only a few minutes ago. “I’ll tell you all about it, with a demonstration, on your next trip when you come,” the provocative Tamil pussy promised. “Deal?”

He hesitated before answering, anxious not to let her get the upper hand again before finally answering, “It’s a deal. And I’ll tell you then how things stand — whether I can make it anymore after that.” 

She left him and quickly moved toward the door and let him have a nice look at her and slipped out in to the corridor after looking cautiously into the hallway for anyone to recognize her. 

The slut was on the way to become once again the sultry Scarlet seductress.

The life and times post her marriage to Dean were short lived. All of a sudden an early morning call informing her about her mother’s critical state made her rush back to India, she reached Sydney Airport and Dean came to see her off at the airport, “Darling there was no direct flight to Bangalore, managed Singapore Airlines Raffles Class via Singapore to Chennai. I suggest you call someone and ask them to arrange a pick up and transit conveyance till Mysore. Will that be possible?”

Shanti thought for a while and called her sister in Mysore and explained her problem and hung up. She knew it will be taken care, her sister would do the needful, get someone to book her a cab or some other mode of transport from Chennai. 

Mani over heard the conversation, and even before his mother could swing into any kind of an action, the young man went over to her,” Amma, I will go and pick up Shanti Aunty. Do not worry. I will go by the Express in the night and bring her back by tomorrow night’s Express. Will book Tatakal straightaway.”

His mother had very little faith in the brat — she knew he would make Shanti’s journey back to Mysore as miserable as possible, she had witnessed the brazen behavior when they were together last time. This entire thing did not go unnoticed to the still agile ears of the 52 year old Pandian, he was invigorated with the thought of sinking his raging hard on at this age into the lithe but sublime pussy of his dear sister in law who had given them the slip last time but now will be their chance to get her to payback. It was payback time. 

Mani reached Chennai bus stand and rushed to the Airport and was just in time to see his angel Aunt walking out of the terminal, she was radiating all over, “Oh fuck she looked more beautiful and there was no doubt that this was his moment and if he did succeed to fuck her this time, it would be his final at Wimbledon.” his thoughts raced to his nuts which just bloated more luxuriously at the sight of her, wearing a translucent while blouse which looked more like a shirt and long below the knees black skirt she was looking like one of those fairy tale porn queens, Silvia Saint most likely, innocence written all over her face and countenance but he knew how mush of a facade it all was, behind that false veil, the woman was a voracious tigress in bed. All calisthenics. How could he forget that night in the Mysore hotel when she ravished that man of a hunk, while Mani just watched hiding behind the curtains of the majestic double bed. 

He stumped her cleanly, when he gracefully took her suitcase and guided her to the city taxi, Shanti was not expecting him not this time and not at a time when she was going for a critical moment relating to her mother. “Hi my dear Aunty, surprised, well well I have been patiently waiting for you since the last time, must be 19 months now? We still remember and miss you.”

“We?” Shanti grimaced. 

“Uhmmmm, Pandian my dear Dad and me — you have forgotten him, of course after all now you are the wife of a White Australian, how will you remember the natives out here, anyway we will not disappoint you and that is a promise.” holding her hand he led her to the taxi. 

They reached the station, and somehow were just time for the train carriage to get them inside, as soon as they got in, the train left and it was shuttling down the tracks towards Mysore via Bangalore. The total journey time was 9-10 hours. It was still evening time around 7:30 pm and in the AC compartment where only 6 of them and 4 of them on one side were allowed — the train looked deserted, there weren’t many people at least in the area where they were seated. Besides the two of them, there was one more, Mani lay on the cushion berth catching his wind while he celebrated his small victory “I’m here and now I’ll just have to get her to fuck me in this very train.” Mani thought and stood up. 

Mani had searching eyes when he finally saw Shanti; she was alone in her thoughts in the compartment “Yes, yes, yes” Mani thought “We will not be interrupted by other passengers it’s perfect”.

Mani opened his arms wide and turned towards Shanti expecting her to yell and cry out “Mani NO! Please do not touch me” as she looked at him with shock.

She did not follow his thought pattern and there was no screaming, “Shanti I have to tell you something, just hear me out before you say anything okay” Mani quickly said and Shanti just nodded.

“Shanti I don’t want you force you, please don’t leave my little friend here so lonely without your small friend down there. They want to be together” Mani said as he sat down next to her and put her hand on his fly over the zipper.

“This is a public place and even otherwise, how did you think that I will submit to you- you bastard?” she was quick to repulse the advance. 

“I have the complete recording of that night when you fucked that charming man in that hotel, want to hear a small clip, it is on my mobile? I can get you to re enact that entire thing without a whimper and male you look like a slut in front of all these guys, listen, Dad and I have plans which you cannot refuse once we get to Mysore, we will be taking you to the interior forest rest house where both of us will fuck you till you do not have any more pussy juice left to fuck anybody else. You escaped last time dear Shanti Aunty but now you will pay for it.I talked to the woman, who lived with you in Trivandrum, Hema, she said that you could not face me after what you had done. But Shanti I do have very strong feelings for you as well, Shanti I want to return the favor, please” Mani mocked at her and put his hands on her thighs.

The demeanor gone, Shanti knew it was all at his mercy now and she had no choice or escape. How can she minimize the impact kept going on in her mind “Oh Mani, you have no idea” she finally said but was stopped by a kiss from Mani, “Don’t talk” He said and then slid his hands up under her skirt. “Oh Mani” she again tried and said again and then she kissed him, Mani’s hands took hold of her panties and pulled them aside to expose Shanti’s shaven pussy. “Oh yes, now let me do for you what you did for me” Mani said and put his head in between her legs.

Shanti was really bewildered, she realized the mistake of wearing a skirt and never fathomed all this, she looked across at the woman in the side seat across the aisle who was aware of all that was happening and had a mischievous smile on her face but luckily was not looking towards them, Mani put his tongue on her hairless cunt and started to lick it, “Oh my god, he’s really doing it. He must feel strongly for me.” Shanti thought as she leaned back and was petrified as he enjoyed probing his tongue in her pussy.

“She tastes great,” Mani thought as he started to taste her pussy juice, he then started to lick her clit and the juices flowed even more freely. Mani took hold of her panties and pulled it tight so it slid up her pussy and then moved it up and own. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Shanti moaned out not caring if the other passengers could hear her, she had finally gotten what she wanted.

Mani took two fingers and started to slide them up Shanti’s wet cunt, “Wow you are really tight,” Mani said, as he had to force his fingers in up to the knuckle. “OHYESOHYES” Shanti moaned and started to move her hips to meet Mani’s fingers, “take all my four fingers Aunty please” he demanded and Shanti complied. Mani now had all four fingers up her tight cunt while his thumb moved over her clit, “oh your pussy tastes go great, I want you to come please come with my fingers inside you” Mani whispered to Shanti.

Shanti’s entire body was moving up and down on Mani’s hand and Shanti had slipped a hand inside her shirt to grasp her breasts. This was unbearable for her, she had been away from sex for nearly a month now. That story will be in another episode.

“Oh yes Mani I’m CCCCCCUUUUUUUUMMMINNNG” Shanti wanted to yell out as the orgasm ravaged her body. She bucked wildly on the seat while Mani finished the finger fucking.

“Mani I really love you and I have for a long time” Shanti faked a statement and then to show him that she meant it she grudgingly licked her own juices of Mani’s hand, “MMMMMMMMM I taste great” Shanti said. “Yes you do” Mani said as he kissed her, he could taste her pussy juices on her lips as their tongues started to probe each other’s mouths.

“Shanti I just realized that I love you too, you have been my best friend for a long time but I think it’s time that it changes. ” Mani said and hugged her tightly.

“No that I know how you feel I never wanted to move but….” Shanti said.”That’s all behind us now, we have found each other that’s all that count” Mani said and nuzzled her ear.

“Tickets please” The conductor, said as he opened the door. 

“Here Mani and Shanti” he said as he handed her ticket to him. “Eh I’m sorry but I was in in a rush and I had no chance to buy a ticket” Mani said apologetically.

“You can buy a ticket from me, how far do you whish to go” he asked Mani.

“All the way” Mani said as he looked deep into Shanti’s eyes.

“Alright, one ticket to Mysore” the conductor said and handed the ticket to Mani, Mani paid and then the conductor left.

“Why don’t we just get of at the next station and turn around?” Shanti asked.

“We need a little time together without anybody else” Mani said.

“Mani don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m still horny your fingers were great but not enough” Shanti said and grabbed him on his cock.

“Hey remember I’m Mani at your Service” Mani said and put his hands on her tits.

“Not tonight we are at each other’s service, I want to pleasure you too,” Shanti said as her hands massaged his starting bulge.

The train stopped but they did not notice it, they were only interrupted when a new passenger entered the compartment.

Their hands flew from each other’s bodies and they tried not to show their arousal.

“We can’t do it in here but I want you now” Mani whispered into Shanti’s ear “Just follow me I have an idea” Shanti whispered back and then they left the compartment.

There were no empty compartments anywhere and Mani was beginning to fear the worst but Shanti just said, “Don’t look so glum, I think I know where we can be alone” and then pulled him along by his hand.

She stopped outside the door to one of the bathrooms “Oh Shanti, this I great” Mani said and then they went inside. Mani slammed the door shut and locked it, as soon as he was done Shanti ripped his pants down and took his hard cock in her and and began to massage it.

“I want to taste it again” She said and put her tongue on the tip of his dick and the quickly swallowed it completely.

“OOOOHHH Shanti, you are great,” Mani said as he felt Shanti taking her deep throat and his hands soot started to tear at the fabric of her shirt trying to get to her tits. Shanti ripped her shirt open without taking her mouth from his cock, Mani’s hands slid down and flipped her 36 inches breasts out of the bra and cupped them.

“You’re tits are bigger than I thought” Mani said as he started to fondle her nipples with both hands.

“You have seen nothing yes” Shanti said as she placed his hard throbbing cock between her tits and squeezed them around his cock and started to tit fuck him.

“Oh Shanti” was all Mani could say as he felt her hot tits slide up and down his rod licking the tip every time he slammed up between her tits.

Mani’s hips slammed into her tits as he fucked her tits harder and harder, “Shanti this is great but I want to fuck you right now” Mani said and pulled Shanti to her feet. Shanti pulled up her skirt and slid her soaked panties to the floor, she then bent over and grabbed her ankles “come and get me” She said as she shaked her ass in front of him.

Mani put his hands on her hips and then caressed her perfectly shaped ass, and then he put his cock at the entrance oh her cunt and then slid inside her. “OOOOOHHH you are tight, I love it” Mani said as he forced his cock deeper inside her, then he reached the base of his cock and Shanti moaned in delight.

Then they started to move back and forth in unison with Mani’s cock slamming into her as she moved her ass back; Mani got a harder grip on her hips and increased the speed.

“YESYESYESYESYESYES” Shanti cried out as she felt Mani’s cock in her pussy and Mani slammed into her with greater force.

Mani’s hands moved forward and grabbed Shanti’s swaying breasts and kept up the speed of his cock. 

Shanti stood up and pushed Mani down on the toilet and then she spread her legs and sat down on his cock, it quickly slid inside her and Shanti soon bounced up and down Mani’s slick cock.

Mani pulled her skirt apart and threw it no the floor then he took of her bra and then grabbed her free tits and started to lick them alternately. Shanti clenched her pelvic muscle and Mani felt the result as his cock was squeezed by Shanti’s wet cunt. 

“OOOHHHHHHH god” Mani thought and slammed into her with more and more force almost throwing her off as he bucked wildly. Mani stood up still holding Shanti in his arms and as he held her tight he put her against the wall and took her standing up. His cock slid up Shanti’s tight cunt as they fucked wildly against the wall and Shanti wrapped her legs around Mani’s back and came with an explosive force. While her body shook with ecstasy Mani kept on fucking her tight cunt not wanting to stop for anything.

Mani bent down and they started to fuck on the floor of the bathroom, Shanti did not care about the cold feeling of the floor she only cared about Mani’s hard dick in her cunt.

“Come inside me Mani, give it to me” Shanti screamed out as Mani dove deeper inside her and then Mani let his load spurt inside her.

He came for seconds with great spurts of spunk shooting against the walls of her pussy and then sliding down her stocking clad legs.

Mani and Shanti met in a deep kiss as Shanti came again, her body shaking from the feeling of Mani’s hot come in her pussy and on her legs.

“How long is it to Mysore?” Shanti asked after a moment.

“At least 10 hours maybe more” Mani replied watching her as she picked up her panties.

“Great that means we have time to do this again,” she said while he was stroking Shanti’s ass.

“And again and again” Shanti said to him and kissed him deeply.

They straightened their clothes and then went back to their compartment.

“Mani, how will we ever be able to fuck in peace with your father and Akka(sister) in your house” Shanti asked as they sad holding hands.

“Well I’m sure we will find a way out and Dad will like to have his own with you, I cannot interfere in that, he is equally mesmerized…..” Mani said.

“I bet he’s had the hots for me for a long time, I know and have been teasing him knowing he is attracted to me.” Shanti said.

“What, how do you know?” Mani asked in surprise.

“Oh a woman can tell how a man feels” Shanti said and kissed him deeply.

“Well father, it looks like you hit the jackpot, and so did I” Mani thought as he kissed Shanti back and their tongues started to dace around again.

“Yes lets fuck again” Mani thought as he put his hand inside her shirt. ………………………………………………………………………… A few years later, all this came back to Mani in a flash, and he remembered how he enabled his father to finally fucked the sister in law who was his dream girl in his bed whenever his own wife would give a roll once in a million nights.

On the one particular day that Mani remembered so well, both of them had spent the day together, first attending Temple in the hills on the summit and then after lunch, they all went down to the Zoo for a nice cozy relaxation. It had seemed forever before Mani and Shanti could slip away unnoticed from the crowd of their screaming brothers and sisters, wives husbands and mothers, father and of course neighbors, but they finally had, and ran off giggling into the garden to their very own carpet of heaven. They said nothing until they reached the delicate white structure, and then as Shanti stood breathless in the doorway, Mani had thrown himself down on the couch which was built into one corner of the house in their home. 

“Come on over here,” he said, patting the cushion beside him.

Shanti moved to her young boyfriend and looked down on him. “You know, if I didn’t love you so much, I’d be afraid to be here alone with you.” She smiled gently and let him draw her down on the couch. She kissed him passionately, and he felt his cock stir unbelievably at her tantalizing closeness. He reached a hand around behind her, pulled her light blouse from her loosely fitting salwar and kameez, and teased a hand along the ridge of her spine.

“Mani, we shouldn’t, not now!” she cried, breaking off her kiss and attempting to pull away from him.

“What do you mean, we shouldn’t. We’ve fucked before,” he said, refusing to release his strong grip on her voluptuous young body.

“Someone may come and find us,an Aunt with her nephew caught compromising and in such situations will only do more damage to my standing, no — think of it I am married.” she answered.

“There will be no one coming, I know. But of course, if you don’t want me to . . .” He sneaked his hand further up her back, caressing her seductively. He brought his other hand up and rubbed her naked tittles sensuously through the light kameez. He drew her to him and buried a teasing kiss on her soft neck and under her chin, ” I always can use the video clips and use my hand on my cock instead, you know the clips?” 

“You know I want us to fuck as much as you do, and you are right, this is the first time we have been alone after we came back together this week.” Shanti laughed, as he continued his maddening caresses. Shanti threw her weight against him, pushing him down under her onto the couch, covering him with her slender body. She laughed, and worked her hand up between their bodies to his crotch and began kneading his semi-aroused prick forcefully.

“Okay, my lovely nephew — blue stud” she whispered huskily in his ear. “How do you like that?”

Mani laughed a throaty laugh, and rolled her off him and onto the floor of the room, his swelling cock already pressing painfully against his tight pants. Then he slid his hand up under her salwar and tore it off and along the soft, warm flesh of her inner thigh, and Shanti grimaced, “what will she wear on her return from the room, her clothes were in the other room” but she did nothing, no longer trying to stop him. With thumb and forefinger thrust under the narrow crotch band of her panties, he slowly spread apart the soft, hair-lined lips of her wetly glistening pussy. Shanti lay back holding her breath, offering no more than token resistance to his hands coursing over her voluptuous body. The exquisite feeling of air rushing over the bud of her clit rippled through her now jellylike muscles and out into the nipples of her excitedly throbbing tits and her thighs relaxed and parted loosely as she rolled toward her nephew with a low surrendering moan. Her hand moved across his pants, opened his fly, and clasped his heavily throbbing cock. Then her fingers, of their own volition, pushed his shorts aside and brought the huge shaft out of its prison, out until it stood up menacingly and erect, her small fingers wrapping themselves lovingly around it.

“Oooooohhh, that’s it, Shanti,” Mani grunted. He undid his belt and top trouser button, and allowed her to slide his pants down, and then his shorts, and now he was lying naked on the carpet floor. She stroked and caressed his hotly throbbing cock, manipulating the long foreskin up and down over the pulsing head, then she slid her hand down his long shaft to its base and then below to reverently cup and squeeze his cum-filled balls, holding them with inherent affection, then trailing back up to pinch at his prick with tiny, nipping pressures. Her hips ground of their own volition down against the carpet floor and she heard her own purring, animal-like sounds emitting softly from between her teeth. Then, suddenly, a picture of herself moaning under the manipulations of her beloved Mani crashed into her thoughts, and she paused, disconcerted by this vision.

“Oh, sweetheart . . . it’s good!” Mani moaned.

Shanti resumed her caressing of his magnificent cock and she was pleased that finally she could make her Mani happy in this manner. She asked herself wildly how she could be so sexually aroused in so short a time. It must be because she had waited so long for this. She tried to sort out her confusion, but then her thoughts were drawn irresistibly back to the feel of Mani’s huge, jerking cock, swelling unbelievably now under her fascinated gaze. She couldn’t believe it, and yet it was true. She couldn’t keep from touching his incredibly massive shaft and thrilling to the knowledge that soon it would be fucking into her cunt.

What’s happening to me? she thought suddenly. I should not be doing this. But I can’t stop myself . . . I want to touch his cock! Even now! I have to touch it . . . ooooooh, God! I have to! Mani lay on his back, not touching her now, luxuriating in the submission that had fully overtaken her. She was kissing his neck, his cheek, his ears and eyes and lips, her hot, wet little tongue licking at him wildly, not knowing or caring any longer what spell had come over her, her glazed mind filled only with the sight of his hugely throbbing cock. Shanti stood up from the floor, not caring that the obscenely gleaming eyes of the man she would soon see marry someone far younger to her were on her, she stepped out of her torn salwar and pulled off her skimpy kameez, and then continued as if prodded by some unseen force. Her sensuously throbbing tits seemed to beg for touching. She paused and smoothed her hands carefully over them, touching her ruby nipples in guarded wonderment. Oh God, that felt so good! Shanti took a deep breath, and then rolled down her flimsy wet panties and allowed her hands to slowly travel back up her long slim legs and thighs and touch delicately at the lining of her soft-edged pussy.

Mani was mesmerized as always with the breathtaking loveliness of the young aunt. Her sleek, firm body was an entrancing combination of swelling tits and thighs, and he gaped at the dark-colored silken curls that she was exploring gently with her fingers now at the junction of her slightly spread thighs. The thin, pink hair-lined slit running the full length of her nakedly displayed pussy caused his mouth to water, and his tongue licked his lips with anticipation. “Get down by my prick,” Mani ordered, confident now of the aroused young dusky slutty aunt’s willingness to do anything he said, watching her softly trembling tits dance alluringly and her voluptuously rounded ass cheeks sway obscenely as she crawled on all fours to his command, her beautiful long dark curls pouring down over her shoulders. “Lick my cock, Shanti Aunty. Put my cock in your mouth and suck it, suck it . . . suck it . . .”

Even though she thought that this was not right, she loved Mani so much that she would do anything to please him. She had even let Mani screw her before it did not matter.

Shanti lavished Mani’s quivering shaft with her warm, wet tongue, brushing and grazing it along its wide underside to its hardened cock head, washing, playing, kissing with long hungry strokes, then back down to its base and to the dark pubic hair and then lower, down around the distended lust-swollen sac of his balls, hot from his boiling cum. Her first taste of her nephew’s swollen prick instigated wild tremors of delight in her voluptuous young body, and she uncontrollably balanced herself on one arm while she reached back with her other and slowly, tenderly felt her tits and nipples, belly and thighs. Mmmmmmmm . . . Shanti was growing wild with frenzy, her belly and cunt churning now with a spasming need that she had never dreamed existed and which was driving her to the point of a mind-bending cum.

God . . . she loved this!

Quickly she trailed her tongue back over Mani’s balls and along the heavy shaft to its throbbing head, and with a tiny groan, slipped her lips wetly down over it. God! She wanted to suck his lewd cum-juice far into her throat and belly!

Shanti began to suck and lick in earnest now, and though a small shudder of resistance at what she had allowed herself to do passed through her momentarily, she realized that she loved the taste of Mani’s cock. She felt the short, wiry hair of his loins against her chin and lips, his balls sweeping against her, and as greater sensations of abandoned ecstasy grew to burn her pussy still hotter, nothing mattered but the sweet agony of the lewd desires which began to ripple through her naked flesh.

Shanti didn’t hear the steps walking up to the carpet, and didn’t notice the figure which slipped quickly inside to stare down at them. But Mani opened his eyes to discover his father standing in fascination as he watched Shanti’s naked form crouched salaciously over the huge, rock-hard cock reaching up into her wetly caverned mouth. He grinned lewdly, and came over to where she strained and pumped to milk her nephew’s painfully aching balls of their hotly building juice and in doing so quench the raging fire of lust consuming her insides. The sight of Mani’s heavily pulsing cock buried deep between the lips of the girl’s widely oval lips increased his obscenely aroused fascination, and he hissed out his breath as he saw her take her hand, which she had been running over her own body, and use it to massage the soft resilient skin of Mani’s balls, hen tantalizingly stroke the base of his shaft as she continued to suck rhythmically up and down.

Mani looked up to see his father right above them, and read the unmistakable lust written all over his face. Shanti’s so hot now, she won’t mind if somebody else joins in, he thought. He looked at Pandian and nodded to him. He laughed as he saw the expression of surprise, and then, uncontrollable lust crease the face of his father.

“Come on, join in,” he laughed.

Shanti drew her mouth away from Mani’s cock long enough to see who stood above her, but then Mani turned her head back around.

“Suck, Shanti, keep sucking me. My brother is just going to make things a little bit better for you!”

Shanti’s mind reeled at first in disbelief, and yet she sensed a quick shock of excitement course through her unprotected loins at the same time. Could it be possible that she could want Mani’s father at the same time as Mani? 

My God, what was happening to her!

Quickly Pandian shed his clothes and then stood with his long jutting cock throbbing out in front of him, he grabbed Shanti’s flailing brown ass cheeks and leaned down over her back, thrusting his cock roughly up against the nakedly defenseless crevice of her smoothly curved ass cheeks, the narrowly expanded cunt slit was visibly throbbing with its lips parted anxiously, its wet pink lips held together by the squirming of her thighs up against his hungry loins.

Shanti could not see the face hovering over her ass, but her passion-filled mind was aware of Pandian behind her aware of what he wanted to do to her while she was so desperately sucking Mani’s prick. She felt the full length of her nakedly spread pussy pulsing anxiously. What she was allowing to be done to her was the absolute opposite of everything she had stood for, everything she had believed in being! Fucking Mani was one thing, but letting Pandian fuck her at the same time that she was sucking Mani was wrong, but she had to have the two hardened male cocks fucking into her at the same time. She had to . . . but it was so depraved!

Shanti flexed her aching cunt muscles together in a last attempt to evade the dual ravishment, but neither that nor her mental denials of her sanity helped to ward off the lust-incited Pandian. Her brain was a maze of distorted thoughts, and she couldn’t apply what thinking capacities she had to anything but what was being shoved up into her pussy – Pandian’s hugely invading prick. The throb of her hot, juicy pussy walls seemed to incite his large, alien cock even more, and it plowed its way deeper into her vainly resisting cunt hole. She felt the walls of her cringing pussy clasp around it and she sensed its every fleshy ridge as it filled her cunt. Oh God, this wasn’t right! Her mind kept repeating over and over, but she knew it was, and the pungent odors of Mani’s dick slithering lewdly in and out of her tightly oval lips stung her flared nostrils and she began to insanely run her tongue faster over his pumping shaft and bulging head. She might be sick, she thought crazily, but she didn’t want this to stop. Her cock-stretched cunt contracted involuntarily as the lascivious thought raced out of control through her lust-fogged mind.

Then Pandian drew the girl harder to his loins by grasping her hips with his clawing fingers and jerking her backward. He felt her wet slippery cunt hole flower open more to receive his huge pole to greater and greater depths. The cords on her neck and her lips around Mani’s cock were hard and tense as she writhed beneath the two monstrous pricks which skewered her naked young body cruelly between them.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh,” she mewled, her mouth still taut around Mani’s relentlessly screwing cock. “Ohhhh, yes . . . yes . . .” Her words were muffled and indistinct, but deeply felt, for all control of her body was gone.

“Beg me to cunt in your mouth, Shanti,” Mani said, continuing to fuck his shaft into her wetly quivering throat. 

“Ohhhhh, yes, fuck me! Fuck your cock in my cunt, Pandian and yes, darling Mani, cum in my mouth!” she groaned, the thought of her own lips spewing out those lewd desires sending new lascivious thrills reeling through her. Shanti was hopelessly impaled between Pandian’s hard-driving cock in her pussy and Mani’s cock shoved tightly up into her mouth, and now, moaning and mewling between them, she began to twist and squirm wantonly under the double ravishment and thrust up against both men more urgently. Her small white teeth nibbled her nephew’s prick as it surged with increasing tempo into her hungrily sucking mouth, and she clenched her thighs in a warm milking action against the pillaging cock methodically screwing her hungrily gripping cunt hole. 

The ecstasy of the moment rose within Shanti as she tried to suck with the massive pole fucking her from behind, and as it slammed harder and harder into her cunt, the lust-hardened shaft caressing the smooth wet walls of her pussy, the blunt tip would batter her sensitive cervix and pummel it hard. 

The carpet was lighting up in strange colors for the girl, blinding and flashing and mingling with the electrifying shocks that were shooting through her body to the seeming depths of her very being, Mani felt the softness of her tongue swirling around the apex of his cock and flicking magically all around his shaft, and he flexed his ass, watching the slut’s head bob lewdly up and down as she worked her mouth around his fucking prick. It was a fantastic sight, he thought, watching it, though he wondered why she didn’t choke. 

Great whorls of lust-impassioned heat were building deep in his cum-swollen balls and he could see tiny rivulets of perspiration rolling in thin droplets from Shanti’s firm, brown-skinned body, as she bucked between him and his brother like a bitch in heat. Suddenly Pandian groaned aloud and wailed, “Fuck harder! Fuck back, Shanti, I’m about ready to blow my balls! Ohh . . . fuck back! Fuck back! God”

Shanti responded immediately, wallowing obscenely in her pleasurable but debasing subjugation, raising her hotly quivering ass cheeks up against the man’s thickly expanding cock, driving it back inside her, deep up into her naked belly, sending vibrations of lewd delight coursing through her laboring young body. She was completely helpless to stop herself, and she knew it. She was punishing herself, openly feeling she deserved this painful fucking, for her loins were on fire more than ever, and she was forced to feed her seething hunger with all of the abandonment of a common whore. She deserved this, deserved this! And anything else they cared to do!

“Aaaaaaaoooooohhhhh!” Mani screamed at her, and in a wild, maniacal need for fulfillment, Shanti sucked his hugely throbbing dick like a wanton whore, and the hotly pummeling instrument disappeared into a strange, lengthening fusion with her face as Mani fucked with hollowing ass cheeks, sinking his cock far into the aunt’s mouth until his wiry pubic hair brushed the tip of her nose. His softly dangling balls danced lewdly, slapping in unison with his pounding thrusts hard against her upraised chin. Then, his cum rolling out of his balls like a thundercloud out of the sky, Mani suddenly jerked his cock from her sucking lips and held the throbbing red shaft in his hands only inches away from her lewdly oval mouth.

“Oh, no, Mani . . . please, I want it! I must have it!” pleaded the stricken woman, groaning with the agonizing and overpowering fire of unfulfilled lust fanning out of control in her pulsating cunt, and she tried to pull him to her, her mouth gaping obscenely at his wildly jumping prick. But before she could close her widely oval lips over his cock again, it began to spew hot, slippery cum directly into the dark searching cavern of her mouth, and the thick, quick spurts streamed milk-like from the swollen cock head, filling her waiting mouth to the brim. 

She swallowed voraciously, trying not to lose a drop of the hot, lust-inciting fluid as her throat bobbed up and down, rapidly attempting to keep up with the wildly ejaculating rod. Behind the shamelessly swallowing young girl, Pandian could feel the cum boiling inside his own lust-heated balls as they beat wildly against Shanti’s upturned ass cheeks. He grunted savagely and quickened his stroke, fucking hard and deep until his cock bored far up into the hidden recesses of her quivering womb.

“Ooooohhh! Ooooohhh!” Shanti screamed. She wasn’t ashamed because she was enjoying it more than she had ever enjoyed fucking before. Nothing mattered to her now but the delicious waves of stormy feeling deep in her cunt as Pandian’s thickly swollen dick drove in and out of her hungrily clutching pussy until the blood- engorged head collided with her cervix deep inside with every powerful in-fuck. Then suddenly, she shivered beneath him.

“Oooooohhh!” she cried “Ooooohhh, yessss, I’m cummmmmiiinnng . . . ooooooohhhh! I’m cuummmmiinnng!” With a deep-throated groan her body stiffened and began vibrating uncontrollably, wet white cum gushing from the throbbing passage and drowning Pandian’s hugely impaling member with its slippery heat. Then Pandian went berserk as she grunted out her mind- shattering cum against his heated cock, her body jerking spasmodically up against him. His harshly kneading hands pulled the widespread cheeks of her trembling ass hard up against his grinding pelvis and he rammed his exploding hardness all the way to the hilt into the depths of her wildly sucking cunt. Shanti thought her insides were about to split as she felt the head of the deep-sunk prick flex and flare into a hugeness that threatened to tear into her belly.

Then, suddenly, he erupted, his thick hot liquid shooting deep up into her wildly stretched womb, mixing deliciously with her own pussy juices. Her mind whirled in a seemingly endless cum as the burning, powerful gushes surged deep inside her, filling her to overflowing with its hot slick whiteness. The hot, drenched walls of her cunt clasped and unclasped around it, working and milking his rod as though trying to milk him dry. Cum juice flowed wetly out around his still fucking cock, flooding wetly over his balls and the base of his prick as he fucked relentlessly up into her. Brilliant flashes of light filled Shanti’s head as she breathed in short, desperate gasps, their mingled juices flowing in unchecked spurts down between her writhing legs. Reaching frantically back between her thighs with both hands to milk desperately at his lewdly dancing balls, she felt the giant cock still continuing to throb and flex, jerking its completion in hot white spurts, filling her womb and further soaking the cum- drenched pussy hair it was buried in.

“Ooooohhh . . . feels . . . so . . . gooooooodddd . . .!” she screamed. 

The starving inner folds of her cunt sucked fiercely at the lurching cock until it finally gave one last spasmodic jerk and lay limp inside her nakedly quivering belly. The exhausted man collapsed across her body, feeling her insides still gushing forth around his rapidly deflating prick. At last, she too gave a final jerk and trembled to stillness. Her firm, perfectly sculpted body felt drained of everything, her belly filled to the bursting point with their hot slippery cum juices. Pandian lay still for a moment, trying to recover his strength, then slowly pulled his softened cock out of her totally sated pussy. 

He could see the soaking wet slit of her cunt glistening wetly, the insides of her thighs heavily smeared with the white hot juice that dripped in tiny rivulets out of her pussy to form a wet, lewd pool beneath her.

The conquest was over for the father and son. They achieved a long overdue target.  After the long arduous fuck with both the father and son, Mani had to leave town for Calcutta where he was asked to go on some work by his office fellows, and that gave Pandian an opportunity to seek some solace from his exciting sister in law’s sexy pussy, more her ass. He wanted to pay homage to that lovely ass.

She knew he was ogling and looking for a chance to get under her bush again and even she wanted to go under the rug with him once again, he amazed he with his virility and stamina that day and it seemed like today was her day, back in Mysore at a local 5 Star Gym, Shanti was proud of herself. Not only had she just had a good workout, she had also succeeded in distracting numerous men. 

Her tight workout outfits from Sydney did the trick and displayed enough of her charms to draw stares from the men. She enjoyed the way her breasts and tight buttocks were highlighted. In the locker room she paused in front of the full length mirror as she walked back from the shower.

What Shanti really enjoyed lots of attention from lots of men. In fact she had gotten excited today because her brother in law Pandian who had accompanied her to the Gym, had been paying special attention to her. She had seen his eyes wandering to ogle her breasts and she had made sure to rub up against him periodically. She hadn’t felt so sexually attracted to a man in a long time. She spent a lot of time flirting with him while they were at the gym. In fact she had even given him her panty which she usually didn’t wear on Workouts. 

Pandian finally mustered courage and told her that he wanted to take her to a new dance club and Shanti had agreed to go. She started to imagine about what he would be like in bed today. She was so involved in her fantasy that she was startled when he asked her if she was alright. Shanti was embarrassed because she had never been so turned on by the thought of sleeping with her brother in law. She was really looking forward to their tonight together.

Shanti didn’t have any female friends in Mysore and she didn’t miss it because they wouldd have considered her as competition. Of course she did look at other women to see how her rivals compared to her. All of this was about to change for Shanti. She did have one secret fetish that would unlock her resistance. Little did she know that the tables would soon be turned on her. There would be a Reshma like soon to eat her pussy soon.

When they got home after the GYM, she flipped through her mail. She was tired and sore from her workout. She knew shouldn’t have done that second hour of step aerobics. She noticed a large envelope from a place called ‘Chitra’s Health Services’. Shanti opened the envelope and pulled out the flyer. The letter said that she had won a free sports massage in a drawing at the gym. The note gave a name and phone number to call. Shanti collapsed on her couch and looked at the clock. It was still very early this Friday night. Her shoulders and legs were aching from her workout. She sure could use a good massage. She had never thought of having a massage before and tonight it sounded like a heck of an idea. Maybe this was just what she needed. Besides, her brother in law Pandian had called and left a message to cancel their date at the last minute. She was a little disappointed because she had been looking forward to being with him. Shanti reached over and looked at the letter again. She could use some pampering. She picked up the phone and called Chitra. 

Shanti didn’t really expect Chitra to answer since it was so late in the day. Shanti was pleasantly surprised when Chitra did answer after a couple of rings. Chitra sounded so energetic and friendly on the telephone. Chitra told her that she had an appointment available at 9:00pm. Shanti decided to take a quick shower before she headed over to Chitra’s house. The trap was in motion.

Shanti went into her room and took off her sweaty workout clothes. Her closet doors had full length mirrors mounted on them so Shanti naturally took a few long seconds to admire herself and her body in the mirror. She moved her hands up and down her body. She reached up to cup and squeeze her breasts. Her nipples grew hard. She thought to herself that Pandian didn’t know what he was missing. Shanti ran her right hand down her stomach and brushed her pubic hair. She thought about a quick session with her vibrator. She looked over at the clock and realized that she didn’t even have time for a quick masturbation. She figured that after the massage she could come right home and have a long and slow encounter with her vibrator. 

She took her time soaping up her body in the shower. She squeezed and rubbed her breasts and down her stomach. Shanti ran her hand across her vagina and gasped. She seriously thought about canceling her appointment with Chitra so she could stay home. The ringing of the telephone broke her trance. By the time she was able to get out of the shower and wrap a towel around herself, the phone had stopped ringing. Shanti dried herself off and got dressed. She didn’t want to be late to Chitra’s house.

Shanti got to Chitra’s and knocked on the door. She was a little nervous because she had never had a massage before and she didn’t know what to expect. Beside she did not some slob of a girl touching her body. Well at least it wasn’t some foolish man drooling over her body. When the door opened she saw that Chitra was very beautiful. Chitra was nearly five feet six tall with long black hair and a body as voluptuous as Shanti’s. 

Shanti was a little intimidated because Chitra was as tall and she seemed to be very muscular. She seemed to tower over Shanti. Chitra put Shanti at ease with a warm and friendly smile. Shanti felt that everything would be alright since Chitra was very beautiful. She would also concede that Chitra was just as beautiful as she was. She couldn’t believe how large Chitra’s breasts appeared to be. Shanti wondered if Chitra enjoyed teasing men also. Maybe they could swap stories of their escapades. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Chitra invited Shanti in. As Shanti entered she immediately felt very warm and comfortable inside Chitra’s house. Chitra led her to the massage area. It had a table in the center of the room with numerous candles burning along each wall. Chitra offered her what she called a health drink. Shanti took it and sipped the drink. She began to feel warm and tingly. Chitra took Shanti to the adjoining dressing room and instructed her to undress and put on a robe. Chitra told her hurry because the she had set aside only an hour for the session.

Shanti went into the dressing room and started to slip off her clothes. Once Shanti had her clothes off she could not resist stepping in front of the mirror that covered one wall. She stood admiring her body, she lifted her arms over her head and twisted her torso from side to side to look at herself. She thought that her breasts now looked a little small compared to Chitra’s breasts. She could never resist a mirror. The cameras began to record very move she made. She took another sip of the health drink and then quickly finished it off. She started to get a warm, fuzzy feeling of comfort. She felt a little lightheaded but completely at ease. She put on the white terry cloth robe and stepped back into the massage room.

Chitra was waiting for Shanti to come out of the dressing room. She was going to enjoy this session with Shanti. She now agreed with her employer that Shanti was truly a beautiful woman. Chitra was going to enjoy intimately touching Shanti’s entire body. She laughed to herself when she thought of how easy it was to lure Shanti into her house. She couldn’t believe that Shanti actually thought she had won this session in a contest. Chitra knew Shanti’s secret and Shanti would be hers.

Shanti came into the massage area and saw that Chitra had changed her clothes. Chitra was now wearing a skimpy white kurta top and a pair of tight white baggy shorts. Shanti realized that Chitra wasn’t wearing a bra to contain her massive breasts. Shanti was a little envious. She wished that her breasts were as big as Chitra’s. Then she could really drive men wild. When Shanti realized that she was staring at Chitra’s breasts she began to blush a little. Shanti also realized that her own nipples were becoming erect. She didn’t understand this. She hoped that Chitra wouldn’t notice, but Chitra had. 

Chitra handed Shanti a refilled glass of the health drink. This time Shanti drank down the whole glass at once. It tasted better each time. She felt a little tipsy. Chitra refilled Shanti’s glass and had her slip off her robe and climb onto the table. Shanti slid the robe off and set it on the chair. She immediately felt at ease being naked in front of Chitra. She felt that maybe Chitra would be a little jealous of her terrific body. Shanti made a show of bending over to scratch her ankle. She knew that Chitra would get a good look at her nicely shaped ass. She turned to walk over to the table and put an extra swivel to her hips to give Chitra the full effect of her body. Shanti layed face down on the table. When she thought of her little performance she lushed. What had she been doing? Chitra was definitely not a man and yet Shanti was using some of her tricks to titillate Chitra. Shanti thought that Chitra must be thinking she was some kind of pervert. The cameras were catching it all.

Chitra enjoyed her first look at Shanti’s body. She hoped that Shanti hadn’t noticed her ogling her. After Shanti lay down on the table Chitra handed her the health drink and then draped a large towel over Shanti’s back and legs. She was reluctant to cover Shanti’s tanned body but she didn’t want to rush things. Chitra walked over to get the heated oil. She slid the towel down Shanti’s back until it was bunched around her hips. She worked the oil around Shanti’s back and shoulders. Chitra worked each of Shanti’s muscles. Shanti was slipping into a sort of dream world. The aches and pains were drifting away. She felt herself letting go. It felt like nothing she had experienced before. She wondered why she hadn’t done this before. It felt so good. She felt herself starting to get wet and she thought that Chitra had no idea what she was doing to her. She was a little scared because she had never gotten excited like this before not even with her boyfriends.

Chitra now shifted the towel up Shanti’s legs to just below her buttocks. Chitra thought she could almost see the hairs of Shanti’s pussy. Chitra oiled up Shanti’s legs and began to work out the kinks in her hamstrings. She reached between Shanti’s legs and nudged them apart so that she could get to the insides of her legs. Shanti worried a little that she was exposed now and Chitra might see how wet she was becoming. Shanti sensed that her nipples were still erect. Chitra worked all the way up and down Shanti’s legs. Shanti noticed that Chitra didn’t even touch her sore feet. She had been looking forward to that in particular. She loved the idea of having her feet massaged although no one had ever done it before.

Chitra had Shanti roll over onto her back. Shanti dreamily sat up to shift positions. She took another gulp of the health drink. She felt intoxicated without any side effects. She then settled onto her back. Chitra draped the towel over Shanti’s front but not before getting a good long look at Shanti’s beautiful breasts and her erect nipples. She glimpsed down Shanti’s front and saw the thick dark nest between her legs. She also saw the far away look in Shanti’s eyes. It would just be a few more minutes before she made her move.

Chitra pulled the towel down Shanti’s front. She worked the oil around Shanti’s chest without touching her breasts. Chitra moved down to Shanti’s legs. She left Shanti’s torso exposed. Shanti’s nipples were the size of pencil erasers. She pushed the towel up Shanti’s legs so that the towel only covered the area between Shanti’s hip bones and the top of her legs. Shanti was reveling in the pampering and attention. As soon as she was finished with the massage she was going to call one of her male victims and forget about her vibrator. She needed to have one of her admirers come over to pamper her. Shanti was planning all of her moves when she felt Chitra begin to massage her feet. 

Chitra now moved in. She began to caress Shanti’s feet. She knew that this was the key to unlocking Shanti’s resistance. This was Shanti’s secret fetish. She made long strokes along the soles with her thumbs. Chitra began to make circles with her thumbs along Shanti’s feet. Shanti let out a little moan. Chitra smiled to herself. Shanti couldn’t believe she was enjoying another woman massaging her feet. Chitra continued to soothe and caress her feet. Shanti stretched her arms over her head and brushed the top of the table. She felt something attached to the table but she was distracted by the caresses to her feet. Chitra continued her advances. She lifted Shanti’s right foot up towards her own chest and rested Shanti’s heel just above her breasts. This caused the towel to slip and expose more of Shanti’s thighs. Chitra move slightly to the side of the table. Now Chitra could see Shanti’s pussy and its dark curly hair. She saw what looked like a hint of moisture. She hoped that she wasn’t imagining things. She hoped that her caresses were the cause of Shanti’s arousal. Shanti let out another small moan.

Chitra now took a key step. She lifted Shanti’s foot higher and kissed her big toe. Shanti mumbled something like “What are you doing?” Chitra didn’t stop.

Chitra took the big toe into her mouth and lightly sucked on it. Shanti moaned. Chitra began to kiss and suck all of the toes. Shanti didn’t try to stop Chitra. Chitra ran her tongue along the bottom of Shanti’s foot. She looked up and saw that Shanti had her eyes shut and her mouth open. She saw that Shanti had her arms stretched over her head. She saw that this caused Shanti’s large breasts to move higher on her chest. Chitra decided that now was the time to take control. She set down Shanti’s foot and moved to the top of the table. She grabbed Shanti’s right wrist and slipped it into the restraint. Shanti’s eyes snapped open and she looked up to Chitra as if to ask what she was doing. Chitra reached down and stroked the side of Shanti’s face. She told her that it was part of the massage. Shanti just stared with her mouth open. The health drink was helping Chitra make her move since Shanti’s resistance was lowered. Now Chitra slipped the left wrist into the other restraint. 

Chitra slipped off her kurta and shorts. She walked back towards the other end of the table. She reached over and pulled the towel off of Shanti. Now Shanti was laying on the table completely naked. Shanti didn’t react until she saw that Chitra was also naked. She tried to move her hands down to cover herself but her arms didn’t seem to work. Her hazy mind was having trouble figuring out what was going on. Shanti stared at Chitra’s full, firm breasts. Her eyes drifted down and she realized that Chitra’s vagina didn’t have any hair. She had never seen a woman without pubic hair. She could even see the thick lips of Chitra’s vagina. She watched as Chitra lifted her left foot up. Shanti loved to have her feet massaged. Shanti began to get even wetter but she didn’t know why. If any man had figured it out she would have become their love slave. Now a woman was arousing those hidden feelings in her. She wondered how this could be since she knew it was wrong for two women to touch each other. In fact, she had always thought that the idea of sex between two women was disgusting. Shanti watched as Chitra began to kiss and suck on her toes. 

Shanti again tried to pull her arms down to cover herself. Then she realized that something was wrong. She couldn’t figure out why her arms wouldn’t work. She slowly realized that her wrists were held in place by some kind of leather device. She twisted her arms to attempt to pull free. The restraints held firm.

She also didn’t realize that the health drink was spiked with a mild blend of sedatives. It was designed to lower her resistance and it had worked. The intoxication was causing the warm fuzzy feeling she was experiencing. Chitra’s continued ministrations to her feet weren’t helping matters. Shanti breathing began to quicken. Her mind was beginning to heat up. She couldn’t believe how good Chitra was making her feel. She had always dreamed of someone pampering her feet like this but she never imagined that a woman would be that someone. Luckily for her she wouldn’t have to rely on her memory to remember the feelings because someone had taken the trouble to mount cameras throughout the room to record every moment.

Chitra continued to kiss and caress Shanti’s left foot. Shanti moaned a little louder. Chitra saw that Shanti’s hips were beginning to move from side to side. It was obvious to Chitra that Shanti was completely hers. Chitra set down Shanti’s left foot and moved to her right foot. Chitra lifted it high into the air and kissed the heel. She licked along the Achilles’ tendon area. Her hands were moving along Shanti’s lower leg. Chitra stepped closer and lifted Shanti’s leg almost straight into the air. She kissed and licked her way down to the back of Shanti’s knee. Her hands moved along Shanti’s thigh and towards her pussy. Shanti shifted her hips up slightly as if to move her pussy closer to Chitra’s wandering hand. Chitra smiled to herself as she set Shanti’s foot back on the table. She looked down at Shanti’s open mouth and wondered how those lips would feel against her pussy. Now for the next step.

Chitra reached below the table and pulled out a long, stiff feather. She lightly touched it to the bottom of Shanti’s right foot. She heard Shanti gasp and try to pull her foot away. Chitra reached over and firmly grabbed Shanti around the ankle. She held Shanti’s foot and again began to stroke the bottom of Shanti’s foot with the feather. This time Shanti squealed in delight. Chitra continued to move the feather up and down the sole and up between Shanti’s toes. Shanti weakly attempted to twist her foot from Chitra’s grasp. Chitra then began to lick and suck on the sole of Shanti’s foot. Shanti let out a loud moan. Chitra began to alternate between using the feather and using her mouth. Shanti was helpless. Chitra moved to Shanti’s left foot and repeated the process. Shanti was now constantly moaning. Chitra glanced up and saw that Shanti’s pussy was clearly wet despite the thick dark hair covering it. In fact Shanti had shifted her right leg and bent it slightly at the knee. This had the effect of causing her pussy to gape open. Now Chitra began to move the feather up Shanti’s leg and towards her pussy. Shanti twisted her leg as if to offer Chitra access to the inside of her thigh. Shanti made no attempt to pull away.

Shanti could not believe how turned on she was getting. Now with the feather stroking her feet she was going out of her mind with lust. She had never imagined anything like this. She opened her eyes for a few moments and stared at Chitra. Her eyes automatically moved to look at Chitra’s full breasts. She saw the long erect nipples and she began to wonder what it would feel like to touch them. She wondered what it would be like to squeeze them and maybe, dare she even think it, to kiss them. She tried to push that thought out of her mind when she felt the feather begin to move up her leg. She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the sensations. Then she wondered what the feather would feel like on her pussy. She shifted her leg to let Chitra move the feather there. This is what Chitra wanted to see.

Chitra set the feather down. She grabbed Shanti’s right ankle and moved it to he side of the table. She reached under the table, pulled up the restraint and secured Shanti’s right leg. The restraint was several inches from the foot of the table so it had the effect of slightly bending Shanti’s leg and causing it to bend outward. Chitra moved to other side of the table and secured Shanti’s left leg. Now both of Shanti’s legs were bent outward and left her pussy completely open and exposed. Chitra was not finished. She moved further up the table and grabbed Shanti’s knee. She pulled out a strap and wrapped round Shanti’s left knee. She moved around the table and secured Shanti’s right knee. Now Shanti was unable to close her legs even if she wanted to. Chitra was pleased with how her subject looked. She decided to test Shanti.

She walked to the top of the table and told Shanti to open her eyes. 

Shanti slowly opened her eyes and looked up to see Chitra standing above her. Chitra’s breasts were close to Shanti’s face. Chitra leaned forward which caused her large breasts to swing out inches from Shanti’s mouth. Chitra told Shanti to open her mouth. Shanti dimly realized what Chitra was asking of her and she slammed her mouth shut and twisted her head away from Chitra’s breasts. She tried to use her hands to push Chitra away but her arms still did not work. Chitra was disappointed but this only meant that she would have to work a little harder on Shanti. Chitra reached down to softly stroke Shanti’s face. She asked Shanti how she was doing. Shanti asked her “What…what are you doing to me?” Chitra told her “This is just a special massage.” Shanti said, “No…no it’s not.” Chitra told her to relax and enjoy it.

Chitra moved back down and picked up the feather. She slowly flicked the feather up and down the inside of Shanti’s inner thighs. Shanti began to moan. Chitra tickled the feather around Shanti’s hips and across the top of her pubis region while carefully avoiding her pussy. She moved the feather around and into Shanti’s belly button. Shanti’s stomach spasmed from the sensation. Chitra began to move the feather upward. Shanti began to faintly repeat “No…no…no.” Chitra moved the feather along Shanti’s rib cage towards her arm pit. Shanti let out a hot sigh. Chitra moved the feather up into Shanti’s arm pit. Shanti’s head was twisting from side to side in ecstasy. Chitra did the same to the other side. Chitra began to circle the feather around the base of Shanti’s beautiful breasts. Shanti was now almost pleading with her moans of “Please…please…yes.” Chitra moved in for the coup de grace. She stopped touching Shanti with the feather and waited until Shanti opened her eyes to see what was happening. Chitra held the feather above Shanti’s chest so that she could clearly see it. Chitra waited until Shanti’s eyes focused on the feather. She held it still for a long few seconds and then slowly moved it toward Shanti’s breasts. Shanti couldn’t turn her eyes away.

Chitra used the tip of the feather to softly flick the aureole of Shanti’s right breast. Shanti moaned loudly and tried to twist away from the feather. She couldn’t move away. Chitra then began to flick the tip of the feather across both nipples. She started slowly with a flick every second or so and then began to pick up the pace to two to three flicks a second. Shanti stared at the feather as it teased her breast. Then Chitra stopped. 

Shanti lay there trying to catch her breath. She was mortified. She was on the edge of an orgasm. She wanted to deny that a woman was giving her so much pleasure. She told herself that if Chitra stopped now she could go home with a clear conscious. If anybody asked her she would tell them that it had only been a sports massage and it was the best massage she had ever had. She really would. She would thank Chitra for a nice session and maybe they could just be friends. She had just let things get carried away and she would tell Chitra this. She would tell Chitra that her feet were very sensitive and she didn’t mean for Chitra to get the wrong impression. She would tell Chitra that she had nothing against two women having sex but that it was not for her, not this type – she was okay with Reshma kind of lesbianisim. She really would. Well maybe after she had an orgasm then she would. That’s it. She needed an orgasm to release all of this tension and then she would set things straight with Chitra.

Chitra looked down at Shanti and knew that now Shanti would willingly be hers. Chitra moved the feather down from between Shanti’s breasts and down her stomach. Shanti gasped and moaned. Chitra began circling the area around Shanti’s pussy. She moved the feather down between Shanti’s thighs, up and around her pubic hair and back again. Shanti was rotating her hips as if to cause Chitra to slip and move the feather across her pussy. Again Chitra paused. Then Chitra positioned the edge of feather down past Shanti’s pussy. Chitra began to move the feather upwards so that the edge sawed across and between Shanti’s pussy lips. Shanti’s hips arched off the table. Chitra repositioned the feather and then again sawed the edge across Shanti’s pussy. This time she made sure to run the entire length across Shanti’s clitoris. Shanti’s hips arched up and she let out a strangled scream. Chitra knew that one or two more swipes with the feather would cause Shanti to orgasm. Time for another step in the plan. Chitra set the feather down.

After several long seconds the color began to come back into Shanti’s face. She slowly opened her eyes. Her breathing started to slow. She saw Chitra leaning over the side of the table looking deep into her eyes. Chitra had a warm smile while she began to slowly stroke the side of Shanti’s face. She asked Shanti if she was all right. Shanti meekly said “Yes.” Shanti started to blush. 

Chitra kissed her lightly on the forehead. Shanti felt pampered but she desperately needed to have an orgasm. Chitra told Shanti that this was as far as the session would go if she wanted to stop now. She went on to tell Shanti that if she stayed she would give her unspeakable pleasures. Shanti said “But you’re a girl. I couldn’t…” Chitra interrupted her “What difference does it make? I can make you feel better than any guy could.” Shanti was very confused. Chitra asked her for an answer. Shanti had never felt such pleasures and she was so close to an orgasm but she didn’t know what to do. She almost wanted to believe what Chitra said about her being able to make her feel better than any man could. 

She would always wonder if it were true if she stopped now. She really needed to climax. Again Chitra asked her for her answer. Shanti took a deep breath and shyly said “Okay.” Chitra asked her “Can I suck on your beautiful breasts?” Shanti blushed. She had never heard a woman describe her breasts as beautiful. She was confused but she desperately needed a release. Shanti quietly said “Yes.” Chitra said “What? I can’t hear you. Can I lick you from head to toe?” Shanti felt like she had no other choice because Chitra had made her feel so good. Shanti quietly said “Uh huh.”

Chitra picked up the feather and sawed it once across Shanti’s pussy. Shanti bucked her hips. Chitra leaned over and began to suck and kiss Shanti’s right nipple. Shanti moaned. Shanti didn’t care that it was another woman sucking her breast. It felt so good. Chitra moved the feather across Shanti’s pussy again while she continued to suckle on her breast. 

Shanti yelled, “Please…don’t…stop. Please I need…” Chitra moved the feather again. Shanti screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body. 

Her hips lifted off the table as her body stiffened. 

She stopped breathing for several moments. Chitra dropped the feather and continued to suck on each of Shanti’s breasts and squeeze them for several more seconds. 

It took Shanti about two or three minutes to regain some composure.

Shanti opened her eyes and saw Chitra standing over her. Shanti smiled weakly and said “Okay. You can let me go now.” 

Chitra smiled back and said “I don’t think so.” Shanti became more confused. 

She said “Please let me go.” Chitra said “I’ve just started.” Shanti’s mind cleared a little and she realized that she was completely tied down. 

She started to beg saying “Please. I’ll do anything you want me to just let me go.” Chitra said “You’re going to do that anyway.” Shanti was scared because she didn’t know what Chitra meant.

Shanti saw Chitra begin to move toward the foot of the table and then climb onto the table between her legs. Shanti said “What are you going to do?” Chitra smiled and said “I want to taste you.” Shanti was slightly puzzled as she watched Chitra kneel between her legs. Her mind was still a little hazy from the health drink. She saw Chitra begin to move her head down between her legs. Shanti began to realize what Chitra meant. She began to twist and pull at the restraints. She had to get loose. Shanti wasn’t going to let some woman touch her vagina.

Chitra moved her face toward Shanti’s pussy. She could smell the rich aroma. She placed one hand across Shanti’s pelvis and she felt Shanti jump. Shanti kept repeating “Don’t. No. Stop.” Chitra was going to enjoy this. She began to lick lightly at Shanti’s outer lips. She could feel Shanti’s twisting and turning. Chitra began to move her tongue up and down Shanti’s pussy. She located Shanti’s clitoris and sucked it into her mouth. Shanti’s pleas stopped suddenly. Chitra continued her licking and sucking on the pussy. After a few minutes Chitra heard a soft moan from Shanti. Chitra realized that Shanti had stopped twisting away. Chitra settled down and concentrated on pleasuring Shanti. After a few more minutes Shanti began to buck her hips. This time it wasn’t an attempt to escape Chitra’s efforts but a reaction to the pleasure. Chitra relished the taste of Shanti’s pussy and her juices. She redoubled her efforts and suddenly Shanti began to orgasm. Chitra continued licking Shanti’s pussy throughout the orgasm. She kept licking and Shanti had another orgasm and another. Chitra eased up and lovingly kissed Shanti’s pussy. She climbed off the table to go talk to Shanti.

Chitra leaned over Shanti so that her breasts hung millimeters from Shanti’s mouth. She whispered to Shanti “Here honey. Kiss them.” Shanti shut her mouth and twisted her face away. Chitra was a little upset because Shanti was proving to be so stubborn. Then she smiled to herself. She went to a table at the side of the room and pulled out a vibrator. When she switched it on Shanti’s eyes quickly opened. Chitra began to move the vibrator across Shanti’s breasts. As she expected, Shanti began to moan softly. Chitra expertly moved the vibrator around Shanti’s body until she neared Shanti’s pussy. She moved the vibrator up and down Shanti’s pussy lips. Shanti moaned louder. Chitra moved the vibrator along Shanti’s clitoris. Chitra recognized Shanti’s now usual reaction as Shanti started to buck her hips. Chitra continued to move the vibrator around Shanti’s pussy. Then she pushed the tip of the vibrator into Shanti’s pussy. She pivoted the vibrator upward and pressed it against Shanti’s clitoris. 

Shanti’s orgasm surprised Chitra because it had come so quickly.

Chitra leaned over Shanti so that her large breasts hung just above Shanti’s lips. She stroked the side of Shanti’s face and told her “Just a little kiss. Okay.”

Shanti looked up as she tried to catch her breath. She stared at Chitra’s breasts and licked her lips. She began to pucker her lips. Then as if a fog cleared, Shanti closed her mouth and slowly turned her head away. She really wanted to kiss Chitra’s breasts but it was wrong because she did not know this girl.

Chitra walked over to the side table. She pulled out a dildo but it was different. It had straps. Shanti was watching everything. She couldn’t figure out what Chitra had in her hands. Then Chitra began to slide the device up her legs and over her hips. Shanti gasped when she saw Chitra standing there with some kind of penis sticking out from her crotch. Chitra pulled the straps to tighten the harness around her hips. She looked down at the eight inch cock.

She climbed up onto the table and rested on her knees between Shanti’s legs. Shanti saw what Chitra was planning. Shanti began to beg “Anything but that. I’ll do anything you say. Please don’t hurt me.” 

Chitra said ” You had your chance but you obviously don’t want to love my breasts.” Chitra reached down between Shanti’s legs and began to massage Shanti’s clitoris. In spite of herself Shanti began to become aroused.

Chitra moved forward and inserted the tip of the cock into Shanti’s pussy. Shanti tried to move away and the cock slipped out. Chitra moved a little closer. She reinserted the tip of the cock and then quickly moved her hips forward. Two to three inches of the cock slid into Shanti’s pussy. Shanti gasped and then moaned. Chitra moved her hips forward and another two to three inches moved into Shanti’s pussy. Shanti moaned louder. Chitra moved forward and slid the final inches into Shanti’s pussy. Chitra could feel Shanti’s legs twitching in the restraints. 

Chitra leaned forward so that her breasts were pressing against Shanti’s breasts. She leaned over so that she was almost nose to nose with Shanti. Shanti slowly became aware of this. She opened her eyes and looked into Chitra’s eyes. Chitra stared deeply into Shanti’s eyes and then moved her hips back a bit. Shanti’s mouth moved in reaction. Chitra slid her hips forward and Shanti moaned. Chitra repeated this several more times. Chitra warmly smiled down at Shanti. Shanti sort of smiled back with a confused look.

Shanti was on the edge. She already had had several gut wrenching orgasms due to Chitra’s efforts. Now she was being fucked by a woman wearing an artificial cock – a strap-on dildo. The problem was that out of all of Chitra’s attempts to conquer her, Shanti was also beginning to enjoy the feel of the cock moving in and out. She almost wished that she could wrap her legs around Chitra’s back. She lay there with Chitra’s large breasts pressing into hers. Their nipples were rubbing against each other. Shanti’s thoughts continued to swirl about. She looked up into Chitra’s eyes and she only saw a warm, caring woman. More confusion. 

Chitra continued to slowly fuck the dildo in and out of Shanti’s pussy. She would move her hips back and pull it almost all the way out and then slowly move forward and push the full length up into Shanti’s pussy. Chitra leaned down and lightly kissed Shanti on her lips. Shanti turned her head. Chitra reached up and put a finger under Shanti’s chin.

She said “Enjoy it.” Chitra used her finger to guide Shanti’s face back. Chitra again kissed Shanti on the lips. Shanti did not turn away. Chitra kissed her again. Shanti’s lips parted slightly. Chitra kissed Shanti again and slipped her tongue between Shanti’s lips. Shanti’s mouth opened a little wider. Chitra now passionately kissed Shanti. Chitra moved her face back a few inches. Shanti looked up at her. Shanti leaned her head forward and shyly kissed Chitra. Chitra smiled. Shanti blushed. Chitra fucked the dildo in and out. Now she started to feel Shanti’s hips gyrating in time with her fucking. Chitra began to speed up the rhythm of the stroking. Shanti movements kept up with the increased speed. 

Chitra knew that Shanti was nearing a tremendous orgasm.

Chitra stopped the fucking. 

The entire length of the dildo rested inside Shanti’s pussy. She looked deep into Shanti’s eyes and said “Do you want me to stop?” 

Shanti said “No. Please…I…I need…I…please.” 

Chitra said “Beg for my cock.” 

Shanti didn’t hesitate when she said “Please. I need it. I…I want it.” Chitra said “Beg.” 

Shanti said “Please…I…don’t stop…I…almost…please.” 

Chitra said “Beg me or I stop. Tell me you want my cock.” 

Shanti said “I want…I want your…your…cock. I want your cock.”

Chitra said “Beg me to fuck you.” 

Shanti said “Please…I…please…fuck…me.” 

Chitra said “Fuck you where?” Shanti was going crazy. She needed to cum. 

She said “Please fuck me in my…vagina…”

Chitra interrupted her and told her it was her pussy. Chitra told her “Say it again.” Shanti was getting frustrated.

She said “Please fuck my pussy…with…your cock.” Chitra put extra effort into fucking Shanti, she had never enjoyed a woman this much. 

Shanti had been a straight woman who was now begging to be fucked by a woman’s dildo.

Shanti screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body. She had never orgasmed like this with a man fucking her. She was exhausted and sweaty for all of the sex with Chitra. 

Chitra continued to fuck her for a few more seconds. Suddenly Shanti felt a second orgasm wracking her body. 

Chitra kept fucking her. Shanti couldn’t catch her breath. Another orgasm rolled through her body. Shanti lost consciousness. 

Chitra saw Shanti go limp and she eased the dildo out of Shanti’s pussy. 

Chitra gently kissed Shanti’s eyes, nose, forehead and lips. She slid down a little and lovingly kissed Shanti’s breasts, she heard a small noise as Shanti slowly regained consciousness.

Chitra slid down Shanti’s body and off the table. She undid the restraints on Shanti’s legs and then moved to undo the restraints on her arms. At first Shanti didn’t move her arms or legs. It was almost as if she didn’t realize that her limbs were freed. Chitra climbed back up on the table and moved on top of Shanti. Chitra put her arms around Shanti and hugged her. Shanti instinctively put her arms around Chitra and kissed her. 

Chitra smiled because she had decided to entertain Shanti for the whole weekend.

Chitra slipped out of Shanti’s arms and sat up on the table. She reached over to help Shanti sit up. Shanti’s limbs were weak from the sexual workout she just received. Chitra helped Shanti sit up on the table. She shifted over so that Shanti leaned across her lap and Shanti’s head rested within the crook of her left arm. In this position her large breasts were right in front of Shanti’s face. Chitra stroked the side of Shanti’s face and ran her hand through her hair. Shanti looked up at Chitra and weakly smiled. She was exhausted. Her mind was quickly clearing. Chitra shifted her left arm upwards so that Shanti’s face was resting against her breasts. She said “Kiss them.”

Shanti hesitated and said “I…no…you’re…” 

Chitra softly repeated “Kiss them. Be a good girl” Shanti shook her head. Chitra said “Please. I know you really want to.” Shanti stared at Chitra’s left breast. She looked at the long erect nipple and unconsciously licked her lips. Chitra slid her right hand down Shanti’s stomach and began to move it in slow circles across Shanti’s abdomen. Shanti softly moaned. She enjoyed the caress of Chitra’s hand. 

Shanti tilted her head forward and kissed the side of Chitra’s breast. Chitra said “That’s it baby.” Chitra moved her left arm a little more forward so that Shanti’s mouth was positioned next to her nipple. Shanti slowly opened her mouth as if she was making sure it was open wide enough to take the entire nipple into her mouth. Chitra slid her right hand up and moved it across Shanti’s breasts. She gently squeezed Shanti’s left breast and ran her palm across the nipple. Shanti moaned softly. She slowly moved her mouth forward and drew Chitra’s nipple into her mouth. Shanti sucked the entire nipple into her mouth. It felt so natural. She began to suck and suck on the nipple. She felt so comforted to be nursing on Chitra’s breast. She thought about what she was doing but she didn’t want to stop. She wondered how she could be sucking a woman’s breast. She enjoyed being a prick tease and playing with men’s emotions. Chitra stroked the side of Shanti’s face. She loved the feeling of this little bitch lovingly sucking her nipple but she had more in store for Shanti. She lowered her arm so that Shanti’s mouth was pulled off of her nipple.

She sat Shanti up and hopped off of the table. Chitra helped Shanti stand up and then helped her walk towards the bathroom. Shanti and Chitra needed a shower.

Chitra started the shower and led Shanti inside. She soaped up Shanti’s entire body and then handed the soap to Shanti. Shanti grabbed the soap and gingerly soaped up Chitra’s body while avoiding touching Chitra’s breasts or ass or pussy. Chitra grabbed Shanti’s soapy hands with hers and placed one on each breast. Chitra then moved Shanti’s hands around. Chitra’s had her hands on top of Shanti’s hands and manipulated them so that they were squeezing Chitra’s breasts. Chitra removed her hands and Shanti continued to squeeze and rub Chitra’s breasts. Chitra enjoyed this for a few moments and then once again grabbed Shanti’s hands. She moved Shanti’s hands around to her ass. They stood breast to breast as Chitra used Shanti’s hands to squeeze her ass. Shanti looked up at her with an embarrassed look. Chitra moved Shanti’s right hand around to between them and then guided it between Chitra’s legs. Shanti’s hand twitched as she weakly attempted to pull it away but Chitra’s grip was too strong. Shanti couldn’t believe she was touching another woman’s vagina. 

Chitra told her “Rub my pussy. Make sure it’s clean.” Shanti’s fingers explored Chitra’s pussy. Chitra pulled her hand off of Shanti’s hand. Shanti’s fingers moved over Chitra’s pussy. Chitra asked her “Do you like my pussy?” Shanti blushed. Chitra said “Tell me.” 

Shanti stammered “I…well…yes I like your…pussy.” Shanti had rarely used that word before tonight. Chitra started to move closer to an orgasm from Shanti’s amateurish manipulations of her pussy. She told Shanti to insert a finger into her pussy and fuck her with it. Shanti didn’t hesitate. She started to enjoy the soft feel of Chitra’s pussy. 

Chitra started to cum.

Chitra pulled down the shower massager to rinse themselves off. She quickly rinsed off the soap and then set the shower head to pulsate. She grabbed Shanti’s shoulder and told her to turn around and bend over. Shanti hesitated a second and then did it. Chitra began to move the shower head up and down between Shanti’s legs. Then she concentrated the jets on Shanti’s clit. Shanti tried to stand up but Chitra held a hand on her back to stop her. Shanti began to moan. She was getting lightheaded from being bent over so far. Suddenly an orgasm ripped through her. Chitra pulled the shower massager away and turned off the water. She led Shanti out of the shower and toweled her off. Shanti felt so tired and her body felt so satisfied from all of the orgasms.

She took Shanti by the hand and walked into the master bedroom. She sat down on the small sofa in the room and Shanti stood in front of her. Chitra told her to kneel on the floor. Shanti knelt down between Chitra’s legs. She was very nervous because she thought she knew what was coming. She really cared for Chitra but she didn’t think she could go any further. Shanti’s head was at the same level as Chitra’s huge breasts. Chitra reached over and put Shanti’s head between her hands. She pulled Shanti’s face between her breasts. Shanti began kissing and licking between her breasts. She moved Shanti’s head back slightly and Shanti immediately began sucking her right breast. She let go of Shanti’s head and Shanti began to move between sucking each breast. Chitra enjoyed this for a few minutes and decided to continue. She again grabbed Shanti’s head and pushed down toward her lap. Shanti began kissing and licking her way down Chitra’s stomach. Chitra spread her legs wide and moved Shanti’s face against her pussy. Shanti tentatively kissed Chitra’s abdomen and then she jerked away. 

Shanti said “I can’t.” 

Chitra told her “Either you do it or I will punish you.” Shanti shook her head. Chitra told her “I will give you one more chance.” Shanti shook her head. 

Chitra suddenly lunged forward and grabbed Shanti’s left wrist. She pulled Shanti across her lap. Shanti attempted to squirm away. Chitra pivoted Shanti’s left arm around and behind her back. She applied pressure on Shanti’s arm and the discomfort stopped Shanti’s movements. 

Chitra told her “I’m going to spank you for being a bad girl.” 

Shanti started to squirm again. Chitra applied more pressure to Shanti’s arm until she stopped squirming. Chitra forcefully said 

“I’m going to spank you until you promise to lick my pussy.” 

Shanti gasped “No…never.” 

Chitra began spanking Shanti. Shanti squealed as each blow hit her buttocks. Chitra alternated the strokes so that both cheeks were getting red. After twenty strokes, she said “Lick my pussy.” 

Shanti emphatically said “No.” 

Chitra began to increase the force of the spanking. Shanti began to cry. 

After another twenty strokes, she said “Lick my pussy.” 

Shanti said “I don’t…I can’t.” 

Chitra repeated “Lick my pussy.” as she continued the spanking. Shanti was sobbing. Between sobs she finally meekly said “Okay.” 

Chitra stopped spanking and asked “Are you going to lick my pussy?” 

Shanti weakly said “Yes.”

Chitra slid Shanti off of her lap. Shanti was on her knees between Chitra’s legs. Chitra looked at Shanti and saw tears rolling down her cheeks. She sternly looked at Shanti and said “Go ahead.” Shanti slowly moved her face between Chitra’s legs. She hesitated just centimeters from Chitra’s pussy. Chitra put her hands on either side of Shanti’s head. Shanti poked out her tongue and move forward. Her tongue brushed against Chitra’s pussy. She pulled back. Chitra firmly held Shanti’s head. Chitra said “Don’t make me punish you.” 

Shanti slowly moved forward and licked once at Chitra’s pussy. She realized the taste of Chitra’s pussy wasn’t too terrible. She thought her tongue felt weird against Chitra’s pussy because Chitra’s pussy was so soft and smooth. She began to gently lick Chitra’s pussy. She heard Chitra moan. Shanti realized that this might not be so bad. She figured that she would lick Chitra’s pussy a few times and then it would all be over. Chitra moved her hips and rubbed her pussy across Shanti’s face. Shanti got used to the taste and began to lick a little more enthusiastically. She figured that she was almost done.

Chitra began to give Shanti instructions to suck the clit into her mouth and to use her tongue to fuck her pussy. Chitra was starting to breath faster. She thought Shanti was a fast learner. Chitra thought Shanti was starting to enjoy it too. Chitra felt her orgasm approaching and told Shanti to concentrate on her clit. Soon her orgasm spasmed through her. Chitra now knew Shanti was enjoying it because she wasn’t slackening in her loving of Chitra’s pussy. As Chitra’s orgasm subsided she pulled Shanti up into her lap. Chitra kissed Shanti. Shanti opened her mouth to suck on Chitra’s tongue. Shanti was tired but she felt so relaxed.

Chitra told Shanti that she would have to do everything Chitra told her without hesitation. Shanti thought about how fantastic the sex had been and she quickly agreed. Chitra told her to go get the strap-on dildo and bring it back. Shanti jumped up and scurried to get the toy. She came back and handed it to Chitra. She wanted to be fucked again by Chitra. Chitra strapped it on and told Shanti to ask to be fucked. Shanti didn’t hesitate. 

She smiled and said “Chitra please fuck me with your big cock.” Chitra had Shanti lay on the couch and she started to fuck her with the dildo. Shanti wrapped her legs across Chitra’s back. Chitra and Shanti kissed deeply while using their tongues. Shanti neared her orgasm and Chitra stopped. Shanti looked up at Chitra. Chitra pulled the dildo out of Shanti’s pussy. She told Shanti to roll over onto her stomach. Shanti was confused. 

Chitra said “Come on roll over like a good girl.”

Shanti rolled over onto her stomach and Chitra pulled her up by the hips. Now Shanti was on her knees and elbows. She gasped when she felt Chitra’s thumbs brush against her asshole. She twisted around slightly to look back at Chitra. She turned just in time to see Chitra bend down and start to lick her anus. Shanti moaned. Again, she had never had anyone touch her like that. Chitra continued to lick Shanti and then she began to use her thumbs to loosen Shanti’s asshole. Shanti realized what Chitra was going to do but she wasn’t going to do anything to stop her. Shanti now trusted Chitra and maybe even loved what she had showed her. Chitra moved forward and eased the tip of the cock into Shanti’s asshole. Shanti gasped. Over the next few minutes Chitra slowly worked the rest of the dildo into Shanti’s ass. Shanti felt like she couldn’t breathe. Slowly Chitra began to move the cock back and forth. Shanti loved it. Chitra reached around and began to stroke Shanti’s clit. Soon Shanti had a long, slow orgasm. Chitra rolled Shanti onto her back and lay on top of her. They kissed. 

The next morning Shanti woke up feeling fresh and relaxed. It took her a few seconds to completely wake up. The first thing that Shanti realized was that she was not in her own bed. She also realized that she was laying in someone’s arms. For a split second Shanti thought it might be her brother in law or some other guy. Suddenly the memories of the night before came flooding back. Shanti began to panic. The glow from the sex the night before had worn off. She began to try to convince herself that she had dreamed the experiences from the night before. She slowly realized that it was not a dream. She decided that she had to get out of there. Shanti didn’t want to even see the person in bed with her. How could she have sex with another woman? How could that woman…what was her name…Chitra? How could Chitra do all of those things to her? How could Shanti enjoy it so much? Shanti began to feel guilty and embarrassed. Shanti threw back the covers and started to slide out of the bed. Just then Chitra stirred from her slumber.

Chitra opened her eyes and saw that Shanti was awake also. Chitra knew that the morning after was always awkward especially when she had just seduced a resistant woman like Shanti last night. Chitra knew that she would have to think fast to maintain her control of the relationship. She didn’t want Shanti to run off. She decided to play an aggressive role. 

She gave Shanti a stern look and asked where she thought she was going. Shanti stammered as she tried to explain that she had to go home. Chitra sat up now. Shanti looked around the room for her clothes. Chitra told Shanti that she did not have permission to leave.

This caused Shanti to hesitate a second because she suddenly realized that last night she had promised to obey Chitra. Shanti thought she really had to get out now. Now Chitra gave Shanti a warning. She told Shanti that if she did not come over and kneel next to the bed that Chitra would spank her. Chitra knew that it was a gamble but if Shanti sensed that Chitra was worried about her leaving Shanti would gain the upper hand. Now with the light of day Shanti thought that she could handle Chitra. 

Shanti remembered that her clothes might be in the dressing room. She began to slowly back toward the bedroom door. She started to turn to walk out of the bedroom when Chitra made her move. Before Shanti realized what was happening Chitra was grabbing her. Chitra quickly pulled Shanti off balance and onto the ground. Chitra quickly wrapped her legs around Shanti’s stomach and locked her ankles together. Shanti struggled to get free but it was no use. Chitra had her pinned between her powerful legs. Shanti was scared now. Chitra positioned herself so that she could reach Shanti’s ass. Shanti tried one last frenzied attempt to get loose.

Chitra began to spank Shanti. After a few swats Shanti was whining that she would do anything that Chitra told her. Chitra wasn’t going to let Shanti off that easily. She was going to punish Shanti for her insolence. Chitra continued to spank and spank Shanti. At first Shanti squirmed as she tried to avoid Chitra’s hands. After numerous spanks Shanti just lay there and took her punishment. Shanti was crying now and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Chitra’s hand was starting to get sore but she knew that she was conquering Shanti’s resistance. Chitra began to ask her questions now. She asked Shanti if she was going to obey her now. Shanti gave her a sobbing yes. Chitra asked her the same thing again. Shanti said yes again. Chitra continued to spank Shanti a few more times and then she stopped. She asked Shanti if she was ready to get up now. Shanti sniffled and told her yes.

Chitra released Shanti from her leg grip and slid over on the floor until she was leaning against the foot of the bed. She spread her legs and crooked her finger toward Shanti. She told Shanti to crawl over to her on her hands and knees. Shanti realized what Chitra wanted. She didn’t know what to do but she didn’t want to piss off Chitra again. Shanti got to her hands and knees and paused for a moment. Shanti told herself that she would suck Chitra’s pussy but that she would try to get away as soon as possible. She thought about even calling the police but realized there was one problem. Shanti didn’t know how she would explain being naked with another woman. She didn’t know how she would explain what she had done the night before.

Chitra was starting to get impatient with Shanti’s delays when Shanti started to move toward her. Chitra pointed to her pussy as if to signal Shanti what she had to do. Shanti moved closer and lowered her head. She began to suck and lick Chitra’s pussy. Chitra smiled to herself because she thought that Shanti was pretty good at eating pussy for someone that had tried to avoid it. Chitra was enjoying Shanti’s tongue and lips on her pussy. After a few minutes Chitra had a spectacular climax. Chitra thought that the weekend was off to a great start.

When Shanti started to suck Chitra’s pussy she was reminded that Chitra’s pussy juices didn’t taste that bad. Shanti began to revert to her style from the night before. She began to put more and more effort into sucking to Chitra’s pussy. By the time Chitra was starting to orgasm Shanti was almost sorry that she would have to stop sucking Chitra’s sweet pussy. Chitra pulled Shanti up into her lap. Chitra kissed Shanti and Shanti tried not to show any reaction to the kisses. Chitra reached down and began to caress Shanti’s pussy. Just like Chitra expected the stroking of Shanti’s pussy tamed Shanti’s resistance. Shanti began to moan and kiss Chitra back. After a few minutes Chitra told Shanti to get onto the bed. Shanti quickly did it because she didn’t want to get another spanking. Chitra stood up and went to a cabinet in the room. She pulled out some lengths of rope. Shanti got a little scared. Chitra walked over to the bed and told Shanti to roll over onto her stomach. Shanti wasn’t about to be difficult this time. Chitra quickly tied a length of rope around Shanti’s wrists and another around her ankles. Then Chitra tied another length of rope between Shanti’s wrists and ankles. Chitra pulled that last length tighter so that Shanti’s wrists and ankles were nearly touching.

Shanti was tied now.

Chitra threw several vibrators, dildos, nipple clips, etc. onto the bed next to Shanti’s head. Shanti audibly gasped. Chitra lubricated a couple of the dildos. She inserted a smaller one into Shanti’s asshole. She inserted the larger vibrator into Shanti’s pussy. Then Chitra rolled Shanti onto her side. Chitra strapped a ball gag into Shanti’s mouth. Shanti had no idea what to expect next. Chitra stepped away from the bed for a second and when she came back she had a camera. Shanti began to struggle to get out of the ropes. All of Shanti’s struggles only caused the roped to tighten around her wrists and ankles. Shanti realized that Chitra was going to take Polaroid pictures of her naked and tied up on the bed. Chitra began to take several pictures from different angles and distances. Chitra made sure that Shanti’s face was recognizable in all of the pictures. Chitra also made sure to get a picture of the dildos in Shanti’s ass and pussy. Chitra set down the camera and picked up two nipple clips. Chitra opened the clips in front of Shanti’s face and then slowly moved them toward Shanti’s breasts. Shanti tried to move away but Chitra easily held her in place with one hand. Chitra paused when she held the clamp right next to Shanti’s nipple. 

Chitra wanted to make sure that Shanti was watching and absorbing every detail. Then Chitra let the clamp snap shut on Shanti’s nipple. Shanti let out a muffled scream. Chitra did the same thing with the second clamp on Shanti’s other nipple.

Chitra picked up the camera again and began to take more pictures. She made sure to get close ups of Shanti’s face with the gag, the clamps digging into Shanti’s large nipples and the dildos stretching Shanti’s pussy and asshole. Then Chitra switched on the vibrator in Shanti’s pussy. Shanti twitched a little and then began to moan as the vibrator sent tingles throughout her pussy. Shanti’s hips began to undulate as she started to get more and more excited. Chitra made sure to take pictures of Shanti’s face scrunched up in pleasure. Chitra was still clicking the pictures when Shanti had a tremendous orgasm. Chitra picked up the snapshots and left the room for a few minutes.

Chitra came back into the room. She told Shanti that the pictures were for Chitra’s protection in case Shanti tried to cause any legal problems. Chitra explained to Shanti that if Shanti caused her any problems Chitra was going to send copies to Shanti’s home, to Shanti’s boyfriend, etc. Chitra asked Shanti if she understood. Shanti nodded her head. Chitra asked Shanti if she was going to obey. Shanti nodded her head. Chitra reached over to let Shanti out of the ropes. Chitra was going to test Shanti’s promise. Chitra told Shanti to move over to the bathroom with her.

Chitra had Shanti lay out a towel on the toilet lid and had Shanti sit on that. Chitra turned on the water in the sink and then pulled out a razor and shaving cream. Chitra sternly asked Shanti if she was going to let Chitra shave her pussy. Shanti meekly nodded her head. Shanti was too shocked and scared to speak. Chitra knelt down between Shanti’s legs and began her task. It took a few minutes but Chitra shaved off Shanti’s pussy hair so that she was as smooth as Chitra was. Shanti didn’t realize that letting her shave her pussy was akin to agreeing to be Chitra’s slave. Chitra admired her handy work and then bent her head down to lavish Shanti’s pussy with her tongue. Shanti quickly had an orgasm. Shanti was a little embarrassed that despite her misgivings, whenever Chitra gave attentions to Shanti’s pussy, Shanti was so easily turned on.

Chitra took Shanti by the hand and led her back to the bedroom. Chitra had Shanti get on her hands and knees on the bed. Shanti quickly complied. Chitra went over near the couch and picked up the strap on dildo. Chitra slipped on the artificial cock and walked over to the side of the bed that Shanti was facing. Chitra asked Shanti if she wanted Chitra to fuck her. Shanti knew she was in no position to refuse so she nodded her head. 

Besides Shanti loved being fucked by Chitra. Chitra told Shanti to ask Chitra to fuck her with her cock. Chitra knew what Chitra wanted her to say and Shanti said it. Chitra moved closer to Shanti and told her to suck her cock first. 

Shanti meekly opened her mouth and moved forward to start sucking on Chitra’s cock. Shanti sucked and licked Chitra’s cock for several minutes. Chitra was glad to see that Shanti was doing this without any coercion. Chitra move around behind Shanti. 

Chitra grabbed Shanti’s hips with her hands and pushed Shanti’s ass lower. Then Chitra moved forward and slid the cock into Shanti’s pussy. Chitra began to fuck the cock in and out of Shanti’s pussy. Shanti was upset about what had happened so far that morning but the sensations from the cock sliding in and out of her pussy was removing all doubts she had. Shanti really liked Chitra fucking her pussy the night before and Shanti realized that she still enjoyed it tremendously.

Chitra reached up and worked her thumb into Shanti’s ass. Shanti moaned louder. Chitra quickened the pace of her fucking and Shanti had a earth shattering climax. Chitra fucked Shanti a few more strokes and then pulled out of her pussy. Chitra lay down on the bed and pulled Shanti into her arms.

Chitra and Shanti cuddled for almost an hour. They held each other close. 

Chitra was doing her best to comfort and reassure Shanti. 

Finally Chitra asked Shanti if she liked Chitra fucking her. Shanti had to answer honestly and said yes she did like Chitra fucking her. Chitra asked Shanti if she liked sucking on Chitra’s pussy. Shanti hesitated and shyly nodded her head. Chitra told Shanti that Chitra was able to give Shanti so much pleasure. Chitra asked Shanti if she still wanted to leave. Shanti shrugged her shoulders and told Chitra that she didn’t know.

Chitra realized that she had her work cut out for her if she was going to finish training Shanti to be her sex slave. 

She gave up.

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