Sexy Wife Sam in Erotica Club Game

My wife Samantha and I have casually been moving into more adventurous sexual encounters and scenes. Up till now it has mostly been fantasy, exhibition, and light sharing. One of the local underground erotica clubs we were introduced to has helped slowly bring us further down the rabbit hole. It is a place where couples can set their limits and experiment in a secure location. The club has multiple floors and sections that cater to different fetishes or interests and depending on the night may have themed events or parties. As with most couples that engage in exhibitionist activities we get the biggest thrill out of the potential of “getting caught.” In the past that thrill had been enough but once that itch was scratched we continued our search for the next thing to get us all roused up. It happened in the same club that has brought us so many other fun times.
Friday night Samantha and I have plans to go to the club. We have a taxi booked to take us and are finishing getting ready. The club has a pretty formal dress code to begin with, so men wear suits and ladies where nice dressed. What they wear or don’t wear under them is member’s choice. I was finishing getting dressed while admiring my beautiful wife zipping up the back of a black cocktail dress. She wore sheer black panties and no bra, the way I like. Samantha is 33 years old and is quite petite. She is right under 5’2 and weighs nearly 100 pounds. She has cute A cup breasts, a firm butt, and a beautiful smooth shaven pussy. Being smaller has helped her defy gravity and she is as firm as when I met her. It is all I can do to not take her right then and there but I have learned restraint. After a few more minutes of getting ready and a couple shots of liquid courage the taxi pulls up for our night out.

Upon arrival to the club we are greeted at the door and give our names and our welcomed in. The first room is an open bar with many couples socializing and drinking. We make our way to the bar and order a couple drinks. While we chat an organizer of the club came up and began making small talk. He was asking how we liked the club and if we had any suggestions. He also said he had an opportunity if we would like to her about it. Being curious we answered yes and he began to explain a section of the club that was invitation only and not for everyone but had a potential opening. The basics of the act were that five couples were part of a group. The men would all be spectators on the other side of a one way mirror and the women are on the other side. The men do not engage in any sexual acts; they are only observers. The women are lined up facing the mirror (opposite to their partner) but can’t see through. At this point a man or men that work for the club will enter the women’s side and chose at random a woman to engage with sexually. This may be for a short time or may encompass full sex. Not all the women will be touched, the same woman may be picked consecutively or never at all, and all others will remain to witness.
You can imagine after hearing this summary of events both of our hearts were pounding. Neither of us said anything initially which made the club organizer laugh. He said it I definitely not for everyone and he understands if we were not interested. I asked if we could watch one of these shows first before making any decisions but was shot down instantly. He said once you are in you are part of the show. I looked at Sam and she was just staring back. The man said he would give us 10-15 minutes to chat about it and then return. When he left I was not sure what to say. Sam asked me what I thought trying to feel me out. I told her it sounded very exciting but a little scary. Plus it would be her that was on the other side of the glass not me. I would only be a spectator of whatever may happen. So I asked her what she thought. She said the thought alone had made her very wet but the idea of her being picked made her very anxious. We talked some more and agreed that the buildup was what the thrill was and decided that we would take a chance. It was a safe club and an opportunity like this might not come up again. If we didn’t like it we didn’t have to do it again.
The club organizer came back and we told him we were nervous but would give it a go. He chuckled and said he wouldn’t have picked us if we weren’t reluctant because that’s the thrill of it. We followed him to a different part of a bar where we met up with the other four couples. They were all generally the same age as us and all attractive. We had time to mingle so we were asking others their thoughts on the upcoming show. Two of the couples were also first timers and the other two had done it once before. The two they had done it before said that it was the biggest turn on they had ever experienced. After about 10 minutes the club said they were ready and led us in two gender separated groups to different adjoining rooms. The men were lined up on one side of the two way mirror where they could see in and the women on the other (opposite of their partners). My wife later told me they were asked if they fully consented to a stranger or strangers using them and once they agreed they were told to line up and keep their hands to their sides at all times. At this point the lights on the women’s side went dim.
The show was about to start and my heart was beating incredibly fast (I am sure Sam’s was too.) Right off the bat a door opened and in walked a man wearing a suit like the rest of us. He was good looking, average build, and seemed very professional. He walked between the women and the mirror facing them. It was as if he was giving them a quick inspection. He did not touch them, talk to them, or even smile. After making his way down the line he went back to the first woman in line. She was a beautiful tall red head. Pretty large breasts and of a normal build. He stood behind her, pushed up against her, and stared through the glass at the husband. It was all a bit intense. Then he started kissing and sucking on her neck, never breaking the stare. He worked his way up to her ear which seemed to be working quite well on here before turning her head and passionately kissing her on the mouth for a couple minutes. Then without a queue he broke off the kiss and moved on. Both the woman and husband were flush and I was nervous and excited because we were next in line!
The man started off the same way pushed into the back of Sam with him staring as if he could see me and she was staring a bit at the ground. Nothing had happened yet and I was as erect as I thought possible. He began running his hand up and down her petite body. He spent time caressing her neck and nibbling on her ear. Then his hands moved to her small breasts and started rubbing them from outside her dress. I am sure he could tell she was not wearing a bra because he almost instantly went inside the dress. I watched her eyes and face as it was full of passion but turn a little to shock as he tugged the dress down to right below her chest allowing all the men to see what I have enjoyed for years. Her nipples were hard on her pert breasts for all to see. The man took time to tweak at the nipples and caress the areolas. Sam laid her head back on his chest as she was enjoying the attention which thrust them out even more. It is a mental picture I will never forget and I am sure the other men would agree. After a few minutes he stood Sam back up placed her hands back to her sides and left her dress down as he moved on. Sam was still kind of looking at the ground but also glancing at the glass as if to see what I was thinking.
The next woman in line was a blonde probably in here early 40s. She was pretty but you could tell she had plastic surgery and by the looks of it breast implants. I was curious to see what was under the dress. It was not to be seen though. We all learned that there was no order to what was happening or for that matter an even increase of sexual activity per participant. The man this time stood next the blonde woman and turned her toward him (sideways to us). All of a sudden he unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi erect eight inch cock and just let it hang there. The woman did not move and I looked at her husband and he looked clueless. After about 10 seconds the door opened again and in came another man wearing a suit. He stepped behind the woman gently guided her down by the shoulders to her knees. At this point she understood what was happening and with one hand grabbed the man’s cock and began to insert it into her mouth. Before she could the newer man took her head and gently turned it toward the glass facing her husband and slowly pushed it forward until she had about five inches in her mouth. Her husband was completely red faced and none of the other husbands were really looking at him. The man with his cock in her mouth began pumping into her as a queue to start going. The blonde to her credit began working the man for all she was worth. She was not apprehensive and used her hands and tongue to get the job done. After a few minutes the man steadied her head, made a few ore deep pumps, and then pulled out before blowing a pretty large load on her face. Once finished he zipped up his pants and pulled the woman up. He led her to inches away from the mirror. The woman didn’t look straight forward probably unsure how her husband felt about her having another man’s semen on her face. Is she only had known that her husband was rubbing himself though his pants she would have had a reason to be proud.
The first man left after his oral encounter leaving the new suit in the room. Next in line was a very small Asian woman. She was very short, probably 5 foot, and wore thick glasses. She was cute in that nerdy kind of way. I have not had much experience with Asians so I was excited about this. The man walked up behind here and from his pocket pulled out scissors. We all were kind of taken aback but understood within a few seconds the reason. He started at the hem of her dress from the back and went to the neck and in no time the dress lay in a pile on the floor. The girl looked very surprised as it happened so quickly and other than my wife now was the most revealed. She would hold the record very quickly though. The man cut the back of the bra and as it fell the girl went to catch it. Keeping hands to the sides was the rule so for breaking it she received a pretty hard smack to her ass and a reminder. As the bra fell, the girl stood in front of us topless and in panties. I had never seen a girl as flat chested as her, it was still just as sexy but just different.
She seemed embarrassed probably from the comparisons to the other girls but there was no need. Next the man went to the panties and pulled at opposite directions so hard and fast they just snapped off. Fortunately for us she was shaved and was able to be seen in all her glory. As she stood completely nude in front of us here husband sort of looked away for a bit but then became more accustomed to the situation. A table was wheeled over where the man placed her upon her back with her sex pointing at us. She wanted to keep her legs closed but the man parted them and she did not resist. He walked away leaving the display for all of us to enjoy for a minute. He then returned with a basket of toys. There was no foreplay in any of this and it all happened very quickly. First he took out a small butt plug and lubed it up for us to see (she could not). Then without warning the man without much easing it placed in in her ass. A discernible noise could be heard from the woman. Next a large vibrator was pulled out and placed on a high speed. He expertly guided it to her clit and began working it. In less than 2 minutes the woman was bucking back and forth and came with a loud moan. The man picked her up and stood her back up still naked and still with plug in place. The woman had a look of satisfaction on her face but also a little embarrassment.
There was one woman left at the end of the line. She was a black haired mid 20s woman. Gorgeous all around and had an amazing body. Upon walking in I assumed that if the guy was going to pick a girl to have se with than it would be here. I doubted it was as random as they made it out to be. She was the last one left and no full on sex had occurred. I think she was expecting it by this point and so was her husband. He kind of looked at us and shrugged like what are you going to do? I was relieved but a little envious of what was about to happen. Sam must have been feeling relived to as she began watching the show at the end of the line. The suited man walked up behind her and stopped. He took a deep breath of her neck and spun her around. He placed her hands on his chest and she began grabbing at his muscular chest. Then the man spun her back around and walked away. Everyone was confused including the woman. The man went back toward the front of the line.
Now all the husband’s that thought they were done had fast beating hearts again. He went behind the first woman who had been kissed and told her she had gotten off too light. So he reached under her dress and started finger fucking her pussy hard. You could hear how wet she was from the whole ordeal from the noises. He did not get her off though he just stopped and showed his soaked hand to her husband through the mirror. He then stood behind all five of them women and looked. Then he said, “#1, #3, #4, #5 leave out the door and join your husbands!” They all scurried out but that left Sam standing there with ere breast still out breathing heavily.
The women came in the same room as us in their various stages of dress and stood by their husbands. But not my Sam, she was still in there with the suited man and all of us watching. The man walked up to her and moved her to the center of the room. He circled here and sized her up. She did not dare eye contact. He then pulled the dress the rest of the way off leaving her in her sheer panties and heels. She stepped out of the dress as told and walked toward me and the mirror. She looked beautiful and apprehensive. The man turned her to him and started passionately kissing here while feeling up her body. I was in disbelief of how turned on I was. He then told her to undress him witch she did. When she got down to his boxers she slowly pulled them down. She was not ready for the 10 inches that was standing to meet her. He pulled her up to meet him and began kissing again letting his dagger press into her belly. He then thrust her into the air and laid her back against the glass and lowered her onto his cock. It did not go in quickly as he was so big but being as worked up as she was her pussy slowly gave way. From my view and the others I could see this man penetrating my wife slowly and deliberately. When she got about half way he went ahead and just slammed her the rest of the way down which cause a scream of pleasure from her. He was rocking her back in forth for a good minute when he pulled her away. I am sure it was more for show then a comfortable position but it was effective. He lay on the table and had her ride him while facing us. She had lost any reluctance at this point and was fucking him as hard as she could. I almost forgot others were in the room with me as
I pulled out my own cock and started jerking it. Sam was riding him so hard that I could tell she was about to cum. I think he sensed to so he pulled out of here and flipped her onto her knees mounting her from the back. He was slamming her so hard that she was grunting. All of a sudden she froze up and I knew that she was cumming hard. Once he felt it he also quickened pace and slammed into her a couple more time before releasing a monster load into her pussy. Sam was still recovering from her orgasm but the guy removed himself and wheeled the table over to the window. He placed her with her pussy toward us as she lay there recovering. You could see how pink and swollen her lips were, her hole was still a little open with this man’s cum just oozing out. I instantly shot my load toward the mirror. I had never got off that hard in my life and I doubt she had either.
The lights went dark in Sam’s room and we were led out of our room. Everyone was pretty quiet. The women were free to use the shower room and given a change of clothes. I was told Sam was already there and would meet me when she was cleaned up. I went to the bar and got a drink not believing what I just saw. A little later Sam came out smirking. She nervously asked how I was and I told her I was great but how about you? She giggled and said it was scary and amazing but she wanted to go home and fuck my brains out next. I was only happy to oblige.
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