Sexy Sister In Law

1 year ago. At the time, I was living in my home with my wife, my two little girls, my mother, and my aunt. At the time my wife had just come home from visiting with her mother in Pakistan. Her sister, Fari, had just gotten her finance visa and was coming with her to stay until she got married. Let me describe my sister-in-law for you, she is 5′2″ 120lbs, 36B-24-35. She is a knockout.
She came to stay with us, at first I thought she is like a sister to me, so I would not look at her with any bad intentions, until the day my wife came to me as we were getting ready for bed. My wife asked me, “Did you know that Fari likes you?” I said, ” Me, why would she like me?”, my wife said, “she has liked you since the day you met her.” I was astonished, here a very beautiful 22 year old was interested in me, an older 30 year old. Then my wife told me the biggest shocker. “Fari wants you to kiss her.”, my wife said to me. I asked her, “Are you sure?” Well, the next day, I approached Fari and asked her to let me give her a kiss and be done with it. We kissed for a good ten minutes, afterwards she hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Tonight after everyone is asleep, I will meet you in your office.” I was working from home at that time and had my own business. That night everyone fell asleep early, and I then noticed someone walking into my office. I snuck out of bed and wnet across the hal to my office. I went in and closed the door behind me. There was standing Fari in the dark. I went to her and started kissing her again.
She took my hand and placed in on her breast, and I could feel she did not have a bra on underneath. We started kissing harder, and she started to remove my clothes. I stopped her and asked, “are you sure you want to do this?” She replied, “mein toh panch saal seh yehi waqt keh intezaar mein thi, abhi aur intezaar nahi kiya jahta hai.” She then reached down and pulled my dick out and started to play with it, getting it harder and harder. “Hmm kitna mota aur taaza hai, aur kitna sakt ho gaya hai.”, she said. Saying this she kneeled down and took it into her mouth and sucked on it. I was in heaven and almost came in her mouth right then and there.I pulled her up and removed her clothes as well. At this I stood her aginst my office wall, knet down in front of her, and started to eat her pussy.She came twice while I eat her pussy and finger-fucked her. She then ade me lie down and she sat on top of me. My dick slid right inot her pussy and she started to ride me. She started to moan and make sounds, as she was about to cum she started saying, “Aur, aur, aur, oh my god, itna maaza ah raha hai, aur doh, aur doh, mujhe aur doh, aah, aah, aah oohh” She had a screaming orgasm at that time. We started to kiss again and I was still inside her. I started to fuck her slowly again, and brought her to another orgasm, and I came inside her pussy as well. We lay liek that for 15 minutes, her oin top of me, tired.
She then got up and started to gather her clothes. Seeing her ass moving like that instantly got me hard again. I came up behind her and said, “Yaar, abhi toh dil hi nahi bara, aur tum jane ki baat ker rahi ho?” saying this, is hugged her and had my dick rub aginst her ass. I told her, “Abhi to meine tumari ghand bhi marni hai” She said, “nahi, mujhe bohat dard hogi wahan.” I told her, “no, yaar, no pain, just pleasure.” I then pushed her against the office wall again, only this time her breasts were being crushed against the wall. I then grabbed my dick, and brought it to her ass-hole. I then pushed slowly, until my dick slid into her ass. She started to say, “Ay, mein margayi, bohat dard ho rahi hai, please nah kero.” But I was in too much of a mood to stop. I slid my dick into her ass, and kept on fucking her ass. She had another orgasm, and I then came in her ass.After I came, she got out from infront of me, and put on her clothes. She then kissed me and said, ” meine aaj tak is tara kah maaza nahi kiay, aap mere pele the, aur rahoge. Meien apne aap koh sabh seh pehle aap koh dena tha.” Saying that, she left and wento her room to sleep. From that day on, we had many more such encounters, but those are stories for another day.
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