Sexy Niece [english]

After the first session, Sudha went for a bath, while I was lying in the bed naked. Sudha didn’t close the bathroom door. I was able to see the bathroom from my cot. Sudha was facing the wall showing me the back. She was looking more sexier than before, may be I was in a hurry to seduce her in the first instance. Slim tender legs, thunder thighs beautifully shaped, round fair complexioned ass and then straightening at the back. Sudha turned exposing her frontage. Black eyes, sharp nose and the sexy rosy lips would invite any one. And below that the Mangoes. The errect brown nipples looked like stalk on the mangoes. The belly and the neatly shaved heavenly abode. “Wow she is gargeous”- I exclaimed. She started pouring water on her body, and the water were flowing from her boobs like a falls. She now was applying soap and called me. “Uncle can you help me soap the back.” I took soap and started foaming on her back. I kneeled to apply soap on her buttocks. I widened the gap between her ass and rubbed with my nose and tongue. “ohh…sssss…ohoh uncle, that is great” – “I have kick started you babe” – I told sudha. She pushed me away and told “uncle I have not brushed, please help me. “yes dear what you want the paste and the brush?” “Get me only paste” – I gave Sudha the paste.Sudha took my rod in her hand and pulled the fore skin. Put a little paste on it and applied in her rosy lips, she put some more paste on my rod and started brushing. “Wow” I exclaimed. The hardness of her teeth massaging my rod, made me feel ticklish and urged to pizz. It was so urgent, before I could take my rod from her mouth I pissed a few drops in her mouth. “uncle, why you took away, it is tasting like salty and sweety. “Babe, come on finish your bathing”. As she finished and started wiping the wet, I guided her to the bedroom, massaging her thunder thighs and beaty buttocks.The sweet Alphonsa mangoes were teasing me, I sucked the stalk like nipple and bit on her boobs and sucked. Sudha responded by caresing my dick. Sudha parted away from me, and kneeled to suck my dick, she was doing it fantastically. I took her to the bed and sprawled on her. I rubbed her earlobes with my nose and tongue, she was scintilating. My dick was rubbing the cute cunt. Now we were in 69 position, fucking her pussy with my tonge, while sudha took my rod in her mouth. That was errotic. I changed position and sat on her lap to guide my rod to the vigina. She pused me away saying “Uncle, you told me that you will allow me to drive” “Yes my doll you can drive now” – I laid on the cot. “Not here uncle”. Sudha took a pillow and guided me to the varanda, where I kept my bike. Sudha placed the pilow on top of the petrol tank of my bike. I under stood. I laid on the bike. Sudha straightned my legs and sat on my lap. She positioned my hands with the handle of the bike. Sudha moved forward and took my errect rod in her sweet pussy. Sudha moved further close alomst sitting on my abdomen. She started stroking “Uncle am I driving correctly?” “Yes dear, but little more fast” Sudha moved her waist bit fast, “is that o.k.” “No, I will teach you”. I pulled her away and told her to lay on the bike. Now I sat on her lap and adjusted my self. I guided my pennis to her heavenly hole. By now, my rod was fully errect it was not a smooth ride. As I blasted in sudha screamed. I moved my buttocks up and down slowly. My rod hit her clit,I massaged it with my dick. “ohhhhhhhhh….sssssssss….” Sudha moaned, I was in errotic mood, I moved further fast.”oooooh,ahhhhhhhhhh….sssss, do it fast and more and more uncle” Sudha responding well, lifted her buttocks to give me the vent. I was excited. I stroked faster, Suha enjoyed the orgasm her juice was oozing out. Sudha pressed my buttcoks and bit it with her nails, pulled and huged me, bit my lips and held my hair firmly. “klack..klack..klack….klack…” The music of our fuck was the only noise we could hear. As I moved fast, the sound was more. After about 20 or 25 minutes my dic was in full swing, and was trembling inside the cute cunt, I wanted to splash the sperm On her boobs and was about to take my dick out. Suha felt the trembling of my rod, and understood that I am about to relase my juice, she told me to fill her hole. The few seconds relax gave me more vigour, I stroked further for another 5 minutes. After we finished, Sudha asked me “Uncle, can I test drive once again?” “No my dear, its time for you mom to return, I wiil teach you further, wait patiently, everything will be fine” Mail me if you are interested knowing my other experiences to

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