sexy neighbour Prema

The heroine of this story is Prema who is my neighbor. She is a good friend of my mother and whenever she gets free time she used to come to our house and used to chit chat with my mother for hours. They were very good friends that Prema aunty used to tell everything to my mother. Prema aunty is 40 years old and she had a son who is studying in B.Tech in Bangalore.

Prema auntie’s husband used to work in Dubai and he used to visit Hyderabad once in a year and same is the case with her son whenever he used to get holidays he used to visit her. Prema aunty used to wear nighty most of the time and sometimes she used to wear saris with sleeveless blouse.

She had a very nice structure and whenever she goes out to purchase groceries all the males on the road would definitely see her boobs ( 0 )( 0 ) and her swinging ass ( )( ). Whenever she walks, her ass mounds used to swing up and down. Coming to her sizes which I came to know later are 40 32 42. I fell in love with her ass.

I have an eye on Prema aunty whenever she comes to our house I used to come to hall and tried to pretend that I was studying and my mom and Prema aunty used to talk in the kitchen. From the place where I used to sit I can clearly see what is happening in the kitchen and I used to enjoy the view where I can see her 40 boobs in the side view and her belly.

Whenever Perma aunty used to come to our house that night is used to masturbate on the bed and those days we used to have navar manchan in Telugu where you can put the dick down from the gaps and play with it. I used to release loads of cum by thinking of Prema aunty. I was waiting for a chance to fuck Prema aunty and counting the days and waiting for my luck.

One day Prema aunty came to our house and was chatting with mother and suddenly my mother called and asked me to help Prema aunty to buy a computer. Uncle (Prema’s husband) asked her to buy a computer so that they can talk on the internet. Prema aunty doesn’t know anything computers and she asked to buy a good one for 30K. She also asked to buy a cam for the computer.

That following Saturday I went to Jagadeesh market and bought a custom build computer with cam and in the evening I went to Prema auntie’s house and assembled it. She used to have a BSNL land line connection and she asked to activate the internet on her land line and I helped her with that as well. Within a week everything was setup and she didn’t know how to use the computer.

I created a Skype account for her and asked her to note the credentials somewhere so that she will not forget. I have added uncle’s account to Prema’s Skype id and told her whenever you want to talk you have to connect to internet and then start the Skype and you can talk to uncle. She said okay and I came back to my house thinking that Uncle will be having a good show that night and as usual I jerked myself that night.

Next day morning aunty came to our house and her face glowing like anything. By the conversation I understood that she had cam sex with uncle. This went on for some days and one day Prema called me on my mobile at night 11 O’ clock and I answered it and asked what happened aunty. She said internet was not working and it was disconnected in the middle of the call she was very frustrated.

I said will come tomorrow to your house and check it. Next day morning I went to Prema auntie’s house and checked the connections and the LAN connection was disconnected. she asked to check whether internet is working or not then I tried to open Mozilla and it gave a crash report and asked me whether to open the previous session to which I said ok and boom it opened a link

where in a couple were having sex and immediately Prema aunty felt embarrassed and asked me not to tell anyone about this. Then I asked Prema aunty why are you watching these videos and the quality is very bad. By hearing this she got shocked and said you know uncle is not here and I am satisfying myself with this.

I said don’t worry aunty I’ll get you some high quality videos and for that she thanked me and gave a kiss on my cheek and I felt very good. After this incident Prema aunty opened up with me and we used to chat in phone and sometimes used to talk in phone at late night and slowly we used to pass adult jokes in phone and she liked my company.

I told Prema that I would be getting good movies the next Saturday and asked her to be at home. Saturday morning I went to her house and rang the bell and she was wearing a transparent sari and sleeveless blouse. She greeted me with a wide smile and was walking towards the kitchen. I can see her bra straps through the blouse and it was an awesome sight. Prema aunties’ bums ( )( ) are swinging up and down.

Prema aunty asked whether I bought that DVD or not then to tease here I said I didn’t get it from my friend in the last minute and her face turned sad by hearing this. She asked me to sit and went to kitchen to get something to drink she came back with some biscuits and 2 glasses of Maaza.

While serving the drink she bent down to give me the glass and her pallu fell down and what a sight it was the cleavage was awesome she caught me seeing her boobs and asked me teasingly is it good. Then I said the drink was good she said naughty boy I was not asking about the drink about what you just saw. I said Aunty I bought the DVD and was teasing you then immediately she said come let’s watch.

Then we both went to her bedroom and there was a 6X6 bed and in one corner the computer was there. I inserted the DVD and was opening it by the mean time she had closed all the doors and windows and window curtains and came back to bedroom and the atmosphere was very dark in the bedroom and I played the DVD with less sound. Prema auntie’s concentration was on the computer monitor.

In that video an elderly aunty was having sex with a young boy and she was very much into the video her breathing got heavier and her boobs were moving up and down. I observed that slowly placed my hand on her shoulder and moved down and started pressing her boobs for a sec she saw me and continued to see the video.

I started pressing her boobs over her sari and was kneading the aureola and the nipples are getting harder and at the same time my dick is also raising in my shorts. I asked her let move to bed and she lay on the bed and I moved the sari from her chest and was licking the nipples over her blouse.

Those 40 sized melons were awesome I opened the hooks of her blouse and loosened the bra and the melons jumped out and immediately I took one of them in my mouth and sucking like crazy and with the other hand I was rubbing her thighs over the sari. Prema aunty was getting aroused and started moaning slowly.

I kept on sucking the boob one by one for 30 min and then started to kiss her lips she was in full mood and she started kissing all over my body and when she was sucking my nipples it was paining and at the same time the pleasure was awesome slowly she moved down and opened my shorts and took my dick in her hand and moved the foreskin back and started back and forth motion.

My dick is getting hard and suddenly she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. That was an awesome feeling I felt like I was in heaven and this went on for 15 minutes and I told her I would come at any moment and she nodded her head in yes and I shoot all my load in her mouth and she drank all of them and cleaned my dick and she gave a deep lip kiss and I tasted my cum and it tasted good.

I asked Prema aunty how was it, then she said don’t call me aunty call me Prema and said it was very good. On the background the movie was going on and she said it your turn now and I didn’t’ get it; she removed her sari, petticoat and she was in her red panty. She asked me to lick her pussy. There were hairs on the panty. I first little hesitated and started licking her pussy over the panty.

Prema was pinching her nipples with one hand and with the other hand she was holding my head and pushing it towards her pussy. She asked me to pull her panty and in one go I removed her panty and she is having little hair on her pussy. Probably she would have shaved recently. I parted her pussy lips and started tongue fucking and she was enjoying it.

At the same time in the video the lady was sitting on the boys face and rubbing her pussy and ass hole by seeing this Prema asked me that she wanted to do that and asked me lie on the bed facing the ceiling and she came and sat on my face and was rubbing her pussy on my face and I was licking her pussy and ass hole.

Prema said it was a great feeling which I didn’t get from my husband and from now on you are my husband and you can do whatever you wanted to with me. Then she took my dick in her mouth and we are in 69 position for 20 min and her pussy started oozing juices and she had a huge orgasms and my face was filled with her juices.

At that time on the video the boy was peeing on the lady’s face and she was drinking it. Then I said Prema I want to do that she hesitated first and said okay. Then we moved to bathroom and she was sitting on the floor between my legs. It was an awesome sight slowly I started peeing on her face moved my dick to her lips then to her boobs and then to nipples and she was drenched with my pee

and I asked her to drink my pee to which she said you have to do the same and I readily accepted. I lied in the bathroom and she squatted on my face and started peeing the gushing sound was tickling me and she was peeing like for 5 min and I drank her pee. Prema said this feeling was too good I never did it with my husband.

Then I turned on the shower and we took bath together and I applied the soap all over Prema’s body while she was sitting on a moda she was applying soap on me and she was playing with my dick. She applied soap and took the sponge bath and was rubbing on my cock and it formed lot of foam on my dick and I enjoyed it then I asked her for boob fuck which she agreed and I boob

fucked her for almost 15 min and when my sperms are ready to shoot out I stopped and we completed bath and came out of the bathroom. Prema was all wet and I took her to the bed and asked her to lie on the bed facing the ceiling. I sat in between her legs and started rubbing her pussy lips and she was getting aroused.

Initially I inserted my index finger and then inserted 2 fingers and then 3 fingers and her pussy became loose and slippery because of her juices then she started talking in Telugu orey neel swargam choopistunnav ra ummmmmmmmmmm annnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

By hearing this I got excited and put my dick head near the entrance of the heaven and gave a small push and in one go my dick head is not visible then I gave another push and it went half into the valley and I gave the final push with little pressure and I was in. What a feeling it was my dick was feeling the heat in her pussy the walls are slippery and it was hot.

I was doing the back and forth motion in a rhythmic way and I leaned forward and took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them. Prema was holding my head and breathing heavily and she was adjusting her pussy to support my thrusts and I increased my pace and she had an orgasms and the sound was like thup thup thup thup

and she was moaning ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Neel dengara dengu inka speed ga dengu ivala na puku ki swargam choopinchu dengu with this I was ramming into her pussy and when I was about to reach the climax I said Prema I am cumming.

She asked me to go ahead and with another 5 min I loaded her pussy with my juices and took out my dick from her pussy and the mixed juices was coming out of her pussy and going down to her asshole. It was an awesome site then I slept beside her and we kissed for some time and Prema said whenever you get time please come and have fun. I said definitely Prema and slept.

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