sexy neighbour Deepa

This is Harish. Aged 30, from Indore. I am a gujarati working for an MNC in Indore. I am married to Akshara aged 27. About 5’5” in height, fair, slightly on the plumpy side with a 6 inch tool. This incident occurred when my wife had gone to her hometown in Gujarat for the delivery of our first child.

Even though I am from a conservative Gujarati family, all my professional life I have been outside Gujarat which means enjoying life to the maximum. Boozing, eating non veg, partying, occasional affairs etc.

But after marriage about a year back I had mellowed down. My wife Akshara, was about 5 feet, Fair and a bit plumpy like me. She was very conservative and led a typical life of a housewife. I gradually gave up on my vices and put my instincts to rest. Our sex life was decent but not great. Akshara would allow me to fuck her only once or twice a week, that too in the normal position without any foreplay etc.

Opposite to our house was a south Indian family. Husband and wife only. While he worked in sales and was out of tours, his wife Deepa used to frequent our house and was friends with my wife. They used to help each other out with small stuff. I never had much interest in them except for the occasional Hi and how are you.

After my wife had left it was a practice to hand over the house keys to Deepa, so that our maid servant would take the key from her and finish the chores and hand the key back to her. I would come and take the keys in the evening.

This had continued for some time now before the incident happened. I had to attend one of my company’s parties in a Hotel. The same stuff like booze, belly dancers, good non veg stuff etc. A few of my friends made me have a couple of large pegs of Vodka as I was alone and it would hurt much. Since this was my chance I went a little overboard and drank to my capacity.

I danced with the performers and started to get a little bit horny and at the same time I was feeling tipsy. I didn’t eat much and I realized it was already 11.00Pm and I left. Somehow without creating too much nuisance I reached home and rang Deepas doorbell. Fortunately she was awake and was eating and watching some songs on TV.

Let me describe her. She was around 5’8” (taller than me) around 70kgs. Dark in color but with good features. My estimate would have been 36d-28-36. Her age was around 37-38 She was wearing a Pink colored sari and a low cut matching blouse. The blouse caught her boobs in perfect shape. The sari was tucked below her navel exposing her waists.

“I am sorry its too late. Chabbi le loon ?“ “ Ek minute mai khana ka rahi hoon, aap baithiye” was the reply. “aap kaiyenge kya” she asked. I guess it was just a formality. A ticklish thought occurred to me. “haan, if you don’t mind” She was taken aback, but managed to smile and after finishing her dinner she brought me same rotis with daal. I started eating.

“Sir nahi hai kya ?” “Nahi tour pe gaye” Once I got to hear this, I started playing with words. “Akshara bi nahi hain, aajkal kane ka problem ho raha hai” She smiled and said nothing. I continued “ aap ko kane me kuch problem hai “ ? Nahi Kyun ? “nahi company ke liye, Sir bhi itna din bahar rehte hain na” ? “khabi Khabi mushkil hai” “muje pyas lagi hai” I said dirtily staring directly at eyes.

For a moment she looked at me and turned away to get some water. I had to make the call now. Somehow I mustered all the courage I could. The alcohol inside me helped. As I was sitting in a couch, she brought be the water in a tray and bent down to given me the same. I grabbed both her hands and she fell on top of me. I immediately kissed her hard the lips.

She was struggling. Her boobs were hitting my chest hard and I could feel the warmth of her body. Quickly without wasting time I took out my tongue and started licking her lips. Slowly the mouth parted and made way for my tongue. Gradually the struggling also ended. Looked like she was also desperate for sex.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouth for a good five minutes. Then she broke of the kiss and said “andhar bedroom me chalte hain”. I followed her lustily. In the bedroom we started kissing each other passionately. Slowly I started unhooking the buttons of her blouse. I got down kissed her neck and was now in her valleys. Licking, kissing, caressing the.

I removed her pink bra and lo revealed were those massive boobs. Slightly sagging, but nevertheless a joy to watch. I was getting greedy. I wanted to fuck her in my terms. I stared licking her blackish nipples and sucked them till they were poking out like a pencil sharpened. I took her boobs together and suck both the nipples at the same time.

It was great for a man who had one track sex for most of his life. Then my tongue slid down all the way to her navel. She was quite tall and I had a lot of area to cover. While licking and sucking them my hand removed her sari. My hands went inside her panties and stared feeling her cunt. Surprisingly it was clean shaven unlike my hairy cock.

“Kya mai aap ka choot ko chooson” “please kuch bhi karo lekin rukhna nahi” was the reply. This was the invitation I wanted. Gradually I bent down to her pussy. It smelled curious but who cared. I removed her panty and put my tongue on her pussy. She reacted and folded her legs. I parted them again and slowly started licking them. She was panting now.

I increased the pace now and stared tongue fucking her pussy as hard as I could. Occasionally I would see her reaction and would ensure she was enjoying it. My hands were squeezing her boobs, running them on the stomach and legs to ensure she gets the maximum feel of it. After a good ten minutes she orgasm and brought me up to her and kissed me.

“aap mere lund choosogi please” I begged her. She smiled and made me lie on my back. She removed my shirt and started kissing ne again. I was feeling her full weight on me. Her boobs were flattened against my chest, our nipples were rubbing against each other which gave me a huge bulge and my cock was desperately trying to wriggle out of my pants.

Then she started licking my nipples, biting and teasing them. Her hands undid my belt and hooks and I eagerly kicked away my pants. She stared to rub her lips on my undies which was holding my weapon. I couldn’t bear it any longer. I kicked of my undies and caught her hair and shoved her face towards my cock. Luckily her lips brushed against my mushroom. I was holding her face firm and she parted her lips.

“Mere lund ko ache se chooso” please…please… I begged. She rammed my cock straight into her mouth as it was not that big. She moved beautifully, her mouth not only gobbled me cock but also was also demanding me to go deeper. She would take a breather by licking my hairy balls and cock. She would cough occasionally as my hairs would get into her mouth.

“Next time shave karke aao” she instructed. I felt a bit ashamed but I didn’t care. “aap expert hain” I told her. She smiled back and continued sucking my cock. “main aapko mooh me chod na chahta hoon” I blurted out. Saying this I made her lye on her back. I mounted on her and sat on her stomach. My cock was hot from the sucking it had received and ready to go.

She held her boobs together and I ram rodded her. My mushroom was just about entering her month. I wanted more. I went forward was a now sitting on her books. I inserted my cock full length into her mouth and started to fuck her. This was the best experience I had in my sexual life. A full length oral session I was deprived of. sounds were coming from her. He hands were clutching my ass asking me for more. “kaisa lag rahe hai, han” I fucked her mouth blatantly without any remorse. After a minute or two I cried “mai aap ka mooh me aa raha hoon” for which she nodded in consent. I immediately spurted my hot semen into her mouth and kept on doing so for the next half a minute or so.

Whatever was the she gobbled and my cock went into limp. She licked it again and cleaned it out totally. I took my out my overworked cock. It had retracted a fair bit. But I wanted to do more. I lied on top of her and kissed her again, inserted my fingers in her pussy and started playing with it. She also understood and asked me to wait. She brought us some milk and nuts.

This was the breather I wanted, we were nude enjoying the moment sipping milk, eating nuts. I made her lie down again and placed nuts on her lips, nipples and pussy and ate them when enjoying her vital parts. I asked her to drink the milk and share it with me. She responded by drinking it and locking lips with me. Man I was really enjoying this.

Then I poured milk on her breasts and pussy and licked and sucked them. My cock stared to rise now. I stood up and commanded her to suck my cock again. I pushed her face into cock and she responded. Like a see saw her head was going back and forth. “oh god” this is the best sex I have had till date. I want to fuck you now” I cried.

I placed her on the bed with she lying on her stomach. I kissed, licked her ass, back and legs. Then I went for the kill. I entered her doggy style. I was holding her boobs in my hands. My cock was ramming her ass. “Chodo muje please…bahut din hogaya aisa kar ke “ she said. This drove me even wilder. I fucked her with my best ability. This time it took more time.

I enjoyed every second of it. My cock was literally exploding and I wondered whether semen would come out or blood. Finally I came and shouted “‘ye le tumhari gift”. Ahhhhhhhhh. I had fucked her for a good five minutes or so. We had a final passionate kiss and I retired for the day. This continued till my wife came back and whenever we got a chance we would fuck trying out new things.

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