Sexy Mother of 2

Hi this is Rahul from Ranchi, Jharkhand.My email id is I am 25 years old, I am a big fan of Indian sex stories and I am its regular visitor since the past 3 yrs and it only gave me the courage to write my own sexual experience. It actually happened one year back when I was in my final year of engg. I used to live in a rented room where other students and some family also used to stay. I am basically a shy type of boy, I always keep a distance with girls and women and I respect them a lot. There used be a family downstairs where there lived a family husband, wife and their two children. The husband who had a business and had to travel a lot all around Bihar and Jharkhand, as a result of which his wife and there children used to live alone in there house. His wife whose name was Ritu was quite nice to see atleast I did not have any wrong feelings for her. She had two children aged 15 and 13 respectively.

I was quite and intelligent student and I was famous in that compound and I used to play with her children as their children used to call me bhaiya. Once I was going through her room when suddenly she called me. This was the first time when she talked to me. She was around 35 but still looked younger,anyways I went to her and she greeted me welcome and asked me that if I could take tuitions for there children. I was very much afraid as I was seeing her milky legs as she was wearing a semi transparent nighty which was gone up to her knees as she was sitting in a chair. I said ok and agreed that she would pay me 1500/- for two children.Their children also got glad as they liked me very much. From the next day I I used to go to her house to teach her both kids. I used to go around 7:00 PM whenever I used to go to her house she would become very happy. They liked my teaching style and their children came first in their respective classes.whenever I used to go to her house she used to cook something for me and never used to let me go off without having something. Then after some days she said that I will have to have my fooding in their house only, I refused but she got angried and forced me to join her fooding. I agreed. As I am a shy noy it was very difficult for me to describe all those things and I was upset also a little bit. One day I was busy taking tuitions to her children when she came and sat on the bed, she sat in such manner that her children could not see her but I can see her.

She was smiling at me and just laid on the bed. After some time I saw that her nighty was up to her knees and I could see her naked creamy legs, this let my cock very tight and I was trying to adjust my cock over my jeans, anyways I completed my studies and and when I was about to go she got hold of my cock near the door and said to me”what happened dear why the tool is erect?” I was to very much shocked and aroused by her act. I had no words to say and just gave a smile and I went from her house.Next day when I was crossing their house she called me to her house , she was alone in the house and her both children have gone to college. I sat and she came near me and said sorry for her act for the last night. I said its OK. Then she said that she is very lonely and she liked me very much and was very much attracted towards me. She wanted me to be her friend and also asked me whether I liked her or not? Said that I liked her and I also asked her a question that what would happen if her children and husband would know then she said that “ my husband does not care about her , he simply wants to earn money and most of the time he lives abroad, and her children are grone enough and does what ever They want. Then she asked me whether I have any girlfriend or not, I said that I don’t have any girlfriend, they she suddenly kissed on my lips , ohhhhhhhhh what a great feeling it was, and I could she lust on her eyes, we kissed for about 10 mins , I inserted my whole tongue into her mouth and she also inserted her tongue into my mouth, by this time we both were very hot and suddenly she put her hand under my shirt and started massaging my nipples and she removed my shirt and started licking my nipples , I was just above the sky and with the other hand she was massaging my dick very hard and then she said that” Rahul I need u very badly and, and I am hungry for sex and please fuck me hard” then suddenly their was noise out side and we get apart. Then I said that I should better leave now and should come other time . She took my promise to come some other time and I left her room.

In the evening when I went to her house to take tuitions for her children I was surprised to know that her children were going to there grandfather’s house. She said me to take seat, she was looking very happy. After her children left her house she closed the door and then she jumped onto me and I fell on the bed she come open me and kissed me very hard and at the same time started to rub my cock from over my jeans , at this time she was wearing yellow color saree with blouse and her pallu fell and I could see her big mango shaped boobs and started to press them, she just moaned as ammmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh and I was too enjoying the situation. Then she got up and gave me 500/- to bring some rum and she said that she wanted to enjoy the whole night with me. I got up and went to the market and bought some high quality wine and then I went to her house , she had already cooked food for me and then she feeded me with her own hand and we had wine together then she went to her bath room , when she came out I was stunned to see her, she was wearing a black color nighty which was upto her knees and her bra was also visilble from outside and I could see her legs very clearly, she was looking very sexy with that dress.

She came near me and gave me a hard kiss on my lips and I then started to remove my dress one by one, she removed my shirt, my vest then my jeans and she started to rub my hard cock from above the underwear and then finally I started to remove her dress, I removed her nighty, now she was in her bra and panty. She was wearing a black bra and a black panty. She was looking as sexy as ever. I started to press her boobs from above the bra , she started maoning as ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhh then I removed her bra and I could see her white boobs and then I started to lick her nipples and she was continuously moaning ammmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahaahaahahhaha then she said to remove her panty and I did so, I could see her pussy which was red as ever. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and she started moaning very heavily aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and she was holding very tight to me and crying aloud, her pussy started getting wet and liquid lowed drastically into my mouth , she was enjoying it very much and as do as I.

I was licking her pussy her navel and her entire body , she was just blown into the last level of enjoyment. Then she took my cock into her hands and was glad to see the size of the penis and then she took into her mouth and then started to lick it in to and fro motion, after some time she drank all the fluid which came from my dick. She just licked entire cock and did not allowed to fall any single drop of fluid into the ground. Then she again started to wake up my dick and then she told me to enter the dick into her wet pussy, I followed her order and inserted the dick into her pusssy. She cried a lot and started to push my dick into her pussy with great pressure and very fast, she was shouting like hell and was enjoying it very much. Then she told me to fuck her ass also, I obeyed her order and fucked her ass, and spelled all the cum into her ass and into her pussy also.We fucked for about 7 times that night and we fuck daily nowadays.I enjoyed it very much. U can share ur feelings with me at ……………..

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