Sexy land lady

I had gone on a business tour and returned back by the morning train. At about 10 AM the train pulled into the station. I decided not to go to office and decided to take the day off.
I had just finished college and had picked up this job after college. I had rented a small room in a bunglow. The accommodation was good and had a separate entrance from the side. My landlord and his wife were a nice couple. They had two sons one aged 10 and the other aged 7. My land lord was also a business man running a business in car accessories.
While I was entering my room, I happened to look into my landlords bed room. What I saw shocked me and immediately I ducked below the window. I started peeping in the bed room. Sprawled on the bed was my landlords wife stark naked. She was playing with her self.
The palms of her hands were moulding and squeezing her breasts. , and she drew them up along the narrow dip of her waist, languishing in the sensual feel of her own naked flesh. Reaching the full, raised mounds of her breasts, she cupped her hands over the tips; the brownish-pink buds of her erect little nipples were already hard
and sensitive. She pinched them between thumbs and forefingers, thrilling in the contact as the wanton heat in her groin seemed to rage out of control. Her long legs were spread slightly apart, and she raised them up and out wider. She released her hold of her bountiful right breast, running her hand down over the smooth flat plane of her belly until her fingertips touched the wispy beginnings of her pubic hairs. The lips of her hungry young vagina moistly flared with the nearness of her fingers as the heat of her loins surpassed that from the sun. Her overly sensitive little clitoris throbbed a tingling message to her brain: Touch me, pinch me, please!
Rhapsodic with the fire in her belly, she slid her outstretched middle finger into the soft, hair-lined slit of her swollen pussy spreading the spongy flesh apart to bare the quivering knob of her lust-inflamed clitoris. And she began to massage it, sending agonizing pleasures coursing through her wantonly writhing young body. She never dreamed that her lewd finger-fucking of herself was being observed. The sight drove him crazy, and he felt his painfully throbbing cock growing hard and bigger than ever before as he took in each detail of her sensually curving figure. Her head of long lack hair splayed out on the bed, framing a sleek wild face with a touch of red lipstick and large brown eyes. She wore little makeup, but it was right for her kind of face. Her nose was slim and tilted up at the end in a pert kind of lewdness that was heightened by her aroused smile and the way the tip of her pink tongue licked at her wetly parted lips, moistening them.
She was more than just naked; she was brazen the way she lay on the bed as if waiting for some imaginary lover to descend upon her. My eye traveled down over her long elegant neck, my breath coming hard through my nostrils as I crouched below the window, staring. Her bare shoulders were well shaped and soft, and he liked the way her collarbone jutted out.
Her naked breasts were big and full and sprawled in a provocative way, and the nipples were distended and shaped like bullets, tipped upward. There was a fine sheen to her skin where her cleavage began. I could imagine my hands all over her ripe full breasts and, as I shuddered with excitement and started unbuttoning my pants to release my rigidly erect cock to get it in a more comfortable position, I thought of my lips and hungry mouth closing over those nipples and sucking on them and feeling her nakedly writhing body under me.
Her body! God! Beneath her half-moon breasts was the delicately curving configuration of her rib cage, and her taut little stomach was unblemished – rounded provocatively. My eye traveled down, down, and he saw the jutting protruding mound of Venus covered with thick, softly curling black hair.
And there, there at the apex, the center, where her thighs and pubic hair met her torso, there in detail was her beautifully prominent cunt. And she was excited! I could clearly see the puffy swollen dark red folds of her vaginal lips under the hair as they framed the entrance to her delectable swollen pussy. Her legs were spread wide enough that I could see her wetly glistening slit, a bright red mouth among the pubic hairs. I narrowed my eyes and could see the nib of her clitoris glittering with an expectant moistness.
“Uhhhhhh” I said softly, really not believing what I was witnessing, for the land lady had begun to caress her lush body, and it was more than I could stand to hide below the window and just watch. My long, throbbing cock was aching with excitement, and I began to stroke it as I saw her hand moving to her ripe firm breast and then snake down unashamedly to her swollen cunt. I would wait, wait until she was really fired up and hot, and then I would run over and fuck her until she couldn’t walk for a week!
Warm passion juice flowed from between the hair-covered lips of her moistly quivering vagina as she stroked and rubbed the hardened bud of her clitoris. For the first time Shanti didn’t find the pleasures that were tearing through her body strange, but felt the overwhelming animal heat as natural and wonderful. And it was demanding even more! Her belly trembled and quivered from her forbidden caresses, and she arched her back off the bed, wantonly writhing and wiggling under the rhythmic movement of her outstretched finger. She pushed her long, tapering digit down hard, slipping it along the softly moistened flesh until the tip closed over the mouth of her innermost being, and curving it downward, she tucked the end inside her tight little cuntal passage, teasing the narrow channel until she could hold back no longer.Her middle finger sliced between her wide-spread pussy lips like a knife through butter; probing the warm liquid depths of her passion inflamed cunt its full length. The palm of her hand was pressing flat against the curvature of her virgin mound, and her erectly gleaming clitoris pulsated against it, quaking with her desire. Her middle finger pistoned in and out of her passion-drenched cunt as her hips
rolled back and forth in an eager hunger. With her other hand she pinched and pulled outward on the tips of her breasts, generating more fire and heat in the hollowed pit of her shaking belly. Her eyes rolled upward, staring unseeing at the roof of the room, and her wetly quivering tongue flickered over her red lips as her mind was consumed in her passion.
I quietly walked into the house and went and stood near her. It was only then that she realized I was watching her play, and she froze and flushed from her fright and embarrassment. It had taken her a moment to focus her eyes on me as the first
thing she noticed was the huge, massively erect penis that pointed straight out from the open front of my pants. Penis…that would be an understatement…it was almost 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist. It looked like a truncheon between my legs.
The blunt, purple head was throbbing with urgency as my hand stroked the long, rigid pole lined with blood-filled veins. My lust-narrowed eyes looked wild as he stared down between her raised legs to where her hand and fingers covered her mount of venus. She knew immediately, without doubt, that I had intended to fuck her and that there was no one who would disturb her. She smiled at me.
I was upon her in a flash, his hand coming down over her open mouth as his hips trapped her legs apart. “Mmmmmm Mrs…. Ever since I rented your room I wanted to fuck you” I grunted directly into her ear, and the tone of my voice told her I
meant it.
My hard, wildly throbbing penis was pushed across the wet slit of her tight little vagina, and its full fleshy length pulsated like some mindless monster coiling to strike as the weight of my body held her helplessly pinned to the bed. I was panting,; but when I took my hand from her mouth, my lips were there to replace it. She gasped as I thrust my wet quivering tongue into her mouth and my hands squeezed on her breasts, making her whimper with pain. And that was only the beginning! In a
moment I was voraciously sucking on her ripely voluptuous breasts, drawing the distended nipples up into my hot mouth and biting hard on them. She started moaning softly, and rolled her head from side to side.
I raised up, saliva dripping from my leering lips as I pulled to get my pants pushed down around my knees with one hand, while with the other I continued mauling her breasts. Shanti trembled and coughed, knowing now there was nothing to be done. I positioned myself between her wide-spread thighs, she smiled inviting me to fuck her hot cunt. My only thought was to hammer my lust hungry cock into her tight cunt.
Gripping the thick, heatedly throbbing penis with one hand, I guided the blunted head toward the wet opening between her quivering pussy lips, and once there, I pushed my hips forward, anxiously trying to bury my long hard length inside. “OOoohh, please! Fuck me….hard….be gentle ! You’re hurting meeeee! Your huge penis is hurting me” she moaned in lust and pain. When I thrust hard forward with my hips again, I thought she was going to pass out. The lubricating fluid that her fingering of her own vagina had brought forth made my entry at first much less painful than she believed, but then as I plummeted deeper into her hopelessly stretched pussy, she felt certain she was being ripped in half. The pain in between her legs was unbearable.
“Oh, fuck, you’re a tight little cunt,” I groaned as the thick head of my cock was wetly gripped by her vaginal mouth. I stared down at her hair-covered mound, seeing the red pussy lips stretched wide by my thick pulsating hardness, and I lunged again – driving deeper up into the moistly cringing virginal passage. She thought it would
never end as I thrust inch by agonizing inch my iron hard warm penis into her heated belly; and when I felt she couldn’t possibly take any more, I slammed my hips
forward driving even deeper into her till finally, I felt the bushy tips of my pubic hair entangle themselves into her hairy crotch. “AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR RRRRGGGG GGGG FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE HARD….FAST.” she moaned in lust. “FILLLLLL ME UPPPPP WITH THAT COCK OF YOURS AAAAGGGG”.
The rest didn’t last very long. I kept groaning over and over again, “Oh, fuck! What a cunt!” And I wildly drove my long hard cock in and out of her, the spongy purple head striking deep within her belly. She could only whimper and moan in response.
The pain made her eyes water and through tear-blurred eyes she saw my hard wetly
glistening penis buried into her body. Even as she watched, she saw my long shaft pulling slickly back out until only the very tip remained inside. The silky black strands of her pubic hair were matted down with moisture, clearly outlining the pinkly
flushed flesh of her ravaged vagina, and I drove into her so hard that my groin slammed against her with a thud, and her eyes watered so much she could no longer see.
I groaned once, then again, as I fell forward with the full weight of my body pressing into her naked heaving huge breasts. My grinding motions became jerky and quick as my thick elongated penis made vicious thrusts into her wet sucking cunt. Deep in her belly the head of my ramming cock seemed to swell up to an impossible size, filling her until she moaned her agony of sexual fire that ripped through her body, “Oooohhh, please, oooohhhhh…cummm cumm in me…fuck me hard!”
My body seemed to consume her every part, for her neck tensed where it had been savagely nipped with my teeth; her breasts were squeezed by my weight, and her long legs high and forced out wide around my hips as her cunt was pierced and battered by my lusting, hammering cock. Spasms gripped her belly as I suddenly drove to an absolute maximum depth in her painfully stretched pussy, and my head went up as my back arched in a great curve … just at the moment the fire raged from the lust-swollen tip of my wildly jerking penis.
Sperm shot into her wetly cringing womb like molten lava from a volcano; squirting out again and again as I shrieked my climax through tightly gritted teeth. And Shanti groaned as her belly sizzled with the heated liquid – sharp, burning, stabbing bolts of white fire; never-ending.
I raised up, finally, the wide grin still cutting across my sweaty face, and she knew that it was just the starting. She said that she was indeed pleased to see me. Her husband was away on a business tour and that he would be back after a week. So at least for the next one week she wanted to me fuck her regularly. I smiled.
I reported to my office and feigned illness. I took leave for a week and for the next seven days both me and Shanti had a rollicking week of fucking and pure fucking only.

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