Sexy Colleague Seduced Me

I am 5.4ft tall, cute, sexy, young man. I have been thinking of sex since my college days when I had accidentally saw one XXX movie clip in my friend’s house.After that I used to observe other girls parts- boobs, ass, lips. I was lucky to have kissed one sexy girl 2 years younger to me when I was in 9th standard. She was my first sexy friend with whom I had many chances of oral sex. This is not the story of her and coming to my story, I met this girl called Anu (Name changed) through my best friend. She little fat with figure: 34-38-40.I basically don�t like fat girls or ladies I always preferred slim or medium sized girls and ladies with good sized boobs but I don�t know she was different. Her touch would send 400volt current in my body. Her nipples use to become so hard that touching them would give me goose bums after 6 months of break-up with my best girl friend, my first Love; I was looking after girls who can give me the same love I got from my girlfriend.But everytime I use to get close to someone, I would back up. I use to compare other girls with my love; don�t be upset, I am not going to narrate my sad love story here. So I met Anu after my dance show in my company as I good dancer and had won few awards, she was also my fan. She praised me a lot when we met. After few days, she started coming to my desk and chatting for few mins everyday.Soon we became comfortable and would tease each other and have fun in office once I went for lunch with her and she said, I want to tell you something. I hope u wont be angry on me I said, it depends I was making out she was very much interested in me. and my guess got right, she proposed me acting much shocked I said this is not possible. We can�t be girlfriend and boyfriend. She was 3 years elder to me and I knew she already had few boyfriends.I politely changed the topic and went back to work for next 3 days she use to sms, call and ask for my final answer. I thought a lot and said Yes thinking lets try her out. I am alone, so is she, then wat the heck to reject her. Now the real game of seduction started. It was Saturday morning and there were very few people in the office. Anu came to my desk and started talking. I was working and in between would answer her.I didn’t come to know when her right hand was on my right leg and when I realized, her hand was close to my penis. I was shocked, bcoz nobody had ever did anything like this or I saw such sexy action in office. Slowly her fingers started caressing my thigh. I was feeling aroused being a sexy guy, but same time was scared of been caught. My penis became hard, half erect towards her fingers. Oh, what a feeling after long time.She surely knew how to seduce a guy. Seeing my condition she at once holded my penis head and gave little squeeze and left it and got up with that sexy bitch smile to me. I was like aaaaahhhhhh! What was that night I could not sleep properly and mastrubated couple of times on Sunday, Anu called me to her house for diwali? I agreed and went to her home.Later I came to know from her that she called me to meet her blind mom. I was shocked and was thinking is she going to ask me for marriage? Why the heck did I agree to come? But she didnt say anything or showed such sign. Her mother told me that Anu talks about me everyday with her. So she asked Anu to call me for celebrating diwali.Once we two were in kitchen taking dishes in the hall, she signalled me to be quiet and came close to me and gave a sweet kiss on my lips. Oh what a kiss soft petal like her lips gave me a strong sensation to respond to her and enjoy the moment. She parted soon and went away with the dish. I was standing there like dumb thinking she would come again and do the same. And guess wat she came back and came near but bite my cheek.I cried out, she started laughing quietly. Aunty asked wat happnd? I just blahbered some reason. We all had food and chatted a lot. I bid good bye and went home. One lucky Saturday again and very few people in office. I was horny that day and wanted to do some masti with her and but was scared I gathered my courage and went to her desk. Anu was working quietly listening to music on earphone.Slowly I went behind her and my mouth close to her right ear, I whispered, Hi Sexy And licked her earlobe. She was immediately aroused and released a gasp from mouth-Ahhhhh, I quickly pressed her right boob and walked away when I looked behind to her reaction, she had those sexy look and a look of desparation to have sex. I went to my work. Almost everybody was out for break.I was sitting alone. She came and did the same thing with me. Licked my right earlobe but for nicely 2 mins and caressed my naked chest putting her hand from neckline. Oh that was really arousing me. She removed her hand and saw around and quickly said Love you jaan. Anu touched my penis from pants and caressed for few mins still licking my earlobe.I wanted to grab her and make her fully naked and suck her boos and lick her pussy. But somehow I controlled myself and got up and shock her. She smiled and went away. Before leaving she told me to come backside of building for surprise. I was happy. I went quickly behind the building where there are few trees and messaged her. I saw her signalling me to come fast. Went near her and asked what the surprise is.She told me to close my eyes quickly. I did and when I opened I was awe struck. She removed her top buttons and showed me her round big globes with 1inch pointed nipples. She said,”Suck my nipples please. They have been very naughty and troubling me throughtout the day. Come na jaan suck them before anybody comes here.” Do anyone need invitation after seeing such a wonderful, delicious boobs.They were bigger than my girlfriend�s boobs and longer nipples. I started sucking the left one and pressed right one. I used to press so hard that she use to hmming quietly loudly and I had to put my fingers in her mouth. She was sucking my fingers like a Lund lollipop aaaaaaah, we were moaning like anything. Then I sucked her right boob and pressed her nipples, bite it slowly my left hand went inside her jeans and started caressing her pussy from panty.I rubbed her pussy so vigorously that in few mins her juices started flowing like river. Ah Raj you are lovely I want to suck your lund and pussy is also eagerly waiting to get ramped. Suddenly we heard someone coming that palce and had to quickly run from there. Will tel you my ultimate sex story with Anu later. Do write your comments.

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