sexy aunt

I am from Bangalore, finished my BBA and working in a textile firm from last nine months as a accountant, Today I am going to tell you the golden chance I got to fuck a sexy aunt.
As my body built is medium and still have a boyish face everyone in our firm liked me very much and treated as their brother and some as their child and so on so, I have this Kinky side in me whenever I see sexy woman I start imagining if she looks so sexy in the dress how sexy she would look without anything on her body, frankly speaking I was into this stuffs from 8th std only, was watching blue movies with my friends, lets get back to the story now, I was leaving as PG near to my firm, my room was in second floor, on first floor leaved my owner uncle and aunt, in the ground floor live a couple both were working, As the month passed I became friendly with both of the couple, owner aunt had one boy of 8yr old and the other aunty lets call her as she had no child, even though they passed their 8th anniversary last month, I had no intention of fucking this aunt, it all happened one day when I went to invite her for my birthday party, had planned to take out both the family for dinner, as I entered the main door was open, went to hall and was shocked to see my aunt was speaking on phone almost nude, was only with white lacy transparent bra and black panty. I was amused how her nipple was poking out of her bra, After hanging up the phone, she talked to me as usual and went inside to wear dress, she came out with a nighty and went to kitchen to make tea for both of us, Even I went and sat on a kitchen slab to catch her cleavage glimpse, we started talking whatever had happened today, and I informed the reason for which I came, after hearing this she greeted me and asked “if u have said a day before only I would have bought any gifts for u”
For which I said you be with me today that’s the best gift I would get aunt, then suddenly I realized that it was 6:35 pm still uncle was not in home, when enquired with aunt she said he has gone to Guntur on office work will be back after 2 days, I said aunty where some nice cloth while going for dinner not in this nighty for which we both laughed for a min or so, then I went back to my room to freshen up and by the time I came down it was 8:15, owner aunt and uncle with aunt S was also ready and was discussing something, when I went down they told me I was looking cute in this new dress for which I said thank you and we proceed to our planned hotel, we got the table soon as while going back to home after finishing my work at office went to hotel and reserved the table for six, We ordered north Indian foods and in last we had ice cream, I paid the bill and came out, owner aunt and uncle said they need to visit his friend who is admitted in hospital and me and aunty came back to home in a auto, after reaching home she said “why wont you come to my home itself as I will be alone whole night”, for which my kinky mind got active I said yes I will before she changes her mind, after changing to my night dress I went to S house, by the time she was cleaning her kitchen and asked me to switch on the TV and watch some movies or so , I was changing channels I saw a romantic scene in Star world where a guy is kissing a girl and his hands were wandering on her ass, by which I got aroused by that, suddenly aunt came out the kitchen and said ” boys are boys they stick to this type of scene whenever you see them” I said its natural aunty when a guy watch a women they will feel likeeeeee and I stopped for which she said “come on why did u stop its ok tell me I wont tell anyone” I said aunt u are asking as if u don’t know anything, everyone dreams of fucking some or the other women, for which she asked me “what’s ur dream, have fucked any women till now or dreamed of fucking any” I said I am still a virgin and waiting for a chance to fuck any mature women, for which she said “why wont you try me”
I was the happiest guy when I heard that words, suddenly I went behind her got hold of her hips and kissed her ears for which she moaned a bit, she turned around and kissed me on my lips for which I placed my hand on her right breast for which she suggested to go into bedroom, their she was removing the pin from the saare I went near her removed the pallu and licked the cleavage area and pressed her boobs above the blouse itself, then slowly removed her saare, blouse and then her bra, one hand on her left breast and the other on panty and was kissing on her navel, she was breathing heavily. I removed my dress in seconds and climbed on the bed, started to kiss her ears, forehead, eyes and lips, then came down to her breast and put my tongue outside and circling around her boobs without touching her nipples, she started to moan.
Such haa, uhhhhhhhh, o god so and so the gave a small bite to her nipples, for which she screamed a bit, then with one hand I removed her panty and I removed my Jockey as well, slowly went down to her navel and circled around their with my tongue for two min, then smelled her pussy, oh it smelled so sweeti started to lick her pussy madly, within three min she came, I cleanly licked everything, she saih” now its my turn to satisfy our so please lay on the bed” she took hold of my half erected penis and said ” its already 7 inch, how much big it will be if its full erect” for which I replied test yourself I came in her mouth soon as it was my life’s first blowjob, she said “I cant wait now please fuck me now” and slept on the bed for a missionary pose, my 11.5 inch cock struggled a bit to get inside, ordered me to slow a bit, but I didn’t listened anything and gave a hard push which entirely went in, she was screaming and was in pain, I went down and kissed her to control her screaming, slowly I started to and fro my cock, she was enjoying very much and moaning like uhhhhh, haaaa, uuggg, yaaa them we both came simultaneously, and fell on bed and took rest for 15 min and went on to fuck her in doggy style, whole night I fucked her five times and was dog tried in the morning could open my eyes, called up my boss and took a holiday as it was Saturday he agree what happened next wait for my next story how I fucked my owner aunt as well as her sister.
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