Pradeep : My Friend and Colleague
Pallavi : My Friend Pradeep’s wife
Pranav : Pradeep’s kid 3 years

Pradeep and I are actually friends since college. We both studied together in same college. He is very rich and had nice financial background. I am from a farmer family so I used to stay in a room. Remember the story of mine with owner aunty? My sexual life started at 13 as I have mentioned in my previous stories.
Let me come to the story directly instead of telling other stories. Pradeep and I got job in a good company and with decent salary. For Pradeep it was just for name sake he was supposed to get into job. But for me it was necessary. After he got job his parents asked him to get married. They started looking for girl and finally they finalised a girl. Her name is Pallavi.
Let me tell about Pallavi. She is very fair and very good looking. She is 5’ 5’’ and good soft physic with 34 – 32 – 36 structure. She wears saree and chudhidhar mostly. And in nights, she wear nighty. She is not very talkative but very orthodox and very less talkative. But she cares very much and since she is from an orthodox family she has that feeling about house, husband, family. she is very homely kind of girl and never saw her becoming angry or shouting. Pradeep is really a lucky guy to get that kind of girl. She never expose herself. But any boys who see her will get erected because of her sensual structure. Well behaved well mannered. 
I was like a family member in Pradeep’s house. Pradeep was staying with his relatives house. After marriage he changed the house. And it was little far from my room..

After Pradeep got married, he was in his native for 15day. He came back to Bangalore as he had to report for the office. His wife was in native as he didn’t had a house. Pradeep and I searched a house. It was a very nice 2 bedroom house and it was independent. 
He was rich and he could have taken a house of his own. But their family is such a conjus family. they try saving money in all aspects.
He wanted a single bedroom house. But he told that his parents asked him to look for 2bedroom house as they also can come and stay.
Rent was 12k. it was really a nice house. He negotiated to 8K. such a dirty fellow I thought. Finally that owner was about to scold him. I interfered in middle and settled for 10K. and 1 Lakh advance.
He told he will get his wife in few days. He went to native on one of the weekend and Sunday he came with the luggage.
I thought luggage will be less. My god. This fellow had come with a tempo only. Then I understood he had looted Pallavi’s house. Anyways what will that matter to me. His wife, his house. I just kept quiet
Pallavi also had come with him. She was looking so gorgeous with cotton yellow colour saree. She is damn good in wearing saree. I will tell her structure in detail later in one of my episodes. Pallavi went inside the house. Pradeep, I and few other workers were shifting the luggage to the house. I was carrying few suitcases and few important things. other workers were lifting the Cupboard and Fridge. 
I took a suitcase on which it was written Pallavi & Pradeep. I took and I knew it was their personal suitcase. So thought of keeping it in the room. As I was carrying many other luggages, but mistake I dropped the suitcase. Suddenly the suitcase opened and all the clothes in that suitcase fell on floor. I just started putting all the clothes inside the suitcase. As I was putting them back, I saw few sets of panties and bra of Pallavi. Some were new but but some were used. Some were fancy and transparent and some were normal ones. I felt I was feeling those soft panties and bra in my hand. I just turned back to check if someone is there. As I was in the corner no one could see me. I just took the used bra and panties and smelled it. waaaaw it was so nice to smell it. she had put some perfume in the suit case. I couldn’t control I took and bra and panty and touched my dick as well. And then kissed them and licked the panties and bra and put my saliva on inner part of bra and panty so that my saliva will touch her nipples and her vagina through the bra and panty.
I could hear someone coming I just put everything inside the suitcase and locked and came out. 
It was Pallavi who was coming inside. I just saw her and she smiled. There was so innocence in that smile and she didn’t had any bad feelings inside her. anyone will like her because of her looks and and her behaviour. 
All the things were shifted. I told Pradeep to arrange the things in house and I told will take bath and come. I left Pradeeps house and went to my house. First thing I did was masturbated thinking of Pallavi’s bra and panties. It was really an enjoyable session. I was thinking hope I get a chance to fuck her. 
I took bath and I was still in that mood only thinking about the bra and panties. Pradeep called me for dinner. I told I will be coming in few minutes. And started towards Pradeep’s house. More than that conjus pradeep , I wanted to see that angel Pallavi.
I reached pradeep’s new house. The things were still lying here and there but they had dumped everything in room. He had arranged the gas stove so that they can prepare food.

Pallavi is a very good cook. she was still preparing food. she was in kitchen. I wished her hi. as soon as i saw her i understood she had taken bath. her hairs were wet.i imagined that she had just came out of bathroom. she was wearing light blue saree which was a normal daily wear. same matching blouse. her features were clearly visible in her saree. i saw her waist. there were still some water droplets. it made me tempting and i was feeling my dick was growing. but what made me more tempting is i saw a small water droplet on her navel. i just saw all this in fraction of seconds. as she was standing sidewards and speaking to me, i could see her nice tight boobs from side. i imagined that pradep and pallavi both would have taken bath together and pradeep would have fucked her in bathroom. 

but as i know pradeep he was not that romantic kind of guy. he was always money minded and conjus fellow.

i was getting errection thinking of all these things. i asked Pallavi where is Pradeep. she told he is in room. i said ok and went towards room. but i didnt had mood to go out of that sight. but i didnt want pallavi to feel that i am eyeing on her. 

I went towards the room where pradeep was there. Pradeep was in room just keeping things here and there. i just went there and wished him hi.

he just saw me and smiled and told its very hectic to change house. as i was thinkging both had taken bath together, idiot fellow had not taken bath. so i understood that only pallavi had bath. i felt thank god, he didn’t fuck her. he was not at all a romantic guy. 

i was trying to help him in arranging things. mean while pallavi called us for. we both went to dining table. pradeep went to bathroom to wash himself. meanwhile i was sitting on dining table. 

Pallavi came with all the dishes as she was coming towards the table, her open wet hairs were making her more sensual. her round bulged boobs were so perfect i was going crazy. i couldn’t see a single time those boobs were juggling. i thought stupid pradeep and not at all pressed them. her boobs were so firm my god it was really unbelievable that married lady even after one month who had given all her sexy body to man, had not changed a bit as well in her physic. she kept few dish and was going back to kitchen. i saw her back was full wet because of the hairs. she had long hairs and her ass was wet. she had a round sexy ass, but her ass was shaking up and down which was making me to go and bite. that scene was making me mad. as i was watching her ass, suddenly pradeep and distrubed. 

i just took a plate and was waiting for pallavi to serve. as everyone expects that while serving the food, we can see the cleavage, even i was eagerly waiting for her to bend so that i can see her cleavage. but she is very clever i guess. she had tugged her pallu to he waist tightly. and not a single centimeter of her clevage was scene as she had put her pallu very tightly. she served the food for both of us and she also sat. and all three had food. she had prepared nice food. 

i was about to go. then pradeep asked me to sleep in the house only. i told no i willl go. but he forced me saying he was feeling boring. i told him your wife is there, you both are newly married and enjoy. he told he is tired and just want to sleep speaking to me. i saw pallavi. i could feel that unhappiness inside her. i could feel she wanted to have sex that night. but pradeep forced me so i had to stay back.

pradeep got bed for both of us. pallavi was in kitchen cleaning vessels. after cleaning she came outside and saw, we both were sleepng in hall. she went to room and got us two pillows and gave. she smiled and wished good night to both of us and went to the room and slept. 

we all were tired as we had shifted the house. i was thinking what kind of a man pradeep is. he had such a beautiful and tempting and sensual wife with him and he is sleeping without fucking her. but i was thinking about how it will be if i can go to the room and fuck her now. before i could dream the whole scene i had slept. i was really tired.

I was sitting in office. I saw Pradeep coming. I was really worried what had happed. He went to his seat. I just didn’t want to disturb him as soon as he came. So waited. I just pinged him on skype to say hi.
He replied hi. Then I asked for cofi. He agreed and then we went to cafeteria.
Me : How are u Pradeep?
Pradeep : I am good Raki. How are u?
Me : I am good. 
Pradeep : What happened man you just left my house so soon
Me : Hey I felt the situation was not good.
Pradeep : That’s fine raki.
Me : any serious problem?
Pradeep : nothing raki
Me : but I could feel it. Can you share it? Sorry if its too personal
Pradeep : Nothing personal ya.
Me : then what happened? Its been just 4months you got married and started fighting
Pradeep : I don’t like her at all. She doesn’t keep me happy
Me : Ohh what happened? Is she restricting for your happiness? (I meant it for sex
Pradeep : Nothing of that sort ya
Me : then what is the problem
Pradeep : I asked 3 lakhs to get from her house.
Me : 3Lakhs for what?
Pradeep : I am planning to buy a new car man
Me : Hey Pradeep. This is too much ya. You already have car
Pradeep : but I want to change it man. So I asked her 3lakhs
Me : But its wrong no.
Pradeep : what will her parents do man. They can give na. they are giving for her daughter only right
Me : but still its bad pradeep.
Pradeep : you shut up bloddy fellow. You also marry you will know
Me : stupid don’t behave like coward. She is ur wife and you have to take care of her
Pradeep : You need not suggest me ass hole. I know what to do. You need not bother
Me : sorry pradeep. I just told it not good to ask money. Its ur family. Sorry I will never interfere. (Fucker was very greedy. I could feel)

I understood that Pradeep was not interested in Pallavi. He was interested in money. Its not his mistake. Its all mistake of his family. they all are money minded. Now my mind started working in other direction. If Pradeep is not showing love and care towards Pallavi, then I had more chances to win her and will surely get her sexy hot body to taste.

One night around 10PM I got a call from some unknown number. I just picked the call and answered
Me : Hello who is this?
Call : Hello is this Rakesh sir?
Me : Yes tell me. Who are u
Call : my name is ramanna. Pallavi’s father
Me : Pallavi? Who pallavi
Call : Your friend Pradeep’s wife
Me : ohh yaa. Tell me uncle
Call : Sorry to call you and distrub you at this time
Me : That’s ok uncle. Tell me
Call : Can you do me a favour Rakesh sir
Me : Ohh tell me uncle. Don’t be so formal
Call : Just now Pallavi called me and told that she is very sick. Its too late now. We don’t get busses also to bangalore. We don’t know whom to call so we called you
Me : What happened? Pradeep is not there?
Call : Pradeep is not there in house for 3 days.
Me : What are you telling? I saw him in office from last 3days
Call : yes that is what we are also worried. I called him from morning. He is telling that he will go home evening. Sometimes he cut the call. I don’t know what is happening
Me : ok don’t worry I will go now and check. 
Call : It will be very nice if you can help us rakesh sir. We will come back early morning only.
Me : Sure you don’t worry sir. I will go and check
Call : I will beg sorry for disturbing rakesh sir
Me : ohh uncle how you sleep. I will check and see.
Call : ok sir thank you
Me : good night uncle

He kept the phone. I immediately called Pradeep’s phone. It was switched off. I tried again and again. It was switched off. I thought of calling his parents. But then thought this will create problem as I didn’t know all these matters did pradeep’s parents knew.
I took my bike and started to Pradeep’s house. I parked my vehicle infront of the gate and then came near the door. rang the bell. The door opened. There stood the sick angel. She was looking so dull with hairs scattered. She looked so tired and and could feel she didn’t had anything. She told Pradeep is not there.

Pallavi : Pradeep is not there
Me : I know. 
Pallavi : Then why you came Rakesh?
Me : Your father had called and told that you are sick
Pallavi : Ohh nothing I can manage
Me : Now come inside. You look tired
Pallavi : no that’s fine I will take care
Me : will you keep quiet

She slowly went inside the hall near the sofa and sat there. I closed the door and came inside. I came near her and touched her neck. She got scared. It was very heat. She had definitely had high fever. I called the Hospital where my friend was there. He told to bring her because it was really high fever. I came near her and told
Me : Get up will go to doctor
Pallavi : No its fine. I can manage
Me : Just do what I say. Don’t make me upset. Now do wash your face and then come. I will take you to hospital
Pallavi : Why are you taking trouble
Me : I am going out to get auto. By the time I come back be ready

I went outside and waited for an Auto. Luckily I got and auto and I came back home. The door was not closed. I just entered. And she was sitting on sofa full tired. I told auto has come and told her to come. I could feel she was very tired. She tried getting up and was struggling to walk. I just went near her and held her shoulder. She suddenly saw me and was trying to get rid of me. I just held her shoulder tightly and helped her walk. My god she had nice soft and fleshy body. I was feeling I was getting errection. But stil since she was sick, I just thought I shouldn’t think like that. We both came till auto and I was making her sit. While make her sit inside auto, I held her waist and make her sit inside. I could feel her bare waist. If I would have tried I could have touched her boobs as well. But before I could do that she had sat. I just to the door and closed locked and closed the gate and sat next to her.
Hospital was little close. I could see Pallavi very tired. As soon as the auto moved she slept. She slowly kept her head on my shoulder. I was feeling very emotional. I just took my hand put over her head and kept my hand on her shoulder. It was so nice. I guess she felt so careing. Suddenly she kept her hand on my chest. I didn’t do anything. But unfortunately that hospital was just 15mins from the house. The hospital came. Before the love starts I felt it ended. As soon as the hospital came, I woke her. she got up and I made her feel nothing had happened. I got down paid the auto fare and helped her come out. 
I held her and too her to hospital.

We both entered the hospital. She was not in a stage to walk. Some how she managed to walk till the door. and sat there immediately as if she lost strength. I told her to sit there and went inside and asked a wardboy to get the wheel chair. I paid him 100rs and suddenly he got the wheel chair. I placed her on the wheel chair. And took her inside. 

I went to the counter and explained what had happened. Then they asked to pay the fees and get her admitted. I went to the doctor chamber and informed. She came immedatly and checked her. she told to get Pallavi admitted. I told in the counter to get the special ward. I knew my friend there so I got some discount and we both went to the private special ward.
Doctor came and checked her and told its virus fever and she needs complete rest and told her that she is worried of something. Doctor thought I am her husband and scolded me saying why are you giving her lots of trouble.
Doctor : What kind of a husband you are?
Me : why madam what happened?
Doctor : she is in some mental tension because of which she has got fever
Me : but…
Doctor : what but ? You gents need ladies to have fun and enjoyment. After that you wont bother at all
Me : but doctor she is not my wife
Doctor : what are you telling?
Me : yes she is my friends wife. Her parents called me and told her that she is not well and take her to doctor
Doctor : hoo.. I am sorry. I thought you are her husband
Me : its ok doctor. But please I am not that category who just use ladies for fun and enjoyment
Doctor : ohh I am really sorry sir
Me : that’s fine. See I have taken her to special ward because she must be safe and get well soon. I have promised her dad that I will take care of her
Doctor : really good and I feel that in this generation also we have such kind of people
Me : now enough of praising me. Can you check her please

She checked her and gave an injection and asked her to sleep. I thanked the doctor and doctor left.

I came near Pallavi. She saw me.and smiled and tried getting up. I told her to sleep and she slept on the pillow.

But smiled again and told thanks
Pallavi : You took so much trouble
Me : Ok Ok enough now don’t speak. Just sleep
Pallavi : Ok sure Rakesh sir
Me : call me Raki. How many times I have to tell you
Pallavi : ooh ok ok Raki
Me : tahts like a good girl. will you eat something
Pallavi : No no I am not hungry. 
Me : Now you sleep. Doctor has given intejection
Pallavi : Thank you so much raki.
Me : now you sleep Pallavi
Pallavi : sure Raki.
Me : you so sweet girl. Will listen to whatever I say
Pallavi : but somepeople wont like me raki
Me : forget abou what others tell. They are not worth. Now close your eyes like a kid

I took the blanket and was putting on her. I covered her and told her to sleep nicely. She again smiled and called me near her.
I just bent infront of her . she asked for my hand and stretched my right hand. She took hand and she told I am really sorry for tourbling you raki. You are really a gem of a person. I never thought you are so helping nature person. You will surely get good time. And your wife is so lucky. 
I just smiled back and told her to sleep now. I put the blanket and made her sleep.
I took the chair next to bed and put it near her. she was very emotional. I could see that love missing in her. but finally she closed her eyes. While she was sleeping I could see that two mountains on her chest standing still. I was getting erected. But just thought she was not well and I shoudnt see her like that. I sat on the chair and slowly even I slept.

I took the chair next to bed and put it near her. she was very emotional. I could see that love missing in her. but finally she closed her eyes. While she was sleeping I could see that two mountains on her chest standing still. I was getting erected. But just thought she was not well and I shoudnt see her like that. I sat on the chair and slowly even I slept
I was very tired and was really feeling sleepy. Suddenly my phone started ringing. I was thinking its in dream. But since I had kept in vibrating, I got up and saw the clock. It was 3AM. Was scared who can this be at this time. It was an unknown number. Was wondering who can this be. I just received it.
Me : Who is this?
Call : Rakesh Sir. This is Ramanna. Pallavi’s father
Me : Hello uncle tell me. What happened? You called me at this time
Call : Sir, I am trying to call pallavi. She is not picking the call. We are scared here. 
Me : Ohh uncle. I admitted her to hospital. Sorry I forgot to call u as I was tired and I had slept
Call : How is she now? Is she ok?
Me : Don’t worry uncle. She is sleeping. 
Call : How is she sir? Did she had something? What did doctor say?
Me : She is ok now and doctor gave injection. She was not able to have anything. She slept. Now don’t take tension. You sleep and tell aunty also to sleep
Call : But we are not able to sleep sir
Me : Don’t worry uncle please. She is ok now and even fever is down
Call : We will come early morning bus rakesh sir.
Me : ok uncle. Now u sleep. I will be here only
Call : we are troubling you so much sir. Please fogive me.
Me : Uncle please don’t behave like this. I don’t I am there. And feel that I your family member
Call : Ok sir sorry
Me : ok now u sleep. Good night
Call : good night sir

He cut the call. I got up and went to toilet and came back. My sleep had gone. I was thinking how difficult it is for every parents of a girl after getting them married. And if they get a dirty son in law like Pradeep, it will be still difficult.
I came near Pallavi. She had slept nicely. Blanket had come down till her waist. All lights we switched off but because of the street lights outside, I could see her clearly. I just went near her. and touched her neck, to see if she has fever. It was cold. I felt her fever had come down. And I was about to move, I saw her chest. Her pallu was moved totally sidewards and I could see her right boob very clearly with the blouse. It was a round mellon. I was wondering how Pradeep can really leave such a buxom beauty. I was not able to take out my eyes from her boobs. since her blanket was moved totally down, I could see her big navel very clearly. She had a fair skin and could see her navel which was like a 5rupee coin size.
Since it was special ward only me and pallavi were there. I seriously wanted to touch her bare waist. I moved still closer. Saw her she was sleeping. I forgot everything. I just wnted to feel that soft skin. I just kept my hand on blanket, so that if she wakes up I will make her feel as if I wanted to put the blanket. I just held the blanket and as if I am covering her and slowly I touched her waist. Waaaaaw it was cold and soft I just rubbed it softly. I didn’t want to remove my hand. But I felt if she wakes up it wont be good. I took my hand and then took the blanket and slowly was covering her till neck. Now I suddenly saw her boobs and before even I thought whether to touch it. I just placed my hand on right boob which had come out of her pallu and was teasing me to touch it. though I didn’t dare to press it, I just touched it and then I thought let me touch the left boob also. I just in few seconds and covered the blanket till her neck. I was shivering and my body was totally in perspiration. I just got up and was not able to control. My dick was already hard and wanted to release few liters of tension. I just got and was walking towards the toilet. Got my dick was tearing my pant. I quickly went to toilet and removed my pant. Got as soon as I removed my pant, I could feel that precum slowly coming out of my penis small hole. I just touched and shagged just 4 times, god I guess I would have released my cum like rocket. If it was compared with rocket speed and my cum, I cum will get the first price. I was very tired. I just washed my hand and then saw my dick. it was slowly cooling down and was compressing to normal position. My dick had lost all its strength. As it was compressing, it was easy to put back inside my underwear. I unzipped and then came out. I was feeling thirsty. Drank water and then came back and saw pallavi. Her lips were glowing with the dim light from outside. I was tired and wanted to sleep now. I just sat on the chair again and slept.

Morning I got up and saw Pallavi was sitting on the bed. I just got up from my chair 

and smiled at her and said good morning. She was feeling better. 

Me : Good Morning. How are u feeling Pallavi?
Pallavi : I am ok now. Feeling little tired
Me : Ya. You didn’t have anything last night so.
Pallavi : yes. I troubled you so much.
Me : stop it pallavi. Don’t speak like this. Now get up wash your 

face and brush. I will get you something to eat
Pallavi : ok sure. Thanks a lot rakesh.
Me : Now get up.

She was trying to get up but it was difficult to get up. i supported her to get up and 

then slowly i took her till bathroom. i went inside. took the paste and brush and gve 

her she brushed and then i gave water she washed her face. and then she saw 

me and smiled. i understood that she wanted to go to toilet. i smiled and then 

came outside. i went little further but was able to hear the forceful sound of the 

toilet coming out of the pussy.

she came outside and then i went near the door and took her to the bed. it was 

around 7:30am. i went to toilet and washed my face and then came outside and 

told pallavi i will get her something to eat before doctor comes. i went to hotel and 

came back. before i come back i could see pallavi’s parents had come. 

Me : Hello uncle. How are you
Ramanna : I am good rakesh sir. Thank you so much.
Me : oh god your family is really irritating. Why do you always tell 

this. Its my duty
Ramanna : Pallavi told how much you struggled. What to do sir. We are 

not educated. Don’t know what do to.
Me : you don’t worry. Now give her something to eat. She is very 

Ramanna : ok sir.
Me : ok pallavi take care. Shall I go I need to go to office
Pallavi : Rakesh take rest no. you have not slept whole night
Me : that’s fine I have lot of work to do. Evening I will come.
Pallavi : when will they discharge?
Me : tomorrow I have spoken to the doctor. 
Ramanna : Sir, Take this money we don’t know what to speak you only 

have to help us.
Me : don’t worry now keep this money. Don’t pay anything to 

anyone. I have already spoken to hospital here.
Ramanna : ok sir as you say. 
Me : I will come in the evening

I left the hospital.

Evening i came to the hospital. i saw pallavi, she was very active as before. 

i didnt stay for long there as her parents were there the whole night. i had taken 

leave the next day as she was suppose to discharge.

we all spoke had dinner there only and told them will be coming the morning. 

mornig i came and she was discharged. we all came back to house. she was 

active and behaving normal. her parents were there.

Pradeep, had gone somewhere but no one knows where he had gone. i tried 

almost everyday. no news. i asked in office also. they told he has not informed 

anyone. it was really bad what he had done for pallavi.

Pallavi’s Parents were there for 15days. in this 15days i used to go to her house 

daily to ask about her. we both became really close and we were like very good 

friends. the day before pallavi’s parents going to native, they called me and told 

they want to speak. i went to pallavi’s house.

Me : yes uncle tell me
Ramanna : rakesh sir. We don’t know where this pradeep has gone. I 

am really scared
Me : don’t worry uncle, I spoke to him before I came here.
Ramanna : what did he say, where is he?
Me : he was looking for job it seems in dubai. He had gone with 

his friend to dubai and will be coming in 10days
Ramanna : ohh. But why he didn’t inform us. 
Me : I didn’t ask all those things
Ramanna : ok how is he?
Me : he is alright. Don’t worry about him. Now tell me why you 

calle me
Ramanna : we have to leave to native rakesh sir. No one is there to take 

care our fields in native
Me : ohh ok. 
Ramanna : please take care of pallavi. Keep coming and going so that 

atleast she will feel secured
Me : you don’t worry uncle. I am there. I will call you everyday and 

give u updates
Ramanna : thank you rakesh sir. I am relaxed now that you are there.
Me : you don’t worry.

Morning i was in the office. i got the call from Pallavi’s father. 

Me : Tell Uncle.
Ramanna : We are leaving now Rakesh sir. Please take care of pallavi
Me : sure sir will take care you go without fear
Ramanna : thank you sir. 
Me : ok uncle bye. Take care

I was totally busy with many meetings and presentations. it was 4PM. i had 

forgotten about lunch only. i got up and then went to toilet. i just took my mobile to 

check if i have any missed calls. i could see 5 messages and 1 missed call. i just 

saw the missed call. it was unknown number. then i opend the messages. it was 

from the same number

Message 1 : Hi
Message 2 : r u busy?
Message 3 : Had ur lunch?
Message 4 : i think u r busy. message me when free
Message 5 : Pallavi here

ohh god i missed it. she has sent me at 1:30pm after her parents had gone to 

native. i took mobile close to my eyes to belive did she really sent. i kissed all the 

messages. then i typed “Hi pallavi, sorry please dont mind i was busy. will have 

lunch now. you had your lunch?”

i kissed that message before sending it to pallavi and also took it near my dick and 

touched that message in my dick to have the feeling that i am sending the 

message to have kisses and dick.

i was in the toilet for 5mins to see if she replies. no reply. so i came out of the toilet. 

but i was eagerly waiting for the message. i waited for 30mins no reply. i had few 

more meetings. so i just had to attend those i just went there. throughout my 

meeting i was checkking my mobile to see if she had messaged. i didnt get any 


it was 7PM. i was about to start from office, i checked the mobile. i would have 

checked many times. there was no message. i was about to keep my mobile in my 

pocket. i got a message. i saw it was pallavi’s. 

“What time are you starting?”
“Come home for dinner. i will wait”

i replied : “why do u take trouble pallavi”
she replied : “its not trouble. i am feeling boring. please come.”
i replied : “Sure will be there by 30 mins
she replied : “k”

then i kept the mobile inside my pocket and then i was eager to m

i replied : “why do u take trouble pallavi”
she replied : “its not trouble. i am feeling boring. please come.”
i replied : “Sure will be there by 30 mins
she replied : “k”

then i kept the mobile inside my pocket and then i was eager to meet my pallavi.

I was just thinking how it will be once I reach the house. What will happen? What all she would have prepared. I don’t know why I was feeling. The house was not nearing at all. How much ever I speed my bike. Finally I reached near the house. I wanted to buy something for her but then thought this will not look good so I just thought let me first go to house and see how will be situation. Then later another day I can plan. so I just went near the gate and opened. My heart started beating very fast. I just pressed the door bell. No one came. Again I pressed. Suddenly I could hear the bolt getting opened. Slowly the door opened.
As soon as the door opened, my sexy beauty was standing infront of me. I was stunned seeing her. she was in her hot and homely and traditional beauty. 

She had wore light blue saree which was semi transparent. Though she had covered all her cleavage, but those bulging boobs were visible very clearly. She had taken bath few minutes back only. I could see her hairs still wet. She had worn saree very tightly. I could imagine her whole body with in her saree. Not much makeup. She was vvery natural but sexy. She smiled and said to come inside. While she was walking I could see her buxom ass in her tight saree. They were so firm. I could feel they are not pressed at all. She walked directly to kitchen. I went and sat on sofa. It was 7:30 when I reached. She came out and smiled again. That smile was really awesome. 
Pallavi : Coffee? Tea?
Me : NO thanks pallavi
Pallavi : Take some thing please. Its still 7:30. you can have dinner later
Me : ok get me coffee
Pallavi : ok sure (she went back and got me coffee)
Me : (I had a sip) waaw. Very nice. Its been many days I had coffee like this.
Pallavi : thank you. 
Me : my mom prepares coffee exatcly like this
Pallavi : you miss your mom I guess right
Me : yes I seriously miss my mom and her food
Pallavi : ok you keep having coffee. I will just prepare sambhar and come.
Me : sure pallavi. But u are taking so much trouble.
Pallavi : trouble? The trouble what you had taken is nothing infront that
Me : oh common pallavi. Please it was my duty
Pallavi : ok now you sit and watch tv. I will prepare sambhar
Me : sure pallavi. Do u need any help?
Pallavi : no no thanks. I can manage.

She was looking gorgeous. But she had not made any make up and all. She was in her normal make up. she went inside the kitchen. I was thinking should I have to go to kitchen. But was scared that she might feel something bad. I just wanted to get her trust. So just sat there only.

She was walking here and there to take vegetables, or something or the other from fridge. I was just watching her in one eye. She was not even bothered to see me. I was feeling that she might not have any intention of romancing with me. but I was not able to control.

She came outside the kitchen and told dinner is ready. She kept all the dishes on table and started serving. She was so normal and was just serving. I was actually feeling my heart is beating fast. The way she was behaving I was really feeling that she doesn’t have any intention. I didn’t say anything because her parents had good reputation on me. and even pallavi was feeling very comfortable with me. so I was feeling very bad about myself that I had such intention of fucking pallavi. But still men are men. I want to hug her. 

She also sat with me and had dinner. It was 9pm. We both finished dinner. And I was sitting on sofa. She kept all the vessels so sink and sat. and just had a normal chat. I got and told I will leave. She saw me and smiled and told thanks for coming. I knew nothing will workout now. I just took my helmet and started. She came till gate and said bye and went inside and closed the door. 

All my dreams were thrown water. I took my bike and went towards my house. Food was awesome. But I was till wondering, we didn’t speak much at all. I went to house. She prepared food. I had dinner and came back. Anyways I didn’t want to hurry also because pallavi and her parents had a great respect towards me and it was my duty to maintain it. 

I reached house and went and parked my bike. I was very tired and also had nice dinner. I was feeling heavy and sleepy. I went to bathroom took bath and came outside naked. Wiped myself and then put on my shorts and came to bed. Usually I wont wear underwear at nights. I sleep either naked or in shorts. I don’t know how I slept. As soon as I kept my head on pillow I slept. It was around 10pm only. 

I was in deep sleep. suddenly my mobile started beeping. I didn’t bother. Continuously it started beeping 3 times. I opened my eyes and saw the time. It was 11:10pm. I was feeling as if I had slept for house together. I took my mobile and saw. There were 4 messages. And all were from pallavi
Message 1 : Hi – 10:50PM
Message 2 : R u sleeping? – 11:00PM
Message 3 : msg me if not sleeping – 11:05PM
Message 4 : ok gud nite – 11:10PM

I smiled myself and replied “Hi sorry I was taking bath. I am awake”
She replied “Tnks for replying.thot u are sleeping”

The messages started flowing till 3pm early morning. keep waiting for the next updates to read the young and hungry person people chatting in midnight.

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