Sexperience With Neeli

Hi guys. Today I will tell you the story of my First Sexual Encounter. Well, First let me tell you something about my self. I am 25 years old now The First time I had sex was when I was 21 years old. Originally I am from India. My name is Raj. It was the 23rd of December. I had just rented a Porno film. The film was about having sex with pregnant women. I have to tell you that Pregnant women turn me on very much. “jab Tum Chootay ho us motay badan ko ek Current sa sarray jism may phail jata hai”. While Watching the Film I was very much exited. I jerked like 4 to 6 times, I cant even remember. The Film was sooo good yar!!! A week passed and I had this sudden urge of renting the Porno Film again. As I arrived at the Video store, A fat woman just delivered some Fresh desi porno. At First it thought that maybe she is returning some movies back to the store. Ah well. I rented the Desi porno…went home and played. Sat down with my “sarson ka tale”(trust me.its the best for jerkin). Movie Playing…behanchod…shit…yeh to wohi aurat hai jo mujhay dukan par milee thi!!! I checked her name at the end of the Film…It was Neeli. I then used to jerk just thinking about Neeli…only Neeli The next time I planned my trip to the video store I made sure that I bumped into her. 4th January I went to the store. Yes She is there… Wah kya timimg hai…Excuse me Neeli? Jee kya baat hai?…Neeli main tumse kuch private main baat karna chahta haoon! Acha ao phir meri gari main baith jao!!!, she said. She started driving the car. I asked her “kahan lay ja rahee ho”? Bus ab tum meray saath raho gay poray din”. I was soo exited when I heard that. I then noticed that she had was noticing the bulge in my pants. She asked me “yeh kya hai”…I was embarrassed “kuch bhi to nahi” …bus aisay hi”. Atlast we reached her home. It was an apartment with lots of rooms in it. I told her Neeli Mein tumhara bara fan hoon. I have seen all yours films. I love all your Films. She said Acha…I have some unreleased films would you like to see them. YES. Kyon nahi!!!
She started the movie…As soon as we started the film. I had this huge bulge in my pants. My lund was never this hard…I could feel all the blood rushing in my Dick. Hence my dick Increased in size and I had to open my zipper and let it free. Mean while Neeli got some Drinks. When she came I was jerkin while Neeli was being fucked in the Ass in the Film. Yeh lo Pee lo issay!!! Kya hai? Scotch! Acha day do!!! Raj kya tum meray saath yeh kaam karna chatay ho? KYA??? Mein??? Haan Tum… Magar meri ek shart hai…Tum meri Phuddi ko nahi chod saktay? Kyon nahi? Kyon kay mein maa bannay wali hoon kuch hi maheenoy may…Acha thek hai. Then she took me to her bed room. She got undressed. Uffff kya nazara hai!!! She had her boobs like a two giant footballs and her nipples we quite large. It was amazing. I wanted to just lick them and squeeze them. Then she lied on the bed and asked me to come to her. At first I was shy but then again my bulging manhood had to be answered! I jumped on the bed and at once stated sucking her nipples. Now the nipples were erect I squeezed them and to my surprise, they had some white liquid coming out from them. It was her milk…Ah that was sweet. I licked and licked and squeezed her “mammay” and the milk kept coming out. Neeli was moaning like any thing….Bus Bus oooo Ab meri Meri Gand Maro…come on!!! Then she got up and went into Doggy style. She told my lund and squeezed it into her tight gand. It was Orgazmic. I could feel the heat inside her Gand. It was warm. I went in and out like a steel piston. Aoo ander aooo phir say phir say OOOO …Gandu, Kutay Meri Gand maro. Maro Meri Gand. Ahhhh Aiiii…I was out of control. Then I could hold on no more I had to cum…i took out my lund and brought it near to her mouth she quickly put it in and swallowed it all. Ahhhhhhh OOOO Neeli meri jaan yeh lo khao tum prasad for Good luck in your Delivery.
Shukria Raj I needed that. Bus ab kya tha mein nay apni cheezain utha lee aur nikal gaya. She gave me gave me her phone number to cal her. I also gave her mine. Give me a Second…the phone is ringing…Hello … Kaun… Neeli? Acha mein aa raha hoon. Sorry guys I have to leave now Its Neeli…Guess What. She pregnant again. She wants me to satisfy her again. I will write again to tell you what happened!!!Koi bhi ladki ya aurat Gujarat me sampuran sex ki ichchha rakhti ho aur use pura karana chahe to muje mail kare

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