Sex with tenant Rani

 I am Arun from the outskirts of Chennai. I wish to share my experience with my neighbor with you all. We lived in a house in the sub-urban township near Chennai and our house was in the street corner. There was another tenant in the compound. Our co-tenant stayed on the ground floor and we stayed in the first floor. Our co-tenant also had a guestroom in the first floor and they used to be there in the afternoons. Our co-tenant was driver in the State Transport Corporation he was driving the bus from Chennai to Trivandrum that was one of the longest routes from Chennai. He used to come to house once in 4 days and he had a wonderful, sexy wife, who made everyone to pay a second attention to her and her name was Rani. I will tell more about her fetish body afterwards. 

I was working in the Call center and my duty was on shift basis. I used to wear shorts without any upper garments, whenever I am in home. Rani used to visit my house for watching TV, she was very much prompt for all the serials and her family was very much attached to our family. My wife and Rani behaved like collegemates and long time friends. My wife believed Rani very much and that she gone to the extent of giving our house keys to her for watching serials in television even in our absence. Everyday, she used to come to our house by 7.00 p.m. In the evening and leave our house at 11.00 p.m. After all the serials are over. She used to bring her food for herself and her children and they used to have food with our family, we even exchanged food during the joint dinner session and this has become a routine habit between the two families. She also used to visit my house for regular chatting with my wife and used to relax or sleep her guest room during afternoons in the 1st floor and used to comb her hair by sitting in the staircase leading to the terrace.

I made it a habit of sitting in the balcony adjoining the staircase in the evenings and watch Rani combing her hair and for her children. I used to admire Rani for her sexy figure, she was very sexy, and her blouse never covered her tits completely. She used to wear a low cut blouse revealing half of cleavage busting out of the blouse and used to wear the saree at least couple of inches below her belly button. She had a very long waistline, round face, impressive eyes, big lips, fleshy butts, long hair and a fair complex. She never used to wear bra, whenever she is in house, I was unable to access the size of her busting tits that time. Her saree pallu failed miserably to cover tits, most of the times her right breast and her belly button remained uncovered. The uncovered right breast, the long cleavages, deeper and wider belly button and the uncovered waistline and stomach area are feast to my hunger eyes always.

I was literally longing to watch/stare at her body like a hunger dog waiting for its prey. I believe she should also be aware of me watching her and she might be enjoying showing her assets to me. Because many times, even the pallu slips from her shoulders in front of me she never bothered to adjust it. Though this behavior of her developed confidence in me to continue watching her, I did not propose her for an intercourse. I was just waiting for the right time and her volunteering for fucking her. Hence, I too started showing my erected prick to her. Initial days whenever I saw her fleshy tits, my cock will get erected and I used to hide by crossing my legs and covering it with a towel. Later, when the days go by, I stopped hiding and covering my erected dick to her. I also noticed her watching my erect dick underneath my shorts. As the days passed, I pushed my dick down on the sides of my short trunks and revealed the head of my cock outside the shorts. It continued for nearly 3 months and both of us never attempted beyond watching each other.

She increased length of her cleavage by leaving most of the hooks both on top and bottom of the blouse open. Her tits were slipping downwards and revealed a substantial portion of the flesh and when she lifted her hands to tie her hair when the blouse bottom hooks are open, it is well assured that I will get the vision of her areola that day. I changed my dress code from shorts to towel during Rani’s hair combing session and wore shorts after that sexy afternoons and evening sessions. I was also particular in selecting the towel over my dick, I choose towels of smaller size, so that my erected dick will penetrate outside and she can see the maximum size of my dick. We both were much careful with my wife, our children and her husband though we both watch each other, we always covered our body whenever meet each other in front of others. In fact, we hardly talk together and the entire message to her was only through my wife. 

One day when, I came home after finishing my 1st shift duty, my wife told that she is going for shopping with her friend and will be back in the late evening. She served food and left home around 3.00 p.m. As usual, I went for sleep after the food, it should be half-hour after my sleep, the power went off and it was sweating a lot. My body was almost drenched in sweat and I was unable to continue my sleep. I got up and went to the balcony for some fresh air. When I reached balcony, Rani was already there sitting on the staircase and combing her hair. As usual, I placed one of my thighs on the balcony wall and sitting much relaxed, the breeze was much cool and it was essential for me at that time and watched Rani. She was combing her by lifting both her hands upwards and her pallu was not covering her right breast, low cut blouse with hands raised upwards was just too much. Her tits were slipped out of her blouse, showing the areola on her tits to me. I was starring on the scene without moving my eyes from her tits. She was still holding her hands upward for a longer time than usual. I realized that she was neither combing nor ties her hair upwards, she was just starring at me. Slowly I started to check at my towel and noticed my prick was fully visible to her and the towel was not covering my dick at all. 

I just wanted to see her reaction, on seeing my 8” cock. I just widened my thighs, so that the towel will go wide and she will see cock and balls fully. After doing that, she never took her eyes from my cock and balls. She continued to comb her for a very longer time and started talking with me. She told that the power cut made her blouse very wet and made her to get up from sleep earlier than the usual time. She showed her armpits to me, which is wet on her sweat. Her words added fuel to my interest on her, she was talking for quite sometime and her talk’s lead to sharing of sex jokes and her eyes never moved from my cock. I told her sexy jokes are making her also hot and me, she accepted my comment by smiling. I told her that her tits are also getting wet because she is becoming hot inside and she has to subsidize the heat with my fluid. She very innocently asked me to provide the fluid, which can bring down her heat and tickled her eyes starring at my cock. 

After finishing her combing she took her pallu and wiped the cleavage in front of me. On seeing that my cock got erection a little. She got up and went to her house in the ground floor and came after 10 minutes with two cups of in her hand. When she offered coffee to me, she purposely touched my hand and made the coffee to spill on my towel. The moment the coffee spilled on my towel, she took her pallu and tried to wipe off the coffee and pulled of the towel. I was standing stark naked in front of her in the balcony. When she took her pallu to wipe of the spilled coffee, I was able to see her deep cleavage and the hanging beauties coming out from the bottom of the blouse. She wiped the coffee and pressed my cock and asked me to clean it with water.

I rushed to my room and took a further smaller towel wrapped on my waist and came out to the balcony immediately. The towel was very short and it barely covered my cock. I went to the balcony and sat in my usual posture and took coffee from her. This time my cock was enjoying the full breeze and I was exposing my cock to her without any shy and even tried to attract her by showing my cock to her. She came close to me and sat on the first step on the staircase, starring at my cock continued sharing sexy jokes again. At the same time her pallu slipped from her shoulders and expect one hook all the hooks in her blouse were open. She was not in the mood of adjusting her pallu, rather she told me she was unable to tolerate the heat and she used to sleep without blouse and saree while sleeping in the night time. She also told me because, since I was sitting there she is wearing the blouse otherwise she might have allowed her tits to enjoy the breeze and she used to sleep naked during night in her house.
On hearing the words, the desire of fucking her was fueled further and I was longing to fuck her desperately. I whispered to her that I am leaving the balcony and she can sit comfortably without wearing the blouse and moved towards my house. She was yet to adjust her blouse, her tits were barely covered both the areolas were partly became feast to me eyes. But I wished to have the view of her full bursting breast as full feast for my eyes, fingers and mouth. My fingers were urging to caress, squeeze, cuff her tits and mouth was watering to suck her nipples. I told her that I am willing leaving the balcony and told her to remove her blouse and sit comfortably without wearing her blouse and I never wanted to be a thorn in her flesh by sitting there. She immediately reacted and said not go inside wished me to stay there and also requested me not to misunderstand her words. She asked sorry for her words and started removing her blouse and placed her pallu over her shoulder, I had brief view of seeing both the boobs in full and placed the blouse besides her. My dick became further hard and came out fully outside. I was literally sitting naked on the balcony wall. I moved towards her and took the blouse for drying on the balcony, so can the moist will go off. I did not see any resistance from her. Then I smelled her blouse and the aroma of her sweat made me mad, I was longing to smell the aroma of her armpits and boobs. I wiped my armpits and chest with her blouse. She was just starring at my cock and told me that I am a combination of donkey and dog. When I asked her the reason, she told I sniff like a dog and my dick reminds donkey that she saw in her teenage days donkeys’ dick hanging downwards like a fifth leg for them.
Her words were too crazy and drove me mad further, I gone to the level of no more waiting for her pussy. I got up from the balcony wall and went behind her sat on the 2nd step of the stairs by placing both legs on her both the sides of her body and told her when her boobs inviting melons, naturally my dick will grow like a donkey’s dick. I pulled her towards me, she pushed my hands down and got up went to the ground floor and I was very much upset and regret on my urge. She came within few minutes and started starring at my cock and came close to me and pulled of the towel. I was sitting nude on the stairs, when she pulled the towel, her pallu fell down and gave deep French kiss on my lips and at the same I started squeezing, cuddling both her boobs, I have to spread my hands much wider to hold her tits. I was squeezing and pinching her erected nipples, when I pulled her upward on me for tasting the busty melons, when I tried to place my lips on her erected nipple. 

We heard the sound of her son coming upstairs and we got separated and nothing more was possible on that she was smiling at me wickedly. I was watching her careful without getting caught by my wife and the same time was I never showed any difference with me during her routine visit to our house for watching serials in T.V. She in turn, started talking to me voluntarily and many times, we both dashed and rubbed our body on each other. A couple of weeks rolled of and my interest on her was going very strong. I started offering sweets, flower and eatables whatever I bought for my wife and children to her and her children also. 

The following week, my wife’s was about to go to her village to attend her cousins’ marriage. I know it very well it will take at least 1 week for her to come back and took the opportunity to fuck Rani. I gave send off to my wife and reached home with couple of bottles of beer, sweets, flowers, family pack ice cream and chicken for myself and Rani. When I entered my house, it was around 8.30 p.m., Rani was already watching TV with her children in my house, and I offered her eatables to her and switched on the lights. I was very much surprised to see her for the first time; she was covering her whole body in her pallu, which was very much unusual. I started undressing myself in front for her on the bright light, removed all my dress and covered my cock with a towel, went close to her and sat next to her. I asked her to distribute the eatables to her children. She told that she was waiting for me to share the dinner with me and asked me to get prepared for the dinner. I told her, I wanted to have a drink, which I brought for me and she asked me to drink sooner and ask me to get ready for the dinner.

She asked me whether, I need any bites for the drink and she did not wait for my reply got up to go to her house. When she got her pallu slipped from the back and I noticed that she was not wearing any blouse. I gone mad on seeing her naked back, my prick gone wild and I was desperate to stuff my prick in her pussy. I opened a bottle of beer and followed her to the kitchen, she was breaking eggs in the kitchen and I was very much excited to see her naked back. I went close to her and smooched from the back, while smooching my prick got pressed on to her ass. I felt the softness of her ass and continued to caress her ass with my prick. 

The pan was converting the egg into omelet and the aroma of eggs was filling the kitchen. I was enjoying the aroma of her underarm pits and the heat was increasing with me. She fed the hot omelet, into my mouth and asked me to move away from the kitchen. When, I tried to press her tits from the back. Once again her son entered the kitchen and disturbed my reach to his mom’s tits. I came back to my house and finished both the bottles of beer and I was lying nude. She brought dinner for me and all of us had dinner at my house. She asked me to cover my prick, so that her children will not know I am lying nude. I obliged to her request, she served dinner by revealing her bare tits. I struggled to control my erection and my prick stood at 900 and unable to hide the erection with the towel. After the dinner, she distributed sweets and ice cream to her children and asked them to go for sleep. But they wished to sleep in my house itself and asked her also to sleep at my house. I thanked them for that and arranged the bed in front of the TV for all of us. She told her children that she will join them later after finishing the dish washing and asked me to tell some stories to them so that they can sleep quickly. Within 15 minutes both the children went fast asleep and Rani entered my house with ice cream. She was still not covered her tits. She came sit next to me and asked me to have ice cream. I asked her whether she is going to sleep in my house or going to back to her house. She told it’s her choice and I told her to sleep in my house and feel free as she sleeps in her house. She got puzzled liking the ice cream. I went behind her and dipped her finger in the ice cream and sucked her finger and reminded her comments about her sleeping behavior i.e., sleeping naked and I will help her to get naked. She said no to that and said she will sleep as per her desire.

Then she turned and slipped her naked back on my chest and started feeding ice cream to me. When she slipped, her pallu fell down and she was laying topless on me. I slowly started hugging her from back and kissed, while kissing her ice cream slipped on her tits and I started licking the ice cream on her tit and continued to spread the cream on her tits and started licking and sucking. I was lying nude under her body and started to press her ass and tits with full muscle power. She was moaning and pleaded me to be soft with her. I even given a bite on her nipple and raised her saree upward, penetrated my fingers into her pussy pubic hair. She pushed me down and started starring at me. She was very much sexy in that posture. I stripped her saree and inserted my hands and touched her pussy. She pushed me down again, reached my cock and started licking my cock and balls; slowly she increased her licking speed and started sucking my cock. My prick was going stronger and thicker in her mouth. She was very much busy in her blowjob to my cock and I was squeezing her tits and caressing and cuddling her butt. She was sucking my cock like a hungry bitch and I inserted my finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her cunt, she was very my aroused on my fingering and going wild on her blow job. 
After few minutes, she jumped on me and inserted my cock into her pussy, before inserting her pussy; I was able to see her vaginal juice flowing from her pussy. She struggled to insert my cock into her pussy and I was just watching her insertion, she shouted at me and asked me to push my prick into her wet inviting pussy. I pushed my cock into her wet pussy, her vaginal lips were so tight and my cock was just stuffed into her pussy with some resistance and initial struggle. She cried in pain and started moving her hip slowly. Her tits were bouncing on her movements were increasing pace and eyes half closed, she was reaching orgasm and I hugged her and started sucking her nipples and pressed the other between my fingers. 

Then I rolled her down and climbed on top of her and started pumping my thick tool in her pussy, she stretched her legs wider and placed a pillow under her butt and lifted her pussy to receive my hits on her pussy. I pumped my prick slowly and she pleaded to be faster, deeper and harder, when I increased my speed she started moaning and grunting. I pumped my prick in her pussy for about ten minutes and when I was about to cum, she asked me to spray my cum into her mouth and she rushed to my cock and started her blowjob again. I pumped my cock in her mouth and able to realize it was hitting back of her throat. Within few minutes I came in her mouth, she was licking and swallowing every drop of my cum and keep on sucking my deflated prick and made me to get ready for the next episode with in few minutes. 

I entered into her wet pussy for the second time from the back on doggy style and pumped with full force, she was unable to withhold the force and started screaming, and while pumping her tits was bouncing like rabbits jumps. After half an hour of pumping, when I was about to cum. She asked me to place my cock between her tits and press both the tits towards my cock with full grip and asked me to pump in her cleavage, within few movement my cum got sprayed on her face, neck and on her tit. She spread my cum all over tits and nipples and started cleaning my prick by taking into her mouth. We fucked three times that night and slept hugging each other without wearing any clothes. When I got up, it was around 5.30 am, she was sleeping on top of me. I got aroused on see her nude body over me, my prick got up and was ready for the first round in the dawn. I pushed her down and started sucking her nipples and caressing her butt, she got up, hugged and kissed me. I entered into her pussy for the 4th time pumped with full force, she co-operated with me by lifting her butt, since it was continuous 4th time on the day, and I came very late. Once again she swallowed my cum and cleaned the cock with her tongue, we were laying nude hugging and kissing each other, when sunlight entered into the room around 6.00 am. I saw her nude body for the first time in bright light. She got up and went to her house when the milk man rang the door bell, she went to her house wore the saree and her husband came about 7.30 am and she was not wearing her blouse until her husband reached the house. 

The moment her husband reached her house, she wore her blouse and disappeared from my site. The next two days we hardly meet each other because her husband and she was busy in serving her husbands dick and on the 3rd day when her husband went for his duty it was around 7.30 pm she came to the balcony to give send off to him. I saw that guy was walking on the street and reached the balcony, the moment I reached, as usual power went off. 

Since, she was standing alone in the balcony, I removed the towel I had wrapped on my waist and I lifted her saree and petticoat. I penetrated my cock on the cleavage of her ass and pressed my whole body over her and started cupping and caressing her tits. She told me to control myself for sometime and ensure her husband’s departure to duty. I told her to watch and ensure his departure and entered into her petticoat and started kissing her pussy. She spread her legs wide and gave room for me to lick her pussy, when I started my tongue was busy on her pussy. She was unable to control herself and pressed my head harder on her pussy; I was going deeper and deeper into her pussy and bite her G-Spot. Her pussy juice was flowing like river; I heard the sound of her son coming from tuition. She asked me to get up and lifted her petticoat over me and moved besides me in the balcony. I got up and sat on my usual place in the balcony wall and she was standing very close to my thighs by pressing her tits on the balcony wall. 

We never had a chance of doing anything after that, she organized for dinner at her house and invited me. She instructed her children to bring me to her house for food. I told her children, I will join them after changing my dress, she screamed from our house not to let me go to my house. If they do so, I will not come to her house. She told her children to pull me to her house and asked me to change my dress at her house. I am able to read her mind and words; I followed her children and reached her room. She welcomed with a broad smile and her right tit was not covered by her saree pallu, exposing a full view of the right breast. I was very much aroused on see that, both her children were holding my hands pulling inside her house. They asked me to sit on the sofa and asked her mother to serve coffee for me. I just obeyed to the words of her children and started starring to their mother I sat on the sofa. She came with a plate and served some snacks to me. I told her that I need a wash and never eat anything before changing sweat drenched clothes.
She asked me to change my dress in her house itself; I told her that I have to bring my dress from house. She teased me and told that she is having a bigger size towels in her house and it will cover my dick much better than one I was wearing. She did not even wait for me to remove my towel, she pulled me closed to her and stripped me. While she was doing that her tits were rubbing on my chest, her pallu fell down and she hugged me and gave nice English kiss on my lips. Her hands were busy in accessing my erect cock and I was standing nude in front of her. The moment my towel fell down on the floor she kissed my cock and gave me the towel to cover my erect cock and asked me to clean myself in her bathroom. 

The power also got restored when I came out from the bathroom, I went to the sofa and she was already with coffee and some more snacks for me. She got up and sat on my lap and started feeding the snacks and coffee. I heard the sound of her children playing in the terrace. My cock was just pressed hardly on her butt, when I tried to penetrate my fingers into her blouse, she pushed off and told that her children my enter the hall any time and asked me hold erected cock for another 3 hours at least. I told her that I am unable to control my dick and it has to be tamed only by her pussy. She told me to masturbate and wait for her to finish cooking dinner and for her children to go for sleep.

When I tried to hug her, she pushed me and went on to the kitchen, I followed her to the kitchen and pressed my hot dick on fleshy ass and squeezed her tits from back. She warned me once again and pleaded me to hold on for her pussy and nice dinner for sometime and look at my erected prick she asked me to tame it by masturbating and pulled the towel once again. I was standing nude before, she pushed me towards the wall next to the kitchen door and started masturbating for me. When the cooking required her attention, she left my dick and reached the stove and asked me to keep stroking my dick. I refused her request and kept quite by raising my hands upwards, she was keeping on starring at my dick, and she came back and started stroking my dick again. She swapped my dick between her mouth and hand, her blowjob and hand stroking to my dick made me to fly joyous. I pressed her head towards my dick, she was sucking my dick harder and harder, I would feel my dick -hitting deep inside her throat. Her pallu was lying on the floor and the upper most hooks in blouse were open, she was sucking my cock like a hungry bitch. When I was about to cum she told me to come inside her mouth itself. I ejaculated the two day stock of cum inside her mouth, she swallowed it without leaving a single drop of my cum coming outside her mouth. She then cleaned my dick with her tongue; my dick was deflated inside her mouth.

She got up and asked me to take rest and she will join me after finishing cooking and a fresh bath and asked me also take bath and be fresh for the that night encounter. I was not in the mood of coming out from the kitchen, when I hugged from back and started squeezing her tits, she pushed away and called her son to the kitchen. I was left without any choice other than coming out. It was already 8.30 and she was cooking some special dish in a hurry, her blouse was wet due to heat and severe movements she made during the blow job to me. She came to my house after 1 hour and told that the dinner is ready for serving, she called her children to be ready for the dinner and told me that she will serve after finishing her bath and asked me also to have bath before having dinner. I had bath and went to her house, I was very much puzzled to see her serving dinner to her children. She was not wearing saree and blouse; she was just wearing petticoat and that too much below her belly button. Both her tits were bouncing in 360 degree, I was just thrilled to see her completely topless in front of her children and in front of me too. Her children were busy with their dinner, when I entered they pleaded with me to sit next to them for the dinner. She continued to serve dinner for me topless, as when she walked to the kitchen and the dinning room, her tits were just bouncing and dashing between themselves. I asked her what made her to serve dinner topless, she told it was her usual style to serve late dinner topless to her children and husband and her children will not feel any difference in with her.

My prick got erected to the most and I was unable to cover my erected prick in front of her children. Her son told her to bring the special dish she prepared for me. Since, there is no dinning table available in the house, all of us were having our food sitting on the floor, she was bending herself for every serving, whenever she bend her tits separated from her body and hanging like rabbits. My prick was going wild to the core and I was unable to control myself. I got up and went inside her kitchen and helped her in bringing all the food she prepared for us. Her son sat next to her and her daughter next to me. We both were sitting together and our bodies were touching each other and her petticoat was raised above her thighs and her full legs were visible she was literally sitting nude and having food. She prepared a couple of chicken items as special dish for me and it was just too much for me to see her topless and sitting next to with uncovered thighs and having food along with me in front for her children. 

While, having food she served a lot of chicken pieces to me and I asked her to give to her children also, she told that she will fed them, since they don’t know how to eat chicken legs. She fed her son, I fed her daughter, in turn her son fed his mother some pieces and immediately her daughter started feeding the chicken pieces to me. They were enjoying feed them and feed us, she suddenly feed some chicken pieces to me in front for her children. I was surprised and cautioned not to do that, because the children may leak out that incident either to my wife or to her husband. Immediately, both her children were encouraging me to feed their mother I was puzzled for sometime and hesitating, then she told her children that I am scared because of my wife and my wife will scold me if she come to know about it. 

What a surprise, her son and daughter chorused and told that they will not tell my wife and asked me to feed his topless mother sitting in front of me. Then we started feed each other and we purposely, I spilled food over her body tits and thighs and took advantage of wiping the food from her body and pressed her tits and squeezed her thighs in front of her children. We were having food for more than 45 minutes, it was already 10.30 p.m. And I was very much aroused on the dinner and the way she served food and feed me. My cock was ready like a rock to enter Rani’s pussy, we finished our dinner about 10.45 and she asked her children to go to my home and watch TV and told that she will clean the place and join all of us later. She came to my house within 15 minutes with milk and gave it to her children and me. She told her children to go for sleep soon and they wished to sleep at my house. I already made the bed for children and for us. She gave the glass of milk and sat on my lap, I was covering my dick with the towel, I took the towel and helped her to sit on my dick and removed the knot on her petticoat and inserted my hand inside her skirt, started caressing her pussy. I pulled her towards me and started licking at her erected nipples and slowly sucked those erected nipples one by one. She started kissing me with great degree of desire and I stripped her petticoat, she was sitting nude over me, inserted my dick into her pussy and started moving her ass slowly. We started the night with a great fun sharing jokes, laughing, hugging, kissing, pinching, biting each other and I was very much busy with her tits. 

My mouth was busy in swapping between her nipples and she was riding on my dick, she turned and asked me to enter into her pussy from her back in doggy style. She liked the doggy and horse riding posture very much than the regular ones and had a very strong desire to blow my dick into her mouth and swallow the cum. I was fucking from the back and laying on her back and squeezing those hanging beauties, she asked me to get up and increase the speed of my dick and fuck her deeper and faster. I obliged to her requested and started pumping with maximum force, once or twice my dick even came out of her pussy. I was fucking faster and faster and deeper, she was moaning and her cunt juice was flowing on both the sides of her thighs, I know she was in her climax, but it is not over for me. She asked me to continue pumping her faster, she was in her orgasm, and she closed her eyes and lifted her head upwards. I immediately responded her with a kiss on her neck, check, and lips and started squeezing her tits again. I reduced the speed and continue to caress her butt and tits and kissing on her lips. Her cunt juice was flowing like a fountain, her thighs and knees and bed also became wet.
We continued until for about 20 minutes plus, she told me to cum inside her mouth and not to cum inside her pussy. She also told, she was starving for my cum for the past 2 days during her husbands’ presence in the house. When I was about to come, I pulled my dick from pussy and turned her down and placed my dick between her tits. I pressed both her tits towards my dick and started pumping on the cleavage and squeezed her tits. It was a new experience for her, my dick sprayed cum right into her mouth, face, tits and neck. She swallowed my cum and pulled my dick and cleaned it with her tingling tongue and spread and wiped the cum on her neck, face and tits all over. Our first round was over by 12.00 clock and we got prepared for the second round. 

The next time I wished to fuck in her asshole, she said it would be difficult and painful to have my dick inside her asshole. She told me that, I will tear her ass, if I fuck her into her asshole. I convinced her and she bought castor oil applied on my dick and in her asshole, when she applied oil on my dick stood like a wooden log and she was very much scared to take into her ass. I convinced her and entered into her asshole, it was very tight, she was widening her legs wider and wider, we both struggled to make my dick go inside her ass and with great difficulty I entered into her ass. Her ass lips very much tighter, I kept on lubricating the wall with castor oil and unable to move or pump, she was crying in pain and said, she is experiencing burning sensation and she was begging with me to pull my dick out. I slowly started pumping lubricating with great difficulty, when her asshole got seasoned to the movements, It was becoming little easier for me to increase the pace of pumping. When I started pumping she started screaming and crying in pain, she asked me to slow down the speed. It was very tight and I was enjoying very movement of fucking on her ass and I cum inside her after 20 minutes. When I pulled out my dick out, it was red like hot iron rod and her ass checks very much red and puffy. 

Then I started sucking her tits for and finger fucking her pussy and I wished to eat her pussy, we changed ourselves into 69 position. She started licking my dick foreskin, balls and squeezing my butt, her tongue was doing its twisting all over my dick and balls. At the same I widened her thighs and stuffed my face inside her pussy and opened her pussy lips and started licking and twisting my tongue all over her pussy lips and bite the clitoris very gently. She whispered not to bite, I penetrated deep inside her pussy walls and able to reach G- Spot with the help of my index, I pressed and pulled it and licked it, she reached her orgasm and her vaginal juiced rushed and spread all over my tongue, lips and neck. Her body is vibrating like a train on its rails; she was moaning heavily and sucking my dick harder and deeper. I ate her pussy full and bite her G-Spot and clit and gently kept on pressing her clit between my teeth for sometime and sucked her pussy juice fully. She was making my dick harder and harder and dry, after about 30 minutes of busy tongue I came inside her mouth and her pussy rushed its juice twice before I came inside her mouth. 

Then we slept hugging each other without any dress and I was busy in sucking her tits and squeezing it. Her children were fast asleep, it was around 5.30 a.m. I got up, she was holding my body and sleeping, and I gently pushed her side ways and went to toilet. The early dawn light was entering through the windows and it was such sexy scene to see her in sleeping posture. I slept and started caressing her body, butt, tits and kissed her, she got up and told me take rest until her children go college. But I was desperate to have first fuck in sunrise. Before she would resist me entering, I started squeezing her tits and her nipples signaled me that she is ready for the first bout of the day. She wished me to enter from the back in doggy and obliged her request and pumped my dick deeper into puffy pussy, after few minutes of pumping. I pulled my dick out and wish to fuck on her cleavage, pressed both her cleavage harder over each other and fucked in her cleavage. It was different experience to pump between those bulky fleshy boobs; I came there and cum was spread all over her face, mouth and on her tits. 

It was very bright outside, she asked me to sleep for some time and she will join after sending her children to college. She lifted her children to her house and asked me to help, we both shifted them carefully and she came to take her petticoat, it was very nice and sexy scene to see her walking nude in the house. I went on for sleep without any clothes in my body. Since, I did not sleep well the earlier night and busy in fucking Rani, I decided to take off to myself and continue to the daylight encounter with Rani. I don’t know how long I slept, I felt my cock was being massaged and understood it was Rani, who is preparing me for the morning encounter. My cock was responding to her touch with a great leap, her hands were running all over my dick and balls, her fingers very busy on my foreskin. I felt the wetness of her tongue on the tip of my dick and I was enjoying her foreplay to the blowjob and laying on the bed closing my eyes. She was very busy with my dick, she inserted my dick inside her mouth and started sucking, and I was enjoying every bit of her movements. I was little curious to see her in action, when I opened my, the scene was electrifying, she was busy with my dick with one hand and her tongue and the other hand was busy in squeezing her tits. She was squeezing and pinching her nipples and trying to place her left nipples into her mouth, it was interesting to see herself squeezing her boobs and my dick same time. 

She then pressed her nipples on the tip of my dick and pressing and rubbing my dick on her nipples and tits on the other hand she was trying to suck her tits. The she started fingering her pussy, 3 of her fingers were busying in going in and out of her pussy lips, she increased the speed of her finger at the same she was sucking my dick dry. It was very nice experience to watch her masturbating and doing the blow job to my dick at the same time. I was unable to control myself, I got up the moment she saw me getting up, and she stopped her masturbation and bent her head in shy. I asked her to continue her masturbation and it was nice to her, then she told me to masturbate for her and she will do for me. We changed our position to 69 and I done her the finger fucking, her clit was very puffy due to her fingering and further stimulated the clit. She was moaning and widening her legs for me to enter my face right into her pussy. I bite and eat her pussy and her vaginal juice was rushing like gusty waters through the flood gate, she had orgasm and busy in sucking my dick and balls, her vaginal juice spread all over the legs and on the bed. I was pressing and biting her G-Spot and clit, she came for the 2nd time and I was about to cum. I got up and sat on the corner of the bed, she continued her blowjob and I flushed my cum right into her mouth, she swallowed with a great desire and cleaned my dick and balls with her tongue. 

It was already 11.00 am by the time she finished her cleaning to my dick, I told her that I am to go make a phone to my office and convey leave for me for the day. Since, her husband will be coming the next day; I wish to make use of the day to fuck her all through the day and night. She was happy to hear that and asked me to buy some meat, necessary eatables for the day’s food and asked me to come soon to have bath together. It was very much surprising for me to know about her desire, she wished to enjoy all kind of fantasy and possible sex life, I appreciated her idea and rushed out, and she was lying naked on my bed. I came home after at about 11.45 and when I entered my house, she was still lying nude on my bed, while coming I bought ice cream, chicken, meat and other essentials for the day’s food. She was half sleep in my bed, I placed all the items and kept the 3 flavors of ice cream outside and allowed it to melt. I kept some of the ice cream sticks inside the refrigerator for her children and us. I took one of the ice sticks and the molten ice creams and reached the bed, I placed my hand on her tits and she responded whispering me to squeeze it, immediately I spread the molten ice cream all over tits. She got up on the chilliness of the ice cream, I liked the ice cream, bite the tits, nipples and all over her body. I slowly started coming down towards her pussy and inserted the cold ice stick into her pussy, she jumped from the bed and begged me to take it out. But I pressed her thighs with my body and upper with my hand and inserted the ice cream stick deeper into her pussy. She was screaming and struggles to get up and pull out the stick, in the meanwhile the ice cream broke into few pieces and the stick came out slightly. She was begging with me to allow her for a wash on her cunt. I told her that I would do the cleaning of her cunt. 

I started cleaning her cunt with my tongue, I licked and sucked the ice cream spilled on the walls of cunt and sucked the cream from the deeper side of her pussy. She enjoyed my tongue work and asked me to continue sucking. Her pussy was in a great down pour of vaginal juice. Her cunt was filled with ice cream and her pussy juice. I was busy in eating her pussy cream and she asked me to change our position to 69 and give her a cup of ice cream for her. She spread the cream on my dick and started her blowjob. After about 30 minutes, I came inside her mouth and she came twice before I came. It was already 12.45 and she told that she has to cook and asked me to take bath before she finishes cooking. But, I expressed my desire of having bath together, which she agreed and told me to take rest until she finish cooking. 

After 1 hour, she came and invited me to have bath with her, we had bath together. I was soaping for her and she was busy in cleaning my dick and soaped my body. Our bath went up to 2.30 and we had lunch together. She told that her children will be coming home by 4.00 and wish to take up a short nap because she was very much tired on our sexual encounters. We both slept nude together and when I got up on hearing her voice. It was already 6.30 she served coffee and asked me to dress up because her children are going to come for watching TV. She was wearing a very sexy pink see through saree and a matching blouse; as usual her pink blouse was wet with sweat. On see her sexy outfit, I expressed my desire to have a evening encounter and she told it was not possible to have evening encounter, since the children are around. 

The routing TV watching started at 7.00 she came home and I was resting my head on her lap and played with her tits and talking. She told me she was very much happy in having sex with me and satisfied to the maximum, because her husband use to pump and cum soon and he will sleep over her. He never made her to have orgasm and I was very particular in having orgasm. She was recalling the days that before her marriage when she had sex with her neighbor who made her to have orgasm at least once before he came. I was surprised on hearing those words and enquired about her life before marriage. She frankly told that she had sex 2 of her neighbors and with her uncle. She loved to do the blowjob, riding over the cock, doggy style and her tits being squeezed. It was due to the handy work of her neighbor her tit developed into that size. 

She also told that when ever she visits her mother house or uncles’ house she used to have sex even after marriage, because her husband is not understanding her feelings and quenching her thirst for sexy stronger, longer, thicker dicks. She told that since, it was difficult to have sex with her earlier partners often due to her family responsibilities, she was longing for my dick for a very long time. She asked me to quench her thirst for my dick at least twice a week; her words were very much encouraging to me. I agreed to her wish and she was caressing my dick and play with it. As usual the power went off, she pulled me and kissed and I was busy in removing her blouse and striped her saree and she pulled my shorts downwards and I was striped nude. Her children went to the terrace for playing, we came out she was topless and due to the bursting size of her tits whenever she walked topless both tits dashed each other and it was nice feast to my eyes to watch it. 
It was dark outside, so she leaned on the balcony wall and kept her ass in raised posture, helping me to enter from the back. I lifted her petticoat and pressed my dick in the cleavage of ass and squeeze the ass check and the same time my other hand was busy in squeezing her tits. The balcony wall supported her body vibration and helped me to pump my dick faster into her pussy. When I was about to cum, I pulled my dick outside and she took my dick in her mouth and started the blowjob and I came inside her mouth. She cleaned my dick dry without leaving a single drop of cum on my dick. I sat on the staircase and she sat on my lap and pressed her erected nipples into my mouth. I started sucking one and cuddling the other and swapped between her right and left nipples. In the meanwhile, I asked her to tell more about her sex encounters with before and after marriage. 

She surprised me with an another message that is she had sex with her uncle sleeping next to her husband. Since, her husband is a drunkard and used to cum soon. She asked her uncle to come and sleep besides them as soon as her husband finishes and sleeps, her uncle used to pump his cum into her pussy. She also told that on a recent visit to her mother’s house, she had sex with two of her neighbors at the same time. Both the men we pumping in her mouth and cunt at the same and she enjoyed that encounter very much. She further told out of 5 sexual partners, I was the only partner made her to long for a very longtime and it was worth for longing for a good fucking with my dick. Since, my cock will measure up to 9” in full erection and I used to hold for a longer fucking. She wished to have sex with as many as possible times, she asked me to fuck her anytime I am comfortable and not to bother about her husband’s presence and be careful with my wife only. 

I was busy with her tits and finger fucking her pussy, she told me that she will arrange for sleeping in the terrace till my wife come back from village and asked me to sleep on the terrace. So that, I can fuck her as soon as her husband goes for sleep. The power was not restored even up to 9.30, so she called her children for dinner and asked them to take all the sleeping materials to the terrace. We finished our dinner and went to the terrace, the breeze was very cool. Since there is no tall building close to our house, we had a benefit of sleeping nude on the terrace and enjoy the breeze. She came around 10.15 and the children were fast asleep before her arrival. I stripped her petticoat and we hugged each other and rolled over. I was uncomfortable on the bed in the floor, so she pulled 2 pillows and placed underneath her ass and raised it for a comfortable receiving of my dick into her pussy. We fucked thrice that night and all the 3 times, she took my cum into her mouth, we followed a routine of fucking her from the back for some time, followed by her raid on my dick, then my pumping into her pussy and the cumming into her mouth. She started and finished all our encounters with her tongue tickling blowjob. We slept nude the whole night on the terrace and it was around 5 in the morning, we moved to house and she took her children to her house and invited me to sleep in her house. Since, it was only 5.15, I started to suck her tits and our 1st encounter for the day started at 5.15 and we had 2 encounters before 6.45. I went to my house for a small nap; it was around 8.30 her husband came to my house and with coffee. 

Since, it was not possible to have any chances in the day I gone to work in the general shift. Her husband asked me to come little early in the evening. I came around 7.30 in the evening and her husband asked me to give company for drinking with him in the terrace. She came with nice bites and he was praising his wife for the preparation, blabbered and praised Rani like anything. Before I finish 2 rounds of drink, he finished about 5 rounds and challenged with me that it is impossible to beat him in drinking. All of us had dinner together at her house, her husband was sobering and blabbering drunken and he was trying to kiss and hug her in front of me. Once he even squeezed her tits and pulled her blouse faster which left a substantial portion of her flesh outside her blouse. He was not bothered about my presence, though I enjoyed the scene for sometime. But I was cruising him for not handling her gently. He called me also to the terrace for sleeping and told me I can enjoy a nice breeze there. He ordered his wife to arrange for bed for his family and myself.

I was unable to understand the moves of Rani; I don’t what she told about me to her husband. He was inviting me to sleep with his family. We reached the terrace around 10.30 my bed was next to the children and Rani and her husband was on the other side of the children. The position will be help me to see his play with Rani and I cannot do anything beyond that because the children were sleeping between us. When he came to the terrace, he shouted at Rani for placing my bed next to Children. I told her to change my bed next to him. Rani smiled at me wickedly and signaled me to remove my shirt and brief and keep my dick accessible to her. As if she did not like me sleeping next to them, she reacted to him; he shouted again and did not wait for her to change the bed. He himself changed my bed next to him and started sobering for sometime. I told him, I feel sleep due to the drink and lay upside and closed my eyes. Within few minutes I was able to hear the whispering of Rani, Her husband was pumping her into her pussy. I saw him moving his hip faster and faster within 5 minutes, he came and slept over her. Rani was just at the reach of my hand; she hugged him and turned him down. She was lying on top of her and her hand was trying to reach my dick. I was very much surprised on her courage; she was lying on top of her husband and accessing my dick.

He started snoring within few minutes; she started caressing my dick and balls and striped my dothi. I was lying naked next to her husband and she was topless and her petticoat was lifted above her pussy. She continued to play with my dick after about 15 minutes; she came down from husband and came next to me. I praised her courage and plan for the night encounter into her pussy. She immediately started her blowjob and I was squeezing her tits. Within few minutes, she asked me to enter her from the bag and I obliged her with my action the 1st encounter of the night lasted nearly 30 minutes and I played with her tits for a very longtime and 2nd encounter lasted more time than the first and we fucked 4 times that, she was lying naked between me and her husband the whole night. She asked me to go to my house around 5 in the morning. The next 4 days went on the same manner, we had day encounters when she goes to work and in rest of the days it was night encounter. My cum filled her mouth and pussy for the whole week, my wife came home on the 5th day night and her husband was also there on the day. It become little difficult to continue our relationship in my wife’s presence but however whenever my wife moves out of house during my presence in my house, I fucked Rani. Rani ensured to be in house, whenever my wife goes out.

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