Sex with New Neibor

Arrival of a conservative Punjabi family of 3 at my adjacent building consisting of a husband, wife and daughter. The husband-wife duo seem to be aged in their 40s but the daughter was only 15 as she had just given her SSC exams and awaiting her results. Speaking about her: Her name was Pinky—smart, arrogant, sometimes anti, flirtatious but still vivacious. She normally wears western outfits and would not mine wearing anything that would be shabby or inappropriate. And she had a wonderful pair of booby which would give a hard on any men.Well her SSC results were out & she was soon in college to pursue commerce degree.She going to college would mean a big bash for all our boys(my friends) as we would be waiting for her departure and arrival from her college just to stare at her admire her figure.But once she had gone all boys went in for their daily chore and they never thought anything much beyond it except myself and Neeraj who also happens to be their next door neighbour.
After some months her mom and my mom became friends but this didn’t really mean my friendship with her.Howerer she became friendly with Neeraj and then came closer.But Neeraj had other plans –being a flirt himself he wanted to fuck her but she dissuaded from it.However she didn’t mind smooching him and also showing off her assets-her big booby to him but not with sex which made him happy if not content.Neeraj told me about his secret liaison with her.Going by her I was stunned On hearing this but I had to accept it as Neeraj was my childhood friend and would never lie atleast to me.However On hearing this I vowed in myself to fuck this girl and break her virginity.However it seemed impossible to me as we were not yet friends but until one day my Mom came up with a request which cherished my dreams of fucking her.
Pinky who had appeared her college exams had performed very poorly in one her subjects(Accounts).Her mom was suggesting for some private tuitions but couldn’t get a private tutor for her.Until Neeraj’s mom suggesting my name as I had excelled in that subject and I had also taught him during his exams. Pinky’s mom instantly met my mother and my mom having a helping nature relented on it without my permission. On breaking the news to me I didn’t know how to react –whether to be happy as my prospect of fucking her is coming true or to make a angry face so as to not be other any doubts. Although I was working at that time but I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity hence I gave unto it in a unwilling manner although in mind there was planning going on as to how and when to fuck that babe.
Now the time was fixed at 3pm as I had to report office at 7pm in the evening.It would be 2hr lecture.The first day begin and I reached at the said time.I knocked the door & it was opened by Pinky’ mom open the door for me and she welcomed me and directly guided to Pinky’s room.While guiding me to Pinky’s room she told that Pinky is gone out but she would back shortly.As I entered her room which consisted of some chairs, table, sofa, bed and her personal wardrobe,her clothes were scattered on the bed which also consisted of some lovely lacy and pushup bras and silky panties.As I went ahead to pick it up and probe, the door bell rang and my sexy student was in.She directly came in and said hi to me to which I responded with a hello.Now she saw her scattered clothes.She picked it immediately and dumped it in her wardrobe.

So from that my class begin.I didn’t wanted to directly jump to the idea of fucking but wanted to do it slowly and sweetly.As days passed she was getting comfortable with me and I also started getting comfortable with her.However I had my own moments of joy and excitement while teaching her.Being a practical subject it would always became a norm to sit and solve the problem,during that time I used to get to see her cleavage –sometimes clearly also, sometimes I was also lucky enough to see her booby bcoz she would never her bra.Such situatuion would make my rod go up till 90degree angle. However she would see my bulge over my pants and often laugh and giggle and question me as to whether I am comfortable or not.And I would also laughingly say that All’s well with me.
Soon her mid-term exams begin and got over within a week and then she took a diwali vacation for 1 month. During this period of lay off my sex urge increased and now wanted to desperately fuck her and I was looking out for some concrete plan. Vacation was over and it was time to start with a new beginning and this time I made a will of breaking her virginity.Now the 1st day of my tuitions begin and I reached at her place but she had not yet come from college. At 3.30pm I gave up and I was about to leave that she entered and hugged her mother for achieving good marks in her exams.Then she came in her room were I was sitting and said about her superior marks in the exams for accounts.She seemed very excited about he marks and suddenly she came up to me and said that she owe this marks to me and gave a small peek on my cheeks and went away smiling.Her kiss gave me green signal that now she is attracted towards me which gave glitters in my body.This gave me feeling that this girl is under my control. Now I only required an initiative to go ahead with.
Next, her father– happy on her results gifted her a brand new PC (with a internet connection) which was placed at her room.Since she knew very few about computers, I volunteered to teach her the basics of it.Now I used to come at 2pm instead of 3pm just to get her acquainted with the computers.After few weeks came my day, where my task was accomplished.As usual I reached at 2pm and found the door open.There was nobody in her house either in their room.As I entered Pinky’room her PC was on and on the desktop there was some internet pages opened.On scrolling over it I found some xxx sites and pictures. I understood that it was Pinky who viewed this for obvious reasons.Suddenly she entered in and saw me scrolling over those sites. I look at her and she too looked at me. Now we were back to studies bit I found her bit disturbed.I questioned about this to here but she told me that nothing is wrong. And then suddenly she started smiling. I somehow understood her. I ask her that you were trying to view those sites and she replied with affirmative. I asked her If she wanted then I have some porn movie cds which I can bring for her.She never answered at that time.But at the end of my tuitions she told me to bring that cds.

Next day I brought some of my cds from my friend and gave it to her.I told her to watch it today as I have to give it to my friend.I told that I would not mine if she wants to watch it now. Somehow she was convinced about it and we started watching the cds.The first movie directly started with a woman giving a blowjob to a man.Half-n-hour into the movie I was getting aroused and there was a bulge which she Saw. On seeing that she too got aroused and suddenly there was a tap on the door. I immediately put the PC off. It was her mother. Pinky opened the door and her mother told her that she is going to her neighbors house for some work. Now this was indeed a great opportunity to fuck her as she too was aroused by watching the movie. Her mother left and she was moving towards the toilet. I too moved behind her catching the bulge over my pants as I had to masturbate.I awaited for my chance to come and then went in; masturbated and came out.
As I entered the room the started giggling and ask me as to what I was I doing in the toilet. I told her the same what you were doing minutes before I could enter.And with that I came close to her and gave a deep kiss on her lips and started removing her clothes. She too retaliated positively by helping me remove her clothes. In few minutes I broke the kiss till then she was in her pink color lacy bra and panty. That look gave me hard on and suddenly she came in closer and came down on her knees. She unzipped my pant and took my rod in my mouth and started giving me a blowjob as she had saw in the movie. Then she came up and unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing all over my body. Now I caught her and ripped her bra and panty and push her on the bed .Now she was completely moaning and I was ready to give her great fuck .My rod was now erected till 8”inches and was ready for the fuck game. First I went for her booby, which became hard. I started sucking them like a small child. While sucking I moved my fingers over my pussy lips which had became hot. I started finger fucking her for some time till she gets very hot. After some time I shifted to her next booby and then started sucking and biting it. Now she was very hot and it was the time to cherish my dream.
I stood up and told her to give me a blowjob, which she gave me aesthetically. Now I was ready to insert my rod into vagina.I applied some Vaseline on her pussy and also on my penis.Now I again started finger fucking her so as to give her some relief while inserting. I slowly started inserting my rod into her slowly and she started moaning a little bit.After a long time my rod was half inside her and then I started penetrating it which gave a pleasure and now she was moaning with joy.We continued fucking until we heard the main door being shut as her mother was in.We stopped everything and behaved as if we were studying.

Later on we always had a fucking session which would last for 2-3 hrs everyday.Such was the case that we would never study anytime.Once we also had fucking session through out the day.But I was only afraid of her getting pregnant so I started using condoms which came in handy.However we had to pay a price for it as in her next exams she failed miserably and my tuitions was terminated.Later on she moved to some other place and now she will be also getting married early next year. However I truly enjoyed her company.If u like my story ,if my story had made u horny n even if Any women like real fun pls mail me at ……… 28 /M / Mumbai……

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