Sex with my Lady Boss [English]

Hi all, my name is john(original) 28yrs old from Hyderabad.
Let’s come to story this was happened with my lady boss 3 months ago. We were working in Govt sector in A wing and my fuck partner working in B wing in the same room, she got transferred from other place to my building. I got attracted towards her dressing and talking sense, I got intention to talk with her but not dared for almost 5 days even though she is sitting straight towards me, one fine day her system got problem in early office hours no one is arrived by the time. She called me for the help as I was expert in system and network administration she knows that. I immediately went to her solved her system problem later we discussed where she is from and where I am from, later I gave my mobile number for further assistance if required.
She took my number immediately she asked do I have whatsapp account, I said yes, she said come to chat when you are free. I pinged immediately going to my chair; she was surprised with my immediate ping. We increased our chat day to day, later I started flirting with her even though I am bad in that but all of a sudden for my bad luck State got divided and I got transferred to another wing and I was very much busy with my work all the day I didn’t pinged her for more than a month suddenly she transferred as my boss and she gave surprise on her joining date. I was very happy to see her and to my luck her chair was exactly to my opposite eye contacts very clear we were having smile each other but don’t know the reason why we are smiling.
I was bored on holidays on the Varalakshmi vratham we got a holiday I pinged my boss she replied and she was done with pooja and all formalities and she too bored as she is alone at home, I tried my luck saying wont you invite me to your home she immediately invited I got ready and reached her home within 1 hr. I was shocked with her traditional dressing with loose hair OMG I was unable to speak when she opened the door by seeing her, (hey forgot to say about her figure I don’t know the measurements but she is having perfect figure with bit less height). I entered inside and offered praying to god later had prasad and we both sat on sofa watching TV silently.
I said I came here for time pass but I am getting bore here also, she said what you want for time pass, I said show your house; she started showing her house. I followed her it was beautiful wooden carvings slowly we entered her bedroom nice paintings were there and she z showing her jewellery I asked for finger ring about make she removed I handed to me I tried to wear but I was small for my finger and I was about to return but she offered her hand to wear I was shocked by that, I hold her hand she came very close to me her smell was awesome. I too moved very close to her we are touching each other shoulders both were silent and slowly wore the ring and our eyes were in contact with smile. I could dare to go further because she is my boss if anything goes wrong I will be on road next day. I moved to my home after sometime I pinged.
Me: reached home.
Boss: K how was your day?
Me: It was good but not completed.
Boss: y so?
Me: U know the reason, what was incomplete.
Boss: It was your fault, even though you have a chance, you couldn’t complete it.
Me (shocked): OMG should I come again
Boss: No dear, come by 9 AM tomorrow
It was like hell for me that night waiting for sunrise and got ready and arrived sharp at 9AM, ranged the bell she opened the door and was in her night dress with loose hair, I entered quickly and hugged her immediately without seeing her face, she said don’t be hurry dear let me close door.
She closed door I hugged from backside for few minutes and started kissing on her neck she vibrated, moved to ears slowly faced each other I hold her face with both hands slowly started kissing her lips (I am expert in types of kissing) she was enjoying madly my hand were around her hip slowly I took her in my arms and moved to her bedroom, lied on bed started kissing again perfectly she was hugging me very tightly and my hand were around her hip and her hands were on my buttocks pressing towards her. I slowly removed her nightly OMG I was surprised to see her boobs on bra. I kissed wildly she started moaning ahh, my hand slowly moved to her pussy removed her bra started pinching her nipples she got mad moaning loudly enter my finger into pussy, sucking her boobs wildly and doing finger fucking. Slowly moved down kissing her naval doing circles entered towards pussy; blew slowly in pussy, she got vibrations and hugged my head with her thighs; smell was awesome.
I started slowly kissing her clitoris entering my finger into her pussy; slowly I pressed her G-Spot immediately she had a bulk of orgasm. I consumed it happily I was awesome happy expression on her face slowly. She was out of world saying pleas enter yours in me I can’t wait further by listening I slowly moved up and removed my dress completely we both were in nude. She was surprised to see my circumcised 7 inch dick with 6 inch width she took immediately into her mouth and sucked very much perfectly. I stopped as I don’t want to cum soon, she hold my penis and guided towards her pussy entered slowly into her, but it was not going as it was having bit extra width I inserted 1 inch I hugged her tightly giving tongue romance. I gave strong jerk by that my complete dick was in her tears rolled from her eyes. She shouted with pain even though she was not virgin.
She was experiencing my long perfect width dick. I stopped for some time and started moving slowly to and fro she started moaning awww, awww fuck me darling day is yours fuck me like a dog. I was in heaven by listening this words I am fucking very hard with various angles room was filled with sounds I increased my pitch I was about to cum. She is ready to accept my cum I shot hot cum inside her; we hugged each other for some time relaxed for some time and had another 8 sessions within 6 hours and went to office half day as usually. That’s it friends, Please excuse me for any mistake as this was my first experience.
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