Sex With My Friend RichaIï

Sex With My Friend RichaI�m staying in Chennai in this story I�m going to narrate how I got laid with one my friend Richa (name changed) she is really damn hot girl I have ever seen and we got friends in my college and we became good friends in a very short time and we used to study together for the exams and used to hangout together in our free time an done day we talking together on girls and boys topic and the topic reached to sex after sometime at first.She felt shy to discuss on sex then I encouraged her saying that since we are friends we can discuss anything and we don’t have to feel shame about that and to that she agreed then we started asking each other that did you see any one naked to which I said I have seen in movies but not in a real and she said that she never saw any man in naked situation to which I asked do you want to see me? She blushed on hearing that and smiled at me.I said its nothing wrong to how each other their private parts to which she first said no and then I said it your wish and went away from her (just to test whether she too wants or not) after me going away she came near to me and said even she wants to see me naked but afraid of doing such things to which i said even I m but we will plan for the day and meet together to which she agreed finally the day came I called her and said that I�ve got a room of my friend.Because he will not be there for whole day we can enjoy ourselves on hearing this she got excited and said ok. I asked her to meet me near the park at morning and we shall go to the room from there and she agreed. I was feeling excited about what was going to happen between us.She met me near the park and from there we left for the room and after reaching we entered the room and locked.We sat on the bed for sometime and i could feel her breathing got heavy and she was sweating as well.I came slowly near to her and touched her hand it was very warm and she smiled at me after doing that and I took her hand in mine and rubbed with my hand and planted a kiss over there. She was feeling really happy excited about that and then I kissed her arm and planted a kiss on her forehead and grabbed her in my arms and we were in a deep hug and not even air can pass through it and then I lifted here in my arms and made her sleep on the bed.I started kissing her on neck and biting shoulders and massaging her back in order to make her more hot and excited and I was sucking her neck and shoulders and my teeth marks were visible on her neck and shoulders as well and I kissed here on ear and bite her ear lobes and licking her ears and she was breathing damn heavy by this time and I took this as signal and kissed her on her lips immediately and she was begging for that.We were in a deep kiss for about 10-15 mins sucking each other lips I was sucking her lips biting them and biting her tounge and while doing this she dropped much of her saliva in my mouth and I did the same to her and she was loving the act and then I again kissed on her neck and shoulders and removed her top and she was now on bra I started massaging her armpits and was licking her armpits and pressing her boobs from the bra.I started massaging her back wit my hands and she removed my shirt and she started kissing my chest and taking my nipples and biting them. She was sucking my neck and my nipples.She started biting my shoulders as well and we were hugging each other again.I removed her bra from one hand and pressing boobs with other hand and after removing her bra I was slowly massaging her boobs with my palms and slowly pinching her nipples.I started kissing and sucking her boobs and biting her nipples to which she started moaning and her moan was making me wilder. I started kissing her navel and inserting my tongue in her navel and was licking it. She was moaning heavily then she came upon me and started kissing my armpits and the feeling of her lips on my armpits was heavenly then she started kissing my back and was scratching my back with her finger nails deep dug into my back.I was enjoying her act and then she again came over my lips and started kissing again. I took honey bottle and applied on her boobs and navel then I started licking her boobs like hell and she was enjoying very much then I started biting her nipples and making circles around her nipples with my tongue and I started licking her navel and was sucking it till all the honey got cleared from her navel and boobs. I removed her pants and she removed my mine and now we were in our inner wears.I started kissing her foot and biting her leg fingers,she was moaning again and then I came near her knees and started kissing her knees and biting her thighs I was licking her thighs and now I grabbed her ass in my hands and was massaging them slowly and then started pressing them hard. I came near to her panty and smelled her pussy by this time she was already wet. I started licking her wet panty and then I removed her panty and kissed her pussy and was biting her pussy lips.She was enjoying a lot and was breathing and moaning heavily and she removed my inner wear and made me naked and she was first surprised to see the size and then she smiled at me and took my penis in her hand and started giving me handjob. I was in heaven at that time and started moaning and she started stroking very fast on hearing my moans then I asked her to take the penis in her mouth to which she said she loved to and took my penis in her mouth.I started giving me blow job and the feeling was really awesome and can�t be put into words and she was giving me blowjob for about 15 mins then I came in her mouth and she liked the taste of it and her mouth was full of my cum and she took some and split some as she was not able to take all my cum in her mouth and I could see my cum dripping through her lips then I applied honey over my penis and asked her clear it with her mouth and she did the same as I said to her and she and me were enjoying a lot.I did the same to her by applying honey on her pussy and licking her pussy biting her pussy lips and inserting my tongue into her pussy and she smelled very good at her pussy and I was loving the smell from her pussy and was licking the juices that was dripping from her pussy by this time she wanted me in her pussy and I placed my penis on her pussy it was very tight and I applied a little pressure and she was moaning in loud voice to which I shut her mouth by kissing her.I applied a sudden pressure and my penis was inside her pussy I kept it inside her for 3-4 mins and then removed it and she was feeling pain and enjoying as well I inserted one more time and this time I was stroking her very fast and she was moaning heavily and on hearing her moans I increased my speed I came in her and she said she can feel my cum inside her and I removed penis out of her pussy and asked did she enjoy to which she smiled nodded her head and gave me a kiss.I asked her do you wanna go for another round. She said oh yes and we were again having sex that day we had sex from morning till the evening and after that we took bath together and cleaned each others body I dressed her and she dressed me and after that we kissed each other and I dropped her at her home and left. She gave me a call after sometime saying she had a memorable day because of me and said the same and after that we enjoy ourselves whenever we get the opportunity.
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