Sex with boyfriend in front of hubby

Hi, I am Palak (not my real name), I’m 27 years old. I have been given a good and attractive features and a well developed and maintained body. My husband Rajesh (inherited name here) and I have been married for about five years. Our marriage was an arranged one and we really love each other very much.
My regular visits to my beautician have made my skin extra fair, smooth and attractive. I had a very fair colour and my statistics are 35-27-36 which I always maintained by daily morning and evening walks and weekly session at the gym. Since my husband owned a flourishing business, he never wanted me to take a job and work.
As such most of my time was spent on watching television or talking to friends either on the net or on the phone. Our sex life was also very satisfying for both of us. We used to do sex about 4-5 times a week and sometimes daily for weeks together. Most of the time my husband would take me two to three times in a night.
But after some time (about an year ago), we both got somewhat bored from the routine style of doing sex. We both tried different postures, saw a number of blue films to get new ideas and get stimulated. We read a number of sex books and I even talked to my friends for new ways to put some spice in our sexual activities.
It worked for a while but again the excitement ended as we both wanted to do something all-to-gather new and different that would stimulate us for a long time. Later we both started fantasising while doing sex. We both one by one used to narrate a fictitious story about doing sex with someone else, normally it was someone known to both of us or someone from our past.

It worked amazingly fine for both of us. It gave us an opportunity to share and narrate our hidden fantasies, desires and past experiences in sex under the cover of fiction. We both used to spin new stories each day and in this way we shared our hidden feelings towards what we wanted or done in past.
Sometimes we fantasized about having group sex or threesome to add some more spice in our sexual adventures. My hubby always wanted me to fantasise threesome with two men taking me. I always found him to get over excited and extra horny listening to such stories. It was during these sessions,
that I confessed to him that during my college days I had a boyfriend named Arvind (fictitious name) who had gone up to the extent of kissing me several times and fondling and pinching my boobs and nipples from outside only over my shirt and not putting his hands inside. The very story of sex with my boyfriend that day made him extra excited and stimulated and honestly the very thought of doing it with Arvind made me extra hot and wanting.
This thing went on for sometime and my husband always preferred having a fantasy of Arvind being narrated to him. It was during this period that I really got so hot about having sex with Arvind that I actually started needing him to satisfy my lust.. All my memories of him hugging, kissing and fondling me came repeatedly to me even while having sex with my husband and his thoughts gave me multiple orgasms.
Sometimes I would masterbate while taking a bath thinking about doing sex with Arvind. A couple of times while having sex, my husband asked me if I too was interested in group sex or a threesome. At first I thought he had gone crazy but my hubby told me that the biggest fantasy of a man is to watch his wife having sex with someone else in front of him.
I told him that in a married life such a thing was undesirable and it may put a strain on the married life. He had an answer for this, he told me that it is wrong only when done without the knowledge of your spouse, but if done with the consent and knowledge, it would be fun and enjoyment. May be I was not in my right senses and being over excited and hot, I agreed to his proposal.
The thought at the back of my mind was that if my hubby had no objection of I having sex with a friend of him maybe I would not feel guilty if I go ahead and try to do it with Arvind and enjoy what we could not do in those days. We discussed the people with whom such a thing was possible and finally we selected one of his friends who was a nice guy and visited us occasionally and I too liked him.
Since it was my husband’s friend so the task of getting him involved in a threesome was to be done by my husband Rajesh only and I could at the most entice his friend and arouse his interest if there was a need to do that, but the actual offer was to made by Rajesh. It was one thing to discuss it between us and a different thing to do it in reality.
Since it was my hubby who wanted me to have sex with someone else, the thought of guilt was gone and a feeling of excitement of a new kind took me. I was wondering how it would feel to be touched, pinched and fucked by someone else than my hubby. Now since I was getting excited thinking about it, I forced my hubby a few times to go to his friend and talk to him into doing sex with us but he could not gather courage to make him such an open offer.
I even made my hubby go to his friend’s home and find an opportunity to talk this thing there, but he came back empty and did not even raise the subject. His only thought was that if he declined, he would never be able to face him and what if this thing goes out to his other friends. Then his other thought was that he would always be feeling small in front of a man who had fucked his wife in his presence as he would always be meeting him on occasions.
Though his thoughts were logical but I knew his real fear was that if once his friend have sex with me, he would never be able to stop us from doing it again whenever we feel like and even doing it in his absence. He would be reduced to a silent spectator to our sexual relationship with no moral right to stop us.
Later Rajesh finally accepted that he could not go to his friend and make such an offer to him. I then suggested him to call his friend home once and I would entice him by showing off a good view of my tits and body parts and then my husband can do the rest. But he had perhaps changed his mind about it.
I even asked him to talk about a swapping of partners which is still exciting and a new thing for us and it would make both the men equal since they both would have fucked each other’s wife. But it looked like he had no strength to do that too. It looked like an anti climax with all the excitement leaving without satisfying the lust that had grown inside me. It looked like that we might be forced to continue with our routine which had become dull.
A few days later, I went to my parents home which wasnt too far from our city. While I was sitting in the drawing room, I casually glanced outside the window to the nearby house where my boyfriend Arvind used to live before he shifted to another home. Suddenly my heartbeat increased when I saw Arvind standing there, possibly he had come to attend to some work there.
The very sight of him after so many years sent waves of lust in my whole body. My pussy suddenly started getting moist and I really wished if I was alone in the house now and if he could come and take me and fuck real hard. Since I had been fantasising doing sex with him for the past so many days, these feelings and lust were not in my control.
The memory of all the kisses, hugs and fondling of my boobs and every other thing we had done together in my college days came to my mind making me long for him in desperation. Later that night, my hubby Rajesh was in a romantic mood and while I was away he had arranged for a porn movie which he wanted to watch while having sex with me to give him some kicks.
We had done this several times before so I agreed to it. He got up and took out a new CD from his cupboard and inserted it in the player. By the time the movie started, he had stripped and got in the bed besides me where I was nude myself. We lay there hugged together and kissing in between while watching the movie.
The film was as storyless like any other porn movie where the whole concentration was on how the sexual actions were done. An attractive girl whose dress was more revealing than concealing was at a bar and soon she was approached by a young man. After a drink and some small talk, they leave together.
The next scene showed the couple in a hotel room quickly undressing each other and kissing and hugging. As the man removed his shorts and sat on the bed. his thick penis was partially erect and balls were heavy and hanging low.. The girls started giving him a blow job and very soon his penis gains full erection and it looked like a solid pole.
The very sight of such a monster tool set my pussy on fire. My hubby Rajesh was already fondling by boobs and nipples and he had taken his one hand down to explore my wet pussy. I was wondering how the girl was enjoying sucking and fondling such a monster penis which was in fact much bigger and thicker than my hubby’s penis.
All of a sudden the thought of Arvind came to my mind as his appearance in the morning had evoked the lustful feelings in me. I started visualising as if it was me in the movie and Arvind in place of the man and I was sucking his huge penis taking it in and out of my mouth. The size was making me think as to how much I would have to open my mouth and stretch the muscles to take it fully inside.
I was sure that once inside, it would taste great and sweet. I had closed my eyes in sheer ecstasy and with my hubby fondling and kissing my boobs and stroking my vagina, I was feeling as if I was lying naked with Arvind and it was he who was playing with my nudity. In between I would open my eyes when Rajesh would kiss my lips or was sucking my boobs and would get a glimpse of the movie which now showed the man sucking the girl’s pussy.
I gave out a soft moaning sound feeling as if it was Arvind who was licking my vagina. My hubby shook me and asked to watch the movie and I saw suddenly another man enter the room who was the husband of the girl and surprisingly instead of a fight, he too started stripping off and joined the couple.
It seem like he was enjoying his wife’s pussy being sucked by another man and hear their moaning sounds. Now the girl had started again sucking and stroking his boyfriend’s penis right in front of her husband. I too was thinking what it would be like if my husband find me doing the same with Arvind. The very thought made my pussy wet and dripping.
Finally the girl got up, crawled up on the bed, and lay on her back. Her husband moved up and bent over her, pressing his dick against her lips, which she began to suck, while the other man went down on her and began to tongue her wet clean shaven pussy and finally putting his long dick in her and started humping her.
I was getting hotter and hotter and it looked like I needed Arvind’s penis more than anything in the world. I was almost getting exasperated for him. My hubby who was watching the movie with great interest asked me how I was feeling like. I was now beyond caring of what he would think. I asked him if he would allow me to have sex with Arvind for once and for that I was willing to do anything that he would wish for.
I even told him that I would try and get him any friend or relative of mine with whom he would like to have sex with. I even told him that even now I was thinking that I was having sex with Arvind just like the way it was being done in the movie. My moanings and the name of Arvind gave my hubby another kick and I found his penis getting harder than before.
He smiled while rubbing my pussy and said, “you seem to to be turning on great by this movie honey, I never knew you would get that hot.” I was now beyond replying to him but I agains asked him to allow me for once to have sex with Arvind as I really need him now inside me. I was almost begging him to accept my request and was willing to do anything he wanted me to do in return.
I told him that I would do it only if he allow me and not otherwisely. But it looked like he thought I was talking in my excitement and was not so serious about it. That night we made most violent love and even still I wanted more. I was moaning loudly and continued calling Arvind’s name repeatedly while my husband gripped my hips and fucked me real hard with his long strokes.
The fire inside me was not destroyed even when my husband released his discharge inside me twice. I too was getting orgasm after orgasm and my love juice continued to flow out of my vagina and make big patches on the bed sheet. But I still needed Arvind and I kept on requesting my husband to allow me to do this just for once and I promised I would never ask for it again.
Later we both lay on the bed totally exhausted and wet in sweat. It was a great fuck after so many days and I was really hot. Fully spent we both slept rest of the night hugged tightly together. The next morning we both awoke in a very good mood. Being a Sunday, there was no need to get up early and start the daily errands.
My husband rolled over on top of me and slid his hand into my still wet vagina while kissing my lips, it was turning me on again. He asked me “Palak, you really got turned on last night and you were continuously moaning and calling Arvind’s name. Are you really serious about doing it with him. OK tell me what else have you done with him in your college days.”
I smiled at him and said, “dont think that he had fucked me yet but yes he had kissed me on my lips a few times and he had pressed and fondled my boobs from over my shirt when we were watching a movie and no one was looking at us.” Rajesh bend over me and started sucking my nipples which were turning hard and getting erect.
He asked again “are you sure you did nothing else” I gave out a laughter and said mockingly, “if you dont believe me why dont you call him and ask yourself.” He gripped me firmly and almost squeezed me before asking again, “Palak, you were moaning for Arvind yesterday and really too much. Was that just because you were hot watching the movie or you really want him.”
I said, “I would be honest with you Rajesh as I dont want any misunderstanding between us. For the past so many days we have been fantasising about having sex with others and since I had a little closeness with Arvind, it had made me hot and long for him. Yes I want to have sex with him for once but only if you have no objection to it and if you say no, I would forget it.”
After a few minutes he asked again, “would you be doing it with him away from me or in my presence?” Now this was a strange question, I was wondering if he would allow me doing it or what, still I said, “I would do it as per your wish since I would not be doing anything without your knowledge.” He was still in deep thoughts when we finally got up and I proceeded towards the kitchen for making our morning tea.
In the afternoon when we were relaxing after lunch together in the bed, my hubby again brought the subject of Arvind which I think he had not been able to remove from his mind. He asked me if Arvind would be willing to swap partners with him, meaning I could have sex with Arvind and in return my hubby would have sex with his wife.
Now this was a very critical issue, I knew that Arvind was having trouble in his married life and he and his wife were not having it comfortable at the moment, so it was out of question to even ask him for such a thing. I knew it through a common friend of ours and I told this to my husband since I did not want that he stick to this precondition of having his wife in return of me.
Taking me in his arms and kissing me passionately he finally asked me, “tell me honestly Palak, are you really serious about doing it with Arvind?” I too responded his kisses and said, “Rajesh I love you so much but these fantasies have made me horny and crazy. If you allow me I would love to do it just once. I could have done it without telling you also but I am always faithful to you and love you.”
After thinking for some time he finally said, “Palak, we were trying for a threesome just because I wanted to see you being fucked by someone else. It is my fantasy to see you doing it in front of me. I was reading that its the number one fantasy of all married men to watch their wife being fucked in their presence. OK you try and call him here and we would sit together and have a drink.
If everything goes well, you can do it there in front of me and I would sit and watch you both and enjoy. But if I am not too comfortable with him, you might have to call off the program then and there. Of course he can enjoy the drinks and the company” I was so happy that I almost crushed by husband by hugging him tightly and asked him to take me again and fuck me harder this time too.
A couple of days later I managed a program to my home town. Only my husband knew the real purpose of my visit. I was supposed to contact Arvind and ask him to come over at our place and if things go well, I could have sex with him. Before I left, I had contacted a few of my old college time friends and mates who somehow knew Arvind.
It was a difficult task since he was now not in touch with most and had already changed his residence where he lived earlier that was near our home. Had he been still there, it would have been easy to contact him. After a great search I somehow managed to get his office whereabouts without his mobile phone number.
In my home there, after my brothers had left for their offices and everyone else got busy in their own errands, I left my home on the pretext of meeting some friend who was in town after a long time. It was a long distance to his office and driving my car on the dusty roads was tough. After a little search, I was able to find his office which was a small cabin with one worker sitting outside the chamber for Arvind.
Since I could not talk to him over the phone to inform about my plan to meet him, I had to wait for a little while before he arrived at his office. He was very much surprised to find me there and he even said that I was the last person he could expect to come to his office.
We both were sitting in his chamber and after initial hi and hello and how everything was going, now it was time for me to come to the point for which I had undertaken this journey.. He too was very anxious to know the reason how I found him here and more importantly why I was there. I too was longing to tell him the reason for my visit but still had no idea how to begin.
Somehow I started with our old memories and how we used to go on dates to movies and isolated parks and all those things. This was the best opening I could think of and during the conversation that followed, I asked him if it he could come over to my house where we could sit together and chat as my husband too was interested in meeting him.
For once he was surprised as to why my hubby wanted to meet him and he asked me if he knew about our college days association and the little closeness. I told him that he know only what I told him and he was a nice broad minded person and take things sportingly. Still he was not satisfied and tried to read my eyes for any clue.
But frankly the state I was in, I was unable to meet his stare as I knew I was a total give away. Not to go in too much of details, he was confused as I gave him no clear idea as to why I was asking him to come over but as my last sentence on the matter, I told him to come over and he would not regret this trip in his life and perhaps would remember it always.
He agreed to come the next weekend as it was his days off. Finally I got up to take a leave, I was really happy and was anxious to have him at my home for a possible sexual adventure, it seem like a long dream being fulfilled. He too got up to see me off and as I stood at the door of his chamber, before I could open the cabin door, he caught my hand and took me in his arms and started kissing me.
I was hot enough and would have got myself fucked there itself but I could do nothing except responding to his kisses. I allowed him to explore my mouth with his tongue and did the same thing myself and tasted each other’s saliva. After a few minutes of hard kissing he finally released his grip and we both moved out after we swiped our faces and made sure we looked normal.
When I returned back to my home the next day, I was happy that I was able to get Arvind here the coming weekend but I was apprehensive about a few things. Rajesh was waiting for me anxiously and wanted to know what was happening. He was so desperate that immediately on my return he hugged me and started removing my clothes and in no time got me naked and almost carried me into the bedroom.
Having stripped himself, he joined me in the bed almost crushing me in his hug. Then he asked me what was the result of my visit. Kissing his lips softly I told him that he was confused as to why I was asking him to come to our home but I did not give him any details and still he would here this weekend.
The very thought of Arvind coming over and what could happen made my hubby’s penis immediately go solid rock hard. He got in a kind of ecstasy and started kissing and biting me madly. I now had to tell him what had been going on in my mind since I left Arvind’s cabin the day before.
I said to my hubby, “Rajesh would you mind if I tell you something?”, Rajesh was more interested in my body but still asked me what it was. I said, “Rajesh when I told you earlier thatt Arvind had kissed me and fondled my boobs from outside it was not the complete truth.” He looked at me questioningly and told me to tell me what was going on in my mind.
I said, “Rajesh I would be honest with you, earlier when I told you that Arvind had kissed me and fondled my boobs from outside my shirt, I was not sure how you would take it but now I would tell you that we had so many times kissed each other deeply sucking each others lips and on a few occasions, when we were on a date, he did take his hands inside my shirt, loosened my bra and then rubbed and pinched my boobs and nipples.”
Rajesh was really surprised and asked me to continue as he was listening and enjoying. I further said, “on a few occasions, we went to see a movie and in the darkness of the hall, he had been fondling and pinching my boobs and nipples by sliding his hands inside my shirt and removing my bra cups. He had even tried to kiss and suck my nipple there.
A couple of times he also tried to take his hands inside my trousers but I never allowed him that, but yes he did rub my clit from outside.” Rajesh suddenly got so hot and horny that he did not bother to listen to if I had to say any further but he just put his dick inside me and started humping vigorously. That day, he got over excited and almost reached his climax too soon.
I could feel that his penis was rock hard and since he seem to be over excited, he released his cum almost as he entered me, after a couple of strokes only. I could not get the complete satisfaction that time. The only relief I got was that I had told him what I had in my mind as I was fearing that when Arvind would be here and we all would be chatting,
my hubby would ask for sure as to what we both had done in those days and Arvind too with no fear now would reveal this secret known to him and me only. I was happy that Rajesh did not take it seriously and rather enjoyed it. I was now sure that I would be able to have sex with Arvind since Rajesh was getting over excited with the thought of seeing me having sex with someone else in his presence.
Anyway the next two days passed without anything happening of real interest. On the day Arvind had told me he would come, I was getting nervous right from the morning. It was going to be a strange situation for me with my ex boyfriend and husband sitting together and talking and possibly later my boyfriend fucking me there in front of my hubby.
I was excited, there was no doubt in this as I would be meeting Arvind again and sitting and talking with him with no fear. I was also horny for him and the whole previous night I was thinking of how he would be fucking me and how it would feel sucking his penis. In the morning while taking my bath, I was rubbing my clit and thinking about Arvind fucking me really hard.
I was so curious to see the size of his penis which I was sure would be very big and thick as I had observed in his tight fitting trousers. Thinking about all this was making me hot and horny. It seem that my panties were getting soaked and I was smelling of sex and I wanted to taste the sex of a new kind.
Sometime late in the afternoon, we heard a car stop in the porch and later the bell rang. I was sure it was him. I had got myself ready for him by wearing a sleeveless and deep neck blouse that showed off my cleavage and the upper swells of boobs well. I had selected a saree that set off my figure well for everyone to see.
A light makeup made me really desirable and I was sure Arvind would not be able to resist me. I opened the door and it was Arvind there with a small bunch of flowers which he handed over to me as we both stepped inside. He gave out a soft whistle when he saw me and passed a small but slightly adult complement to which I gave out a small laugh and brought him inside the living room.
My hubby was there in the room and the two men shook hands and Rajesh asked him to make himself comfortable on the sofa opposite him. As I had already sent our maids and servant for a day off, only we three were in the entire house. After the initial hi and hellos, Rajesh asked Arvind what he would like to have, a cold drink, a beer or whiskey.
Arvind opted for a chilled beer and I went to the kitchen to get a bottle from the refrigerator and two glasses and when I served it to Arvind, I bent a little more and a little longer than necessary so that he get a good view of my cleavage and a little portion of the upper parts of my boobs under my blouse.
When he raised his head to look at my face, he saw the glitter in my eyes and the smile and suddenly understood why he was called here. He relaxed and gave me long and lusty look with a naughty smile. I brought myself a glass of juice and sat besides my hubby so that Arvind and I were now sitting opposite each other and could establish the eye contact.
Since both the men were kind of strangers to each other, I made the introductions adding that Arvind had been a very good friend of mine during our college days and we had even went out on a few dates together. I found Arvind getting somewhat uneasy when I mentioned that we had gone on several dates together while Rajesh was smiling and just said that it was so normal
for college people to go out on dates and get a little closer to each other and with a little laugh added that they always do some mischievous things there. I too gave out a small laugh as I got up to refill the glasses and once again gave Arvind a good show of my boobs, this time I had deliberately adjusted my pallu in a way that he get a better view and he also took a full view of my boobs,
I could see in his eyes that he too was turned on and was shifting his position perhaps to adjust the erection in his trousers. Now Rajesh continued and asked “tell me Arvind did you take advantage of the opportunity Palak gave you when you went on a date with her.” For once Arvind was surprised but soon recovered and replied, “I did not take the full advantage of the opportunity otherwise she would have been at my house than yours.”
Rajesh burst out laughing and I too gave out a loud laughter when I knew what he meant. I was now sure that Rajesh was willing for a threesome or had no objection to me having sex with Arvind otherwise he wouldn’t have said this. He again asked Arvind, “ok dear tell me then what did you do when you were alone with her on the dates, Palak did not tell me all the things you both did” and again laughed.
The scene was very clear for Arvind as he was no fool, he know that he was called here for a possible threesome and the stage was set for it. He was now beginning to enjoy it and relaxed a bit more. He replied. “Rajesh you might feel bad but I had really kissed your wife so much before marriage that you would find a good amount of her lipstick in my tummy even now”
Rajesh and I both laughed while he continued, “apart from this, I did fondled her boobs so many times and pinched her nipples when we were sitting behind a bush at the local park or watching a movie. She did have very firm and shapely breasts on her. Palak did not allow me but I did take my hands down her vagina a couple of time and it was really very tight, a virgin.”
Rajesh too was enjoying it and I noticed a bulge in the groin inside his trousers. Rajesh asked “so you did not get the opportunity to have sex with her, fuck her” Arvind was also too bold in his replies. “Palak got married a bit early for me, was she there for a couple of weeks more, I would have taken her to bed with me.”
I found Rajesh was getting restless and I too joined the conversation and said laughing “dont be so sure Arvind of having sex with me, you wouldnt have got it then.” Rajesh sipping his beer and enjoying then asked Arvind if he had met me or taken me out after marriage. Now I was really afraid of this question as when I was telling him about my closeness with Arvind when I had returned from my home,
he did not give me time to finish it and had started fucking me and this subject remained uncompleted. Since he was sitting by my side and Arvind in front of me, I was not able to gesture Arvind not to say anything on this. I was getting worried if anything go wrong then the whole program could just end in a whisper.
But it seem to be that the alcohol was making its effect on both the men and truth was coming rather quickly. Arvind replied to what Rajesh had asked him, “yes Rajesh I met Palak a couple of times after marriage before I shifted my residence and then just lost the contact somehow.” He further continued.
“when we met after her marriage, Palak was now no longer afraid to go further a little more since she had given her virginity to you. It was unfortunate that those days I was unable to arrange for a suitable room for both of us to spend sometime together and have sex. The extent we both could go was to fondle with each others private parts more liberally in a movie hall when she covered the lower portions with her shawl.
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