sex manic

I am 42. but people think i am 35, well built, smart guy. I do not boast of 7 inch lund. but i am a sex maniac. I have several sex experiences with so many women. they all praised my manhood. my wife is a criminal lawyer, who also deals cases of family disputes. Recently, an apartment was built adjacent to my house. the watch man has a daughter who was married to an auto driver. this auto driver is an alcoholic and sadist, who beats his wife. not able to bear his cruelty, the watch man and her daughter approached my wife, and asked her to save them from this sadist person. My wife simply lodged a complaint on behalf of them and the police jailed the auto-driver. a divorce petition was applied by them through my wife.Meanwhile, our working maid stopped working at our home. on one sitting with the daughter (her name is manga), my wife inquired whether she knows any maid to work at her. manga readily agreed to work at our house but said she can come only after 9.00am and after 7.00pm. my wife agreed. when i looked manga first time, she did not appeal to me. she is lighter fat nor lean. she is not beautiful either. she is black in color. her lips are also in black color. generally i do like black gals. this manga is around 30 years of age, has two daughters who study in a nearby by government college. manga has to work so that her daughters will be able to study in some other good office duty starts at 6.00pm and ends at 2.00am. so this manga used to come to house after 9.00am, by then my wife goes to court and kids go to college. one day manga came as usually. I was watching porn on net. she entered the room sweeping. at home, i do not wear any formals. i wear under wear only. since i am white in color, my complexion is priased not only by women but also by men. manga stared me for a while. she looked at the computer monitor., where nude photos are being displayed. her saree pallu dropped suddenly, i could see her medium sized breasts and cleavage. she does not wear bra. on that day, she wore a white blouse and her breast nipples are clearly visible though blouse. i rose from my chair and went near her. she bent her head, she is shivering not by fear but by lust. she is drawing on the floor by her toes and her fingers are playing with her pallu.I slowly lifted her face with my hand and placed my another hand on her waist. she said no babu …no… i said nothing, slowly pulled her towards me and placed a kiss on her forehead. she fell flat. her meaky acts of protests vanished. she hugged me tightly. I grabbed her right breast and squeezed it gently. she moaned slowly. I could not bear, and pushed her on diwan. I was on her her, kissing her neck, shoulders. I opened her blouse hooks and set free the two breasts, which were hard enough with straight hard black nipples.I started sucking them with great skills and concentration. she placed her both hands besides her head. her body is cooperating me. my hands were busy, pulling away her saree. and untied the knots of her petticoat, i pulled her petty coat from her legs. she is nude. her pussy is partially shaved. her thighs are good. I held her by shoulders and removed her blouse also. I have occupied her completely. she is speechless, not at all protesting, in fact cooperating me in all respects. her legs were around my waist. with out any experiments with her body, i violently pushed my hard penis into her tight hole. it was already wet and hot. i started fucking her slowly. my penis is ramming her pussy deep.I placed one hand under her hips and another under her shoulders. my mouth is busy sucking her breasts one by one. she closed her eyes and saying ah…ah…..ah….uh..uh…kottu…kottu inka kottu……ammo….amoooo…lothuga pettesavuraaa…teesi malli pettru…(marr…mar….you penetrated me deeply..remove once and insert it please….)…i slapped her and said, shut up…neighbours may listen…but she is out of control and moaning …i did not bother her and my 78 kg body is fucking her to with vigor and lust. to our utmost satisfaction. her slender body was crushed like flower under my beasty body who’s mind is full of lust for raw sex.After around 20 minutes of fucking her hole, sucking her breasts, i filled her pussy hole with my juice of cum…but we were not separated immediately, she hugged me like a child for more than 10 minutes. after that she dressed and went away calmly….From that day, whenever we are alone, we used to enjoy sex.

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