Since my husband would be away for months at sea, I would feel extremely bored. I wished that someone(guy) would be there to talk to me, hold me and satisfy me like my husband. My sahelis would always talk to me about what a crazy animal their husbands were. I missed my husband more. While my kid would be at sleep at night, I would surf the net, read some dirty story and masturbate myself. One day I had gone to shop to buy some things. I was buying a pack of sanitary napkin(whisper) when I saw a cute short boy looking at me.

As I stepped out of the shop, he came to me and said,”are you suman?” I was puzzled and asked him how did he know my name. He said that he was a friend of my cousin Jayant and had seen me many times in the temple. We took the same bus. We talked a lot and I found him interesting and humorous. After that we met some more. One day he asked me to join him for a treat. Since I was alone and bored, I went and joined him. I loved his company. He would hold my hand and said that it was quite soft and sexy. He would talk sexy and ask me if I was having periods now. He would tell me lot of dirty jokes. In spite of having a husband I loved this boy Nitin,20 yr old. He would call me at nights and would talk sexy.

He would tell dirty jokes with words like lauda, or banana. He would admit that he was opening his pant and masturbating thinking about licking hairy vaginas of lovely women. I used to get slightly jealous and I would think that he was imagining me as well in his dirty mind. I would jokingly tell him not to use such words because I am not like him, a sex maniac. But in my heart I was, I would wonder what a fucker he would be. I would flirt with him on the phone and tell him about what I was wearing or not wearing. Once we discussed and talked about masturbation and I teased him saying that I was doing it now and I was not wearing my undies. He whistled and said that he was getting a big erection because of my words. He would ask me things like if my hole was leaking. I would sigh and would imagine him masturbating furiously.

This kind of phone sex happened for about two weeks. Once he even climaxed with my name on the phone. I thought that such a sexy man who would talk so much sex may be really crazy to do it. I had my birthday on 2nd march. He called me up and said he wanted to meet me. I agreed and we met up at Mc.donald’s shop, which has newly opened here. When we met we would be shy and not so open like we were on phone. However the sexual electricity was still there. He presented me with a cell phone. I blushed and refused to take it. However he frustrated and I agreed. I took him to my house for the first time. Once we were in house, he said he wanted to use the bathroom. I showed him and I went to the kitchen. As I bent to take some vegetables out of the fridge, and close the door, I felt his hands caressing and stroking my buttocks through the saree firmly in circles. His touches were making me crazy and I turned to face him. He attacked me like a starving animal, like he was raping me, like he was seeing a woman for the first time. He was treating me like I was a delicious item of food and he was hungry for two days.

He covered my face with kisses, he did not even spare my nose and ears kissing me madly and eagerly. His body was pressed against me and my ass was bumping against the fridge. I felt his penis first soft against my left thigh, and then growing in size and thickness at the warmth of my thigh. As he devored my neck and face with kisses, I could feel that his hard cock in his jeans was poking like a snake and slipping through my thigh region in the saree and going up! I was getting turned on and I put my hands around his back to make him stay close to me as his lips searched mine. He gave me the best smooch a woman could have got. Our lips were locked as he felt his tongue bathing my mouth and lips. I got encouragement and began to suck on his upper lip while he began to lick my tongue and lower part of the lips. It was so sexy and I gave a soft moan as I felt his hands softly squeezing my breast through the blouse. I knew that I must have leaked in my pads because I was having periods.

He was twiddling and tweaking my nipples, tapping it all through the kisses. Suddenly he stopped with his teasing of lips and hands and began to caress my hips looking into my eyes, mischieviously. Since the pallu of my blouse was removed he looked down staring at my twin round milkbags on my chest with lot of interest and hunger. He was an expert in breast handling and pressing. He just lifted one from below and put his mouth on my nipple area of the blouse. He cupped and squeezed the other tit. He did this exciting thing for two minutes bathing my blouse with his wet kisses and saliva. He kissed my naked belly and began to kiss deeply in my belly button. Then his hands were on my ass kneading it through the petticoat, pressing and rubbing it in tight circles.

Then he stood up again and kissed me while trying to rip my blouse in a fury of passion. I pushed him and then began to remove my blouse. It came off and he saw my white bra. He held me close and released the string of the petticoat and removed one strap of my bra. My bra fell out and my breasts popped out of it and he looked at them hungrily. My petticoat was also out and my white undies was visible to him. He removed my undie and saw my whisper pad protecting my vagina. As I stood naked I wanted to see him to. He immediately removed his shirt, pant and I saw a huge tent on his underwear making his penis prominent in it. I touched his cock bulge and I could make out that he was very big down there. He removed his underwear and I saw that fucking cock. It was big and thick like a black rod, shaking and throbbing. His naked cock looked like a thing of steel against his thin frame and slim legs. My eyebrows raised in wonderment at that piece of towering flesh. “It is really big” I spoke out. I began to take that vulnerable hard flesh in my hand and massaged it softly feeling it growing thick and hard.

He slipped my underwear and saw at my jungly vagina. “Hmmmmm… a hairy one” he said as if he was congratulating my cunt. I thought he would have disapproved of my hairy cunt but he likes women to have hairy holes, he said later. He just went down on his knees and began to lick my cunt, up and down in rapid strokes, flicking my hardening clitoris. I began to cum due to his tongue actions. After he rose up, I saw that his organ had grown very rigid and I began to feel hornier. He was looking very desperate and I wanted to smile at his eagerness. Men can be such despos! As if we women are better.

Deep inside even we are bigger sex maniacs and dirty minded than them. I felt very pleasant and good after that orgasm. His cock which was full and fleshy was an inch longer than my husband but it was more thicker. However the tip of his dick was covered, because he was a virgin. That is why he was real horny. He had not done and since he had seen me nude he could not control his emotions. I took his warm hard organ and began to massage it. I watched his expressions change as I carressed it. I began to pinch and squeeze the bulb(head) of his cock and watch him moan. The tip of his dick was wet with slight urine and slight cum. We kissed again with his hard cock in my palm stroking it. It was the second cock in my hand after my husband. As we kissed and touched each other’s body parts and secret parts we ended up at the bed. He got on top of me and I knew he was hungry to enter me. He tried to push it in but since he was not experienced, he missed it. I took his cock and guided it in.

He moaned as he felt the initial pain of my tight wet vagina. I comforted him and he bend to my shoulder and sucked my nipple. Even I felt the initial pain of a thick cock deep inside me. But the pain was a sweet one and then there was only pleasure as he fucked me rhtymically. I circled my thighs to his butt and let him fuck me with all his strength. Being young and desperate, he just kept fucking like a bull and I moaned like a bitch enjoying his strokes, powerful and hard. I began to pounce my nail at his back as he pumped and pumped. Due to the heat, sweat and his sexy body smell, I was turned on.

He shouted suddenly and I knew that he is spraying his love seed inside me. His face was contorted and his eyes were closed, making a face as if he was constipated as he finished himself inside me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the last few throbbings of his dick inside me. His cock had softened and he pulled it out with a kloomp sound. We both laughed at the sound. I kissed him and he smiled at me with pleasure. We kissed again and he told me that his cock was hurting. I got up and propped on my elbow. His half hard dick, brownish black like coal was looking like a sexy chocloate butin a messy state. The foreskin was peeled off torn bleeding ..I dont know if it was my period blood or his virginal blood. I told him,” Dont worry, You are a man now, you are not a virgin. Wash yourself and come back.” I told him to go and pee so that he would feel better.

He was tired and sweating. Even I was tired and feeling satisfied. It was such a great feeling to be fucked in such a sweet mad manner. I could hear him peeing non stop relieving him, then the sound of flush and washing. He came back with a cute smile on his face, his cock was still soft.”How was it?” he asked me. I said,”It was nice what about you?” He said,”Let me make it better” . He began to kiss my legs and sucked my toes. He began to kiss my thighs and calves. I told him,”Hey what are you doing down there?” He said,” Kissing your cunt” He began to lap at my pussy. I could just close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure. Nitin is really godd with his tongue. I wondered how much his girlfriend or wife would feel. I was lucky to be his sexual partner. I saw stars when he began to nibble my clitoris and lick my pussy lips from inside. He was sucking my clit and fingering my cunt.

Then he shoved the same finger inside my anus, digging it gently while he was sucking my cunt. His sperm was still inside my cunt, mixing with my juices. I wondered if he would feel awkward with all the hair down there going in his mouth. But he was loving it and I was loving it more. I cried with pleasure and exploded on his face, creaming it. I opened my eyes and he was next to me watching me. He said,”Suman you are really gorgeous” I held him to my arms and began to kiss him, saying”Thanks, I felt really sexy when you sucked my thing” He asked,”what thing” I said,”my vagina” He said,”say cunt or chooth’ I laughed and said,”okay baba my chooth” As I kissed, I felt his juices, sperm which he had licked out from my cunt and my familiar cunt juices….I didnt find disgusting at all. I wanted to give him a blow job but I didnt know if he was ready and I did not have the guts to tell him.

Nitin teased me by saying,”when I was licking your cunt, all your jhat(pussy hairs) went inside my nose, I wanted to sneeze” I was very embarrassed for keeping it bushy. I could not face him but suddenly he farted with a big bang. I burst into laughter. I told him,”you are such a disusting pig, what did you eat?” He replied,”Your cunt” “Not now, stupid, earlier, yucks it is stinking.hawa ka jhonka…I made a face and began to cover my nose with two fingers. He was really embarrassed. Actually it was not stinking so much, I just wanted to tease him.”You should know how to behave infront of a girl” Suddenly I saw that he was almost in tears. I took pity on him now and felt bad for teasing him so much.

He was covering his face with his hands, his cock was also soft now. I felt bad for teasing him. I removed his face and saw tears in his cute eyes. I told him,”Arrey Nitin….I was just joking…cmon everyone farts, even I do. What is the big deal? I was just teasing you.” He said,”It was wrong timing, you are right I don’t know how to behave” I kissed him and touched his cock feeling it rise,”Okay I am sorry, you dont have to feel guilty in life. If you did it, you did it. You are embarrassed over a fart. I am with you naked getting fucked by you and stroking your penis like a slut, what is more embarrassing? But I love it because we excite each other and like each other’s company. In one moment you have pleasured me more than i enjoyed in married life for so many years.” My words and actions aroused his cock once again and it was hard again. I bent and began to kiss it. I took it in mouth and began to suck him.

I wanted to thank him for the incredible pleasure. It was incredibly a big cock for his age. I wondered if all the young boys have such hard and thick dicks. I began to suck it as he moaned. Suddenly the white slimy sticky discharge erupted and hit my lips and tongue. I gulped it down and then kissed him again. I told him to lie down while I would take a bath. Before going to the bath, I applied dettol to his dick tip. I went to the bath proud to think that I made a man out of the boy. We still fuck regularly when we get time and it is always a pleasure to be fucked by him. My husband still does not know about it but I tell him to take precaution and fuck with a condom for fear of pregnancy. However we have lot of oral stuff and it feels good.

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