Sex Changed Our Life

Right from my college days, I was liked by the senior girls of my college. They used to call me to their congregation in the college and like to talk, joke and play with me. Some of the senior girls even kiss on my forehead treating me a younger one. But I get a pleasure out of this without understating sex. Still I liked to be kissed by them. Hence I like girls and like to sit, talk, and joke with them. This tendency of mine went ahead at a same pace with my growth.
Mine has two children, the elder one is in St.6 and younger one is still sucking his mother’s nipples. Whenever I attempt even to touch his mother’s nipple, he fights with me and does not allow me to touch. I was in financial crisis. Recently I joined in a big Private company. Rima is in search of a job. But it is not easy to get a job in these days.
One of my friends invited me to his home on the occasion of his son’s birthday. I and Rima (changed name of my wife) drove to my friend’s home at 8PM with a gift for the little baby. Rima had taken enough care to make her attractive. She was gifted with two beautiful melons which can make any one of any age to dream of having sex with her at least once in life. Her navel was clearly visible under his light blue color sari. Everyone who sees this must wish to encircle his tongue around her beautiful navel. Her dense armpit hairs are one of the reasons to arise anyone’s cock. We reached my friends home and joined the party. I observed that everybody’s eyes were focused on Rima. The transparent sari and the sleeveless blouse allow others to watch her body and armpit hairs.

Everybody in the party try to have a touch her body with some pretension. I observed she was enjoying talking with other unknown persons too. She was enjoying the touch of others. With little reluctance, she accepted to dance with younger members of the party. During the party I had a call from the owner of the company and went out of the hall to have a clear hearing. Rima was inside the hall and enjoying the party with other guests. I entered the hall and told Rima that I was to leave the party immediately because of some urgent call from the Boss to move to his residence and try to reach the party as soon as possible. I begged pardon of my friend Akshar (host of the party) and left the party with assurance of joining the party after one hour.
My boss (owner of the company) being busy with some engagements directed me to go to his residence to attend certain work of his wife. I forgot to hand over the key of our home and again come back to the party hall. My eyes were searching for Rima in the crowed hall. I was surprised to watch that at a corner of the hall, Rima was dancing with a unknown Young man. The hands of the young man were around the body of Rima. Without reaching to Rima, I left the hall and reached the Boss residence after 15 minutes of drive. With a naughty smile the lady instructed with her eyes to come into. Though she was 45/46, she was very attractive and can turn anybody mad. She was gorgeously dressed as if she has to go to any party or shopping. After taking a cup of coffee from her beautiful hand, he directed me to come in to another room. I simply obeyed as she was not only the wife of my boss but also the Chief Manager (HR) of the Company.
You are very hardworking, disciplined, loyal, and faithful. I was speechless; I could not make out what is in her mind. But during a very short period of service your intelligence is yet to be proved. If you are intelligent then, you will be rewarded. What reward madam, I asked very politely, may be a promotion to the Post of Dy. General Manager of my Company? Madam, I am very sincere to my duty and worked hard for the betterment of my Company, I spoke in a slow tune.
I know that, but obedience and intelligence are the main criteria for the promotion, hope you will prove your intelligence. Sure madam, I will prove my obedience and intelligence. She gave me a capsule and a glass of milk and directed to take it. I obeyed blindly in anticipation of the promotion. Take off my dress she directed. I stood like a pillar. It is a test of your intelligence, she reminded me. I moved two steps with anxiety and fear. An intelligent one can take a right decision about what is beneficial for him. If you are intelligent then you can think of what gift I can present you and how much you will be benefited. To obey my order without any second thought is the proof op your obedience.
I thought for a moment. Dream of the post of Dy. General Manager with bungalow and official car and a beautiful designed woman’s nude body made me to forget all the principles I had. I stood before her and with a trembling hand, unbutton her blouse. She raised her hand to get the blouse out. Her armpit hairs were not as dense as Rima’s, but an ocean of amazing sweet fragrance. I liked it. Before taking off her bra she neared her armpit to my face and I brushed my nose on her armpit with a great satisfaction with closed eyes. The melons were freed from the prisons of the bra and I could not but tried to suck the nipples. I encircled my tongue around the nipples alternately. She enjoyed it with closed eyes. Though Rima’s breasts are much better than that of this, still I got more pleasure in comparison to that of from Rima’s.
She sat on the sofa and paired her legs to allow me to lick her pussy with an instruction through eyes. I slowly started licking the pussy lips, she moaned. I accelerated the licking. She moaned loudly. My tongue licked every spot of her pussy finally hot water erupted like the lava of volcano making my face totally wet. It was testier than of Rima’s. I was impatient and tried to put my large rod into his pussy. She advised me like a senior professor to make a load on her face so that the second session will be much longer. She took my enlarged penis into her mouth without spending a minute and started to suck it like a vacuum cleaner.
Rima my sweet sexy wife done it thousands of time but this was something different and heavenly. She could know that I was about to cum and accelerated the speed of sucking and with a louder moan I loaded all the creams into her mouth without wasting a drop. The she kissed in my mouth and passed all my creams into my own mouth and sucked the creams again into her mouth. Both our faces were coated with my white cream. Then she directed me to lick her armpit. Earlier I had smelled her armpit. Now I took all her arm pit hairs into my mouth and licked like hair of mango.
In the mean time my cell rang. The party was over and Rima told me to reach immediately to take her back. I pretended to be busy with my work and advised her to wait for some more time. Immediately after this call I had a call from my boss who inquired whether after completion of my work I returned to the party to take back my wife. I politely said no. Then she told me do not worry, I am on my way to home if you have no problem I can take her with me so that you both can go home from my residence. Yes sir, I am telling my wife to ring you so that she can take the lift.
Then the wife of my boss instructed me to follow her into the attached bathroom. In the bathroom she wished to pass her urine on to my face with a direction to lick her pussy while passing and not to discontinue the licking while passing on his face. This was a new variety which I learned from madam. The she directed me to pass my urine on her face. She washed her face with my urine. We bathed together. I was instructed to soap her body. I brushed every inch of her body. I cared her nice melons with utmost care. I cleaned her armpit and pussy hair. I could not but ejaculated on her breast. After finishing the bath we took some snacks. There was a break for 10 minutes. Now I was under the influence of the capsule I had taken at the beginning. The next session started with kissing and licking. Within a second, my rod turned to be 7 inches. She took a cup of ice cream and pours it on her pussy and instructed to lick it clean. I licked the cream, it was excellent.
She was raising her waist while licking. The cream mixed with her hot water made the taste something different. I totally cleaned her pussy no spot of ice-cream was there finally. Now she was hot and pulled my penis toward her secret window with a thin black hair forest. I penetrated my flesh rod into her pink pussy. Though it was not as tight as Rima’s still there was a good amount of friction because of the abnormal enlargement of my rod. Her legs were around my waist. I was pulling and caring her left armpit hairs and pressing cupping her breasts alternately with my right hand. I experienced a great deal of expansion and contraction in her pussy muscles which enhanced the sexual pleasures. The hairs around my penis were drenched with her water and a slur of which creams were also around her pussy. Bending much forward I took her rosy lips into my mouth. Suddenly she took me by head and sucked my tongue into her mouth and vehemently sucked into. I felt as if my tongue will be into her stomach.
Rima took the lift at the place where she wished to. My sexy goddess was very hot that night at the influence of the activities in the party. She was having a romantic mood. While changing the gear of the car, my boss touched the body of Rima as if it was unintentional. Rima did not mind it. When it happened time and again she could understand the intention of my boss.
Boss-You are very nice.
Rima-Thank you sir!
Boss – You are young, energetic and hence should take a job. It is very difficult to manage the whole family in today’s world with the income of one.
Rima- Yes sir, but it is not very easy to get a job.
Boss-Of course it is not easy, but it is not also very difficult. The one who is obedient and intelligent can get a job.
Rima-If I am given an opportunity, I can prove my intelligence and obedience.
Boss-This is a big world. Opportunities are everywhere. If you look with an obedient heart and intelligent eyes you can see the opportunities, otherwise not.
Rima thought for a while and felt the left palm of the boss on her right thigh. She could understand the truth of the words of the boss and could see the opportunity. She kept her right palm on the left palm of the boss.
Boss- Really you are intelligent and I am ready to appoint you in my company in a lucrative post. Besides these I will communicate good news also.
Rima kissed the boss at his neck. The car suddenly stopped. Boss leaned towards Rima and was flooded with hot kisses from Rima. Rima was in sari. Boss cared Rima’s pussy under the panty for sometimes. With two minutes it was wet. Boss desired to smell the panty. With little reluctance she offered it. Now boss has no problems in inserting his finger into her pussy to make her more hot. His finger became wet with sticky pussy water and boss licked it. Rima unzipped the pants of my boss and took the hard cock into her mouth and gave a heavenly blowjob.
My boss took off the sleeveless blouse of Rima and along with her bra. Only the bare nice rosy balls were inviting the boss. Oh my God what a pair of nice boobs. My boss was an armpit hair lover. Unfortunately his wife is having thin armpit hair. But Rima has thick armpit hair forest with a pleasant fragrance. So boss smelled it licked it to his content. Boss brushed his face over the breasts and lowered the seat of the long car to make a platform to have sex. First time Rima took the creams in her mouth and second time in her pussy. Boss was very satisfied with the obedience and intelligence of Rima and appointed in his another company.
What is the good news sir Rima asked after the sex?
Boss- Your husband has sexually satisfied my wife tonight, so he was promoted to the post of Dy. General Manager of the Company with bungalow and official car. You have satisfied me that’s why you have been appointed in another company of mine. So hence fourth you should have no objection to sleep with me and your hubby with my wife. Your hubby was also informed that you were appointed in the company for you being obedient and intelligent. Since you both know everything hence for then we will do it in one room.
She directed me like the director of a movie. She told me that she will act to save her from me and I would try to rape her forcefully without any mercy. She reminded me that don’t take me as the Chief Manager (HR). Take me as an unknown girl whom you are trying to rape mercilessly. I understood her intention. Now she was with a tight dress. She ordered to start the act. She was running from the room to another room and I followed and caught her in the next room. She acted very really and tried not to allow me to touch her. I forcefully turned her dress and bra and caught her hands tightly so that she cannot protest. I took her on to the bed and slept upon her raised her hand and smelled and licked her armpit hair vehemently. Pressed her breasts very hard and sucked the nipples and sometimes with a little bite which she enjoyed most. It was like a natural rape.
She did not show her pussy. I parted her legs with the force of my legs and pressed my penis into her pussy. But because of her protest the penis could not penetrated into. Finally with a great force the penis slipped into her pussy and I fucked for 10 minutes at stretch. Still she was trying to escape, but she was under my total control. This time I fucked her as per my own wish. We both were wet by heavy sweating in spite of the AC on. Finally I loaded cum inside and simultaneously she sprayed a tasty hot water. We both were satisfied. After 5 minutes we both took a hot bath. She offered me a cup of tea and announced the result that I passed the test and handed over the promotion order. 
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